Woman Cheated Thinking Husband Was Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 5, Episode 86 - Dark v. Bailey: An Atlanta man and his pregnant girlfriend claim he is not the father of another woman's 13-month-old son.
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Woman Cheated Thinking Husband Was Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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lazy dragon
lazy dragon 4 時間 前
JPvid I hate stuff like this pls don't recommend this for me
Tamara Baker
Tamara Baker 5 時間 前
The women on this show usually act somewhat mentally unstable! Lol my hat goes off to men that deal with crazy women with insecurities and low self esteem. As pretty as she is, she still struggles with self esteem! Also you can tell she didn’t take school seriously! Dudes don’t even be paying attention to women that are slow, or maybe you guys do but just ignore it! Lol
Courtie Shay
Courtie Shay 6 時間 前
So this is how guys get enslaved to child support even when they are not the father? Welp! Time to warn my brother 💃🏽. Honestly, I'm glad Mr Dark is the father, it will be sad if he ain't the father and yet he will still be forced to pay child support all cos his name is on a piece of paper. Man! You guys should all wake up and not be deceived by a woman's fake tears.
Ahmad Hameed
Ahmad Hameed 7 時間 前
I wanna be a lawyer when I grow up so I subscribed and turned on notifications
Latoya Henson
Latoya Henson 9 時間 前
The girlfriend sound dumb looks don't mean its about the DNA period why is she here she a nobody.
just ST
just ST 10 時間 前
She's faking..such FAKE ACTING
Far Above Rubies98
Far Above Rubies98 11 時間 前
I don't know why he reminds me of Jamie Foxx. Especially from his "In Living Color" days. lol
HisShadowX 12 時間 前
Incorrect, in Georgia if the DNA test is shown he is not the father he can go to court and he deemed not responsible even if he signed the birth certificate. Georgia where those two signed the birth certificate is one of the states that changed the law
sonicgalaxy21 a.k.a. dat boi
The real Extra Chromosome
That’s mans is so dumb
Vanita Maname
Vanita Maname 16 時間 前
Why was everyone having an issue with the birth date? She said from the beginning that he was due Nov 30th so the fact they they weren't active in February shouldn't have been an issue to the judge and the him.
MB Playz
MB Playz 19 時間 前
Abasi Hunt
Abasi Hunt 21 時間 前
Dionysius Hall
Dionysius Hall 22 時間 前
She was happy den a mfer that he was the father
Don King
Don King 日 前
She just want the money but she also wants to sleep with other men.
TommyBeckham 日 前
He looks familiar? That’s beyond me.
Brad Penman
Brad Penman 日 前
So, it was his kid. But can we not address how dumb it is that someone that is not the father can legally be a childs father by signing a piece of paper.
Diego Guardado
Look at the girl and the guy in the back when she says “My baby looks esxactly like him” 👀👀 5:26
ryan0325 NBA live mobile 19
His pull out game is almost as weak as her argument.
Charity Best
Charity Best 日 前
She needs delevrance
jkhan23 日 前
Was the baby full term? Didn't the lady say at first was born prematurely, then saying full term. Which is it?
ThaPhil Ace
ThaPhil Ace 日 前
He said she a “promiscuous liar” but she considers her occupation a “room attendant”
jonathan calderon
Did u notice she said it has been determine by this court and not that it has been determined by the DNA results that he’s the dad at the end the court decides due to earlier she was saying about that he signed The birth certificate a legally he’s the dad so she decided he was gana stay the father but the DNA test may still say that he is not the biological father
Anthony Thorne
My paternal grandmother used to say "If you were not there she could not have called your name." This was her DNA determination, lol. If she called your name you were the father! Her reasoning was that all children need a father. In Trinidad in the 1920s/1930s several men looked after children knowing that they were the fathers.
FknSlytherin 日 前
When the judge said Jerome, I immediately thought of Jerome Valeska from Gotham... Also bless this man. Seriously, he has a heart of gold and deserves far better than this lying hoe.
Flaming Sharken
Immediately after the video starts i shout *BRING IN MAURY!!!*
trolly omega polie
That womans brain out to lunch my dude
Tyler Jacobs
Tyler Jacobs 日 前
MR. DARK XD had me dad
Sam Davis
Sam Davis 日 前
On the guys side for more than half of the session, sees one tear on girls face turns completely against man👌
KingP 2 日 前
Isn’t Jerome a black name?😂😂
Rosie Cantomayor
I salute all WOmens who fighting the truth story like she tell good and wise ....May God bless all respective Mother like you ....
PureDominator 2 日 前
the real question was why was the white cops name Jerome and Mr. DARK REALLY! LOL
Lina Softstone
Lina Softstone 2 日 前
8:00 "Yesss"
wildfire love
wildfire love 2 日 前
Why are these young ladies having so many babies.....another year she will be in the same situation taking care of a baby by herself...... smh 😠😠😠😠😠😠 they never learn...
FlySpyGuy 2 日 前
12:00 So what you're saying is, men should never sign a birth certificate, because if they find out later that the woman cheated, they have no legal recourse? Is this that privilege I've been hearing about?
Monster Cookies
Monster Cookies 2 日 前
ᕼE Iᔕ ᒪᑌᑕKY TO EᐯEᑎ ᕼᗩᐯE ᗩ ᗪᗩᗪ TᗩᑎK GOᗪ TᕼᗩT YOᑌ ᔕOᒪEᗪ TᕼᗩT ᗷᑌT ᗰY ᗪᗩᗪ ᒪEᖴT ᗰE ᗯᕼEᑎ I ᗯᗩᔕ 10 ᗰOᑎTᕼᔕ Oᒪᗪ ᗯITᕼ ᗩᒪᒪ ᒪOᐯE TᗩKE ᑕᗩᖇE Oᖴ TᕼᗩT ᗷᗩᗷY ᑭᒪᔕ
24kt on my wrist
Two baby mamas
Kenyatta Vlogs
Kenyatta Vlogs 2 日 前
Les Sal
Les Sal 2 日 前
steven Senesie
steven Senesie 2 日 前
its happening all over meeting women with pregnancy and end it on u
Joseph Zapata
Joseph Zapata 2 日 前
Should of never signed that birth certificate 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Brendan Cox
Brendan Cox 3 日 前
So many things going through my head right now that I cannot say.
B9ICE B9ICE wuoba
Women like d??k too much
Jn Mc
Jn Mc 3 日 前
Easy to become a parent, hard to BE a parent. Poor kids...
AlphaPi - απ
AlphaPi - απ 3 日 前
The look on the black guy in the left corner's face is priceless 8:05
JohnnyLight 3 日 前
"Dats on yu..uoo"
Christopher Rosenbalm
court order tubes tied!!!
Ariana Pamphile Music
I want to hug the girl😢
sultansempire 3 日 前
Unstable over emotional pathological lying hoes
Jeffry Dalisay
Jeffry Dalisay 3 日 前
You're the best Lauren.
Grignak01 3 日 前
Is she trying to take over Maury Povich's job?
Chan 3 日 前
Wait so how was the child born in November...
Dexter Torillo
Dexter Torillo 3 日 前
I get the feeling she loves the D!
AC 3 日 前
Every judge just wants to be Judge Judy
Aswin Rp
Aswin Rp 3 日 前
Use protection people
Priscilla Priscilla
Every women body is not the same. Facts !!!
Bannerman Bear 🐻
Ladies and gentlemen, the welfare state in 17 minutes. Thanks Obama!
orando15 3 日 前
Im like realistically DNA test would have ended this quickly af
Yeboah Lawrencia
I feel very bad when couples are in court finding the biological father to their children. There is need to marry if you can't stay faithful
capoman1 4 日 前
Old boy was gonna cry when he heard he was the father.
capoman1 4 日 前
Old girl is pretty hot.
Kyky DJenkins
Kyky DJenkins 4 日 前
Remember kids, condoms and birth control are cheaper than babies
Thaddeus Rattley
She soo badd.. She'da got me too
Reuben Spark
Reuben Spark 4 日 前
Skip to 13.55 for the dna test
bukovinian 4 日 前
Ok judge Minaj.
ZiZi KyKy
ZiZi KyKy 4 日 前
My bois look nothing like Mee doesn't mean a THING
jordaine Nembhard
This is Bs she did him dirty and he was skeptic. Now he in a problem for the rest of his life.
TapalauOla 4 日 前
Kevin darkrant
T.R Dixon
T.R Dixon 4 日 前
I haven’t watched the entire video yet, but it’s not completely unreasonable that a baby was born early. I was born two months early. Of course, it almost killed my mother but it is possible.
William Ruffin
William Ruffin 4 日 前
Thats why I don't sign shyt
Topside 4 日 前
And the police is profilling against young black male
CuriosityFTW 4 日 前
Today we all learned not to sign birth certificates.
CuriosityFTW 4 日 前
Dr. Ford examples are invading my recommendations...
Gravz LF
Gravz LF 4 日 前
Solomon Tessema
Solomon Tessema 4 日 前
She is the best judge
marlene green
marlene green 4 日 前
Her Best friend told on her because she wanted the d!€k for herself. 😄
Miss Jen
Miss Jen 日 前
wooben_ peweez
wooben_ peweez 4 日 前
i see no tears
Eclipxe10 5 日 前
Boy if you don't get that baby outta here
Joe Delgado
Joe Delgado 5 日 前
DRAMA! Poor kid tho
Francisco Hernandez
He should've gotten the paternity test done earlier. But the baby is fine without his daddy for a year. Paternal bonding really isn't necessary until a little bit later.
D'Juan Stanziola
Well in my country, before you recognize a baby there has to be a DNA test done... they don't want to waste time in future court rooms with you.
Timonas Bloze
Timonas Bloze 5 日 前
When good people cry I cry when bad people cry I don't cry.
Miranda Louis
Miranda Louis 5 日 前
boi if you dont get that baby outta here lol
gtube2017 5 日 前
This is so so sad. I feel for the little baby and now he's going to be plastered all over the internet. Shameful.
Justin Vega
Justin Vega 5 日 前
Just rock paper scissors
King Legend
King Legend 5 日 前
14 min thank me later
rickeybones aka rickeybillboard
What about a man in the same situation who is trying to get his kid(s) to the US. When it come to filing for a child to come to the US, what the judge said about signing a birth certificate doesn't count when filing. In the case of filing, DNA is what what Uncle Sam ordered. They usa make a child yours when they want to. My advise to men is, before you sign anything get a DNA done. Make sure it's fathers baby too. Men make sure of a DNA test and let's see what's gonna happen when women can't play a trick game anymore. Ms. Judgemental, stop encourage women to continue abusing men. The baby coming out of her automatically makes it her baby, and a DNA makes it my baby. Too much BS.
Black Tarzan
Black Tarzan 5 日 前
the sad thing is that since he signed the birth certificate he now has to pay child support regardless of whether or not the baby is his...
Khalid Holmes
Khalid Holmes 5 日 前
I'm glad they didn't do the simple solution and get a DNA test because this highly entertaining
Nelda Hyde
Nelda Hyde 5 日 前
the goth girl in me loves his name ... Mr. Dark....
Joe Mcdonald
Joe Mcdonald 5 日 前
I hope he doesn't see this when he gets older his dignity would be shattered
sharon leat
sharon leat 5 日 前
she's unfit take custody case let her pay child support
Crappie Fisher
Crappie Fisher 5 日 前
Most confusing day in a black child’s life is FATHER DAY !
Tinikia Jones
Tinikia Jones 5 日 前
I feel sorry and heartbroken for her, but I have one question. Why are you still making babies with men you’re not married to and you have three kids already that you’re struggling to care for and has had the issue with one of the men in the past determined not to be the father.
Lowkey Christie
Lowkey Christie 5 日 前
"Boy If you don't get that baby outta here" I'M CRYING😭😭
donal trump
donal trump 5 日 前
Hoes will be hoes
Bolt24 Hot Sounds
Her eyes are dry
Strappy Coco
Strappy Coco 5 日 前
black judges. i just dont understand you
Xcyphoh 5 日 前
I thought that Bailey was like some crazy phsychopath but no, Dark is the weird one
Hareesimo 5 日 前
What’s Kevin Durant doing here?