World's Highest Jumping Robot 

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This tiny robot can jump higher than anything else in the world. This video is sponsored by Brilliant. The first 200 people to sign up via brilliant.org/veritasium get 20% off a yearly subscription.
Huge thanks to Dr. Elliot Hawkes and the rest of the group - Charles Xiao, Chris Keeley, Dr. Morgan Pope, and Dr. Günter Niemeyer - for having us at UCSB and showing us their high-flying jumper. This work was partially supported by an Early Career Faculty Grant from NASA’s Space Technology Research Grants Program.
Hawkes, E.W., Xiao, C., Peloquin, R., Keeley, C., Begley, M.R., Pope, M.T., & Niemeyer, G. (2022). Engineered jumpers overcome biological limits via work multiplication. Nature, 604, 657-661. - rdcu.be/cMePc
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Written by Emily Zhang and Derek Muller
Filmed by Derek Muller and Trenton Oliver
Animation by Mike Radjabov and Ivy Tello
Edited by Trenton Oliver
Additional video/photos supplied by Pond5 and Getty Images
Music from Epidemic Sound
Produced by Derek Muller, Petr Lebedev, and Emily Zhang









Critical 年 前
So, to be clear, if I jump right as I fart, that wouldn't technically class as a jump. I would be "taking off" as it were. Fascinating...
Void Representative
u get me
Noy Telinú
Noy Telinú 年 前
OPM 168
JJ 年 前
yep that was definetly the main point of this video
ninsegata. 年 前
Wouln't your mass decrease, thus not counting as a jump?
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 年 前
and if you mini fart 2/3 times before an actual burst of true fart you can jump higher?
AM D 年 前
I love engineering like this- simple structures deployed in novel ways, designed rigorously and exploiting particular materials to achieve a breakthrough result.
couu alis
couu alis 年 前
such a really well designed robot!
Despite all the "Nope, impossible, cant be done" spammers.
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis 11 ヶ月 前
These people should be designing software interfaces. Because man, that field is packed with hacks.
Chad Townsend
Chad Townsend 10 ヶ月 前
I imagine the spring y part stays on the ground and are 100feet tall ish with a payload for space or meet up with a few blimps at 50,000-70,000 feet land and then do it again to reach space
David Dickey
David Dickey 年 前
You know its a good idea when you look at it and ask yourself, "how has this not been invented before?"
AutPen38 年 前
The NBA should allow the athletes to have nuclear missiles in their shoes so they can dunk from greater heights. It's a great idea because no one has thought of it before.
Apoc 7 ヶ月 前
i work with patents, you'd be surprised how often we see things that would at first glance seem 'obvious'
Synoptic 4
Synoptic 4 7 ヶ月 前
Yes, it was. Five cent metallic jumpers with a screw or push button middle top when I was 3-5 years of age. Would jump like almost a meter, same [seems later were used in a self closing ash tray mech in bars and not sold as toys anymore. That was in the past century...
The Carrots Are Coming
@AutPen38 But you dont see anyone asking why no one ever thought of it before. He didnt say a good idea is one that hasnt been thought of.
Scooby Doobies
Scooby Doobies 5 ヶ月 前
I would love to see this combined with that company creating glider drones to deliver to hospitals. They use a giant slingshot currently to get in the air, but that means they can only launch from a dedicated setup spot
Yes, It's like an arrow that carries its own bow.
Micah Kress
Micah Kress 8 ヶ月 前
This is very similar to the "flywheel bots" in Battle Bots. By spinning up the flywheel over time, they store a crap load of energy and release it all at once on its victims. That's why they always did so well.
Aki Beats
Aki Beats 4 ヶ月 前
That clip at 2:40 is actually an incredible insight into how fast this thing- and things in general can really get
Portal FPV
Portal FPV 年 前
I'm not sure why, but such a small and simple thing made this one of my more favorite videos of yours. Especially once you pointed out how invaluable this would be on other planets with little to no atmosphere. I wonder if something like this could also implement a passive propeller that would slow its decent 🤔
Wojciech Bieniek
It wouldn't be difficult to add something like retractable propellers, deploying automatically during descent, which potentially could allow the robot to start winding the spring even before it lands, thus reducing time between hops
No one
No one 年 前
im not sure propeller would work bc there would be almost zero mass on the planets
Prapan The Bachelorette
I wonder, could the jumping robot be so strong to the point where it shoots off and leaves the planet/ moon ? 🧐
Gabe C
Gabe C 年 前
Propeller and parachute would both be useless in 0 atmosphere. On someplace like mars where an atmosphere is thinner they would be work but very ineffective. Someplace like Venus where the atmosphere is thick the propeller would have greater efficiency than the jumping because of increased aero resistance
Haakon Sjogren
@Prapan The Bachelorette It would need to jump a lot further. The current estimate is that it can jump 500 meters, and it would need to be able to jump a total of almost 11 million meters. This could be optimized by changing the trajectory angle to maximize the distance, and the distance increases exponentially based on a slight increase of the initial force. 500 m vs 11M m may seem like a big leap, but it isn't as big as someone may initially think it is.
Metrion77 4 ヶ月 前
It would be interesting to see how it would deal with terrain that can absorb that impact drive, like deep snow or uncompacted soil. You can only exert as much force as the ground holding you, after all.
Freedom Phoenix Goat
Would love to see a 10 times bigger one, that thing sound like it could send stuff in orbit! O_O I love the slow build up and then "VOOM" its gone.
WEIRD! I had the EXACT same thought when I first watched this video... 4 days ago! I agree and would love see this put into practical application. Of course it could only be used for unmanned things such as satellites due to the extreme G's it would most likely produce at that scale. You'd also have to consider the possible effect it may have on the Earth's actual orbit considering that it's surface is exclusively what would be propelling it (as opposed to rocket fuel). I think this idea is a GREAT one! THINK of all the possibilities! Eco-Friendly as well!
Henry 年 前
@captainexiled it couldnt jump high enough
Fergus Fisher
Making it larger doesn’t make it jump higher I believe
@Fergus Fisher So maybe some sort of 2-stage launch involving rocket propulsion in the second stage perhaps?
Matthew Douglas
@Fergus Fisher watch at 11:00, it would go higher
Abha Vishwakarma
Hey Derek. Amazing video! I have one suggestion regarding this video. During the part where you were talking about sand fleas, try adding an image or slow mo of a sand flea, so that when I see the drawing about its muscle next, I can relate it to the image or video of it jumping. I didn't know what sand fleas looked liked and hence I couldn't understand this part.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 年 前
9:38 that's nearly a 6-inch vertical leap.. impressive!
Mysda 年 前
A very very impressive robot that release an absolutly crazy amount of energy at once is Blip, a fighting robot that did great in BattleBots season 6. Its design uses a fabric/fiber being twisted by flywheel, constantly sped up by a motor to create a crazy contracting force when it's needed. It really packs a punch. The team has a video about the engineering of making it.
Jordan Champ
Jordan Champ 年 前
metimmee 年 前
We designed a similar scheme which was only partially constructed before the team folded. Ours used latex rubber bands connected to steel cable to act on an axe. It was frightening! Some of the innovation was related to how the bands were manufactured and how to deal with the reaction. We chose a gas clutch to release the load but a geometric lock would've been better. Still regret not getting it mobile.
Mysda 年 前
@Jordan Champ Search for "BLIP REVEAL [Seems Reasonable Robotics]". Links usally get flagged as spam
Mysda 年 前
@metimmee Thats pretty intriguing, anywhere to see that?
VX 年 前
That is an incredibly detailed video into jumping and I love it. It would be amazing to see jumpers on the moon or mars as that is a highly efficient method of travel.🔥
couu alis
couu alis 年 前
like two sides of the same coin..
dpear3 年 前
I love how simple this robot is and yet this exact combination of mechanisms is groundbreaking.
halipatsui 年 前
Simple is beautiful
Emil Pelaa
Emil Pelaa 年 前
Can you buy it?
Emil Pelaa
Emil Pelaa 年 前
Is it available to buy
Felipe Bertolini
it certanly isn't groundbreaking. The basic principle has been in use for thousands of years in catapults. It's groundbreaking in the sense that it doesn't go to the common place when we think about "robots", it's a barely eletrocnic catapult
Simon A
Simon A 年 前
@Felipe Bertolini lol, this is correct, the only groundbreaking aspect here is the incessant miss-use of the word 'robot'.
Jdbye 年 前
I feel like this principle could be applied to competitive robot battles very effectively. The drawback being it'd take a long time to recharge the weapon if it missed, but if it hit, it would be devastating.
Bilal Gavacs
Bilal Gavacs 年 前
Nah the Robot is called the swarm, itd be round with like 8 of these around it. Then they just repeatedly jump into the other robot with barbed pikes attached the the end. If not destroyed its knocked over or slowed down enough by the jumper robots. The main machine then comes with a big hammer and just rapid fire swings on it. Worst case scenario, the pikes stick in, recharges then starts launching the other robot all over the place until it breaks
Alex Wang
Alex Wang 年 前
A crossbow?
Bozey0 年 前
I'd love to see this type of robot device installed into the knees of one of those humanoid robots featured in the clips of this video. With programming, the more the motors would turn the springs thus compressing, you could alter the robots stance, lower and upper body position to compensate the energy exertion. Then boom, you have a leaping humanoid robot
3rd Reich Ball
They already have robots that can do flips. Boston dynamics has some, and has had them for years now. So this isnt that impressive. I would be more impressed if they taught robots how to use jet propulsion technology, so they can hover like a harrier jet
Bozey0 年 前
@3rd Reich Ball flips are one thing, but this isn't flipping. This could be a robot jumping vertically or leaping forward a good distance
daltotron 年 前
this sort of thing also seems like it's probably going to be way, way better at returning energy for every single step, than electric motors would be able to. With that, you've really solved a good portion of battery power issues with those sorts of robots.
Kas b
Kas b 年 前
I was thinking about it, and it could be made in such a way that under normal operation, the spring is basically disconnected, but then when they want the extra jump power, it can lock and the motors would then compress the spring as it gets into jumping position and releases it.
Psyese 11 ヶ月 前
I imagine that the timescale requirements of these humanoid robots doesn't allow for a long winding up periods - they have to perform rapid movements and it is not known what direction those movements are gonna be. Those robots are sensing the environment and depending on outside factors they decide how they will move.
Chris From SouthAus
This could literally launch itself out of the gravity well of smaller solar system bodies, such as asteroids, or comets. Another useful application for mechanical launching could be lunar bases. Without an atmosphere, escaping rocket exhaust can accelerate dust close to escape velocity. This could have a sandblasting effect of structures great distances away from the launch point. If a vehicle could jump a significant height, before igniting traditional rocket engines, this could be reduced.
Saint Saint
Saint Saint 年 前
A great point! I was also thinking of this usage for pre-launch staging! If you're launching a rocket, you probably don't need/want the spring to be part of the launch vehicle. It's a little silly, but why not use a spring to start a rail gun launch? Rocket-powered dust would be very scary on an asteroid or even a moon. I never thought of that!
River Reeves
River Reeves 年 前
If possible, it sounds like a great idea for getting off the moon.
Jacob 年 前
Great idea as long as no living organism is on board. Remember he said it produces 300g's! If you like your brain in your toes sure, but otherwise nah
Avana Vana
Avana Vana 年 前
@Jacob well on the moon it wouldn’t be 300gs. When the Apollo astronauts lifted off the moon, they experienced around .33gs, they later said it felt like riding in an elevator. When astronauts lift off from earth they experience 3gs. Trained pilots can handle about about 9gs of sustained, positive upward acceleration, so on the moon the acceleration of this craft would still be deadly. On a smaller moon or asteroid with about 1/3-1/4 of the gravity of the moon, however, such acceleration would be tolerable. Edit: sorry, this is wrong. The 0.33gs felt by the astronauts was during descent, not liftoff, where the g force would of course just be the acceleration of the spacecraft, with nothing to do with the gravity of the moon. It requires less velocity to escape the moon’s gravity well, so in that sense astronauts would be exposed to fewer Gs, but that is the only effect of the moon’s gravity on liftoff.
Francesco Pezzoni
@Avana Vana No, it's still 300g. Local gravity doesn't change the strength of the jump, the acceleration is the same.
Isaiah Condreay
Isaiah Condreay ヶ月 前
My gut reaction was to resist that was the optimal spring rate profile. My instinctive thought was to have a lower starting force ramping up as the speed increases....similarly to rowing a boat, to where you have a graphically smooth acceleration instead of a graphically smooth speed. After more thinking though, the larger impulse is definitely the desired effect unless you get some weird vibrations or harmonics. I'd be interested to see that with a high speed camera!
noseudian x.
noseudian x. 年 前
would love to see an efficiency comparison to other work multiplication mechanisms, like spinning up a rotating mass and abruptly stopping it to jump (or hit another robot in battle ;)). there you have friction losses etc, but in the rubber spring you have material fatigue/degradation etc
jama211 7 ヶ月 前
yeah, or a compressed gas. not as a propellant as that would be against the rules but as something that shoots out a linear actuator or something
Jon Harris
Jon Harris 年 前
Have they looked at efficiency loss from jumping on a compressible surface, like loose sand? I would think that would be a limiting factor in an environment like the moon, where there is a large quantity of fine particles on the surface.
Kotresh G
Kotresh G 年 前
Efficiency loss wouldn't be much I guess
Zeno 年 前
Lunar ground is pretty solid overrall isn't it?
Dkaloger 年 前
11:40 maybe ? Not all of the moon is made of regolith(the granules are a bit bigger than sand ) ,i think the seas are made of mafic rock which is incompressible
Mark M
Mark M 年 前
I was thinking of this the other way around, what if it lands on a soft spot and digs itselfs in/lands under a rock or something like this. Would it be able to get itself unstuck?
djturnz 年 前
@Dkaloger what about cheese?
Mator 年 前
This reminds me of something I did back in high school. I'd take a rubber band and wrap it around a ballpoint pen, then pull the rubber band taught and allow the pen to slip out, shooting upwards as the rubber band released its stored energy. I didn't ever exactly measure how high it went, but I think it was launched at least 10 meters. Very entertaining.
Shadow Master
Shadow Master 7 ヶ月 前
If this were used in space though, the elastic would almost instantly dry out in the cold temperatures and so this wouldn’t work unless you insulated the contraption which would significantly reduce the power of this. It would also cause much resistance in acceleration.
HRIDYANSH bhardwaj
HRIDYANSH bhardwaj 3 ヶ月 前
Yes, but I think that it would eliminate the use of dead mass being used
m m
m m 7 ヶ月 前
trying to imagine the forces on something so light it was hard to decide how much effort had to go against air resistance vs the constant pull of gravity and it made me wonder how dangerous it would be if someone got in its way at the start. i didn't think it'd be very lethal coming down if terminal velocity was reached soon after it began its descent though. i think the problem with a moon hopper would be launching off a soft dusty surface. a large version for passengers would be funny since it'd kill everyone in it :-)
M.I.L. (My Interesting Life)
I wonder if adding a Small strong magnet in the center inside of each carbon fiber spring would increase the efficiency. This may possibly be achieved by not allowing the spring to rebound outward after its full release inward. By allowing the magnets to lock together after ignition might hold things more streamline on release. I noticed some wobble in the slow mo as the springs rebound. Stabilizing that energy may help thrust upward you could always add or subtract weight in the nose to balance the addition of the magnets added weight. Just a thought I may be way off… Very unique science here either way. Great video.
Tyler C
Tyler C 年 前
Thats a cool idea, could put a velcro equivalent or something sticky to keep them together maybe
Telmuun Davaadalai
Recharging would be more energy consuming
patrick farley
You may be right it would be something to try. But on the otherhand, have ou ever seen an arrow in flight in slow motion? Its not at all like the expression "flew straight as an arrow". It actually moves through the air like a snake or like an eel in water! Its like a natural gyroscope of sorts due to harmonics is my understanding. Perhaps that wobble is part of what makes it what it is, like the arrow? Only removing the wobble will tell. I wish i could do that experiment, it would be fun to see the result!
Ernie 年 前
sound interesting but it would be difficult since magnets are very brittle and would probably smash into each other and break.
Alcoholics are US! Murica!
It wont and you can tell by the way it is.
Sümeyye Dinç
Just wanted to express how helpful your videos are!! you are extrely good at explaining tNice tutorialngs in-depth but still at a basic level for
Sailing SV Zara
I would love to see them build one that is 10x larger.
razzraziel 年 前
Yeah I would like to see that landing...
Gamer 234
Gamer 234 年 前
it would be like 30kg,s and could easily be managed by a chute id imagine
Horatio Todd
Horatio Todd 年 前
Wouldn’t work if you do the maths
Fearabbit 年 前
@Horatio Todd I thought they said that it did work and would be a good idea because of inertia?
Sailing SV Zara
@Horatio Todd So, whats the math showing it wont work? If everything is scaled up 10x, shouldn't it still work? That means using proportionally stronger bands. Proportionally stronger battens. Just 10x.
Max Rockatansky
Dang it would be cool to see the scaled up version! They should start a Kickstarter for it haha
Kane T
Kane T 年 前
I kind of feel like this might have applications to robotic muscles and spring launcher for shoulder fired rockets. It could definitely spin up an internal gyroscope without need for electricity or explosives. Very steampunk.
Dipankar Roy
Dipankar Roy 年 前
You really helped a lot in completing the levels. Nice work
Static Ostrich
I love how intuitively designed it is! Simply amazing.
Pat Readshaw
Pat Readshaw 年 前
Love your channel! What if you stacked two (or more) of the Carbon Fiber spheres on top of each other. Using the same middle string attached to the top motor, but now its connected to the bottom of the lower Carbon fiber sphere (as if you were squishing the number 8). Would this compound the overall energy being released?!
Omkar Bhatkar
Such a simple mechanism yet it broke the highest jump record.. Scientific discoveries and corresponding engineered devices are truly amazing aspects of human exploration .. like two sides of the same coin..
It's not that simple. I'd argue that the first space rockets are simpler for people to understand
YAHUsha 年 前
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@YAHUsha Actually, Zoroaster did, and there is only one God and his name is Ahuramazda
Craigelz 年 前
@aceman0000099 You're forgetting the MIGHTY ATHIESMO, god of Atheism... Final thought: how long before this device is weaponised? (too late 😵)
NG Shuh Lit (SJI)
NG Shuh Lit (SJI) 7 ヶ月 前
Great video, and thanks! BTW, may I know how the team measured the maximum height reached? Is there an instrument that measures it? Thx
malomo 9 ヶ月 前
At 05:50 you can see a lab test usually made to study ductility on asphalts, basically for civil engineers to chose a good material composition for each particular road design. For more details read ASTM D113
EMworx 年 前
An interesting addition to this design would be to add one-way folding helicopter/drone rotor blades that deployed at the peak of the jump to extend the distance it could glide.
Adrien Foulon
Or just wings that unfold with angled drag
Absolutely ingenious. This could completely replace wheels and rovers in land operations on other planets.
Thiago da Costa
You should do a video on the axiom of choice. The history is nice and the math and logic behind is super cool.
The Mariner
The Mariner 年 前
If we got enough likes together would Derek commission the 10x larger version? Deployable glide surfaces + parachute + camera package is my vote for the payload.
A D 年 前
You forgot the seat haha
Heiko Wagner
Heiko Wagner 年 前
@A D yeah.... 300G... *splosch* xD
BeWater 年 前
@A D yeah, I also kindly decline. Or do you want to deply the Boston Dynamics from 10:08 robots with that thing?
Chris Blake
Chris Blake 年 前
Well the reason it only exists as a rendered model is it will take years of materials science work to solve. The amount carbon fiber can flex or rubber can stretch doesn't scale the same way mass does in a mathematical model. Part of the reason the prototype works has a lot to do with 'the physics of the small' vs 'the physics of the large'
InCrIpTiOn 年 前
@Chris Blake I wonder if the size of the prototype they built is optimized for the material strength they are using
patrick farley
It's like 3 or 4 compound crossbows connected together and redirecting the energy's force axis! Pretty smart!
I do cool stuff
U should try to make that it’s an amazing idea
TM 年 前
That would make an interesting crossbow design :D Very cool jumper robot.
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 11 ヶ月 前
Instead of using a string on a spool, if you used a pin there would be less friction (but maybe a little more inertial resistance) possibly allowing the spring to engage faster
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 年 前
This is actually very fascinating thanks for making this video!
Michelle Stanley
Michelle Stanley ヶ月 前
I love how intuitively designed it is! Simply amazing.. I love how intuitively designed it is! Simply amazing..
Kodizzie 年 前
I've taken suspension springs out of cars and every time I would treat it as if it was a loaded gun. The full scale version of this jumper is absolutely terrifying. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that thing when it was fully compressed.
ZeFellowBud 年 前
Imagine terminator but with an army of robots such as these the size of a person
T. Allen
T. Allen 年 前
Aren't you near four compressed suspension springs whenever you're driving a car?
TheMrarrie18 年 前
Check out mooring line accidents
Saccaed 年 前
Had similar thoughts about the upscaled jumper. It would be a decapitation machine.
Saccaed 年 前
@T. Allen The key is that they are trapped while driving. When removing them for repair work, a lot of cars require that the springs be removed under tension. That typically means a careful extraction as if whatever holding the springs in tension slips or fails, the spring instantly releases the bound energy which can cause quite a bit of danger.
Travis Woolston
Sounds like we've developed ways for robots to jumper higher than us as well. amazing.
Dominique 年 前
Would be possible to build it bigger like the size of a truck for example and still maintain this amazing size versus distance ratio? Could it carry something heavy in its capsule? If so, could this big version be released from an airplane mid air and reach even higher?
exwhyz33 7 ヶ月 前
The next step is to have 'stacked or cascade' multiple springs so as the robot reaches its peak height, a second spring unleashes more energy to lift the robot further.
Kris Black
Kris Black 7 ヶ月 前
2:47 The tiny frog jumping and missing dragon fly while it slightly moves out the way had me dying 😂😂😂😂
J Med
J Med 年 前
9:38 that's nearly a 6-inch vertical leap.. impressive!
Science Geek Grandpa
When I made a water bottle rocket recently, I was surprised that they advised that a weight be added to the top of the rocket. It certainly made a positive difference. So I'm interested to see the same principle at work here.
Casey Murray
Casey Murray 年 前
Yeah rockets are weird in that you need to add weight to the nose otherwise they are unstable. IIRC it's because the center of mass is the center or rotation and by moving it higher it creates a higher moment of inertia and the air resistance can actually stabilize the rocket. Similar to how it's a lot easier to balance a pole with weight on the end then without since it takes more time to rotate and you have more time to correct.
deadall127 年 前
They do, all the motors and electronics are located at the top. The idea is simple, if your center of mass is in front of your center of lift, your rocket will flip around, that's why a dart has most of its mass at the front, and all its wings at the rear. It's something you learn when playing kerbal space program, if your rear is too heavy your rocket will flip at the slightest push of air.
dave BingConsultingGroup
for a rocket the center of gravity (which is the point the rocket rotates about) has to be in front of the center of area (which is the central point that the wind pushes) in order to be stable.
thoa tran
thoa tran 年 前
Dev Sen
Dev Sen 年 前
ApniClass 年 前
Thank you Mike! I'm just starting out and tNice tutorials video really helped get the basics down!
I use to use bamboo cut to do that same thing as a kid, but not to this level! Props to the engineers to make my childhood real. This worries me a little bit, not for space, not for mining..
bonomite 年 前
If I could restart my entire career... I'd love to nerd out and work with these kids... I have so many ideas going through my head!
Europe Simulator 2023
Yeah, stuff like this is why I am an aspiring mechanical engineer rn
bonomite 年 前
@Europe Simulator 2023 congraz. Good luck! This stuff is so fun... I got such a huge bug in my code right now I'm seriously contemplating a career change. Lol
Jordan Kennedy
I wonder if a larger version of this robot could ever achieve escape velocity...
Shrek Is me
Shrek Is me 5 ヶ月 前
Imagine this but on a larger scale wonder if this could take this to space
Mikes Raci
Mikes Raci 年 前
I have never taken the time to thank you and your team about posting videos in spanish, I really appreciate the fact you are doing this, since here in my country no public education entity has ever taken the time to teach us as your chanel does. I know this is a no big recognition and makes no justice enough of your work and your prestigious person, but I just happen to notice that no other science youtuber from a 1st world country has taken the effort, time or resources, to get their content being translated expecting nothing in exchange. I feel really exited about the things I learn in everyone of your videos, I wish I have had a better science foundation to understand in full about the whole content of the topics but, as you might probably certainly assumed science education is really neglected in third world countries, now that Im a grown up person I realize how important science education is, and I will definitely encourage my kids to learn about it and with the help of your videos that will going to be easier for them (at least until they learn english since there are so much knowledge we still need to get but the majority is still available just in english), greetings. A fan from C.A.
Justin 年 前
I’m obviously not Derek, but I hope he sees this! What a wonderful comment to read. I have many problems with the public education system here in America, but this was humbling, and makes me grateful for what I did get. May you continue to explore your curiosity as you access the knowledge denied to you. 🙏🏻 We all deserve an education, I hope your family gets to experience the joy of discovery that you have ❤️ Sending much love to South America from up here in North America!
Bod9001 年 前
Kurzgesagt has a Spanish JPvid channel, they are a good educational resource.
Mikes Raci
Mikes Raci 年 前
@Justin thanks a lot, I hope you are doing well up there, here is raining a lot, be safe & live long and prosper 🖖 😆
Mikes Raci
Mikes Raci 年 前
@Bod9001 done, I have just suscribed me to his channel you are totally right, his content is in spanish too an it seems really interesting to watch, greetings up to where you are located 🙂
Dr. Mudabbar
Dr. Mudabbar 年 前
I wish there was an Urdu version. People from Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh could watch that version. It would not only increase the number of subscribers for Derek but also spark interest in kids in those countries. It would be amazing. I hope he sees this.
Mike Plowcha
Mike Plowcha 7 ヶ月 前
Instead of adding a steel weight to the top, what would happen if you added a steel flywheel in its place? I imagine if the string was to transfer its energy to the flywheel on release, it would probably not go as high. However, maybe the motor that is pulling the string into tension might also double as a driver to start spinning up the flywheel/gyro before the string releases its full potential. Would that stored flywheel energy allow the vehicle to steadily climb even higher, or would it cost too much in energy transfer going to the 'legs'?
Andrew Salladin
Andrew Salladin 10 ヶ月 前
Question: What if you added more carbon fiber sides to this jumper. Instead of having four connectors with the rubber bands, what if you had 8 or 16 connectors with more rubber bands so it could store more kinetic energy right? I know that it would add weight but its counter balance of force would outdo the extra weight no? I am probably wrong but I am wondering if anyone can explain.
Ribbons 7 ヶ月 前
This was fascinating. Awesome stuff!
Shogo 昇剛
Shogo 昇剛 年 前
If this could scale to bigger size machines, it would be very helpful.
Arthur Cammers
On a chemical level, natural musculature works similarly to the Jumper's motor slowly storing energy in the spring. The fibers are loaded with ATP and then the energy can be quickly released mechanically. Muscles are unidirectional chemical springs. Muscles are biochemical springs that fire asymmetrically.
The old British sci fi shows UFO and Captain Scarlet both feature "Moon Hoppers" as a form of lunar transport. I remember thinking it was absurd at the time, but maybe they weren't so crazy.
MaSolSC2 年 前
Well only if you include fictional technology that enables you to survive the acceleration, in which case there should be way easier methods of transportation
bkbj8282 年 前
Zeno 年 前
Lol they were
Carl 年 前
Naa, humans won't evolve to endure 30 Gs anytime soon.
ilmaio 年 前
@Carl To make the jump endurable, you would have to reduce the Gs. You can, to some extent, if there is some axial space in the craft. Human body would receive more damage enduring 30 g for 1 second than 15 g for 2 seconds, even less 10 g for 3 seconds (any astronaut can). And the three situations would produce the same overall acceleration. All you have to do is to smooth it up, for example plunging the passenger into a non newtonian fluid gel.
D W 年 前
Has anyone tried putting the head weight on top of a fully compressible spring? Does that store any of the initial energy for release later?
Iain McClatchie
The emphasis on work multiplication, which lets you minimize the size of the motor, is curious given that they then added inert mass to the vehicle to go higher. They could have instead made the motor bigger (and used less work multiplication). I think some explanation of why adding mass made it go higher is in order. There is bound to be some optimum amount of mass, and that's going to come because two opposing effects balance at that point.
TheKamiBunny 年 前
The thing is, a larger motor might lead to a larger device in general as an electric motor takes up more volume/mass Also having a weighted payload also helps with future developments of the design with regards to measurement devices or other electronics that may be needed for navigation and potential weight can be replaced.
PapiDeHusky 年 前
this is deadly and how portable it is can be really scary just like iron mans tiny rockets
tobi321wwwto 年 前
I think an Electromagnetic Jumper would also be nice. It does not violate any of the mentioned rules or? I have not calculated this but maybe its a promising idea to charge a very weight-efficient condensation to launch it from a Metal surface or even a Strong Magnet. If the Surface matters, it could carry the magnet.
AM D 年 前
Organisms use latches and store energy over time at the molecular/microscopic level too. So in a way this is simply a better bio-inspired or biomimicking robot than the Boston Dynamics robots. Edit: Actually I'm having a hard time finding exact analogues to this in molecular systems; titin may be close but it's not exact; same for viral DNA capsid packing although that deserves further consideration; cnidocytes accumulate and store potential energy over time, but not as tension but via chemical concentration. So there might be something truly novel to this
NyxFR 年 前
This man just hooked me up to tell me about jumps for 11 minutes. And I feel like I enjoyed every second of it.
Anony Moose
Anony Moose 年 前
If they added fins on the side of the robot, could they potentially make it go higher by adding a rotational force to stabilize the projectile. Kind of like how a tank shell works, or rifling in a gun. Could that be a way to potentially make the robot jump higher?
hen ko
hen ko 年 前
So: Bush baby got back? That's what I heard.
hen ko
hen ko 年 前
Looking forward to the full scale one, I hope they're doing one!
kalith 年 前
such a really well designed robot!
Mlungisi Makhanya
Big ups to the builders of that jumping robot.
Master of None
Master of None 7 ヶ月 前
It would be cool to see if they could make a three-stage jumper kind of like a rocket. the mass payload of the initial jumper would be another jumper that would be smaller than would at the peak of the previous jumper jump of that jumper to go higher. It would then have a smaller jumper that would jump off of that one at it's peak.
Charles Goode
I'd appreciate a graph showing additional weight at the top vs height of jump. Obviously at some point the additional weight will make jumps decrease height but at what inflection point and how quickly does height fall off past that point.
Kevin Liang
Kevin Liang 年 前
The relationship is between the mass of the spring and the mass of the head. A "perfect" collision will have both of equal mass. Imagine 2 billiard balls of equal mass vs different masses.
Attila Asztalos
@Kevin Liang Almost as if we'd be looking at impedance matching in electronics then...?
Cloudlounger 年 前
Yeah.....NO. You must remember: Top- weight is a steering-mechanism. Of course, this applies only to NASA's balloons which are weighted ON THE TOP as thrust propels. Basic laws do not apply.
onebronx 年 前
@Kevin Liang the jump is not an elastic collision between the spring and the body, so mechanical impedance would not apply here. It is rather an elastic collision with the Earth. Increasing the head mass is beneficial because of the mechanical advantage: the spring works as a lever, and the head is attached to the farthest point of it. It is more beneficial to accelerate the farthest mass up than waste the energy accelerating spring masses inwards and canceling each other.
Emco Tec
Emco Tec 年 前
@onebronx so what would be the conclusion here ? As light springs as posible and as high of a (head-)mass ? This seems counter intuitiv shouldnt the mass at some point effect the mechanism negatively ?
Thagirion Tristitia
I can totally foresee whole new generation of crossbows applying/adapting this to become more powerful
Username 年 前
How many times can the rubber bands cycle before they become fatigued? I feel like the carbon fiber would have a longer fatigue rate, but the rubber band seem sub-optimal for long missions.
Takezo San
Takezo San 7 ヶ月 前
i can see this being used to give portable missiles momentum , would make some awesome infantry weapons systems, imagine launching a pod 1/2 km up w no smoke signature then just guiding itself down to target
Thinking of these things upscaled to the size of a VW beetle bouncing all around Mars, just straight launching off into the horizon, brings me inexplicable joy
riuphane 年 前
I found this concept fascinating and can't wait for the toy version to be available
dan parish
dan parish 年 前
Kids will either lose their eyeballs or it’ll be so dumbed down that it won’t be that impressive.
Topples 年 前
@dan parish A few kids' eyeballs are a small price to pay for science
Roberto Medellin
@Topples 😂 (and it's not even for science is for the entertainment of the masses)
Windows Videos
New 'toy jumping robot' linked to over 120 blind kids
XUBO 36 年 前
Almost makes me feel like this has potential for becoming militarily useful 🧐
postblitz 年 前
Odd how they're so near it and don't worry about a lateral misfire.
Chooley 年 前
yea pretty much every brilliant design or invention has been adapted into a killing machine
Lookup VeraZhou
Great for launching munitions to the top floor. Actually, any intermediate floor as well.
Opposite Opinion
Opposite Opinion 11 ヶ月 前
Yeah, that scared me too Imagine thousands of these 'jumpers' with a razor tip head launching into the soft bodies at the speed of a bullet 😮
woodennecktie 7 ヶ月 前
this is much better content than what i've seen before on Ve . new territory is free of cooled contraversion
0 15
0 15 11 ヶ月 前
Very amazing to see this kind of elementary design in the 21st century.
jmmahony 年 前
The mantis shrimp, popular in science videos because of its tremendously fast punch (so fast, the water cavitates), uses a latching mechanism in its arm joint.
Sparky 年 前
I’m curious to find out how well the robot performs under prolonged exposure to extreme cold temperatures
Aidan Xavier
Aidan Xavier 年 前
It might work better. Here's a potential materials science driven argument in that direction: The fatigue life of many, if not most materials decreases at high temperature, meaning that materials fail quicker under repeated stress at high temperature. Lower temperatures then generally result in longer lifespans with that model. Fatigue is I think the most appropriate way to view this. Given that this is a spring, it presumably is designed such that none of the materials experience plastic deformation - where the material remains deformed - and instead only elastic deformation - where the material returns to its original shape. Factors such as ductility and impact resistance, which do perform worse at low temperatures, shouldn't apply here because the material structure is not reaching that level of deformation. In fact the yield strength, the limit where the material deforms plastically, decreases with temperature as well, and so in lower temperatures, the material could be more likely to remain within elastic deformation. This feels unintuitive, and I'm not fully convinced myself, but most materials do fatigue and degrade quicker at higher temperature, including CFRP and Latex rubber. A counterargument may be that the absorbed energy decreases at low temperatures, this is something that may be harder to generalize. It's worth noting that this jumper might also function better at lower temperatures, due to the increase in elastic modulus of many materials at lower temperatures, which could make it springier.
V K 年 前
I love the elegant and efficient design! Once it decompresses, it's shape is near perfect for flight - CoM in the front, drag in the back. Really, really well thought out.
Boma Joseph
Boma Joseph 年 前
You read my mind
Tormeto 年 前
@Boma Josephde ir
Tormeto 年 前
@Boma Josephde
Tormeto 年 前
@Boma Joseph de manhã para
Naqeeb | Meditation
Another use of work multiplication in robotics which would be fascinating would be to release only part of the stored energy instead of all of it. Maybe doing 3 smaller jumps instead of a single large jump for example. The string might have to take the tension instead of the spring though!
Chase Corrigan
How high would one 100x bigger go? Would it be 3100m plus the additional 19% efficiency? Because that would be nuts to see
Richard Hooper
Richard Hooper 11 ヶ月 前
Could a scaled-up spring mechanism like this be used to initially launch a rocket prior to ignition thus saving onboard fuel?
nathan ashworth
could this system in theory be used to replace the primary stage of a rocket?
Rodman Stuhlmuller
Rodman Stuhlmuller 8 ヶ月 前
I wonder if one of these could have the power to reach orbit
DWS Outdoors
DWS Outdoors 年 前
I love this kind of innovation because it is SO simple yet it has extraordinary results!
YAHUsha 年 前
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YAHUsha 年 前
You could say the same about making the choice to live for Jesus over the world! 😄
Jason Overmier
What if you incorporate a rubber membrane around the carbon fiber legs? Not only would it be storing energy in the rubber, but you would also be producing thrust.
Sam 年 前
This went from being just a cool robot made by a hobbist, to a genuine application for small drones on the moon
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 7 ヶ月 前
I really want to see one of these that is 10x larger than the one in the video.
girurerumu 7 ヶ月 前
I’m wondering how this structure could be used to improve upon our classic bow and arrow design…
Sara Vasconcellos
Sara Vasconcellos 11 ヶ月 前
09:40 nunca imaginaram fazer um deste mas tipo degrau que eleva automático para baixinhas assim a gente esquece os banquinhos ou escadas para alcançar prateleiras👍😁
Oliver Foggin
8:00 the idea of the small motor working over time to store energy reminds me of how the mantis shrimp punches so hard. It uses its muscles to slowly bring its hands in and then latches them and when the latch releases... POW!
tschimi tschortsch
yes thats missing in this video! the mantis shrimp punches INCREDIBLY hard.
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Everything comes back to the mantis shrimp.
John Cena
John Cena 年 前
Oh yeah just like that
John Cena
John Cena 年 前
John Cena
John Cena 年 前
Oh yeah ;)
Pancakes are awesome
What would it look like if humans could jump so many times higher than our own size? Like the way animals or this robot could jump? It’d be weird to see, that’s for sure
Glyphic Enigma
I wonder if this type of design could be a feasible alternative to rockets, assuming you find materials to build a machine big enough and strong enough to achieve that...
M - 0
M - 0 年 前
I really want to see a scaled up version
Lutz Teichmann
imagine being skydiver and travel the world with an xxl jumping robot in your backpack. you could launch from everywhere