Turning old jewelry into pure gold bars

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A few months ago, one of my patrons sent me a bunch of old gold jewelry for me to refine. I originally thought that it was going to just be some gold plated stuff, but it turned out to be quite a bit of gold. I was able to purify out all of the gold and then melt them down into some small 24K pure gold bars.
Procedure references:
Paint can idea: jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-2bTesd75Wic.html
indeedItdoes: jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-1gjJNZtrUHo.html
CodysLab: jpvid.net/u-theCodyReeder (Both the main procedure and the silver recovery. I can't find the video where he recovered the silver from the chloride though.)
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NileRed 4 ヶ月 前
Note: There have been some comments about the gold being stolen, but just to clear, I have verified that it wasn't.
michael cham
michael cham 日 前
NileRed can you show leftover chamical you use Like aqua regia , copper nitrate and or can you reuse aqua regia convert back to reuse chamical
Paralellex 3 日 前
But it was stolen. Stolen from the old jewelry by you.
nineball26 4 日 前
@James Van Daele ... yup estate sales and ebay, ebay sells scrap gold in all forms, some people in Aisa even melt it all together and you have to separate it, low margins tho, the only real way is to mine it yourself on a good claim with good gear and a good sluice, large style, dredging in AK would be good to off the bluff and river outlets such as the Yukon
J•Erik 5 日 前
@NileRed r/Wooosh
michael cham
michael cham 5 日 前
NileRed can you make a step-by-step recycle every gold and other metal and all the chamical can be reuse the chamical
Tyler Craig
Tyler Craig 2 時間 前
“It wasn’t worth scrapping” You just wanted a Rolex 😂
John Van Vynck
John Van Vynck 6 時間 前
What percentage nitric are you using? I'm assuming around 10%?
jacob dickerman
jacob dickerman 6 時間 前
*hold more gold then ever before* *stabs the shit out of it*
Ultrametric 6 時間 前
This was awesome! It had everything - fire, money, bling, acid, nice colors, choking fumes - I love chemistry!
Lynda Jordan
Lynda Jordan 7 時間 前
Excellent video, very enlightening and well done.
logan rupe
logan rupe 7 時間 前
Hitting that nugget flaked off
BugsAlmighty 9 時間 前
16:00 am I the only one who scratched my screen thinking thinking the white spot on the beaker was on my screen...?
Elijah Klaas
Elijah Klaas 13 時間 前
I thought you just melted it 🤪
justin h
justin h 14 時間 前
You should have made some NileRed coins and sent those back!
Spa Blauw
Spa Blauw 15 時間 前
29:52 'If any of you guys is interested in just donating your gold to me, I'm definitely open to it.' Me
Chris Kuhn
Chris Kuhn 15 時間 前
This was super fun to watch
Ziltoid BB
Ziltoid BB 18 時間 前
David Hardy
David Hardy 23 時間 前
yeah.....but what did you do with the rolex?
Candice Steele
Candice Steele 23 時間 前
I can make gold disappear! It's worth money bitch oh here it is again
Harry Chu
Harry Chu 23 時間 前
Didn't someone dissolve a Nobel Prize medal using the Royal water back in WWII?
I should show this to my science teacher lol We actually did this experiment where we had pennies and then we used vinegar and salt to see if the particles to small to be seen came off ;-; it was cool tho
leave me alone
Braaaa u turned gold into a liquid then a powder then back into a solid
Damian_ 221
Damian_ 221 日 前
Homie just wanted to keep the rolex lmaooo
Yaseen Rahman
can i have the reaction list?
Eric Future
Eric Future 日 前
I thought he was straight up gonna melt it and he gave me a fucking chemistry lesson.
Jesus: *turns water into wine* This channel: _“ ...hold my beaker.”_ God: _”I have failed you, my son.”_
Sebastian Guttormsen
I could have sent u some but my sister knocked it of my desk and now its gone
fariz ascariz
i once mix chemical like him, add as u fells right. finally i made a towel in the lab sink disappear.
Hamlet Taraz
Hamlet Taraz 日 前
Hes a real life uncrafting table
Janelle P
Janelle P 日 前
This is how many times he said "tho" 👇🏻
hanmeetsevil 日 前
usually i'd be bored with stuff like this. but it's 5:45 am and i cant sleep so im highly interested
Wim Jansen
Wim Jansen 日 前
Gold mixing with copper?? No faking way......
punker4Real 日 前
I thought this was trumps old jewelry into pure gold bars lol
Lucifer 日 前
Omg he wanted u to destroy a Rolex ...is he rich or plain stupid?
The cranky Gamer
Keeps the rolex lol
*my high ass* yep, doing all this makes gold, uhmmm.....
ShureLock 2 日 前
Amazon is going to so confused at my new shopping list...
Enji Curtindale
Enji Curtindale 2 日 前
i started panicking when he stabbed a metal that was worth $3,400 🗿
Darth nataS
Darth nataS 2 日 前
What happened to the Rolex?
BF TE 2 日 前
Now people just eat gold
Josue Salinas Ochoa
Enki Thunder
Enki Thunder 2 日 前
Now teach me how to make 2cb
Enki Thunder
Enki Thunder 2 日 前
If i had the knowledge skill and equipment i would go around flee market and buy all gold-plated crap and turn them in pure profit.
guy tremblay
guy tremblay 2 日 前
He could have sold that rolex ten times what he would have had once it was turned into a bloc of gold lol .
I've watched so many of your videos already and just realised that the beakers say "NileRed"
Qian Pan
Qian Pan 2 日 前
looks like a golden babybel
Susan Purdy
Susan Purdy 2 日 前
Where can I send you my scrap gold for you to refine?
Micky R
Micky R 2 日 前
It looked like a lot more in the thumbnail smh
Adrian Espinoza
Adrian Espinoza 2 日 前
Apollo Fox
Apollo Fox 2 日 前
Yes, I know some of these words.
Anibal Gordones
Anibal Gordones 2 日 前
I don't know what I was doing before watching this video, not even know how I ended up watching this but… I love it! 😅
Fun Time
Fun Time 2 日 前
Jazzy 2 日 前
I once held a 24k gold bangle of my aunt's as a kid and completely deformed it into a shape of a flower smh
will orozco
will orozco 2 日 前
This is real science here .. practical, interesting and entertaining. This is exactly how chemistry and most other sciences should be taught in schools .. and yes it might be true that a bunch of Walter Whites might turn out but at least our schools and the education system would not be failing students specially in the math and science courses
Azenith pangyan jacobe
Bo Jim
Bo Jim 2 日 前
Washed the gold four times pass required level. Does it 3 more times
PlanetRockJesus 2 日 前
I still chuckle when people pronounce "jewelry" as "joo-luh-ree." Do you see the word "jewel" in the word "jewelry"? Then just say "jewel" and add "ree" at the end.
Reece McGowan
Reece McGowan 3 時間 前
It's spelled Jewellery in British English, hence where "jool-er-ee" comes from.
999K views 2 日 前
get out of my reccomendation
Esmeralda .R
Esmeralda .R 2 日 前
My vocabulary is short and im terrible at science so I didnt really understand everything but it was still cool
iStarlable 3 日 前
*Spills on floor*
Peter Kampenhout
very orginal...
Connor Baker
Connor Baker 3 日 前
5 hours later Next,I added some more acid
Kelly Sevcik
Kelly Sevcik 3 日 前
Want to join me in my time-loop? Join me! pause the video at 3:12, get ready, play the video for exactly 3.5 seconds.
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