What's in the Box? with Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes! - Episode 09

Kevin Smith
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Screen Junkies sends Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes a bunch of toys and other fun stuff to make sure it works properly and to get all the cool out of it! Watch weekly as they find out What's in the Box?
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Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong 30 分 前
eric siggins
eric siggins 日 前
Me n my cousin used them as extras and villains against the turtles and foot clan
Locomamonk 7 日 前
This is mindblowing! I loved the movie when I was a kid! Great choice!
Kay Day
Kay Day 8 日 前
Jason Mewes is an American gem.
ME & G
ME & G 12 日 前
you forgot Howard the duck
Josh Kaid
Josh Kaid 18 日 前
Wait... if they made a Blank toy with a removable mask that shows that it's a woman... Then they DID make a "girl" action figure. So what the fuck are you talking about Kev?
jake jhonson
jake jhonson 19 日 前
someone crap in a box and send it to them i wanna see the reaction to that like"oh hey its one of my movies which one is it..DOGMA"
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton 19 日 前
Watching this is therapeutic to me. Its like watching the price is right as a kid and u sick. Watching it makes u feel better. Thanks kevin and jason!
Trashboat 20 日 前
In this video: Jay and Kevin play with their dicks
anime king
anime king 22 日 前
Jason i want one of those shirts one of my favorite movies
Martin Sandberg
Martin Sandberg 23 日 前
let jay make a movie, it would be funny, action packed and fuckt 🤣🤣🤣🤣
American Taxpayer
I really enjoy what's in the box!
Awesome Empi
Awesome Empi 24 日 前
What if Michael Keaton played a gangster in Johnny Dangerously.
coloreo666 24 日 前
Jay lowkey kicked Kevin's ass with his point about The Phantom, lol.
bootleggodzilla1 25 日 前
have em open some laser discs of kevins movies or some of his fav movies that would be cool
bootleggodzilla1 25 日 前
im guessing the line of figs were all suppose to have fabric coats (i think the prototypes had em) but none of em have em in the actual releases. kinda weird cuz dick tracy is missing his signature yellow overcoat.
BroImpeccable 26 日 前
“Fuck your toys, suck my Dick..Tracy” *buh-dum-tss
Robert Karre
Robert Karre 26 日 前
Not that it matters in just confused. Love Kevin Smith big or smaller. He's just a super funny person and would love to have him as my best friend.... As long as He's healthy and happy doesnt matter. He's he same funny person eithet way
Robert Karre
Robert Karre 26 日 前
Wait I'm confused is this before Kevin Smith lost weight and before his heart attack? He still seems like the old big self?
Freak3473 26 日 前
The Phantom and Flash Gordon 1936. Successful Comic Book Movies. Love you guys.
Keira bear
Keira bear 26 日 前
Remember when jay was the “main” well, I think bob now is the new “main”/favorite 😂 Can I just say, I got a need help drug add at the end of this video. They try to get adds to match the videos....
Keira bear
Keira bear 26 日 前
Omg......this is iconic.
iconik 2333
iconik 2333 26 日 前
would love to see some vintage StarBlazers Toys.....there action figures were so movable for time.... and or SilverHawks....
DM85FOTO 26 日 前
Where does The Crow feature on the comic to film timeline? My personal favourite film of all time.
ZygoticGoose 27 日 前
I hope that porn video was real, I believe that guy man!
Pepe Po
Pepe Po 27 日 前
Kevin!!!!!!!!!! Where is my episode!!!WHAT'S IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!
Kareem Bland
Kareem Bland 27 日 前
Kevin Smith too funny..."suck my DICK...Tracy" LOL
futuramayeah 27 日 前
where's the Rocket !?, oh wait , wrong movie
Chris Prisque
Chris Prisque 27 日 前
Open up nerf guns
JoKa 28 日 前
i was one of the nobodys that collected this line, still have em all back at my childhood home too! boy oh boy did me and my bud and I covet that Blank figure, which he finally wound up buying many years later. only cost him about 350 back then though. #priceless
treydbestmc 28 日 前
Jason mews can sit his ball bags on my head anytime he wants for as long as he wants
Miles Geary
Miles Geary 28 日 前
I had all these figures back in the day. And the Waterworld figures. And both movies were great. They should do the Shadow toyline next. Alec Baldwin figure 😎
Bravo Fox2
Bravo Fox2 28 日 前
When I have a shitty day i watch these guys , it all goes away. 🤘👍
jake jhonson
jake jhonson 29 日 前
can dick tracy end up in robot chicken that would be awesome
Kathy Erickson
Kathy Erickson 29 日 前
I love these videos and love to see these guys together! I am SO glad Kevin is healthier now...just watching him sweat doing this video made me sad. Or maybe it was the toys...
Ricky Dschaak
Ricky Dschaak 29 日 前
When does the remake come out?
Eric Harris
Eric Harris 29 日 前
I want to see your movie but i don’t have a movie rental near me I have a drive in do you guys have the out there at all and if you do what movies wood you see or show there if you can I Doubt You will see my response but I hope you do you guys are busy with all your stuff but keep the good work up
Eric Harris
Eric Harris 29 日 前
Lol your wife is funny Kevin I bet your happy with her and if she left you I think you wood kill people lol not really but you wood flip out or do something you will regret
Eric Harris
Eric Harris 29 日 前
Hey Kevin have you thought about a zombie movie at all ? Or do a George a Romero Movie remake but do a good job plz I love those movies idk about you but I think you wood do a good job on it if it’s not like Return of the living dead where they eat brains and electricity Can kill them and nothing else well I main the movies after 3 they are ok not great but hey what can you do when they chopped off your lags as a movie
Eric Harris
Eric Harris 29 日 前
Have you seen the Godzilla toys ?
Eric Harris
Eric Harris 29 日 前
In my stay we can still hang people for cattle theft that Vermont lol can’t spit on the side walk as well or Scan a cat under water as well and women need there dads or husbands promise to get there teeth pulled
Eric Harris
Eric Harris 29 日 前
I remember that watch I wood have love that thing if it actually worked but now we have IPhone watch lol what a joke
Eric Harris
Eric Harris 29 日 前
Love you both need more movies with you both in them or do more if you can love you both thank you
Jake Rodney
Jake Rodney 29 日 前
give us more!!!!! please
AnantaKrsna das
AnantaKrsna das 29 日 前
i , literally, just downloaded , like, 5 dick tracy classic serials. hours and hours.... weird synconicity. im from NJ too...lol
Ben Parkhurst
Ben Parkhurst 29 日 前
Howard the duck!
Jesse Vargas
Jesse Vargas 29 日 前
I'm Dick Tracy! Take that Prune Face! Now I'm Prune Face! Take that Dick Tracy! Now I'm Prune Tracy! Take that Dick Face!
M Sh
M Sh ヶ月 前
Billy Zane was the bomb in Phantom, yo
Miles Geary
Miles Geary 28 日 前
Billy Zane as Lex Luthor needs to happen. Come on Warner Bros!
Greg V
Greg V ヶ月 前
This is such a great (show) to watch I love these episodes.. makes my day so much better!
MintBerry Crunch
MintBerry Crunch ヶ月 前
During the intro you GOTTA add the clip from Se7en of Brad Pitt saying "WHATS IN THE BOX?"
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