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JPvid Rewind 2017. Celebrating the videos, people, music and memes that made 2017. #JPvidRewind
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Banana France Ortiz
Owh ive just remember again my 2008 to 2020 I miss my 2008 to 2019
Banana France Ortiz
Oeh marshmello is here
CopuDEvidro 57 分 前
Sempre quando representa o Brasil é no Rio de Janeiro velho a pelo amor
Elly Famat
Elly Famat 2 時間 前
Lemme Go back to this year 👁️👄👁️👌
nat 3 時間 前
2:11 simply nailogical...
zeynep akyürek
zeynep akyürek 5 時間 前
im waiting for 2020 rewind...
meskat miah
meskat miah 5 時間 前
i think this music is good
John Benedict Caldo
John Benedict Caldo 6 時間 前
niana Guerrero ❤❤
_Imagine _
_Imagine _ 8 時間 前
Ur bored asf so ur here
Dominguez Tenerio Said
2017 nunca se olvida en Mexico
GoygoyIs Awesome
GoygoyIs Awesome 12 時間 前
Oh, its just me in 2020 looking for someone if the rumours is true Me realizing it is true: OH MY GOOOD Jaiden Animation really did make it, CONGRATS🥳
Classic Video Maker
Classic Video Maker 14 時間 前
Why the rewinds get dislikes?1M upper?
Elzinha Santa Rosa
Elzinha Santa Rosa 19 時間 前
Noticias sobre o Padre Robson -
Elzinha Santa Rosa
Elzinha Santa Rosa 19 時間 前
Caso do Padre Robson na Igreja do Pai Eterno- como está correndo o caso???
Elzinha Santa Rosa
Elzinha Santa Rosa 19 時間 前
Igreja do Pai Eterno - Noticias do Padre Robson
a person with too many views on a roblox video
now that i think of it 2018 was probably better than this
Zamazenta Fafnir
Zamazenta Fafnir 22 時間 前
Amei o Felipe e o Luccas no Rewind, acho que deviam colocar a saga Minecraft no Rewind 2020 quem comcorda da like
Imagínense que para el de 2020 el fin de la década juneten todos y luego graben lo de ahuritaa
Eader 日 前
Instagram GIFs:
andrew cruz
andrew cruz 日 前
midsommar trailer
Seann Escorrido
The last time youtube rewinds are actually good
Priscilla Joy Peña
Why does people keep saying these rewinds are cringe out say in the comment by if u don't u guys are weird (no offence)
Ognjen Ostracanin
2020:Hey Lisa tell me about 2020! Lisa:
Chara Dreemurr
where doki doki >:(
Kb Singh
Kb Singh 日 前
I didn't know guava juice was in there
Kaylib Webb
Kaylib Webb 日 前
2018: cringe 2019: showing most liked creator video's
Georgia Vardy
rhis is probably the worst rewind yet SOMEHOW 2018 and 2019 were WAY WORSE i don't get it
Jasmine's World
3:00 @2020 "We've been though very difficult times before"
He was ready 0:24
Koé Renatinho TV
esse quase me fez chorar❤️...
Koé Renatinho TV
A SuperConfusedAvacado
I came back after 2 years, and this is still pure gold compared to uhhh... Whatever 2018 and 2019 was. :/ I'm kinda nervous on what you guys are gonna do for 2020.
Tempos bons que n voltam sera que o rewind 2020 sera melhor. Com o Felipe Neto e o Lucas Neto
Ariana Lopez
Ariana Lopez 日 前
Good times
i miss these fun times...
Yousaidwhat? 日 前
Lele, jake, logan. So good😶
Jasmine Hennry
3:34: 2017 has no idea what’s coming for it in 2020
Ícaro Rodrigues
0:57 como eu gostava disso
石田風雅 日 前
Francisca Perez
si se unieron x todas la tregedias de ese año... imaginense el video del 2020 ADSHJSAKJ
DefaultDYLAN 2 日 前
When will youtube do something like this again for a rewind
Jazz Reigh Pedrajas
I cant leave this video without a comment
Fregoy 2 日 前
It’s so crazy to think how much of these JPvidrs have gotten cancelled
alexis シ
alexis シ 2 日 前
maybe if we all play this at the same time this will all go away
Sakura Salem
Sakura Salem 2 日 前
2018 when it got bad
Sreelal 2 日 前
Where is pewdiepie
•El_Cangrejo_ De_Namjoon•
Por lo único que estoy aqui es por Papi Germán y el K-Pop 😔✌❤
some otaku
some otaku 2 日 前
The only thing I like about this is the animators
pixelsmasher 21
pixelsmasher 21 2 日 前
Ah 2017 the last time JPvid had any idea what people wanted. its good enough. Now 2020.... Fail, equal to this, or worse than 2019?. Yea. JPvid wont do better than this for a while. Still ain't great.
Rose Crime Roblox
Unvalid Meta
Unvalid Meta 2 日 前
if somedy ask i would say this is the latest youtube rewind
Aaron Cohen
Aaron Cohen 2 日 前
Destiny 2 the pyramid ships
Jancarlo Lara
Jancarlo Lara 2 日 前
Los polinesios, CaELiKe, Craftingeek, enchufe tv, Luisito Comunica,yuya,yostop, Juanpa Zurita,Lina blocs, hola soy Germán,experto caseros, Mariale, Werevertumorro y Pautips youtubers que ablan español
idk ZS
idk ZS 2 日 前
it was bad until we saw there is worse, that's why people are saying it's not bad....
Kayla Animations
The only good parts in this video is the animators and vanossgaming
*🌸How to make a JPvid rewind🌸* *Ingrediants:* 1. Cheap acting Caesy neistat. 2: 5 minutes of Kpop(Kpoo if youre under the age of 11). 3: 8 minutes of paid promotion. 4: 5 Tablespoons of Fortnite. 5: 2 Tablespoons of twitch streamers(even tho its YT). 6: 8 Minutes of cringe. Mix up well to make it look appealing *How to cook:* 1: Turn the oven on 360p and 20 FPS. 2: Leave it there for 12 months to make sure no up to date memes get in. 3: Once out of the oven, put your seasoning A.K.A 14 Midroll ads and "KPOP" sound effects. *Side notes:* * Try to include as little accurate representation of the year. * Try to make it as kids friendly as possible so companies wanna pay us for ads. * Who needs memes anyway it's only the most cruisal part of JPvid nowadays. * 🌼🌼Enjoy!🌼🌼*
Evillabxx x
Evillabxx x 2 日 前
Waouw truc de ouf
big green
big green 2 日 前
cringe bro
ItsKenPlayz 2 日 前
better than we had in 2018
Fat Kim
Fat Kim 2 日 前
ngl i liked this
Sienna 3 日 前
Ahh the good old days
Silly Varahs
Silly Varahs 3 日 前
Came for the end credits 👁👄👁
M • B
M • B 3 日 前
Esse vídeo sim é bom o de 2018 2019 deram até vergonha alheia... São gráficos, qualquer um faz. Não queremos gráficos queremos a gente essência do JPvid!
SENPAI 3 日 前
I loved tabbes and Becca’s part in this jesus and of course all the other animators
Talya Kaya
Talya Kaya 3 日 前
Me seeing a childhood youtuber and pauses the video to think about the memories: Their perfectly paused face: 1:41
Alex Wils
Alex Wils 3 日 前
The rewind before the deadly 2018
sasi x
sasi x 3 日 前
I actually like this rewind.l
JustMint 3 日 前
Who is looking to see a rewind that has more likes than dislikes lol
Ay, I'm I lostcost2
This has so much dead memes *I wan't No more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Ay, I'm I lostcost2
@ItsKenPlayz Exactly, were is the stickbug, that was a thing, and rick Ashley? So... why?
ItsKenPlayz 2 日 前
duhh... because its from 3 years ago.
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 3 日 前
Way better in many ways compared to 2019
Deena 3 日 前
they exaggerated the memes a bit idk why im telling this in 2020
Ray Wu
Ray Wu 3 日 前
2:55whats that song
_xxxvines_ 4 日 前
Isso sim é rewind
ashlieaa 4 日 前
back when we would cry if we lost our fidget spinner
ST3VO 4 日 前
This walked so endgame could run
John Appleseed
John Appleseed 4 日 前
I came here just to watch KSI's scene.
Fernando P Wilson
this was the last time the paul shitshow was on a rewind
Troy Sabado
Troy Sabado 4 日 前
Things were great before 2018😭
SAGE • DEVIL 4 日 前
What's the song 1:50
Looking back at this after rewind 2018 /2019, this is actually really good.
Christian Vega
Christian Vega 4 日 前
Fuccc 2020 rewind prolly gonna be on zoom and just tik tok dances 💀💀💀
Chill snowy edits
This is better than the last 3 years
Indigo 4 日 前
You know, this is probably my favorite remix from the past 3 years.
Sam Siavo
Sam Siavo 4 日 前
3:10 save that for 2020
BruhMan 4 日 前
despacito is such a meme
kirxto 4 日 前
when it was a real rewind
Venom_Nickey 4 日 前
if your watching this in 2020 why do logan and jake paul look like their on drugs?
Henry Smugmin
Henry Smugmin 4 日 前
youtube: when in doubt, floss
Luana Camargo
Luana Camargo 4 日 前
que sdd dessa epoca!! brasileiros marquem presença!
XxlchoXx23 _ROBLOX
Des Pa Ci To....
My gurls LIZzZZa and LELEEE is on this love this.
StringPage 4 日 前
2017: yes 2018: what are u selling me 2019: I want to talk to your manager 2020: zoom call with more dislikes then 2019 rewind
polski kebab
polski kebab 4 日 前
This is where the cringe begins
Kaden Cox
Kaden Cox 4 日 前
They should've gotten Will Smith to say "That's hot" in the floor is lava scene
X Eliminator X
X Eliminator X 4 日 前
Anyone from JPvid rewind 2020?
Alex Murphy
Alex Murphy 4 日 前
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh DanTDM was in this, that makes it good
NointroDuction Needed
If you don't realize the triangle was actually the other way 2:18
Altagracia Santana
0:33 esta German
Kk Rashid
Kk Rashid 4 日 前
Can we have some appreciation for the directors and editors who put tons of effort to make this video.
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