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I was a sandwich ARTIST, okay? Because subways are everywhere, there's probably someone watching this who used to or is working at subway right now. How is it? I thought it was an okay job.

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ivar hammer
ivar hammer 2 時間 前
69k reactions .... NICE
SilverRavager 2 時間 前
vjhonno83 2 時間 前
CJ Carter
CJ Carter 3 時間 前
am i the only one that was eating sooubway well watching
Mrbruhmemelol 4 時間 前
At 0:50 you said subway
NotAariz 4 時間 前
69k comments *nice*
Ichigo Uzumaki
Ichigo Uzumaki 5 時間 前
I’ve been at sooubway for almost a year now 😂
Don’t mind me 👀
I wonder is Ivan and Andy watched this
Alex Lucero
Alex Lucero 6 時間 前
Bro I work at a 24 hour sooubway😞
Quinn Doig
Quinn Doig 7 時間 前
Some scenes the manager has a smiley face on it
iam dead-inside
iam dead-inside 9 時間 前
Kathryn Patterson
Kathryn Patterson 10 時間 前
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OREO OREO 14 時間 前
I no rit
Blaze Gaming
Blaze Gaming 15 時間 前
My clash of clans name is umer
Blaze Gaming
Blaze Gaming 15 時間 前
Can you join my clan it's barbarians
Blaze Gaming
Blaze Gaming 15 時間 前
I love clash of clan
Jeremy Pilario
Jeremy Pilario 18 時間 前
how are you so good at art????????????
Yamin Taaha
Yamin Taaha 19 時間 前
i just started working at sooubway yesterday and now its time to rewatch this whole series😁
Alyssa Clarke
Alyssa Clarke 19 時間 前
Man its been 5 years
A N 20 時間 前
Anyone still watch these GOLD video?
Lisa Ickowicz
Lisa Ickowicz 21 時間 前
I thought it was soobway
David Fisher
David Fisher 日 前
Yasdany Salas
Jost shotop.i sea What i want!!!!🧐😠😠🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Pîę 日 前
Me eating subway while watching this (:
Excalibur Plz
He said subway
Parag Hule
Parag Hule 日 前
More views then subscribers 😎😎😎😎😎
Gabriel Bowman
Sooubway part 5?
Sheee eeesh
Sheee eeesh 日 前
Just applied at Sooubway 😃👍🏼
Alex Awesome
Alex Awesome 日 前
You wok at soubway name every sandwich you’ve made
marcelo rojas
Why do you call it sooubway it subway
marcelo rojas
Thx James.HOW DID YOU KNOW oh ye the name tag...
Tox1cViq 日 前
Milad would be proud.
Gaming with cheetah
beep beep beep lol
Somang aum
Somang aum 2 日 前
Hey could we ask you a question and also why you wondering why your dog asking questions I'm not an adult I'm at peer children
Itz_høwłer Gacha
0:49 LOL I know it was for a joke but he actually said subway instead of soobway
So crazy that this was 5 years ago
Pranav Kulkarni
Pranav Kulkarni 2 日 前
The archer James is cute
Alexis ballen
Alexis ballen 3 日 前
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Sons B
Sons B 3 日 前
Just do your job!
da one furry
da one furry 3 日 前
I like subway i go to your subway
Kendra Jensen
Kendra Jensen 3 日 前
TheOdd1sOut: sooubway instead of subway Haminations: give fuys instead of five guys
Angela Ott
Angela Ott 3 日 前
James: it's sooubway Also James: says subway alot
wilkyy 3 日 前
Im pretty sure you worked at Milad Mirg's parents subway
Dc Quigley
Dc Quigley 3 日 前
POV. Your looking to see if Ivan and Andy commented 😂
Creepoor 3 日 前
prasad km
prasad km 3 日 前
I live in India and was eating subway from your owners while watching this I asked them about you and they said that how did I know you xD
S & E
S & E 3 日 前
I have been researching this video since I was eight and I am eleven and my brother finally got a job at subway I guess everything happens for a reason!
Nitro 3 日 前
At the beginning james called sooubway subway
Lilly Quigley
Lilly Quigley 3 日 前
Their called Native Americans
hi 3 日 前
MY name is Anthony
tails plush show
its subway
Aubrey Windom
Aubrey Windom 3 日 前
my fried worked in a fast food place for a week and then she quit and i asked her why and she said “they were so mean”😂😂
Whitney Tom
Whitney Tom 3 日 前
Derick Quezada
Derick Quezada 4 日 前
It hits so different when your eating “ Souubway”
Derick Quezada
Derick Quezada 4 日 前
Oops sooubway
Elvina Hoppe
Elvina Hoppe 4 日 前
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Alyzah Gibbs
Alyzah Gibbs 4 日 前
I- im not re watching this for the tenth time. I- i- LEAVE ME ALONE *re watches*
Alejandra Nunez
Alejandra Nunez 4 日 前
It's subway 😋
K U L S U M 4 日 前
This is officially my comfort chamnel
tony 4 日 前
Ozzie Delgado
Ozzie Delgado 4 日 前
Fan Boy
Fan Boy 4 日 前
6:50 Shut the oven door and flames go bye bye
Menosui 4 日 前
me eating a sandwich while watching this:interesting
FunFactsLand 4 日 前
He said subway at the fire story
Nikki Logan
Nikki Logan 4 日 前
marcia griffin
marcia griffin 4 日 前
*Hey can you guys do a better job at your...JOB?* That made me laugh 😂
Hannah Honig
Hannah Honig 5 日 前
Alright man, I just need one thing from you. Please for the love of God MAKE A COLLAB WITH MILAD MIRG. I don’t think you understand how many people would spontaneously combust if that happened.
Mati22 Games
Mati22 Games 5 日 前
i love you
Vinyl Tips
Vinyl Tips 5 日 前
Subway TheOdds1Out!
Awesome Luigi
Awesome Luigi 5 日 前
Love how odd1sout said he got me into coc and is dressed as an archer lmao
Johanna Driesenga
Try haying all day and subway won’t seem so bad. (For y’all city slickers I mean stacking hay bales)
jasmine barnes
jasmine barnes 5 日 前
Why yes I am. Good sir. Good for you to take notice.
Dragonflame 7155
74 million views. This guy is talking about his old job and it has 74 million views. I'm not complaining
Emily Kinsella
Emily Kinsella 5 日 前
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McKenzie Annie
McKenzie Annie 5 日 前
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Jennie Roth
Jennie Roth 5 日 前
I had turkey Italiano
YouTube Bot Bot
YouTube Bot Bot 5 日 前
Ya mean Subway
Inquatic 336
Inquatic 336 5 日 前
4:49 but it is legal (well where i live)… It goes under the same laws of alcohol so gotta be over 19 to use it (if that’s weird thats because you probably live somewhere that isn’t in my country) Also there is literally a… green store right near i live (don’t do drugs)
Jeb The Cow
Jeb The Cow 5 日 前
This guy needs more Soouubsubscribers
Carolina Nunez
Carolina Nunez 5 日 前
Me … James: soubway
Salma sima
Salma sima 6 日 前
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kanishk 6 日 前
Milad should watch this😂😂
Rebecka g
Rebecka g 6 日 前
Not gonna like its a tradition to work at subway-
Rebecka g
Rebecka g 6 日 前
And I ment lie
Rebecka g
Rebecka g 6 日 前
What i mean is like family
RVallee 6 日 前
wait my names ivan!!!!!!!!
TrueStruck 86
TrueStruck 86 6 日 前
I had my brothers souubway package next to me while watching this without knowing
kahu rose
kahu rose 6 日 前
I work at kfc and I have a huge amount of respect for all fast food workers now
Apple 6 日 前
This video was made 5 years ago! 5 freaking years!!! Time goes so fast! ☹️
Vibha Ravindra
Vibha Ravindra 7 日 前
My dad worked at subway in colledge , and I showed him this
Football Encyclopedia
Dang still in the recommended five years later great vid I watched five years ago and see it again now.
Maithem Ghazi
Maithem Ghazi 7 日 前
you said Subway
Maithem Ghazi
Maithem Ghazi 7 日 前
A tree the job is called Subway why you keep calling it two way
Langston Edmonds
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trash expired brown rice
*laughs in unemployed*
Carter games
Carter games 7 日 前
I eat sooub way
Ragad Soliman
Ragad Soliman 7 日 前
i love sooubway
Brandon Arreola
Brandon Arreola 7 日 前
He said subway many times
iroh Gagnon
iroh Gagnon 7 日 前
subway is nationwide
totaly just gaming
fell like sandwitch artist in description is from shmosh
Rylan dayton
Rylan dayton 8 日 前
1:10 and
TheEven1Wins 8 日 前
Gabriel Edwards
Gabriel Edwards 8 日 前
0:49 he says SUBWAY not sooubway
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