Why Don't More People LOVE This Movie?? *Maleficent Commentary*

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Myun Rinne
Myun Rinne 3 時間 前
I thought I was watching pewdiepie a moment there
iwannadream 4 時間 前
Historically backhand slaps are way more disrespectful. In Roman times there were fines for assaulting people by slapping them and the biggest was a backhanded slap. It's more disrespectful because it's basically saying "you're so disgusting that I can't even dirty my palm with your filth." It's also more powerful of a slap.
Kaelyn Stahlman
Kaelyn Stahlman 6 時間 前
How long does Dylan wait to shave again? I'm new here so idk
Muriel Narings
Muriel Narings 22 時間 前
I love how I am too impatient to watch a whole movie, yet I love to watch the summaries with your commentary. Thanks for the great videos!
Emily Rainwater
I think it’s great they used Angelina’s actual daughter as the young 3 year old aurora in the movie. You can tell she was looking at her mom
TheCheck 日 前
On paper, I love this movie, and all of the elements for a good movie are there. It's just that the pacing is God awful. I think the movie should've opened up on Maleficent cursing Aurora. Time Jump. Maleficence's powers are fading sense she committed such an evil act and she's fearful that her curse might've weakened. Fueled by revenge and paranoia, Maleficent is easily able to take Aurora from her home and back to the kingdom where Aurora will collapse into a comma in front of Stephen. Maleficent slowly starts revealing her backstory on the journey, we get to see more of a land, and the 2 of them bond over the journey with clearly defined stakes and tension.
sora xxforever
This is one of my favourite movies
Stuffie Stars
Stuffie Stars 2 日 前
The king didn't even need proof that he killed her! Stephen could have totally gone on a little date with Maleficent, then go back and tell the king, "Hey, I killed her." And then he could live a happy life with Maleficent. All is well.
Master_Keyblade 2 日 前
Because it's awful. They changed everything! Maleficent was such a better character in the original. And they slaughtered the three good fairies characters. The animated movie was so much better. This was Disney's attempt at Wicked, and it doesn't work. Maleficent is meant to be an evil character. Plus she doesn't even turn into a dragon. She turns Diablo into a a drake, that's lame
P S 3 日 前
13:44 You end up engaged. ... ... Oh, no. Wait. That was Kyou Kara Maou. mb.
Isayah Carmikel RozAgnès Guillaume
14:45 fun fact is that the child is actually her daughter. Angelina once said that every other kids were scared of her costume except her own daughter. So the young girl is her daughter
Katia Lyn
Katia Lyn 3 日 前
Fun fact: Angelina Jolie's daughter had to play the scene of the little girl Aurora, because all of the other kids casted to play that part were scared except for Angelina Jolie's daughter because.....that's her mommy.
Jackson Hill
Jackson Hill 4 日 前
this movies version of "sleeping beauty" has her taking a five min power nap.
APerson TBH
APerson TBH 4 日 前
“Blow him off to sleep”
RawkL0bster 4 日 前
10:46 The sign of a man turned on.
Error 404
Error 404 4 日 前
I adore that movie and I can't believe there's so many people that dislike the movie simply because it's a live action remake :(
Error 404
Error 404 4 日 前
Also yeah I'm very worried about the second movie pwp
Stephy Lindo
Stephy Lindo 5 日 前
Attempt 5 of knowing you hate recommendations but I’m still gonna give them you : -Elite (2 seasons , about 8 episodes each , Spanish Netflix series , murder mystery in a high school) -Money Heist ( 3 seasons , 30 episodes , one of the most watched non English Netflix series. About a “money heist” but trust me it’s so much more than a simple robbery) I’m gonna take a bold guess a say you won’t be able to predict too much like you usually do. Love you :)❤️ P.S don’t watch it dubbed it sounds horrible
Hannah Velazco
Hannah Velazco 5 日 前
that's not what the second movie trailer is about, when the prince proposes to aurora, she tells Maleficent, she said no because she not trust other humans because of what happen with Esteban, but for what its sees in the trailer of the second movie, aurora convince Maleficent to go to meet the queen, the mother of the prince, and the thing that the queen said that make Maleficent really angry is this ( since is son is going to marry her she said this ) " Now its time to declare Aurora. . . . . . . . . Mine" and Maleficent lost her Self-Control and start an other war between faeries and humans. P . S . I'am starting to thing that the mother of the prince " The Queen " is the one how kill the parents of Maleficent and that's why she doesn't trust the queen. ( This is just a theory )
ChromeTeck 5 日 前
2:14 of course it is creeping you out. That's DOLORES UMBRIDGE!!!
BigMuscleALF FightingTheRock
Please watch hunchback of Notre dame.
Krystina Envy
Krystina Envy 6 日 前
Yo this is the second video I've seen and dude is hilarious! 😂😂
Sabina Palm
Sabina Palm 6 日 前
What kind of headphones does Dyaln have?
_tessmess _
_tessmess _ 6 日 前
I watched this with my best friend in the theater and we are both obsessed with it to this day. we watch it whenever one of us are visiting.
Nanako James
Nanako James 6 日 前
Dolores umbrige always creeps me out
Carrington Bryant
I’m sorry but how on earth does Dylan not have more subscribers?
Jessica Nguyen
Jessica Nguyen 6 日 前
Contherage 7 日 前
Am I the only guy that doesn't find Angelina Jolie attractive? I mean, there are just way more attractive woman than her.
Maddie629 7 日 前
Aileena Rush
Aileena Rush 7 日 前
I don't know if this has been pointed out, but the cutting off of Maleficent's wings is symbolizing her being raped
「vex xie 」
「vex xie 」 7 日 前
maleficent is a vsco girl
Multi fandom Edits
It is a great movie!!
Destiny 7 日 前
Stephen should've just had another child. Not very smart are we Stephen?
Mochi Bunni
Mochi Bunni 7 日 前
True but I guess the queen got struck with some form of grief sickness? From the way she's portrayed in the film I feel like she wouldn't want another child in fear of what would happen.
Krystal Harris
Krystal Harris 8 日 前
That explains the curso well. He session gave the witch the most prized possession that he could give her. Which was true love's first kiss. So it's ironic that her daughter has to suffer through this so-called life of a father
Smadness McTrashcan
0:35... Dylan: Hahhha Haaaha Squeaky Squeaky Squeaky Squeaky Squeaky Squeak HaaaAHA AHH- *slight giggle* Squeaky Squeaky Squeaky Squeaky
Lily Upadhyay
Lily Upadhyay 8 日 前
Dylan: I hate stefan. He’s a moron *bro don’t we all hate him*
Changeling Child
14:24 what I love about this is she falls under her own curse, "the child will be beloved by all" That includes herself
Zodia195 9 日 前
Well I never saw this movie so technically I can't say I hate it, but I will say why I never saw it- I hate the concept. After seeing the trailers and realizing what they were going to do, I went all rage mode. I can see why people had issues with the original movie, but I loved it, especially it's villain, Maleficent, who is iconic. For me I am a believer of "if it's not broke, don't fix it." Maleficent was already this badass and charismatic villain who just loved being evil. Giving her a background and making her 'sympathetic' on why she became what she was really just upset me because I was like, "What's wrong with her just wanting to be evil". I did spoil myself by reading the wikipedia page and I am even more glad I didn't see the movie. FYI, with the sequel coming up, I still have no plans on seeing it.
Heather Campbell
I actually really liked the movie. It just wasn't the true Malificent to me. The Malificent from this movie is a sociopath. She gets better. The Malificent from the original sleeping beauty is a psychopath. There's a difference. You keep asking why she doesn't just use magic. A, in the later part in the castle she is surrounded by iron end that could have bad consequences with magic. But I honestly think most of it is B… brute force is just funner.
x x
x x 9 日 前
The sleeping beauty needed to stay asleep for years and years... in this movie she's the fainted beauty :/
Rhianna Rajput
Rhianna Rajput 10 日 前
Tbh all the princes in Disney look like Flynn rider
Mochi Bunni
Mochi Bunni 7 日 前
But less dashing in a rugged way.
Rhianna Rajput
Rhianna Rajput 10 日 前
Didn’t realise u guys don’t have the phrase “having a go at me” we sue it all the time here in the uk 😂
The Random Otaku Fangirl Show
Matilde Coelho
Matilde Coelho 10 日 前
I’ll give a like just because the glasses’s thing😂😂😄
Kaitlin Crookes
Kaitlin Crookes 10 日 前
Maleficent said in the curse "beloved by all who meet her" she never excluded herself from that, that's why she ended up loving aurora more than anyone cause she's also the one that spent the most time with her so she was destined to love her the most
Rylan H. Mangum
Rylan H. Mangum 11 日 前
How the hell does Cats not freak you out
Aidan Van Hammee
Aidan Van Hammee 11 日 前
Did you just say you're not weirded out by "Cats"? You aren't human... I KNEW IT XD
Grace Jones
Grace Jones 12 日 前
I personally love maleficent I think it’s really underrated
Taliaka’s Room
Taliaka’s Room 12 日 前
6:37 I laughed so hard 😭😭
Laura Hyvönen
Laura Hyvönen 12 日 前
u should react to downton abbey serie 😍😍
AvalonSings 12 日 前
Nick Wolf
Nick Wolf 13 日 前
They had to get the actress of Maleficent's actual daughter to play the baby because every other kid was scared of her.
Jennifer Mathis
Jennifer Mathis 13 日 前
Diaval (the crow) should've been the True Love's Kiss! It was right there!
Monasteri116 13 日 前
It was not just betrayal, it was a metaphor for rape. Confirmed by the writers and Angelina Jolie herself.
Melon Lord
Melon Lord 13 日 前
I've always wondered.. Why didn't they just have a second child after the first one got cursed?
Elton Domingo
Elton Domingo 13 日 前
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks that you have a lot of similarities with Kurtis Conner - from his humor to his editing style, even the way you both laugh is so similar, but hey that only means another favorite JPvidr for me. Subscribing!
Deebee Daydreamer
Straight up one of the best Disney movies in recent years. Absolutely needs more love.
Soy Chilena
Soy Chilena 14 日 前
actually, if you think about it, maleficent losing her wings is a metaphor for stephan raping maleficent and "choping" her wings
ashna shetty
ashna shetty 14 日 前
i just thought of this but like the wing cutting off scene kind of made me feel like it was a metaphor for like sexual assault? like he gets her to trust him and then drugs her and takes away a part of her she probably will never get back
sebeckley 14 日 前
"Zippity zap powers" alone is worth a like.
Galaxy Waffles
Galaxy Waffles 14 日 前
Barn Boi
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