Yakuza Kiwami 2 - Forbidden Romance Trailer | PS4

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Yakuza Kiwami 2 launches on August 28th. Pre-order your copy today at Yakuza.Sega.com and on PlayStation® Network. Don’t forget the demo is also available to download now!
“What you find out doesn’t matter. I would never think less of you.” Get a closer look at the relationship between Kazuma Kiryu and Detective Kaoru Sayama in Yakuza Kiwami 2.
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Bando Namcai
Bando Namcai ヶ月 前
Yakuza 3 Kiwami Please, let Kiryu have this kind of love mid point of the story!
John 2 ヶ月 前
I can't find the background music anywhere, anyone knows the name plz?
manuviraj khare
manuviraj khare 3 ヶ月 前
My favourite trailer of this game.
M Iqbal
M Iqbal 3 ヶ月 前
I guess during his disapperance to save Haruka, Haruto, and others, Kiryu met Kaoru and then...
Jeon 5 ヶ月 前
Very heart warming trailer and I finished K2. I'ts a masterpiece
40ozREAPER 6 ヶ月 前
Best video ever ❤️
deVaras 9 ヶ月 前
Hilarious considering they put that broad on a bus forever after 2.
Brandy Lim
Brandy Lim 10 ヶ月 前
riley 10 ヶ月 前
i never played 3 4 an 5 so can somebody tell me what happened to her please as she wasn’t in 6
NYT-Quang Minh Phan
I thought Kiryu was a virgin until I've watched this vid
Duc Thinh
Duc Thinh 年 前
0:24 best part :D
I just finished the game...I loved that Lovestory
Heavenbeetle 年 前
What’s the name of the background music?
Hector Perez
Hector Perez 年 前
I just played Yakuza Kiwami is this the next game to the sequel Someone gotta tell me how the games go in order plz
Vali Zane
Vali Zane 年 前
0 -> 1/Kiwami -> 2/Kiwami 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> Dead Souls (but it is not canon in the story because of ZOMBIES) -> 5 -> 6 -> Judge Eyes AKA Judgment(Not Part of the Kiryu saga since it is a spin off but I suggest you play it).
TaTs Joseph
TaTs Joseph 年 前
So heres the question are they planning to bring kaoru sayama back to the remastered version of yakuza 3-5? Cuz on yakuza 3 back on ps2 she went to US to do some stuff and she said to kiryu that when she comes back she's going to look for you sooooo that gives us a big question
Josue Dr
Josue Dr 年 前
whats the name of the song in the background?
gappy 年 前
I gotta know what this piano song is called. It's just amazing
gappy 年 前
@John thanks. I love the sound of the piano in this track. Got back into the yakuza series too
John 年 前
SeekerOfTruth it’s one of the unreleased OSTs from Yakuza 6. I believe it’s “Unreleased Track 15”.
Rayne Enyar
Rayne Enyar 年 前
The best game on earth has to be yakuza
Mad Dog Brown
Whats the name of the song being played?
The Fourth Chairman
Kaoru is cute alright, but that Dojima widow.... daaaayyyuuuummmm
Alex ZoNgMaN
Alex ZoNgMaN 年 前
This is awesome. We need more romance in games.
Nara V
Nara V 年 前
I LOVE the Yakuza series SO MUCH.
Kakika Kaka
Kakika Kaka 年 前
I just like his super though face at the end
Leonhart 年 前
Now Kiryu can go stay with her without any hesitation after Kazuya 6. Happy true ending.
Mauludy Yogie
I miss those days, when no one knows about this game , people were hard to convince. Guess I was cool before most folks 😂
D M 年 前
"My sausage......" If you played 6 you'll know what I'm talking about.
Amanda Anaya
Amanda Anaya 年 前
Yes! I ship it. Now meet up again after the events of Yakuza 6 and be free together. Maybe Kiryu can make his own family....
usman yakuza
usman yakuza 年 前
Joker 年 前
I am a big fan of Yakuza, please Sega and Sony give even more support to this fantastic game.
Hami Chahal
Hami Chahal 年 前
Yakuza>call of duty
Wagelaseh 1st
wow i played it and PS2 can't wait for PS4 😍😍
fluffsnake 年 前
let the poor man be happy for once
davil gourob
davil gourob 年 前
Joshua Manansala
Edward Gozboi
kiryu gives me the feels
kam shaft
kam shaft 年 前
got to ahinjuku japan and buy the official tojo clan emblem
Hajime Hinata, The Ultimate Orange Juice
I don't know if i should buy kiwami 2 or song of life
Tony J Abraham
I like everything except his response at 0:32 😒. "Ah Uh". Does he have to be portrayed as a gorilla?! His stylin!! With his hair and suit he's already expecting this. He's a classy gangster, not an ape!
Jake Cassidy Cass
Tony J Abraham kiryu is a socially awkward virgin lol.
Tony J Abraham
And I've never played these games but they look very appealing & fun!
Misha El fiñe
Now I am fall in love too...arigato ❤
Christian Utama
Arigato * nod the stuffed 🐻 head *
Christy T
Christy T 年 前
They say it's time to move away from Kiryu to a new Yakuza without kiryu but they still use him again and again and what a ending(can't believe they did that) in the final 6th game.
Riyo Misaki
Riyo Misaki 年 前
I can't wait to fight Ryuuji again with HD
Nekomegami19 年 前
Kiki do you love her. Are you riding?
Evomre 年 前
I wanna break teeth, not date an Asian cop.
j.c man
j.c man 年 前
a remake later and I still don't like Kaoru Sayama
Larry Jr Mckenzie
No ... ! Im not crying ! I just have somethin in my eyes ...
Guilherme Tavares
This is truly a great franchise. Western audience should be more respectful with this game.
Pelvis Wrestley
This is an outrage. Majima is the only true waifu.
Alex Mercer 3
I should've got an PS4...
NurseLee 年 前
This is a nice Soundtrack piece! Is this for Kiwami 2 or anyone know the name of the piece? Please and thank you!
Chief The Boxer Dog
I remember wayyy back in block buster i picked up yakuza on the ps2 and it was english dubbed! I have played all 3 that released on ps4 and i just have to say its on the same level as gta! Where you can cause extreme chaos in gta, you can box up any thug in yakuza and it never gets old. Hope majima and makoto returns!
Kiryu never stops serving life lessons with his quotes.
Bricky Da Pablo
My man Kiryu pulled a Kabedon on her! 😅
Nice Guy Rio
Nice Guy Rio 年 前
It's sad to say that nothing comes out of their relationship 😥
The Fourth Chairman
Nice Guy Rio yeah,...at least they should have shown us a morning where kiryu and kaoru are sharing a bed (naked, of course, under the blanket)...we'd take that, no matter if they are not together after that
Salem Andrada
Plot twist. Majima in a mask
Chris Needham
HELP ME OUT PEOPLE! I've ordered yakuza 0 for the ps4. Comes Saturday. My question is .. is this the yakuza to start off playing in order to get into the series?!?!? Your replies please ? X
Chris Needham
Jake Cassidy Cass thanks buddy !
Jake Cassidy Cass
Chris Needham Yes it is actually the best place to start.
Kiryu hase only one true and abondoned love real estate.
Younes Ten
Younes Ten 年 前
I love this game
Alice Vibrant
All I care about is my destined fight with JO AMON!!!!!!.
suicuneXX 年 前
does anyone know the Name of the piano Soundtrack in the background?
Arthur Gorbach
I can't wait for this game! Also, I am begging you to announce Yakuza 3-5 remaster for PS4!
The Fourth Chairman
Kazuma Kiryu tell me the diff between the remake and the remaster? Should we lower our expectation because 3, 4, and 5 only get remastered intead of remade?
Dragon of Dojima
Arthur Gorbach They already did. They said that the remasters are intended for overseas fans. I expect them to announce the western release date at gamescom, right before the release of Kiwami 2. Either winter 2018 or early 2019.
Sticky Red
Sticky Red 年 前
токое сибе
Noor Murrar
Noor Murrar 年 前
I finished this game on PS2 and I loved it
Gaming Spice
Gaming Spice 年 前
This game will be hype
Tyleed Smith
Tyleed Smith 年 前
Can someone please knock me out till August 28th? I feel like the next few weeks is going to drag cause I want this NOW!
Александр J
her head is too small..
couldn't think of a username
Will there be a remake of 3-5?
The Fourth Chairman
Kazuma Kiryu should have remake the 3 at least, because 3 is the worst of yakuza series...they need to spice it up... I might skip it if they only remaster the 3
Dragon of Dojima
Sam Lindsay No not remakes, but yeah they already announced remasters for 3 4 5. The difference is that these games will play the same as the original versions on ps3, except the game will run at 1080p60fps instead of 720p30fps. 3 will be releasing in Japan on august the 9th. Western release date has not been announced yet but they said that the remasters are meant for overseas fans, so should get them either near the end of 2018 or early 2019 for a low price (just like Kiwami 1).
Freaking RogerZ
what is the time-line of this game?
Dragon of Dojima
Freaking RogerZ This is the remake of Yakuza 2 which originally released on ps2. This game takes place in 2006, one year after Kiwami 1. Yakuza 0 takes place in 1988 and is a prequel to Kiwami. So the order is: Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza Kiwami 2.
JB_onfire 年 前
I'm still buying this game but I prefer the old engine and the old fighting mechanics from Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami. Yakuza 6 have so many glitches during the fighte that it takes away the immersion sometimes. Also in Yakuza 6 I hate how they zoom the camera in so close when in Heat mode and much of his cool move sets are heat actions. I hope they fix some of this in Kiwami 2.
Jackie Chiles
I didn't become acquainted with the Yakuza series until this current generation of consoles. I'm in love with it now. I completed 0 and Kiwami and I'm almost done with 6. I cannot wait to play Kiwami 2 on the Dragon Engine.
Lowid Dy
Lowid Dy 年 前
i miss the crazy ken band from yakuza 2 BGM some tension between Kiryu and Kaoru along the way and all answers will be reveal when Kiwami 2 is out for the PS4
Lyimo Ej
Lyimo Ej 年 前
What a game
Slovenator 92
After clocking in 78 hours into Yakuza 6,I think I'm ready for Kiwami 2 :) EVERYBODY SAY ROUGE OF LOVE!!!!
Rafli Rinaldi
So sweet kaoru
helios396 年 前
Eh I think it's a very cliche relationship. Yakuza 2 has the best story, but the character relationships writing? Horrible. They're far below compared to, say, the portrayal of relationship of Makoto/Majima in 0, or Akiyama/Hana in 4. Even the kyodai/bros relationships are also written better in later games. TL;DR 1-2 has better action-oriented story, but 0, 3-6 are better in making interesting characters.
MisterTGT 年 前
helios396 Nah, I disagree. Makoto and Majima's relationship felt extremely forced. Kiryu and Sayama actually have chemistry and go well together.
JuJu Da Gamer
He gave her the dragon
anyone know what soundtrack this is?
this is cute but very sad at the same time :/
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - Epilogue