Vengeance - Hollywood Crime Action Movie - Nicolas Cage

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Mocha Manongol
Mocha Manongol 52 分 前
great movie
Ross DiamondThief
Don Johnson (the lawyer) played Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice, a cop who fought against corruption in the justice system. Now he’s playing a corrupt lawyer in this movie.
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy 時間 前
People in the courtroom were like a Jerry Springer audience
Allan Alda
Allan Alda 3 時間 前
Duterte is right
Manishwar Sharma
Manishwar Sharma 4 時間 前
Nice movie 👍👍👍👍👍
John Bacon
John Bacon 14 時間 前
Very good movie, seen it before, but one of his best. A little bit of me hopes he found his way to California and they are together happy. (Yes I know its not real) but thats how my film mind works :-)
Sam Seng
Sam Seng 17 時間 前
Best movie
Edward Johns
Edward Johns 18 時間 前
Cool movie
Shahram Tiger
Shahram Tiger 18 時間 前
Nice movie
Djelal niyazi
Djelal niyazi 18 時間 前
is this free to watch
Simphiwekhoza Celani
Great movie
Oswaldo García
Los invasores de Nuevo leon
Debra Perkins
I Really enjoy Nickolas Cage, but sure wish they didn't give him such a Bad Dye Job on His Hair, and He would just go Natural to Match his Age!!....Very Dissappointed that his Wrinkles on his face looks even worse and More pronounced with his Hair Too Dark, doesn't match his skin, & Not Authentic! But at least he doesn't have those Eyebrows looking like Caterpillars, like "what's his name"? Of 'Dallas'/I Dream of Jeanie, ...Oh yeah...Larry Hagman!! lmbo 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Michael Patrick Swope
Excellent movie Nicolas Cage is awesome
Shanisha Henry
I must say the daughter is very strong I love that about her, she's a soilder
Crissiey Gold
wow great movie...the kid was on Annabelle Creation good horror movie
sasheen malcolm
sasheen malcolm 2 日 前
Great movie. Thanks for the upload
Yoho Hoho
Yoho Hoho 2 日 前
Terrible film
Mashake Mweemba
Mashake Mweemba 2 日 前
And I quote " Almost two carats, from Zambia"😍
Saul Derbyshire
Saul Derbyshire 2 日 前
That judge is a bellend I'll smash his head in
Gigi From God
Gigi From God 2 日 前
1:24:50 Love it 👏
Gigi From God
Gigi From God 2 日 前
1:17:50 That is exactly what Cowards Rapists deserves...Bullet in their Fourhead!! We woman do not have the same muscles strength that men do and they know that, and that's why they take advantage of us!!! Do the crime Pay for the Crime!😡👎
Gigi From God
Gigi From God 2 日 前
I wouldn't spend $1 cent on sons like that! Do the crime? Pay for the Crime and become responsible for their actions😡
Gigi From God
Gigi From God 2 日 前
I wouldn't never to be able to be a Coward Freeking Lawyer. That is what the criminal Lawyers do Create a story...thank God in cases like this they lose most of the time and, when they win the client fate is consequently horrible!
Henry Abiera
Henry Abiera 3 日 前
Nice movie
Rochelle Bell
Rochelle Bell 3 日 前
Very good movie 👍👍👍
miranda madeling
Is someone gonna apriciate Talitha Bateman’s acting in here?
critical thinking
The sad thing is how many of these cases lay around without even indictments,,,there are tons of rape kits that have not even gone through testing,,I don't like this storyline,,the only justified vigilantism was the one who draw a knife on him,,,murder of rapists is unjustified,,I have no sympathy for these rapists,,but my vigilantism would consist of holding them tied up,,beating the shit shit out them few times for a week and only feeding them just water so they starve as well,,while constantly reminding them that they will be let go but if they prosue justice for the vigilantism they would wish it was just this treatment they are are getting,, and finally take a sledge hammer to thier arms and legs and leave them naked in some park for hikers to call an ambulance on them,,I would make sure they see my face but I will have a clean crime scene and send them flowers to the hospital and well wishes ,,then after thier six months of brutal recovery i would send them a congratulations for the recovery card,,and then i would send them a happy brithday card every year
Patrick47 3 日 前
lawless acts 2 out of 5
sasheen malcolm
sasheen malcolm 3 日 前
That's an awful thing for any child to see their mom go through!
Avitar Magnus
Avitar Magnus 3 日 前
fantastic true justice- we can see the only bullets he forgot was the evil mother and lawyer then it would be perfect!!!! TIE WE ALL TAKE TRUE JUSTICE as the jew lawyers and courts will nerver serve evil men and evil women properly!!! WE MUST RISE UNITE AND DO THIS OURSELVES!!! AMEN CHRIST IS KING OF EVERYTHING FOREVER
Julie Scarlett
Julie Scarlett 3 日 前
Nicholas Cage is an outstanding actor !! I just love him, and this was an excellent movie !!!!
Roger Smoot
Roger Smoot 3 日 前
Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors, and in this role, he reminds me of another great actor, Thomas Jane, in the movie "The Punisher". The bought-and-paid-for judge in "Vengeance" was obviously a friend of the defense attorney, played by Don Johnson, another fine actor from "Miami Vice". Thanks for another tremendous Hollywood production where justice was finally swift by a cop who had grown tired of a corrupt judicial system.
procobetancur 3 日 前
Beautiful Niagara Falls love it! I’m lucky to live 45min away on the Canadian side👌
procobetancur 3 日 前
Nice movie👍🏻
Eric Baumgartner
Worst acting ever by Cage.
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 3 日 前
Loved it
Shwetang Shah
Shwetang Shah 3 日 前
Awesome movie,he is kind of a knight of the modern world.
johnny p
johnny p 4 日 前
Great film , wrong name , it should be called Justice
Stillwater62 ##
Stillwater62 ## 13 時間 前
Hollywood is almost all Liberals, and justice is not in their vocabulary.
Michael Patrick Swope
Justice is mine good title
Anthony Grant
Anthony Grant 4 日 前
Great movie Nick Cage still the man.
fun Harry
fun Harry 4 日 前
The world needs more police men like this 🚨
Mircea Slabu
Mircea Slabu 4 日 前
OMG Y realy love this movie y am glad that has been made justice. 🙂🤣 At the end y just simply cry that has been made justice. 🤣🤣
Jithin Cr
Jithin Cr 4 日 前
Just watched for Nicolas cage and a must watch movie
What a flop, LOL 😆 the weakest bar scene I ever saw. Obviously the only star ⭐️ is Nicolas Cage, which is why I fell for the click bait. Clicking off after bar scene and backyard barbecue.
Salmaan Noorgat
Salmaan Noorgat 4 日 前
great movie
Nirmal Shrestha
Nirmal Shrestha 4 日 前
one of the good movie I think it will not waste your time watch it
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 5 日 前
there so many things wrong with this movie . The doctors would have reported the lacerations on her vaginae . They would have kept the mother out of court and in the hospital all they needed was the child's testimony they could have made this movie a little Realistic. In the real world those guys would have gone to jail for sure. Badd movie .
Kelvin Tillman
Kelvin Tillman 5 日 前
the dying officer saying "i got to"
Megumi Nk
Megumi Nk 5 日 前
Such a bad movie 🤦🏼‍♀️
Pablo Descartes
Pablo Descartes 5 日 前
Betopoetabh thanks i enjoyed the movie. America needs more vigilante justice.
Aaron Hunter
Aaron Hunter 5 日 前
Great movie 🇦🇺🇦🇺👌
Carlos Soares
Carlos Soares 5 日 前
good muve I love
emajon 5 日 前
Go with them Jon 😭
MARS ski
MARS ski 5 日 前
That is Justice not Vengeance.
Stephen Meek
Stephen Meek 5 日 前
Brilliant highly recommended 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇬🇧
denise warner
denise warner 5 日 前
Brilliant movie!
I like the ending. That's just like Sally Field eye for an eye movie.
mrd2u1 6 日 前
Good moivie worth a watch
Ralph Taylor
Ralph Taylor 6 日 前
Wow, a real powerful movie. it in my option is one of cages best.real justice, a cure if you will too the slime that runs our streets.
Candy Divine
Candy Divine 7 日 前
wow ,you never failed me Nicolas Cage ,Thumbs up😉
Renee` Hill
Renee` Hill 7 日 前
I look like a badass at the shooting range too.
bill clark
bill clark 7 日 前
lucky she lived bless her soul
Abdullah Barez
Abdullah Barez 7 日 前
The name and does it deserve to watch
Sukh Pree
Sukh Pree 8 日 前
themrswanda 8 日 前
who benefits the parents or the children when it comes to earning's..? hate it when small children play these sickening roles.... must effect them surely....? i would need counselling...
vanilla gorilla
vanilla gorilla 8 日 前
john derick gatchalian
Zinash Arega
Zinash Arega 8 日 前
I love it.....like this bad people off in this world!!!!
Rick Bradley
Rick Bradley 9 日 前
Now that was a damn good movie & Cage played a no holds barred but damn good cop! The girl was pretty damn tough herself! That judge should damn well be taken off the bench! That lawyer was a damn, well lawyer! Those hoodlums were damn scumbags & got what they deserved! Their mother a damn fool & the priest was a damn farce! After it was all said & done I hope the victim was damn smarter! She damn well ought to be! ✌OUT! P.S. I damn well loved it!
DJC DJC 9 日 前
Hot mom and grandma...wanna go on a date ladies?
Charlie Kokinidis
This movie just affirms that judges and lawyers are all in it for the glory and money and true justice takes a back seat by hiding behind manmade "laws" To the judges and lawyers its a game, who can win the case with legal terms, technicalities and fictitious story telling at the cost of true justice. Pathetic and disgraceful for people who choose to make a living in this fashion. I'd rather earn a living dealing drugs,
Angry Investors - take control
Not one of Cage's best but a watchable movie - good quality and no ads.
فيلم واعر تفرجولة على حسابي . يستحق المشاهدة 😍😍😍😍
Wally Prichard
Wally Prichard 9 日 前
Good Movie 👍
Μάνος Παναρετακης
16:29 soundtrack?..😯
Romanian 3D CG Channel
Nice movie ....Thank you very much !!!
Rahul Raj
Rahul Raj 10 日 前
Rahul. Raj
karim karim
karim karim 10 日 前
Beautiful beautiful voice
karim karim
karim karim 10 日 前
Belle chanson belle voix
heide gonzales
heide gonzales 11 日 前
The attorney of the victim is stupid! She should fire her.
heide gonzales
heide gonzales 11 日 前
There are criminals, rapist, murderer and psychopaths because of bad parenting. And this couple here is an example. Bad parents=bad children.
Murderers have a 3% recidivism rate. Rapists have a 63% rate. Rapists should be executed along with all bullies.
carpe noctem
carpe noctem 11 日 前
prasad chowdhury
prasad chowdhury 12 日 前
Onli Nicolas cage
victor karpov
victor karpov 12 日 前
very good movie, wow
John O'Mara
John O'Mara 12 日 前
Nick "Bankable" Cage... Find it hard to watch what happened to the mom... Rape is the only thing on film that really makes me cringe... Great movie though.
mike emdy
mike emdy 12 日 前
Makere Bennett
Makere Bennett 12 日 前
mario sanchez
mario sanchez 12 日 前
What a powerful movie , and Nicolas Cage , is a talent actor. Amazing , movie ,thanks for share ,.
mike cooper
mike cooper 12 日 前
Love Nicolas Cage ..what a film!!!
Micheal D
Micheal D 12 日 前
This movie sucks
Alisa Mclellan
Alisa Mclellan 13 日 前
That was right and just !!!
Soc De guzman
Soc De guzman 13 日 前
Ayos k tlaga cage
World Citizen
World Citizen 13 日 前
if all the judges are as bald and stupid as this one...I shall take the law in my own hands.
Len Vincent
Len Vincent 13 日 前
Awesome legs on her, wouldn't want the baggage tho
Christelle Calixte
this was not a good movie at all..
Florence Tafireyi
Good movie
Milan Sahu
Milan Sahu 13 日 前
In the movie fully bastard is the layer...
Fanatic REDs
Fanatic REDs 14 日 前
Firstly.. A big thank you to betopoetabh for sharing this movie..this is what I call justice for citizen..when there's none..three years in the department with a purple heart and he made good use of it..good movie..worth watching.. Thank you again.. ✌👍
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