Why Hollywood explosions don't look like real explosions 

Tom Scott
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Explosions on film are made to look good: fireballs and flame. In reality, though, they're a bit disappointing. Here's how Hollywood does it. • Produced with an experienced, professional pyrotechnician. Do not attempt.
Thanks to Steve from Live Action FX!
Filmed safely: www.tomscott.com/safe/
Camera: Simon Temple templefreelance.co.uk
Edited by Michelle Martin: mrsmmartin
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Tom Scott
Tom Scott 2 年 前
_♫ Cool guys don't look at explosions / they blow things up and then walk away ♫_
Qnony 2 年 前
toptenrodents 2 年 前
What if a cool guy accidentally looked at an explosion because they forgot if they lit it or not and wanted to double check?
Quack 2 年 前
And wear sunglasses
Anatoly 2 年 前
Oh no! Anyway..
Sriracha Noodles
That’s true
Jeipy 2 年 前
That guy looks exactly how I would imagine a professional pyrotechnician looking like
Cute Koala
Cute Koala 2 年 前
Very funny
Jess Horserage
Jess Horserage 2 年 前
Florian Knauer
Florian Knauer 2 年 前
You mean no eyebrows?
Tenclea 2 年 前
You mean like Dr. Robotnik ?
NWN 2 年 前
Looks to me like a serious professional and somebody that doesn’t get overexcited about his job. I imagine the overexcited ones don’t last for long.
Thor Beerson
Thor Beerson 2 年 前
I love Tom's narration so much, but his ability to look both young and old at the same time creates sort of an uncanny valley, which somehow even improves the experience of watching these videos
pole lix
pole lix 年 前
Alec Jira
Alec Jira 年 前
Tom Scott is an Aes Sedai.
Ligne Étoilée
all the charisma of a zoomer, plus all the credibility of a tenured professor, equals Tom Scott
HuginMunin 年 前
See Also James Hoffman
Josh Hoehne
Josh Hoehne 年 前
@Alec Jira - Any WoT reference outside of booktube gets an automatic thumbs up from me!
professional shitposter
I can't believe Tom Scott called in the red team's engineer to help out.
Dumble King
Dumble King 2 年 前
_Need a Hollywood explosion right here._
CrownedDiamond 2 年 前
Engineer gaming
GreatWaveFan 2 年 前
_Spy is sappin' my sentry!_
jazz 2 年 前
The engineer is engi-here!
Lolbotomy 2 年 前
"Do not attempt this." Me with my 1kg of semtex and detonating cord: 😞
Amir Shauqi
Amir Shauqi 年 前
Edwin 年 前
Laughs in 5kg semtex
Rifdzi Ataullah Aydin Mumtaz
Where and how you get your hands on those things!?
Luke Darga
Luke Darga 2 年 前
A cold stare would have been badass, but the big geeky grin from blowing up something is absolutely a Tom Scott reaction. It was perfect.
Gum Skyloard
Gum Skyloard 6 ヶ月 前
I'd say it's even more terrifying. It's exploding, and he's *grinning.*
Aayush Karn
Aayush Karn 2 年 前
Professional Actors: *look cool with the blast in the background* Tom: _”We blew a bomb in a forest range”_
Alex Robertson
Alex Robertson 2 年 前
oh no in my head thats to the tune of "we flew a kite in a public place"...
lata parashar
lata parashar 2 年 前
Also that song is catchy as hell
Xiphactinus 2 年 前
@Alex Robertson nooooo
Alex Robertson
MoolsDogTwo *We blew a bomb in a foreeeeessssst range*
Jamin Rockethead
we blew a bomb in a forest range (da, da dum) we blew a bomb in fooooooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest raaaange
S Pot
S Pot 2 年 前
"Cows do not look like cows on film. So we use painted horses." - "What if you need to show a horse?" - "Usually we just tape a bunch of cats together" (Simpsons, back when it was good)
The True Johnny
@insertusername it’s a sinpsons quote that relates to the video what’s not to understand
XO Gaming
XO Gaming 年 前
@The True Johnny ?1?
ᛞᛒᛏ 年 前
Patrick Donaghy
d R ???
Nutz 2 年 前
Tom Scott seems like the chill but responsible teacher. The teacher who gets you interested in whatever subject he’s teaching through his dorky charisma.
CrownedDiamond 2 年 前
Mr T if you see this you were the homie
Gum Skyloard
Gum Skyloard 2 年 前
I'd say he's like the neighborhood family friend who never disappoints.
7tonsofsalt 年 前
you look like budget scout
Gold571 9 ヶ月 前
Hes the teacher who seems responsible but you should probably sign a waiver
Nutz 9 ヶ月 前
@Gold571 that works too.
doddleoddle 2 年 前
doddleoddle 2 年 前
Muffy 2 年 前
HiyaHiya 2 年 前
Pop4484 2 年 前
EM4 SIX3 2 年 前
@doddleoddle Your work in the "If educational video were made like song videos." was awesome.
Logarithm 2 年 前
"Any other muck i happen to have lying around" I like this guy.
Spoonhouse Inc.
Spoonhouse Inc. 2 年 前
Guy really sounds like a professional lmao
Luci Achlys
Luci Achlys 2 年 前
@Spoonhouse Inc. Professional duct tape
Don Sanchez
Don Sanchez 2 年 前
@Luci Achlys Duct tape Is great.
Luci Achlys
Luci Achlys 2 年 前
@Don Sanchez The best, perfect for fixing space stations, securing explosive and restraining movie protagonists
Genius at Work
Genius at Work 2 年 前
@Luci Achlys As a Marine Engineer, I can confirm the great Versatility of Duct Tape and that "any Muck I happen to have lying around" is a very professional Approach :D
Lava Shark and Boy Girl
I love the genuine excitement Tom has in every video, and how well represented it is in that final shot
Lawurence 2 年 前
Can we appreciate the fact that Tom is straight forward and gets to the point and doesn't make a 10+ min. boring video
Slook 2 年 前
None of his videos are boring.
Naoto Kimura
Naoto Kimura 2 年 前
Has Tom already made a video on the topic of making a hole using a revolving tool ? I think that would make for a fascinating video about boring.
Alice C
Alice C 2 年 前
@Naoto Kimura *angry noises* I'm equally annoyed and impressed by that joke.
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb 2 年 前
@Alice C Joke?
Ryan Soji
Ryan Soji 2 年 前
@Thread Bomb boring
Yo 2 年 前
Tom Scott is the only person who can make a video about bombs the most wholesome thing I’ve watched all day
Spynee 年 前
Shanti 年 前
Lamp Oil? Rope? Bombs? You want it? It's yours my friend, as long as you have enought rubees.
Parzavaal 年 前
@Shanti nice pfp
RedMist 年 前
cars dont explode
Dinir Nertan
Dinir Nertan 2 年 前
I love how the real explosive is not so fancy but it makes all the leaves around it shaking, while the visually satisfying one barely blows away some leaves around.
Dustin Brueggemann
If your explosion produces big glowing fireballs and heat, it's wasting energy it could've used pushing things around. The most powerful known explosives produce almost no flame at all. They just release colossal amounts of gas as fast as possible. The only thing you can see from them detonation is the shockwave as the air in front of the pressure front is compressed dense enough to act as a lens.
Paavo Bergmann
@Dustin Brueggemann Yup. artillery exercise from slightly closer than comfortable for an civilian is just a sudden puff of smoke, and then someone invisible whacks you with a giant pillow.
Phil Mybutup
Phil Mybutup 年 前
@Dustin Brueggemann that’s honestly a great way to define a shockwave
Nuclear Warhead
@Dustin Brueggemann indeed, all those plumes (smoke, dust, and flame) are not from the explosive itself, it's from whatever object it's destroying at the moment.
Hoang Kiên Vu
Right? Glad to know that the visually nice one is at least safer to make films with.
Telamon8 2 年 前
Another common pyrotechnic trick is the use of propane for things like cannons. Real cannon fire produces a lot of dust and concussive force at the muzzle, which is incredibly dangerous and can easily damage sensitive movie equipment; so a charge of compressed propane is used to get the bang and fireball without any of the mess and expense of actually breaking things.
Lawls 2 年 前
I'm glad the explosives engineer still has all his fingers, that's how you know he's good at his job.
LiveActionFX 2 年 前
I aim to retire with them all still attached :-)
Tactical Cuke
Can't say the same for his eyebrows
Rondo Cat
Rondo Cat 9 ヶ月 前
A old local explosives expert here is missing most of his fingers but he is actually good at his job (or was as I think he is retired now). He lost his finger after WW2 as a kid playing with German hand grenade ...
madnessguy 8 ヶ月 前
If i was a bad demoman, do ya think i'd be sittn 'ere talkin to ya? -tf2 demoman
John Griffith
John Griffith 25 日 前
As a retired 30 years carpenter I use that same line 👋
Vousie V
Vousie V 2 年 前
0:23 Does anyone else think that explosion actually looks really cool in slomo? I mean, the "movie" one looks cool, but really it just looks like a fireball rather than an explosion.
Shane de León
the way the leaves all jump off the ground
Lag00n 年 前
The Idea of that is to exaggerate it's destructiveness by adding fire ball kind effect after words like a mini nuke or some sort Visual media is about showing not telling and has to kind of exaggerate because real world is boring, dull and chaotic.
Vousie V
Vousie V 年 前
@Lag00n I know it supposedly makes it look more destructive and "cooler". I'm just saying the real explosion is absolutely fascinating and I'd like to see more of that in movies rather than just endless fireballs.
jew who voted for nazi party
a shaped charged semtex can pierce steel.
onee 2 年 前
If this was in a movie, that smile would've made you the bad guy.
Samu EL
Samu EL 2 年 前
That's the smile of the quiet kid annihilating everyone.
Michael Burns
Michael Burns 2 年 前
@Samu EL … (don’t give us ideas)
Donald Sayers
Donald Sayers 2 年 前
The psychopathic grin?
Samu EL
Samu EL 2 年 前
@Donald Sayers The only time the quiet kid would smile.
Stupidify 2 年 前
The bald guy
Ashley 💜
Ashley 💜 2 年 前
I like how the real explosion is exactly what Half-Life 2 explosions look like
it even sounds similar too!
Ashley 💜
Ashley 💜 年 前
Soumi Mukherjee
Half-Life 2 knows something about explosions, then...
Dr Eyeballz
Dr Eyeballz 年 前
When software limitation becomes details
john arbuckle
john arbuckle 5 ヶ月 前
Valve chad moment
Joe Pilato
Joe Pilato 2 年 前
I'm curious how much different it looks from the other side of the pile, since it seems to be so specifically aimed toward the camera.
Roccondil 2 年 前
Not “seems”, but “was purposefully” specifically aimed. But yea, I wonder too. Probably not too much different, just without the billowing towards the viewer.
Kenton Benoit
Kenton Benoit 2 ヶ月 前
I'm curious but would you strike an infant for 1 million dollars..???
well, shit
well, shit 年 前
I mean, it makes sense the military grade stuff would be made to have the least flashy bang with the most impact. Having it more flashy makes it more obvious and ideally you'd want there to be no flash whatsoever.
Iceflower 8 ヶ月 前
An atomic bomb is quite flashy
Jaletrator 8 ヶ月 前
@Iceflower I don't think you need to worry about a nuclear bomb being obvious.
Les Welker
Les Welker 8 ヶ月 前
Flash is also energy lost to light.
that zombies player
that zombies player 8 ヶ月 前
I wouldn't say ideally you don't want it to flash whatsoever as unless you're doing something like a nuke the sound is what's going to notify people that there was an explosion somewhere, it's more just you have one job that you want this stuff to do and so long as it fulfills that job you don't care about anything else
Will Robinson
Will Robinson 2 年 前
I did a bit of demo stuff (very low level) with the cadets years and years ago and I know exactly why Tom is flinching at the start there. There is nothing quite like the shockwave from actual high explosive, even at a safe distance; it goes *through* you. Very weird feeling.
Southern Cross
Southern Cross 2 年 前
Tom is always just being himself, no playing to the camera, feel like I even know him well.
Rackergen 2 年 前
You should watch his video on parasocial relationships.
Truth Behind The Lies
The cheesy grin was the best part
Traqua Impact
Traqua Impact 2 年 前
asailijhijr 2 年 前
It's these rare moments that we get to see the real Tom.
Adam Stuff
Adam Stuff 2 年 前
lucksray524 2 年 前
Dave H
Dave H 2 年 前
@asailijhijr Agreed. That was exactly the expression I'd expect to see on The Joker in that situation. I always knew Tom had a bit of the anarchist in him.
stickyfox 2 年 前
What he's doing is also used sometimes by military units when the psychological kick of a big fireball is desired. It's called a flame fougasse.
well, shit
well, shit 年 前
The entire point of incendiary weapons in the military is just psychological right?
Weehoo60 2 年 前
This is what youtube video should be. Short, interesting, well made, and entertaining. Toms in a sweet spot.
Mawo 2 年 前
That plastic explosive was dangerous looking. You could see how it made the leaves far around it move as the wave of energy flew out from the center.
Zhen Tan
Zhen Tan 2 年 前
As a member of the military, I realized this when I watched and threw live grenades in training. The shockwave and sound though felt like what I would expect in movies and tv shows.
Ray Emre TUFEKCI 4 ヶ月 前
I personally saw detonation of land mines, all sizes. There was almost no flame but a deafening sound and lot's of debris. The blast was unbelievable on the anti-tank one.
bigclivedotcom 2 年 前
It's very hard to do movie explosions without a cheesy grin and a slight adrenaline rush. Everyone else on the set is grinning.
rawr 2 年 前
CLIVE?! Fancy seeing you here!
CED99 2 年 前
Hi Clive!
LovelyHeiferDev 2 年 前
Holy moly, Clive! Hi! ☺️
IShoot TheyScore
I love all the issues with people on Star Wars sets making their own sound effects for lightsabres and hand guns. It shouldn't be hard to point a gun with going "PEW! PEW!", but actors were children once too...
Siptom 2 年 前
It really looks like the second explosion actually did more damage to it's surroundings
The360Mlg Noscoper
By setting it on fire. Also that’s the idea.
cygil1 年 前
If you wrapped a casing around the semtex, you'd see more damage.
cymond 年 前
The Semtex explosion would do more damage to concrete, steel, etc. The gasoline explosion would probably do more damage than Semtex in some places, like a toilet paper warehouse.
The Neo Chickens
well, shit
well, shit 年 前
It could be more effective in a flammable environment. However we have made sure by now that our military stuff isn't flammable unless being aflame is its primary function.
Jason Brennan
Jason Brennan 2 年 前
I had known gasoline (petrol) was used in place of proper explosives in movie effects, but it was interesting to see the actual techniques and apparatus used.
Asbestos Muffins
"Oh there's a lot on fire back there, wow." Understatement of the year
the year is young
Mirza Ahmed
Mirza Ahmed 2 年 前
It's a British thing.
Robson Robson
Robson Robson 2 年 前
I love that Tom clearly is just enjoying himself too much to pretend to be cool. Making big explosions is way too fun to be met with a steely glare!
Aiden Zorn
Aiden Zorn 9 ヶ月 前
It’s crazy to see the difference in power by looking at the leaves on the ground. The high explosive sent a massive radius of leaves into the air while the dirty explosion hardly made any move
francotamayo94 2 年 前
Tom Scott is doing everybody’s bucket list.
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Tom Scott's goal is to do every single thing.
Hans Dampf
Hans Dampf 2 年 前
And that's a good thing! Just think about all the plastic tape and plastic bags that are now on the ground or in air and pollute the environment..... besides the fuel and explosive stuff ;)
Florin Tinau
Florin Tinau 9 ヶ月 前
@Hans Dampf naaaa they burnt as soon as they exploded it , dont worry
Tribe of the Iron Flame
@Hans Dampf Hush bot
Tribe of the Iron Flame
DarkCoreX I don't disagree, but that doesn't take away from Hans being a shitty troll bot
Dino Goldie
Dino Goldie 2 年 前
Very well explained and showcased. Also, movie explosions are often miniatures which are filmed upside down or at odd angles to achieve physics-defyingly pleasing fireballs/mushroom clouds.
Chris 2 年 前
From a brick to pots, bags and cords, interesting to see how practical film visuals are produced. Wonder if there are movies with slow-mo shots of realistic explosions and not the fireball like clouds of most other similar scenes.
Siberius 年 前
Very interesting! so it's more akin to a flamethrower with a different mechanism to propel the fuel. The other element would be that it would be a lot easier to not flinch, because the actual explosive going off is much smaller, so the sound and shockwave vibrations would be a lot easier to deal with. Seemingly.
Eyes of the Cervino
You actually explained why. _YOU ACTUALLY EXPLAINED WHY!!!_ Sorry -- I got a little carried away there. Just . . . when a JPvid video is titled, "Why the thing is this way," the video is always just, "the thing is this way •-• " But you actually explained why! Thank you :)
CinderFella 年 前
It's always interesting watching combat footage since bombs also don't usually make huge fireballs.
royalninja 2 年 前
"Kerosene, petrol, diesel, and any other muck I happen to have lying around" I can tell this guy has fun with his job
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
I'm glad he's a pyrotechnician and not an anesthesiologist.
Rocketplumber 2 年 前
@Vigilant Cosmic Penguin When I was developing a rocket using propane and nitrous oxide in the 90s, a friend said I should switch to cyclopropane and call it the anesthetic express.
Christopher Albano
Different tasks require different degrees of precision... Some applications of explosives have to be highly controlled (the spacing foam being a good example here. I won't be talking about tasks I'm more familiar with). Other bits are much more forgiving. Applying most of your effort to the important bits is just good time management.
Al As 57
Al As 57 2 年 前
@Vigilant Cosmic Penguin EWWWWWW
Tunes Kramer
Tunes Kramer 2 年 前
It looked like diesel that was used in a degreaser
Arwah Sapi
Arwah Sapi 2 年 前
I'm not even into science. I just love Tom's enthusiasm.
Tim Robb
Tim Robb 2 年 前
Am I the only one worried why there's an explosive test ground in the middle of a very dry, barren forest? I'm rather shocked that explosion itself didn't catch the neighbouring trees on fire, let alone start a whole wildfire!
Elliott Sargent 2
Tom can now say that he's faced away from an explosion, amazing.
Park Lloyd
Park Lloyd 9 ヶ月 前
I heard on a podcast by a former military guy that Hollywood's version of grenade explosions is similarly, well, overblown. He said there's a loud bang and a puff of dust (if they're on the ground), but no flames or fireball. Thanks for another interesting video. Cheers.
WSteelix 年 前
I always wondered how Hollywood created their explosions
RubberDucky 2 年 前
"damage the actors" Yes, that is one way to describe injuries to people.
Longtoothsaber 2 年 前
"Reduce the human resources"
MatthewLM 2 年 前
"Unfortunately the insurance company says the actor is a write off, we'll have a buy a new one"
LiveActionFX 2 年 前
@MatthewLM Actors are just warm props!
gregiep 2 年 前
Def serial killer vibes.
ObadiahtheSlim 2 年 前
@LiveActionFX With the increasingly more sophistication of CGI, you're not too far off the mark.
Alex Jimenez
Alex Jimenez 2 年 前
I used to work for a small pyrotechnics company and this brings back memories. Nice.
Chris C
Chris C 2 年 前
I wouldn't have thought doing this in a forest surrounded by flammable trees and such would be the best idea.
Vic Jang
Vic Jang 8 ヶ月 前
Tom is a genius. Such a short and sweet video yet it taught us all so much.
Scott Strehlow
Scott Strehlow 2 年 前
Another trick to make the "explosion" come toward the camera is to tip the set (such as a miniature cityscape) on its side. They put the boom at the bottom and the camera at the top. Then convection causes it to move toward the viewer.
Peter Vincent
Peter Vincent 2 年 前
Well done for explaining and demonstrating the whole thing in under 4 minutes!
세종대왕 2 年 前
I love that it doesn't disclaim "don't try this at home", but simply "don't try this".
AD-SkyObsidion 2 年 前
damm it can't do it at school I guess I have been foiled
Anant Tiwari
Anant Tiwari 2 年 前
@AD-SkyObsidion get foiled
Fundamentals of Knowledge
@AD-SkyObsidion lmao 😂
@AD-SkyObsidion bruh
Tom Scott casually walking away from an explosion, grinning ear to ear, is the most badass nerd on the planet.
Purpleturtlehurtler (Jominski)
It always kinda terrifies me when a movie portrays what a real explosion that means to take a life looks like.
prestok 2 年 前
Did you notice how little Tom had to interfere in the explanation? That pyrotechnician is also a great teacher
L_D_W 2 年 前
Honestly his face is what i think everyone would do if they have access to the same thing
Beau The St Dane
Yep, it's amazing what a small amount of gasoline can do for an explosion effect. An M80 in the lid of a tennis ball can with an inch or so of gasoline in the bottom is quite spectacular.
maggPi Prime
maggPi Prime 2 年 前
Honestly, the "cheesy grin" was a lot scarier than the steely gaze, like, proper gleeful madman!
A 2 年 前
I think both the "cheesy grin" and "steely gaze" are frightening in their own ways.
bagnome 2 年 前
Tom Scott is secretly The Joker.
Ꭼxpl๏sives Ꮮab๏rat๏rƴ
It is difficult to _not smile_ whilst *blowing sh*t up.*
Uku 2 年 前
I'm the Jokah, baby
platogkrone 2 年 前
@bagnome A retired Joker? That actually sounds interesting.
Zach Brown
Zach Brown 2 年 前
that was a RIDICULOUSLY satisfying explosion. it really does look INCREDIBLE, better than most movies i’ve seen that feature explosions in some way (probably the majority, if i’m honest)
Old Man Patriot
Old Man Patriot 2 年 前
This was great... The army paid a lot of money to train me on explosives, I always get a kick out of people thinking hollywood is realistic.. What was shown here can also be done with bags of fine powder like flour... Create a mist cloud of fine powder in the air with the initial detonation and ignite it with a secondary blast.. Same basic principle of a grain bin explosion.. Wasnt a fun job in the army but I would love to work for hollywood doing it..
Barnabro 2 年 前
Yep we call them cork pots, it’s a fine powder of cork dust that creates a nice little fireball.
hotelmario510 10 ヶ月 前
"There is a lot on fire back there, isn't there?" is an incredibly British way to react to the aftermath of an explosion
Nikil Ragav
Nikil Ragav 2 年 前
This is a great video - perfect length, an awesome amount of info, nice production quality
Kami Tenchi
Kami Tenchi 8 ヶ月 前
I just can't believe there's still at least one JPvidr ( also Software Developer) who just makes relevant short videos and they are the best videos
Angelo Park
Angelo Park 2 年 前
"Do not attempt this." Thanks Tom, really was about to do that with my Semtex plastic explosive I found on the Internet.
nosirrbro 2 年 前
I’m sure you could find some if you used tor
666Tomato666 2 年 前
welcome on the list :D
Lasse Andersen
Lasse Andersen 2 年 前
>FBI would like to know your location.
Some Dude
Some Dude 2 年 前
I wonder how easy or hard it would be to make plastic explosive.
Hasan Muhammad
Hasan Muhammad 2 年 前
Damn, that's a bummer :/
First Name Last Name
I wonder if you could make the second explosion work for you by putting it inside something that would catch fire? Then it could both look cool and actually be destructive
mennedeklir 2 年 前
"If i were a bad demoman, i wouldn't be here, testing Hollywood explosives with ya, would i?"
Роман Дубровин
Well, actually the blast from the beginning of the video feels real because it was real. I think it could be extremely suitable for war movies or films that have feeling-real as its feature(Andor for example). People already used to these flames instead of blast so blast fits harder
Robert R
Robert R 日 前
Another thing I hadn't thought about: if you're standing a safe distance away from real explosives, the flash will have ended before the sound reaches you
Ace Abenroth
Ace Abenroth 8 ヶ月 前
"Oh there is a lot on fire back there, isn't there? Wow" Never change, Tom.
Markus Aldawn
Markus Aldawn 2 年 前
Tom Scott last video: "I've run out of ideas" Tom Scott this video: "time to blow stuff up"
DubioserKerl 2 年 前
Tom Scott - The Jamie Hyneman of tomorrow. Just missing the 'stashe.
E1craZ4life 2 年 前
@DubioserKerl The pyrotechnician has him covered there.
Aurora 2 年 前
Worth noting that this was most likely filmed before last video. Edit: Or maybe not, considering the fact that Tom's comment is only from three days ago.
Tribe of the Iron Flame
@Aurora You don't have to upload it right when you film it...
Aurora 2 年 前
@Tribe of the Iron Flame Yes, I know, and I guess that the editing might've taken some time, but I don't see a point in not uploading it (without it going public) if the video is done.
Joe Kurtz
Joe Kurtz 2 年 前
Watched an explosion scene from set up / rehearsal and bang. The water truck had a broken hose,& created a minor stir, but the pyros& crew remarked that they never tire from it. The mushroom& smoke ring effect are always unique every time.
luke 2 年 前
The grin whilst it exploded gave a psychotic feel. More effective than a straight face in my books Tom.
TheThirdMan 年 前
When I worked in the film industry, the special effects guys I worked with used bags of napthalene gas. I asked why they didn't use petrol and they said it was too dangerous.
Mateusz Padula
Mateusz Padula 2 年 前
'There is a lot of fire back there" Famous last words .
Cloud Catapult
Cloud Catapult 15 日 前
Loved the blast, absolutely amazing and I learned a thing or two. Thanks Tom
Natalie 2 年 前
That cheesy grin is the most Tom Scott thing you could have done, we wouldn't have it any other way
Fish 2 年 前
i agree with this so much
Rick van Leeuwen
I still can't imagine him being mean to people though
Ramantyè A. Catfort
Someone is probably going to make a GIF out of it
WarChallenger 2 年 前
Well now I know the real way to animate explosions that’ll actually have an effect! Time to find more reference videos of that military grade stuff. That shockwave looked epic.
MegKBaker 2 年 前
Tom is like every pyromaniac acting out their urges
Julie Nielsen
Julie Nielsen 4 ヶ月 前
I like the explosions I see on some 60s , 70s crime dramas where you can tell the explosion has been spliced into the film. Good old days when we were expected to use our imaginations and not expect everything to look real. Great stories back then too.
Agent-Peplu _
Agent-Peplu _ 2 年 前
Tom Scott : *♫ Cool guys don't look at explosions / they blow things up and then walk away ♫* Me : *wow never knew explosions had so much things in common with my dad*
Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness
i love stephen. possibly my favorite person tom's worked with on a regular basis
Unknown Boi
Unknown Boi 2 年 前
Tom looks happy with that explosion behind him, he's enjoying the moment. Kinda nice.
Matthew Trebs
Matthew Trebs 2 年 前
"Join the military, and you could be as happy as this guy"
alvin Ip
alvin Ip 2 年 前
tom looked maniacal
mtyby 2 年 前
Made me happy, made me smile
Fibber84 2 年 前
Like everybody should.
YetAnother MetaName
Wholesome pyromania
Jack 2 年 前
It's scary how meager actual explosions / grenades look like but how much hurt they can cause.
TheDutchyNL 年 前
I liked the explosions expert explanation. SImple and to the point. Often times people who have a lot of knowledge or experience about something, tend to have trouble making it easy to digest for people who aren't as knowledgeable or experienced at that thing.
London Crow
London Crow 年 前
School teachers
TheDutchyNL 年 前
@London Crow Exactly. All my maths teachers were good at maths, but they sucked at making it interesting and engaging.
Mauzen 年 前
I think the grin fits Tom more than a dead cold stare when blowing something up.
SwedishFox 2 年 前
Tom out here answering questions we've never asked but all want answers to.
M N 2 ヶ月 前
Once I was at a beach that happened to be close to a military range. Suddenly two navy warships appeared and began bursting their guns into something on the ground (probably some practice target). It was a lot of noise, a bit of smoke, very little flame.
OneMillionBees 2 年 前
That guy's a good demoman. I can tell because he's standing here, discussing it with us.
Corda Solis
Corda Solis 2 年 前
Tf2 reference??
Horny Fruit Flies
@Corda Solis No, it's actually Jojo
Shadow14 2 年 前
@Horny Fruit Flies No its a TF2 reference. Said in the demoman trailer.
Corda Solis
Corda Solis 2 年 前
@Shadow14 yes! I thought so!
Corda Solis
Corda Solis 2 年 前
@Horny Fruit Flies *sigh* everything’s a jojos reference these days huh?!
cli260 2 年 前
Thank you Tom, you always brighten up my day
L3G1T 2 年 前
Id just like to take a moment to appreciate that they did this right out in the middle of a forest.
all my friends are dead
“Evil Tom can’t hurt you, he’s not real” Evil Tom: 3:20
Charlie Pea
Charlie Pea 年 前
Movie explosions are clearly made for style and cool effects. It just makes the scenario more thrilling.
SummerSalt -Cloudtail-
The saddest part is the guy in the scene never sees it in real life
Anritycal 2 年 前
Cool guys: Don't look at explosions, but do it professionally. Tom Scott: Ima do a big grin.
maxresdefault 2 年 前
Implying that Tom Scott isn't a cool guy
Dakoder II
Dakoder II 2 年 前
What's fun is dodging the shrapnel as it bounces erratically towards you. Dodge the bomb and you can dodge the ball!
Ēriks Zalmanis
Ēriks Zalmanis 2 年 前
Woah, love the explanation provided by the pyrotechnician. Lovely!
joncoish 9 ヶ月 前
Love your videos Tom, they’re so good!
HookerHeels 年 前
Damn it, Tom. Cool guys aren't supposed to smile during explosions!