Why New Orleans' Geography SUCKS

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L G 18 時間 前
Something I’ve noticed is that everyone who doesn’t interact with people from louisana on a daily basis love the state. And a lot of us that do, think if you’re going to build a wall, you should just put it around louisana.
Mr Biggdick
Mr Biggdick 23 時間 前
The city of New Orleans was a great place to build in the past. The levee system was actually the bad idea as far as the river goes. I listen to people, not from New Orleans, wrongfully explain why new Orleans is a bad idea. Theres many homes and Plantation mansions that's 300 yards or less from the river, and have been there way before the levee system. If the levee system was never built our coastline wouldn't be eroding, New Orleans wouldn't flood that bad. All you need to do is look at a geographical map and you can clearly see where the river would naturally go. The levee system wasn't built to save New Orleans, it was built to save Houma, Morgan City, and everything in that area. Which in turns put New Orleans at risk, but that's not what you want to talk about. The levee system cut off natural waterways that fed silt to the coast that was building coastline and Louisiana lost its ability to grow and in turn started to erode. And as far as the lake, New Orleans wasn't originally supposed to be so big and built in that direction as far as it was. That's why when in the city of New Orleans and head toward the lake the look and feel changes. And when you reach the end of Canal st. you will notice that's where all the cemeteries are. That's was the furthest it was supposed to go. But can't tell real estate salespeople, people that don't do there homework before making a decision to build or businesses that just want to make money anything. Sometimes the truth isn't in books or coming out of someone's mouth with a good voice. Sometimes you gotta do the leg work and get your information from an older person from that area to learn real knowledge. At the time of building the Huey P. Long bridge, theres photos taken and there was no levees. I believe that was in the 40s. The house my mother lives in at this moment is older than the levee and when the levee was created, it was placed about 20 feet away from the house. The original owner said that's where his garden used to be and one day he was handed papers and there was nothing he could do about it. So all you scholars that dont do leg work and only want to read books and listen to people who also only read books, y'all truly dont know sh!t lmao
Bryce Douglas
I love new orleans😭 grew up in southern louisiana and going to new orleans for concerts and just to walk around has always been some of my favorite memories
Mawile 日 前
It's not just New Orleans. The entire state of Louisiana sucks
Praveen Sriram
New Orleans will definitely be underwater by the end of the century. Surprised that the city wasn’t engulfed by Hurricane Katrina. Everyone needs to move away from New Orleans and make it a ghost town. Worst city 🏙 in the USA 🇺🇸
353barclay 日 前
The French: let’s settle in New Orleans for the access of rivers and the ocean The ocean: big mistake
eric green
eric green 2 日 前
U dead wrong get your facts I am from new Orleans the levees suck the city it wasnt below sea level when they first came
Native: this place floods all the time Colonizer: interesting *settles a house right in the middle*
Nick Vasilev
Nick Vasilev 2 日 前
*The House of the Rising Sun stops*
Nick Vasilev
Nick Vasilev 2 日 前
(House of the Rising Sun stops)
erick tom
erick tom 2 日 前
The real question is, if they relocate the city will it be called: New New Orleans
streamofthesky 2 日 前
Newer Orleans
Sed Hameurlaine
Sed Hameurlaine 2 日 前
I love my city Nola will always survive
TheEpicTigerGames E
Fun fact: I live in New Orleans Wait….nvm
Pov: you live in New Orleans 😭
“South Louisiana is drowning…” Me, a north Louisianan: “Good… 😈”
Malvin Abbott
Malvin Abbott 3 日 前
First thing wrong. The people of New Orleans that left to go to other states were evacuees not Refugees. We live in the US and are US citizens.
Super Trooper
Super Trooper 3 日 前
I mean, yeh floods are a PITA but these mofos aint doing themselves any favours.... most of the houses in flood areas seem to be a single ground floor. Would some stilts and more high rises not help a bit... although it sounds like the ones moving have probably got the right idea at this point
Jimmy Carroll
Jimmy Carroll 4 日 前
Can you believe the foolishness of the name for this clip? Is doesn't suck it gets blown away every few years
Mamma Jamma
Mamma Jamma 4 日 前
This video clearly and plainly taught me why New Orleans stays flooded within 60 seconds. Effing impressive.
Micheal Berry
Micheal Berry 4 日 前
Funny how Sydney Harbour sea levels continue to drop Must be climate change 🤣
504sweetiepie 4 日 前
Sad because things progressively got worse with covid and Ida. Speaking with my family every other day just reminds me how much has changed in the two years I've been gone. Schools are closing, gentrification is taking over, and jobs aren't as plentiful. This video is hitting the mark though on its placement. If there is another hurricane caliber of Katrina, I don't see it staying on the map😓😭
OAKEN22 4 日 前
So true
L. H.
L. H. 4 日 前
Fun fact: you’re right… but I still love my city.
Hdhd Xhch
Hdhd Xhch 4 日 前
Cotton u say…😓
heartlessoni13 5 日 前
Throughout this entire video I just thought: FUCKING LEAVE. Go up north and let New Orleans get taken back by Mother Nature. I just can't feel sorry for a population, city, and state, that continues to ignore what is going on and keeps thinking they can overpower and control Mother Nature.
quincy simmons
quincy simmons 5 日 前
Let's not forget the great spot for slavery trade from Carribean
Napster2002 . aspx
Probably too many dams upriver that are blocking fresh sedimentation, that and the city needs to earthfill the lowest districts and then rebuild at least 5 or 10 feet above sea level.
Dylanboi3347 VODS
I live in neworleans😭
Lamo Head
Lamo Head 3 日 前
I feel bad for you
starwwas 5 日 前
as a new orlean, i can say that this information is 100% accurate and i want to leave this place
Praveen Sriram
Move to Raleigh Durham, NC
Kamikaze Hound
Kamikaze Hound 4 日 前
You can always go to Natchitoches so you can still see the old French Creole buildings etc. I plan to Leave B.R. to go to Lafayette so I can learn Zyedeco music.
noobmaster69 5 日 前
Saints and Pelicans better win soon because the city will be gone soon
Gabriel Lockett
Gabriel Lockett 5 日 前
Jakarta is also another worst placed city. It's sinking along with Mexico city.
Wonder Bread
Wonder Bread 6 日 前
That ad was wack wow lmao
Michael Karanja
Michael Karanja 6 日 前
New Orleans about to be Atlantis smh
Ben Strahan
Ben Strahan 6 日 前
Thia is a really interesting video considering I drive around all of new Orleans and the outskirts of it, 6 days a week for my work. Was just having the discussion of New Orleans being flooded entirely in our lifetime the other day.
Whreor 6 日 前
I'm surprised my state is even recognized
BOMBS215 6 日 前
RIP to all the people & animals lost to hurricane Katrina
The Cubing Guy
The Cubing Guy 6 日 前
“11% chance of a hurricane every single year” Filipinos: Look at what they have to do to mimic a fraction of our power!
Seana Mone’t
Seana Mone’t 7 日 前
Wow it’s kinda weird living in New Orleans while watching this
MegaChorro123 7 日 前
7:58 all I see is Saint Denis
RawCheetoWater 7 日 前
hey I live there
KBR67 7 日 前
Don’t ever rebuild city.
El Calidoso
El Calidoso 7 日 前
Where's everyone laughing at Miami now ? New Orleans is geographically situated 10 times worse than Miami.
Matthew Doyle
Matthew Doyle 7 日 前
Hyperboles every 15 seconds
Mick Obrien
Mick Obrien 7 日 前
When my grandfather passed away, I was informed he owned a large island off the LA coast... And now it's ours. "Wow, we're rich!" I naively thought. My dad broke the other news: "The land stinks and we couldn't give it away. Sorry. It's a worthless swamp." What a doozy! We inherited land that's more of a burden to own than not. The taxes we have to pay on it are more than it's worth in the open market. To this day we still own a swampy island a sq. mile in size. And it's utterly worthless.
Ugly Bastard
Ugly Bastard 2 日 前
Damn, talk about a white elephant gift...
Nathan Constant
Nathan Constant 7 日 前
Very happy you pronounced New Orleans the correct way, but for future reference, Atchafalaya is pronounced : ah-cha-fa-lie-ah. Hope that helps! Great video!
blanket 7 日 前
Thank you for fucks sake for pronouncing our city’s name correctly⚜️⚜️⚜️♥️♥️♥️ I swear I lose brain cells whenever anyone says “orleeens”
deathhec 7 日 前
I used to say it correctly, then I thought New Orleeeens was the correct way.
Ben Haggerty
Ben Haggerty 8 日 前
Shawn Tufford
Shawn Tufford 8 日 前
Most interesting history lesson ever
Dregs 8 日 前
its location, not her.
mintobento 8 日 前
I live near New Orleans. The city is always devastated by hurricanes, most recently Ida, so when people say Louisiana will be eroded in 50 years, i get happy sometimes. At least we won’t all have to suffer from such catastrophe.
Cherry Soda
Cherry Soda 8 日 前
Today on drain the ocean
Johan n Mari
Johan n Mari 8 日 前
great 🥲
Paul Turner
Paul Turner 8 日 前
The gulf of Mexico is not an ocean.
VividRouge 5 日 前
It’s part of an ocean
old school gamer
Climate change lol. It's Democrat's lol. They ruin everything and blame some ghost force.
VividRouge 5 日 前
Americans lol making everything political
Brigvadir General
Saint Denis
Notion of chivalry
Soon we will have the lost city of New Orleans
RyzelSama 9 日 前
every time you say lake pontchartrain I want to correct you so badly XD they dont pronouce it pont-char-train its more like pont-cha-train lol
madison 9 日 前
But we got bourbon street🤪
TAteRbUg 9 日 前
As someone who lives in Louisiana and goes to New Orleans fairly often, I can confirm it’s a bitch. I went down there one day and it started raining, and within like 5 minutes, water was filling the roads going up to people’s car doors.
Chewielouie 9 日 前
Now do the entire region of England
Charlie Mätur
Charlie Mätur 9 日 前
They should ask The Netherlands for help!
brainwashed 9 日 前
Global warming ya'll
Kyng Nani
Kyng Nani 9 日 前
Just moor proof , America is the Old World.
Robert McCoin
Robert McCoin 9 日 前
And I grew up in the New Orleans area and I love it. By the way, I have a solution. Let's build Los Angeles and San Francisco on Fault Lines. As far as population goes New Orleans has recovered and has its' Metro Population back to pre-Katrina levels of 1,250,000 and 65 miles away Baton Rouge is booming and has a Metro Population of 870,000. The Mississippi River is kept in its' banks because there are 140 refineries and Chemical Plants on its' banks between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The US Army Corps of Engineers has been spending Billions and constructed many Flood Control Structures. You also are ignorant of Hurricanes and the fact that Ida never threatened New Orleans as it came from the West side of New Orleans and not the East and actually threatened The West side of NOLA and Baton Rouge. Hurricanes are part of living in the Gulf Coast (particularly from Houston to Pensacola) and always have been. You really are full of crap. So stop the BS.
alex walker
alex walker 10 日 前
please do a video about the geography of san francisco next :)
Actually the worst placed city in the US is Toledo Ohio due to its proximity to *the pit*
Bobby Drizzle
Bobby Drizzle 10 日 前
So what your saying is gtfo of there
Maggie 10 日 前
Wait till he find out those “wetlands” below nola are ALSO developed
Spencer Jacobsen
Spencer Jacobsen 10 日 前
4:03 Colonial Louisiana moment
T F 10 日 前
I live in NOLA. Yes. This is accurate. I hate this place. Save me please
Sean Williams
Sean Williams 10 日 前
New Orleans and Phoenix are cities that will probably have to be abandoned within the next 100 years. Oh, yeah. Forgot about New York and Miami. New York will get all the money to save it, while the government abandons Miami and New Orleans.
Brady Davidson
Brady Davidson 10 日 前
New Orleans is just the plot of ice age 2
Paweluv 11 日 前
This Happens when you let a Vampire build a City...
Obaby Tutu600
Obaby Tutu600 11 日 前
On my recommended everyday for 2 weeks so fuck it I’m here
Cody Garrett
Cody Garrett 11 日 前
Gulf of Mexico: It’s free real estate
mmane257 11 日 前
i’m born and raised here.and i love this city.
Cornn Flaek
Cornn Flaek 11 日 前
You stupid Insert text here
Джеймс Буржуа
Oh my GOD JPvid, fine, ILL WATCH IT, now stop recommending it to me!
Aizaia __
Aizaia __ 11 日 前
So what you are saying is new orleans is the next Atlantis lmao
MattiixEdits 11 日 前
Louisiana is the American Netherlands
patrick peter
patrick peter 11 日 前
Only point I disagree with is the statement that New Orleans is almost completely surrounded by water when in fact it is 100% surrounded by water......by definition the city is a island
Tyranus421 11 日 前
Hurricane Katrina: perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
Lena 12 日 前
You forgot to mention the Spanish's control over the area but other than that i loved it!
Corey Taylor
Corey Taylor 12 日 前
oddly enough, I like the ring to "the American Empire"...
Ok someone remind me why i moved right outside of New Orleans (Metairie) this year? Im about to send this to my boyfriend to add to the list of reasons to move away from here.
Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal 12 日 前
Sounds like God has been trying to clean that disgusting city for years. Maybe they can use the confederate statues they took down to guard the city from hurricanes lol. Seriously, hope I’m around long enough to watch it flood again lol
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 12 日 前
Pshh we’ll be aiight
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 12 日 前
Why is every place you cover seams to be the most important in the whole world.
Erika D
Erika D 12 日 前
PontchaRtrain 👉😑👈
Daniyar Orazbayev
11:34 That's where Patrick's star shines bright. You CAN just push the city to Atchafalaya!
Kokomo Boy
Kokomo Boy 13 日 前
Nate dingerz19
Nate dingerz19 13 日 前
New Orleans is a lake actually, it was never land
Kristoffer Kirkesæther
Soon there may no longer be a house in New Orleans
Prayon Kreutz
Prayon Kreutz 14 日 前
B.S. There are Not More Hurricanes Today than there were in the Past. We only know of more because of Satellites.
the ass you
the ass you 14 日 前
I live there idiot
Reigne Stephen D. Regalado
What requires the "idiot" at the end of your statement?
Chai Xiong
Chai Xiong 14 日 前
That evo though at 14:50
Don't diss New Orleans like that. I'm from there
Rodrigo Gameiro
Rodrigo Gameiro 14 日 前
Uh... why is a city being treated by she/her pronous...?
Rodrigo Gameiro
Rodrigo Gameiro 7 日 前
@Reigne Stephen D. Regalado That's new to me, I though in english all places were treated as it. Thank you for informing me that.
Reigne Stephen D. Regalado
Most inanimate objects or places are called she for some reason. Maybe because the owner or local leader is attached to the place? It's completely normal.
- LowResDream
- LowResDream 14 日 前
I also noticed it’s next to cock and balls river
Hakan's Life And Travels
Come and live in Ankara Turkey , own big large villas and lands in Golbasi neighborhoods of Ankara city for fraction prices of New Orleans Louisiana prices. Ankara has enough water to fill your big swimming pool , arid weather, no hurricanes, no floods, no typhoons, no twisters seen inside Nato coverage, just 5 hours flight to London, Paris, Barcelona cities. Ankara has big 50 shopping malls. Ankara has no rivers, it is not nearby seasides, the city is covered by loop motorways, fast trains, always sunshine possessing weather.
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