"Weird Al" Yankovic - The Hamilton Polka

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Here's a video for "The Hamilton Polka" that I put together using clips from the new "Hamilton" movie (which is streaming right now on Disney+)! Huge thanks to Lin-Manuel, Tommy Kail, and the rest of my Ham pals for creating the best thing ever.










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brain56 4 時間 前
The interlacing really adds to this. You can tell it was made in some cheap video editor.
Lexie Breeding
Lexie Breeding 7 時間 前
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Beangirl M
Beangirl M 7 時間 前
All I can hear is Milo Murphy ever since I watched the show
DailyDriven 23
DailyDriven 23 16 時間 前
DailyDriven 23
DailyDriven 23 16 時間 前
Just hear this song, love the new hit lol.
HazelNut Productions
HazelNut Productions 19 時間 前
This is deadass the ONLY POLKA I actually like xDD
UberMan5000 22 時間 前
We'll never deserve Weird Al as King George III. But he did it anyway. For US.
shishoka 23 時間 前
Almost as good as the Alexander Anderson parody from Hellsing Ultimate Abridged.
JethrineBodine 23 時間 前
Big Bird?
Beth C
Beth C 23 時間 前
Daniel Luna
Daniel Luna 日 前
And satisfied?!!?
Artsy-Fartsy 日 前
Its EXACTLY... 5 min
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 日 前
I don’t know why but seeing 4:45 and daveed run down the stairs at 4:49 made me laugh
Lake Boy
Lake Boy 日 前
turn around
turn around 日 前
Not what Im use to but im trying to like it cause i love Weird Al. sorry, kinda sucks xoxo
Navee White
Navee White 日 前
I love the non-stop part
IlliniDog01 日 前
Finally, a version of Hamilton I really like. :)
Kobs Boy
Kobs Boy 日 前
Al: I shall take a 2.5 hour musical and condense it in to 5 minute Viewers: eh Al: I play all parts viewers: ok Al: Polka. Viewers: GIVE THIS MAN A GRAMMY!
Alice Duren
Alice Duren 日 前
60-freaking-years-old and can rap faster than Daveed Diggs. What a legend.
iimasheii 日 前
They really did Peggy like that 😭
iimasheii 日 前
This changes the whole mood of hamilton
MiriOhki 日 前
Wouldn't this put Lin an Oscar away from a WEGOT? (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony and a Weird Al Parody?)
Avery Coleman
AMAZING! Personally think it should've ended with "and Peggy" but.... Also If you haven't seen Lin react to this here's the link. He has the absolute cutest reaction. jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-G8kIQ9i1bfY.html
Ray Solaire
Ray Solaire 日 前
wHicH I wRoTe!
Spazz 日 前
Weird Al Hamilton
dr.dynamite 日 前
and pEgGy
Colton Craig
Colton Craig 日 前
Which song will he transform to gold again?
Usa Miski
Usa Miski 日 前
I would buy This on iTunes lol
Peter Holley
Peter Holley 日 前
It must be nice, it must be nice, to have Weird Al on your side.
“He who is tired of weird al is tired of life - homer Simpson” - Every person in the comment section in every weird al vid
ruste shackleferd
I love how they sped up certain parts but left most of it at normal.
I just love how it all kit in sync perfectly!! XD YOU ARE PERFECT, WEIRD AL!!! XD XOXOX
Henry Powell
Henry Powell 2 日 前
I like your vids! You’ve got a new subscriber! I think you should google SMZeus . c o m. It will help you promote your videos!
John Dough
John Dough 2 日 前
It's a crying shame that it took this long for an "official" music video for this song to come out. Well done with the limited source material that you were forced to work with
Mage Plays
Mage Plays 2 日 前
It’s out of order but it’s so good 😂😂
Mage Plays
Mage Plays 2 日 前
He actually reacted to this 😂😂
Joseph Assiryani
Copperstate Rocket Guy
Sorry Al you blew it on this one! I don't ever want to hear Weird Al Yankovic use that kind of language there are children listening to your music!.... But mine won't any more! Flush yourself down the toilet with the rest of the music industry Al you just lost it with me. Nearly 40 years of being your fan just went down the toilet thanks a lot
ew go die
ew go die 2 日 前
lafayette and burr: it must be nice it must be nice, to have washington on your side, look back at the bill of rights *everything stops for james madison* james madison: WHICH I WROTE **everything continues again**
LGWaffle 2 日 前
burrs willing to "work work"
Matthew B
Matthew B 2 日 前
The lip sincing makes it really funny
Charli Scott
Charli Scott 2 日 前
Soooo *what’d he miss* (Yes I stole this joke)
ok Gamer Boomerr
its so simply made but yet an amazing song edit: make script not simple but adding sound effects and make pitch a lil bit higher
Luis Salinas
Luis Salinas 2 日 前
Love It!
lasy64 3 日 前
I actually remember that I was in a vinyl sale and I've found one of the most popular Al parodies Fat and I was like *oh* Didn't disappointed but being an Michael Jackson fan
Sonic the Coolhog
is nobody gonna talk about the glitch that is happening in a lot of scenes but it is still a great video and the music is so great (you can mostly see it at 2:25)
Cosmos Code
Cosmos Code 3 日 前
Alright can we just agree to put weird al in charge of singing every song?
Don’t touch Meh food
Idk abt you guys but I like the different voices, the weird noises and the music it’s just to entertaining
Gabe Scales
Gabe Scales 3 日 前
Ayden :D
Ayden :D 3 日 前
This is Hamilton in a nutshell
James Stoner
James Stoner 3 日 前
I got a song nightmare before Christmas this is quarantine
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert 3 日 前
Imaging discovering a Weird Al song you don't know?!?! I've meet seen Hamilton but I love this!!
Nerd Side
Nerd Side 3 日 前
My Friend: Why do they all sound like Weird Al? Me:🤦‍♂️
IOU 3 日 前
I’m sending a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love. Great line.
Lila Saur
Lila Saur 3 日 前
why am i so out of breathe?
Samgab 3 日 前
I liked this so much I gave it 3 thumbs ups...
SuperChar 3 日 前
When the beat stopped and madison said “which I wrote” I laughed so hard
Will Blehm
Will Blehm 3 日 前
The Hamilton polka and for the longest time are the most relistenable sing that I know
Kathy Lopez
Kathy Lopez 3 日 前
I can't even imagine how long this took to edit 🤯 love it
Paula Hardeman
Paula Hardeman 3 日 前
Wow its like I got super drunk or high and it's awesome
Roberta Millett
Roberta Millett 3 日 前
Weird Al did the Cliff Notes version of a 2.5 hour long musical... masterfully done! 😄
Dj_ Crozzer
Dj_ Crozzer 3 日 前
No hate but i dont like this one but i love yah al!
Lynna Horton
Lynna Horton 4 日 前
Wierd all needs to make a parody of video killed the radio star
Vierdog 4 日 前
Doctor: you have exactly give minutes to live Me: play this song
sorta chuckle worthy videos
I swear I had dream of this
Blue Tanooki
Blue Tanooki 4 日 前
Not gonna lie it sound very good
Lynda Hammond
Lynda Hammond 4 日 前
Love this! Al's still got it! Welcome, young Lin-Manuel, you've been Yankoviched!
Elliot 4 日 前
Disney Inc $$$$...........................
Devon Mills
Devon Mills 4 日 前
I can only imagine that this is better than the actual Hamilton. Like, well done. Damn.
LZimmer1 5 日 前
Weird Al for President Of The World 2020
zakquack 5 日 前
Stephen Pace
Stephen Pace 5 日 前
Time Foolery
Time Foolery 5 日 前
Such revisionist BS history. Glad Al gave it just the treatment it deserves. 😏
The Baroness
The Baroness 5 日 前
I guess it's not a good time to confess that I have never seen the musical........oh crap.
BroadwayFanGirl 5 日 前
11/10 Daveed could still rap dis
realerdealers 5 日 前
I left a comment
jerry janik
jerry janik 5 日 前
Weird Al needs to perform Hamilton all by himself I paid $5,000 to watch it
tsu. namie
tsu. namie 5 日 前
just found this channel and i am never leaving
Fans decide
Fans decide 5 日 前
We're out gunned
E Coppinger
E Coppinger 5 日 前
3:37 - 3:45 Me when the essay is due tommorrow
Comic Book Hangover
How "Weird Al" isn't in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame while rappers are is a massive miscarriage of justice.
Kitten cat
Kitten cat 6 日 前
I like how they speed up parts
Kitten cat
Kitten cat 6 日 前
I love this
Cha0s Chrxme
Cha0s Chrxme 6 日 前
The fart sound after "And Peggy"
Cha0s Chrxme
Cha0s Chrxme 6 日 前
The fact this was released on July 4th is perfect
Steve G
Steve G 6 日 前
You are still a genius
BigTaeng 6 日 前
Ash N
Ash N 6 日 前
Charlotte Nitschke
Charles Ogden
Charles Ogden 6 日 前
Peggy ppppppppp
spyder spyder
spyder spyder 6 日 前
It must be nice to be in the room where it happened when weird "al" decided not to throw away his shot, history has his eyes on you weird "al" just you wait.
Canadian Blox!!!
I was expecting Aaron burr sir to be in it :(
sinicalypse 6 日 前
I made a promise to #DareToBeWeirdAl
Glip Klopsyiop
Glip Klopsyiop 6 日 前
God I love you Weird Al
jolyne kujo
jolyne kujo 6 日 前
you know what. i’ve still never watched hamilton, but i think this will suffice.
Jaiden Gindin
Jaiden Gindin 6 日 前
absolutely amazing
Jaelyn Villanueva
this is funny
Will Strickland
Will Strickland 6 日 前
Al still got it lol. It's been like 50 years lmao
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