Turning old jewelry into pure gold bars

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A few months ago, one of my patrons sent me a bunch of old gold jewelry for me to refine. I originally thought that it was going to just be some gold plated stuff, but it turned out to be quite a bit of gold. I was able to purify out all of the gold and then melt them down into some small 24K pure gold bars.
Procedure references:
Paint can idea: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-2bTesd75Wic.html
indeedItdoes: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-1gjJNZtrUHo.html
CodysLab: jpvid.net/u-theCodyReeder (Both the main procedure and the silver recovery. I can't find the video where he recovered the silver from the chloride though.)
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NileRed 年 前
Note: There have been some comments about the gold being stolen, but just to clear, I have verified that it wasn't.
Blazing Neo
Blazing Neo 6 日 前
End of the comment place thing
Mr. Foxy
Mr. Foxy 6 日 前
Mr. Foxy
Mr. Foxy 6 日 前
Mr. Foxy
Mr. Foxy 6 日 前
Mr. Foxy
Mr. Foxy 6 日 前
Michael Weems
Michael Weems 時間 前
1:44 Oh, thank God. I would have never watched this channel again if you had destroyed that Rolex. If he doesn't want it, tell him to send it to me. Seriously. I'll give you my address. It doesn't look like one of the super-crazy expensive ones, but it's beautiful none the less. The divers watches, and the ones with chronographsare are usually the super expensive ones.
RO0kie Waterboy
RO0kie Waterboy 2 時間 前
What others se: me mixing random shampoos What i se:
Marcus 82
Marcus 82 6 時間 前
You're a modern day Alchemist!
S44HIR_ A 7 時間 前
Can u be my Chem teacher
Hohx 9 時間 前
how much was the gold worth?
lalalandhigh 11 時間 前
I had nile on autoplay and was sleeping, woke up to this. in my dream i had him explaining karats and extracting it from some historical remnants with wads of acid and there was some robbery in play or sumin
Herbert Cheatham
Herbert Cheatham 12 時間 前
26:03 24:17 25:01
DEmma1972 13 時間 前
very nice amount of gold
Womble Stacker
Womble Stacker 14 時間 前
Mark Keith
Mark Keith 14 時間 前
There are lots of great mineral companies out there looking 3rd party testers. Or in house chemist. I remember doing experiments in high school where we took old film strips and separated the silver. Those old fashioned movie screens must of had pounds of silver in them.
Womble Stacker
Womble Stacker 14 時間 前
This is so clever Womble stacker uk Subbed Great video good luck with your channel and making gold
Benjamin Burns
Benjamin Burns 16 時間 前
Bruh, why didn’t you just use a furnace? Smh
John Moyer
John Moyer 16 時間 前
Oh man I was worried about the rolly 😂 I'm not one for material possessions but 10+k down the drain is just an L all around lmao. Love your vids, pls keep it at
Rabia Basree
Rabia Basree 17 時間 前
.... Gosh I didn't realise at all that it's a 30 min long video
skorne159 23 時間 前
that was super cool to watch!
Stratus Staffing
I have some gold. can I send u it?
Polish Jerry
Polish Jerry 日 前
this is what you all came for 8:06
Chand S
Chand S 日 前
Is this stolen jewellery
Yolanda Lee
Yolanda Lee 日 前
Yer a man 👨 how did you get that jewelry unless you have a wife but yer young
Althea Palacio
Huh, so that's how gold bars are made. Chemistry is kinda cool.
Varad Mahashabde
No Archimedes-style test 0/10, would not watch again
Overlord Intecris
That hot copper looks like mac n cheese ngl... Forbidden mac n cheese anyone?
Vacros 2 日 前
Does this make sense? No. Am I entertained? Yes.
2 日 前
Imagine having a Rolex and being like nahhhhh melt it
OGC Haxzor
OGC Haxzor 2 日 前
I wonder if this would be a cost effective solution for getting gold out of gold panning kits. If you save up something like 20 pounds of black sand and processes it this way if there would be enough gold in it to justify the cost.
Some yummy soup
Jose Navarro
Jose Navarro 2 日 前
If he makes a gold pickaxe ima punch him
Jonah Carter
Jonah Carter 2 日 前
forget donating money. i'll pay you in gold!
Russ Kajune
Russ Kajune 2 日 前
why the hell did i watch this? it's like watching a bbq video when you're hungry.
Ruchika Dayal
Ruchika Dayal 2 日 前
Why does it have so fricking many dislikes???
WIFH 2 日 前
Joshua Beckley
Joshua Beckley 2 日 前
24:33 14:01 01:56
Captn Stabbin
Captn Stabbin 2 日 前
my heart races looking at that gold towards the end
wowwowweebs 2 日 前
this stuff is 99.1% pure
seropserop 2 日 前
Fake Rolex, you should’ve melted the shit outa it
WinderBlitz 3 日 前
I always said I'd never melt down my swimming medals to extract the metals. Now I'm doubting it.
KamTheAstro 3 日 前
oh no oh no a beauty to hold so close so close im recognizing culture unfold an honor restored oh Lord oh Lord im recognizing-
Dakota Alexander
I just realized this guy nabbed a free rolex
bat3xxx 3 日 前
someone donate a gold bar and ask for it to be turned into jewlery
Vartika Goyal
Vartika Goyal 3 日 前
Leave this job and Apply for Professor in college.!!
Lecia Hashimoto
Lecia Hashimoto 3 日 前
29:54 17:25 29:57
Your so smart
Donald Manchester
05:36 03:59 15:51
Roosevelt Benjamin
19:05 0:49 21:34
warmooze 3 日 前
Yo, Nile, can you make a video about concentrated dark matter?
Wan Arif
Wan Arif 3 日 前
I never did learn chemistry but this is interesting
Birdy Senpai!
Birdy Senpai! 4 日 前
8:50 i thought it looked really cool to see the copper just fade out in color and then more be added woah
Iamuseless 4 日 前
9:02 looks like kraft mac and cheese.
Mary McGrath
Mary McGrath 4 日 前
The liquid looked like piss
RogueSpac3 4 日 前
If you plan on keeping this gold, I suggest you collaborate with codyslab for a video where you utilize it for something.
Dave Rios
Dave Rios 4 日 前
Yo why wasn't science like this in school back in the day lol.
Dave Rios
Dave Rios 4 日 前
By the way.. that first batch of 75g was worth around $4.200.00USD.
Subscribers With No Videos
22:37 you dropped some now I can't sleep
Hakman Tim
Hakman Tim 4 日 前
10:41 Original Gold Owner: *"shit"*
Falco 4 日 前
This is absolutely my favourite video
Bartjj 4 日 前
I'm I the only one, amazed someone would want to destroy a rolex worth a couple grand ?
Stephen Hammond
Stephen Hammond 5 日 前
How much did this all cost?
Andrew Khoroshenko
"I post some high quality content over there..." Bruh
Syaifulloh Yusuf
Anjay gurinjay
Jonathan Bradford
The finest gold refined in the industry is by the Canadian mint at 5 9’s pure ( 99.999 percent) That being said I highly doubt you got your experiment to 100% considering the best in the business can’t.
Flexbloxian Gaming
Give me rolex please
Lou Che
Lou Che 5 日 前
Keep that watch and get some wristbands , that’s a clean ass Rolex that you could sell for about $10,000
the mario gamer mario
saywhat saywhat
saywhat saywhat 5 日 前
Donating gold to you?🤔 I have around 3kilo of gold you can have it all 🤣😂🤣
Scarlett Mapachee
imagine making oil paint with that gold powder 🥴
James Joiner
James Joiner 6 日 前
What a waste of money but a wealth of knowledge.
Federico Ruttkay
Dude sends a 5K Rolex on the mail...
sergioh’s 6 日 前
Hey, is there a way to do this with iron?
slerk9 7 日 前
Something looks off about that Rolex. Having owned several Rolex models in my life, the text and markings, especially on date window, look weird.
Mike Fahlenkamp
Mike Fahlenkamp 7 日 前
You were just about to lose me on all the washing and such with acid /water /this /and that when you mentioned somewhere along the line how surprised you were about the weight of the gold at the bitter end...bitter is my word...by the way ...that old Rolex may have been worth way more than the gold...surprised that the dude was going to destroy it...ENJOYED ..
Christian Rossman
That’s a lot of ions that’s bad it we’ll go BOOM
Christian Rossman
I make Co2
Pronubby 7 日 前
That was a lot of chemistry to put up with
Rod Dimson
Rod Dimson 7 日 前
th໐๓คŞ thē ໓คຖk ēຖງiຖē
“I just used what I had on hand, which was C O N C E N T R A T E D N I T R I C A C I D”
husky500cr 8 日 前
Good show, I really enjoyed it.
Princess Passive Income
Can I pay you to do this for me?
DoubleVision 8 日 前
12:04 Menoxipuf Gas!
dave Giter
dave Giter 8 日 前
i have about 5 lbs of gold plated pins which i have collected from computers.. i was wonder if u would know someone reliable who be willing to refine this for me ..and what would be the price.. thx ~ Dave
K G 8 日 前
thanks Victor Gonzalez for helping out.
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