Trope Talk: Fates Worse Than Death

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Today let's talk about everyone's favorite Stock Nightmare Fuel trope - and no, I wasn't expecting to use so many DCAU examples either! You know, for a colorful kid's cartoon, those bad guys sure end up in their own personal hells a lot.
This extremely cheerful topic was requested by patron Glen Taylor! Thanks, I think.

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Hunter Hajaistron
Hunter Hajaistron 18 時間 前
Dragon Unity
Dragon Unity 日 前
Ok, what about JoJo5 final?
Durnolog 日 前
Remember The Princess and the Frog? Don't worry, the bad guy doesn't die, he just goes to hell.
ShawnPattonC 2 日 前
I was expecting this to also touch on Cessation of Existence. While technically a Fate Worse Than Death, according to some views, and a way to increase the stakes beyond mere death, it does essentially boil down to "No But Actually Real Death Tho" in a setting where an afterlife has defaulted everyone to Death-Lite with half the calories.
Soren 4 日 前
It occurs to me that the FWTD arose as a trope once a significant portion of the population really believing in eternal damnation. Hell is Hell, not because you're dead, but because it is a continuous state of existence and torment. An atheist who believes that after death you become nothing, a liberal Christian who believes that no Just God would ever condemn ANY human to a literal eternity of Hell, or a vaguely religious/spiritual believer who doesn't really think much about the afterlife at all--none of these folks is going to be as horrified by mere death as, say, a 16th-Century Puritan who believes in Hell and also worries if they are virtuous/faithful enough to avoid it. Without that extra 'oomph', the FWTD is needed to re-introduce the concept of eternal suffering. Honestly, if the FWTD doesn't include some form of eternal or unceasing aspect, then it really isn't WTD--because the character could always heed Sartre's advice and kill themselves. You need the character to be not merely suffering, but ~trapped~ in their suffering. I know I've seen a few examples of characters who are trapped, not by external forces, but by their own values or moral code. Most typically, this involves the knowledge that, if they falter or attempt to leave their torment, a loved one will experience the same (or even worse).
Tauseef Baggia
Tauseef Baggia 4 日 前
Honestly, this is why I like it when you have a huge build up of tension in the way of "I'm going to kill this character" and it just gets to the point where it's unbelievable. The the bad guy just pulls the trigger in a very anticlimactic way and bye bye good guy. Losing a main character like that is always fun imo
Kevin godly
Kevin godly 4 日 前
Black mirror is king of fates worse than death
Xellos Kaczor
Xellos Kaczor 5 日 前
Fate worse than death for a villain: give them a conscience. Bonus for reusing them as reformed (forcibly) villains later. Or making them even eviler.
Cameron Roder
Cameron Roder 7 日 前
Just had an idea what if the main hero in let's see the first book only partially succeeds in saving the world and the next book is about the aftermath
Shade&Skulla Game
In Warhammer 40k a psyker losing the power is a fate worse than death, what to me is a very interesting concept, like removing the bending in avatar
Ardor 9 日 前
I feel like a very underutilized fate worse than death is the curse of immortality. You don’t need any other conditions really. Eventually, after long enough, they’re likely to go insane on their own and go through enough tragedies that the character will simply break and have no way to deal with it.
Caleb Kirschbaum
Caleb Kirschbaum 11 日 前
When I think fate worse than death, I think more like if in harry Potter Hermione had her memories of magic and the magical world wiped, on top of becoming unable to use magic. That character will either be useless in the story, or will have to grow past that. I guess you could call that drama, but taking away their core motivation will be something much worse than drama I think
Hannah Crossett
Hannah Crossett 12 日 前
"Fate worse than death" brings to mind Iago from Return of Jafar, the 1st sequel to Aladdin, and his words after being zapped by Jafar the genie (thereby can't kill). "You'd be surprised what you can live through"
foxymetroid 12 日 前
One example of a "fate worse than death" happened in the Regular Show movie. The villain had a device that brought him back to life every time he died, effectively granting him immortality. It did this by reversing time in his body until a few seconds before death. What wound up happening was he got decapitated. Since heads are depicted as living several seconds after decapitation (I don't know how true this is in real life), the device kept reverting his body and head to just after he was decapitated, meaning he would keep dying over and over again.
Jonah Kluger
Jonah Kluger 12 日 前
Story is all about avoiding getting the world destroyed, at the end, they think they win until the world actually is destroyed. The other half of the story is a post apocalypse, the epicenter of the major event is completely destroyed, but everything outside of that zone is in ruins with a great amount of casualties. Characters need to travel the world again, going back to everywhere they have been in order to make sure the event doesn't happen again.
Tyler Larson
Tyler Larson 13 日 前
So... you offhand mentioned CPTSD at the end. CPTSD is not PTSD but hard-mode, it's a different sort of thing, often with deeply-complicated personality shaping implications. To oversimplify: if PTSD is the result of extreme stress, CPTSD is the result of extreme stress becoming normalized. Usually it's the result of a lifetime of abuse; it fundamentally changes how the victim sees themselves and the world. Working through PTSD isn't exactly easy, but it is relatively straightforward; the steps are pretty well-worn and the success stories are everywhere. Unraveling the tangle that CPTSD leaves behind is... possible. It really is. But it requires some seriously skilled guidance through a lengthy process.
Morgan Ray
Morgan Ray 16 日 前
I just finished a reread the Heroes of Olympus series, so what came to mind for me for "fate worse than death" is *spoiler* when Nico, than later Annabeth and Percy fall into tartarus.
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 17 日 前
Side note: when I was growing up the term “a fate worse than death” was coding for rape because there was a cultural taboo against ever acknowledging it out loud.
ATruePanda 17 日 前
Aw come on guys, where's your suspension of disbelief? Were you *really* worried that Aang wasn't gonna beat the Fire Lord? Did you really think they were gonna leave half the universe dead in the MCU? No, but it was still fun! Stop worrying about it and have a good time
chrille85 17 日 前
🥩🥩 the steaks are high now, folks
Brisingr Dragon
Brisingr Dragon 18 日 前
I love how simple the infinite death loop is. What's worse than dying? Dying again!
Jonas Parks
Jonas Parks 18 日 前
One of my favorite "fates worse than death" is the reveal that the character was *always* screwed up physically. A character in the book I'm writing believed they were born as a satyr, and later on its revealed that they were a human who had hooves melded into their feet and antlers driven into their skull.
Denmark 18 日 前
That sounds horrific. Nice
Nestormelikis 20 日 前
"Or otherwise get rid of them without explicitly killing them" Which leads me to believe that Diavolo DIDN'T actually suffer a fate worse than death.
MegaChickenfish 20 日 前
3:34 Fire Lord: Relax Zuko, *this will be great character development.* * burns half his son's face off and banishes him *
MegaChickenfish 20 日 前
2:17 I love you drawing it as the author holding the character hostage. "I'll do it! I'll kill him!"
Cygna Hoshiko
Cygna Hoshiko 21 日 前
There's something to be said, here, about the historical use of the phrase "a fate worse than death" as a euphemism for rape...and the tendency for modern creators to still fall back on sexual violence as the default Bad Thing to have happen to a female character.
Picked Bread Productions
I have a character who is infected with a computer virus that took control of them and caused a lot of destruction (also if it was in a fantasy setting it would just be a demon possessing the character). Thing is, my character was almost fully aware of what was going on. Eventually, they managed to fight off the virus and regain control of themselves, however, the virus is trapped somewhere in their subconscious, unable to leave, so my character technically still has the virus. Also, the character remembers everything that happened when they were under its control. The virus is in a kind of stasis when we first meet my character, but it gradually is waking up and growing stronger, which will require my character to have to fight it off because if it regains its strength, it can take control of them again. Also, it has a defense mechanism that makes anyone who can potentially get rid of it that its host is the actual virus, and its host ends up getting terminated, leaving the virus to go infect something else. It has also convinced my character that if they tell their friends, that their friend will leave them out of fear of the virus taking over at any moment. Eventually, the virus does end up taking control again, and once again, my character manages to fight it off, but they later end up forcing it out of themself and having a final showdown with it, resulting in the virus being destroyed for good. Of course, the memory (and literal scar) is still there, despite the virus being terminated. Just because the virus is gone doesn't mean that what happened didn't happen. And all this is happening to a socially-awkward 16-year-old who lived a peaceful, quiet life before all this.
Kai Evans
Kai Evans 22 日 前
I like the comparison between Fire Lord Ozai (TLA) and Amon (TLOK) Ozai definitely desereved defeat, but due to the code Aang had, he had to find an alternative to murder (or i guess it would be regicide). Aang's solution is total complete imprisonment. Ozai isnt just locked up somewhere or muzzled or handcuffed. In fact, his cell is very close to the rest of his old domain and he has space to move around and eat and drink. The catch is that he has absolutely no power. No political power, no familiar control, and he can no longer Fire Bend. This is important because Fire Lord Ozai specifically trained his entire life to be the greatest fire bender. Thats how his father and grandfather measured worth and value, so to him Firebending ability is the most important asset. And once hes lost it permanently, all he can do is pout. So for the next 40 odd years of his life, hes a weak, incarcerated man with 0% of his former power, often visited by his victims and mocked. Amon was objectively not as evil, more humane. It may have been all political talk, but his main point was that he wanted equity. He grew up in a home where the differences in power between him and his brother meant that one person was wholly better or worthier. So as a villain, he created this narrative that he was a freedom fighter, when in reality he was just trying to force his own personal trauma onto the rest of the world. So from a writing standpoint, he didnt really deserve that Worse than Death Fate. We the audience are supposed to feel bad or even disappointed in him. Not really angry. When he is defeated, its because Korra shows his army the truth about his identity and backstory. So regardless of who won the final battle, Amon would ultimately never be able to have his army back. He escapes on a boat with his brother, the brother he was trying to avenge. But Tarlock at this point realized that no abouf of effort would right the wrongs their father did, and the amount of damage they had caused was irreversible. So when Amon isnt looking, Tarlock sheds a single tear and blows up their boat. Amon doesnt even have time to react to this betrayal. They're both just. Gone. Instantaneous and clear death. My point is, Death and Righteous punishment are both good potential ways to finish a villain's story, and it depends on the writer to use those endings in the best way.
Tibor Sipos
Tibor Sipos 28 日 前
Lower spectrum. OSP shows "oh noes! Not kittens" picture Me as weeb who started in 90's: Let me introduce you Ranma Saotome
C.J Hamblin
C.J Hamblin 28 日 前
Aka eveything that happens in worm and ward
Zane Sy
Zane Sy ヶ月 前
Get Diavolo'd.
hedgehog3180 ヶ月 前
I think the impact of all of these depend a lot on narrative weight and significance they're given. Someone experiencing a personal fear in generic fantasy story might not hold a lot of weight but a character who's whole arc was about overcoming PTSD and then re-experiencing that same trauma is going to be heart breaking, way more so than basically any death. To both the audience and the the characters themselves this is a lot worse than death because it represents an undoing of the whole arc we just saw play out and was probably hard fought for, it's probably like one of the biggest emotional gut punches you could imagine, so long as the story does a good job of depicting PTSD and this character is taken seriously and isn't just treated as an emotional pain knob. This situation obviously very much does have the possibility of being undone but to everyone in that moment that's gonna seem impossible and if it actually undone it also won't feel cheap and instead will feel triumphant and a very emotional show of how strong that character is. I think this is one of the few times that a fate worth than death actually feels worse than death to the audience as well because if said character had just died they would have died at the end of their arc and all the issues with killing a character defined by mental illness just as they get better aside that could have given a satisfying conclusion of sorts, especially if the death was willing in some way like a heroic last stand. This is made even worse if the PTSD is caused by some kind of interpersonal abuse where it inherently involves a loss of autonomy and power that the hero had just spent so much time rebuilding.
The Bone Man
The Bone Man ヶ月 前
Eventually, Kars stopped thinking
Mooses Shmooses
Mooses Shmooses ヶ月 前
Surprised no one has brought up the Black Mirror episode "White Bear." For those who don't want to know the twist and see for yourself, there will be spoilers below: The episode had a pretty great use of Fate Worse Than Death in that it actually puts the audience into a moral dilemma. We follow this woman over the course of a day who wakes up with no previous memory in the middle of this future dystopia, having to scramble to survive while bits and pieces of her memory come back to her. At the end, it's revealed that the whole scenario is set up by the townsfolk as capital punishment for her aiding in the kidnapping and brutal death of a child. This nightmare ritual is repeated every day and at the end of the day she is brought back to the same place she woke up and brainwashed to erase her memories. The cruelty of the punishment is exacerbated by the reality that the woman being put through this pain and suffering has been so thoroughly brainwashed that it's hard to argue she can be held responsible for the initial crime anymore. Therefore, the episode makes the audience question how far mob mentality should go for the sake of "justice."
E.C. Dettlaff
E.C. Dettlaff ヶ月 前
I still think about a Warhammer short story from an anthology about someone being entombed in basically a life-support sarcophagus. No limbs, no mouth, no outside stimuli of any kind. Just millennia of isolation. It's pretty haunting stuff.
Dog Pirate
Dog Pirate ヶ月 前
They managed to make a fate worse than death vid without mentioning jojo. Impressive
Mike Fluff
Mike Fluff ヶ月 前
"Not many authors will actually blow up the world" *Cries in Warhammer Fantasy Battles*
The Mad Doctor
The Mad Doctor ヶ月 前
My mind always goes to Dead By Daylight. A high stakes life or death game where death is not an escape. Even if you get stabbed, burned, shot, or impaled, then that's not the end. You simply wake up back at a campfire and wait for the Entity to get the munchies again.
Goates Family
Goates Family ヶ月 前
A book that has hit so many of these is He Who Fights With Monsters. So many tropes… so enjoyable… so fun! I really think that you would enjoy it!
Rachel Whitley
Rachel Whitley ヶ月 前
"To Those Abandonded Sacred Beasts" does a fate worse than death reaaalllly well, to the point where the protagonist is the guy thats doing the death bit to get them out of a fate worse i do recommend if you'd like to cry a lot
Bobby Ranger
Bobby Ranger ヶ月 前
Me: The world isn't in peril. The heroes will save the day. FFVI: I destroyed the world! Me: Oh. Didn't see that coming.
CrystalOtaku93 ヶ月 前
Tangled Series - Quirin being encased in Amber. Seriously, he's still alive in the Amber and his son is going through the stages of grief because Varian had actually caused the accidental Amber encasement, so quirin may as well be dead. Thankfully this does get resolved but damn. That is a fate worse then death if I ever saw one because it actually feels like a death. Its not a fake out, it's not being sent to another dimension, the tone and set up feels like a very real death and we even see little scenes before he's fully fossilized where he uses the precious minutes he has left to write out a letter. A final send off kinda feeling.
Paul V. Cook
Paul V. Cook ヶ月 前
Is Voldemort's "can't die because of Horcruxes but struggles to keep existing while possessing small animals and being lost in a forest in Albania" a fate worse than death? If so, then it's pretty ironic that he brought it upon himself
Michael Ramon
Michael Ramon ヶ月 前
One fun variant of the "karmic fate" FWTD for villains is when it is something that wouldn't be that bad EXCEPT for the villain's personal flaws or troublesome worldview. For example, having to live a normal civilian life with no superpowers isn't that bad, but it could be devastating to someone used to having powers and being "special."
Pretty Princess
Pretty Princess ヶ月 前
I'll actually blow up the world it's fun
ohjimmy78 ヶ月 前
7:37 fits Agni from Fire Punch to a T
TheRepty818 ヶ月 前
A fate worse than death can go on to be haunting for the viewer. I still think the fate of that program in the White Christmas episode of Black Mirror is the most horrible fate I've ever seen in anything ever. Forced to sit in a room with nothing to do for over a billion years. He can't eat, sleep, kill himself, and he has no one to talk to or nothing to do. Just sitting in a room. And what makes it all the crueler is it was done by someone just messing around, not really thinking about the implications of what they've done.
Tatter Tot
Tatter Tot ヶ月 前
Being trapped as a seagull forever ?
Isaac Mabbley
Isaac Mabbley ヶ月 前
Fives in clone wars is a good example when he gets messed up with cybernetics
Uncle Jacq
Uncle Jacq ヶ月 前
Is this the female voice from WatchMojo? Because that’s who this sounds like, and besides the tropes, is the main reason why I’m subscribed now.
erinnire ヶ月 前
This sort of content gives me life tbh. Thank you guys for all the work you do!
Jacob Lawton
Jacob Lawton ヶ月 前
So would the end of Avatar be like mild body horror as Ozi permanently looses his bending, his core personality and reasoning for his superiority?
CarrotT ヶ月 前
Ranger’s Apprentice example: Skandians dying without their weapons
Vianyte ヶ月 前
Something I love from the Legend of Korra was how much of a threat Amon felt like. Korra loved being the avatar and she loved using her bending powers, she took the position of avatar into her personality. Then along comes Amon who is scary not because he threatens to kill Korra because we know that the main protagonist isn't going to die. He's scary because he threatens Korra's identity by taking her powers away. That threat to her character feels worse than death.
Samuel Buck
Samuel Buck ヶ月 前
One of my D&D characters gained the power to change the physical form of any entity within a 100m radius. As soon as he got this power, he went to a city where an assassin who had killed his friend lived. He turned the assassin into a moaning pile of flesh that had no mind and could only feel the worst pain possible. My character carried him around just so that he could listen to the assassin scream in agony. I think I need a therapist.
somethingeasy333 ヶ月 前
Try Made In Abyss for another fairly horrifying high end fate worse than death for an innocent character. "Mi...tty..."
Skolye ヶ月 前
p sure deadpool lived through a fate worse than death, when he got stuck in a freezer for a couple years constantly starving and regenerating so he'd experience the pain of malnutrition only to die again and again
Brittany Downin
Brittany Downin 2 ヶ月 前
I have recently read a new fate worse than death. Being completely isolated with no one to talk to, in completely darkness and silence, just stuck with your own thoughts no way out either. I read it in a WebToon Comic and I thought about, that sounds absolutely so much worse than just dying.
Pine Dragon
Pine Dragon 2 ヶ月 前
Did you make a my little pony reference? Lol fair enough
The left SideBoob
The left SideBoob 2 ヶ月 前
I love this series. It covers basically everything.
Christopher Justice
Christopher Justice 2 ヶ月 前
Fate worse than death, unable to breath, but unable to die.
Joel Mills
Joel Mills 2 ヶ月 前
any critrole campaign 2 fans looking closely at the "body horror zone"
Marks 2 ヶ月 前
Maybe you can write a fate worse than death to be a side character's death. Our Main character really wants our side characters to be alive, and stakes can be upped for the audience because not only our writer can kill them whenever they want, we are still invested because our main character believes their death would be his fate worse than death.
Dancing King
Dancing King 2 ヶ月 前
Diavolo. Just Diavolo.
Theodore Serpico
Theodore Serpico 2 ヶ月 前
And now we have what if...? Episode 4?
Charlotte Kirkwood
Charlotte Kirkwood 2 ヶ月 前
“He’s got no mouth, and you better believe he’s gotta scream” took me out
Large_ Hadron_Colander
I was literally thinking of Chronos from JLU at the beginning of the video, & his time loop. Soooo much worse than death, but yeah death w/ extra steps....
• 7 minutes ago • 4 years ago
"The character ends up warped into a configuration that's some combination of horrifying, unfixable, and nonfunctional." No one: Mitty from Made in Abyss: *AA-A*
Brother Hashem
Brother Hashem 2 ヶ月 前
One of my favorite, more gruesome, fate worse than death comes from Stargate: SG-1. In this IP the evil aliens have a technology that allows them to regenerate from extreme injuries and even come back from the dead. Well, one of these aliens pissed off their slave priests so much that they sealed him inside one of the healing tombs with a flesh-eating animal for hundreds of years.
"I said I'd rather kiss you than die. That's a compliment!"
Jonathon Hennessey
Jonathon Hennessey 2 ヶ月 前
An example of a fate worse than death I like comes from the movie adaptation of Doctor Strange near the end of the film the titular character convinces the main villain Dormammu to leave earth and take his zealots with him which he does, they got eternal life but have to spend it as creatures called mindless ones drifting endlessly through the Dark Dimension.
Kiaser Myer
Kiaser Myer 2 ヶ月 前
Spec Ops: the Line has my favorite Fate Worse Then Death. The ending where Walker goes home after all the bad shit
Voxel the Glitch and Retro Mech
The save the world trope may even have a limit of existential destruction.
Subot 2 ヶ月 前
"If your character dies are we supposed to trust this new character" thats why I love Jojo, new focus protagonist every part and it can still keep me invested
louxaw 2 ヶ月 前
When she first strad stakes I thought she meant the food
Gina Black
Gina Black 2 ヶ月 前
"... And a few sexy scars if the writer is into that" I feel so called on!
Specter 2 ヶ月 前
I feel like a good writer makes what the backstory is matter. For example, a guy gets set on fire but his immortality keeps him from dying which is also keeping it from going out. People discover it and use it as a heat source, then one day someone frees him and the village is thrust into peril with the winter coming
Rebekah Grace
Rebekah Grace 2 ヶ月 前
One thing I’ve never really liked about the “fate worse than death” trope is how easily it can slip into ableism. Like it seems as though a lot of “fates worse than death” or “body horror” moments are just like losing your legs and arms or becoming blind or some other disability that people actually deal with in real life. The one that comes to mind most is in the princess bride when Wesley threatens to cut off the prince’s arms, legs, and eyes but leave his ears so he can always hear the horrible things people say about his mutilated body. They call it worse than death. And I just don’t really like that bc it implies that people with similar disabilities are better off dead. 😕
Al Dingess
Al Dingess 2 ヶ月 前
I think my favorite fate worse than death was the Jokers laughing gas. The writers went on in an interview and said we couldn’t write on screen deaths so they got thinking about “whats worse than death?” And came up with the laughing gas
brickbybrick251 lego
A great example of this is Elaida in Wheel of Time. She spends the majority of the series causing mayhem and sowing dissent and discord in the White Tower, but is then captured and forced into centuries of servitude to the Seanchan.
Mighty Midget
Mighty Midget 2 ヶ月 前
A great way to avoid getting your bluff called is throughout the story kill of enough protagonists so you never know if in the next fight will be this character's last a great example for this is Galaxy's Edge by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole
The Guy Who Understands
Its weird how nobody is talking about Guts. He is a good example of the Protagonist who had a fate worse then death, After the Ecilpse (spoiler) 1/ lost half of his body 2/ lost the entire band of hawk (friend's) 3/ his lover was r*ped and went insane 4/ he has branded and was forever a target for monsters and demons 5/ he can't be freed, revenge is what is keeping him alive 6/ the revenge he will never get 7 / the guy who ruined his life, became successfull and a god to the people Sh*t there is more
Orange Yellow
Orange Yellow 2 ヶ月 前
Captain gingyu transfers his consciousness to a namekian frog
Commissar Legion
Commissar Legion 2 ヶ月 前
A fate worse then death. Being turned into a Servator from 40K. You are essentially turned into a cybernetic slave for eternity barely conscious of your surroundings although depending on the person turning the victim into the Servator they can essentially make the victim entirely conscious of their situation keeping them alive till they are no longer useful.
VoidplayLP 2 ヶ月 前
How does the author threaten their characters in a way the audience actually believes? simple, write a book with wild unexpected character death, and from now on, nobody will feel safe in anything you write.
DelusionalDreamer 2 ヶ月 前
Is it just me, or does Red sound different here?
That way gaming
That way gaming 2 ヶ月 前
BTAS creators talked about how they were tasked with finding a fate worse than death for the joker's victims and thats how that horrifying smile from the laughing gas came around
Muffin Button
Muffin Button 2 ヶ月 前
I watched an interactive movie at Chocolate world. There was a Hershey Chocolate 3D model voiced by someone in real time. When it asked the audience what to do with the villain, someone said "Eat him." The 3D model made the most contorted face and I regret not taking a picture. He then went on to say we shouldn't Candy-balism and that's illegal is Hershey, PA.
Josh Petty
Josh Petty 2 ヶ月 前
"Worrying accurate depictions of CPSTD" got a chuckle from me. I've seen enough of it to spot it in fiction, and it feels like a very well done bit of story telling when I do.
Chuck the Wizard
Chuck the Wizard 2 ヶ月 前
Laughs in phantom zone projector
Matthew Richard
Matthew Richard 2 ヶ月 前
Me trying to explain what a "fate worse then death" means to an ESL friend by using textbook literary examples but said friend is still not getting it "..." Me all of a sudden remembering this friend is a DC fan "!!!" Me "...Jason Todd origin stories!.." friend "OHHHH!!!" me "...yeah..."
Cobalt Paradox
Cobalt Paradox 2 ヶ月 前
That's one thing I don't like about the Jodie Whitaker season of doctor who. Other doctors recognized the severity of their actions when they sentence someone to a fate worst than death, but doctor 13 is just like. "Great job, fam! I'm so proud of you for torturing that man for all of eternity rather than just killing him with the gun you conveniently had. POINTS FOR EVERYONE!!!!"
Let's Not
Let's Not 2 ヶ月 前
What about not-so-sexy scars, lost arms, head trauma causing mental impairment, etc. Berserk done killed a lot of characters, crippled some, and mentally handicapped others, for instance. Going the "haha not actually real, it's a narrative vessel you silly goose" kinda sidesteps the whole make-believe part that is intrinsic to stories. Characters being in basically hell scenarios is narratively the same as death, but the implications are much different. The kid censorship thing is asinine, not in this video, the actual thing. Shielding kids from some unpleasant things, while showing them some others based on almost random norms- cultural retardation.
ErisofOceans 2 ヶ月 前
Batman Beyond dropped so many fates worse than death
Brett Steinbook
Brett Steinbook 2 ヶ月 前
Hermoine is my favorite in fates worse than death--"or worse expelled!!!"
Jacky Chang
Jacky Chang 3 ヶ月 前
Saw the title and immediately thought of Justice League's Chronos and his abusive wife being stuck in a time loop.
Lucas1337 The Super
Lucas1337 The Super 3 ヶ月 前
You can either end up in the shadow realm… Or be a Diavolo.
Peppster 3 ヶ月 前
"destroying the world is high stakes" evangelion: :)
Alexander Leonardi
Alexander Leonardi 3 ヶ月 前
Fun fact: "a fate worse than death" used to be a euphemism for a person being violated, in a very NOT kid-friendly way. Starts with an r and rhymes with tape.
Nate Eichman
Nate Eichman 3 ヶ月 前
"Really makes you think, doesn't it?" Mentally, I heard a 1000's of edge lords cheer in approval when that pic graced the screen.
Trope Talk: Superpowered Evil Sides
Trope Talk: Character Deaths
再生回数 1 300 000
Trope Talk: Pure Evil
再生回数 1 900 000
$6 Sauce Vs. $185 Sauce
再生回数 344 145
Trope Talk: Post Apocalypses
再生回数 1 300 000
Trope Talk: Tournament Arcs
再生回数 1 200 000
Trope Talk: Fallen Heroes
再生回数 1 700 000
Trope Talk: Kaiju
再生回数 1 200 000
Trope Talk: Magnificent Bastards
再生回数 1 479 779
JO1|'僕らの季節' Official MV