YONEX-SUNRISE India Open 2022 | Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) [1] vs Rankireddy/Shetty (IND) [2] | F 

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YONEX-SUNRISE India Open 2022 | Super 500
Men's Doubles | Finals
Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) [1] vs Rankireddy/Shetty (IND) [2]
#BWFWorldTour #IndiaOpen2022
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Shruti 年 前
Satwik-Chirag played really played well today. They are usually big hitters but they took total control of net and there were flat exchanges which forced Daddies to make mistakes like hitting in the net. First Indian pair to win home tournament🎉
Albert Hofmann
33:24 one of the best rallies of the match. Great defensce by Indian pair, very good job young stars !
Shuttle Wins
Shuttle Wins 年 前
Megha  ✨
Megha ✨ 10 ヶ月 前
sehhi vooty keep on cryng bro😂😂🔥🔥 Burnol lagalo chutiyaa
nlsquare 年 前
Congrats, I was waiting for this pair to eventually win in a good final match. I think the Indian pair definitely slowed down the service so they can keep their composure. It's borderline delaying of game but that's for the umpire to call and since he didn't... play on. Nonetheless, they played extremely well today so if the tactic helped that at all, good for them. They were more assertive and consistent in this game than I've seen them in a long time.
hoang pham thien
The younger pair won the trophy! It is not a surprise as the Indonesian veterans failed to sustain their physical strength and fitness toward the end of the match!.
Voltar123 Starman456
The daddies had their best times, they belong to Indonesia's Team B. If Minions (Team A) played, those indian MD have no chance. Check the records..
MithreX 年 前
This absolutely the best congrats India so cool I never seen this cool match😍😍😍
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Congratulations chirag and Shetty 🥰🥰🥰
Rajat Gadge
Rajat Gadge 年 前
Albert Hofmann
47:01 same reactions of Hendra and Mohammad when he made eror
RT_99 8 ヶ月 前
Chirag loses points at crucial moments, I mean just look at this match, loses points casually at the far end of the match, this will ultimately costs satwik as well
vibin varghese
Congratulations team India
Akbar Char
Akbar Char 年 前
i want see them winning Olympic & all England, they have the game if they can beat this super consistent Indonesian pair
Mr. Commander
I CLEARLY ABLE TO TELL THAT SEITIAWAN not fast react as 10 years ago, at his age what today???? 37 ? His defending skill, his pushing the shuttle to an angle, to side to side pushing the shuttle in order to defense. incredible, At 2nd set, 24:24, he was at the defending mode, and pushing the shuttle back to the opponent's side, the shuttle was really touching the tape of the net, at the last push, he pushed the shuttle into the net and lost. Obviously you see that last push, if the shuttle went above the net and dropping into the front right corner of the indian pair side, that corner was empty. that happening would have forced the indian dude lift up the suttle , then AShan will have a big chance to bomb it., who would win that point????? nobody can tell. that is today as 2022. YOU know what ??? he did it nearly perfect at the final game 2008 beijing olympic-----he beat fu/cai pair. yep, I remember that, because seitiawan's pushing style defense working well against FU/CAI pair. fu rocked the shuttle downward to setiawan at a lightning speed because FU is a hard hitter, but setiawan was able to push the shuttle back 8 out of 10 times at least. furthermore, the way that setiawan push was kept the shuttle flat just above the net, not high, not giving a chance to opponent to pound/ hunt the shuttle. and he could drive the shuttle side to side precisely even under formidable pressure. Just like today's game, he still can, but a frational slow reaction cause the shuttle return into the net, a ptty lost.
Abdul Raoof
Abdul Raoof 年 前
51:20 proud moment
Shaunak Mohapatra
Shaunak Mohapatra 9 ヶ月 前
Let’s go India
Sajeer Subair
Congrats team
Josephine Kong
Good job shetty n reddy
Sri Rahayu
Sri Rahayu 年 前
Aksan tetap semangat.
muhammad Daffa
Mantap lah ahsan hendra.juaraa
Daksh Gupta
Daksh Gupta 年 前
Shruti 年 前
And Mohammad Ahsan once delayed match by asking to mop floor when Satwik was ready to serve.
zeni lampard
zeni lampard 年 前
and whats ur point?
Keep crying
Abdul Raoof
Abdul Raoof 年 前
2:02 they won at 2013, 2015 & 2019
NasZ Caster
NasZ Caster 年 前
Setiawan is not in his top form... 😅
Goldseed219 年 前
I don't know why it's trending it got 65,000 views in the past 10 hours
Arun Yadavalli
I ain't gonna complain Abt that tho
Ganesh Naik
Ganesh Naik 年 前
Because it's blocked in india
Hilal Haraki
Hilal Haraki 年 前
Abdul Raoof
Abdul Raoof 年 前
Bams kajur official
kenapa hendra/ahsan ga ada pelatih ?
Iqbal Trianggoro Putro
Karena pemain profesional / independen / non platnas.
Adriel Joseph Gulö
itu pemain India kenapa sihh ?? sepatuu baru yaa ?? wkwk 😂😂🤣🤣✌🏻✌🏻
anthony florentino
Shetty, your shoes is so Noisy!
Ibrahim Badusha
Ibrahim Badusha 8 ヶ月 前
Irritating opponents with their shoes
taruna yt1
taruna yt1 年 前
komentator dari singapura
Sasi ss
Sasi ss 年 前
what happen the shoes irtating
Harry Muhammad
Harry Muhammad 10 ヶ月 前
pair pling bnyk saiko dgn bnyik ksut je lbeh
Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard 年 前
49:43 Indian ref earning his bribe money on game point.
Pragati Singh
Pragati Singh 10 ヶ月 前
He’s Sri Lankan. Keep your biases aside ffs.
Syazwan Sufri
so much delay in receiving serve by the indians when the indonesians are win streaking. no one's a fan of that
kuntadi 年 前
Sepi banget penontonnya
wincent ヶ月 前
during covid
San San
San San 年 前
Change your shoes.
Vincent 年 前
pasangan bisik bisik
Ko tumben bisa kalah ya
Manja Angah
Manja Angah 年 前
Nak main
Drian Joe Maricor
Ahahahaha. Poor umpiring. Wrong call second game 24-23 score, the service judge help the india pair to win. Poor! And also delaying tactics as usual for Shetty and Rankireddy. Well homecourt advantage what to expect. Cooking Show! 😂😂😂
Aliska Dwi
Aliska Dwi 年 前
the best
the best 年 前
Well the service fault was a right call. And the service Judge is from Bangladesh.
pan pandit
pan pandit 年 前
homecourt advantage is with crowd pressure....with no crowd it was neutral venue....sindhu har gayi tab nahi tha homecourt kuch bhi B...
D V 年 前
A bit of a salty comment tbh.
Abhilash Bombay
rankiraddy why wearing long stocking, is he feels shy, then wear bra also
ilogical mind
That for sweat absorption ... U fool. See even one of the opponents were also wearing
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