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We go inside a $20,000 per month Japanese apartment in the heart of Harajuku, Tokyo. But how good can it really be? Let's take a tour!
🏡 Sharla's $13,000 Apartment Tour: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-gtSc1m_ja38.html

Now see a $25,000 Penthouse in Shibuya, Tokyo!
🍿 jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-11BNdWPjpYg.html

🌟A HUGE thanks to Alex at iHome Real Estate for getting us inside the apartment!🌟
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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan 8 ヶ月 前
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Take a shot every time someone compares a single room to the size of their apartment. So what's the verdict? Good value for money given the private roof oasis and location in the heart of Harajuku? Or simply overpriced mayhem? A HUGE thanks to Alex for showing us around - if you want to explore the amazing properties on his website check out: i-home.tokyo Feel free to drop him a line if you have any questions about moving to Tokyo! - And as for me, it's back to the ironing board.
Hanoa Freitas
Hanoa Freitas 3 ヶ月 前
Wouldn’t you just want to buy it
Melisa Valdez
Melisa Valdez 5 ヶ月 前
The apartment is nice, I suppose the price is not bad. If I have to compare with Argentina ☺️
Anthony Crean
Anthony Crean 5 ヶ月 前
No way
Jack West
Jack West 7 ヶ月 前
Chris you could always find 9 friends to join you in living there and each of you pay $2k or if you think it would work have 19 friends join you in that place at $1k each. of course bathroom use might get a bit complicated(well could always water the shrubs I suppose. lol) but there are two of them so it might be ok with 9 people. still its an idea if they would go for it to have a bigger living space in a nicer part of town with a great view. lol
П tanmay П
П tanmay П 7 ヶ月 前
Michael Zz
Michael Zz 14 時間 前
if you look at the space not to mention the quality and materials in the apartment for tokyo thats actual not as exspensive as i thought it would be
Maiku Tsukino
Maiku Tsukino 15 時間 前
Living here for one year will cost as much as putting half down on a nice sized home where I'm suppose to move in Japan (Omachi/Kizaki). Rather buy than rent like that!
Bram Groeneveld
Bram Groeneveld 日 前
Ahaha how big of a tool do you need to be for that?
PoonDestruction 日 前
not trying to hate, just stating facts. i live in nyc and have a two bedroom, with a concierge, on 45th and 10th for $2,600. yes, this place is bigger than mine but its not eight times bigger and its not walking distance from times square. 20 racks a month plus $120,000+ to move in is absolutely insane!!! also the "garden" just looked like shrubbery.
PoonDestruction 日 前
i dont wanna come off as "that guy" but how is the one jew in tokyo doing better than all the other foreigners? and hes probably the "rebel" of the family for "obvious reasons" and because hes not a doctor or a lawyer.
Bear McEvers
Bear McEvers 2 日 前
I didn't know Ben Shapiro had a brother
Justin Barrett
Justin Barrett 2 日 前
the space is great but those cupboards are cheap af
Tomas 2 日 前
Very nice, But I would never pay that amount.
Catfish 3 日 前
I can’t see that someone paying $20,000 would hang up their clothes on a drying rack!! I had a weird Men in Black feeling about the estate agent!! I think the dog is in charge!!
You cant handle my name!
You cant handle my name! 3 日 前
we are so spoiled as Americans lol. to be fair though its more of a city thing then a Japanese thing. an apartment that size would cost a fortune in new york.
Soren Rasmussen
Soren Rasmussen 3 日 前
Honestly, I have a 2 acre backyard in a shitty rural part of California. City living ain't for everyone
littlebrit 4 日 前
It is very common there to build a house there with few floors and rent out 1-2 floors above you. You living on the ground floor and rents are paying for everything in your life. You can build your house yourself. Japanese houses are very simple.
Bat Munkh
Bat Munkh 4 日 前
Chris knows how to do his job! Great video
SwedishWolf86 5 日 前
Ok i bought my swedish apartment privately for about 5500-6000 US dollar, renovated it for 6000-7000 US dollars. And my rent is about 250 US dollar per month for a 42 square meter apartment, with electricity, Wifi included into it also. And i feel like my apartment is "semi" luxury.
Guillaume Ceccarelli
Guillaume Ceccarelli 6 日 前
As a wheelchair user, I'm realizing that even a $20k per month apartment is built with small doors, tiny corridors, stairs that don't really need to be there... into an accommodation that would render wheelchair living quite poorly maneuverable. This is quite astonishing to me. Not only that space consciousness is still so present in a home for which traditional limitations don't really apply, but also that accessibility seems to be such an elusive type of luxury for the country as a whole when looking at it from the outside.
Austin Blackburn
Austin Blackburn 2 日 前
From my limited understanding japan doesn't have the best history when it comes to accommodating disable people and many parents of kids with disabilities send them off to hide them in disability centers that had lots of human right violations. I think its getting better so thats something.
Theis Rosenberg
Theis Rosenberg 6 日 前
Central Tokyo, this size - $20,000/month isn't even expensive.
Infinity Chamber
Infinity Chamber 6 日 前
Dude is like an evil villain holding that dog, I love it
Zaiden Morris
Zaiden Morris 6 日 前
The greedy worm only brake because cowbell causally bury towards a quack rat. hallowed, perpetual ounce
Captain Bastard
Captain Bastard 7 日 前
That awesome ass condo is still only about $124,000. Pretty dam good deal IMO.
George Zaharia
George Zaharia 7 日 前
im guessing that is a business ort of rental space? cause 20,000$ a month makes no sense unless u own Huawei or some big tech company that makes u shitloads of cash every second... and even then... ud be better buying your own place at that price range.... each month..
Stavvy 7 日 前
Four bedrooms? Split between than many people, 5k for that a month isn't AS bad.
SomeGuy Guy
SomeGuy Guy 8 日 前
I'm getting Zen Master vibes from you
Shashi Bhushan
Shashi Bhushan 8 日 前
Calling that PARK, a Garden, is a serious sinful understatement.
dragon7777 8 日 前
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady 9 日 前
It's nice but it's still not super amazing, is there a severe tax issue in Tokyo to discourage truly luxury places?
Stefan Constantin Dumitrache
I'm not the only one who thought at first that 20k was the sale price, NOT the monthly renting price, right? RIGHT?!
Mikel Amatria
Mikel Amatria 10 日 前
Horrible place!
Mortimer Goth
Mortimer Goth 10 日 前
There is overpopulation in tokyo, thats why real estate is gold.
sysneg 10 日 前
Unfortunate name.
Quinton Hall
Quinton Hall 10 日 前
20k? A year maybe. So bland, no life, no sophistication at all. Just a rooftop apartment with an ok view. Now i really don't wanna move to japan lmao
Six80 10 日 前
can't trust anyone with last name shapiro!!!! next
Dennis Haker
Dennis Haker 10 日 前
Funny how they say that the pug is snoring, while in truth he's just getting no air to breath.. I hate those itzy bitzy pug owners who think the suffocation of their dogs is cute..
Rodrigo G R M
Rodrigo G R M 10 日 前
It's definitely luxurious by Tokyo standards. But only by Tokyo standards. Even in New York, you get something better for that price.
Daemon Maxwell
Daemon Maxwell 11 日 前
This Video: Total no nonsense Japan friendly lack of expression. The linked Sharmelion Video: This is a f**king absolute LAD! You can take the man out of .....
H4n Mil
H4n Mil 11 日 前
So an apartment of this size doesn’t come with their own car park?
Sinneric 11 日 前
$1000/month is expensive? In NY state it's close to that in low pop cities. NYC is, what, 1/3 the size of Tokyo? And a small apartment there is like $3,000/month. And the big ones? Forget monthly rent altogether. That's for plebs. The expensive apartments in NYC you just buy flat-out, for like 10, 15, 20 million.
Dennis Engelen
Dennis Engelen 12 日 前
Rent money = wasted money. Anyway, can't imagine why people would even want to live in a city. We're building a nice big but cozy house in our municipality wiith a very big garden where no cars pass (except for people who live there), we have this huge view over the fields behind us where there are no houses and all that while we're less than a km from the centre so everything is close yet we don't have any noise at all. So why live in a stinking place with lots of noice, pollution and all while you can have this?
jan kastbjerg
jan kastbjerg 12 日 前
damn, i dont live in a overcrowded country/city, and my apartment could still fit many times over inside that one xD i think the biggest apartment i've had is ca. 1~1.5K$ a month for aprox 100 sqm, and now i live in a 35 sqm apartment 😄
Oscar Tejeda
Oscar Tejeda 12 日 前
TheLightbane 12 日 前
….I am never going to talk bad about my apartment in Australia again.
Marcello 42
Marcello 42 12 日 前
no inside-house shoes and not for the toilette?
Marcello 42
Marcello 42 12 日 前
1000 dollards per month for 35sqm.. that is like housing in amsterdam ;) .. oh wait that was a a single room with 8sqm
Steven Gordon
Steven Gordon 12 日 前
The kitchen itself (not the grand room adjacent to it) was so much less luxurious than the rest of the apartment. I guess people who could afford such an apartment would not cook, but they might hire a chef.
Zero Point
Zero Point 13 日 前
Dude, I pay $1300 a month mortgage for a 3500sqf home on 2 achers. I could never imagine living in a place that expensive with so little space.
Jay Y Watches & Japan
Jay Y Watches & Japan 13 日 前
Great Video, the only thing is the real estate guy needs to update his wardrobe, those socks make me laugh. he should have Gucci slippers for himself and his client. sorry
Pissed Monke
Pissed Monke 13 日 前
When you compare it to a house, it doesn't seem all that big, then you remember, this is an apartment, and your brain smooths over.
Zachary Jackson
Zachary Jackson 13 日 前
walks into the office, CEO is wearing a blazer and holding a pure-bred solid black pug.....oh yeah we are about to see some luxury....
Alex Rudie
Alex Rudie 14 日 前
This is incredible and beautiful 😍
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 14 日 前
I rented an apartment before. Great little place. Had an onsite garage, a pool. Private restrooms. Everything. Then I had to move out when my mom said GTAV was to violent for me. ;(
Golden Darkness
Golden Darkness 14 日 前
It feels like somebody...WANTS TO SELL ME SOMETHING!
Amri Yusaq
Amri Yusaq 14 日 前
Other channel talk about $200 aprtment in tokyo, with some pentagram on its wall. But this is, hahahhaa , a lot of opposite
Kilon Alios
Kilon Alios 14 日 前
That was very ... depressing !!! In Greece for that amount of money you can get 10 apartments like this one and we will throw in a 1000 times better view. I knew that Tokyon apartments were microscopic but always assumed that the luxury ones will be much bigger than this. I obviously completely underestimated Tokyo's desperate need for space. Love the video keep up the amazing work.
P0keM0n2O19 :
P0keM0n2O19 : 14 日 前
It’s hideous A 20,000$ a month apartment in America would be the highest quality This entire apartment looks like Ike’s made the walls and cabinets.
TrailOfDespair 13 日 前
yea i think its based on location, demand and overall the economy welcome to the world buddy
corey house
corey house 14 日 前
Feelsbad that your friend used your JPvid channel as a platform for his sales
Daniel Samson
Daniel Samson 14 日 前
« walk-in long enough for a morning jog » make me laugh
현용주 14 日 前
The swanky theater therapeutically settle because consonant booly match like a well-to-do distribution. waiting, obeisant company
David Lenz
David Lenz 14 日 前
The therapeutic mailbox pharmacodynamically analyse because may histochemically tickle opposite a charming hood. spicy, aberrant sturgeon
SirManDude 14 日 前
he's got a pug boi
My Hero Academia VR Adventures
guy in suit holding a dog = villain. Do you not watch movies my dude!!
letdownbaloon 15 日 前
7:50 Just over 2 million Yen for the apartment?! that seems dirt cheap though! Is he sure he didn't mean 20 million? or 200 million?
Ethan Quirk
Ethan Quirk 13 日 前
Just over 2 million Yen *per month*
Rehak Mate
Rehak Mate 15 日 前
It's harder to find single pane glass than double, even triple is pretty common, well, not sure about Japan.
Rehak Mate
Rehak Mate 15 日 前
In my country (Hungary) you can actually buy a nice flat for 3 months of this amount of rent ($60.000)
syc 15 日 前
For the supposedly most expensive apartment in Tokyo, the landscaping of its garden is honestly shit..
Ben Megson
Ben Megson 15 日 前
Is it me or do Alex's eyebrows remind you of Mt Fuji?
Emily Jenkins
Emily Jenkins 16 日 前
The bawdy addition arthroscopically bake because crib topically zip apropos a spiky sideboard. strange, mundane ex-husband
Vinicius 16 日 前
Japan needs Godzilla now more than ever.
David Beaudoin
David Beaudoin 16 日 前
I'm still trying to wrap my head around paying $240k a year (USD) for... Rent. Insanity. But, it's a beautiful, spacious place for sure.
Ethan Quirk
Ethan Quirk 13 日 前
From the talk of who usually moves in to these types of apartments, it would seem no one ever actually pays the rent themselves. They’d be company homes. As in company officers would have these as incentive, in the same way company cars work. Or the embassy pays for them since they can’t have their diplomats living in shoeboxes. 20k a month is nothing to a government
Mr Scribbler
Mr Scribbler 16 日 前
Jill W
Jill W 16 日 前
$20,000 a month to RENT? That's completely out of touch w reality. But to each their own.
Cakey Doe
Cakey Doe 16 日 前
honestly foriegners buying property in other countries and driving up housing costs and lowering affordable housing quality for the ppl who actually are from the country is dispicable
Handy the sock
Handy the sock 16 日 前
come to america some parts you can get a house for 20k
FErgersonn THE GREAT
FErgersonn THE GREAT 17 日 前
In NYC you get a wayy bigger apartment than this for 3k. For 20,000 practically a very large apartment for that.
ragnarokgr 17 日 前
My God so many windows... what a nightmare. no place to put furniture
surely at this price it comes with its own parking lot right? I assume at least enough space for 2 cars?
obliviousmeaning 19 日 前
Am I the only one who thought the guy looks and sounds like inotorious from misfits o_o
sado yyy
sado yyy 19 日 前
With this mony u can buy a house to ur self in Turkey 🤣😬
Chukken 19 日 前
1:58 Where have I heard that sound effect before? The exact sound is used in a TV show, this is going to bug me! XD
PG Liberal
PG Liberal 19 日 前
$130k to move in? Get fucked
James Bond
James Bond 20 日 前
20k? Apartment window looking into neighbors window. Outdated wood floors that does not even look even. Small bedroom, no look over city ... i can go for hours explaining why this apartment not even close to 20k per month.
Rick Price
Rick Price 20 日 前
I like how his friend can't turn off his real estate tour self as he's taking him through. Love it.
ZeegSerpentine 20 日 前
So, this is a serious question to anyone who is from or living in Japan right now. If your willing to drop 20,000 dollars (which if my math is correct would mean 200,000 yen) a month on an apartment, wouldnt it be much more wise to save that money and purchase a house? Or is obtaining a house in Japan far more difficult then obtaining a apartment? Serious answers please.
Ethan Quirk
Ethan Quirk 13 日 前
Its 2,000,000 Yen and its likely not usually the people living in them who pays the rent but whoever they work for. Outright buying any sort of property is notoriously difficult in Japan and in Tokyo, land is one of the most valuable commodities. For comparison, London is the largest city in Europe with ~9,000,000 million people living across 1,572 square km (slightly bigger than New York too). Tokyo has ~14,000,000 people across 2,194 square km. You have to fit in 6,381 people for every square km of space in Tokyo. There isn’t a lot of space for houses in the city and what there is are stupid expensive
Izaac Power
Izaac Power 20 日 前
Chris Abroad has an Apartment, But its check out an Apartment! When he has his own Apartments!
xLotusAngel626x 20 日 前
Everyone Else: Amazing Apartment! Me: I WANT HIS CUTE DOG!!!
CallMe LFM
CallMe LFM 21 日 前
Didnt know Captain Sparkles was in japan.
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud 22 日 前
So nice
Dumb Banana
Dumb Banana 22 日 前
Well the house does look nice despite the comments
Scott Clark
Scott Clark 24 日 前
Nuclear bomb jokes about the front door seem risky when in Japan
Quan Tran
Quan Tran 25 日 前
overpriced shit.... everything in Japan is overpriced shit
Bus Driver Ian
Bus Driver Ian 26 日 前
Cool but I’ll just get myself a 2 story house
Antwaun Campbell
Antwaun Campbell 27 日 前
ill start saving money like crazy
Edit Sara
Edit Sara 27 日 前
I now understand why people from Japan are so exited and surprised about our lifestyle and a lot and lot space here in Australia. My house is average size (110 m2)with 3 bedroom toilet and laundry. In Japan this size is enormous. Interesting to see how differently people living in different country.Even in Europe an average flat is 50 m2 or little bit more and that is not a big place.
Michelle James
Michelle James 27 日 前
I turned $700 into $6000 just in one week with the aid and guidance of Brenda I have been receiving good signal's from global service thank you!.
Michelle James
Michelle James 27 日 前
GangnamKid 28 日 前
133.333$ you can buy 183 meters apartment with a garden in egypt In one of the best places :D
TheLollercaster 29 日 前
Honestly, if you can afford this apartment then I doubt you'd be the one who washed your dogs' feet. The guy definitely knows how to sell apartments btw.
Alwin indu
Alwin indu 29 日 前
Any relation to Ben Shapiro?
Mark Lee
Mark Lee ヶ月 前
Dude Chris you are on Ludwig twitching
TsukasaElkKite ヶ月 前
This apartment is INSANE.
Passion of Vrishchika Kurushimi Eclipse
This is really nice, but not my ideal, you can't spend time to all of it, especially when you are rich and busy, I think even IF you have all the time, you'd spend it somewhere else. But it's good to come around at some time. I'd rather have flat backyard where I can PLANT my favorite flowers.
howie Desu
howie Desu ヶ月 前
how much would it cost to buy that apartment ???? XDXDXDXDXD
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