Worst Skincare Mistakes My Patients Make

Doctor Mike
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I see patients making the same mistakes with their skin care over and over. Today I decided to pull together a list of the most common skincare mistakes I see from them, covering a wide range of dermatological issues. We discuss things like popping pimples, charcoal masks, skincare trends, hydration, moisturizer, shaving, alcohol based products, sweat, pore health, sunscreen and SPF, exfoliating scrubs, and so much more. Have you made any of these skin care mistakes, or maybe you’ve found a treatment plan that works right for you? Let me know in the comments!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Piper XD
Piper XD 11 時間 前
As a child I had a lot of pimples and stuffs around my nose because I had glasses and sweat would be trapped underneath the nose part.
Sophie McIntire
Sophie McIntire 13 時間 前
Hey mike you probably won’t but I’d really appreciate if you would reply to this comment. What are some of the best products for oily skin or for people just starting to get pimples. (Like with puberty)
Xcreeper gamingX
Mike did you use skin mask before 😐😑😏😁
Spilldaboba 日 前
I just wash my face with soap and water for 5 minutes morning and night with cream at the end It helps a lot so yeah
studylike🖋 2 日 前
3:55 is it safe to lick your lips that has sunscreen on top of it? just asking cause I've never done that
Freddy Sperring
Freddy Sperring 3 日 前
Where was the bee-woop?
Jettafae 4 日 前
I am guilty of 1 (cause sometimes if I don't, they're really painful), 6 (cause I like to relax and be warm in them), and 14 (I've no idea what is good for me cause I have acne prone skin).
Nena East
Nena East 4 日 前
Sir I have a question so um I have these like dark brown dots all over my body what are they and when I get older every year another cones onto my skin what are thesseee
Mouse 4 日 前
my skin will just have to be dry because any kind of cold water is excruciating to touch, never mind to stand under it while it bombards my entire body.
Brittany R
Brittany R 4 日 前
You can take my weekly hour long extra hot shower from my red, incredibly dry, hands.
Marigold Finkelston
I shower for like 30 min with boiling hot water I will never stop
Luke Vay
Luke Vay 7 日 前
I love how he says I have acne prone skin and his skin is flawless and there is only a single red dot on his neck that is hardly noticeable.
Tawnia Johnson
Tawnia Johnson 7 日 前
Our body smells wouldn’t be nearly as bad if we could get the real linen business going again.
Aima Rana
Aima Rana 7 日 前
Briar-rose The crazy
I have hot showers but always finish with cold water washing face, whenever I don’t finish with a cold face washing, I get a bad outbreak of acne ☹️☹️
•The Stitcher•
If you cant pop pimples can you peal of the dry ones
Shushan Margaryan
Including James Welsh in the social media “knowledge” section was so inappropriate: he is one of the most renowned skincare enthusiasts that himself promotes the idea of not experimenting with your face. He is the exact opposite of how you describe him. That is not fair! ❗️@James Welsh
ReEeeEEee 10 日 前
i have tiny moles all over me how do i get rid of them naturally
Lilith Acacia
Lilith Acacia 10 日 前
Dr. Mike: I have acne prone skin. The rest of us: That’s one pimple. Stop pretending you are not gorgeous, sir.
bernardo furtado
bernardo furtado 10 日 前
What about long hot showers with ppl with really oily skin? I kinda want less oil on my skin, its sucks.
Karen Parsons
Karen Parsons 10 日 前
Love 💕 your videos Doctor Mike 💗💗😊👍🏻😊👍🏻
Christina Pina
Christina Pina 11 日 前
What happens when you get stuck by lighting
Olive 11 日 前
Lipstick with miniature on face will relief pain? …… i got a add saying that
Hailey Sewell
Hailey Sewell 11 日 前
My boyfriend gets weird freckles and moles and then end up peeling off in a couple days
Tim Tayntor
Tim Tayntor 11 日 前
I love this guy- informative and at the same time, knowledgeable He’s an intelligent funny, and a great role model In my opinion- I’d rather my kids watch this guy instead of some of those other dumb “challenges” and “dares” Keep on, keeping on Doctor Mike! 💯
11 日 前
If you live in Ireland then do you still have to where sunscreen every day
Wonder Witch
Wonder Witch 12 日 前
Oh I have been waiting for one video on skin care from you
GhOst 12 日 前
I wish i had some bad skin ,so that hot asien chick from "Dr.Pimpelpopper" mighttouch me gently...🤔😍💓
Anita Vaughn Adventures and Funnies!
I love hot baths.
Wojtek Molenda
Wojtek Molenda 12 日 前
You literally said not to pick your skin in the exact moment I was doing it
Yolanda Perez
Yolanda Perez 13 日 前
My mom used to always say to use the hydrogen peroxide in my teeth because it helped them be white!?
Shamaine McKenzie
Wait im supposed to get a skin check up if a new mole appears😕.My mom is amerindian and they have beliefs that if you count your mole more will appear and i have been counting my mole my whole life so i have about 16
•frxggie• 15 日 前
me in the shower be like: 🕴 **5 minutes later** 🕴
An1me_S1mp :p
An1me_S1mp :p 15 日 前
“Don’t pop pimples!” Me: …
julissa lopez
julissa lopez 15 日 前
Says in fact looking down at your phone Me: instantly bring my phone higher up 😂😂😂😂😂
Cinema Codey
Cinema Codey 16 日 前
Ok so I pretty much do everything wrong!
Cinema Codey
Cinema Codey 16 日 前
Ok number one I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to pop pimples! Why didn’t someone tell me that a million years ago. No wonder my face is so scared up.
Leu Alrath
Leu Alrath 16 日 前
I have this condition uhm... tricitilomania? I think thats how it's spelled, made me pull out all my hair, grew back curly, but now I peel my hands, not as bad as when I it to the point of bleeding, but now my hands are always peeling
Leu Alrath
Leu Alrath 16 日 前
I actually recently received a scar, from accidently sitting my knee on a razor, I was sitting in the shower and since hand issue made it hard for me to get up, when i got up on my knees to stand up, my razor sliced into my leg, mom didn't seem worried about it, I bled the morning after when wanted to change the andage since it bled through and I didn't want the blood to stick to the scab and rib open next time I changed it, scar is red, happened last month, would scar cream still work on it?
Payton Reed
Payton Reed 16 日 前
Any "doctor" who thinks the sun is bad for you shouldn't have a medical license.
Payton Reed
Payton Reed 13 日 前
@The Best GirlWithPooEyes If you don't get sun you can't make vitamin d and won't have a functioning immune system 👋
The Best GirlWithPooEyes
lol work a little harder on your trolling
xtinctsa 16 日 前
He didn't do a bewoop
Izzabella Soliz
Izzabella Soliz 16 日 前
What if you don't like the feeling of Lotion/moisturizer?
The_spiralma 16 日 前
does this stuff apply to kids cause im 13 and like i dont do most of this stuff
Chloe C
Chloe C 16 日 前
“Popping pimples” My mother who’s always popping mine after I tell her it’s bad: BUT THEY CLEAR UP AFTER I DO IT-
Kristian Sedmak
Kristian Sedmak 18 日 前
is it fine if you take warm shower's?
JPEG 18 日 前
A whole video about the sponsor
Sxmprr 18 日 前
Never giving up my long hot showers :)
Suresh Sylar
Suresh Sylar 18 日 前
I really need a better skin routine.
Ronja Schmidt
Ronja Schmidt 18 日 前
Me 80% of the Video.. Lalalala i dont hear youuu :D
Agustina San Martín
TBDF12 19 日 前
"All your problems will be solved your you but this great Murad product." Doctor Mike your better than that, the blatant ad hidden in as regular content is incredibly immoral.
slimy cat
slimy cat 20 日 前
I expoleate by a worm to modrite hot bath comfortable for my body and my hands to git dead skin off I feel that more safe then scrubs that I don't use or don't know how to use Am I wrong on if that is safe or not sense hot showers are bad wut about worme to madritly hot baths and explanation with hands in sead baths? I want to know so I know there no harm no fowle P.S. my skin is smooth soft and yung looking im 21 and people say I look 12-16 most of the time I speak more my age
ParzivalCQC 20 日 前
LOVE Dr Mike, but it’s really hard to trust product recommendations when they are paying you. Seems like it’s only being recommended because of that…anyone ever used that brand before?
The Clear Sky Hermit
okay, but whats so bad about acne scars? i genuinely dont get it, its just an aesthetics thing, isnt it? i get scar tissue buildup can create some health problems, but normal acne scarring isnt causing much harm at all, yeah? love, a dermatillomaniac who really doesnt understand why people care about the appearance of their and other peoples skin if its not harming them at all.
Ollie And Leo
Ollie And Leo 20 日 前
Whenever I use sunscreen i get a rash in the area of application, even when using ones that are meant for sensitive skin or your face .Can someone please recommend a sunscreen that worked for them while having the same issue.
gabbygirl199 22 日 前
I got cut badly by a can lid the blood pooled in my shoe and all over the floor slipped on the tile so spent a few hours at the er
Benny? 22 日 前
Benny? 22 日 前
My dad has ALOTTT of acne scars
Phoenix 24 日 前
You forgot to do peewoop :(
Lindsay Mace
Lindsay Mace 24 日 前
you remind me of Ben Feldman
Gaming Is Fun
Gaming Is Fun 24 日 前
XDwassup 25 日 前
I have eczema and if you want some tips if you have eczema you should use the cream Vaseline for your body and Aquaphor for your face.
Max Jones
Max Jones 25 日 前
Dr. Mike - How about rosacea? No cure yet, but many treatments out there which are the best?
Naomi Rourke
Naomi Rourke 27 日 前
Can you do a review of Go To / Bro To products?
Keyanna Ito Erwin
can i use swim suits instead of normal clothes?
Sparky_Le_Furry 27 日 前
Me and my grandmother can't use sunscreen, it just makes it worse
Nimisha KM
Nimisha KM 27 日 前
i never thought not using sunscreen can cause skin cancer
Until today I didn't know I was supposed to use any skin care or alot of sunburn is bad.
Plus I take looong hot showers, I basically did all the no no's
BB Yoda
BB Yoda 28 日 前
What about witch hazel for wounds
Izabelle Radford
Izabelle Radford 28 日 前
im still stuck on how to get rid of acne ,any suggestions Dr.Mike?
Ez kim
Ez kim 29 日 前
Very helpful especially for me who just started to care for my skin 🤣
Pink Demon
Pink Demon 29 日 前
him : dont take hot showers me having eczema : but i take cold showers -
Midnight's Queen
Midnight's Queen 29 日 前
Soo i have a question what about cold water can we bath in cold water for too long or short nontheless or maybe there are any bad issues with it as well?
Shanae Martins
Shanae Martins ヶ月 前
Ok well...if i dont pop my pimples they turn into blackheads...so...what should i do? ._.
Daisy Jefferson
Daisy Jefferson ヶ月 前
Leave it alone and it will go away
Miranda Ketcham
Miranda Ketcham ヶ月 前
Lol I got a skin ker add
Emilee Birchall
Emilee Birchall ヶ月 前
4:53 oh so thats why-
My sister pops her pimples and now her face hss red dots ALL OVER HER FACE
Frida Blueberrycat
I have a question- what's the funko pop he has in the back-
🔥AT broly🔥
🔥AT broly🔥 ヶ月 前
Thanks for tips! But your rong about the sun u cant put sunscreen everyday it's bad it's a substance of liquid and the sun gives you vitamins and idc if something goes rong even if it hurts you still get vitamins for it to fight of with your body to heal the sun burn or even skin issue!😡👎
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio ヶ月 前
My friend was using my tablet yesterday and now I have all of these skin care video recommendations. Makes me extremely grateful for my skin. Granted, I didn't grow a beard until I was 37. But I also never had to deal with acne, and in 50 years, only 3 or 4 pimples/zits (in the 60's and 70's we called them zits). I think my lack of big pores is what stopped me from having acne, AND facial hair. But I'm grateful because it seems like a real issue for some people.
Pinkpanda5457 No
Pinkpanda5457 No ヶ月 前
*me who has only squeezed a pimple if it hurts and have never gotten an acne scar* hmmmmm…..interesting
bunny smile
bunny smile ヶ月 前
Wait did he just mentioned gree tea extract at the end .I mean seriously...... You said this in your other videos - some products claim having green tea extracts in them don't fall for it ...... I mean it's not exactly what he said but it means same ......
Natalee Miller
Natalee Miller ヶ月 前
Dr.Mike is it weird that my eyelids get burnt
Amphirrnox ヶ月 前
I have a question. I use warm/cool water. Around room temperature when i have a shower, does that still do the same as hot water? Should i shorten my shower time?
Rachel M.
Rachel M. ヶ月 前
#1 and #13 Me, with dermatillomania: lol whoops
Mary Echo
Mary Echo ヶ月 前
I've picked my skin since I was a very small child. I've tried to stop before, people around me always point it out, I use icky nail polish, I've worn gloves, used bandaids, it just hasn't worked. I'm gonna need professional help to stop, which I can't get yet. Good news is, even though it's suuuper extensive (I didn't have fingerprints for part of my life because I picked them off...) I've only ever had ONE infection! (There's now a hole in the side of that fingernail, that u can't see but it's like a little pocket... gross, anyway) Also, with covid, masks have helped me stop biting the fingers, but i still pick them with my nails and bite my lips off.
Lord's Armor
Lord's Armor ヶ月 前
Please tell me why my belly button itches constantly
Hannah M
Hannah M ヶ月 前
Mike: picking your skin Me, realising i'm picking my skin & stopping faster than I've ever stopped doing anything 😫
gacha snowy_ chocolate
Sooooo I'm the only one who prefers to shower with cold water
Hello Dr.Mike, I have a quesion. How do i treat deep, fat self-harm wounds? (on my own) They are usuly 3-5 millameters deep (Its probably huge to most people, but I'm kinda used to these deep wounds.) They get really long and wide, on the upper forearm. I have hit veins a few times and hit blood vessles all the time.
MretIDK ヶ月 前
Peroxide was literally given to me by a doctor to clean my thumb daily since i had to get surgery on it to remove pressure from pus. So i dont know how to feel about the second fact
Felt kinda skeevy to mention that the video was sponsored by Murad at the start and only recommend Murad products in such a salesman style around the end without reiterating that they were the sponsor.
Mary Harrison
Mary Harrison ヶ月 前
Lots of NURSES who deal with WOUND CARE daily disagree about whether to leave a wound covered or let it dry out. At my facility we strongly believe in keeping wounds covered until they heal if at all possible. Several hospice nurses we see are of the mind that they should be left UNcovered.
fluff stuff
fluff stuff ヶ月 前
I just use alcohol for masqito bites
Me: _pinches face out of nowhere_ He: another bad thing is picking you skin. Me: _feels guilty o-o"_
Franjalaindaymilio Franjalaindaymilio
The sun is dangerous !!!- Dr Mike Hahahahaha the jokes on you Im a shut in and do NOT go outside unless it's the night 🙂💓🌃🌌🌟
𝖥𝗂𝗏𝖾 𝖶𝖾𝖾𝗇𝗂𝖾𝗌
I got my hand run over by a shopping cart once when I was younger, and it was probably the most painful thing I’ve ever felt. It completely stripped off a layer or two of skin on my middle and pointer finger, and my mom told me that even tho it really hurt, I shouldn’t put a bandaid on constantly because it’ll heal faster without it
Sleepless Thoughts
Hey Dr Mike, I have a question? What's the best treatment for Keliod Scars? I have them due to domestic abuse, I have them from my shoulders to my lower back.
Jake The Dog
Jake The Dog ヶ月 前
Dr. Mike: fingers are the dirtiest part of the body Me bitting my nails the who video: yes, yes, very informative
Sariah Caranguian
Is it just me? Idk I skip some of dr.mike's videos cause it's not the tipes of vidoes I watch and Everytime I watch one of his vidoes he has a sponsor for every vidoe
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