Will Beto O'Rourke Skate His Way To The Senate?

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Can a skateboarding, liberal punk rocker pull off an upset in the Senate race in Texas? Stephen takes a look at the life of Ted Cruz rival Beto O'Rourke.
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Patsy Jobson
Patsy Jobson 11 時間 前
The answer is "NO"! Texans are smarter and more informed than the media leads you to believe. We don't want open boarders or the tax cuts removed. We are behind our President! RED WAVE IS COMING
Dale Orr
Dale Orr 15 時間 前
Nac nac nac. Not a chance.
Jhemp12 17 時間 前
Jt Williams
Jt Williams 日 前
Partisan hackery on the Colbert show? I'm shocked!
Donny Sanders
Donny Sanders 2 日 前
I knew Beto in high school but he was a skinny Irish kid named Robert. Even then he was full of shit but at least he wasnt pretending to be a mexican to get votes. Seriously on the real, if you think Robert cares for you your a fool. Hes charming on the outside but a snake dude. He DOES NOT care if your doing well or not. Power is his motivation..
J Milford
J Milford 2 日 前
Remember Democrats to vote for Beto on November 7th.
Lila H.
Lila H. 2 日 前
Beto slide into my dms tho lmfao !!! Too funny
Julianna Daniel
Julianna Daniel 2 日 前
Definitely voting for my #beto! ❤️
D Roman
D Roman 3 日 前
Drunk driving, burglar Beto skateboarding is pretty damn foolish. This reminds me of Michael Dukakis riding around in the tank back in the 80's. Cruz is pulling ahead and will be reelected by a comfortable margin. I hope to see this comical clip of Beto in some Republican ads. There won't be a blue wave in Texas.
America First
America First 3 日 前
Lol ... steven clobert ... what a pathetic kneeler this late night paid for propagandist is!! PATHETIC!!
Juann Morris
Juann Morris 3 日 前
He seems educated and a good qualities for leadership
Katie R
Katie R 3 日 前
Frederick Sparkman
No ONE BORN in Texas will vote BETO! NO REAL TEXAN--will EVER VOTE BETO! Oh yeah--and I'm BLACK! I'm also a VETERAN! And I HATE PC culture! NEXT they will want us to wear a dress to WORK--so as NOT to offend ANYONE! I registered to vote TO MAKE SURE this COMMIE won't WIN!
New World Gorger
The state of elections in the USA is a mockery to its democracy.
Luiggii Love
Luiggii Love 4 日 前
ted needs to stop trying to make Beto look bad, he looks better every time & i think I'm in love now lol
Resting BF
Resting BF 5 日 前
Bad Boy Beto>Lyin’AssTed
hydro1957 5 日 前
One California welfare state for illegals is enough.
Zach B
Zach B 5 日 前
Wait a minute, was that a real ad that Ted CRuz actually used or is it just a joke ad for the Tonight Show? I literally couldn't tell because no one was laughing after he played it. Can someone please tell me, was this a real ad endorsed by Ted Cruz?
Beta Male O'Rourke is skating like slick shit on ice...right through Texas and into Mexico so he can serve his Mexican constituency. No real American supports open borders and citizenship for everyone.
Susan Kwon
Susan Kwon 6 日 前
Beto looks like a 7 year boy. Stupid!
Rails of the Midwest
"36% approval rating" Yeah no. Trump's approval rating is not that low. Nice try Stephen.
joe segovia
joe segovia 6 日 前
Beto win coming up. Cruz, start looking for another job.
Rudd dogg
Rudd dogg 7 日 前
Does it snow in hell
VicZX6R 8 日 前
Beto is a true Texan...Cruze is a fake ass Cuban trump nut hugger and ass kisser... I'm a Marine veteran.... take a stand man....
Ron Pappin
Ron Pappin 9 日 前
Greetings. Have no fear. Bye and bye this corrupt mess and the 'clique tribalism' of the GOP will be consigned to the rubbish heap of history. All that is needed is that good people get out and vote and this type of wickedness shall not be victorious. Just saying. Cheers.
Hector Doria
Hector Doria 10 日 前
As in now here in TEXAS we know BETO is whooping that ass!🤣🤣
Sarah McCoy
Sarah McCoy 10 日 前
Beto is cool. Ted is a liar.
Eric Claeyborn
Eric Claeyborn 10 日 前
Liberals will whine against after Ted Cruz wins.
Paladine Mycenia
Paladine Mycenia 11 日 前
hey beto.....what's your real name? the one you hide your criminal past.
Johnny Irenchi
Johnny Irenchi 10 日 前
George W Bush, 2 term Republican President had a DUI and was locked up, so what's your point again?
Ricky Ostrom
Ricky Ostrom 12 日 前
Democrat Socialist Irishman Beto O'Rourke was arrested for drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and BURGLARY. Beto wants to lock-up guns and open borders. Beto also stated that he would have NOT voted for Judge Kavanaugh. SAVE TEXAS - Vote TED CRUZ
Johnny Irenchi
Johnny Irenchi 10 日 前
Two Term Republican President, George W Bush had a DUI, and was locked up, so what's your point, again?
Jay Hanneman
Jay Hanneman 13 日 前
Late night comedy has turned into late night left wing propaganda..
John Cameron
John Cameron 13 日 前
Colbert is the worst person on the planet.
Jude Blanch
Jude Blanch 16 日 前
Fraud, (Fake Name) Socialist, Beto O'Rourke has been flagged for Campaign Finance Violations, 'for accepting “excessive” and “impermissible” donations from individuals from outside of the country' Foreign meddling, HollyWeird, + Soros. #WalkAwayLatinos4Cruz
Parasite Lives Matter
Beto is a sexist. Look up the body-shaming comments he made about some actresses while in college.
Johnny Irenchi
Johnny Irenchi 10 日 前
Who hasn't said stupid things when they where 18 years old? If you never did, you're a better person then the majority of us.
Sherloid Bai
Sherloid Bai 17 日 前
Mr. Cultural appropriation himself today apologized for a derogatory article he wrote about a female and yet, it's crickets from the mainstream media.
William Burgess
William Burgess 17 日 前
Beto's writing nasty things about women in an article while on college is ok ,right ? He apologized. Yet you liberal hypocrites love to hate. Vote Blue & get lies & hypocrisy. But you Dems don't care as long as you can bash Trump & anyone around him. Double standard Dems.
THE TRUTH: www.ghost.report/2018/06/04-beto-orourke ( Clean Cut Man With A Dirty Family ) Pt. 1
A-ARON 18 日 前
Beto burglar Beto drunk driver Beto gun grabber NOT IN TEXAS
Just Me
Just Me 19 日 前
I lived in Texas for a century between the years 1981 and 1986 and I can tell you that the bible belt does not/will not and has never appreciated that kind of language. The Mom's there won't like it. Of course, they'll just vote for him because he really IS hot.
Sandy mail
Sandy mail 19 日 前
Vote Beto!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
GreepPuppy 19 日 前
Vote like were going to lose everything cause we will if you dont vote Democrat. Vote Democrat if you want healthcare, free college, better education, and no more corruption.
Michelle Gunzahllz
he is homegrown & that's why he has my vote..!! go Beto...!!
Ariel THE HUMAN 19 日 前
I live in Texas GO BETO!!!
Cook Travels
Cook Travels 19 日 前
Foul mouthed, fat salaries, low morals, ...... the direction of a great and better future???????????? Very low blows. I wonder if Colbert’s suit was taken away, how he would fare in a regular job? Beto: drunk driver, who tried to leave the scene of an accident, and then lied about it in his campaign.
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller 19 日 前
God you can feel through their ads how far down the Cruz campaign has fallen
norbacsam 20 日 前
… Get out for massive democrat vote in november, out with Trump and his buffoons!
Beto Gipetto. This Pinnochio will triple your taxes.
Carla harris
Carla harris 21 日 前
Please bring Beto O’Rourke back on. Texans need all to know he will support the people here! Help us flip Texas!
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper 22 日 前
That Cruz ad plays more like an ad for Beto.
Seth Purdom
Seth Purdom 23 日 前
I'm Voting Beto!
victoria 23 日 前
I don't know much about Beto, but I do know I like it when people can admit to fucking up. It's rare. Ted Cruz's commerical makes me want to vote for him
Chris Coulter
Chris Coulter 23 日 前
Why is Beto now lying about attempting to flee from a 1998 traffic accident that he caused while drunk driving?
12housemafia 24 日 前
I was one of your biggest fans, its sad to see what you have become.
Nuno Lopes
Nuno Lopes 24 日 前
Beto for POTUS
Carlotta Vigna
Carlotta Vigna 24 日 前
VOTE DEMOCRAT!!! Make America Sane Again!!!
Big AL
Big AL 25 日 前
BETO for SENATOR cause I'm sick of all the republican lies, republicans don't have morals nor the balls to correct Trump when he is wrong which he has been on many occasions. Let's put it plain and simple: I have never seen Democrats put children in cages nor have I seen Democrats tear families apart without due process. Under Trump's administration we have gone back in time to the days of the Holocaust, Hitler and concentration camps while republicans and TED stand by and laugh.
Conservative Vol
Conservative Vol 25 日 前
Socialism is for people who want a hand out. America is the land of opportunity. Ted Cruz is a great American and a great Texan.
Phantoma3 25 日 前
Future President
Joe Urban
Joe Urban 25 日 前
Ted Cruz is stuck in 1966..and a very creepy version of it.
laura liles
laura liles 25 日 前
Vote BETO!!!
OigoMiEggo 25 日 前
Gd Texans, I thought y’all weren’t afraid of a bit of strong language? When did the Republicans take your balls?
3rd Revelation
3rd Revelation 25 日 前
So, Why is it, that Beto O'Rourke's Burglary arrest in 1995, and His DWI arrest in 1998, are "ancient history" to today's Democrat party, but Brett Kavanaugh's alleged drunken attack at a college frat party in 1980 "Needs a thorough investigation" ?... Hypocrisy at it's finest.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 20 日 前
3rd Revelation Because Supreme Court justices have the final say on how our laws are interpreted, and because it’s a lifetime appointment, not a vacancy anyone who meets the minimum requirements can run for-at least until now. The two are not in any way analogous.
LoveliAngelVibes 25 日 前
The GOP just made an ad about a rival...that makes the rival look even cooler...? How old are those people of the GOP. It's time for the entire party to retire. 😂
dayrohan 25 日 前
I don't understand, why they showed a video of him cursing when Trump supporters voted for a man that boast sexual assault.
Dave Ktver
Dave Ktver 26 日 前
Seriously?? Why do you think a late night corporate mouth piece like Colbert is promoting Beto? Remember the DNC emails that showed that Colbert offered to do whatever he could for Hillary and the Dems? Wake up, people. It's the Dems who are controlled by big business...it is the media who are the communication arm of the swamp. Last time I checked, Hillary, not Trump, got two huge checks from Goldman Sachs. The Swamp want their people in so they can increase regulation, eliminate competition for big business, and continue to roll in the money. If you swallow this crap, you're a chump. Don't be fooled...vote Cruz.
colin chinsammy
colin chinsammy 26 日 前
Spineless ted .. show us you'r not spineless Texas
drdecker1 26 日 前
Here's how a Great American described a Liberal ! Texas knew him as none other than " John Wayne.' jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-tbSJQz4fdns.html When Willie abandoned paying his taxes it sent a strong message that he does not support Americans. He looked after one person and that was himself. A typical corrupt lie-beral. Be careful Texas, it was Texas who brought law, order and civility to the U.S. When someone of this character stands for these type of views, they are really telling Texans, to hell With You ! Don't be deceived people. When a democrat supports global business it will definitely make Texas smaller. Not just from a financial view but a placement view within the world. Take China and India for example who's goals are to dominate the world in business. It has over a billion consumers and so does India. So with that much clout it will leave Texas in a position that it will find it very difficult to compete on the world stage. Here is something else to think about. Guess who gets to make all the rules with business transactions. You guessed it. Those who have the population base. Texas or the U.S. will be the small guy because it does not have the population to back it up. Which simply means you become their slaves while the U.S. begins it's crumble and disappear into one global community. How ever remaining with just the U.S. Texas gets to continue to be the major player within it's own country. Why ? Because now the U.S. keeps the control of it's country within it's own borders because it can now make it's own laws and regulations which gives them the ability to live prosperly. The President has just turned the U.S. into the largest crude oil producers in the world. Why ? Because he has the ability to control America's markets. Leave it to the democrats and they will hand this over to China, India, and others. Where the U.S. no longer has any say in its own markets. Canada is not only about to change it's political stripes. It's prosperity in oil reserves in Alberta stands alongside with Texas as we begin to fire up the economic engines of Canada, to help both countries prosper after we throw out theses corrupt liberals in Canada. We will finally return to what our great countries friendships have always been over the centuries. Canada is about to throw out it's corrupt lie-beral government under the current PM Trudope. This is the same guy who paid an ISIS Terrorist 10.5 million dollars, after killing an American soldier. Canada's largest province just through out it's corrupt Provincial Premier after getting caught paying a HYDRO ONE CEO 10 times the annual rate of every other provincial Hydro CEO in the country. The Ontario consumer were at times trading food in order to pay their hydro bills. The Premier not only lost her own seat. She was left with only 7 seats in her party. Not even enough to form an official party status. This was also a message to the PM who needs that province desperately in 2019's election. This province sent him a clear message he is next. Beto is a sell out to America, just like the rest of these corrupt lie-beral democrats. Texas throw out every democrat and send these corrupt lie-berals a message they will never forget. Not only a strong Senate but a strong government. Help the Republicans send others a very strong message. No one will ever destroy the American Spirit as long as Texas is around !!
Antonio Campos
Antonio Campos 26 日 前
bye bye veto.
Antonio Campos
Antonio Campos 26 日 前
no way. he will lose big time.
J T 26 日 前
#WALKAWAY!! President Trumps base and Black voter rolls growing by the tens of thousands And after the Republicans take both houses for good, President Trump can do what he was elected (BY THE PEOPLE ) to do. with out all the distractions created by the low life losing left butt hurt cry babies. it's incredible what he has accomplished while Demonrats and ugly libratards attack President Trump and this Great nation
J T 16 日 前
LOL !! Sorry mary Hitlery did not get elected but you stay in your fantasy world !!
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 20 日 前
J T THE PEOPLE elected Hillary, THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE selected the 🍊🍄💩.
Wintermute01001 26 日 前
The GOP is going after a guy for a drunk driving arrest several decades ago yet supporting a guy who raped a woman several decades ago.
poku edmund
poku edmund 26 日 前
This man should be running to unseat the stupid trump not ted lieing cruz,, he is too good to be debating with this ignorant cruz
crempster 27 日 前
Choice is simple-vote Cruz if you want to keep lower taxes and no socialism and keep respect for our law enforcement and honor our military and the flag they represent. You have to hand it to Beto for his candor in saying he doesn’t represent any of that and wants big government and gun control. Pretty bold and brave to represent that unpopular stance and he did not deny any of it. What was really telling was that Beto wouldn’t address the questions, he tap danced around wanting to abolish the 2nd amendment, law enforcement and absolutely was in favor of socialized medicine and dishonoring the vets by fully being in favor of kneeling for the anthem and most most troubling is he wants to legalize ALL drugs. LET THAT SINK IN! Choice is very clear to me! Dont Venezuela our Texas!!Go Cruz!!!
momishka7 27 日 前
I love that he drops the fuck bomb, sometimes that is what it takes to get people to listen, maybe offend them to get their attention long enough to change their fucking minds! lol Vote Beto!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Hougham
Joseph Hougham 27 日 前
Beto is the boy! He looks a lot like Hugh grant in his mug shot
blackskulls17 27 日 前
Plus he's easy on the eyes too 😉
blackskulls17 27 日 前
I live in PA but I wish I could vote for Beto O' Rourke
mco 27 日 前
Stephanie King-Morson
Beto O’Rourke’s mug shot reminds me of Ben Affleck...a little.👍🏽 #betoorourke
Andres Virgen
Andres Virgen 27 日 前
BETO for Texas!!! He is the Santa Ana of Our Gen-X! Mad love for the man blessed by being forged in El Paso, TX! No Fear!
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 27 日 前
No socialism for us Texans. Beto doesn’t stand a chance and I hope you Leftists keep pushing these radicals. You will continue to lose as you continue to stay out of touch with freedom-loving Americans.
Captain Laurence
Captain Laurence 27 日 前
Sadly I’m not of age to vote yet but if I was I would most definitely vote for Beto!
prince vince
prince vince 27 日 前
i hope not last thing we need in this country is another democrat LOL
Sorry I am just a Potato
it's pronounced "Beta"
Trish Pere
Trish Pere 27 日 前
Buying ads on the Colbert show was such a waste of money 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what an idiot. #votebeto
Tyre Johnson
Tyre Johnson 27 日 前
GO BETO !!!!
The Confederalist
Who keeps cuming on Steven Colberts face? Hope Texas is ready to become a sanctuary state and go the way California. Just vote Beto and he'll make it happen.
Rara Zap
Rara Zap 28 日 前
I REALLY HOPE BETO WINS THIS MIDTERMS. We donated dollars to his campaign as we support his causes and his ideals. It may be small in amount, but I know we are contributing to his campaign funds. I’M PRAYING FOR BETO’S VICTORY. BETO FOR TEXAS. BORN AND RAISED.
Mark Rieck
Mark Rieck 28 日 前
You Texans would be well served by remembering that Cruz has been one of the worst examples of a US Senator since he was first elected. Democrat, Republican, Independent....it doesn't matter. Choosing the best candidate for job should never boil down to which capital letter is in parentheses behind their name.
HC C 29 日 前
It's like US Government officials don't get the average person. "I am a tub of Mayonnaise, I have a wife and two and half children. I pay taxes" US Gov: Oh that's good, that's really good. The voters are gonna like that "I am an actual human being, I fucking worked a Busser position at a shitty restaurant for 4 years. I got into a car accident and was scrapping by on minimum wage. I have no wife, and I hope to god I don't have a kid" US Gov: MENACE TO SOCIETY! KILL IT KILL IT NOW!!!!
Rob M
Rob M 29 日 前
Any Democrat in Texas would be better than that corporate lush Ted Cruz!
Anna Andalf
Anna Andalf 29 日 前
Cruz playing mime Adam reminds me of the episode of Gilmore Girls where Kirk performed the Journey of Man. Could be something similar.
Sven Overheul
Sven Overheul 29 日 前
Wait, that was an attack ad? How??? 'He shows the f* up' is a great tagline.
Jordan Loux
Jordan Loux 29 日 前
Don't you dare compare people who like porn to Ted Cruz
networkdeath1 29 日 前
Hey Dems! Colbert says Trump will never be President! You can trust this deformed Bolshevik clown!
polite critique
polite critique 29 日 前
Cruz Jew masters won't give this traitor money for elections. So he's robbing Americans with fake summons
Steve Barrios
Steve Barrios 29 日 前
Who the f*** doesn't say f*** come up with something better p**** guy Ted lizard Cruise
hehi hehihehiho
hehi hehihehiho 29 日 前
Ted Cruz was born in Canada in a Canadian hospital. Canadian Socialist Medicare paid the bill. So Lying Ted is not a real American and on top of that he was born a Communist.
Valdagast 29 日 前
Who doesn't like threesome porn?