What is "Perfect" Video Game Combat?

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I am genuinely so happy to finally release this, so much work went into this video so I REALLY hope you guys love it as much as I do!

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CircleToonsHD ヶ月 前
Months of work went into this video, I seriously hope you guys love it! Thank you for all the amazing support as always! Now I'm gonna go play some Halo Infinite
NeostormXLMAX 3 日 前
is this entire video a jab at borderlands series? cuz almost all of your points of bad gameplay apply, especially the upgrade system with 15% more damage or some shit like enemys scaling with player and having no difference
Ben Ben
Ben Ben 7 日 前
Did you play spider man on the PlayStation
Lil boiii
Lil boiii 9 日 前
I luv it
Wars of the Blade
Skyrim is third person and also this is no
Willmeister 110
Willmeister 110 11 日 前
I think monster Hunter rise or worlds combat is very good
MrContrastColors 10 時間 前
I love how at the end he just pulled out the glock and started shooting up the place
RiddleFitt [UwU]
RiddleFitt [UwU] 13 時間 前
POV: the boss becomes weak enough to be used as a mob
Jounan 19 時間 前
I don't mind small % upgrades IF.. I can find a bunch of them and make a really stupid janky build. I mean like turning 60 +2% something into a 120% increase or something like that. Let me play with that shit. I want a bow build where I turn [2% chance to shoot a duplicate arrow] into [670% chance to shoot a duplicate arrow] and suddenly have a bow that can darken the sky in comparison.
Juan Cruz Noriega
Juan Cruz Noriega 21 時間 前
Devil may cry 5. I think it's combat is just perfect
Duckie Potato
Duckie Potato 22 時間 前
I think Dead Cells has most of these things. Or I'm dumb.
humongous pp
humongous pp 23 時間 前
i thot that you ment clone drone in the danger zone
Tmnt lore fan
Batman arkHAM Asylum has the best combat put THAT in your GAMING SOUP!!!!
Chris Jackson
Nice vid. You should also give Viva La Dirt some love for the "crying" sound bite, during the 500 XP portal bit
A SadWeeaboo
A SadWeeaboo 日 前
Oh God the "getting through the combat section" reminded me of the pain of yakuza games. I love them and the story is amazing but I get so bored after a whole of the combat
Mr K
Mr K 日 前
700 thousand comments now >:)
As someone who has played bloodborne and every other souls title(besides demons souls), I highly recommend that game. The bloodthirsty combat, the “fuck shields” style. And all the fun weapons are reasons why I want that games PvP to be more common.
Avery Shepherd
The thing with Doom Eternal's popups that I see a lot of people don't mention is the fact that you can just turn them off. It's what I did the first time I played the game and I still had an excellent time playing it and learning the mechanics. The popups are more so for people who are new to the type of game DE is.
The Chosen One
You should create a game
Christian Rivera
I love the combat in sekiro
Nunny 日 前
Psychonauts 2. Wow. I really think they did a spectacular job of Combat in this game, not only re-doing a lot of clunkiness from the first game that made fighting awkward, but really just going all in and making a great system. It starts off small, yet immediately different, as there is a large emphasis on dodging, and it feels very involved, as you have to quickly dodge out of the way of the Censor’s Attack (basic enemy) and then quickly dodge back to finish them off. Then the game begins to introduce new enemies and their weaknesses to your various powers. Censors can be stunned when objects are thrown at them using telekinesis, Regrets, despite being arial and out of your melee range, are extremely weak to your ranged psy blast ability and go down in one hit, and when Doubts are set on fire with Pyrokenisis, they are highly flammable and will burn to death. Alone these enemies aren’t strong, but as you progress into the game, they begin to get stronger variants, swarm you more often and come in waves with extremely strong enemies such as Judges, Bad Moods and Panic Attacks. (Yeah it takes place in people’s minds so they’re mostly based off feelings) Psychonauts has a unique ability system with 8 selectable abilities to use, and quite a few seemed to be situational at first, like Time Bubble which seems to only slow down specific obstacles that you need to pass at first, but it becomes invaluable later on when dealing with these massive waves because you need to deal with the enemies systematically and stop the big strong ones that require a lot of attention from trashing you while you’re flooded with the smaller enemies. Pyrokensis also comes in handy, as although it doesn’t do much damage to most enemies, it will cause them to panic and run, stopping them from doing what they were doing. The game requires you to be creative with using these powers, every ability can also be used in battle and they have different, yet fun and dynamic applications, and it seems extremely well designed to me. (Although the boss fights could use work)
YAMI 日 前
why do u dont have fallout nv
Power’s Stuff
An ad for ring appeared just as circle shot the Assassin's Cred guy so it sounded like the sound of the gun was a ring doorbell.
Saksham Pathak
Saksham Pathak 2 日 前
I think middle earth: shadow of war has good combat
More Zackernetts
Spider man ps4 and spider man miles morales
just for comments
This is just my opinion, but i really like strategy-based games like plants vs zombies, pokemon and chess. Also what you said about movement is good, but in many first person shooter games the movement is really bad. (like only small jumps)
justin lowe
justin lowe 2 日 前
Does hollowknight work in the gamer soup cause i like that game
Eli 2 日 前
I thought Dark Souls would come at the end 🖤
MoonykonChats 2 日 前
That's like saying that the combat in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3 was considered to be "awful" to many due to the fact that you had to use close range combat to defeat the Quinkan despite there being certain types of stones that they are weak to. On top of that, the boomerangs could also be used regularly like the first 2 games so that way, the Quinkan could be defeated in the same way as the other enemies as long that you have the correct stones for your chassis! LOL
bReeKi 3 日 前
If your looking for a good multiplayer i would prefer team fortress 2
Ace Mace
Ace Mace 3 日 前
am i the only person who thinks PROTOTYPE matched all the criteria?
Phebos Belmont
Phebos Belmont 3 日 前
Talking about the greatest video game combat system and no mention of Devil May Cry 5? 🤔
z4ck 3 日 前
This is Why i love terraria
Brook Beam
Brook Beam 3 日 前
Unpopular opinion: WoW melee (ret paladin haste build during MoP) with 30 keybinds is still to this day the most fun I've had with combat, especially in PvE. Made me feel like I was squeezing every inch out of the mechanics constantly.
Ensrick 3 日 前
Some of these things you mention depend on the kind of game; still, in many games, I appreciate some passive boosts to things like crit chance, attack speed, damage, and health when they are significant increases because it is excruciatingly painful when some build isn't viable because your stats are stagnant.
Hank Narcan
Hank Narcan 3 日 前
You’ve obviously never played Ultra Age. It makes dark souls combat look clunky and archaic. There is not a single game that gets combat right like Ultra age does. One of my favorite games
Wyvern _100
Wyvern _100 3 日 前
8:42 AH YES league of legends I fcking hate it but i still play it
TOAD Officer
TOAD Officer 3 日 前
i mean i also hate the assasins creed combat but i mean assasins creed black flag boat combat is pretty fun
Chilly Breeze
Chilly Breeze 3 日 前
warzone: "dont write this down! dont write this down!"
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 3 日 前
What about spooder-man
Bronson Fox
Bronson Fox 3 日 前
I like first person it's fun
Cris Casanova
Cris Casanova 3 日 前
grantdotjpg 3 日 前
At the recommended section, when I read dark souls three I paused the video and pointed, whispered "bloodborne," lowered my hand, and un paused the video.
Jacquelyn Fernandez
Next question. What’s the best stat? (3) Speed, Health, Or damage Edit : I mean what’s the best stat to upgrade
R_etr056 C0rE
R_etr056 C0rE 3 日 前
Clarity is literally is far cry 3
R_etr056 C0rE
R_etr056 C0rE 3 日 前
Just turn off the hints for it
Shahel Kashfi
Shahel Kashfi 3 日 前
I nominate Hades to match your requirements
Shahel Kashfi
Shahel Kashfi 3 日 前
It took me 1 minute to realize its animated
Victor Manuel Avila Sandoval
People just never apreciated Wizard Of Legends the way it deserved...
Cheesecake San
Cheesecake San 3 日 前
Time to go back to Bioshock
Sindiso Jika
Sindiso Jika 3 日 前
The second I started watching this video. I knew it would be God of War!!
Milly Rainbowskittlez
As someone that really focuses on and passions over the dev cycle of video games, this is incredibly well thought out and puts a spotlight on key things in third person combat. And while i will agree that third person combat is probably some of the best, i have to wonder what steps you could take to bring a first person combat system up to that same level of polish and shine, while using these same 5 steps.
Bernardo Barrientos
I remember killing my first Valkyrie in God Of War, it sucked but was worth the time put in
Zelda Gamer Game
What obout subnatica it is a survival exploration game or zelda is mostly puzzles and story not mainly fighting
Zelda Gamer Game
Because I am not a fighting person like 1st person online shooters wich kids at my school only call you a gamer if you play 1st person online shooters like FoRtNiGhT
Dæñįęł 4 日 前
Bob The Penguin
Bob The Penguin 4 日 前
7:48 monster hunter: yeah thats cool and all but *bombards the playerbase with more srmor and weapons completely shaking the 60 different metas*
San Yasi
San Yasi 4 日 前
I just plain can't do third person- always wanted to play The Witcher series and a few other games that don't have a first person option, I've tried many times but can't enjoy any of them. Even if there's a handicap to first person, to me it's more immersive, which is what I love most about games.
blaster915 5 日 前
I'm super glad Monster Hunter made it onto your best list!! Fantastic gameplay!!
Whiteroom Entertainment TV
Here one thing to add to your whole “movement based combat should take place in third person “ I personally disagree with that’s statement in the fact that a lot of those problems can be avoided by the game having a high fov of let’s say 120 also I think generally that wall running double jumps and slides can all be actually more beneficial in first person due to the fact that it may add a little bit of a superhero aspect where you think “wow I just freaking jumped off a wall used my OWN sense of hearing and did a 180 and sniped someone” a game that does this really well is titanfall 2 Anyways that’s just my opinion they still have that third person games definitely have a place in the market thank you for coming to my Ted talk
Manny Moreno
Manny Moreno 5 日 前
Ghost of Tsushima is a great game too
Unknown Spy
Unknown Spy 5 日 前
Have you've played Genshin Impact Toons?
Mopedsnuggie 5 日 前
Shadow of war is great
Ze Kelly
Ze Kelly 5 日 前
Do more videos like this like the perfect enemy/boss
CashenCartoonz 5 日 前
i really like this video. ive watched it 4 times
6 日 前
4:38 Poor Guy Just wanted a Lunch Break.
6 日 前
I haven't Watch Circletoons months this is just the first animation i watched from him
Multicolor Bird Blader
If you make the enemies scale, make them scale faster than the player to make them strategise.
11:13 games that require you to hit the counter button a million times over are [_] stupid [_] you all!>:(
Vinci Boi
Vinci Boi 6 日 前
Ngl... what came to mind first before GOW showed was Devil May Cry 3.
Nicelion 6 日 前
I really love had of 4 it’s good but I want a chainsaw for my weapon but a axe is good
skylar 6 日 前
monster hunter world did this well
Alex Shew
Alex Shew 6 日 前
Game: *has good gameplay* Circletoons: "BUSSIN"
BroWolverine 6 日 前
I kinda like it better when he drags them around and makes their eyes wobble No hate
v0idkore 6 日 前
tbh I think CS:GO is the best tactical shooter out right now. If you died, it's (usually) because you messed up or the enemy is just better
Foyteng Gald
Foyteng Gald 6 日 前
gothic is pretty good
Hey it’s Yaboi
Clash Con
Clash Con 6 日 前
This feels true-true
HolisticActor58 6 日 前
In my opinion Minecraft has the best combat system
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson 6 日 前
Dark souls 3 is a bad recommendation honestly. Half the game is gimmicky bosses with impossible to discover secrets unless you have friends telling you (Yhormm) and the other half is garbage platforming sections that are absolutely terribly designed. Imho, sekiro fixes both these issues, but it was released after dark souls for a reason.
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson 6 日 前
The issue you seem to talk about in the Control section in relation to first person games seems to mostly relate to a bad FOV, not first-person specific issues. Counter-Strike has no issues at all letting you turn 180 degrees and "slap" that bad guy sneaking up behind you.
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson 6 日 前
As a proper anti-controller player, it pains me to watch this video, regardless of how accurate it is lmao.
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson 5 日 前
@blaster915 lol yeah, controllers suck ass.
blaster915 5 日 前
Anti... Controller?? 😳
David Papežík
David Papežík 7 日 前
Somethink sounds likes Lara Croft
Anonyorb 7 日 前
I hate executions, counters, finishers, and all other cut scene simulator that literally takes you out of combat by pressing buttons. Why can people that hate cutscenes love cut scenes that stop fighting make you take 0 damage and auto handles any enemy. It is boring and I wish it never was a thing. That is a reason I hate God of War, you have bosses and mini bosses where you literally have to do that
Michael Wilberton
I like dark souls :)
tounk CHUNGOID 7 日 前
You know...This video made me realize what a dumb ass ive been when playing games just cus it was 1st person when i was just handy-capping myself! Like...idk why i even played 1st person! i just thought thats how all games should be! wow im dumb. ......btw is horizon zero dawn a game that fits this?
CashenCartoonz 7 日 前
this video made me think of hollow knight
C0rruqt 7 日 前
Perfect combat is Minecraft pvp
Amar Munaev
Amar Munaev 7 日 前
Exanima best fighting Mechanik if you disagree you are trash in the game, simpel.
Bad Wölf
Bad Wölf 7 日 前
But I love the Arkham games :(
「Mr Random」
「Mr Random」 7 日 前
sekiro best combat system
Guilty_Gear_Fan 7 日 前
Honestly, the freeflow of Arkham asylum, city, knight and on felt the best and the most fluid imo.
Duckbilled Walrus
In my opinion, the best combat is simple and doesn't feel the need to have a new mechanic on every combination of button presses, but instead hones a few mechanics to make them as satisfying as possible, requiring player skill to use them well. Try Duck Game. You will see what I mean
Gordoth Enodious
Great video, some superb points were made. Strangely enough, you don't get taught when you go to study how to make games in university... Which is a little wack.
Gwotchya 8 日 前
wat about hollow night, try it out. thank me l8r
Hamed Arshadi
Hamed Arshadi 8 日 前
hey im starting to think this guy dosen't like assasins creed
candice hopon
candice hopon 8 日 前
shadow of war was great
Jcv35 Jcv35
Jcv35 Jcv35 8 日 前
Hades is a lot like everything you're saying. nvm i saw the list at the end sorry
Walter Josephson
I agree with the assassins creed guy
Zuc Harm
Zuc Harm 8 日 前
What about bio mutant
linith heart
linith heart 9 日 前
Opinion: The animation seems over animated and makes the character look like it's made of jello
syphus 9 日 前
God of BOI
Inquatic 336
Inquatic 336 9 日 前
every single game you say... should we start a list of games he hasn't made a video of? no that would be rude... unless you wanted to
Hoang An Nguyen
Hoang An Nguyen 9 日 前
Heyyy, why is the animation so good here. Hmmmm sus
Joe Mama E
Joe Mama E 9 日 前
I enjoy the Witcher 3 with high difficulty settings and upscaling
Markham Mauffray
The entire time I was thinking about saints and sinners
V, The Info Dealer
I honestly agree with this, but there’s one thing that makes all of this impossible: TIME. Mainly, irl time. The gaming developers know that people are spending more and more time working in order to make money, then eat, and then sleep. Most people will only be gaming 2-4 hours, then go to bed. In other words, they know that people will be gaming in short spurts, not extended play. That’s why they make the game somewhat easier and quicker. I still love what you said, but it’s just not realistically applicable for most people. If anything, this is meant for Kids (who almost have infinite time) and Content Creators (whose job is to literally to review and go over the gameplay for those who don’t play the game).
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