What were the WORST moves of the offseason? | QOD 4

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Michael Wang
Michael Wang ヶ月 前
Ravens: ronnie stanley, dobbins, edwards, peters are back from injury. Insane secondary, offense should be back to business
Tim Busbee
Tim Busbee ヶ月 前
Steelers going to the Super Bowl!!! Seriously between this and Raiders. Mike Tomlin can go to the playoffs with a zombie Ben and Mason, I think they can do well with Kenny and Mitch. They just need to beef up the secondary and O Line a bit more. Raiders feel really close to complete and I can see them trying for a push.
Sean Jacobson
Sean Jacobson ヶ月 前
More like Steelers to get under 9-8 and lose their winstreak
bencarlson95 ヶ月 前
The Browns, they have their QB of the future now and if he performs like he has in the past, a deep playoff run is not out of the question.
Bradley Maravalli
I would agree but only if Watson is suspended for less than 8 games.
Dominic Faison
Dominic Faison ヶ月 前
Going to be suspended for 6 games at minimum. You spend that kind of money you should expect an immediate return on your money
Alex H
Alex H ヶ月 前
He’ll have to dodge that suspension first
Michael Prew
Michael Prew ヶ月 前
Gotta be the Saints and Ravens Saints looked great before Jameis' injury, and now his receiving core is greatly improved. Sure, losing Armstead hurts, but they made alot of improvements in other areas. Ravens were 8-3 prior to Lamar's injury and just had the best draft in the league. They're defense got much better, and injured guys are returning. I dont think they need a great recieving core, and I expect Bateman to take a big step up
Lewis Boakai
Lewis Boakai ヶ月 前
the baltimore ravens. they were 8-3 w a depleted backfield n secondary prior to lamar being injured. they will bolster up the wr in someway shape or form n lamar has proved he can win without a superstar receiver. the defense will be more stout w the return of marlon n marcus peters our offense will be better as well w the return of our 2 main running backs
Justin Banner
Justin Banner ヶ月 前
We need another WR imo. Someone to stretch the field like a Will Fuller and I think we'll be fine
Team Athena The Entertainer
Our Vikings O will be awesome with Kirk and his crew coming back, addition of Irv Smith, young recievers will be good and a 4.3 RB in draft. Also Irv Smith Junior coming back. Only big question is depth at CB but our CB play was bad last year so as long is it improves the chance for us to make a deep playoff run is there. Last year we could play with anyone all year, our D lacked in all the losses but with Danielle Hunter back and others helping the D get faster and just better, I think Minnesota could be very very good dominant team playing with leads.
CheezyLocust ヶ月 前
Now I feel like the eagles are going to make a good run for the Super Bowl. I don’t feel like AJ Brown was the answer completely but adding him definitely gives hurts another option to goedert and smith. The defense is only better than it was last year. I feel like they’ll make a good run and as an eagles fan I feel they’ll go all the way
Fahim Ratul
Fahim Ratul ヶ月 前
Eagle might actually be competitive. Hurts now has some real weapons behind a competent O-line. Slay has been much better and they just got Bradberry. The addition of Jordan Davis should also be mentioned.
Corey Carpenter
Corey Carpenter ヶ月 前
The Steelers are being disrespected again (what’s new?) and every oddsmaker has them at last place in the AFC north. So too did they have the bengals at the bottom at the start of last year. The Steelers will make the Super Bowl in 2022 for the following reasons: - We have the reigning DPOY TJ Watt, veteran playmaker Cam Heyward, Minkah Fitzpatrick at safety, and two key interior DL hopefully returning, Stephon Tuitt and Tyson Alualu. This crew while healthy in 2020 headed the league in overall defensive categories. - The Steelers actually did something about their below mediocre O-line by bringing in a couple of free agents. The rest of the line will start at no earlier stage than as second year players. - Najee Harris is a dawg - George Pickens is a dawg - Calvin Austin will burn the league with his straight line speed - Kenny Pickett is the next Dan Marino
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico ヶ月 前
The next Dan Marino😂
Mike shocking gents Pence
Steelers definitely being disrespected but super bowl is a stretch. I wish the steelers luck tho: that team deserves to do well after the tragedy of Dwayne Haskins.
Edward Merriam
Edward Merriam ヶ月 前
This sounds weird, but (other than my Raiders) I'd say that the Detroit Lions and New York Jets are both dark horse contenders, or will at least make noise. Both Detroit and New York have had a great off-season and plenty of young talent with fresh coaches. The Brady-Belichick era is over in the AFC East, and the Packers have only a few years left of NFC North supremacy. At the very least, I think these two teams can make noise and become future contenders.
wildbat909 ヶ月 前
lions suck haha jets do too
LoganB. ヶ月 前
The Ravens. I wouldn’t expect it, but if it lines up and if Lamar Jackson gets hot at the right time they could get to the Super Bowl. Sense the whole team was injured they didn’t meat their potential last year.
Austin Beats
Austin Beats ヶ月 前
What about the 49ers? What if deebo comes back and the outside chance happens that trey lance becomes a superstar? That would be fun
Neema Gabayan
Neema Gabayan ヶ月 前
Dark horse Super Bowl Contender: Baltimore Ravens. With all the injuries last year, they still almost made the playoffs. If fully healthy, they can make a very deep run, especially considering how people are not expecting them to be as good as years prior
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico ヶ月 前
If Lamar can show up in the playoffs
Team Athena The Entertainer
Vikings are Super Bowl contenders in my opinion with healthy, plus revamped and therefore improved D. Have our bets vets coming back plus a freaky fast safety and great linebackers in Jordan Hicks and Zadarius Smith, also Phillips on D line. CB still a ?
Matthew Connolly
Matthew Connolly ヶ月 前
I think it's fair to say that the Bengals are a dark horse at this point. Ever since losing the super bowl, everyone has been plcing them towards the bottom again. I see some places where they have them under .500 and last in the AFCN.
Alex H
Alex H ヶ月 前
On books their line is 9.5 wins
What If Brigade
What If Brigade ヶ月 前
The Bears signing guard Dakota Dozier was one of worst off-season moves.
callumknowsNFL ヶ月 前
Saints it’s easy nobody seems to talk about how complete this roster is they made a already really good defence amazing and improved on the worst position group last year in the receiver group and jameis was really good before he got injured. I feel with all the explosive playmakers they added along with the defence they have a really good chance to shock people in a weak NFC
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler ヶ月 前
@Ned Flanders like he didn’t play good okay
Sam Rosendahl
Sam Rosendahl ヶ月 前
The saints look great on paper and Jamis was solid and I’m happy he’s getting a shot, but the saints draft was far from great the value was horrible to trade away future picks for a receiver and tackle this draft, your defense is going to be amazing, but I don’t see how you have an offense without Payton and I don’t trust denis Allen as a HC
Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders ヶ月 前
Too bad they have Jamies Winston as the QB
Josue ヶ月 前
Saints are absolutely a sleeper for a deep run. 5-2 before Jameis got hurt last season, and he was playing well. If he stays healthy he's going to have a great year. And despite starting 57 different players over last season they were still knocking on the door for the last wild card spot. This off-season has only gotten better with the return of Thomas and additions of Olave, Penning, Mathieu, and Landry. Taysom moving back to his gadget position will also allow the offense to open up a lot more again. Kamara is going to be an even bigger threat now that the offense won't revolve around him like it did last season due to all the injuries. Losing Sean Payton isn't the worst thing as the Dennis Allen will maintain a top 5 defense and Carmichael will continue Payton's offensive playbook.
Albert9202 ヶ月 前
Saints are a dark horse. . Winston have a good coaching staff.MT,Chris olive and Landry with Alvin Kamara. In weak NFC, only have Bucs and Rams SB contenders. Got Tyran Matthew. Best secondary in the league.
James Winslow
James Winslow ヶ月 前
No sean payton though
Incendium Aquila
Incendium Aquila ヶ月 前
Ravens have a forgotten mvp who is always portrayed as bad, and their injuries were atrocious last year which makes me think they can win.
Nick Knack
Nick Knack ヶ月 前
I’d say the dolphins are an interesting case. God tier receivers, better o-line, and a really good defense. Tua is average but he’s not bad. The dolphins are preparing for a deep run.
Big O
Big O ヶ月 前
I’d say ravens if they even count. 8-3 before Lamar went down with a roster demicated with injuries. Bateman going j to his 2nd year and dobbins coming back should both help the offense tremendously. Then all the guys that got banged up d coming back we well. No reason that they can’t make the sb this year for if they can stay healthy
Team Athena The Entertainer
I wish they would pick up the former Giants CB Bradberry but so far they haven’t. Know anything about that? Him with Patrick Peterson and the young guys backing those two up would be exciting. I firmly believe you need god coverage guys to win a SB
DJ Cook
DJ Cook ヶ月 前
Dark horse sb contender? Steelers. Fixed OL, improved WRs, got a qb that can avoid the first tackler 😂 I see them going way farther than others do
dubsflick ヶ月 前
Funny seeing you here lmao
LVL7 ヶ月 前
Cardinals are easily a dark horse sb team their brining back basically the same exact roster and they’ve added depth at every position and I think people underrate how much of an impact jj made on our defense when he was healthy our defense was top 10 and we have star players all over the board and some promising rookies
Tim Busbee
Tim Busbee ヶ月 前
I'm sorry which one? Can't be Ronald Moore ranked 49 according to PFF. Green and Brown were ranked even lower than him.
LVL7 ヶ月 前
@Tim Busbee without Dhop our receiving core is still top 10
Eric Chevez
Eric Chevez ヶ月 前
And chandler Jones left too
Tim Busbee
Tim Busbee ヶ月 前
D Hop suspended and Kirk gone is pretty significant.
Team Athena The Entertainer
What do you think worst Vikings pick was in the draft?
Yeda'ya Finkelman
Probably the vikings. cousins, jefferson, thielen and cook have all the potential with a new head coach, and as they say, offense wins championships
Sam Rosendahl
Sam Rosendahl ヶ月 前
My dark horse SB contenders: Chargers, colts, dolphins, raiders. And I didn’t include the Broncos because they aren’t a dark horse but they are a light horse.
Bradley Maravalli
NFC: New Orleans Saints AFC: Las Vegas Raiders
Christopher C
Christopher C ヶ月 前
Agree with the jags talking point but I think they had to pay that money because no one wants to go there lol
Michael Prew
Michael Prew ヶ月 前
True, but they couldve just drafted recievers as well.
Sean Jacobson
Sean Jacobson ヶ月 前
McDaniel gonna carry the Dolphins to the AFC championship in his first year may even be a top 3 team in terms of record come years end. The talent on both sides of the ball is unreal and Tua will flourish for the first time in his career
Sean Jacobson
Sean Jacobson ヶ月 前
@Tim Busbee If anyone can do it, McDaniel can. I believe.
Tim Busbee
Tim Busbee ヶ月 前
Dolphins beating out the Bills? Interesting take. More than likely to get a wild card game at best.
Zachary Stewart
Zachary Stewart ヶ月 前
The commanders. Prime sirloin Wentz returns with his best receiving core he has ever had. Ron's D gets healthy and back to top 5. They ride the weak NFC and division to victory
Zachary Stewart
Zachary Stewart ヶ月 前
Also thanks for the feature :)
christian ヶ月 前
Ima be laughing when trevon walker has a better career than adain Hutchison
StewMain6 ヶ月 前
Eagles. Raiders. If Watson plays, Browns. Broncos (I don’t think peps think they are contenders but are a much improved team). Ravens as the top dog dark horse.
Lucas CJ81
Lucas CJ81 ヶ月 前
Jaguars #1 for sure
pig droppings
pig droppings ヶ月 前
Worst move of last year was former QB Brees getting hair plugs for TV.
James Winslow
James Winslow ヶ月 前
Dak's contract really isn't that bad, its derek carr level of money.
Dcw7777 ヶ月 前
Lion's going to better than people think. Defense improved and offense has a lot of weapons plus all buying in they will be a tough game no matter who they play. Not saying Super bowl but way improved.
Tommy Wolmart
Tommy Wolmart ヶ月 前
The commanders 🤙
James Kirk
James Kirk ヶ月 前
I'm really high on the eagles to make a deep playoff run. Idk about Superbowl but I could definitely see them make the NFC championship game
The Happy Hawaiian
dark horse, Raiders
G Grant
G Grant ヶ月 前
Travon Walker is the most athletic defensive linemen in the history of the draft. I dont see how taking him #1 is one of the worst moves in the offszn. Cannot wait to come back when Hutch is underwhelming and Walker is everything they thought
christian ヶ月 前
@detroitonbigwill maybe remember he plays for the lions lol 😂
detroitonbigwill ヶ月 前
Hutch will be defensive rookie of the year
Timothy Norat
Timothy Norat ヶ月 前
Dark horse Suoerbowl favorites. 1. Minnesota Vikings. Look at their roster. It's really nice on paper. Green Bay has let off the gas. Who knows? 2. Philadelphia Eagles. What if we see strong progress from Hurts? He led the league in rushing at his position. Is he the next Lamar Jackson? What about the fresh WR room? Not to mention they play in a weak division. Who knows? 3. Detroit Lions. Since we are doing a dark horse list heck let's go full on dark horse. Roll the dice! Goff has a Superbowl appearance on his resumé. Aidin Hutchinson might be a 12 sack guy! Add Jameson Williams and suppose he gives you 1200 yards. Factor in Dan Campbell's coaching chip on his shoulder. Who knows? Huge long shot on this one... 4. Seattle Seahawks. This team is expected to suck after losing Wilson, but they added three starters and 4 draft premium draft picks in the process. If Lock reaches his potential throwing to Lockett and Metcalf and they get those RBs going. Who knows? Long shot but maybe 5. LA Chargers. They aren't the favorites to even win their division. They haven't won their division in decades. But is this the best team in the league on paper. Two WR1s. Two premier pass rushers. The best up n coming QB in the league (strictly based off of last year's stats). A potent secondary! Gutsy coaching. What's not to like here?
Weston Gunningham
Worst list I've ever seen maybe in my life
Vladimir Milord
Vladimir Milord ヶ月 前
A dark horse Superbowl team gotta be Miami
One Nation Underground
Christopher C
Christopher C ヶ月 前
For real
RattPackguy ヶ月 前
Raiders 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
Nutella Nosmella
Nutella Nosmella ヶ月 前
Broncos baby
Santi Calvario
Santi Calvario ヶ月 前
The cowboys comment was dumb
Angel Cotto AJT
Angel Cotto AJT ヶ月 前
i think the DARKEST horse is the giants. the defense is sneaky good. they showed that the last few years. its all about the offense. and with Mike Kafka and Brian Daboll in there there’s a 1% chance this offense catches its stride. and if it does lets not forget who the heck they have, Kenny G, Kadarius Toney, Shep, Wan’Dale Robinson, Saquon Barkley, and DJ. this team’s success will come down to 2 things.. whether or not the new coaching staff can modernize this offense. and if the offensive line can take a major improvement. if those things happen i can easily see the Giants winning 10 games with them having statically the easiest schedule in the NFL
christian ヶ月 前
I like your take as a giants fan but we’ll be lucky to win 5 games lol
detroitonbigwill ヶ月 前
Artem Kripalenko
Artem Kripalenko ヶ月 前
Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 4 sentadillas son unos LIKESEX.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortalesn abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.k
Lil_Mar ヶ月 前
Cowgirls sacred is of a rebuild
Angel ヶ月 前
and you are scared of grammer apparently
Vic ヶ月 前
Hot take for a Dark Horse contender: The LA Chargers. I think if the stars align, they have a chance to make a run. If Herbert continues to progress, the team doesn't have injury troubles, and their star players all have great years I think it's possible they could make a run. To be clear: I don't think the Chargers will win (my way too early pick is the Bills), but figured I'd give a hot take since I'm seeing a lot of ppl give similar answers
Cameron Cox
Cameron Cox ヶ月 前
If Sam darnold isn't trash this year the Panthers are big time contenders
Peter Sydow
Peter Sydow ヶ月 前
@Dominic Faison I have no ill will towards Panthers, but You can't look past qb and you can't look past tb and no in your own group.
Dominic Faison
Dominic Faison ヶ月 前
@Peter Sydow When you look past QB, sure lol The NFC is top heavy. You paid no attn to what the Panthers did offseason. Panthers are built just as well as those teams and better than most. We were building our trenches while other teams were signing WRs
Peter Sydow
Peter Sydow ヶ月 前
@Dominic Faison and you think that Panthers are better than TB,GB,SF,NO or Rams ?funny
Peter Sydow
Peter Sydow ヶ月 前
@Dominic Faison you making no sense if nfc is so weak, How come last 2 superbowl winners are from nfc? Tampa blew kc out.Green Bay and Tampa had 13 win seasons I am pretty sure that Tampa beat all the afc teams they faced last year.
Dominic Faison
Dominic Faison ヶ月 前
@Peter Sydow Darkhorse playoff contenders but not SB or anything like that. NFC is that weak that a team that’s fixed a lot of things can sneak in
Lil_Mar ヶ月 前
Angel ヶ月 前
lol cowboys division is weak? you do know there is weaker division right? yea such a weak division 2 teams made it to the playoffs. lol ma boi you reaching. and i think you need to actually do research on how cowboys work. they know how to draft and know how to develop their own players unlike other teams that are just bad at it. say all you want about mcarthy but he better than jason and many fans wanted cowboys to get urban you saw how that turned out and mcarthy with an actual team led to a 12-5 record. you might dak lost to the jimmy and yea so did your mvp arod who supposedly is better🤷‍♂️.
Angel ヶ月 前
@Serendipitous Slim dak dalton😂 that shii was funny
Serendipitous Slim
@Angel just because other divisions are worse doesn’t make the NFC East NOT bad. The NFC East now is kinda like the AFC East was in the Brady era (not quite THAT bad but you get the point) you know Dallas is going to win it. Has it gotten more competitive? Yes, I expect to the Giants to be a much better team this year. Washington is a question mark and Philly has a solid defense, a good WR1 but they also have young QB who has yet to fully prove himself. Odds are still that Dallas is gonna take the division. Again. Unfortunately Dak seems to lose the clutch gene once he enters the playoffs. Dak Dalton 😂
Angel ヶ月 前
@One Nation Underground afc south, nfc north and nfc south were worse do your reaserch pal.
One Nation Underground
NFC East is absolute garbage.
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