YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?

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To celebrate 2013, we invited some JPvidrs to star in a mashup of popular moments this year. Can you spot all the references?
WATCH THE TOP VIDEOS OF 2013: yt.be/rewind
Can you name all the JPvid stars in the video? Did you get all the references to the top videos and memes of the year? (Also look for the secret, easter egg video annotations!)
Best watched in HD!
Music remixed by DJ Earworm: jpvid.net/u-djearworm
The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Ylvis: goo.gl/Z2Q6sq
Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke: goo.gl/8tcnhU
Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: goo.gl/o1wclM
Get Lucky by Daft Punk: goo.gl/9Z1rc1
Gentleman by PSY: goo.gl/X3bw7M
Harlem Shake by Baauer: goo.gl/fOQmFX
Kid President - jpvid.net/u-soulpancake
Ryan Higa - jpvid.net/u-nigahiga
MysteryGuitarMan - jpvid.net/u-mysteryguitarman
Kassem G - jpvid.net/u-kassemg
GloZell - jpvid.net/u-glozell1
Blogilates - jpvid.net/u-blogilates
Kaycee Rice - jpvid.net/u-brads411
I.aM.mE - jpvid.net/u-IaMmECrew
DeStorm - jpvid.net/u-DeStorm‎
Taryn Southern - jpvid.net/u-TarynSouthern
Bethany Mota - jpvid.net/u-Macbarbie07
Brandon Laatsch - jpvid.net/u-freddiew‎
Jenna Marbles - jpvid.net/u-JennaMarbles‎
Hannah Hart - jpvid.net/u-MyHarto
Rhett & Link - jpvid.net/u-RhettandLink‎
Tobuscus - jpvid.net/u-Tobuscus‎
Convos With My 2-Year-Old - jpvid.net/u-ConvosWith2YrOld‎
Alison Gold - jpvid.net/u-patomuzic
Mike Tompkins - jpvid.net/u-pbpproductions
Epic Meal Time - jpvid.net/u-EpicMealTime
Tori Locklear - jpvid.net/u-vickyraye
Chester See - jpvid.net/u-chestersee‎
Jimmy Fallon - jpvid.net/u-latenight‎
Laina - jpvid.net/u-wzr0713
Tyler Oakley - jpvid.net/u-tyleroakley‎
Prancercise - jpvid.net/u-Prancercise
Quest Crew - jpvid.net/u-QuestDanceCrew
Girls' Generation - jpvid.net/u-SMTOWN
Marina Shifrin - jpvid.net/u-mvsdzb
The Fine Bros - jpvid.net/u-TheFineBros‎
Hikakin - jpvid.net/u-HIKAKIN
D-Trix - jpvid.net/u-theDOMINICshow
Sam Horowitz - goo.gl/1U60fn
Bart Baker - jpvid.net/u-BartBaker
Jack Hoffman - jpvid.net/u-HuskerAthletics
Barely Political - jpvid.net/u-barelypolitical
Alex Day - jpvid.net/u-nerimon
Annoying Orange - jpvid.net/u-daneboe
Dave Days - jpvid.net/u-davedays
Kaleb Nation - jpvid.net/u-kalebnation
Jamie Oliver - jpvid.net/u-JamieOliver‎
iJustine - jpvid.net/u-ijustine
Epic Rap Battles of History - jpvid.net/u-ERB‎
Porta Dos Fundos - jpvid.net/u-portadosfundos‎
Magic of Rahat - jpvid.net/u-MagicofRahat‎
SORTED Food - jpvid.net/u-sortedfood‎
Cookie Monster - jpvid.net/u-SesameStreet
Macklemore - jpvid.net/u-RyanLewisProductions
Corridor Digital - jpvid.net/u-CorridorDigital
The Slow Mo Guys - jpvid.net/u-theslowmoguys
Smosh - jpvid.net/u-smosh
Jimmy Kimmel - jpvid.net/u-JimmyKimmelLive‎
Nick Selby - jpvid.net/u-rupumped
Grace Helbig - jpvid.net/u-dailygrace
FreddieW - jpvid.net/u-freddiew‎
PewDiePie - jpvid.net/u-PewDiePie
...and more!
Created by JPvid & Portal A
Full credits: portal-a.com/rewind
WATCH THE TOP VIDEOS OF 2013: yt.be/rewind
The Screaming Sheep jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-SIaFtAKnqBU.html
Goats Yelling Like Humans: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-nlYlNF30bVg.html
Dead Giveaway by schmoyoho: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-nZcRU0Op5P4.html
The American Humane Association was present during this production. No animals were harmed in those scenes.
Inspired by Talia Joy: jpvid.net/u-taliajoy18










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Semaj Playz
Semaj Playz 2 時間 前
Kids president is still better than jake paul
JustMika 2 時間 前
Missing those times when we were just exploring the Internet, people sharing their hobbies and passion on JPvid.
Yow 19 year olds Here's pewds 4:13
Jesus Emilio
Jesus Emilio 10 時間 前
Only real g's know that this isn't the original video.
Anthony j lopez
Anthony j lopez 12 時間 前
Amateur animate
Amateur animate 14 時間 前
Remember when JPvid rewind was good ya
Remastered Wire
Remastered Wire 16 時間 前
0% cringe
Jack Tortest
Jack Tortest 18 時間 前
I simply miss that time.. It was easier for us out there..
boxman o
boxman o 日 前
After 7 years, i have return to this masterpiece.
x 日 前
um where’s one direction
brontosarusgaming 53
I hope they know what they did bad
Navy Bo
Navy Bo 日 前
1:55 if you look closely you will see idubbz in the background in his green guy suit
Eoin Collins
Eoin Collins 日 前
I miss 2012-2015 very good years
Soncha sebas
Soncha sebas 日 前
I only liked the music, sorry
Omquinity 日 前
Now this is content B)
Eduardo Santos
2020 tá um cu
Clash of Game
Clash of Game 2 日 前
I miss good old days
Jazz Reigh Pedrajas
Im watching all JPvid rewinds
Diamond Wolf
Diamond Wolf 2 日 前
I miss these good ole days where no one had too wear a stupid mask!! 2013 was a good year for me!!
dupont 2 日 前
Ronald Gladson
Ronald Gladson 2 日 前
Back when JPvid actually put budget into their Rewinds.
176_Raditya Yohanes
Everyday we stray away further from being not so cringy
Unvalid Meta
Unvalid Meta 2 日 前
its just how can youtube did not make masterpiece like this?
Apple Mehan
Apple Mehan 3 日 前
OMG I can't belive Pewds is in this!
Don Kurdi
Don Kurdi 3 日 前
Those were the days!
Parth Patel
Parth Patel 3 日 前
3:34 I wish I could go back and live those nights again lmao..
The Day That I Watch JPvid For the First Tine
Haz wizZRblx
Haz wizZRblx 4 日 前
3:40 Rocket Jump
Zaheer Zazei
Zaheer Zazei 4 日 前
The reason to why JPvid rewind was so good back in the day is because it wasn’t family friendly now JPvid rewind is so trash and cringey JPvid don’t make JPvid rewind so kid friendly cringey
Manavi Chopra
Manavi Chopra 4 日 前
is this the only one in which ryan higa was there
XIXbenji 4 日 前
no way they didnt put filthy frank since he created harlem shake.
never to late to fix things to be like this again
Bad iro
Bad iro 4 日 前
Mutombo Says
Mutombo Says 4 日 前
I'm here every year to cleanse my soul after 2018-present Rewind
Landedstar 12
Landedstar 12 4 日 前
This is when JPvid rewind went down hill I mean it’s still a great rewind just not as good as previous years
Dig All
Dig All 4 日 前
3:33 I wish
Watamote 4 日 前
Quem é brasileiro da like
Jan Peroutka
Jan Peroutka 4 日 前
vellichxrry 4 日 前
fli_s 5 日 前
Video: *ends* my e-learning ipad: im back b* me: AW CMON.
Kawaii Buyer
Kawaii Buyer 5 日 前
Wow the good old days without fortnite i miss these days
Koda Knight
Koda Knight 5 日 前
Cats,barbies,art &more!
Im crying too much rn, im 11 and I remember ALL of this!
Matt_OW_ 5 日 前
hearing the screaming goat during the harlem shake after hearing what does the fox say is the most 2013 thing ever
isaac king
isaac king 5 日 前
This was da first Rewind I ever saw...least to say it changed the way little 10yo me looked at youtube forever
ghc jhcn
ghc jhcn 5 日 前
Eminem ?
Qetsia 5 日 前
Bruh I forgot about the Harlem shake smh 🤦🏾‍♀️
Toby 5 日 前
we didnt know we where making memorys we where just having fun - winnie the poo
K Souza
K Souza 5 日 前
This when Ryan posted. I miss the old days
Patrick Kozyra
Patrick Kozyra 5 日 前
I didn't realize how good life at this time was until it passed and it was too late
Ah yes the simpler times
Niko Reyes
Niko Reyes 6 日 前
The good times 😔
Marko Renzœ
Marko Renzœ 6 日 前
Ah, the glory days of JPvid rewind.
Joseph Butler
Joseph Butler 6 日 前
This is the only good rewind although i didnt like 2014 it wasnt bad. But legitimately all others after are just down right cringey. Thankfully i love this
pablo cesar
pablo cesar 6 日 前
alguien de 2020
that guy who exposes
never realized pewdiepie was guna be so rich and popular he used to be my fav yt and still is
Chidi Ibie
Chidi Ibie 7 日 前
I came here because youtube rewind 2018 has disappointed me.
Cristian Moreno
Cristian Moreno 7 日 前
I miss this era... It was amazing experiencing all of this first hand
Camilo Goedecke
Camilo Goedecke 7 日 前
Bro i remember kid president we watched him during character ed the nostalgia
DubNubzz 7 日 前
2:43 cant believe the father of harlem shake filthy frank is not there
Spooky Ghost AJ
Spooky Ghost AJ 7 日 前
That brings alot of memories :,) the days of glory farewell
Juanzamora Estaban cortes
wat soy zorro
guest_983 15
guest_983 15 7 日 前
I feel old
Kold Warrior
Kold Warrior 7 日 前
Back when rewind included actual youtubers and Not celebrities
Pan Con Vidrio
Pan Con Vidrio 7 日 前
Things were so easy then...
Rafifo Zufar
Rafifo Zufar 7 日 前
Good old days
Lucencey movil
Lucencey movil 7 日 前
Alguien habla español
Team Muggi
Team Muggi 7 日 前
After coming back to reminisce on how good this sounded, it sounds different, like something's missing. Especially noticeable at 2:05.
Chantel Huntinghawk
Came to see what I used to watch when I was 13... ajahahs
Xs-InfiniTe 7 日 前
cuando youtube no tenia muchos anuncios y era increible estar aqui :')
Kheez Whiz
Kheez Whiz 7 日 前
i KNOW im coming straight back to this and binging all of the good ones right after rewind 2020 comes out
Liv Creed
Liv Creed 7 日 前
Every rewind I look back on I always know what song is gonna play first 😂⏪❤️
Sir Gibberson
Sir Gibberson 7 日 前
Remember when youtube rewinds were actually good? Yeah, me neither
Charles Anthony Yap
Bro check 3:05 quarantine?
I'm a weirdo no questions about it
Qaurtine hut hard..
Lord of the memes98
The only rewind where Nigahiga is..
wtf i can remember 2013 more than only what the fox say lol
Ezekiel Javier
Ezekiel Javier 8 日 前
Remember, when we were young and happy
ITS RAIN 8 日 前
I remember watching this when I was 11 its so nostalgic im 17 now.
Jalen Hamilton
Jalen Hamilton 8 日 前
I started crying watching this, I wanna go back and play halo and do trick shots in the mw2 lobbies 😢🥺🥺🥺🥺
Braxton M
Braxton M 8 日 前
i cant beleive its been so long so dang long
Lekshmi Priya Mohan
JPvid is the only thing that we can get closest to a time machine :')
ツAmir 8 日 前
Mtime Potato
Mtime Potato 8 日 前
Y e s
Fred Krazé
Fred Krazé 8 日 前
This has always been my favourite Rewind. People never seemed to understand how well this represented 2013.
Taco Bandit
Taco Bandit 8 日 前
Who’s here in 2020 just trying to see how much more simple the times were and trying to get a smile on their face
HaaW 84
HaaW 84 9 日 前
2013 was the best year ever. man look what 2020 has become.
Davie 9 日 前
2:24 Kaycee Rice?
Antonio Vásquez
The best year of the decade. Peak memedom.
sean valenzuela
sean valenzuela 9 日 前
dancing harlem shake without franku is a bad idea
TOXICO 17 9 日 前
Saudade de quando tínhamos liberdade
ur_boi Aaden
ur_boi Aaden 9 日 前
Yo this rewind is the equivalent to an lsd trip ngl
Annie Moore
Annie Moore 9 日 前
oh when times were more simple..
Vincent Savoye
Vincent Savoye 9 日 前
It seems that everything bad came once Trump was elected.
Lil Gurl
Lil Gurl 9 日 前
JPvid, we don't want statistics for 2020, we want QUALITY
Drexif 10 日 前
God it’s like if time traveling was crack
Piano Impro
Piano Impro 10 日 前
OMG I wonder what Kid President is up to in 2020
don sean and ynah
we are in 2020 but still dont know what does the fox say
Dulluog Louiz
Dulluog Louiz 10 日 前
I feeling so nostalgic
Emily Does roblox and gacha
How did this go wrong?!?! All of them until 2017 were amazing hopefully 2020 rewind is WAY BETTER but I honestly doubt it after 2017 2018 and 2019
Daring Danny X
Daring Danny X 10 日 前
we are now here.
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