We Tried EVERY Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor

Good Mythical Morning
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To celebrate our 1700th episode of GMM, we're taste testing EVERY ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry's! GMM #1700
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コメント数 100
CSB12004 2 時間 前
Salted Caramel Core is my favorate
chloeclu 2 時間 前
Nothing filled me with rage more than to see the tonight dough so low. But I understand. It could be better.
Gabby 10 時間 前
what if you're allergic to nuts?
Mariah Papaya
I would get brain freeze...literally
RiverC4 日 前
no one talking about Gus Johnson appearing at 10:08 lol
Fruit Recruit
Unpopular opinion: Chocolate icecream is disgusting and tastes like gardening soil. Not sorry lol
Saran Anning
Saran Anning 日 前
Lol so no options for people who don’t like peanut butter. Nice..
Anna Hughes
Anna Hughes 日 前
The UK are being cheated we literally only have about 10% of these flavours
Goku_MasteredUI DBS
this is why i love this channel
Nathan Moses
Nathan Moses 日 前
Scottchy scottchy scotch scotch is the best flavour
10:08 is that Gus Johnson??
MegDragon }
MegDragon } 日 前
Chocolate covered potato chip ice cream at a gas station in rural mid Michigan - best I ever had. Can’t find it anywhere else so far.
Tropicaline 日 前
gus jhonson
chrisnwesson 日 前
please dont bring back these incredibly unfunny characters 6:13, keep it OG
Ashton-Rhys Wellman
The best is cookie dough
Doow Mac
Doow Mac 日 前
The woman doing the calculations should win a fricken award for her performance. No joke. 😆👏🏻👏🏻🤣🤣🤣
xcrunner811 日 前
Gus Johnson???
Elizabeth Rausch
where is the lactose free ice cream?
Cobra 3 日 前
Americone Dream is the best!!!
PheonixFromHell 3 日 前
Me allergic to peanuts hoping for a Rhett and Link ice cream suggestion: :))))
jana 3 日 前
people with peanut allergies watching this: 👁️👄👁️
Logan.T 3 日 前
I love how the accountant turns into gus Johnson
amanda larmon
amanda larmon 3 日 前
Lol Gus Johnson
Megan Roberts
Megan Roberts 4 日 前
i'm sad cause they didn't do the irish flavor
mirachris 4 日 前
me with my peanut allergy👁👄👁
Just(A)Theory 4 日 前
Anyone else think of the grinch and the chair of cheer scene woth this xD
Joe Crim
Joe Crim 4 日 前
So skewed because of Link, should have not merged the scores and gave each their top 3
SydLovesLacey 4 日 前
Peanut butter world has been my favorite for years!! Its so good!
Shlakks 4 日 前
Well at least this video helped me discovered my allergy to peanuts.
Mr. Artick
Mr. Artick 4 日 前
i would rate them all 80 plus these guys are sassy
Laura Hewett
Laura Hewett 5 日 前
when you're allergic to peanuts...
Duuucky 5 日 前
Phish food is the best ice cream flavor ever
Justin Sims
Justin Sims 5 日 前
"57." "What? I was gonna give it higher than that. 61." "80." "I don't feel THAT great about it. 78."
Tra'mayne Gaines
Edfuad Mahamed
Edfuad Mahamed 5 日 前
Why their brains didn’t freeze 🥶😅😅😅😅
Nayeli 5 日 前
Strawberry cheesecake is the best 😭❤️
Janelle E
Janelle E 5 日 前
NY super fudge chunk is the best
Miss LexiDeLuxe
Miss LexiDeLuxe 6 日 前
Haven’t seen you guys in years! Still so funny 😂
Alea Vanks
Alea Vanks 7 日 前
What about the non-dairy flavors? That could have been a whole category ☹️
cain 8 日 前
10:07 who tf let Gus Johnson in
EEE EEE 8 日 前
How did u rate phish food that low it's the best one
Cat Senpai
Cat Senpai 8 日 前
how could you not like FISH FOOD IT'S ?!?!DELICIOUS
EnchantedWings 8 日 前
Birthday cake Cake is my favourite :D
ginger 8 日 前
No one else going to mention gus showing up half way through?
Big Booty Brisket
Kings supporting kings is all I see in this video
Rachel Green
Rachel Green 9 日 前
My favorite flavor that I've tried is phish food.
Kayla Ramirez
Kayla Ramirez 9 日 前
Link: 69 * winks * am I the only one who noticed that? LOL.
Gillimar Alves
Gillimar Alves 9 日 前
They could’ve made a dessert category for the cookie and cheesecake flavored ones
Gillimar Alves
Gillimar Alves 9 日 前
Who is the unfunny tryhard redhead?
TLB Moto
TLB Moto 9 日 前
Why dose no one offer rum raisin 😭😭😭😭
maria Editzz
maria Editzz 10 日 前
Mom: what are you watching Me:uhhh Mom:tell me please Me:2 grown men eating ice cream for 18 minutes straight Mom:uhhh okaaaaayyyyy...
Melanie 11 日 前
The tonight dough is absolutely supreme
Aaya Pow
Aaya Pow 11 日 前
Peoples who have peanut allergies will be jelly for this.
Nish 11 日 前
My favorite is “The Tonight Dough”
FlowDaFlava 13 日 前
Watch Rhett 9:20 lol
Elias Riche
Elias Riche 13 日 前
alex smith
alex smith 13 日 前
video would have been a lot funnier without that girl trying to be funny by making funny faces interrupting you guys.
DougJK 14 日 前
7:10 Rhett: “I don’t feel THAT great about it” *goes just 2 points under Link* Haha
Kyree 14 日 前
The Gordon Ramsey of ice cream
Kyree 15 日 前
The guy on the right is so picky he’ll be like “Wow this is the best one I’ve ever tasted hmm....... I’ll give it a 41”
Omega Gaming
Omega Gaming 15 日 前
10:08 I love seeing Gus randomly appear
dumb b!tch
dumb b!tch 15 日 前
0:37 i thought he was gonna say cody ko and noel, but they don’t eat things.
Vannya Carrasco
Vannya Carrasco 15 日 前
An actual hack, putting salt in your ice cream intensifies the flavor and it tastes "stronger". Try it !
Javeria Soomro
Javeria Soomro 16 日 前
I love Link, hes the cutest! I can watch u guys all day
Danielle Robertson And Dante Robertson
But My Son "Dante Benton Robertson" Who Is Almost 10 Loves B&J Vanilla, He Thinks That It's Tasting Like Angelo's Icecream 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Casper The Ghost
Casper The Ghost 17 日 前
Cookie Dough, Pistachio, and Salted Caramel are the best
Danielle Robertson And Dante Robertson
I Know But He LOOOOOOOOVES Vanilla Icecream!!!!!!!!!!!
E 207
E 207 17 日 前
Ice cream sammie is my favorite and it got a 77
Gray Weintraub
Gray Weintraub 17 日 前
My favorite is snickerdoodle and that’s not even in there 😞
Rio Fukuda
Rio Fukuda 17 日 前
Didn’t Ben and jerry donate to the BLM movement? Which is why I cane to this video but I’m not so sure
Stephanie Henao
Stephanie Henao 14 日 前
Yes! That's what that Justice Remix'd flavor is for I think
Molly Rowold
Molly Rowold 17 日 前
Strawberry Cheesecake is my favorite no cap if so sad it didn't do better.
Trin Murray
Trin Murray 17 日 前
My favorite flavor is New York Super Fudge Chunk and you could never get the full effect from 1 bite!
Lewis M
Lewis M 18 日 前
Look at the pause frame 0:36
Devon Gavidia
Devon Gavidia 18 日 前
I’ve been a tonight dough lover for quite some time
Eris Strife
Eris Strife 19 日 前
Strudel and Whipped Creamyum
Phish Food is my fave
Lilly Baker
Lilly Baker 19 日 前
Link: i REALLY like this. 80 Rhett: i don't feel THAT great about it, 78. me: wait WHAT
Aurora Love
Aurora Love 20 日 前
My favorite isn’t there and I’m lowkey mad it’s not a froyo it should’ve been there cmon where’s my coconut 7 layer bar 😭
Keva Chawla
Keva Chawla 20 日 前
how is link so picky lol
Daniel Yates
Daniel Yates 20 日 前
There's a birthday cake one which is my favourite 😋
Ayden’s Adventures
ben and jerry watching this: 👁💧👄💧👁
Margidda 20 日 前
Americone dream is the best idc
Markarth Guard
Markarth Guard 20 日 前
Link: 69! *winks*
Petr Felt
Petr Felt 21 日 前
Where is Bob Marleys fav one?
Loona Tune
Loona Tune 21 日 前
Does Rhett drink water? Seriously... I’m asking
Mmary Smith
Mmary Smith 22 日 前
This video is the definition of complete opposites 😂 I luv watching these two I'm glad they're best friend 😊
Olumide J. Idowu
Olumide J. Idowu 22 日 前
WHAT>> weres the Red Velvet Cake!!! thats the BEST!!
Your FamilyFriendlyAnonymous
The first one they had, chocolate fudge brownie and cinnamon bun are my favorites
Daniel Baines
Daniel Baines 22 日 前
My question is how did they find and get all of these?
Michael Skelton
Michael Skelton 23 日 前
How can you like the peanut butter ice creams? They taste disgusting, peanut butter does not mix well with ice cream for me.
Now they need to do it in reverse order.
DaPotatoPrincess 24 日 前
Chubby Hubby is superior and y’all can’t say otherwise. 😌✨
bearisol 24 日 前
tf is gus johnson doing here!?!
Lazuli Winters
Lazuli Winters 24 日 前
Does the justice remixed taste like Jason Netwsted?
Steve Butters
Steve Butters 25 日 前
Steve Butters
Steve Butters 25 日 前
I love how Rhett is just so upset at half of Link's scores.
elluh lol
elluh lol 25 日 前
yall forgot red velvet cake..
Froggy. Inc
Froggy. Inc 25 日 前
me who is eating ben and jerry’s ice cream 👁👄👁
Marlowe Name
Marlowe Name 26 日 前
proper OG’s know when Phish Food was good and just had the ice cream and chocolate fish
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 26 日 前
strawberry cheesecake is the best.
Madison Rabold
Madison Rabold 26 日 前
me being lactose intolerant getting stomach cramps watching this
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