Vocal Coach Reacts to Driver's License - Olivia Rodrigo

Tristan Paredes
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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Olivia Rodrigo's new song that is blowing up on TikTok (and everywhere else) - Driver's License!
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Listen to ‘drivers license’ out now: smarturl.it/driverslicense
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1:12 Reaction
10:04 Conclusion
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Tristan Paredes
Tristan Paredes ヶ月 前
Are you interested in a free singing lesson on how to sing Driver's License by Olivia Rodrigo?? Click read more! Just follow me on Instagram and DM me with you singing the song and let me know why you're interested in a lesson! I'm looking for people to be apart of an upcoming video where I teach singers of all levels how to sing the song! instagram.com/tristan_paredes
Princess Omane
Princess Omane 2 日 前
please react to jorja smith
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 6 日 前
@Helen Stone Oh, I'm sorry to hear that and it is much easier but not the right thing to do always especially if it's against God. Well how about this. I'm going to pray for you and see if God can get you into a better position spiritually with your family too. God bless Jesus loves you
Helen Stone
Helen Stone 7 日 前
@Xzander Graves My family like me to live in the world of science and logic. And sometimes it's easier to comply with things u can't change rather than make ur own changes.
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 7 日 前
@Helen Stone All glory to God. Also thanks for the sub appreciate it. Also if you don't mind why does religion get taken out of your life?
Helen Stone
Helen Stone 7 日 前
@Xzander Graves hai, thxs for that. I subed to ur channel. Religion seems to always be taken out of my life in everything i do, so thxs for that. :)
Yuri_9000 時間 前
Why you kind of look like Katie from Shrek at an angle? 🤣🤣🤣
Maria Ortega
Maria Ortega 6 時間 前
This video is such a good breakdown/ dissect of the song ! I love it ! I like to sing and l was listening to that also. It does sound like she’s belting it but not quite & that just confused my brain a bit lol so I’m glad I watched this video cause I thought I was going crazy lol watch her live videos & she sounds exactly like the song. Agree no auto tune really appreciate that also 👏🏻 pure talent !
Samantha Angelovich
Samantha Angelovich 8 時間 前
Not Triston putting his hair behind his ear in sync with Olivia
That Giraffe You Might Know
I hate when people say some song is a tiktok song. TikTok steals the most popular part of a song and publicizes it like crazy. This song is one of the first good songs in the last few years. Honestly most Disney stars get famous somehow, think about it....you know I'm right
Sofia Fonseca Gomez
Sofia Fonseca Gomez 9 時間 前
that man was abt to cry and i wanted to see him actually so bad XD
PercYlo. 2021
PercYlo. 2021 13 時間 前
Love it. Can you please do a reaction video to “ALL THAT” by Ylona Garcia of 88Rising. Love lots.
Wibble Wobble
Wibble Wobble 18 時間 前
The bridge sounds EXACTLY like Any Shark stuff!! The belty sadder parts take me back to the 90's queens who would belt ballads and sad songs lolol
Amy Mitman
Amy Mitman 20 時間 前
the entire time i was waiting for him to realize she’s 17...
Hlee Chi
Hlee Chi 21 時間 前
You made me like the song....
Jimmy D
Jimmy D 21 時間 前
Listening after smoking up and I can confirm it you were right sounds even better Tristan hah
Jenkins Family
Jenkins Family 23 時間 前
That voice crack tho *YOoAh*
Risky Productions
This song sounds like that Kesha song called Praying
Debby Rose official
Hello , would you mind checking my cover of driver´s license.? i'd really appreciate it . it`'s a version in English,French and Spanish.
Maryll Princely
Please please pleaseeee react to Loren Allred’s version of this song pleaseeeee🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
*Chris-Chan* Cruz
best intro ever lmaoo
Jileyn002 日 前
Imagine olivia reacting to this
Cheyenne Alexis
If you haven’t already. Can you react to Noah Cyrus’ Lonely
Cheyenne Alexis
Someone who is mj friendly. I agree with his statement about this song
Grievous 2 日 前
1:57 Try not to cry 😅😅
Moriah Davis
Moriah Davis 2 日 前
she’s a disney actor
Lilia Kaliko
Lilia Kaliko 2 日 前
You should react to Italian singer Giorgia! Some of her songs are Come Saprei, Di sole e d’azzurro and E poi
Zoe Sowo
Zoe Sowo 2 日 前
Can you please react to bts fix you cover ?
Ella Presley
Ella Presley 2 日 前
aqxies 3 日 前
Only ogs remember her from bizardbarg.
Person 1
Person 1 3 日 前
mans really ugly
Briana R
Briana R 3 日 前
He needs to react to SZA,,,,,,,,,,
Alo Dale
Alo Dale 3 日 前
Marcus Hall
Marcus Hall 3 日 前
Whaaaatttt did Tristan just mention weed in a video?!?!
Adam Jamro
Adam Jamro 3 日 前
Are you ok?
Brittany Larson
Brittany Larson 4 日 前
Tristan: This has musical theater vibes. Me: So who's going to tell him?
Lizzy _Playz
Lizzy _Playz 4 日 前
I had been dealing with something like this a while ago
Nini Pipia
Nini Pipia 4 日 前
His hair Me:OMG cisco is that you?????🤣🤣🤣
Tuga Dog
Tuga Dog 4 日 前
Hey tristan havent seen you in a freaking long time
Burger Beast
Burger Beast 4 日 前
This guy looks like Finn wolfard
Niah's Level
Niah's Level 4 日 前
Streets by Dona next plzzz
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez 5 日 前
wait hold on… the “red lights, stop signs” part isn’t the bridge. “I know we weren’t perfect but I’ve never felt this way for no one” is the bridge. The song’s form is ABABCB
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez 4 日 前
@that girl ohh I didn't know that other music didn't have the same form as jazz music. I was thinking like that like most jazz songs are ABA or AABA. Sorry that girl
that girl
that girl 4 日 前
...the bridge is the (typically third) section of the song that is completely different from the other parts. Doesn’t include chorus or prechorus. “I know we were perfect...” is like repeated a bunch of times in the song lmao
Amira Cornelius
Amira Cornelius 5 日 前
She's a songwriter and singer.. plus she doesnt use autotune..
Marisol H
Marisol H 5 日 前
Please react to her singing it live on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
UncleTea 5 日 前
Tristan 😭you have such a beautiful voice 😍
clumsycookie10 5 日 前
Tristan, you have to react to her live performance on Jimmy Fallon!!! It’s perfection and dare I say, better than the studio version.
Nicole 5 日 前
I didn’t hear this song from tiktok..... I heard this song in fb group of swifties and boom I’m her fan now!
Allison Lewis
Allison Lewis 5 日 前
Long hair Tristan tho 🤤 just an appreciation, this song is a lot deeper tho then I thought when I heard some girl made a song about getting her drivers license 😂
jocelyn p
jocelyn p 6 日 前
pls react to conan gray
vseultae 6 日 前
Hi Tristan! If you are open to suggestions, I would love to hear your input on So Hyang's "Arirang Alone". She's a Korean singer and I'd say...vocally, she's up there with Whitney Houston. "Arirang Alone" is a beautiful traditional Korean song, but the way she arranged it made it fucking magical and all the gymnastics she does vocally there is just WOW. It will probably make you cry lmao Anyway, I would love for you to react to it! ~~~ Take care!
ricardo nathaniel gomez d20ba046
Is he gay???🤣🤣🤣
Bikash Magar
Bikash Magar 6 日 前
Why do vocal coaches always overreact?
sicboi 6 日 前
It's almost a perfect song, the music and vocals match and the lyrics and story just completely meld together. It's an amazing song.
jah-burns 6 日 前
You made me like this song
Sinaiyito Reyes
Sinaiyito Reyes 6 日 前
She’s going places She has a drivers license 😉
PrincessGP 6 日 前
Me: *Trying to hit the high parts* Him: *Stop*
Jackie Lowrey
Jackie Lowrey 6 日 前
Now we need the review of the James Charles cover 😅
Jackie Lowrey
Jackie Lowrey 6 日 前
Mmmk stahp... stahp....... stahp.........dude no way.....
Millanetta Fuiava
Kushi Yu
Kushi Yu 6 日 前
Me knowing that she is Filipino: YASSSS QUEEN Me knowing again that she is 17: OMYGASH MY CO-BATCH MATE heyyy even more amazing
Dt Zm
Dt Zm 6 日 前
Im high af and when i heard him begin about weed 8:08 i was in shock🤣
Kathryn Yee
Kathryn Yee 7 日 前
I admit that I was dismissive of this song when I first heard it, but I actually never even got to the bridge or noticed the nuances in how her voice reflected the meaning of the lyrics until today. The lyrics are simple, but the nostalgia of this song reminded me of how I felt falling in and out of love around this age. Even though people move on and older generations dismiss it as petty drama, these subjective feelings and emotions can be very formative for a person and apparently, that’s why this song has resonated with so many people, myself included despite being in my 30s. People may want the details of the story behind it, but it’s not about the guy or the blonde girl, it’s about contending with these really intense feelings of love and the loss of that. Obviously, that’s nothing new, but the authenticity, universality, and execution is what makes this song commendable. On another note, I’m totally biased and also just love to see authentic representation of other Asian-American women’s experiences and emotions 👏🏼.
YoutubeUser 7 日 前
Not a fan of the song. But her voice blows me away. Not a fan of the accent but she's got lungs!
Natalie's American girl
Wait did that song make him cry??!?
CurseCuelebre 7 日 前
I just love how emotional she is, especially during the chorus
Maria Fernanda Mancera
Hey, can you react to this guy on tiktok @mattmorrealemusic?
PUGNIA 7 日 前
Man u gotta go into comedy, u r crazy!
Ian Gordon
Ian Gordon 7 日 前
She looks like a talented AOC.
Jessica Morgan
Jessica Morgan 7 日 前
Love "Who is this?" That's what I said. I don't know how she will top her 1st song!
Jessica Morgan
Jessica Morgan 8 日 前
Loves when he wipes away a tear❤
Daisy McCamish
Daisy McCamish 8 日 前
I’ve heard no one talk about how that bridge is Lorde vibes AF.
Kuya Bae
Kuya Bae 12 時間 前
@Auvríyelle Océano Is tristian Gay?
Auvríyelle Océano
Auvríyelle Océano 19 時間 前
YES! I knew the style sounded familiar, I wasn’t able to put my finger on it until now. Lol
Kuya Bae
Kuya Bae 20 時間 前
Is tristian gay?
m m
m m 2 日 前
V melodrama-esque ❤️
Katie Buckendorff
Everytime that bridge hits: instant goosebumps
Anthony Hernandez
Do Yebba - My Mind.
Jordan Umukunzi
Jordan Umukunzi 8 日 前
Paige from bizzardvark
AzNightmare 8 日 前
*I check in on this guy's channel every few months and each video he's starting to look more and more like a girl. I mean it's cool and all, but did I miss something? Compare now to his thumbnail pics in 2020 and 2019. I kind of don't know what to expect in 2022...*
Hack successful
Hack successful 4 日 前
Lol what girls are you dating
Please react to her live at Jimmy Fallon’s 🥺
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 8 日 前
I thought you said everything pre recorded has auto tune....you said that on the tpain video!
Brian Keatings
Brian Keatings 8 日 前
Am I the only one to not know he is a boy
ziq quill
ziq quill 9 日 前
This is the best song! But did you hear the real song without music it is pretty good without music too
J.L. Skinner
J.L. Skinner 9 日 前
1. You're amazing. 2. Her voice reminds me of Maria Mena.
JuStK Ay
JuStK Ay 9 日 前
"a summer song that you would smoke weed to" 😂
Hack successful
Hack successful 4 日 前
It’s at this point that I was reminded of Lana del Rey. Almost sounds like how Lana’s music sounds. I really wanna see Lana sing see if she’s improved.
gymnast 9 日 前
Him. this has some like musical theater vibes Me. She was on highschool musical
iifleurxari 9 日 前
you should react to the live version hehe 😉
Birdies Feather
Birdies Feather 9 日 前
i love his reactions so much
Mimi Sacko
Mimi Sacko 9 日 前
is it a bridge or secondary hook
Tyler Deniston
Tyler Deniston 9 日 前
Oh so u set
Tyler Deniston
Tyler Deniston 9 日 前
No one cares Notre pine
Elle Bambridge
Elle Bambridge 9 日 前
Loved the video x
Jian Sagario
Jian Sagario 9 日 前
bruh she can act and singg?? wowww
Now do her live version please :))))))))
Luis Garza
Luis Garza 9 日 前
Dude, get rid of that mop on your head
Katherin Franco Suarez
Please, evaluate the live version on grammy museum !!!!!!!!!!
Your intro make me worried about you. How are you doing?
Emily Xyllia
Emily Xyllia 10 日 前
Can you react to all i want by olivia rodrigo?
Riah Wren
Riah Wren 10 日 前
Why is she playing on like a damn fisher price piano
Clive Whelan
Clive Whelan 10 日 前
Guillotine or all time low by John billion
Clive Whelan
Clive Whelan 10 日 前
Could you react to Jon bellion plz
Sociopathy Is Bliss
wtf why am I sobbing
David Saunders
David Saunders 10 日 前
really great song. She can really sing.
swiftie 10 日 前
You know, Taylor’s baby ❤️ I love her ! The bridge is the most fantastic part like in Tay’s
Gabriel Especial
Gabriel Especial 10 日 前
Can You Also React To Morissette's Cover Of That Song Pleaseee I MISS YOUR REACTION TO HER!
Monica Laurent
Monica Laurent 10 日 前
You need to react to Ni/Co's version of this song !
Craftyle 10 日 前
tristan: crying at the vocals, video, meaning me: crying at the face tristan is making trying not to cry -2:28
Colby Notes
Colby Notes 10 日 前
License to drive away from the relationship, free to hit the road on her own, away from the guy. But she doesn't want to go, just to come home. To him. If she could the way down THAT street, she would not drive away.
Shrimp 10 日 前
I don’t like tikok and I generally listen to rap, but this song is great.
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