Woman Cheated Thinking Husband Was Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 5, Episode 86 - Dark v. Bailey: An Atlanta man and his pregnant girlfriend claim he is not the father of another woman's 13-month-old son.
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Woman Cheated Thinking Husband Was Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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BrianS317 8 時間 前
Skip the bull - 13:50
Carolyn Peercy
Carolyn Peercy 14 時間 前
All these kids and no husband . Girl stop . And dude stop. After one time it isnt no mistakes.
I respect you judge for the way you make other show each other respect after finding out the results especially for the black community. We need to break this willie Lynch cycle.
Marcin P
Marcin P 17 時間 前
What a fkn dumb judge. The thing that that fkn mother did is called obtaining services by deception, he used the situation where the emotions were hight at the birth and a guy signed under not his child.
Mr. Reyes
Mr. Reyes 22 時間 前
All this beautiful black women in one episode 🤩 🤤 sheesh
cheng2mones 日 前
If you're addicted like I am on FB Paternity Fan page ..join us on : @t
Ayesha Islam
Ayesha Islam 日 前
His mamma told him to get that bby outta here 😂😂😂😂 you the grandma 🤔 how it feel?
Michala Senior
He have two baby momma
Mahardhika Bella
she is beautiful 😻
ThePeoplesChamp 2 日 前
She’s a thot and she crying for whatttttttt
kingIkeable 2 日 前
I like this judge 👍
iRRelEvANt hOOmaN
Why not get a dna test?
Cerone 747
Cerone 747 2 日 前
She's not a bad girl she's a sweet young lady that has made mistakes that's all I hope the best for her
PaulDogBaby 2 日 前
This brotha must have 1 HECK of a JOB!!!!!
Luke Wood
Luke Wood 2 日 前
Lol he’s named dark? Life dealt him a bad hand
BRANDY D 2 日 前
His "genuine emotion" was f**k I'm stuck. He shook his head. He was shocked. He didn't want him. That was was of pure disingenuous emotion!
bigjule jules
bigjule jules 2 日 前
But even though a man signs a birth certificate and it turns out the child is not his , the real father got away scotch free?!!!! I truly believe that if a DNA test is done and that test turns out negative , his name should be removed from that certificate . It's only right in my eyes.
G Dobbins
G Dobbins 3 日 前
I love hearing "you were the only one I was with" and then "you're not the father".
DrEaM HuNTeR 3 日 前
once a cheater always a cheater
Frank Ly
Frank Ly 3 日 前
If the kid’s IQ is above 22 neither one of these dopes is the parent.
TheIron Smith
TheIron Smith 3 日 前
he has to raise up two kids two mothers =4 mouths to feed= 2 mortgages =3 cars . hope you got a good job!
I really can't stand current girlfriends who testify on behalf of the child of their "man" not being the father of an ex's kid. Like shut up 🙄
Imani Williams
Imani Williams 6 時間 前
Me neither, but I feel like this case was different because the girlfriend wasn't badmouthing her or anything she was just offering (mostly) relevant information.
Dr Rotonya Brigham
Dr Rotonya Brigham 6 時間 前
For real 😆
Dezzi Love
Dezzi Love 4 日 前
I love the girlfriend 🤣🤣😜😜😜💕💕💕💕💕
Fishbowl74 5 日 前
That dramatic cracking voice and poor me face...
Malachi El Sigma
Men, stop signing these birth certificate papers until DNA is performed. These hoes ain't loyal in 2018 & beyond.
Antineal Anita
Antineal Anita 5 日 前
Why so many views?
sactiger 5 日 前
He a ho, and she a ho, too. Room fulla ho's up in there.
tellno lies
tellno lies 5 日 前
ppl talk about kids but NOT marriage!! 3 kids.. CONDOMS
Cheyenne Faneva
Cheyenne Faneva 5 日 前
Ew baby mama 2 is gonna regret saying what she said.
Amelia Keppel
Amelia Keppel 6 日 前
I want to hug that lady so bad.... I lost my mama at 15 I know that pain of not having somebody to act as your gaurdian. That poor woman has had a hard time, regardless of how much she brought upon herself i am so happy this ended the way it did.
huuh, thank God he is the father.
babies can be born -6weeks earlier or plus 4weeks later
Joseph Kramer
Joseph Kramer 6 日 前
Is it just me that she lieing about everything just to get money from the man all them fake crying moments.
typical gamer
typical gamer 6 日 前
9:50 que guapa la negrita i love ❤️ her te quiero mucho mamacita yo si me caso contigo si 👍🏼 gustas :)
Derek Derek
Derek Derek 6 日 前
Alabama everybody on these episodes are cotton pickers
Floree Michael
Floree Michael 6 日 前
What do those people gain telling the world all this sheit , pliz what done in darkness let's remain there, bedroom matter is only for two
Soul Cool
Soul Cool 7 日 前
13:30 Test results. You’re welcome :)
Tatiana Smythe
Tatiana Smythe 8 日 前
Judge Lauren you know those tears are jacked up... They are so fake😒
Stanlie Murray
Stanlie Murray 8 日 前
These ppl are soooooooooooo dumb! I am sooooooo glad I have a moral compass, brains, and some self-respect...SMDFH.
Fcutdlady 8 日 前
Judge lake is right. As my late mother used to say it takes 2 to tango.
Mr Golstead
Mr Golstead 10 日 前
Shes a trap. Avoid these women at all costs
big boy
big boy 10 日 前
he got 2 baby mommas he going to be hitting back and fourth..
Brandon Maurice
Brandon Maurice 11 日 前
Smh as i father its my job to school my young son on how to avoid women like this....she may look pretty and angelic and innocent but she is a evil
American Soldier
American Soldier 11 日 前
These hoes man. They get you every time and the court favors them!
American Soldier
American Soldier 11 日 前
Losing the case? Put people on a guilt trip and fake cry. It works every time though it’s only special to women.
Stellae128 Espinosa
Repentance’s is always came at last as always happened
Destined 4 Greatness
That new baby mana probably like "Dang!"
LosDiv907 13 日 前
Oh, so she BM now... He back smashing
JustJoshingYa 13 日 前
She's a thot
Adaeze Ofili
Adaeze Ofili 14 日 前
You are a powerful judge infact the best judge in the whole wild world you are sure intelligent woman bless you Amen.
Trey Smith
Trey Smith 14 日 前
Water works RIGHT ON TIME.
She wasn’t crying when she was smashing multiple partners...DF🤦🏾‍♀️
Louis E. Romet
Louis E. Romet 15 日 前
That girl grew up without her parents and had other kids and had to know who the biological father was. And the guy now is now with another girl and they have a baby. No wonder why the single motherhood rate is so high in the African American community. These guys are broken. Feeling so sad for em
jenifer lanzloot
jenifer lanzloot 15 日 前
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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 15 日 前
does these nigers doesn't know about DNA..?????
They love defending these heauxs
Brady Taylor
Brady Taylor 16 日 前
That's on YoUoUoU😂😂😂
Doyoan 16 日 前
I feel bad for him
Armoni Campbell
Armoni Campbell 16 日 前
He definitely downgraded😒 shorty a cheater, but she fine tho lowkey😩
toni black
toni black 16 日 前
Judge is a bed wynch
Joy Davis
Joy Davis 17 日 前
Awww my son was born on November 13, 2016 also
Nai-lah Krista Simone
Doesn't seem she can do much of anything why, not just leave this to maury
Jondu Flee
Jondu Flee 17 日 前
Guess his entire family was wrong 🤣🤣
Jondu Flee
Jondu Flee 17 日 前
This show is great
Michael Banjo
Michael Banjo 17 日 前
See, this is what I don't understand about the world. This double standard is ridiculous. They are in this whole situation because SHE cheated on him. If it was the other way round, they would be talking about how men are trash but it's ok for her because she didn't grow up with her parents or because she "thought" he cheated.
Kevin Jacobs
Kevin Jacobs 17 日 前
A fine example of why men should get a vasectomy as soon as possible
anger & rage
anger & rage 17 日 前
This woman is a beautiful woman.
amenra bey
amenra bey 17 日 前
Never sign a birth certificate if you're not sure the baby isnt yours, never.
Edwina Ramsey
Edwina Ramsey 18 日 前
She is looking for love in all the wrong places. She needs to first love and respect herself. There's something on the inside of her that's crying out for love. She also has low self-esteem, baby girl hold your head up high and get the help that you need. Get yourself together and wait for your Mr. Right!
Donna Caesar-Roberts
it too late for her. she has 4 kids now.
Michelle Hubbard
Michelle Hubbard 18 日 前
On a side note..she should’ve whooped her ‘best friend’s’ a$$.
Nella Gomez
Nella Gomez 18 日 前
The man in her background 🤣🤣fixing his watch while she is crying crocodile tears
Ms. Helen
Ms. Helen 19 日 前
Both women are beautiful.
Steph Lovely
Steph Lovely 19 日 前
Him been a cheater.....
Hideki Senior
Hideki Senior 19 日 前
Tf is wrong with chicks these days? Madness.
Earl Dean
Earl Dean 20 日 前
Sign that paper you're the father either way
Ruby Tunes
Ruby Tunes 20 日 前
Cassandra Bryant
Cassandra Bryant 20 日 前
Judge said " don't lay down with everybody cause they say you cute"
antreas dimitriou
I want to make a baby to that judge and i will be the father for ever
fred sagala
fred sagala 21 日 前
I might have signed the documents at birth but that doesn't mean am the biological father,perharps i signed unknowingly.
24blunt 21 日 前
i hope ppl know women actually carry for 10 months, yes some come early but the actual time is 10 months. new girl looks like NU-NU ATL
🤦‍♀️ messyyyyyy
Don Brown
Don Brown 22 日 前
She out here willin with the Punanay.. How many baby daddy is enough?
Stacy Farrow
Stacy Farrow 22 日 前
I feel so bad for the lady not growing up with her parents in making the choices she has made in May continue to make which in turn will affect her kids
Elaine Anderson
Elaine Anderson 22 日 前
Mr. Dark looks terrified.
Elaine Anderson
Elaine Anderson 22 日 前
This crazy.
Ndaruhutse Joshua
She looks innocent her voice can just make u change your mind😂😂😂😂 innocent girls r dangerous 😂😂😂😂😂
Kurt Daniels
Kurt Daniels 23 日 前
she fine doe.......makes me wanna be the worlds best step dad...
Robert Best
Robert Best 23 日 前
No tears
Magala Mukiibi Gerald
She's beautiful my God! I understand why this is happening to her
Aquilla 23 日 前
And that’s why this court will speak for him. YES. Judge Lauren.
denise bowman
denise bowman 23 日 前
He look scsrd a the thought of having two babies under a year to support .That happy when you allow your carnal nature to control you
C W 23 日 前
pretty girl, I hope she makes better decisions.
Bonux000 23 日 前
I feel sorry for allllll these children. They don't deserve to have such messed up parents who have no self control and no brain.
Travis Maxwell
Travis Maxwell 24 日 前
Say good bye to your $$$
JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior
I Love You Forever!‼️😇💟
JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior
Yes I Love ALL Life Favorite Always NOW!❗️💜Wow!‼️💫A+
MekaJ 24 日 前
Boy if you don't get that baby out of herrreee!!!! Lol black momma's are hilarious. I can puncture her saying it.
MsLin1974 24 日 前
His family saying get that baby out of here, shameful!
Michael Beckham
Michael Beckham 24 日 前
“Yes he were,Yes he were” what?🤣
Girls should close their legs. Oh mine the minutes of pleasure and lifetime pain. I can't deal