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twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Live from the American Music Awards]

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twenty one pilots' performance of 'Jumpsuit' from their new album Trench live at the American Music Awards on October 9th 2018.
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Outer Space
Outer Space 2 時間 前
Why the faq is everyone so calm when I went to the concert people were literally screaming.
Melancholy Angel
Melancholy Angel 3 時間 前
I would be screaming louder than this.
ROTE 3 時間 前
The first time I heard this I tried to like it soo hard because I didn't want to sound like a fake fan but man this performance was terrible
Zadr0t 20 時間 前
Хахаааа ору, прям как он орать потом начинает, а не скримить
Zawranisa Meiga
This performance is lit and literally lit. I broke the replay button
Lila 日 前
His anger at the end showed he was angry he didnt want to bet there preforming a song he worte for us not them
riddhi chauhan
half the people there don't know the worth of what they JuSt witnessed, I can give anything to be there, like WoW, one time, what is funny though as I saw someone comment down that it'll be nothing like the tour, " we're the clique, mate, we actually understand what he means" XD feel bad for josh, all the smoke was literally there.
Bobby Sands
Bobby Sands 2 日 前
This is when all my insecurities come out to twist an piss myself. Cope
Blacknoise 2 日 前
Good duo, good song, bad sound
Gravy Chunks
Gravy Chunks 3 日 前
Someone most of been afraid of Tyler's scream because they turned him down way too much
люцимер bond1307
ему яйца оторвали что ле поет как баба
k sen
k sen 3 日 前
best bass & drums sound EVER
Jikook Fanatic
Jikook Fanatic 4 日 前
Tyler and Josh did so amazing with this performance and it honestly looks LIT and I know if more Clique’s were there then the audience would have more energy. The AMA audience kinda looked confused and generally didn’t really enjoy it because they don’t fully understand the music that TØP was trying to express. I know the Bandito Tour is much more exciting and energetic than the audience at this performance
Josué Araoz
Josué Araoz 4 日 前
Please, I'm on my knees, please, come to Peru!!! I need you, please, Tyler and Josh, please
-HappyLays- 5 日 前
Tuler you very bad singing
Jemima Aira
Jemima Aira 5 日 前
Soon cool?
mod ern
mod ern 5 日 前
-Lucas And Friends ENTERTAINMENT-
Fuleled By Ramen "your one stop emo shop"
Chloe Soma
Chloe Soma 6 日 前
Sound guy=fired he was so bad tbh
Mike Wheeler
Mike Wheeler 7 日 前
They kill it every show
Master Blaster25
Audience: What is happening here? I do not listen to real music Clique: *YAAAAAAAAAAAASSS*
diego Meza
diego Meza 9 日 前
His hand was having a seiger at 3:12
Dwight Schrute
diego Meza *seizure and that was a tremor
Алексей Кицун
this is not twenty one pilots - this is more
Kiwa Singular
Kiwa Singular 10 日 前
I actually jumped when he screamed😂
Silvia Santos
Silvia Santos 10 日 前
Autumn Marsden
Autumn Marsden 10 日 前
I remember watching this on tv with my mom and her laughing at me because I had tears streaming down my face. Good memories 👍❤
Trudie M
Trudie M 10 日 前
3:10 Audience: ahh so calm and sweet :) Clique: ØHHH WAIT FØR IT >:) Tyler: jumpsuit..jumpsuit cover MEEEAAAAHHAHAHAH Audience: omg!! Was that supposed to happen? Wtf?! Clique: ØMFG YAASS LØUDERRR!!!
Miguel Avilez
Miguel Avilez 10 日 前
My brother and cousins were there
Raquel loves
Raquel loves 10 日 前
I feel like only 50 people actually got what was going on.
David Scante
David Scante 10 日 前
Anyone else got goosebumps? Just me?
SadGamer -_-
SadGamer -_- 12 日 前
Blue McDaniel
Blue McDaniel 13 日 前
I never thought Tyler and Josh could TOP (lol) the bridge from Holding on to You, but Jumpsuits Bridge may have just done that. That bridge is pretty much perfect. 1:50-3:09
maria 13 日 前
BR 🇧🇷
demarco 13 日 前
for y’all worried about the crowd, trust me i’m sure they were loud as fuck, but on official channels, they emphasize the vocals so you can really hear them.
Sabrina Henry
Sabrina Henry 14 日 前
voice is so beautiful and still incredible amount of passion
Samuel sharp
Samuel sharp 14 日 前
Can't wait for him to come to australia
eternal // Stephen F.
1:34 i crumble un- how much i hate
Jenn Wagner
Jenn Wagner 14 日 前
im your biggst fan
bandito 14 日 前
what is happening i tought this was like 3 months ago but it was last month????????
Adi’s Great World
Tyler got a new bass guitar did anyone notice that??
Naddafy Gamer
Naddafy Gamer 15 日 前
That is not 21 pilots vois
Nicki M.
Nicki M. 15 日 前
wHY did this make me cry omg
Nicole _Marie_07
Nicole _Marie_07 16 日 前
The people in the crowd probably wondered why a car was on fire
Mía Queen ღ
Mía Queen ღ 16 日 前
Soy la unica latina en estos comentarios? AMO.
November Falls
November Falls 17 日 前
Killjoy Taylor
Killjoy Taylor 17 日 前
I feel bad for Tyler the sound was horrible you could barley here them, and so many people were confused because it’s hard to understand the lyrics if you arnt following the story line and it’s hard to know what he’s talking about unless you understand the metaphors
kelly littlefield
21 pilots changed my life by their songs because I was always being bullied by different people all the time and their songs helped me through those rough times
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 18 日 前
The technicians need to be fired
Rose Pérez
Rose Pérez 18 日 前
if he knows that nobody will understand the lyrics so he will sing it there? discriminates against those who are not true fans as some say
Allie 88
Allie 88 18 日 前
Literally the only part of the AMAS I enjoyed this year
Jae Lo
Jae Lo 19 日 前
Freemasons/illuminati/Bishops clearly in charge of the stage mics...keeping TØP truth from the masses. Nobody in the audience knew the words... ya.
Jae Lo
Jae Lo 19 日 前
1.4k BISHOPS disliked.
American Idiot
American Idiot 19 日 前
Just me all alone would be a better audience than this. Everyone was so confused and I was getting annoyed.
ElectrifyGD [RS]
ElectrifyGD [RS] 19 日 前
Is it weird if I watch this everyday?
SCarEd yEt?
SCarEd yEt? 19 日 前
The vocals sound like the misic video on The Banditø Tøur.....
lily 19 日 前
bandito audiences are better😌
James Lamb
James Lamb 20 日 前
Simple drumming also all your songs are
loganf330 20 日 前
and like this album is for the clique, by the clique. normies be out here like🤪🤪🤪🤪
loganf330 20 日 前
this audience has no idea wtf this means lmaooo
luzirene R.C
luzirene R.C 20 日 前
Whoever did the sound mixing and shit did them dirty Tyler’s bass was barely heard and there were times where the drums were just too loud they did an amazing job but whoever was in charge of the sound just didn’t do it well
nother1down72 lopez
This was awesome
Maggy Casillas
Maggy Casillas 20 日 前
omg!! me encanta su banda, y sobre todo, SUS CANCIONES!!!!!!😍
Buck Stevenson
Buck Stevenson 20 日 前
“Ohh wait are those the guys who did stressed out” -the crowd
RagingViper 21 日 前
Live sounds 1000x much different than the original
Greed Galvanize
Greed Galvanize 21 日 前
would've been better if the the car explodex
Marvel Things
Marvel Things 21 日 前
The audience didn’t know what tf was going on.
Seen Waddy
Seen Waddy 21 日 前
1:34 i crumble un...how much i hate
Vigil_main _
Vigil_main _ 22 日 前
I love how even the audience from the show I went to in Boise Idaho still had 10 times the energy of this crowd
RealJayden 22 日 前
2:33 that is the best save from screwing up the lyrics i have ever seen
Forever_Morgan _Forever_Amazing
They were 8,000,000% better on tour
izel alvarez
izel alvarez 23 日 前
L'rie M
L'rie M 23 日 前
Somebody just didn’t steal the car radio they burned the car.
Glitch3d Syst3m
Glitch3d Syst3m 23 日 前
Why did you shave your hair Josh? WHY?
Firulais 23 日 前
Allie 88
Allie 88 23 日 前
Anyone else kind of sad that josh shaved his head?! 😕
JoshIsMyFren 24 日 前
Damnit the crowd needs to be hyped more, the Clique are gonna kill it on the tour!
Tyler Joseph
Tyler Joseph 24 日 前
his throat when screaming Geez lay off the screaming bruh ur voice is dying
Eros Eros
Eros Eros 25 日 前
The way that ty and josh just got of the stage so quickly just breaks my heart....they didn't enjoy it...even ty scream at the end was so forced if you noticed and fake....he did not enjoy it in my opinion
A L E X 25 日 前
karlstein 25 日 前
Not all people in AMA understand this masterpiece.
Robert Carranza
Robert Carranza 25 日 前
i like rythms...but i have no idea what is being said.....NOTHING. Is the point. True artists! LMFAO
Anonymously Unknown
I saw them live on Tuesday, jumpsuit sounds a lot louder than this, and that bass guitar riff is even more badass live, :) ||-//
carrie 25 日 前
our son and tyler did very well and the audience was crap
Fiery_Ginger 25 日 前
Cathleen AZ
Cathleen AZ 25 日 前
Brandon Piel
Brandon Piel 25 日 前
This video has been posted for 8 days and it's got 1 mil views , nice
Bradley J
Bradley J 26 日 前
who claps to the beat? like... do people not know how to act at a concert?
Jacki 26 日 前
I was at the bandit tour and before we left I grabbed a handful of petals and I told my mom that I will get buried with them
Obsessed TØP Fan girl
Some people at concerts don't sing the same way as they do on the record but Tyler sings the same way as the record that is amazing! Some people at concerts only sing and it's boring you guys don't do that. You guys put on an amazing show! I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BAND PERFORM SO AMAZING! Spectacular job guys 👍🏼
_unicorn. max_
_unicorn. max_ 27 日 前
I came here for the Pureness of his screaming
Amandine Plumon
Amandine Plumon 27 日 前
I love your music I am French J adore vos musique
darkbeettle 29 日 前
im so fucking angry i can't see them tonight. im furiously sobbing
tjchannels 29 日 前
dandadadan ヶ月 前
what a shitty mixing/sound engineering staff
ll-// ヶ月 前
1:49 *crowd cheers and claps* Tyler: woHO tHe soNGs noT ovErrrrRrRrrRrrrRrrr
Luke Franklin
Luke Franklin ヶ月 前
jishwa looks so good with the bald fade
dante888 chido
dante888 chido ヶ月 前
min 3:20 no quisiera tener una discusión co el :v
Алан Джозеф
Ki ヶ月 前
1:31 🌛🌜
riley harper I-/
riley harper I-/ ヶ月 前
2 ヶ月 前