Who made these circles in the Sahara?

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Someone left these marks in the sand. We had to find out who.

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Deep in the Sahara, far from any towns, roads, or other signs of life, is a row of markings in the sand. There are dozens of them stretching for miles in a straight line in central Algeria, each consisting of a central point surrounded by a circle of 12 nodes, like numbers on a clock. And when we started making this video, no one seemed to know what they were.

We first saw the circles back in September 2021, after finding a Reddit post on r/WhatIsThis with coordinates asking what the circles could be. With just two upvotes and two commenters, it wasn’t exactly a lively discussion. But seeing the circles themselves on Google Earth was fascinating: They were eerily perfect in their shape and regularity, but so deeply isolated in the desert. We were hooked on finding an answer.

So we decided to make a video out of trying to solve the mystery, no matter where it took us. We documented every step of the process - from Zoom calls and web browser screen recordings to vlogs and field shoots - to show the reporting process from the inside out. And when we maxed out what we could learn on the internet, we handed over this story to a team in Algeria to take it all the way.


Check out the circles for yourself: www.google.com/maps/@27.27012...

Read Will K’s original post: www.reddit.com/r/Whatisthis/c...

Here’s the 1885 document that Melissa found: www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi...

Read Dale Lightfoot on the sustainability of qanats: link.springer.com/article/10....

My interview with Marta Musso didn’t make the final cut, but you can check out her work on the history of the hydrocarbon industry and Algerian decolonization: www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctt1mt...

I also spoke to Roberto Cantoni, who wrote a great book that covers the same history: www.taylorfrancis.com/chapter...

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Vox ヶ月 前
Hi everyone! We hope you enjoyed this adventure - this video was a huge experiment for us in format and storytelling, with months of work, dozens of contributors, and lots of moving parts. We’d love to answer any questions you have about our process in this thread, so ask away! And if you have suggestions for the next one … leave them below, too! -Christophe
eolill 29 分 前
I love this! A mystery we all get to see solved.
Krysta M
Krysta M 3 時間 前
It's an old volcano - check geological information -richat
Puspita Hossain
Puspita Hossain 2 日 前
Not a question per se, but I am still curious about that article from 1885. Considering it was also a hypothesis, there are probably a lot of similarities. Loved the way you never gave up and the tenacity of everyone. Kudos to the Algerian crew members and everyone involved.
Chewey 2 日 前
i hope you seee this mr reporter but please buy your self a monitor stand and help those poor books out!
Angelica 5 日 前
I have no complaints. This was an absolute delight to watch! This is what I'm subbed for!!
iea ヶ月 前
This… This is the kind of content, the kind of journalism, the kind of research I’m subscribed for. Absolutely incredible.
Alonso G
Alonso G 2 日 前
100% agree
Nathaniel Solomon
Nathaniel Solomon 3 日 前
Joyjit Roy
Joyjit Roy 8 日 前
Eric B
Eric B 15 日 前
Kristianne Reinier Dela Cruz
Same thoughts...
Sir William, Dragonlord of Cromlech
I would watch an entire series on Google Earth investigations! Mystery, adventure, speculation, expertise, this video has it all!
Ollie ヶ月 前
@I'll be your Stumbleine Sadly it’s far more expensive to go to Antarctica. Just to send someone out there can cost in excess of 10,000 dollars per person, and expeditions can range beyond 100,000 per person depending on the complexity and nature of the research. Although I would also love to see it done too.
Harlow Jade Mermaid
Harlow Jade Mermaid ヶ月 前
this is a fantabulous idea!!!!
Ashley ヶ月 前
Curious dark as a really cool video on,
J Shaw
J Shaw ヶ月 前
That is needed mate...really need some folks (heros) ...long as they genuine people with genuine intentions I don't care if they wanna earn money too as long as the original intention is there passion...I would back that along with several million others when the right freelance teams pop up
Nitrogen 102
Nitrogen 102 ヶ月 前
Honestly, it's incredible how you found these people and they helped you on the journey. Professors, officials, archeologists, technology workers, etc. It shows how valuable connections really are.
Wahannu Kalingga
Wahannu Kalingga 22 日 前
Even a sardine can collector
McArthius 25 日 前
Also how people all over the world for the most part just want to be kind to there fellow women, & men. I love seeing other countries with no potential religious or ethnic backgrounds work together to discover things about the world we live in. I believe its just a tiny few in power that drive wedges between us all. I love seeing people work together
gwho 28 日 前
and how crippling social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder is.
Morris Colenbrander
Morris Colenbrander ヶ月 前
Don't forget the sardine can collector
Tomas Viane
Tomas Viane ヶ月 前
... and also how intriguing the subject was. Imagine an archeologist who had no interest in this...
Philippe Anginot
Philippe Anginot 26 日 前
Thanks guys for your comments ! Never been so proud to be a sardinologist !
ᱬo𝖗𝙥𝔥𝑒υs 𓆃
It was nice seeing someone passionate about something other people see as weird or unnecessary and end up being a contribute to understand history and Unravel a mystery. Thank you so much ❤️.
Jordan Fredericks
Jordan Fredericks ヶ月 前
That guy who collects sardine cans is my kind of human, and I'm overjoyed that the singular passions of individuals can come together and create something so wonderful. Thanks for this, would love to see more!
Siavash Khan
Siavash Khan 26 日 前
@Wasir Okay but why would someone go down to the comments before watching it? Lol.
B J. Schmor
B J. Schmor 29 日 前
I'll bet he was super-stoked that his expertise was finally needed.
sobering cat
sobering cat ヶ月 前
and with his 'Expertise' help solve the mystery
Wasir ヶ月 前
PuzzLEGO ヶ月 前
I think it's incredible that nowadays with the right searching online you can find experts on the most specific things from “Algerian Saharan oasis manager” to "french sardine can collector"
Dory 22 日 前
I am not going to lie I burst out laughing when the sardine can collector popped up. Not even the company producing it could give any clue. Extremely niche hobby to the rescue haha!
Erik 27 日 前
yes this is incredible
Stu C.
Stu C. 27 日 前
@Derrick Wade Just don't talk to him at parties 🙂
Wreckit Lethal
Wreckit Lethal 29 日 前
@Simon Smith I seen him do it !! So it makes Simon an expert in gal gushers
Wreckit Lethal
Wreckit Lethal 29 日 前
Yeah people who do actually work exist other that you …. Weird right !!!!
BeastJuan0417 Gaming
BeastJuan0417 Gaming 21 日 前
The most interesting part was the old desert guide from the 50's he held so much more information than most researchers and professionals due to experience it's fascinating
ᱬo𝖗𝙥𝔥𝑒υs 𓆃
Yes exactly, fascinating to say the least, he got the date right and still remember the company's acronym 😬. ماشاء الله ربي يعطيه الصحة
hello hello
hello hello ヶ月 前
the most unbelievable is that someone has collected sardine cans in 40 years . I love to see a documentary on that guy 😁
Safe-Keeper 17 日 前
@Elizabeth Rios ?
Amine Bergad
Amine Bergad 26 日 前
And the fact they needed his help Will keep him doing this for the rest of his life ❤️
Great Gig in the Sky.
Great Gig in the Sky. 26 日 前
In 40 years or for 40 years? In 40 years suggests it was 40 years between collecting.
Juned Hanggoro
Juned Hanggoro 27 日 前
so, there is such a guy
Br. Bill
Br. Bill 28 日 前
@Elizabeth Rios Is this directed to me? I don't understand any of your general disdain for me? Whatever did I do to earn your angry sarcasm?
Silver Knight PCs
Silver Knight PCs ヶ月 前
This is modern-day archaeology at its finest. Forever that history is now recorded for all of mankind to know into the future. Thank you so much for taking the time and resources to make all of this happen. It was a fantastic watch
Ariadne Carvalho
Ariadne Carvalho 9 日 前
truly eye opening to the traces we leave on this earth. amazing video to watch
S_AME ヶ月 前
This journal is worthy of an international award for real. Its history would've been lost forever if not for the thorough research about it. Even Bob, the supposed leading expert in seismic survey doesn't know what a primitive work looks like.
Sophrosynicle 19 日 前
@M S if it is, then so am I, which makes its virtuality irrelevant to my experience of how real things are. And I'm talking about information technology, obviously.
M S 19 日 前
@Sophrosynicle what if... the entire universe is virtual?
Sophrosynicle ヶ月 前
@Susan C Yep. The virtual is overrated.
Susan C
Susan C ヶ月 前
Not so primitive, exactly. 65-70 years ago. What it also shows, though, is that sitting at a desk staring at a screen can’t always give you answers.
Sophrosynicle ヶ月 前
It deserves some sort of award, I concur. Absolutely wonderful how this mystery ultimately ties into the history of Algeria, French colonialism and the Algerian independence through the micro-cosmos of sahel resource surveying. The collaboration and input from so many experts. The tenacity and thoroughness of both Vox and the Algerian field team. All of it, beautiful. Oh, and dynamite! Everyone loves dynamite!
Y ヶ月 前
"The circles are the scars of colonialism. They're evidence of one country's attempts to take the resources of another". I was expecting some sort of cultural heritage but nothing remarkable to see, just history to be remembered. Amazing content!
Hernando Malinche
Hernando Malinche 16 日 前
Cultural heritage is just history that's older.
nadia o.
nadia o. 20 日 前
@kiwibass, or part of cultural local heritage destroyed!
Alpine Observer
Alpine Observer 24 日 前
That "colonialism" enriched Algeria beyond its woildest dreams. The oil would still be under the ground and they'd be living a life of abject poverty if the French hadn't discovered and drilled for the oil. And now with the "Net Zero" extremism sweeping the western world, such countries will revert back to poverty as we shun their life-giving, society-building oil.
SpartaYoshi ヶ月 前
This was such an interesting topic, not gonna lie! The fact that your team of people willingly spent such a big distance and time travelling through the middle of nowhere just to find out what was there really shows how much dedication and thorough investigation you guys have put into it. Like Bob would say, well done :)
Rafik Ben Cheikh
Rafik Ben Cheikh ヶ月 前
As an Algerian , I thank you for this video , it only shows the scars that the french government left here , and I invite you to investigate more in the nuclear experiments in the Sahara which left so many horrors and hidden story's ,good job and good luck for this channel .
Ramdane Wsnr
Ramdane Wsnr 4 日 前
This is a pretty balled claim i must say, could you please check your historical information, indeed some of algerian land was inherited from France but the major part ( including Sahara) was under algerian control. The discovery of petroleum was and still a indeed a big benefet but i'll ever never show any gratitude to France, that criminal colonial country ( yes there good examples of good colonisation just like the UK) petroleum is nothing literally nothing next to all the genocides they did in all Africa. France must thank us to save them from Hitler in WWll. Please Bro do more research to see the awfulness of France colonisation. Thank you for expressing your opinion really appreciate it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Hernando Malinche
Hernando Malinche 4 日 前
@Ramdane Wsnr Yes, Algeria is a petro state, you don't have taxes thanks to the borders the French made for you.
Ramdane Wsnr
Ramdane Wsnr 4 日 前
@Hernando Malinche then what? We should thank them ?
Hernando Malinche
Hernando Malinche 13 日 前
@PITTO LEM benefiting from the oil the french found and dug
Kingteros ヶ月 前
This only proves that people like Bob don't have all the answers all the time... Love it when Vox goes deep and investigate... We need more of this in today world
LewHen Silvar
LewHen Silvar 2 日 前
Why do you hate Bob so much?
Akosua Ford
Akosua Ford ヶ月 前
Agree 100%
The Groovy Guitar Dude
The Groovy Guitar Dude ヶ月 前
This is an incredible journey for knowledge and adventure to accompany it. What an awesome video. Please make more like this!
Johnny NiteTrain
Johnny NiteTrain ヶ月 前
That may be a bit hyperbolic.
Bojji ヶ月 前
@Blank Space oh really? I don't even know that show tbh
Friendly Creature
Friendly Creature ヶ月 前
The job you guys did in Algeria left everyone amazed! But hey Christopher, the Algerian Sahara has so many mystery to uncover, why don't you do other works on it? There's the city of Sifar for instance. Or the devil star in Tinduf (that you can see through Google earth too).
Arwah Sapi
Arwah Sapi ヶ月 前
You could make song out of this
41DegreesSouth ヶ月 前
Raghavendra Nikhil Parshy
Raghavendra Nikhil Parshy ヶ月 前
A prime example of sheer will and determination that takes human beings to extents even they didn't know existed. Wonderful video.
Heather Curry
Heather Curry 25 日 前
Dang, I was hoping you’d found some long forgotten tombs. But still really cool you solved the mystery! Well done to everyone who made it possible!
Craig Patchett
Craig Patchett ヶ月 前
Amazing video…well done! One thing I’m curious about though: how could these be so well preserved after 70 years despite sandstorms?
jfye10 27 日 前
I was too im not surprised buy the condition but more the location. I would have expected the cans to have been blown far away by storms
Diggy J
Diggy J ヶ月 前
the desert is mostly dry and arid...if the same can was placed in a country in the tropics with high humidity at the same time, the can would have corroded beyond recognition
I EAT ASS ヶ月 前
They don't look well preserved at all. They're covered in rust, and only the parts not touched by the sun are visible.
Naila Kass
Naila Kass ヶ月 前
My father used to work around that area in the 80's, he said that there was more than these circles in the Sahara and you'll probably find more if you look closely.
Naila Kass
Naila Kass 28 日 前
@FilmscoreMetaler it wasn't a big deal back then they already knew what was it for and they even used the same methods.
FilmscoreMetaler 29 日 前
Haha, so you haven't fallen into the mine shaft exploration video rabbit hole then.
aymanTV ヶ月 前
"They're evidence of one country's attempts to take the resources of another" - that part gave me chills.
Roy Lavecchia
Roy Lavecchia ヶ月 前
@Mike Li No, not like Russia today. Get with the times man.
Offensive Translator
Offensive Translator ヶ月 前
Its perfectly normal business as usual. On Which exo planet have you been living?
Offensive Translator
Offensive Translator ヶ月 前
@Mike Li like uk usa for 100's of years.
Malak Adel
Malak Adel 2 日 前
I loved the amount of effort and passion put into this video that helped uncover a piece of history but i can't help but think about the sardine cans that were just laying there in the desert for almost 70 years, makes me think about the amount of waste we as humans deposit in nature and how hard it would be to try to take that all back...
Frederic Thalheimer
Frederic Thalheimer 29 日 前
Honestly, it's incredible how you found these people and they helped you on the journey. Professors, officials, archeologists, technology workers, etc. It's amazing how much energy and determination you all put into this resaerch. Chapeau
Ramdane Wsnr
Ramdane Wsnr 4 日 前
Actually I came across that r/ post few months ago and I was really intrigued too it's really funny to see that you guys made a whole video a whole investigation about it you made me discover more about my country and how colonial forces was taking advantage of it's resources, it was so funny that you was right from the first shot but the fact that the technique was so primitive it takes you away from the right hypothesis. I really like the fact that people from different domains different fields got involved in this investigation , I just loved it. 🇩🇿
narfle ヶ月 前
I like how that even though Bob was a bit dismissive at first, he took the time, took the look at the stuff and gave his thoughts. Well done indeed.
JuliaK Fiori
JuliaK Fiori ヶ月 前
This is HANDS DOWN one of the best videos that Vox has ever made. Kudos to everyone who worked on it for doing such an excellent job. I'm studying French colonialism and will definitely be sending this incredible video to all of my professors.
Hernando Malinche
Hernando Malinche 27 日 前
@kixW No, France made Algeria, Algeria was same as Morocco and Tunis before France invaded it
Rabbi Schlomo Ben Goldbergstein
@Hernando Malinche tf are u talking about ?
Hernando Malinche
Hernando Malinche ヶ月 前
@Ismahane Kemi no, France Algeria. There was no Algerian identity before France. So many Algerians move to France, it would have been easier if Algeria was still a part of France.
Hannelore Kádár
Hannelore Kádár 23 日 前
This has to be one of the best Vox videos I’ve seen. I loved every second of it, congrats on this incredible work. Would love to see similar content!
Saxon Rascal
Saxon Rascal ヶ月 前
Love it when some anomalical mystery is found on Google Earth. Love it even more when a factual explanation based on evidence and observation is uncovered rather than the lazy, "Aliens did it".
Aulia Salsabella
Aulia Salsabella 21 日 前
I cant comprehend the amount of time and effort put into making this video! Thank you very much Vox for making this, been a huge fan since 2016!!
Lasdil Elizaga
Lasdil Elizaga 29 日 前
omg, i thought this was going to be boring but it's actually quite fun, i feel like i'm part of the investigation as well. please make more of these
Hendi Singgih Busana
Hendi Singgih Busana 27 日 前
This is the kind of content, the kind of investigative journalism, the kind of research I’m subscribed for. Absolutely incredible; amazing!. Keep going...
R1DDL3 ヶ月 前
Just stumbled across this today. This is pretty freaking cool! Such an amazing job, not only on research but the team work and production as well. I have just subbed to your channel and I thank you.
Micky P
Micky P ヶ月 前
Can you imagine how many imaginations would have run riot if you had not fully solved this mystery?! The world of reason thanks you resoundingly for your perseverance!
Artūrs Savickis
Artūrs Savickis ヶ月 前
Can someone explain, how is it possible that remenants of the pits left by the dynamite, as well as a tiny sardine cans, can remain intact after 70 years? Isn't there like those infamous sandstorms every few months that sometimes literally change the topology of the area by shifting a whole dunes of sand to killometers away? How it's possible that neither the cans nor the pits have been burried under a meters of sand decades ago? Can someone explain this?
bomba94K2 23 日 前
Only around 20% of the Sahara are Sand deserts. This Part Most likely doesnt have dunes. Moreover an arid Environment Like this has almost no Erosion due to the Lack of water/humidity.
Diya Ghantus
Diya Ghantus ヶ月 前
This is an incredible effort Christophe, Stories and efforts like these is what brought me to Vox and all it's incredible Team's stories, thank you for taking us through this adventure.
Repent to Jesus Christ ““Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
Liz C
Liz C ヶ月 前
I know, right? Seems journalism isn't dead afterall.
Kevin Kavai
Kevin Kavai ヶ月 前
This is incredible. Props to them
Lucky ヶ月 前
I wanna watch Samir's crew solve more google earth mysteries
A ヶ月 前
@J W what an absolutely unnecessary comparison
Chí Kiên Trương
Whatever the topic, to me Vox always has the best storytelling, so intriguing both visually and audibly. Thank you
vanshika bhatnagar
vanshika bhatnagar ヶ月 前
just when i thought you guys couldnt take it to the next level, you did. absolutely fantastic filmmaking and research. kudos to each and every one of you!
A. HA.
A. HA. 26 日 前
22:30 This blows my mind. Humanity is unique. I just realize everyone of us is specializing and an expert on different field, no matter how ridiculous the field may sounds, it will come handy at one point in our life.
sanna rao
sanna rao ヶ月 前
Beautiful research! What a courageous display of keen curiosity. Kudos to the entire team
AltheFolker 4 日 前
Great video! This is what the internet is made for. I'd love to know how the circles have survived to be visible over half-a-century after they were made with all the sandstorms that area must get.
Luca Neli
Luca Neli 16 時間 前
This was fantastic. I would love to see an entire google earth journalism series!
Hammi ヶ月 前
I'm Algerian. this is mind-blowing. It would be awesome to have a part 2, where you track the people who were there and interview them. IMAGINE HOW HARD THAT WOULD BE TO DO.
Mohamed Trfnx
Mohamed Trfnx 11 日 前
@Sergio Nice try clown
Sergio 27 日 前
@kixW neither you should, u should ask for permission first
kixW 27 日 前
@Sergio nice joke but aint gonna talk witha clown
VideoGamesAreAwful ヶ月 前
If this was in 53 it'd be 70 years ago. Assuming the workers were young, which they probably were, early 20s or even later teens, they'd be 90 or older minimum. It's unfortunate but very likely almost no one, or depending, even actually no one, is alive from this site. You might find one or two in the entire world.
Sergio ヶ月 前
algeria has wifi?
Immortal ヶ月 前
This was so fun to watch. Love that there are still mysteries and never explored areas of this world. Especially loved the tombs in the middle of nowhere and the sardine can collector.
Ticron ヶ月 前
Vox, it would make me so happy if you made this a series. Looking for anamolies on Google Earth is a passion of mine. This is one of the few times I have an answer. This video means a lot to me. Thank you so very much.
zukacs 27 日 前
@Scorching Goat thx
Merlin Ria
Merlin Ria ヶ月 前
It's a great passion btw
Ty Bronx
Ty Bronx ヶ月 前
Ra Ïd
Ra Ïd ヶ月 前
There is a lot of mysterious places like this in the algerian sahara this weird shapes and the painting of the tassili
missing persimmon
missing persimmon ヶ月 前
Same here! I mostly "travel" on Google Earth during my spare time. This is such a wonderful video for all curious minds.
Simon Electronic
Simon Electronic 3 日 前
Bravo. Very well documented very well researched. I'm highly impressed and I'm going to continue watching for more videos like this. This is true journalism.
Micky P
Micky P ヶ月 前
That was such a superb investigation and presentation of a riddle, that was SO INTERESTING! Thank you very much indeed for all the time and effort taken to synthesize the huge amount of data, from many sources, to galvanize all the information into a very fulfilling and believable conclusion. Brilliantly done!
inigojuancarlos 日 前
I’ve been to empty quarter in Saudi but Sahara always had this incredibly magnificent dreamy experience.
Pelvic Strawberry
Pelvic Strawberry ヶ月 前
Great video- I was so invested in finding out what these were. Can't believe those cans survived out there for so many years! Love this format of video
Zappababe ヶ月 前
It's amazing that there was someone who was an expert in sardine cans, and he even ran a museum of the exhibits he had found or collected! It takes a village, as they say. There are people who have these very specialised interests and you'd never know anything about them or how they had devoted their entire lives to this one, very specific, subject - until someone else comes along and requires their help. Then, suddenly, all the work they had put into this one subject is very helpful in ways that neither the expert nor the investigator could have ever envisaged. Wow - thanks to everyone who liked my comment! You've made me very happy!
Shyanne Leroy
Shyanne Leroy ヶ月 前
@Dipan Ghosh very true!
Theo Uhrik
Theo Uhrik ヶ月 前
Beautifully put
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas ヶ月 前
@Saúl 4th he was made for this very moment
Christopher Stein
Christopher Stein ヶ月 前
@Saúl 4th I don't think this is the first moment that someone asked him for help
Derek Lucas
Derek Lucas ヶ月 前
His choices in life was built to lead him into this one specific moment in history.
Harold Bubuli
Harold Bubuli ヶ月 前
It's just really amazing, magnificent piece of masterpiece. I'm really grateful for the opportunity for letting us see your unbelievable work. It's makes me wonder how many things like this are just sitting there and waiting to be discovered. Really thank you so much for this wonderful job you made.
Karina Melencio
Karina Melencio 4 時間 前
Idk why I cried. This is a really great story. I think it's because everyone was so in on this, trying to find the answer together. A true feat of what remarkable teamwork could do. Agree with Bob; well done.
Snyp3r83 A
Snyp3r83 A 22 時間 前
Im halfway through this video right now... I absolutely must comment that this is a very well made documentary of exploration! Its thrilling and the curiosity just builds up every minute. Well done guys! Its world class!
Ceejie 15 日 前
I’m absolutely in love with the quality of this video. The filming, the content, the storytelling, it shakes my core at how amazing it all it and I’m grateful to be able to watch something as beautiful as this. I’ve always loved your videos and this has been has down the best I’ve ever had the privilege to watch. Thank you for all your amazing work, I look forward to your next work !
Dobra Espacial
Dobra Espacial ヶ月 前
I'm speechless. This video is a gift to the world. Well done, guys.
Brent Dobson
Brent Dobson 21 日 前
Very ...nicely done ...!
Morning Sky
Morning Sky ヶ月 前
@BELIEVE in JESUS I can write thousands of such similar verses like that and that's also not very unique in its character.. any body could write thousands of those words.
Sarah Strong
Sarah Strong ヶ月 前
Thankyou for sharing this intriguing video with us.
Dobra Espacial
Dobra Espacial ヶ月 前
@Eric S Then you can simply not use this word on your comment. What about that? 🙂
Eric S
Eric S ヶ月 前
Isn't speechless a bit of a dramatic overstatement?
Vitor Pires
Vitor Pires 25 日 前
Thank you guys for this amazing “journeylism”… first off almost like a History Channel documentary about ancient civilizations debris, turned out to be the beginning of seismic survey as we know it, colonialism heritage so to speak. Amaaaazing!
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
Foxiepaws ACAnderson 2 日 前
This was fascinating, I can't wait to tell my other half who is Algerian. I will show him the whole video, maybe he knows what they were so I won't tell him and watch it for himself. I subbed because I love mysteries like this. Also, I was born in 1958 and will be 64 on Friday 8th.
Adam Chalmers
Adam Chalmers ヶ月 前
Fascinating, and so well put together. Cheers to all those that contributed to the effort. MORE please! Also, the father of the guides is a legend! Very fortunate to have found him for the interview.
Wadie Gamer
Wadie Gamer ヶ月 前
I enjoyed watching this, it's really interesting how you figured out what that thing is even in the middle of the desert.
Astro Katt
Astro Katt ヶ月 前
It’s so strangely inspiring to have someone specialized for everything: You have a desert guide, a senior researcher and your sardine can expert.
swansniff ヶ月 前
And you have bob.
Lars Stougaard
Lars Stougaard ヶ月 前
I'm hungry for more 🐟, I want a video about that sardine museum.
Vinayak ‍
Vinayak ‍ ヶ月 前
You see these people with esoteric interests on Reddit a lot but it's nice to see them in real life
Suf Fanan
Suf Fanan 27 日 前
Impressive investigation! I just wish the story would’ve been told more from Samir’s perspective rather than from Christophe’s. Kudos for Vox for funding this! Maybe do “Where’s the original Sinai mountain?” Video or “Finding the original Atlantis city” or something like that. Or maybe the uncovering of the massive Cotoca site recently found underground in the Bolivian jungle.
Peter Schubert
Peter Schubert ヶ月 前
Very well done, enough mystery to gain the interest and very well paced to maintain it - didn't go off on too many tangents or get bogged down in too much history, and it managed to (wisely) not fall into judging the past - Fascinating and balanced, letting the viewer make their own minds up. Amazing example of how there is nothing new in the world and no place left untrammelled by people.
Harlow Jade Mermaid
Harlow Jade Mermaid ヶ月 前
🏜🕌🚙Samir and his most competently excellent team did a superb job, and it looked like they had a blast while doing it! I'm always up for an adventure, and this little investigative doc turned out to be really interesting ~ great job to all involved! ☮💟☯
Arshad Loharu
Arshad Loharu ヶ月 前
Such excellent research, and exploration in its truest sense, something not seen very often in the age of the internet. Really shows how demanding good research can get. Loved this video, and the fact that Vox's supported this project over months and across countries and teams.
GreatJuju ヶ月 前
*This should be a series. Mysteries of Google Earth explored* So many fascinating things I’ve always wanted to know what it was
Tim Eagan
Tim Eagan 27 日 前
To VOX : I was wondering and hoping that should this go into production and become a "series" that you will make a formal announcement of it here detailing tentative "Air" dates and/or viewer information
Aayush Shrestha
Aayush Shrestha ヶ月 前
YESSS!!! It should, and in this same manner.
Explore google earth!!!!!🖐️🖐️🖐️
Byron Law
Byron Law ヶ月 前
I wonder. Is there a way to give this information to Google maps so they can update the What's here? option you get when right clicking a point? It would be neat if these satellite mysteries could be documented with data and videos like this.
Tamiko E
Tamiko E ヶ月 前
@CruxCapacitor didn't they get the answer in the beginning? The first or second person they contacted?
Pranshu Gupta
Pranshu Gupta 8 時間 前
One of the coolest thing about this video is that it made us feel that we are also investigating with them as the story unfolds
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Daryl Nepomuceno 16 日 前
More of this kind of story and exploration! I'm very in loved of how you Vox make incredible and out of the box stories.
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This video felt like an old aventure novel and i loved every minute of it! Such an amazing job. Props to all teams and people for their efforts.
Ana ヶ月 前
this was one of the most enjoyable videos I've come to see on this channel. It's so well put together it's amazing. And the level on detail and meticulous searching really made me anxious to see the story to it's end.
R K ヶ月 前
From an obscure, orphaned Reddit post about a 'bunch of 22-circle marks in the middle of a desert' to a 'mind-bending 27 mins' (countless months of work at Vox) of documentary - involving the scars of colonialism, French canned food & some good ol' dynamite, this is one of the best pieces of content on the Internet. Take a bow - Team Vox, Samir Abchiche and his Algerian crew !
john b
john b ヶ月 前
hey, vox should at least link any of samir's stuff so we can support his work too!
superrandompanda ヶ月 前
In a sea of already high quality videos, this gotta the best video Vox ever produced! The kind of unsolving the mysteries reminds me of Indiana Jones adventure. There are many weird occurrences in this earth, please make more video like this! We're gladly wait.
Justin Hurren
Justin Hurren ヶ月 前
Thank you so much for this work! What a fantastic journalistic endeavour put into a video. Thank God for the internet. Separately, this really affirms to me how small and insular our North American lives are and how much colonization has harmed the world in such an interesting way.
T Tanizawa
T Tanizawa ヶ月 前
Incredible content, kept me on the edge of my seat and unexpectedly humorous. Well done Vox.
I’m Tired Too -.• * ,  -
This has got to be awarded for something. Thank you to every single person who contributed to this video!
JuanD Arenas
JuanD Arenas 22 日 前
Dale Schroeder
Dale Schroeder ヶ月 前
I am a 71 year old traveler. No longer able to physically go exploring. I just happened upon your story searching through JPvid for adventure. Your relentless efforts to investigate these markings in the desert is truly an example of modern technology continuing the pursuit of the unknown. Adventure and exploration may change techniques, but the thrill of discovery remains the same. I must agree, Good Job!
Dopamine Cloud
Dopamine Cloud ヶ月 前
@Dale Schroeder Haha, fair enough. If you ever feel like rambling about some of your stories to a camera I'll be there to watch them.
Dale Schroeder
Dale Schroeder ヶ月 前
@Tomas Contreras Been there. Done that. I've accomplished many dreams. I've lost over 100lbs. I've broken my legs and feet 7 times adventuring. Not to mention arms and shoulders. My 1 to 10 pain level scale starts at 4. The quote from the closing of YES Theory is, "Seek discomfort" NOPE, NO MORE. I seek pain relief now.
Tomas Contreras
Tomas Contreras ヶ月 前
Check out Yes Theory if you haven't already!
Loy Purdoy
Loy Purdoy ヶ月 前
Do you have any advice for the young traveller of life?
ROR5CH4CH ヶ月 前
This is incredible! I would love to have a more in depth explenation for the fact that those explosions from around 70 years (!) ago still have an impact on the looks of the sand there. It's so odd to me. More videos like this would be greatly appreciated!
runotsure Gossett
runotsure Gossett 29 日 前
Lots of the desert is hard pan soil and rock, not sand.
Dr. POP 11 日 前
Absolutely amazing. So cool to have local crews and experts be in the lead, as well.
Abhinav Goswami
Abhinav Goswami 26 日 前
I could watch it for hours and won’t blink for a second if it were to go this long and even longer. These things really make me curious and I am in an awe of the efforts that you guys have put in digging for this discovery. Love from India.
praveen venkat
praveen venkat 16 日 前
First of all, this was one of the interesting videos I have watched on JPvid but I had a question after watching it, at “5:25” into the video, Melissa Hirsch said that “two circular tumuli” was mentioned in a paper published in 1885, however the conclusion showed us that they dated back to 1957-58. Pardon me, if I missed any theory from the video. Can anyone help me with this?
Christian D'Abrera
Christian D'Abrera ヶ月 前
A man whose hobby is collecting sardine cans provided a key piece of information for this investigation. I think that's awesome. I'm sure many people out there would say such a hobby is weird but it just goes to show even weird things are useful.
Connor Lancaster
Connor Lancaster 18 日 前
@Space Comma I mean.
Space Comma
Space Comma ヶ月 前
@Connor Lancaster are you familiar with the subject matter?
Connor Lancaster
Connor Lancaster ヶ月 前
@Space Comma Are you asking if I collect sardine cans?
Patrick Galligan
Patrick Galligan ヶ月 前
It's not just a hobby! Didn't you hear the part where he made a "museum" out of them? This man is the curator of a museum!
Space Comma
Space Comma ヶ月 前
@Connor Lancaster Or a guy who collects sardine cans.
A Aa
A Aa ヶ月 前
You have certainly done a persistent and thorough investigation ! Thank you for solving this mystery for us, it was very interesting to watch
Unsaturated ヶ月 前
The lengths that you guys go to, truly incredible. . Your story telling skills are next level;.
lukilu 16 日 前
My dad and I really enjoyed this video. Thank you for your incredible efforts!
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas 22 日 前
Oh yes, this is the channel for me! 10/10 unleavable passion and brilliant journalism and narration. LOVE it.
_Paws_ ヶ月 前
The collector who made a museum of sardine cans is really like a bow to tie all the clues together. Museums, archives and libraries are really important no matter how bizarre their collection holds.
purplegill10 ヶ月 前
This is unbelievably true. So many connections to the past have been made through specific collectors who have a history that most overlook because it's, quite literally, one person's trash.
Blou Bear
Blou Bear ヶ月 前
Heroes you would not expect, in a field hidden on the ordinary.
Clara Mendes
Clara Mendes 16 日 前
Amazing! Thanks to everybody involved in this research!
Michael Alegre
Michael Alegre ヶ月 前
Thank you for making this content Vox Team. Ya'll did spend a lot of time for this video, it shows. This is the channel where you really need the notification bell.
22knives 8 日 前
I found myself unexpectedly moved by this report. The depth of the research, extent of the consultations, existence of a sardine can expert, and the final chapter hinging on oral history. Incredible. Very satisfying. Subscribed!
Dan Lane
Dan Lane ヶ月 前
Nice teamwork by everyone involved. Seems like everyone was enthusiastically helpful because of a mutual curiosity.
Andrew Christiansen
Andrew Christiansen ヶ月 前
I have a degree in anthropology, and studied archeology for years. This video reminded me of why I studied what I studied. Humans have baked history into the very soil beneath our feet. Great video.
Someone Nobody
Someone Nobody ヶ月 前
I'm taking an anthropology class in college (in Canada) and I really would like to make it my future career. Was it difficult getting a job with that degree? (Also what type of job/career path?) Hope you don't mind my curiosity 😊
Jo Ann Ersman
Jo Ann Ersman ヶ月 前
Don’t know nova…see Suspicious Observers channel aka Ben Davidson 〰️
Jonas Hartwig
Jonas Hartwig ヶ月 前
I am a trained retail salesman and these tin cans reminded me of the reason why I studied what I study and just give me a boost in my mood when standing there in the store and operating the register.
carlos dumbratzen
carlos dumbratzen ヶ月 前
That is what I thought aswell. I was so glad that they took an archaeologist on their expedition, as I ve seen too many of these videos where the end was inconclusive, because they didnt have experts to help them with what to look for.
Andrew constantino
Andrew constantino ヶ月 前
I’m currently majoring in anthropology, I feel you man! It’s so important for us to be in touch with our history and knowing what shaped the world around us!
Joanne Tolond
Joanne Tolond ヶ月 前
Beautiful content, well researched! Thank you Vox!
Robert Smith
Robert Smith ヶ月 前
I enjoyed watching this mystery unfold and how many avenues you had to go through to find the answers. And now you and everyone else knows! That was some terrific researching using the proper channels and then those who finally knew.
Joanna Mills
Joanna Mills ヶ月 前
I totally love ❤️ what you guys have done with this stuff!!👌. Keep doing great 👍 work. Bringing things like this to more peoples attention, thanks 🙏
Tim _BBQ
Tim _BBQ 4 日 前
Two thoughts...1) A sardine can collector brought focus to the search, who would have thunk that? 2) Bob needs a chat to remind him he is not the world expert he believes he is. A sardine can collector brought more to the game than Bob. I subscribed today. Thanks for sharing.
Droffilc Yaj
Droffilc Yaj ヶ月 前
This was such a well crafted content! Keep it up, Vox!
The Mind of Toñito
The Mind of Toñito ヶ月 前
Such an awesome ride through history brought to us by superb investigative journalism. Bravo everyone! I loved it!
Jacob Graber
Jacob Graber 28 日 前
What a well-produced and enthralling story. This was fantastic, who knew that a video about pits in the desert could keep you at the edge of your seat?
ibrah1324 ヶ月 前
Fun fact : the word *SAHARA* in arabic (صحراء) means desert, so the sahara desert literally means the desert desert
Lihao Yeong
Lihao Yeong ヶ月 前
I must say the Algerian team did a fantastic job documenting the exploration with all the footages and B-rolls. Now would like to see new satellite images of that area again with all the tire tracks and half dug up hole left behind by the team 😄
Dan Hale
Dan Hale ヶ月 前
Even though I watched this on my phone, I felt like I was part the investigative journey. Thank you ❤️
Andy Huang
Andy Huang 28 日 前
This video is amazing! I really love it, great job! It’s a shame you only provide English subtitles, I really want to share this with my parents but without Chinese subtitles there is no way they would watch it.
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