when BTS PUBLICLY roasted their haters

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Often, BTS don't give a sh*t about haters. But when they do, it always fascinates me how classy and savage their clap backs are. Indeed, they're no longer the naive and innocent boys that other artists looked down on. Success has been their sweetest revenge.

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Bubblee Pop
Bubblee Pop 19 日 前
Imagine hating BTS and seeing their faces almost EVERYWHERE.
Miss MintChoco
Miss MintChoco 4 日 前
Well I hope they're still ok 🤭🤭
AnayaLator_221 10 日 前
Love the video btw!! It’s so funny to me that that dude B-easy, or whatever tf his name is, is over here telling RM and Suga how that’s not hip-hop, this isn’t hip-hop, like YOU didn’t even invent hip-hop so how the hell do you know what hip hop is or isn’t supposed to be lol come over to the US and ask black folks, the global originators or hip-hop, what hip-hop is it isn’t, or shut the fuck up and be happy with what we gave you🙂
Meena Chandna
Meena Chandna 15 日 前
Ok bt This video was amajin💜💜
Meena Chandna
Meena Chandna 15 日 前
Can u pls make a seperate video for that jin song 😂 i really enjoyed it..and promise if u post it i ll stream hrd 😂
BTS_ ARMY! 4 時間 前
BTS does alot of work and by that amount of work and effort they got to a such a high point that the big amount of ARMYS can stop the hate from getting to them but we should still thank them bec they made many people happy like me and my BFFs and I'm sure a lot of other people in the world too and I'm really sorry for jk that he did a good act of kindness but they didn't accept it
Cataco 4 時間 前
😭 oh hell no why didn’t they eat the burgers like come on he’s so sweet for buying them like man who cares what others say man he bought them for y’all and u guys decide not to eat it like come on
Zeeshan Ahmed
Zeeshan Ahmed 6 時間 前
I feel really bad for jk
KiWi Tee
KiWi Tee 7 時間 前
I hv an acc on Instagram where I deal with antis, and Istg it's genuinely frustrating seeing soo much hate towards our boys for what? Making amazingly music and having millions of fans? Or is it cuz u urself aren't getting a girl cuz of them? Or better, maybe u are just Jealous they are everything u are NOT. Pathetic is the word for these ppl and I genuinely hope these idiots shut their ass up cuz we ARMYs will ALWAYS be there for em💖
Pari Jain
Pari Jain 10 時間 前
I've always known that they've had more struggle and hate than a normal human can handle but I never knew it was this bad and to this extent. The haters got what they deserved and BTS are reaping what they sow. I am in love with these seven amazing souls. Thank you so much for making such an amazing video!!
Shreya H.B
Shreya H.B 12 時間 前
11:22 I literally cried in that moment😭😭 Its really Heart breaking
Shreya H.B
Shreya H.B 12 時間 前
8:19 I literally got GOOSEBUMPS
Dale Allen
Dale Allen 14 時間 前
I’d love to see the haters doing the choreography. Then we could all get a laugh
Geeliana DLG
Geeliana DLG 14 時間 前
Wow how dare these people be so rude to BTS it really disgusted me it’s so sad
syafiqah shaharudin
syafiqah shaharudin 14 時間 前
I just can't with the BG..."Jin, I am worldwide handsome...ha..hello...yeah.." part...I srsly love this beat and just repeated it all over and over again=D Then Taetae getting mad cutely...
Shalom Toji
Shalom Toji 14 時間 前
From the story of bts we got a lesson even if we were beaten to the ground we will get up with smile and success 🥳..so don't PrOvoKe our BTS because we Army will make you regret it 😎
Lina The
Lina The 15 時間 前
I will always luv you BTS, the pain that you endured from these UNKIND, NEGATIVE people hurt me so muchhh 😭😭😭 especially baby Kookie's burgers got rejected. How could anyone behaved this kind of BAD manner from a kind young lad offered food? BTS forever luv💜💜💜.
Manya Goyal
Manya Goyal 15 時間 前
8:30 i m literally crying here ,like how jk endured it in full time while broadcasting the show and also listened thier taunts to that. Even after becoming famous they dont critisezed the others or look down on them
Alia Ara
Alia Ara 16 時間 前
Why are they so rude to little kookie🐰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
helleana mae
helleana mae 16 時間 前
years had passed but I still can't bring myself to watching how they treat jungkook back then :(
Shihara Latheef
Shihara Latheef 16 時間 前
In jk part I just need to hug him and calm him down Even i cried His face ... he is trying not to cry Poor baby😥
Insha Huzoor
Insha Huzoor 17 時間 前
i really started to cry at 11: 15 coz how they treated our baby jungkook....
Kesiana Palmer
Kesiana Palmer 19 時間 前
Hobi, great boss man when it comes to their choreography 👍
Amy@wai 20 時間 前
BTS 23 時間 前
I had never seen a video that hurt and remediated at the same time. Thank you for sharing this video with us, I believe that BTS deserve this video. Ah I remember next time add papa mochi to show it to the next generation
KatsuKreme 日 前
bro this makes me feel so bad for them like they try so hard they try their best but they still get hate
Haniya Ansari
somschimmy96 日 前
Honestly, I am a vegetarian, But I would take all the burgers from Jungkook just because he is offering them with such warmth. Such shitty people do not deserve our golden maknae! And for B-free and the ilk, the Cyphers, Ddaeng, Mic Drop are all that BTS has to offer. We need not waste our breaths and keyboards on them!
Avnita Vipin
Avnita Vipin 日 前
The Haters don't really know army very well I suppose.. i mean if they did, they wouldn't stoop so low
Avnita Vipin
Avnita Vipin 日 前
Awww... look! must be hard for haters to live in denial
Jahanvi Kashyap
"like your parents, my heart hurts every time i see you" *MIC DROP*
aina 日 前
jungkook and the hamburgers moment really broke my heart poor thing
Nina Fox
Nina Fox 日 前
Ouch - Kookie. My protective Mum personality want to get in there and sort those bullies out. Jealousy is a terrible thing. It means you know you don't match up to your victim.
Queenie. khan
Khushi Bhardwaj
BTS has absolutely been through soo much!
Youthmom2 日 前
Personally, I wouldn’t listen to bfree’s music if it was free. I’ll bet he regrets burning THAT bridge.
Trishalini.H 日 前
the person who did that to jungkook........he doent have a pure eye,he is a devil
Fakhar Injella
They've suffered so much and are still struggling... I really hope that win grammys this year!
AmyJ 日 前
I need that Jin song on spotify ASAP
Maddie Petersen
Omg when I saw them refusing jungkook when he bought burgers and drinks for them I cried.... like omg he only young don’t upset our handsome man
jacinta oconnor
jacinta oconnor 2 日 前
Poor JK was almost in tears. Nasty people.
Nanablackrose 2 日 前
I've been an ELF my entire life and I have never loved a KPOP band as much as I love ELF, until I finally gave in and listened to BTS. I don't even know who is who but I loved their vocals, the meaning behind their songs, and of course their variety shows. And then I searched for their past variety shows and I found the Kookie one, and I bawled. I wasn't even an Army then, just someone who was learning more about them, and I bawled because how he was treated was just horrendous. I can''t even watch Seho the same way, ever. But I love how Kookie got back at him though, and obviously how classy and savage the BTS members are when they deal with the haters. I wasn't intending to be come an army. I actually resisted for YEARS. I loved their music but initially that's it, and things had been tough and their music saved me. Literally. And so now, like how my close cousin who actually made me fall for BTS said, I'm down the rabbit hole and stuck here forever. And I'm happy and proud.
I'm crying over my babykook plzzz he's so soft 😢....I hope he's always happy💜....
Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh 2 日 前
i would die to have even leftovers from kookie's burger if he would have offered with this cute look , anyway such unlucky ppl 😏
Leila 2 日 前
i have already seen the video of jungkook and the hamburgers. My heart really cries even now. And every time I think if there was their son in place of jungkook. To behave like that with a little boy. Such a bad persons (assholes). I'm sorry but I have to say it!!
l 2 日 前
Im so proud of them always will
Kanak Kulshreshtha
if their are 1000 bts hater then their are half of the world as bts army
Dula 2 日 前
Chloe Deng
Chloe Deng 2 日 前
The saddest bit of this video was when Jungkookie gave the cast burgers but they refused and then criticized the burgers by saying they looked like leftovers. Poor Kookie. 💜🥺
Nisha 2 日 前
I feel very sad in the 9:49 moment junkookie is offering everyone food with excitement and those guys just-
Kanak Kulshreshtha
but i am sure if their was his hyungs i am sure the person who didn't take that precious burger was dead
Jeonxtae 2 日 前
Im sorry I'm supposed to be angry about the whole jin cant dance thing but the wwh song in the bg XXD to yall who say jin cant dance, try one move he does perfectly and we shall talk about it :))))
Exceptional Meno
Like your parents , my heart hurts every time i see you💀😂😂😂i am dying
BABY_RJ0430 2 日 前
I literally skip that jk's part.. I can't handle it..it really made me annoyed.. he really did that to our precious bunny 🐰
Devanshi Sahu
Devanshi Sahu 2 日 前
Actually sometimes in mv's i find all the seven dancers same
Devanshi Sahu
Devanshi Sahu 2 日 前
jin dances very well many people at his age cannot even ance the d of how jin dances
Lipakshi sharma
Lipakshi sharma 2 日 前
Close ur eyes and just feel the music from 13:25 to 13:40 I m speechless Lv u BTS.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
purplequeen21 2 日 前
My blood boils whenever I see the jungkook burger clip.. I mean how could fellow koreans be rude to him.. this made me change the way I look at those comedians and eventhough they made up I still don't like them. They are not funny to me. Even if they did not want to eat right at that moment they could have been polite and said thank you. I think their true personalities showed at that moment.
Luna Sakura
Luna Sakura 2 日 前
First of all its so fucking annoying when people don't focus on themselves like let bts do what they want bro first of all they were all hating but let me tell you dis I haved never seen any of their celebrities dat they like Achieve a population like bts so they should be ones to shut up not us
LB 3 日 前
Even today when I watch jungooks video I cannot control my tears.. god for humanity sake you should respect all...
_ Arzu
_ Arzu 3 日 前
My heart is boiling with anger seeing what they did to jungkook he was just a polite and friendly fellow then and they brats ruined his day but after all he keeps smiling is the kindest act to see
Lizzy 3 日 前
If I see the haters I will slap them on the cheeks without any hesitation how can you even hesitate my idols and when they become popular you come and huge them ah if you again come I will just kill you 🤬🤬🤬🤬 bts love you and purple you forever 💜 💜💜💜💜💜
Kim Y/N
Kim Y/N 3 日 前
U refused jungkook's hamburgers, huh? I can see it coming closer to you I can see hell coming closer to you
val torres
val torres 3 日 前
I should have never watched this before going to bed. JK and RM-SG's incidents were very depressing 🤯 can't believe those adults
Alex&Pachi Bernardo
Jk has the purest and kindest heart 💙 how can someone be so humble like him? Success and fame didn't change jungkook.
P atchz
P atchz 3 日 前
Jealousy is a powerful emotion and the haters are just green with envy over BTS's talent and popularity. I will turn 69 in a week and I love the boys, so It shows they have wide appeal as well. Sorry I did not know any of the other guys that were making nasty comments, so take that for what it is worth. And who the heck is Bee Free....? Are they some sort of apiculture farmers?
Rutheena Jonah
Rutheena Jonah 3 日 前
The Jungkook burger incident broke my heart
Arshiya Jain
Arshiya Jain 3 日 前
5:57 proud joonieee
Zara Rasool
Zara Rasool 3 日 前
Idk how many years has it been, but i cannot forget jk face when those people rejected his kind gesture by bring them food
💜 BTS 아미 ⟭⟬
9:36 this whole part broke my heart 😢 give me hope
KauR Sumanjeet
KauR Sumanjeet 3 日 前
It's 8:30 IST, and i m watching this video when i see Jungkook part, my heart breaks into million of pieces😭 how those rude f**king people can do this to a 19 years old kid. Litteraly they were so idiots, instead of thanking him for buying food for them also, they accused him😭😭 Ohh my Kookie, you deserves all the universe my love💜 u are such a love😭😭😭
Ishaana Rahman
Ishaana Rahman 3 日 前
SIDDHI_Army💜 3 日 前
I truly believe that BTS fandom is the luckiest fandom...💜
mystry 939
mystry 939 3 日 前
Ah jungkook and burgers.. That hurt to watch again. I remember KooKie was so hurt the next live he kept asking fans not to vote for him so that he doesnt go to winning team otherwise they would hate him more.
Nodus Tollens 🌻
I love passive aggressive BTS 💜️💜️😂😂
Nandini Grover
Nandini Grover 3 日 前
however kiddish Jin act as the fake maknae. he is the eldest and the wisest. Love him so much
H & S
H & S 3 日 前
I’m still crying over jk burgers They were so rude towards him.. Atleast now they got know the mistake they made Jk is literally the sweetest kindest person 💜💜💜💜saranghae borahae
siji flyworld
siji flyworld 3 日 前
i cried after seeing junkook kindly buying them food and they said it looked like leftovers and didnt eat it his face him smiling after makes it more sad am i the only one who cried a fter seeing that?
Brenda K Agyekum
What is that Dynamite remix edit from I need that in my life 3:13. As someone who is a music eclectic I must say that diss to B-free was superb and since I love hip-hop, the same way as RM has love for Nas, he knows what's real (I also love Nas ... and is praying for a collab with that being stated) Rap is a part of Hip Hop it's in the culture, it's a sub genre but it's still in the category of hip-hop so B-free wack ass rapping (because I tried to tune into what was trash) didn't have any comeback. Since I am not Korean I can't speak for that but for Hip-Hop yes I can if we are speaking about the culture. Now I have said my peace. Also Suga went in on his verse in my opinion he is top- tier when it comes to flow and his pen-game is insane (don't know if he writes them) but his delivery is immaculate.
Grace Sarmiento
Grace Sarmiento 3 日 前
Great video. I learned a lot about the mistreatment done to BTS by hateful, jealous and narrow minded people. Thank you. Have an awesome day.
purxplearmy 4 日 前
Jin is amazing at dancing. Why would anyone say such a thing? They are only saying it because they are jealous of him.
BTSForever_Army 4 日 前
I wish if I was there I would've eaten all of the hamburgers even tho I don't like them but I will love them just for jungkook to feel better. don't worry bts if someone hates on u guys there is a lot of reasons why they are just so Jealous and Jealousy is a disease, so we have to wait until they get well soon. I LOvE U BTS FOREVER AND FOREVER WILL 💜💜💜💜💜
CreZent🌙 4 日 前
Who do these dum looking people think they are talking crap bout our precious 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜?? The way 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 shut them up tho ( ̄へ  ̄ 凸
Khushi Ghadge
Khushi Ghadge 4 日 前
10.32 I really felt bad about jungkook oppa. They treated him so bad.They said it looked like leftover.But.....now they must be feel ashamed for themselves. 😊😇
Mz. Paula B.
Mz. Paula B. 4 日 前
Damn! That was so unnecessary to act in such an ignorant way towards Jungkook 😡. This also shows how Jungkook showed 100% professionalism, courtesy & kindness. Hmmmf, I betcha those fellas (cast, crew, mgmt, etc) are ALL wishing they'd taken a page from Jungkook's book of manners & etiquette on that day...now, they must live in complete shame...something they ALL deserve. I'm feeling quite proud right now, for this is the kinda mess that pisses me off, past the point of pisstivity & I wouldn't let this scene continue...I would've taken Jungkook outta there for the FEAR that I wouldn't HOLD BACK the can of whoop ass I'd definitely hand to them ALL. Much luv & respect goes out to ALL 7 members of BTS & ARMY💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Miss MintChoco
Miss MintChoco 4 日 前
I already Forgot the jungkook variety show, the bfree issue. But the angry feeling came back when I watch this again. Just like Jin once said, when someone say bad things about them, good things are coming to Bangtan." Well Bangtan keep rising.
Bidime Mo
Bidime Mo 4 日 前
13:40 was amaJin 😌😎✨🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
✨️sandra bts⟭⟬ ⁷💜
We armies are everyday roasting haters😏😎💜
Kr 486
Kr 486 4 日 前
I literally cried on that Jonkook's situation with burgers. I am not an army I just like theirs RUN BTS and other shows cuz they are curing my depression and I cannot help feeling grateful for that
Teekshnaa Purmanan
Honestly i'm not the type of person who would cry over an emotional scene or something but the part where jungkook was not treated well on that variety show reallly broke my heart and made me cry. P.S i love you BTS
juju wel
juju wel 4 日 前
15:49 So rude this piece of crap. Putting words to Suga's mouth and didnt even let him finish what he's about to say. I wonder where this weirdo are now.
juju wel
juju wel 4 日 前
12:28 the audacity of that guy (yeah, i dont know his name, not interested) to show his face again to Jungkook. And knowing Jungkook is the first one to message him just to clear the air - boils my blood to the highest point. My Jungkook is such a kind man.
juju wel
juju wel 4 日 前
10:35 this scene breaks my heart. Jungkook being polite and thoughtful while these bastards are being so rude to him.
Hollis 4 日 前
people attack bts and hate on them bc of how amazing they are like all they do is be themselves and be good people to all those people fuck off
Jun Kai
Jun Kai 4 日 前
18:27 BTS, You guys are one of the very best thing that ever happened to my life! Even tho i'm just a one of millions of ARMY, I'm happy and proud to be one!
Jun Kai
Jun Kai 4 日 前
8:30 No, nope, I cannot watch. My poor JK...he was young. Our boy really mature back then. Can't imagine how he felt inside. I just wanna be there for him in PERSONNNNNN!!!
Neriza De Arce
Neriza De Arce 4 日 前
Its so sad that some artist are using them just to gain views/popularity. I remember one of the speech from Cardi B - she thank all of her fans, the one who love/like her and the one who criticized her because of the end of day they will still check and make her popular. The only difference is BTS does have Army to protect and support them. Im so proud to be part of this Fandom.. They deserve all the great things because they do care of all of us.
Srishti Kaninde
Srishti Kaninde 4 日 前
i literally feel like my soul is rotted in hell and my heart and mind are on fire..... WHY TF DID THEY TREAT JUNGKOOK LIKE THAT???????
Sneha Singh
Sneha Singh 4 日 前
What the hell?I mean jin is good at dancing though who the fuck dares to say he's not good at dancing
Rashi Aggarwal
Rashi Aggarwal 4 日 前
Just one thing to say…..we stan kings 👑😎
N Neichan
N Neichan 4 日 前
I actually can't watch what those hosts did to JungKook. I am so mad about that I could spit nails.
XxKuu.DerexX 5 日 前
Jungkook didn't deserve that, he was so friendly and kind to everyone...but all he got is bullying. I wanna beat the shit out of that man so bad, even if It happened years ago. That thing made me almost tear up. I hate the world...everyone bullies the wrong people all of the time. And the thing is that he brought those burgers with HIS money. And then he had to throw them anyway bc they were "left overs"
Siddhi Nahata
Siddhi Nahata 5 日 前
18:12 which song is this?
Roshni Yadav
Roshni Yadav 5 日 前
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