Undercover Boss BLOWS UP on Store Manager 

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The undercover CEO of WIld Wings absolutely BLOWS UP on an abusive store manager, and hires his staff to come work for him instead!
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Dabl ヶ月 前
Watch Part 1 Here: www.dabl.com/undercover-boss/undercover-boss/articles/undercover-boss-wild-wing-explodes-abusive-manager
Prickly_pear ヶ月 前
Pt 1 isnt active
Arsonist Arborist
Why would I come to JPvid to read an article about a video? You know what JPvid is, right?
Caz ヶ月 前
It doesn't work. Is it a scam????
Fiona Rhiannon Pitbull Extraordinaire
Finally, a CEO who is willing to stand up for his or her people. That manager had that poor girl in tears, and thought it was totally acceptable. When undercover CEO busted his chops and sent him packing, I was cheering. Such a rare thing anymore - both management treating their employees with respect, and CEO's / business owners keeping tabs on how things are actually going and sticking up for people who are being mistreated on the job. That CEO earned mass respect points in my book.
Brian M
Brian M ヶ月 前
Also, it was a cultural upbringing thing with that manager. He sounded like he came from India or Pakistan where "perceived" disrespect of a man from a woman is not tolerated. Notice I said "perceived". I didn't see WHY he made her cry, but like the ceo said "there's no excuse for that kind of behavior (from the manager)". Here in the USA, its different, it's a melting pot of ideas, politics. I understand a 3000 year old culture is a difficult thing to overcome but seriously? If she were my sister or wife, I'd be having "words" with this..... man, "remonstrate" with him....
jt gardiner
jt gardiner ヶ月 前
You just learned a very very horrible lesson. If the CEO had pulled the manager aside and privately reprimanded him not publicly embarrass him, I would cheer with you. If making her cry was so important, then why demonstrate the exact same disregard for the feelings of his manager by screaming and threatening; what he did was hypocritical, he did the same thing to his manger. Quietly and privately reprimand employees in a calm manner, allowing the employee the opportunity to express themselves. Dismiss only when you are certain the employee can not be rehabilitated and the company gains value by dismissing him. People who live by their emotions and not by a set of valued standards make horrible bosses.
Fiona Rhiannon Pitbull Extraordinaire
Honestly, I guess what I was meaning was that I was glad the CEO stuck up for his mistreated employee, which many CEO's don't do, in my experience, and the jerk manager who was mistreating the employee finally understood what it felt like to be on the other side of it. He was dishing out the abuse for so long and getting away with it, with no reprimands, and he got caught red handed by the CEO who was so upset he let him have it and showed the jerk manager what it felt like, being put in the same position he was putting the people under him in. I DO understand that maybe, in his culture, that behavior is acceptable, and if he were like that at home with his family, that's their own personal business. But when you bring that attitude to the workplace here in the U.S., we DO have a different way of doing things than other places, and he was going against company policy in ALOT of ways, and by American standards, abusing the employees. Learn how the company you work for expects you to treat the people you manage, follow that to the best of your ability, be professional, and don't act like a jerk. The CEO was just practicing "what goes around comes around". I meant no offense to anyone, I meant no disrespect to anyone, I have step family from another culture, and I also married into a family from another culture, so I get cultural differences. Just saying that BASIC RESPECT AND POLITENESS go a long way, and there are better ways to handle it than how the middle eastern manager handled it.
Fiona Rhiannon Pitbull Extraordinaire
@jt gardiner I do understand your point of view, the CEO did do the same thing the manager did. I think it was expressed that what the CEO witnessed was not the first and only time this has happened, that it happens all the time, and sometimes, getting a taste of your own medicine is the only way to really learn. I'm pretty sure there had been a lot of complaints to corporate about him by other employees, or else that particular establishment would not have been featured on undercover boss. I'm pretty sure corporate had sent people there before and the manager was as sweet and kind as could be because he knew who the corporate people were - notice how the manager was acting tyrannical and monster like in front of the CEO, who was undercover, not knowing it was him, and IMMEDIATELY changed his attitude to "sweet as apple pie" the moment the CEO revealed himself? That said more than enough, the CEO saw the situation for what it was, and knew that trying the soft handed approach would not go anywhere, as it had probably been employed before. The CEO was very obviously outraged, and knew a tough approach was the only way. Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong, I will never know due to my not having been a fly on the wall on both the establishment's end and corporate's end before this episode aired, plus there was probably a lot of footage that was edited out, too. But I am more on the CEO's and the abused employee's side than anyone else. And I am not going to disrespect your opinion, yours is equally valid and understandable, and in many cases I would agree with you. I just suspect this was a different case that had been escalating for a long, LONG time before it got to this point.
TimeBucks ヶ月 前
He's the best uncover boss I've seen yet!
Nohlan Fisherman
Nohlan Fisherman ヶ月 前
So..... Are you looking for some publicity?
Surjeet Thakur
Surjeet Thakur ヶ月 前
Shameela N
Shameela N ヶ月 前
Musyyab Ali 786
Musyyab Ali 786 ヶ月 前
Ruma Dey
Ruma Dey ヶ月 前
Toga Games
Toga Games ヶ月 前
This never happens at a job. You just get abused and the management is either part of it or ignores it and blames you somehow. Extremely lucky situation for her.
Rose Jane Roth
Rose Jane Roth ヶ月 前
It indeed is very rare, it should be more common but sadly these situations are rare. Anyway I hope you have a great day or rest of the day or night depending on your time zone 😁
RoninGT ヶ月 前
I think in this regard, he’s thinking of his brand and how it was being represented. Sounds cynical, but maybe it did play a little part of it. But I’d like to think that he was truly genuine and put the needs of the employee before anything else. She was lucky that he was there to see what went down and acted on it.
shuki1 ヶ月 前
Because most of middle management are also employees and might not care or have that parent mindset that the company is is their 'baby'. I could understand that this CEO feels a sucker punch that this franchise owner is literally doing his own thing and destroying the brand.
RoninGT ヶ月 前
@shuki1 totally
Extractx ヶ月 前
The “boss” was much more disrespectful than the manager. He yelled in his face and completely belittled him.
Etigress ヶ月 前
Our boss came out to tell us a co-worker had passed away. Then he had the balls to say: "He was just a body, we can replace him." I got so mad, I quit. That was so freaking rude.
mogznwaz 9 日 前
Sociopathic more like
Rain on Water
Rain on Water 4 日 前
Sounds like Arrow Trucking when a driver fell asleep (Arrow pushed him too hard) and went of a cliff killing him, and his pregnant wife. Doug (the owner) said "Oh well. He should have drunk more Dr. Pepper. Trucking companies are that cold.
MoonTheRacoon 2 日 前
@Rain on Water jesus christttt, thats awful!
Rain on Water
Rain on Water 2 日 前
@MoonTheRacoon Sad to say. Trucking companies really are that cruel. I had a very close friend during the pandemic that kept telling dispatch that she was horribly sick and needed to go home. The ice-hearted Driver Manager kept telling her "If you can't deliver loads, then you can walk home". When she finally got home. She died two days later. I experience the same thing but managed to survive. There is a reason there is a driver shortage.
M Harris
M Harris 日 前
When I was 17, in my first job my boss told me that I had to ensure that I wrote everything I did down (not that I wasn't doing it, he was just stating what he wanted) and he continued, saying "because you might die on your way home from work tonight, but the company still needs to run tomorrow"
humphrey bogarden
Finally a boss with cahones, and generous. Not some wimpy gesture. 3x salary is huge long term and a free car short and long term. Our whole family is going to find this place and eat there, good ceo earned my respect.
Nav Dhillon
Nav Dhillon ヶ月 前
You know this is all staged right 😂
Nav Dhillon
Nav Dhillon ヶ月 前
Fake BS
Quasarphobia ヶ月 前
He just wanted to smash 😂
jason bellotti
jason bellotti ヶ月 前
So If you want to support a company like this that isn't staged costco is where to shop. The owner believes in employees first and pays good
David Booth
David Booth ヶ月 前
3x 2.13 an hour?
Nala ヶ月 前
He took that girls pain personally, straight away though of his own daughters and steeped right up to the plate. He’s exactly the kind of boss everyone needs ❤
Trxpifyz ヶ月 前
People don't understand the work that goes behind the scenes to keep a company running. You can't keep a place open for long with a guy like that. Glad the Ceo stepped up. Goes to show he truly cares.
Zia Sun
Zia Sun ヶ月 前
More CEO’s need to go undercover!
GangstaDrz ヶ月 前
@Zia Sun And board members.
Todd Doering
Todd Doering ヶ月 前
Maybe the damning parts were cut, but we went from only hearing her side, to him walking in on them yelling at each other pretty equally, which is strange between an employee and boss, especially the kind of boss that pins things on you. And then the owner blew up on him never giving him a chance to explain himself. This is as one-sided as things can get, we heard complaints from one person and then just assumed that's all that's going on. This was a demonstration of poor leadership, but not the manager's.
Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Personally I have seen people retire, transfer after a new manager took over, H.R. ignored complaints, ignored a surge of transfers. A managers job can be so easy when they get people on their team rather than trying to flex their authority!
Curiosity_Cars ヶ月 前
The Chat AI bots getting annoying
Orlando Jalomos
Orlando Jalomos ヶ月 前
Is that Really You in the Pic
steven perez
steven perez ヶ月 前
​@Orlando Jalomos and if it is have some respect JPvid is to watch videos and comment on them not hit on ppl
Chris Schelstraete
​@steven perez Read the name though Come get in my body who has that as a name that deserves respect
steven perez
steven perez ヶ月 前
@Chris Schelstraete doesn't matter I'm happily married so I don't need to disrespect this lady with that name I have enough respect not to disrespect her by hitting on her
Sicarius ヶ月 前
There needs to be more employers that are like this instead of making employees feel like shit and wanting to walk out the door but can't because they need the money to live. Companies/corporations just do not treat people the way we deserve
Jordan Barclay
Jordan Barclay ヶ月 前
There shouldn’t be mistreatment on a job for anybody tho it’s not hard to solve that issue the owners don’t care that’s the point
Mistie Merritt
Mistie Merritt ヶ月 前
Exactly 1000%. It literally just happened to me at work. I wanted to quit so bad but I can't AFFORD it!!!!! I've worked here seven years 😭
Michael C.
Michael C. ヶ月 前
​@Mistie Merritt start looking for another job. It's easy to get comfortable and just be content with hating your job, but it's so much easier to just find another one. I know it doesn't seem like it, but it's one of those things you just have to grit your teeth and do. I left a field after 7 years, making decent money, because I had an opportunity to work my dream job. The pay sucked, but I knew I was gonna have to start lower and prove myself in a new field. It's been a year and a half now and I'm SO glad I did it. It was stressful, scary, and there months where I was barely scraped by and had to ask for help. But it was worth it. I can't wait for Monday mornings now to get back to work and do what I love.
Glory ヶ月 前
Idk i got really lucky my company i feel like a family there we all get along super well! N laugh n joke and have fun n so much more and work too ofc
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 16 日 前
He’s a complete fraud, and this is a terrible performance exclusively for the cameras. Do you really not see that?
Ms Darby
Ms Darby 19 日 前
When he told her he wouldn't want anyone to treat his daughter that way, and she responded that she didn't have a dad to stick up for her, I felt that. Honestly, I'm in tears that this hard working young woman was given a shot at a better life.
Bob's Ghost
Bob's Ghost 4 日 前
Do you have a time stamp for this please? I think I missed it
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia ヶ月 前
You never put up with abusive bosses. NEVER. CEOs need to get off their office chairs and get out in the field where they are making their money. Good employees make a business successful. Without the little guys……they fail.
420 420
420 420 ヶ月 前
David S.
David S. ヶ月 前
But it took that ceo to get the company off the ground.. to make any good company it takes the workers to to office pple all the way up. You can't just say it's the workers who makes the company.
KEVIN B ヶ月 前
Keep believing that😅
420 420
420 420 ヶ月 前
@David S. also correct... it is a symbiotic relationship
fran smith
fran smith ヶ月 前
ceo's of major corporations don't have time to micromanage every store. that's a ridiculous statement. ceo's job is to overlook officers and officers overlook management.
distance between stars
This man has integrity and compassion. Nice to see he has some balls to treat his employees like people.
Mathematical Economist
Many light years. There's your answer!
Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body
If someone ever show up at your job and looks like Ned Flanders or an old adult film star.....he's the CEO
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams ヶ月 前
Okilly dokilly 😁
ShitTok ヶ月 前
Lmao old adult film star 😂
GVH1305 ヶ月 前
​@ShitTok What happens if a guy comes looking like Donald
Prickly_pear ヶ月 前
Dat often true
Kristi Brooks
Kristi Brooks ヶ月 前
This is the kind of stuff that may cause an employee to go postal. Sad and scary.
Kelle0284 ヶ月 前
Don't be scared, little boy.
Wyatt Smith
Wyatt Smith 26 日 前
@Kelle0284 uh what 😂
Terry Lancey
Terry Lancey ヶ月 前
Good for her. She was finally treated with some respect. Great undercover boss. Unfortunately, this cruel treatment goes on in the workplace way too often
THartzy Fartzy Studios
A man who truly cares about his employees and businesses all in one….. I felt that weight lift off that girls shoulders soon as he stood up to the manager. Bless him and bless the woman and her kids
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez 13 時間 前
Wow that was pretty amazing. To see a boss actually care about the employees. It shouldn't be this way, but it's really rare. It's nice to see someone stand up for her
Carrie Bizz
Carrie Bizz ヶ月 前
This was one of my faves as he really cares about his staff and exposing a horrible manager was awesome. Well done Rick
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Tbh when the clip started I didn't know who was who. I thought the lady was undercover and the guy in the middle was just being himself lol
Kevin Kinder
Kevin Kinder ヶ月 前
Same. Seeing the problem resolved is less impactful without seeing the actual problem.
Nathaniel Adriano
​@Kevin Kinder Unfortunately, you replied to a bot...
Khalil Razak
Khalil Razak ヶ月 前
Same here.
XO TwistedT
XO TwistedT ヶ月 前
@Nathaniel Adrianothat bot seems to have more common sense than u do tbh🤷🏽‍♀️
Nathaniel Adriano
@XO TwistedT The "common sense" being what exactly? I think people should look at the profile picture and account name before liking and commenting to prevent such a thing ever happening. The bot (at the time of this comment) has 1.2K likes and 8 comments, while the poster of the original is now lost in the sea of comments. Unless you're talking about something else...
Michael Marette
Michael Marette ヶ月 前
Brings me to tears when you see justice prevail.
Jessi Lynn Torres
Jessi Lynn Torres 16 時間 前
I love how he protected her cause she didn’t deserve the way she was treated. You are such a good and a sweet boss.
Branden Barbarano
When the manager said “I love you Rick!” I died 😂
killahboy84 7 日 前
This man knows how to value his employees, and cut the fat on those who aren't good for his brand.
Sarah Prorok
Sarah Prorok ヶ月 前
What a boss! This needs to be the way things happen. When employees are treated with compassion and as human beings! Thank you sir, for standing up for what’s right!❤
Sentarry ヶ月 前
Wow, that boss is bigger than the manager. Literally. I thought he was going to get knocked out by the boss with one punch. Also, what a great boss for sticking up to the manager going against company policy
Evan Shlom
Evan Shlom ヶ月 前
Only losers get physical and he’s a good guy he’s a winner
Bob Bob
Bob Bob ヶ月 前
I woulda listened to him even if he waesnt the boss dude is jacked lol
Mathematical Economist
@Bob Bob No kidding! LOL!
fizi247 ヶ月 前
She received a lot of hugs from the undercover boss. A lot of hugs.
souLance ヶ月 前
😂🤣 I was thinking the saaaaaaaaame thing. Not trying to diminish her and what she deserves to earn for working... Wait ... "You have my cell number, call me, any time of night" ... Dude be thirsty.
Thomas Sparks
Thomas Sparks ヶ月 前
Lot of hugs
Graves FaTter CAtt
Sarah Trusty
Sarah Trusty ヶ月 前
Giving the benefit of the doubt, I am a very huggy person. Especially if someone is upset.
InstantK0ed ヶ月 前
When I look at that boss I see a predator.
Gary Moore
Gary Moore ヶ月 前
That's what you call a proper boss looking after his worker and business, if bosses were half as good nobody could complain, pleased to see the woman was OK
massey didehbani
massey didehbani ヶ月 前
Oh my goodness, I'm so happy for her. I'm 65 years old here and was in the restaurant business is a waitress almost my whole life, this would have been the fantasy of a lifetime
SmoshNZ ヶ月 前
This is a fantasy. Just not hers. Hugs, hugs, hugs.
Jules ヶ月 前
I love the CEO, him standing for someone who works for him and was treated poorly shows he's the right person for the job.
Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Sgt1961 ヶ月 前
Yes you can..Give'em the finger as you walk away..No one should be treated badly.. I'm retired Military..I,told a manager once..If you take care of your employees and your employees will take care of you..I told him like in the Military your troops can make or break a company..He just had this look on his face,he had no clue
Spoon-Dono ヶ月 前
My last boss told me I was overreacting when I was being harassed and intimidated. And I’m sure I’m being stalked to this day. He laid me off a few months ago as the cherry on top. The company is doing mass layoffs so it’s a good guise…
GVH1305 ヶ月 前
​@Sgt1961 Quit work after your shift starts. Leave them short staffed.
Laura C
Laura C ヶ月 前
Is no one reading these profile names? 😂
Sgt1961 ヶ月 前
@Laura C Mine is REAL
Chris G
Chris G 3 日 前
Wished this world had more bosses like this one.
Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson ヶ月 前
Sabrina is a great employee. I really appreciate her attitude. The customers and the business come first for her. Any company would be blessed to have her in their employ. I could work with her and that's saying a lot. She should be promoted to Manager.
Shawn W
Shawn W ヶ月 前
That's a true boss right there! Money turns these people into heartless pieces of crap that care nothing about the smaller people working for them. I hope this guy achieves great things and his cooperation becomes bigger than KFC
Mike Wolf
Mike Wolf ヶ月 前
Good job man! Thank you for doing the right thing. I hope other businesses owners learn from this.
jaybar redspoon
jaybar redspoon ヶ月 前
A boss that stands up for a employee finally we need more people like him in many other businesses
Funky Cheese
Funky Cheese ヶ月 前
Way to go. I definitely am proud of you for dealing with this situation the way you did. Awesome. Wish I had a boss like yourself. Kudos man.
Stormy Wolf
Stormy Wolf ヶ月 前
We want our bosses like him, but someone like him who won't have this and acted immediately is such a rare thing.
Rold Arnesen
Rold Arnesen ヶ月 前
Grief..tear jerker. One of those times you're really glad to see justice served.
Billy X Kid
Billy X Kid 18 日 前
This is great he’s the greatest boss I’ve ever seen on the show. I love how he’s like I swear to God everything will be OK and he really meant it He helped out big Time
Michael Marette
Michael Marette ヶ月 前
This brought me to tears, so happy for her. You rarely ever see things like this end with a happy ending!
Kelle0284 ヶ月 前
Happy ending. LOL.
Jaybird615 9 日 前
That's the best day of that woman's life! I'm so happy for her! And kudos to Rick! What an owner!
Heidi Hughes
Heidi Hughes ヶ月 前
The company I used to work for needs a CEO like this guy. I only got 1 weekend off and no holidays off in the year and a half I worked for them. All of my coworkers got every other weekend off and holidays off. I had triple the workload cause my coworkers were always goofing off. I finally had enough and told all of them where to shove it.
Gary Sanders
Gary Sanders ヶ月 前
The CEO had such a great smile when he got her to smile. Just pure happiness for him when she felt better. Passed the vibe check.
Kayla Klein
Kayla Klein 2 日 前
Wow he is everything a man should be… protective assertive and extremely good looking… his eyes wow! ❤ loved the way he stood up to that jerk and took care of his employee
Carl ヶ月 前
I'm so happy for her and God's going to bless that man for what he done...She seems like a sweet person and I'm so happy for her and I hope things worked out for her from that day forward and I'm pretty sure that the real owner was really really serious about triple pay although I'm sure he was lol
HappyDays ヶ月 前
Unfortunetly when employees complain, it gets no where. I hope he starts finding a way for employees to communicate with the brand if they arent being treated right. A line to go over managers heads😊
Eddie Gutierrez
Eddie Gutierrez 3 日 前
This dude is a true legend. Im so happy for her.
fkdoverdaily ヶ月 前
I love this CEO!! What an absolute gem! His parents did AMAZING with him!
daniel Goad
daniel Goad 3 日 前
I hope that all of this was doing well here and his power position wasn't used for anything inappropriate. Good job undercover boss
Rodney Swanson
Rodney Swanson 4 日 前
This man set an example, if you have happy employees, your business will flourish. He's awesome 👍
Carlos P. Jr
Carlos P. Jr ヶ月 前
A CEO with a heart for a working server. They don't make a lot of money to begin with. To have a boss come and fight for you, and then triple your salary is BOSS! I need the name of this Undercover Boss.
corina laney
corina laney ヶ月 前
Unfortunately this is just normal I deal with worse than this on a daily we all go through but it's beautiful to see someone care and stand up for people
David Ponseigo
I have heard people say he's doing this because she's a attractive young woman but as a father I can see he looks at her like a father does. I believe he truly cares about her and her kids and their future.
truthisoutthere 23 日 前
She’s a sweetheart and deserves a great life
mbc65 ヶ月 前
What a jerk that owner was. Glad he lost his franchise. Those agreements have consequences if you don't comply.
T Mon
T Mon ヶ月 前
All Indian franchisees are the same. Be it subway, or whatever else.
LC ヶ月 前
​@T Mon Especially to female employees...very disrespectful to them.
Kathleen Stringer
To me it was all an act and very unprofessional. 1:52
Par Golf
Par Golf ヶ月 前
@Kathleen Stringer Awww someone needs a hug.
SH Gaming 2
SH Gaming 2 ヶ月 前
So nice to see that someone cares about employees.
Todd White
Todd White ヶ月 前
Need more people like that! Wish I could work for a man business just like that. Americans need this change. Keep it up sir!
Steven Salas
Steven Salas ヶ月 前
Man if we all had a boss like this guy I feel like we would all enjoy whatever job we have
Freddie Sandoval
Freddie Sandoval ヶ月 前
Love the way he stuck up for the employee..a real boss
Nachroo Studios
Nachroo Studios ヶ月 前
This was such an emotional episode!!!! What an amazing boss and I would work for that guy or his company anytime!!!
Recur 4 日 前
I just wish. I knew more about how much my mom sacrificed for me as a single mom. We just never know what our parents went through. And they never complained
Nick C
Nick C ヶ月 前
Nice to see good people do still exist
Brad Parker
Brad Parker ヶ月 前
I feel completely bad for her she exactly about to lose everything but he step in
Lawrence Eytcheson
I was with my former employer, 5 days short of 2 years.....we lost 74 good people who could have made our store an " a" store rather than the "c" store management let us sink into.
Xavier ヶ月 前
I'm glad for her. ~ Hope all works out.
Gregory Sleeth
Gregory Sleeth ヶ月 前
What an awesome boss to stick up for an employee like that
Gary H
Gary H 時間 前
I remember when the CEO of the company I worked for came to our office to tell us he was shutting down our branch and laying us all off. Great guy.
itzamia ヶ月 前
Sabrina had that same look when daddy tells mommy don't yell at my little girl and she can have whatever she wants 🤣
Jennie ヶ月 前
Great Job, Sir. It is nice to see a boss that knows workers first. I quit a job because a customer was swearing at me, i was a cashier, she was mad at a person who stalkes the shelves.i told her to be quit, i called the manager and let her handle it. But said nothing about how i was treated. This countries people are getting ruder every year.
Tony ヶ月 前
Bravo. God I wish more companies understood some of the abuse that employees take from their “managers “
Nathan Joerndt
Nathan Joerndt ヶ月 前
the undercover boss was absolutely positively one hundred percent right with everything he said!!!!! he stood up for the woman who had her feelings hurt!!!!!!!!! that other guy should have never never never never ever disrespected her in the first place!!!!!! if I was an under cover boss I would have speak up and speak not just for her but for any woman who has been disrespected in any workplace!!!!!!!!!!
JuJuJupiter ヶ月 前
Are you cool with the fact that he was so into giving hugs? Fell
Nathan Joerndt
Nathan Joerndt ヶ月 前
@JuJuJupiter I'm into giving hugs too
Dan Puskarich
Dan Puskarich ヶ月 前
@JuJuJupiter o I
John Maderal
John Maderal 24 日 前
Went from depressed to happy because of one person’s action..
Illuminati ヶ月 前
We need this type of management everywhere
Julie McMahon
Julie McMahon ヶ月 前
It was great to see justice done.
HelloMyFriends 9 日 前
That "no not come on!" was like a pitbull bark. Love it. Earned my repsect.
Russy W
Russy W 2 日 前
If he never did the show he'd never find out. More CEOs should do this.
peachykeen 15 日 前
Hahaha yoooo @19 seconds into the video and I already can’t stop cackling 😂😂 that man turned to her so fast an apologized; could tell he was intimidated as hell & had gone to far and was now getting put back into his place.
Kristine LeBlanc
Kristine LeBlanc ヶ月 前
I'm so glad to see he took care of her right away!
Illuminati ヶ月 前
This is a real manager god bless him he loves his employees I wish we have more people like him
Donovan Nufable
Donovan Nufable ヶ月 前
He just treated the guy as bad as the owner treated Sabrina... show man!!!😅😂😊😢
James M
James M ヶ月 前
I wish MORE bosses were like him!!! Then they'd have loyalty back!!
Tailgate Carpenter
I am "working" at an outlet of a large Big Box store in order to straighten a few wrinkles out. Only had to call out three people who were acting poorly to their co-workers thus far. It's much easier to take a stand when you have nothing to lose.
Charles White
Charles White ヶ月 前
This is how it should be. I always talk directly with my employees and make sure they feel heard and well compensated. If you take care of your people they will take care of you.
Lisa M. Willson
Lisa M. Willson ヶ月 前
Finally a boss with cahones, and generous. Not some wimpy gesture. 3x salary is huge long term and a free car short and long term. Our whole family is going to find this place and eat there, good ceo earned my respect.
Red Pill Diaries
Red Pill Diaries ヶ月 前
It is somewhere on continental USA....hope that narrows it down. He will probably let you eat for free if you bring no guys.
Kevin Presley
Kevin Presley ヶ月 前
Now that is a boss I want to work for.He is totally right when he said employees come first.Employees can make or break a business.
Chew Bacca
Chew Bacca ヶ月 前
This is how a boss should be treating their employees, I’ve dealt with managers like that. It sucks
allisonharranmua *
People don't leave jobs, they leave bosses. This guy gets that.
Mark Benn
Mark Benn ヶ月 前
There is something about a CEO when they rip people that is just another level. But the owner deserved everything that was coming to him.
Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe 2 日 前
Now that is a good man! Someone who actually cares and not just because he’s on camera, dude doesn’t need to watch he’s right on time
Jeffery Lamb
Jeffery Lamb ヶ月 前
Helluva boss if all owners could come in under cover and see how the employees are treated or come in and see how their businesses are being run there would hopefully be a huge change bettering the whole environment and the whole business
Kirsten F. E
Kirsten F. E ヶ月 前
This is what humanity is all about. Take care of each other. You shouldn't have to know someone to care about them. We are all living on this big rock together, it's about time we start behaving that way towards one another.
D. Henderson
D. Henderson 14 時間 前
I hope that wasn’t just for tv and that guy is really a good guy like that man. He is the kind of people we need in businesses period whether it’s a supervisor manager owner team leader or just employee. More understanding just nice people that will help you figure things out instead of just pushing it off on you and then being angry when it doesn’t go how they wanted it but they had no say so or hand in it at all. They just want an outcome but don’t know what it takes or how it is supposed to get there. Setting goals that are ridiculous to obtain with the resources available. She really seemed sweet and just stuck in a terrible situation with a AH boss and that guy really seemed to car for his business enough that he cares for the employees because that’s who keeps the business up and together with the customers and every other part of the brand. They matter sometimes more than other parts of the business too. Glad that situation happened how it did for her and I love that guy for being a stand up guy and sticking up for her. Not excusing the behavior of that jerk of a boss at all. Disrespecting the employees and the brand period.
ThornOfSociety ヶ月 前
I like that he paid for the customers meals so they could leave and not get caught up in all that. Also 1:40 you can see the manager just standing there x)
snafu performance
Good for her. The world needs more good owners, bosses!!
Dan Ford
Dan Ford 18 時間 前
A CEO with common sense..... Finally!
Mike ヶ月 前
And shortly after the show he took her upstairs and showed her how much he really appreciated her 😂😂😂😂
Denis Z
Denis Z ヶ月 前
I hope this wasn't just for the show. I teared up for her too.
Chad's Tiny Kitchen
The look on her face when she realizes who he is
Bring me Peter pan
She is such a charmer. Bright and hardworking, it breaks my heart to hear her say she has no one. I imagine she would be a extremely supportive and devoted partner and I hope she isn't alone for long. I've worked with a lot of women and I'd bet most would have quit long before it got to the point it did for her, yet she did it for her kids. That says it all there. I'd of slipped her my cell number too 🙃 she is just so cute.