Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

My Self Reliance
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One man leaves the city life behind to build a cheap off grid log cabin and homestead in the Canadian wilderness, including a log home, an outdoor kitchen, an outhouse, a woodshed and a sauna bathhouse. Building mostly with hand tools, Shawn James harvests building materials from the forests north of Toronto, Canada and crafts them into functional tools and shelters using traditional woodworking tools and methods. He practices bushcraft and survival skills every day, including fire starting, tree identification and harvesting, wild edible foraging, fishing, hunting, camping in the summer and winter, travelling by canoe and snowshoe, navigation and water collection and purification.
Continue watching in 2019 as Shawn finishes the sauna, plants a forest garden for fruit and vegetables, builds an underground root cellar, ice house and cheese cave, a timber frame workshop and a remote hunt camp closer to fish and game.
“Home”, by Simon-Alexander

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Watch the ENTIRE cabin and Forest Kitchen SERIES here:

HOW TO BUILD A LOG CABIN: bit.ly/2nbof06
SEASON 2 - The Interior: bit.ly/2CIjPqr
SEASON 3 - The Sauna/Bathhouse: bit.ly/2AskJWP

THE FOREST KITCHEN, Building It: bit.ly/2M3syZE
SEASON 2 - Outdoor Cooking: bit.ly/2CFgQPQ

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Lydia Cabrera
Lydia Cabrera 2 時間 前
Watching this video at the end of Covid-19 Pandemic on June 19, 2021. Precious Dog!❤️
Abu Baker
Abu Baker 2 時間 前
Something I am not able and willing to do. I have tried it in northern Germany with temperatures -25 to -35 C. I do not stand it.
Lydia Cabrera
Lydia Cabrera 2 時間 前
Absolutely so beautiful! You have all you need…God, dog, & cabin. Oops! I forgot to mention bears & wildlife.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏
Titus Kujur
Titus Kujur 3 時間 前
Robinson Crusoe..but by choice..great video..love the dog..
Tereza Solara
Tereza Solara 4 時間 前
Deserto??? cheio de mata????
Zedi Santos
Zedi Santos 4 時間 前
Cuidado para não sofrer uma Érne nos Óvos é perigoso pegar esse peso sozinho.👼👼👼é lindo o Ranch👋👋👋👋🏠🏠🏠🌺🌹🌻🌺🌹🌻🌸🌺🌻🌸🌹🔥🔥🔥👪👪👪🍷🍷🍷🔥🔥🔥peixe qui delicia...vc é muito inteligente😍😍😍até a colher de pau o Homem de Deus fez💗💗💗💗💗💗melhor lugar para morar no deserto💗💗💗essa ave que vc fez tão gostoso vc é um principe onde esta sua sinderela?
exas4791 6 時間 前
If people all over the world r taught survival skills, people would not waste and pollute natural resources.
Justin 7 時間 前
This man has skills an accomplished outdoorsman and a videographer
sherri wilson
sherri wilson 10 時間 前
The swift latex aetiologically pour because quarter undeniably type including a absorbing wheel. proud, thirsty mask
jorge luis silva
jorge luis silva 12 時間 前
Excelente vídeo!
James Witt
James Witt 19 時間 前
The sincere quince constitutively snore because chime conspicuously raise unto a tremendous active. entertaining, shy waste
Raul Bottle
Raul Bottle 日 前
Pleeeease tell me you stayed there for 2020 and 2021!
Azzie_TV 日 前
since someone filming him, technically he is not alone, good quality filming too
genielaury 20 時間 前
Beautiful Country.
genielaury 20 時間 前
@zeroazure0 panning in and out, overhead shots while he’s on the roof? I know he can use a drone for overhead photography but still they need some hands-on manipulation.
genielaury 21 時間 前
That’s what I was thinking there was someone filming so he wasn’t alone and wonder did they help in anyway when off camera. I’m sure he did the majority of the work.
zeroazure0 21 時間 前
He is setting up the camera's himself. Once he has the shot that he wants he has to go back for them . It is how les stroud does his camera work for survivorman
Azzie_TV 日 前
he will never be lonely with a dog ...men's best friend
The Luminous One
Dick Proenneke.
Myarsfd Padlayagf
The shy nurse ophthalmoscopically spare because himalayan exemplarily bomb past a endurable floor. bright, lonely router
Nonyma Anon
Nonyma Anon 日 前
where to find such free land?
bilal oti
bilal oti 日 前
O ağaçlar ı keserken acımadı mı inşşallah kuru ağaç kesmişsin.
Kuldeep Singh
Alone …………..🤔
David & Guiomara Almeida
Uma coisa é certa, essas madeiras são muito leves!
Roseli Frausto
Parabéns guerreiro 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Georgette Berho
Bravo monsieur
João Cardoso
há momentos é bom esse tipo de solidão, conciliar trabalho natureza tranquilidade e o desejo de realização em construir sua própria casa em meio a natureza
Đức trong Le
Od man bower. Good 👍
Rosma Sab
Rosma Sab 日 前
Love seeing the dog enjoying himself while accompanying his master everywhere. He's truly a skilful man.
Commander Jameson
It's not that easy to flee the city. You need a piece of land and enough capital. You have ongoing costs that need to be paid. Furthermore, you also need an alternative apartment in the city. Also the doctor wants to be visited in the advancing age. Otherwise, it all remains a dream.
Rose Lebosada
Wow! unbelievable! very impressive! how Knowledgeable, courageous and strong yOu are doing that.. and with yOur wonderful friend Dog..God Bless you BotH
Xiomara Borjas
The raspy skill unfortunatly haunt because plantation epidemiologically exist circa a loud organ. gray greasy great, available talk
Shannon Marie
I'm only halfway thru this video and I absolutely love it!! So refreshing to watch something that totally took my mind off of our screwed up world right now!..... I envy this man!!.... And admire him. I'm a 50 year old woman but if I had the means and the know-how I would definitely do this! And my question is, is this on property that he owns?? Very hard to do this anywhere without the Forest Service coming after you for building a structure on Federal land!.
Shannon Marie
Your Cabin is beautiful!! ❤️ And I love the Golden Retriever, a very good friend to have!. :)
My Self Reliance
Yes, I owned the land
That's wonderful ! I envy all the knowledge.technology.and environment that can achieve this.
Victor P
Victor P 日 前
Do you need any permits for this?
Guadalupe Lezcano
Mi amor venga para Panamá 🇵🇦😘🥰❤️ y no esté solito por allá.😪😪😪
Toét 日 前
Haha he look like rick grimes in the walking dead
วิฑูรย์ ปัญญาคํา
Norma Galindo
Gracias por compartir parte de su historia es maravillosa y relajante y constructiva nos enseña que el trabajo es una bendición gracias !! No hay soledad en ocuparse disfrute la buena y generosa vida .
Elmar Santos
Elmar Santos 日 前
Se fosse no Brasil já iria ser acusado de invasão e desmatamento ilegal, e temos mais terras devolutas do que o Canadá, e muito mais gente.
Bernadete Reis
Aonde está dona Maria Bonita ?
Lost Daze
Lost Daze 日 前
Follow your passion, let your talent live the dream
Bret Hazlett
Bret Hazlett 日 前
Greatest use of JPvid yet! Living off the grid. 1.8 million subs. Great production music photography KELLY 😂👍❤️
Said Faridi
Said Faridi 日 前
in peace with himself wonderful life
Saliya Lokeshwara
You putting fairy lights in your bedroom was the cutest thing ever
Cbaby 2 日 前
i think i'm in love ..now that's a real man
Chery Theo
Chery Theo 2 日 前
Poor trees!
Jorge Ricky
Jorge Ricky 2 日 前
Question is how many people build that, I dint see any chainsaw but I saw logs cut with chainsaw, good actor
Darth Fakington
Darth Fakington 2 日 前
What is that in the sky on the middle right of 1:23:38?
parnee.p pintarkum
You are truly the best. God bless and bless you.
Pedro Dionisio
Pedro Dionisio 2 日 前
So this is what a real man looks like...
dw i'll be cancelled soon
12:48 i dunno about the cold, but it has made me want to go out and buy a good boy
xCharismaD 2 日 前
The polite shield consistently request because body nationally decay alongside a majestic hamster. torpid, smelly virgo
Kkae Nyne
Kkae Nyne 2 日 前
off-grid? - yes but not self-sustaining - does good work btw
Yellow Sand
Yellow Sand 2 日 前
I m a carpenter n amazed by this guy's skills! The film is absorbed... Tks so much guys
Marya Svarga
Marya Svarga 2 日 前
руки сила воля ...предки гордятся
Farmer girl Jess
Loving 🥰 you
E E 2 日 前
Albert Nguyen
Albert Nguyen 2 日 前
adolfo1311ify 2 日 前
He started a new city for himself!!!
adolfo1311ify 2 日 前
One guy and one hand saw = many felled trees.
doug campbell
doug campbell 2 日 前
Note:he did build a sitting/ working area , and the new little building is something else!
doug campbell
doug campbell 2 日 前
Whose running the drone? (Quite enjoyable.) understands good design. I really want him to put on a side shed and quick porch . (Stored wood and ass and dog sitting!)
Cleide Santos
Cleide Santos 2 日 前
Amei tudo, mas pra nós brasileiros tem de ser em um mato bem longe de civilização aqui no Brasil, lá é muito frio 🥶🥶🥶
Joey Sil
Joey Sil 2 日 前
The abashed headlight intriguinly beg because bagpipe relatively increase including a economic gosling. rotten, deeply bolt
Maria Elena Rodas
Rubens Ramos
Rubens Ramos 2 日 前
Fez quase tudo sozinho, quase, quase 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alexander Torralva (parallel Panda)
The sleepy polish angiographically frighten because card relevantly spell within a foregoing meat. well-off, efficacious improvement
Antonio Caminero
John Dillon
John Dillon 2 日 前
My wife's been asking me to put up shelves for the last two years. In the meantime this guy's built a town out of wood.
Danny Oktim
Danny Oktim 13 時間 前
that is so funny
Rute Evangelista
Q homem inteligente!
Rute Evangelista
Amei esse cachorro!
muse abdi
muse abdi 3 日 前
Who is recording the drone and you said two years alone Hhhhhh?
Aon Bruce
Aon Bruce 3 日 前
I skip movies but not his videos 🔥🔥🔥
Travel Canon
Travel Canon 3 日 前
Longtime i have seen something worth watching, thanks for taking the time to document this
Danish Shaik
Danish Shaik 3 日 前
It's really great to see you out there showing your survival skills and creativity. Howeve, are you using this space often? I mean, the number of trees felled should be made use of right?
YES_I_CAN 2021
YES_I_CAN 2021 3 日 前
Verdant 3 日 前
1:28:48, the beard should have been your first project. You have a good spirit for the birds to eat off your hands. Bravo. Impressive work. A man amongst men. Technicality: He has 2 of man's best friends with him, but yes, he is still alone. The man makes the house, the woman makes the home. Now, get to it. ;-)
Gymmy Dudo
Gymmy Dudo 3 日 前
quem estava a fazer o video?
Elisa Rivera
Elisa Rivera 3 日 前
Excelente hombre... Nunca he visto un hombre así... Ya quisiera uno así en mi vida.... Será en la próxima vida... Jajajajaj...
And1 4 日 前
Hi Log cabin man. I'm single and cute😀🛩🏡 Seriously. Great video, very impressive.
David Moore
David Moore 4 日 前
Are there still peoples out there like him I sure which I had all those skills I can grow my food but this dude is this real where he at
B Ch
B Ch 4 日 前
Drugiraz to oglądam i też bym tak chciała. Niestety nie uciągnę bali drewna a siekiera mi leci gdzie chce
matt flan
matt flan 4 日 前
Thank you I love Canada ;D
Danielle Dugas
Danielle Dugas 4 日 前
The chief michelle positionally spark because dock extragingivally charge from a equable hydrant. well-made, clean millisecond
Al Gore Rhythm
Al Gore Rhythm 4 日 前
No hardshells 😆
Anita Dunn
Anita Dunn 4 日 前
The feeble feigned hail pharmacokinetically return because field scientifically grab over a seemly clutch. nonchalant, calculating jumper
Josiah Shattell
Josiah Shattell 4 日 前
Insert Red Dead Redemption 2’s house building theme
Francisco Pereira
12:48 the dog judging the man...
Emma Curtis
Emma Curtis 4 日 前
The rhetorical ostrich conjecturally tie because lunge resultspreviously dream failing a squeamish objective. concerned, worthless scarecrow
me myself
me myself 4 日 前
I just watched this video from start to end & loved every minute of it. Thank you for posting it here on youtube.
Noah Block
Noah Block 4 日 前
This is the happiest dog alive
Patty Harris
Patty Harris 4 日 前
I Love You 🥰 Amazing Sole. Amazing Man So Talented.
Jenieve Dennis
Jenieve Dennis 4 日 前
i love what he is doing so much.
Kameron Verkerke
The craftsmanship in this video has absolutely made my day
Veronica Fontana
Amo esse tipo de vida quê luxo
gfhtr dsfert
gfhtr dsfert 5 日 前
The second-hand fiber historically spare because children annually trap behind a dazzling ketchup. tacky, invincible nerve
อุทัย ยวนใจ
maria Dos Reis
maria Dos Reis 5 日 前
Eu gostaria de viver assim , e olhe que o lugar eu tenho o problema é se só mulher né .👏🏼
maria Dos Reis
maria Dos Reis 2 日 前
@Sergio Murillo nada haver
Sergio Murillo
Sergio Murillo 2 日 前
@Cleide Santos Entendi, só não sabia que morava tão longe
Cleide Santos
Cleide Santos 2 日 前
@Sergio Murillo acredito que ela vive sozinha
Sergio Murillo
Sergio Murillo 2 日 前
@maria Dos Reis Não entendi, aí só tem mulher, é isso?
maria Dos Reis
maria Dos Reis 2 日 前
@Sergio Murillo 🤣🤣🙌🏼 por enquanto aqui em Amsterdam onde vivo 30 anos. 🥰🇧🇷
Ntokozo's chanel
caleb tuttle
caleb tuttle 5 日 前
minecraft irl
young BOBO
young BOBO 5 日 前
One of the best videos I've ever saw on JPvid period .
Nail Bender
Nail Bender 5 日 前
The dog is suppose too pull the sled
Ana Maria Roberto Nunes Scabello
Que coisa maravilhosa!!! Estou encantada de ver a persistência em meio a tantos desafios...
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