What Happens When Otter Couples Meet? Ui's First Appearance! 

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【About Asian Small-clawed Otters】
First, otters are different from sea otters.
Sea otters spend most of their time in the water, but otters can live both on the ground and in water.
A few years ago, trafficking otters became a serious problem, and in 2019, CITES (Washington Convention) increased the classification of otters from CITESⅡ to CITES I, which banned international trade.
Having an otter as a pet is illegal in most countries. However, in Japan, otters can be traded, although it is limited to domestic breeds only.
Currently, severe restrictions are in place for buying and selling otters in Japan. For example, microchips need to be inserted in both babies and parents, and owners need a special permit. Circumstances of birth must also be reported in detail.
As a result, there is currently no buying and selling of baby otters in the market. There is a severe penalty for selling and buying otters with unknown birth origins without permits. This was effective in eliminating trafficking, and we don’t see otter trafficking on the news anymore.
Kotaro and Hana were both born in Japan and have permits.
It is so much work to have an otter as a pet. You need to be ready for more than its cuteness. They are loud, and they sometimes bite you. Food and water get very expensive, and you cannot keep otters in cages because they are active. Also, we never leave them at home. We always look after them closely like we do with human children, and our top priority is always them.
If you want to have an otter as a pet, you must be able to follow the law and devote your life to it. If you don’t have that resolve, you should never have one as a pet.
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I love how at the end as Ui is yelling at Hana and Kotaro for invading their tent, the camera pans to Aty just looking so done with her antics xD
I'm so glad someone said something about that lmao
Здравствуйте из ДНР! Какие они хорошие и очень приятные. ✌️🙂
@freesize8473 2 年 前
Какая прелесть!!
@sublimin4l 年 前
This is like letting your kids have an extreme play date. I know you guys were so tired when the day was over. So cute 😂
Right 😆🥰
@kishankhandesh2941 10 ヶ月 前
@@diamondlarose623 wa
Saya sangat senang melihat hewan kesayangan sehat dan lincah ceria 👍
綺麗な川の水…カワウソちゃん達は思いっきり遊べて幸せ😃💕ですね❤️👍 ドルフィンこたろう…大ウケです😂 上手に泳いでいて可愛らしいですね❤️🌈
@araiguma-wg6de 2 年 前
Kotaro is very smart! He probably thought swimming like a dolphin was better than a normal swim 🐬
@Soufriere84 2 年 前
He was right, as fits the Professor! The dolphin-swim actually got him upriver when regular swimming didn't.
@yuhp4877 5 ヶ月 前
That was Hana
@robertolin5812 2 ヶ月 前
@@yuhp4877Nope, that was the Prof. 4:48
@user-td9og4ck7u 18 日 前
@maiza5921 2 年 前
Love you Kotaro&Hana&Aty&Ui😘😘😘
@Sienna1919 2 年 前
Hopefully the more she goes out and socializes Ui will eventually be less stressed around her new friends 🥰
@cherylhulting1301 11 ヶ月 前
It's going to take time but Ui is slowly making adjustments. Poor thing; it's great of Otterman to take her in as a rescue avd raise her in his home. That's a lot of work.
Красота то какая!!! Красотульки с хвостиками))) Россия
wow ! its so nice to see them exploring ang swimming in real water and they are having fun !!! Thanks for bringing them to swim Im so happy to see this...Thanks for sharing .
Que lindos, eu amo lontras, queria ter tbm
@PzzyPeace 2 年 前
Once again , Kotaro displays the dolphin technique. Really miss the time when Kotaro and Aty were so loving. Hopefully Ui can be as close with Kotaro and Hana one day.
@Soufriere84 2 年 前
>>"Really miss the time when Kotaro and Aty were so loving." What do you mean? They got along great yet again once Ui was taken elsewhere to calm down. Aty even tried to climb into Kotsumet's car to hang out more with his best friend.
@PzzyPeace 2 年 前
Yeah, still good though, just felt that there were more hugs when Aty didn't have so much emotionally restrain. That was a good moment when Aty jumped into the car to be with Kotaro.
@lorid2652 2 年 前
I find Ui disturbing. I hope Otterman doesn't breed her.
Ui is just expressing herself in her own way 🤦🏼‍♀️ nothing wrong with that
And Yesss!!!!🤩🤩🤩hopefully I will see Aty and Ui babies😜♥️
Even though Ui is aggressive you can see how she was almost always in front of atty, that protectiveness is pretty sweet don’t ya think
i agree
@robertolin5812 2 ヶ月 前
Ui is a jealous gf who doesn’t trust Hanna with her man
Nothing makes me happier than watching you guys altogether. And UI is insane! LOL. But it's funny at the end when you guys are all just kind of sitting there staring at her. And then Aty just looks over and goes I'm gonna hang out with Kitaro and Hannah now she's nuts! LOL. So funny
Jajajaja que feliz día de cumpleaños que pasaron todos !!!,y Kotaro estaba desorbitado!!!, jajaja,que hermoso todo ahí!!!!
Красивая вода и берег. Выдры получили огромное удовольствие от водных процедур. И только люди не смогли расслабиться ни на минуту🤣
@afina4118 年 前
Класс! Вы молодцы что снимаете для нас видео, очень смешные и красивые Котаро и Ханна!
@MariaMTBaez 2 年 前
Clearly Ui is still struggling with her emotions -but she's made so much progress already! All thanks to Otterman and Aty 🐾 As usual, Hana prefers the comfort and safety of his dad's head and shoulders 😅 I can't imagine a better way to spend a summer day than swimming with these four otters.
@Thenamaree 2 年 前
@@hanshansen2398 your freedom ends where mine begins! If you don't want to wear masks to protect others you may do so, but please on a seperate island.
@Thenamaree 2 年 前
@@hanshansen2398 i won't overload you with a scientific explanation. Not worth it. And too much of my time. Have a good life and be blessed, that you won't get the virus.
Je ne savais pas que des loutres pouvaient s'adapter aussi avec les humains belle surprise !Cela donne envie d'avoir deux adorables comme ces deux loutres trop mignonnes Merci pour ce partage très intéressant amitié de France 😁🙆🙇😻
Милашки мимимишные .прелесть
@user-pq9lv1or9r 9 ヶ月 前
Какие они классные! "Дельфин" чудесный! 🥰
Очень хорошие съёмки!!!! Спасибо!
@StefanieF2819 2 年 前
Every time I see Kotaro in his harness my heart beats faster
🥰Это так мило!
Я их обожаю👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
@user-jx1dy9rd8i ヶ月 前
Молодцы интересно смотреть
@LaughingInTiny 2 年 前
When I was little, the only thing I wanted was a pet otter. Someone gave me an otter stuffie that I was obsessed with for years. My mother sold him for a nickel at a garage sale and I STILL haven't completely forgiven her. This channel makes me so so happy ❤️
I'm so sorry. 💔
@LaughingInTiny 2 年 前
@@SpookieCupcakes awww thank you! 💖
@PR1NCETD0T 2 年 前
A nickel, i’d be mad too if she sold it for that cheap 🤣
@PolySammo 2 年 前
My twin sister loved otters and had a stuffed one for a long time. These guys crack me up. They look like a full time job to keep up with
@cherylhulting1301 11 ヶ月 前
Incredible footage, thank you. I do enjoy seeing our babies in their natural habitat at these campgrounds. I was so scared for Kotaro there for a moment, when he was being carried away by the current! Our city otters were just learning about river swimming. But what a fantastic job he did of suddenly rearing up and employing his dolphin swim.technique! BTW, is anyone going to note that Hana was using it to swim in the shallows herself? She's really coming along. Poor Ui! She clearly felt threatened on her turf. Her snipping at Kotaro should help everyone understand why Hana is very wary of Ui in many later clips. Hana gets upset protecting Kotaro. It's good to see that more time spent together is helping all the otters to get used to this new grouping. Captain Aty is a cutie and the king of river swimming. I.think he still shot a couple of looks at Princess Hana. That probably didn't help matters with Ui! 🙂
@missingchannel 2 年 前
Me: Yay! Another meeting of the otters! ::rubs hands together::: Love Hana's cute stylish pinky plaid harness! 😉 Awwww, what's wrong, Ui-ui-chan? No need to get irritated. Kotaro and Hana are the, sweetest, coolest otters you'll ever meet. They won't hurt you. Kotaro's totally enjoying himself in the river through, like a pro…Kotaro: Ay, man, I got this! ::diving like a dolphin::: Even Hana is hopping in the water! 3:57 Aty loves Otter boxes of all kinds lol 8:16 3:01 Ui's making a big fuss, vocalizing her displeasure, attacking the tent. Tell us what you really think, Ui. 😀 Kotaro and Hana don't know what to make of Ui. 3:31 Aty: Hey uh, I don't know what's up with Ui, I apologize for her behavior. She's……..shy. Hana having difficulties lifting herself up onto the rocks is so humanistic, I can sympathize. 😁 5:59
Как это мило) с папой приехали на день рождения!)))'Котаро и Ханна выглядят более упитанными)))как Котаро классно выныривал!)))
Bellas y lindas ; juguetonas, felicitaciones lindo vídeo 👋👋👋👋👋👋🌎🌎👋👋👋👋dichosos los que pueden tener esta oportunidad. Que Dios les brinda.
Какие они сладкие😍😍😍😍😍😍
It’s so nice to see them swimming in a larger body of water! They look like they’re having fun
Nossa q fofuras 😍😍❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷
@_RocketRooster 2 年 前
I've been sooo waiting to see Kotaro swim in the river like he does at home in the pool! That is such a cool way he swims leaping out of the water like a dolphin. Such a graceful swimmer he is. Hana may have a few extra ounces on her but she can hold her own in the water!
@Quyluxury 2 年 前
Dễ thương quá☝️😂😂
Какие же они милые!!! Как интересно за ними наблюдать))) Спасибо Вам 🌹❤️
Обрати внимание! Они в неволе! ☝️ Их не отпускают с поводка даже в воде! 😢
@@gohatundin5614 Да,но они сыты,их любят и они в безопасности.)
На природе и в маске... Улыбнуло
@pjr2761 2 年 前
Ui has had a tough upbringing before living with Aty, Mr Cat and Otterman and something triggered her to act. I noticed to that Hana was being protective towards Kotaro too. I am sure that once she gets to know Kotaro & Hana, they will be the best of friends. Aty & Otterman have both done a wonderful job so far in giving Ui the love she has missed and they are not at fault.
¡Que hermoso paseo! Ui aún está muy enojosa 😄!
So nice to see Otter friends Kotaro and Aty have a good time at the river. I love to see Kotaro swim like a dolphin. 🐬 It makes me laugh. 😆 😄 🤣 From the USA 🇺🇸 ♥
@sarhan_ 年 前
Ur from the USA and? What was the significance?
@@sarhan_ What's your point? I made positive comments about the video. It doesn't have anything to do with you. I mention the USA because the Otter videos are made from people in Japan. Just mentioning that I'm a fan from the USA. That's all. It's a simple thing and surely not an issue of controversy.
@@sarhan_ By the way, there is a channel that I watch from South Africa of a man who has numerous animals including Tigers. Have been watching for 5 years. People from all over the world watch. Many persons who comment actually say what country they are from. It's very interesting. Actually, on some USA news channels that I watch, people from other countries often say what country they are from. So what is your issue with my listing my country? How trivial.
@@dianebannister4591 cool what's the name of the channel
@@some_randomahhperson Hi Mystica! The channel I watch whereby a guy from South Africa has all kinds of animals is "Michael Jamison." He's from Brakpan. In the last 2 years, he does mostly LIVES and people can chat. A number of us have become friends. (I'm not interested in the chats.) He does videos sometimes. I prefer the videos. Prior to 2 years ago, he used to do all videos. He has 2 Tigers named Enzo and Deigo. Michael raised them since they were cubs. He has Peacocks, Ducks, Bunnies, a pig, dogs, cats and monkeys. My favorites are the Tigers and Ducks.
Que coisinhas fofas demais tô apaixonada ❤️😍
@Gabriela Gonçalves ss
Ooga booga
@redd4013 年 前
Ui's attitude here matches her looks = ugly! Good to see she's calmed down a lot more the few months after their initial meeting. Angry Hana is adorable.
@Kokoro66 5 ヶ月 前
@zoidberg3142 2 年 前
At 8:54 in the video Kotaro really activates his wiggle butt to dry off! Love it!
Que Emoción 😍ver a Kotaro Hana Ati y Ui disfrutar de su día de camping pero me entristeció 🥺el pasado de Ui como puede aver personas con el alma negra comprendo su reacción de mi linda muñequita i love you so much!🦦🦦🥰🦦🦦❤️❤️💞💞
@Down-South 2 年 前
2:18 interesting conversations 😂😂 4:27 Impressive swimming skills Kotaro! 5:59 😝 10:04 was glad that I wasn’t drinking when I saw Kotaro’s comment 🤣 It’s interesting to see a different behaviour of an otter. 😄 It appears that Hanna has accepted Aty as a friend unlike the first encounter when she snapped at him 🙂
@ryansharp4691 9 ヶ月 前
I love how, in the opening scene where Ui is freaking out and digging and losing her mind, when otterman finally picks her up and is holding her up at eye level looking her in the eyes, and she's just kind of dangling in the air there with dirt all over her face... and she looks remorseful, with this look on her face that's just like, "sorry, Dad..."
Nice meeting friends at a picnic 🙂👍
@as_j1022 年 前
Its beautiful!😍💖💐 Kotaro the dolphin😂👍💕 Hana the explorer😍👍💕 💖Aty & Ui🎉
"Female otters are more agressive" Hana:*pure happiness* P.s:kotaro is a genius
Lovely kotaro 😻😻
@dida079 2 年 前
Was wonderful seeing them in natural habitat enjoying the river. Such adorable babies ❤️
@sonostodos 2 年 前
O que acontece????? Explosão de fofura 😍😍😍😍
Kotaro is a mini dolphin! What a beauty! Kotaro and Hana look so happy in the water. What a wonderful way to spend a warm, summer afternoon. I 💗 K🦦& H🦦 !!
Вы молодцы,что придумали показывать жизнь этих замечательных животных.
@user-bd6mx4hg5b 8 ヶ月 前
Какая прелесть!!! Как же им хорошо в своей стихии!!!
Que chevere que se hayan reunido con sus amiguitos Aty y Ui😊 Kotarito tan lindo que nada, parece un delfin🐬❤️jejeje y su hermanita subida en la espalda de su papi, tan mimadita. ojalá y Ui se haga amiguita de kotarito y hanita😍para que la próxima vez que se encuentren comparta con ellos.
@SeorX 8 ヶ月 前
ui estaba celoso, que no se haga, lo mismo paso con hanna
@partusero1282 2 年 前
Que bellisima familia de nutrias, realmente son criaturas preciosas. y las personas que las cuidan realmente se ve que son exellentes seres humanos, un voto a favor de nuestra especie.
Watching them swim is like hearing poetry for the first time. So beautiful;)
Se divertiram muito kkkk muito fofos
@MsTVSt 年 前
Красивые! Ты молодец) хороший человек и любящий хозяин)
You guys are super beings with these lovely creatures ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ui é muito bravo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kotaro e Hana só querem brincar, Aty é bem sociável 😉. Esse passeio foi MT divertido 👏👏🥰🥰
Wonderful life. Wonderful world. Cute otters. 🙂😘
@ann6030 2 年 前
Happy birthday Aty!!!🎂🎉🎊🥳♥️
Какие же они милые😍
Прелесть какая! Браво, браво!!!
@catoqsh4750 年 前
extremely lovely and cute little creatures... ❤❤❤
@lindadaniel88 2 年 前
Kotaro the dolphin is always so entertaining.. What a happy and active collab, KotaHana and Aty Ui.. 🥰
@Starcrossedslv 2 年 前
That clear water looks so nice 🤩🤩
I just love what an enriching life that you give them. So much love and trust they have in you. Truly an enjoyable channel you have. Found you here after dumping Facebook last year. They have a GREAT life! God Bless you guys for rescuing these intelligent animals 💕
@TymmiTheCat 年 前
So thoughtful to let them river swim! They are like intelligent little children.
Don't worry Ui, Hana's not going to steal Aty away. She's so much smaller than Hana though! The power it must take for Kotaro to 'Dolphin' his way upstream - put's Aty's conditioning into perspective. Aty helps his bro out though. 💪😎
Lindos ❤❤❤❤❤
Bom diaaaaaa Fofinhos!! Que gracinha o encontro!!😍❤️❤️❤️
Aw, them drying themselves off on the towels was the cutest thing ever. 😍😍
@pietuka6985 2 年 前
Que legal ! Eu gostaria de estar aí brincando junto . Que divertindo! とても楽しいそうですねー いっしょに遊びたい(^ν^)
Очень забавные , наблюдать приятно , а как с ними жить тяжело , есть сложности ? Мы ИЗ УКРАИНЫ !!! ОДЕССА !!!
😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤люблю их.!😍
Adorable! My little dog loves watching your videos with me. He loves Kotaro & Hanna. 🐶💕😊
Que lindo reencuentro con su amigo Aty aunque Ui se porto algo mal ...que lindo paceo Kotaro y Hana que disfruten de su viaje 🚙🧳❤🦦🦦⛺
@andreastw3638 2 ヶ月 前
Wow the water is super clear....😍 They can play n stay healthy....
@lovemaxiiz 7 ヶ月 前
น่ารักมากครับ แสนรู้จริงๆ❤
These otters have the best life of any pet otters out there.....you can tell the owners really care about them which is so nice to see 😊❤️
@viktoriap4890 2 年 前
Kotaro is The Best ❤️❤️❤️Hana is sweet😘😘😘
I could kiss their wee faces all day. They loved that swim in the beautiful clean clear river. Our rivers in NZ are beautiful too. 🙏🌻🍀🥰
Ой, как же им хорошо! Купаются! Милые животные! Да на здоровье!!! 🌊🌊🌊🐛🐛
@jadedragon9923 9 ヶ月 前
Nice little river. Hope it wasn't too cold hehe. If it's nice, 龍 would enjoy swimming in it. Good y'all take them out to their natural environment to get some exercise and play, it's good for them. What a cute little tent, I never seen anything like that for pets. Wonder if that's just a 日本 thing or we have those over here. Get the couples together much as you can, sure they'll eventually be calm and friendly together and nobody whose name I won't mention *cough* うい *cough* getting mad. I see this is a year ago, so hopefully they are all better socialized now. Neat day to be shared, ありがとうございます。
Sono deliziose queste lontre, sembrano esseri umani, Hana con la sua dolcezza e la sua ingenuita, Kotharo con quell arietta seria seria da professore... Sembrano due bambini entusiasti della vita e desiderosi di apprendere sempre cose nuove, con la gioia e la curiosità tipiche deil infanzia.....
@markbaz4200 年 前
It great to see that you take them to swim in rivers! Always good to see another human respect their pets!
They look so overjoyed to be swimming in the river! ❤❤❤
@martaester1000 11 ヶ月 前
Juro que hoy me estrese, tuve miedo cuando estaban en el río, pero ellos disfrutaron un montón !!!🤗🤗🤗
@robbymanable 2 年 前
I never thought I’d see an otter more ferocious than Hana until now
@Soufriere84 2 年 前
Hana is a teddy bear compared to Ui. And, unlike everyone else, Ui is not the least bit scared of Hana. Ui was abused and abandoned until a kind man who runs a pet store got her and asked Otterman to rehab her.
@cherylhulting1301 11 ヶ月 前
Aw, come on. Hana is feisty but is hardly "ferocious." She was a bit more ferocious when young, as was Kotaro, but she's grown more tame with training from her parents. She's mostly playful and has an ornery streak. But there's subtext to this meeting. Ui is a rescue and was getting used to being around other otters. She clearly felt a bit invaded on her turf; river otters can be territorial. Ui also snipped at Kotaro, which brought forward Hana's protective instincts. Captain Aty also tried to mate once before with Hana, who snipped at him.and indicated she wasn't interested. They really are just friendly but Ui would not know this.
They are so cute !
Бабушка смотрит постоянно этих милых зверей. Ее коммент на это видео: -наши то выдры воспитанные, спокойные.
@GreenDer77 年 前
Выдры милые.
Otters cool-time 😍
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