Trump Mocks GOP Candidates Who Didn't Embrace Him

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As Donald Trump claimed victory for the midterms, he couldn't help but express contempt at every failed GOP candidate that didn't embrace him.
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Alexander Schmoldt
Alexander Schmoldt 3 時間 前
Yeah Jim Acosta behaved well? sorry but he got his question answered, in a shitty doging way like 90%of politicians do, and the president told him that he had his question and its enough and the next one is on, this is fucking rude of acosta. he asked his question got a shitty answer and the next journalist has his question because he /she has every right to asked also and acosta was rude to the president and rude to his colleagues. and to the woman also, cause her job was to pass one the mic to th next one, and he just stopped her, very calm but nonetheless not okay. and you wonder how trump thinks the press is rude to him? and unfair? how he can make his supportes believe that nothing they report is true? thats how and why. and that nearly all of left idiotic media springs to his aid is ridiculous. acosta had his turn, was rude to the president, was rude to the woman who did her job, was rude to his colleagues by stealing their time to ask their questions, and somehow he is made to bethe victim. wtf? think about it if it was a breitbart reporter who asked something of obama, and obama didnt answer the question completly (cause it was something dumb, racist, or fake, or something he cold answer cause an information was missing) for whatever reason, and than the breibart reporter kept on going, a female aid would try to grab the mic, and he would gently brush her away, and wouldnt let the next journalist to ask a questions. how would that have gone? huffpost would call it sexist that a male journalist blocked a female aid cnn if their reporter was next how rude and entitle the breitbart report would have been to hog somuch time and buzzfeed would make a clckbait headline did a reporter grab the breast of an aid, and show somewhere that he didnt and 90% f the media would cheer if that reporter rude to the president, sexist and entitled report got his lincense for the white house removed coudl we fucking stop that? and just to make clear, because immediatly everyone will assume i am a republican or trumper, i was for obama in his two terms, i was for bernie, i wasnt so fond of clinton, cause billstarted th deregulation which lead to more deregulation in europe and made the dot.com bubble happen and with help from bush who had now idea how econmie works the crash of 2008. so bernie over clinton but nonetheless democrat.
Ron Hauth
Ron Hauth 3 時間 前
Just when you think he can't get any lower. There's no bottom to the depths hes' going. He's so low now, he has to reach up to reach bottom.
Lardass Hogan
Lardass Hogan 5 時間 前
9 out of the 11 candidates that Trump endorsed won their seats. Only 1 out of the 5 candidates that Obama endorsed won.
Blueguy72 6 時間 前
Can we impeach the Mango Mussolini yet?
Shawn 8 時間 前
Lardass Hogan
Lardass Hogan 5 時間 前
Fun fact: It is not a legal requirement for a President to release his/her tax returns. :-p
altbeb 11 時間 前
I think america has missed the fact, that although the democrats have the house, the republicans can still nominate and appoint neo-nazis to positions of power, attorney generals, supreme and high court justices, and directors of government departments, why would they care about legislation, when they can have the people actual running the departments.. just look at this fat white pasty face republican... mat whitaker...an example of not requiring legislation to stop an investigation,, and seeing that only money matters in the states... then the mueller investigation is over...
Julie W.
Julie W. 12 時間 前
Every time I think Trump can't be more narcissistic . . . I'm wrong. Oh, and HOW did he know this caravan was planning on entering the country illegally? This so-called "invasion" of young, strong, yet deathly ill (lol), men - SMH. OF COURSE he didn't know! The most shocking thing was that Americans BELIEVED this bullshit! Yes, they will probably apply for asylum, like people have in the past, and will in the future. How could people blindly BELIEVE this fear mongering??? Americans, SMH. I guess the American religious right will believe anything televangelists tell them. I LOVE when Trump gets immediately fact checked. He COMPLETLY just makes up his "facts," and ANYONE who doesn't know this by now, has to be soft in the head.
R. B.
R. B. 12 時間 前
“The lack of a national health care system is one of the greatest financial burdens America faces.” Kiefer Sutherland, Narrator, The Healthcare Movie
World Peace
World Peace 12 時間 前
I love Stephen Colbert!!!!! I love the way he demonstrates how Trump actually acts..
Jaywalk 2020
Jaywalk 2020 13 時間 前
This 'Embrace' stuff is disgusting. Trump's treatment of reporters is toxic to our democracy.
nice1 lol
nice1 lol 13 時間 前
As soon as those idiots stop bickering we might have more important issues at hand to attend to!!!!!!!!!!??!!F*CK!
ruben medina
ruben medina 13 時間 前
“the embrace” sounds foul
Hammond 14 時間 前
8% of African Americans might be insane.
nickcage633 15 時間 前
take this guy off the air. most of America things he a goof
Jeff Abbott
Jeff Abbott 15 時間 前
Pete Sessions accepted "the embrace" and lost.. in TEXAS.
Dursun Sahin
Dursun Sahin 16 時間 前
*8% is pretty high considering the topic in question*
Rockin n Trollin.
Rockin n Trollin. 17 時間 前
AS #metoo slowly sinks with the setting sun....another # arises , political harassment.. aka ......... #ustoo
idriz f
idriz f 18 時間 前
I have seen stupid people,he's the number 1
David Doran
David Doran 19 時間 前
Steve,you have sunk soooo low with your night time talk show. You stink!
Richie Scott
Richie Scott 20 時間 前
It's so funny watching the blacks that work on the Stephen Colbert Lenny Bruce show look like meme puppets that have white people's arms up their backs telling them what to do. It's so disgraceful watching the blacks embrace the slavery party which keeps them completely enslaved put a musical instrument in their hand pay them a few dollars and then they'll do anything you want. Black should finally be standing up against this and they should be able to see through the veil of the slave Democrat Party
Bill Voss
Bill Voss 21 時間 前
In Vampire The Masquerade, "The Embrace" was a euphemism for becoming undead.
TaraTownsend 21 時間 前
I certainly hope that American flag was fumigated after he contaminated it.
Esoteric 21 時間 前
#Qanon #SheepNoMore #WeThePeople #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan
S/HE Arisen
S/HE Arisen 22 時間 前
DJT and his crooks are going to MAXIMUM PRISON! In the public area!
The Galvinizer
The Galvinizer 22 時間 前
How does trump manage to make everything sound creepy?
dirt man
dirt man 23 時間 前
when the cowardly people of america stop talking and start acting then wake me up from my sleep
I love it!
Virginia Bonneau
I really enjoyed watching your show on JPvid keep it up
Virginia Bonneau
Trump even Kanye stop with you he saying you use him well that's his fault because he didn't have any right there in the first place this man just use people but like I said he doesn't know what a hot is and Trump know the question wasn't prejudice you just don't want to answer it that's all you had to say you don't like seeing educated people
pat saultz
pat saultz 日 前
Trump has made the country better ...tough love . The left are fools
Bannor Haruchai
There used to be a vampire series called Kindred: The Embraced. Trump does seem to be a bloodsucker but lacks the gravitas of a Nosferatu
John Galactus
Lil John? You mean Trump right? Donald John Trump... Therefore Lil John 😁
Rochelle Eskue
....My wife doesn't want to embrace me, my favorite drive-thru worker at 5 Guys won't embrace me, etc...etc...etcetera.
love this
love this 日 前
"Good"(😔) to watch such a video, coz I live in France and local media has been as neutral as possible, so I could never ever see something like this here.
imagine being a white man like Donald Trump, telling a black woman to her face multiple times that she’s asking a racist question?? i can’t believe this president, lmao
July Freedom
July Freedom 日 前
Jesus loves you
Ivanhoe Sanchez
I don't know why people keep trying to confront Trump with facts; he's proven they have no effect on him.
Hector L
Hector L 日 前
Media Boycott Trump
Michael Franco
Well maybe 8% is highest poll ratings among those blacks.
T Tanizawa
T Tanizawa 日 前
"They're very complex, people would have a hard time understanding them..." Someone take this orange goon to an H&R Block.
brian lucas
brian lucas 日 前
The Mic-Grabber's moment of everlasting fame...she can archive it for her grandchildren. Feeling blessed by Trump?
Suzanne La Force
It seems to me that Trump has long underestimated the intelligence of the American people. Now, he says we're not going to be able to understand his tax returns???... Nice attempt at back peddling, Trump.
Karen Wiggins
Little john am lmbo.! He just healed my Depression. WHAT.!! This show is addictive.🤣
OP Sensai Airsoft
Donnie can embrace my nuts!
Professor Liberal Avenger
Commander ButthurT rump sure doesn't like facts.
heiskari 日 前
Democratic propaganda once again by Colbert. There's a video recorded when Trump was invited to this program where Colbert treated Trump in a loving way, appreciating and thanking him for getting into politics. Now Dems bribery got in the way but you can check it if you like! Wake up people
Eb theDoc
Eb theDoc 日 前
BAM! Thanks, Stephen!
Jeffrey Bull
Jeffrey Bull 日 前
4 U.S. Code § 8 - Respect for flag(d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery.
Ozler Gurpinar
Trump should be stopped being near the nu clear button. I am serious.
Selecting editing
John Edward Jones
Much better than I was in '16..Recovering still however. Making progress. I would never embrace such a buffoon. Think we called it getting kooties. Now we call it dark negative energy.
Samuel Villasenor
Trump Supporters will defend Trump so much Trump can literally take a shit on the U.S flag, and Trumpturds supporters will defend him saying its patriotic.
Catherine Gearhart
Yes, Orange Sphincter. People do understand complicated tax returns. They are called CPA’s.
Pal Tomori
Pal Tomori 日 前
Whoever says that blacks on average are not as intelligent as white or East Asian people is right. If you need one example to represent this fact, just have a look at 6:41 in this video .
Alex Synan
Alex Synan 日 前
im just taking trumps embrace as a metaphor for turning people into vampires. Become a vampire or no political gain 👿
Brian Graham
Brian Graham 日 前
And now, whenever that guy in the White House enters a room, "Hail to the Chief" will be replaced by "Embraceable You" by Frank Sinatra: "So don't you be a naughty baby, ... My sweet embraceable you."
Bob leroy
Bob leroy 日 前
wake up the American people do not embrace trump and his corrupt administration you cant blame other people for his own stupidity you are fired trump the IRS knows a cheating conman
Manored 日 前
White nationalism and nationalism aren't the same thing. Some of the criticism leveled at Trump is really poorly constructed, but he's too much of an idiot to deconstruct it.
Tom Voke
Tom Voke 日 前
This tRump guy is such a jerk at the most basic level. Then comes traitor/mobster/conman/liar, but at the most basic level...just a vanilla jerk.
Manored 日 前
As a dude with a bone spur that makes my left foot start hurting after just 10 minutes of walking, bone spurs are actually a decent reason to not serve in the military. I mean if the country is desperate for soldiers sure, but if it can be avoided... nah. If I had to march for hours, my foot would kill me. Maybe I could make with go away with some surgery, not sure.
fae kiddo
fae kiddo 日 前
can Trump not be quiet for more than 5 seconds when a reporter is asking a question? everything he says drives me crazy but the fact that he can’t hold onto his balogna and let reporters finish their sentence BEFORE he makes a total ass of himself makes it even worse.
Drivetime Josh
3 years ago the GOP starved for someone to unite the party. Now when we have a republican in office? Nope.
Holly B
Holly B 日 前
4:40-Trump is so combative. When asked if he thought calling himself a nationalist emboldened WHITE nationalists, all he had to do was say, ‘No. I certainly didn’t say or mean WHITE nationalist and if anyone thinks that is what I’m saying then they are wrong.” He turns everything into a fight. He’s very tiring and hard to watch.
Peter Piper
Peter Piper 日 前
Trump: "Wait, wait, you mean I'm supposed to be _running_ the country? They told me I was supposed to be _ruining_ the country."
Peter Piper
Peter Piper 日 前
This is the first time I've ever seen a white house flunkey try to grab the mic from a reporter's hands.
Terri Weeks
Terri Weeks 日 前
A nationalist liar saying the Poor Republican candidates lost because they did not embrace him. That We don’t understand tax returns because it’s too complicated. With the Press not allowed to ask hard questions because he can’t answer them. coward trump is a liar, a racist and an embarrassment and a fake president owned by his idol putin! Follow the money! he wasted Government funds to meet with putin in France and did not bother to be at the WW1 Memorial because it was raining and he did not want to get wet while other world leaders braved the rain. he could not be bothered from playing golf, watching tv, and tweeting to visit our troops at war! Not even once ! draft dodger! Never served the military and accused McCain of not being a war hero because he was caught. How can anyone want this coward represent America ?
Michelle webb
Trump's embrace sounds like the dementers kiss.
bksst 日 前
He embraced and was embraced by Roy Moore yet he still lost. Reporters should of slapped that turd with that reminder.
Vajrahaha Shunyata
It was a racist question. The democrats constantly make it about race🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️Im tired of it. I’m a democrat and I wish it would stop. I think it’s intentionally divisive
no ways
no ways 日 前
Nikola Jacques
I'm a liberal by any measure but these piss-poor jabs at Trump are one of the reasons why he garners so much support among Republicans in the first place. It's been two years and it's still like nobody has learned a goddamn thing. Appalling.
Funny Video
Funny Video 日 前
Audience is full of annoying libtards...
spacejockey 日 前
tax returns under audit since 2015????
Gregm55 Mullen
The reason you are still getting over the 2016 election Steve..is because you are a child. And you are not really funny at all... I mean really you aren't.
Space Singer
Space Singer 日 前
That's why we like Trump. He tells it like it is. Trump 2020!
Marie Espinoza
He can't handle the truth!
Marie Espinoza
Ugh! This the reason I hated The Apprentice! Trump is such a sore loserl!
Charles Turner
8% wow! I am sad that so many African Americans support him!
Marie Robinson
I want us all to unite against Trump and in one voice scream "You're Fired"
jd jd
jd jd 日 前
“The embrace” is my new favorite phrase
Violet Doyle
Violet Doyle 日 前
5:20 - Steven signs "later" as he says the word.
C Hoc
C Hoc 日 前
Mango Mussolini.
Jose Amador
Jose Amador 日 前
Roman Darius
Roman Darius 日 前
Poor Stephen Colbert, he can't get the President out of his mind! He is going crazy! He is already mad! But America is doing grate. Unemployment is record low, but that has Bill Maher worried. You see, and I'm not making this up, he said that he hopes all of you fail so you won't re elect President Trump. When your rich like Bill Maher, you don't have to worry about loosing your jobs. And the more of you that are unemployed, the more time you will have to watch his show.
Chris Tancock
Isn't it a possibility that those republican senators that won may have won by more if Trump didn't show up to "help" them?
Ukuu Mubako Lummuba Tafari
trump is trash.
J Ramanathan
J Ramanathan 2 日 前
45th forgot that he's not on "The Apprentice". He's struggling not to say "you are fired"🤔
Wolfsbane Slayer
Bone spurs!
Abdixakiin Maxamed
Wayne Bryant
Wayne Bryant 2 日 前
8% is single digits....hilarious. Get the lying SOS outta there before he blows us all to smithereens.
Tango Bango
Tango Bango 2 日 前
No matter what he says now fact is President Bone Spurs LOST! 🤣
Wohooo 2 日 前
Don`t you just hate it when you step in a Session?
GuilelessDragon 2 日 前
"That's a racist question." said the racist to the black woman,
Dennis Moon
Dennis Moon 2 日 前
More and more, trump acts like a toddler. First, his inability to distinguish between his opinions/delusions and reality, and when called on his blatant lies, effectively responding with "nuh-uh!". And now, taunting election losers that did not accept his aid (but interestingly, ignoring the losses of all those who accepted his endorsement - another example of rejecting reality) with "nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah, nyah" . If this is what we have to look forward to, not just for the rest of his term, but from administrations yet to come, then I weep for the future.
Elisabetta Thomas
Watching Trump's press conferences or rallies or whatever is painful. Hearing him talk (most of the time over whoever he's supposed to be answering to) is painful and cringy. Plus, I'm Italian and I master english way better than that orange, illiterate creep.
Victor 2 日 前
lmfao @Whaaaaat!! Trump acts like a child in that presidency seat. You don't have to agree with all the questions of all reporters, but what makes a great orator is how you respond to questions you either like or dislike. That's the huge difference between Trump, Obama, Clinton, or other previous presidents besides Nixon and Carter.
Veronique487 2 日 前
keep on showing Trumpisms and how he does his 'thing' or denies having done his "thing" or lies when others confront him about having done his 'thing' 😁🤣
Liesbeth De Vries
The tax returns will show the chain tax return fraud. Corporation billionaires rob taxes systematically. Google Cum Ex Files.