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@NBA 年 前
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@curt5504 年 前
Lester Quinones is better than steph
@@curt5504 Fr
And it begins
Stephan Carry is better than Lebron James?
@aeborda15 年 前
I love the crowd in japan they all cheering both teams as long as its a good basketball they are all happy
it is very nice
Ofcourse kid
Well, both have huge fanbase in Japan. Curry for the Warriors; Hachimura for the Wizards.
@D1Kwazy 年 前
@@lukamagicgod ?
Every single move comes with a "ooh" or an "ahh" 😄. They really love it.
@mikayrose2 年 前
Hopefully, Wiseman plays like this for the rest of the season.
@bedwars7575 年 前
He probably won't average 20 and 9, but a solid 15 and 10 season would be great to see.
@@raackketeerr4812 and still won a 💍
@@mgaiztambay3051 while injury on the bench chief 🥱
@CKSneakers 年 前
This might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. The Japan crowd cheering after every basket having the time of their lives.
Reminds me a lot of rocket league. Love watching rl.
Japanese are some of the most polite and respectful people I've ever met. I spent almost a month there just before covid.
@tyler-hp7oq 年 前
It's not like they have a specific team to cheer for lol. It's basically like the all star game.
They just want to see a good show! It's also why some of the best concerts go down in Japan. Cheap Trick, the Beatles, the clash, and even acts from today. The people there just want to see cool shit
well they dont know who to cheer for all they see are black human beings.. 😁
@Mowmow397 年 前
The crowd is warm for both team such good opening to NBA 🇯🇵
@joewell2709 年 前
Love to see Wiseman play well! Can’t wait for the season.
So you’re telling me wardell was playing in front of an entire country and only dropped 6 points? Yea He’s finished. Sometime this season we’ll get a woj bomb saying the warriors waived him to build around wiseman
@@leultrainstinct406 uhh yk he only play 2 quarters right 😂😂😂😂
@@leultrainstinct406 Do you not understand this is for.the rookies to show they skill steph not playing serious but then again u that same niqqa who was on every video haten last year so do u bro stay broke n worrying about basketball n take lebron name out yo profile dude washed up and got a lower rating than steph bum
@markko378 年 前
@@leultrainstinct406 you’re joking right, stop saying sh*t bro 😂😂😂
@nohesii160 年 前
@@leultrainstinct406 finally back after the warriors won last year huh?😂
Man it must feel great to be an NBA player hearing all those cheers after scoring
@blazefye 年 前
Love the energy from the Japan crowd, good to see these 2 teams back at it again
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@prt1913 年 前
Donte Divincenzo was a great pick up for the dubs, his 3 and d playmaking is a great fit for the warriors as you saw with those pick and roll passes to wiseman.
He’s extremely inconsistent. Both for the Bucks and the Kings. He wont be a good fit, just watch.
yeah people are crediting wiseman too much for those, no offense but they were great passes by donte
For real man! 3 key points I saw from this game: 1. Donte is a solid ball handler and passer. Great 3 and D 2. Wiseman is a beast on offense and defense. I hope he gets consistent 3. Kuminga is still a turnover machine. He needs to step up his handling. I felt like every time he has the ball, he will turn it over. Westbrook vibe
@shh2277 年 前
nah Donte is here so Warriors fans have someone to blame other than Kerr when they lose since Chiozza and Dlee is gone
@shh2277 年 前
He will sit in the bench for the rest of the season if he does something wrong no disrespect
Good to see Hachimura back.
@GMacII 年 前
I assume he’s Japanese?
@@GMacII yea he is
@hyhoops1080 年 前
@@GMacII no shit
@@GMacII Black/Japanese amazing person recommend checking out his story :)
@@kanaesimp4924 lol I thought he was 100% Japanese……jk 😅
@JackOBee29 年 前
I love how the crowd was in awe of every play shown and then the applause
@dl4569 年 前
Glad to see that they are doing that again, they were restricted to just clapping at one point for live events. I had seen it at their pro wrestling shows, it just feel like something is missing there.
@yerboi9007 年 前
Loved how Rui players out there today. Hope Davis develops more with these minutes
Looks like the Wizards are gonna have a nice little squad. Beal, Morris, Kuzma, Rui and Porzingis. If they can stay healthy and gel together, they can make the playoffs for sure.
@jf09 年 前
Johny davis looks bad dude smh
@@jf09 I’m honestly not worried. I think he’s going to need some time to fully develop to the speed of the game and to get his confidence up to where it was at in Wisconsin. With the amount of depth we have this season, we don’t really need him to have a role atm. Alll he needs to focus on this year is to learn from his teammates, pay attention to details, and develop from there. He could really use a year of sitting, watching, and learning and/or even spending part of the season in the g-league. Keep in mind Jordan Poole was dog shit as a rookie and look at him now. Just give him some time
@jf09 年 前
@@gabenieves3250 we Def don't need him but I just feels like a wasted pick how bad he has been. I hope your right tho
@Zeltron23 年 前
@skillethead15 10th seed at best
@LM8Gaming 年 前
I love how the crowd has no preference. Just happy to be there. It's like both teams are playing a home game lol
Hachimura is incredible. Happy to see he is back and healthy now.
@Longtime420 年 前
Love the crowd No booing No shouting at players Just constant cheering for both teams It’s also so awesome how they are all in shock after every basket 😂 so cool
Japan crowd just give you so much serotonin. They are so excited for everything in the game, cheering on both teams 🥲🥲
love that energy
Yeah it’s cool to watch a game where the crowd is cheering for both teams
I wonder how a Japanese crowd would’ve reacted seeing the 2016 finals They would’ve cheered every time lebron blocked Wardell’s shit to the moon Or each time kyrie broke his fisher price ankles Even each time he bricked in the 4th quarter. I love how excited they get for every play💯
@@leultrainstinct406 yikes 😂 calm down on the Lebron throatage
@@leultrainstinct406 gawk gawk gawk gawk gawk
Japan crowd is such a vibe 🔥 you can tell they appreciate high level basketball!
@NhuTech 年 前
Warriors are going to be scary with Wiseman back playing, but I love how the crowds claps for everyone. 😄
@b7sl463 年 前
Wiseman looking more comfortable out there.. league is shaking
Too early to say, we'll see how he reacts if he gets special treatment defense
@@semperfidelis3235 I agree 100%… but how much special treatment can you give wiseman when you already gotta worry about curry in the pick n roll 👀
@JC-Alan 年 前
@@InfiniteBuckets plus Poole, Thompson, and Wiggins.
Even though we didn’t get the W, it was great to see a lot of defense activity and effort from the Wizards. Once the offense gets back in rhythm we should be alright.
feels nice to see hachimura back on the court really wanna see him succeed
@jeppykun05 年 前
He is one of my favorite players to watch. Rui will definitely be a future star in this league.
This game is what Wiseman needs to do more of. It's amazing how productive he can be if he just lets the game come to him rather than forcing it
thanks for the info Coach i dont think he has been forcing anything in the past year .🤣
3 key points I saw from this game: 1. Donte is a solid ball handler and passer. Great 3 and D 2. Wiseman is a beast on offense and defense. I hope he gets consistent 3. Kuminga is still a turnover machine. He needs to step up his handling. I felt like every time he has the ball, he will turn it over. Westbrook vibe
If Kuminga turns into a 6'7" Westbrook I'll be pretty happy.
Yeah, Kuminga is the main concern now but I’m willing to give him a few years if the future result is Giannis 2.0
@gmsimon 年 前
Agreed. What I noticed before from Kuminga is the ball tends to stop rotating when he gets the pass. He will either shoot the ball, or pass too late and cause a turnover. It's less nowadays, but there are still traces of it in this game.
@@gmsimon It's alright, still learning. Dw they got great org, coaches, teammates that will guide him. BUT he cant stay like this or he gets traded.
@@ninjasaki_7231 😂😂😂 what?
Love that the crowd stood up at the end to applaud for both teams
I love the Japan crowd. The way they celebrate are gasps in awe + a round of applause. Very wholesome.
I’m honestly very disappointed in wardell today This was rui’s time to shine in front of his country Yet Wardell’s addiction to get cheap wins and stat pad 3 pointers ruined it all. Very sad
@lobster4005 年 前
@@leultrainstinct406 yeaaa…. It’s not like Rui had a better game than Steph anyways… these damn bronsexuals💀
@bbbildhuu 年 前
@@leultrainstinct406 yawn
@abanlivee 年 前
We take bball for granted in the U.S. Overseas its a delicacy for them.
How'd Wiseman recovered that quickly?! For reference, he was struggling to stand up and needed support.. After just 9 months he's up and running?! Can't believe how advanced they are! Go Warriors!
@velodus 年 前
I loved how into it the crowd was. Also, it's amazing to think how good Wiseman could be for a team that didn't even need him last year.
@IzzyCooks 年 前
You know it’s the first game of the preseason when wiseman and Rui are the leading scorers and both teams shoot 36% from the field😭 it looked like nobody’s touched a ball all summer
@Nikoh04 年 前
Warriors summer ended in mid June. They’re probably still exhausted from the champagne
@toxic8175 年 前
The fact that this warriors team depth got even better is crazy
I love how respectful the Japan crowd is even though they definitely want Rui to win
@anandp7482 年 前
The warriors looking scary good bro. Obviously the starting 5/6 that just won it all + these young guns & rookies + vets. Insane depth to support Steph fr
@daae83 年 前
Bro relax😂
@InfamousAWJ 年 前
@@daae83 What’s the issue?
@allstar4065 年 前
@@daae83 Problem?
It’s the wizards. Warriors fans are so used to celebrating fraudulent wins😭💀
Larrior fans at it again celebrating win against poverty Wizards 🤡😂
Love how the crowd cheers for both teams.
@Taz369 年 前
Feels good to watch the warriors again. Looking forward to this upcoming season 💙💙💛💛
Loving the crowd in Japan, very cheery! That game had a little bit of everything, nice defense, couple of flashy play, buzzer beater. Nice GSW!
Wiseman is such a huge piece to this team's future... the way he freezes the defense after a screen will be crazy for Klay, Steph, Poole spacing and lanes
@cmact 年 前
Don’t care what game or team is playing.. Just happy to see NBA basketball back.
@nojk949 年 前
You can tell they’re giving the stars a rest and trying to get wiseman comfortable out there and it was a great game from him last night
My Wizards still gonna have a great season 💯
@DrcJr77 年 前
Kudos to the crowd. They cheered for both teams. Great Energy. I love it. Oh stop it with 2 hands for safety, that has to go.
Damn Wiseman looking like a #2 pick out there fr, if he can keep it up this team just might be even better than last year
@keimahnee 年 前
Love football, but there's no better feeling than to have basketball right around the corner, the best times of the year 💯
Glad Wiseman is back. Can’t wait to see how he plays for the rest of the season👍👍
The nba skill level is just too good . The shots they make is crazy sometimes even the layups.
@ZymphyOG 年 前
Man so happy my guy Wiseman back out there going crazy 👏🏿👏🏿💯
@dboii9741 年 前
I’m a laker fan and I’m gonna say this. Wiseman is what the warriors have been missing since the beginning of the dynasty if he stays healthy and keeps growing his game I think they’ll have a higher chance of repeating
@smha-ez2lr 年 前
really impressed by wiseman! keep going to the regular season 🤟
@nikosmb 年 前
great to see the agility and athleticism from the young dubs add depth, and bursts of energy that will help when the secondary is active
@kaden297 年 前
I totally thought it was taking place in Washington but I set my alarm in the middle of the night to wake up and watch this game to notice they were playing in Japan which is awesome! Funny though, neither team could hit any shot, especially in the 1st quarter. I'm happy it was a good game, though!
@jelly21_ 年 前
It's great to see wiseman back, he's going to be a problem 🔥
@Jam-fm4qi 年 前
Stronger defense and offense from gs than last season. Wiseman has a great impact to this team. B2B Championship!
@a2smooth571 年 前
Wiseman was playing aggressive can’t wait to see what he does this year
This is a great game for the young core , the veterans of the warriors are just giving them more time to shine
@ja4309 年 前
For the Warriors, Wiseman and Divecenzo looks promising while the other new guys and the other youngsters still need more reps in. As for the Wizards, while I question where is their roster taking them, a Porzingis-Beal duo has some promise plus Hachimura looks more comfortable. And yes, it's the preseason but hey they can show signs
PBJ is recovered, Divenchenzo is better than I expected, Wiseman becoming legit rotation piece.
Good to see wiseman is playing. Man GSW is kinda scary. Imagine being dominant without much presence of splash bros and other star players. That's insane!! Future secured.
Loving what I’m seeing from wiseman hopefully this continues
I love Japan's energy right there ♥️
@18sznz 年 前
This was a smooth game on both sides, nice hustle. Sad to say this won’t last 82 times constantly
So excited for this new NBA season. GODBLESS GSW ALL THE WAY.. ❤️❤️❤️
@XevenYT143 年 前
Japanese Crowds just give a different atmosphere when the Warriors and Wizards we're playing definitely helped boost the entertainment of the game.
@sls12III 年 前
I've never heard people celebrating an attempted three like that. It hits so different.
@Hirapbuhay 年 前
I’m excited and happy again! Warriors … here we go! Excitement is back in the NBA world and that’s because of WARRIORS!!! 🎉
So glad basketball is back! Training camp, preseason, season. Best time ever!
Wiseman skyhook! Kareem would be proud 👏
@shinobi-Wan 年 前
Nice seeing Wiseman looking healthy able to show what he can do. Also cool seeing rui play in front of his home country. Need to see more from taco bell, hasn't impressed yet.
I love the crowd immediately start to cheer on command gotta love Japan
Even Though This Is Pre Season , I'm Already Hyped For The Start Of 2022 - 23 , NBA Season & I Got My Popcorn Ready , College Hoops Is Right Around The Corner 🏀 👍
@skullz_6410 年 前
I like what Im seeing from Wiseman hopefully he produce this in the regular season
He'll be fine as long as he plays within the system. He has too many people directing him. I look at him as a luxury. He's literally gonna eat free meals. The offense doesn't run through him so he has little to no pressure to perform.
@@buddyjaydubb Spot on but I see some a lil different about him. They going to need some elite big men like Embid etc to stop or slow him down. He owned those Wizards that it looked like a mismatch guarding him and he showed a glimpse of his post game with that post up shot. Kinda reminded me when Andrew Bynum started dominating. I can definitely see them running some plays thru him cuz he's gonna demand attention
If wiseman works hard this season, the Curry/poole and Wiseman PNR is going to be an absolute weapon. Drop coverage on excellent shooters or over commit to close out the 3 and you have a massive lob threat
@abreno9427 年 前
The crowd is amazing. It feels like All Star game.
@joseirv178 年 前
There's a feeling that Warriors will be back to back champs looking at their talents again😳😳..But it's a game at the end of the day,who knows??
@uznek2451 年 前
Can't believe that the NBA is back LETS GOOOO
The nba isn’t back this is pre season
@@bgbrothersgaming1178 this is nba
@@bgbrothersgaming1178 the preseason of what? 😂😂😂
@@abigfatkittycat this is the nba pre season
@@jamesonproductions exactly this guy said the nba wasn't back
@KiaraLzz 年 前
Wiseman hizo todo muy bien👏🏻
This was the "James Wiseman meets the NBA" show. He looks good in the spotlight! 🌟💙💛
Pulled an all nighter to catch this. 😂👏🏼 Wiseman is looking better each time I c him out. It’s gonna a fun season. 💯 Quest for number 8. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆•
I remember when the warriors went 6-0 last pre season and everyone said “ it’s just the pre season “ then we went on to win the championship lol
Last year preseason 🤣 calm down
@@raackketeerr4812 😉why should I ? Besides does it even matter about the record lol. Can’t wait to see them get the rings 😊 And hand them to a couple of our boys on different teams now lol don’t be salty they getting a ring in front of yo fav player lol
@@brandonhorrach7955 enjoy mate
@slxpvz7916 年 前
@@brandonhorrach7955 the emojis are creepy
@@slxpvz7916 your creepy
@dummyme2291 年 前
Looks like DiVincenzo will fit well with the dubs man. Great facilitating right there 6:40. Solid pick up.
Wiseman looks like he's moving smoother, moving faster, and getting better at screening and spacing.
Not such an awkward colt any more. He's grown into his body and a full grown Warrior! 🌟💙💛
@karimqk1895 年 前
@@carolmiller5713 Lol "awkward colt" really was the best way to describe it. People kept forgetting he was a literal teenager; even besides training and getting game reps, he still needed to grow into his body. And sure enough, we're seeing some signs that he's coming along
I hope this season goes by great like last season did
@antr9162 年 前
Wizards look like they have a squad. That Wiseman P&R looking nice 🔥
If the both teams just worked together they could have scored so many points
The court looks so much cleaner without the court-side seats. I hope this continues in the US as well.
@shicrapt 年 前
It's definitely an entirely different style when Wiseman is in the game. He's not gonna set picks like Looney does, he's gonna demand the ball. You might say it's good that the Warriors have more options. But it also means the two contrasting styles could be detrimental to each other. It would be interesting how it plays out during the season. But one thing's already proven - Curry's style has won championships. Wiseman would have to prove himself on defense if he wants his style to be the offensive focus.
@Gogies777 年 前
basically " pick your poison" dilemma for the rest of the nba.If they don't live to let Wiseman pop off,they will die by the proven championship armament of 30,11 and 3. If JW stays healthy this season,Dubs will be a better team.cross fingers*
@cardhubph 年 前
Nice to see Wiseman playing. 💯
this crowd is amazing. can't wait to see more of this
I love the sounds of the crowd. They’re enjoying seeing players they never get to see in person so every basket gets a reaction.
@kbledson1 年 前
I’m glad my golden state warriors are back in action 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Damn! James Wiseman will have the league trembling! James Wiseman is on another level.... Stay Healthy bro
Wiseman had a night! I hope he stays healthy all season long
@cvz1230 年 前
@piplonf8591 年 前
Who tf had to wake up early n watch this
@@piplonf8591 shit was at 3 am fam gmfu i got work and shit
@@cvz1230 fr
@@piplonf8591 I am from the Philippines and the game here started at 6pm local time.
Love how crazy the fans were going
Washington could get a playoff spot with the talent they have!! 😮😮😮
@ironm25 年 前
The players must love the crowd reactions. Whenever someone scores or good pass they cheer.
Warriors' youth is looking good. We can tell that Warriors' future is in good hands!
@rayzhou 年 前
the audience reactions are so delightful, not the same angriness we see in America haha
Glad to hear Japanese crowds cheering again. I've been watching pro wrestling, live concerts, and other sporting events set in Japan for the past two years and they've been dead silent due to COVID restrictions. The most they'll do is clap, laugh, and gasp every once in a while, but no cheering. 😂 I hope this means that crowds will return to normal in other events in Japan.
We need Wiseman to keep doing this 🎉
I respect everyone who were involved in this seriously the best peace that I have ever seen on JPvid hats of to you love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@dbestonly 年 前
That 3pt. spin by JP3 🤩
Rui gets the ball* Crowd: screaming 😂
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