Trope Talk: All A Dream

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Ahh, history's most maligned plot twist. But does it deserve 100% of the vitriol? Maybe a conservative 80%. Anyway, let's discuss!

"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Jack Writer
Jack Writer 2 時間 前
Having a main Character who can see future events through dreams, but doesn't know when they are real or not could be an interesting story. But also Dangerous since it could end in the _„No, I don't like that ending, it is probably still a dream.“_ very easily, but if it would be done right, it could be a great story.
Statboosts 27
Statboosts 27 2 時間 前
When you see Greg dancing with the frog in the hospital room you can see its stomach glow, implying that the bell it swallowed is still in there, and that even though they were only in the unknown for a couple moments thay all the events there really happened
Bailey Spencer
Bailey Spencer 2 時間 前
In general everyone is happy with (classic) alice in wonderland being a dream trope. It starts with her living a normal boring life before she "falls down the rabbit hole". Saying it was all a dream seems like acknowledging escapism, especially in a child's fantastical mind. It feels like something the author might relate to because he used damn strong hallucinogens, I can't think of many reasons to, past escaping a harsh or mundane life.
ArachCobra 16 時間 前
Dreams can be an interesting way to move the plot, but just using it as a way to get out of any consequences is a complete waste of the audience's investment. Kind reeks of those twist for a twist's sake kinda deals.
Flipflopz Threeonethree
OH MY GOD. Red you just blew my mind with the "Over the Garden Wall is Dantes Inferno" thing. Like OF COURSE it is!!! I'm gonna have much to think about during the yearly rewatch
BixLovesLife 21 時間 前
Spoilers for Come Away (2020) below This movie does the complete opposite and it feels so wrong? It's a story about a family with three kids, one of them dies fairly early in the story. The remaining siblings Peter and Alice now have to cope with grief and their parents being very worried and fighting over money issues. The story alludes themes and tropes from the Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland stories, but it mostly implies that Alice and Peter have hallucinatory, depersonalized episodes to cope with the harsh reality. (e.g. Alice finds a bottle of alcohol in her mothers drawer and drinks it whole) The ending plot twist is: nope, it's real, Peter is actually in Neverland now and brings his family real money that he took from real pirates. ?!
Andrew Dyer
Andrew Dyer 日 前
If you haven't read it, read Flann O'Brien's The Third Policemen.
PaigeLTS05 2 日 前
What about having the media peice START with "Welcome to the dream world! This is a characters dream and it maaay or may not impact this characters reality too (it totally will lol)." Dreaming Mary, anyone?
Jonathan McKay
Jonathan McKay 3 日 前
hate this trope lol but at least it can give us some fun fan service with alternate endings and universes
Anna_ in_Aotearoa
To me, this trope feels closely related to the "Went to a fantastic world but had their memories wiped at the end" trope! Both run the risk of devaluing the whole story they conclude, as the audience may feel like their investment in narrative & characters was pointless or that the author is 'cheating' on them (I'm looking at you, Susan Cooper!!) "Memory wipe" is the worst of the two in my opinion as it also rolls back any character growth, whereas "Dream" if done carefully can be played in such a way that lessons learned are still retained? But if it's played straight, all the characters except the protagonist weren't real, which still feels like a disrespectful slap to an invested audience....
6:22 My favorite Alice adaptation ever is the game Alice: Madness Returns. It turns the dream sequences into an interesting psychoanalysis of Alice's life with each locations symbolizing representations of her psyche.
I just need to drop this here while I'm at it: Driver San Francisco.
Shemarr Rice
Shemarr Rice 3 日 前
You missed the perfect chance to reference Biggie with this one😂
Lenny Valentine
Lenny Valentine 3 日 前
I definitely always prefer the fantasy elements of a story to be "real" within the realm of the story. If it ends up being explained away as just a dream, all a video game simulation, all how the character prefers to see it because how it really was was too traumatizing, etc., etc. -- it cheapens things. Lessens them.
Jeronica Shayne Mangalus
Oh my god, by rewatching this I just found out why I didn't like Black Mirror's S3 episode Playtest.
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 4 日 前
The dying dream... Jacob's ladder scenario
Joel Rehnberg
Joel Rehnberg 4 日 前
You made an entire video about All A Dream and managed to never once explicitly mention Inception. 10/10, full points for style.
faolan1686 5 日 前
Then there is the Nolan version of this trope that is basically "Fuck you, figure it out"
Jessi Hines
Jessi Hines 5 日 前
Just finished binging Over the Garden Wall so now I can finally let myself watch this all the way through... yes, I'm late to the party.
Rusty 5 日 前
This just made me really want something that starts out as a dream and gets you really attached to the world and then it turns out it’s all a dream and you go through the MC recovering from realising his life was essentially a lie
Deirdre Young
Deirdre Young 5 日 前
Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. Ten foul, miserable books I plodded through years ago, only to read "ah yeah, he was just dying all along". Give the series to someone you hate.
banjo frog
banjo frog 5 日 前
yeah, this just gives me war flash backs of watching the final twilight movie at the cinema. when the oh it was just a dream thing was revealed the entire audience was so shocked and disappointed haha
Anna_ in_Aotearoa
Grin! I think I'm in a definite minority in actually LIKING that it was a vision rather than a reality 🤭 I think it works well because it effectively changes Aro's mind (therefore isn't just a pointless detour), the action it shows is consistent with established styles of the characters who feature in it, and it really nicely subverts audience ingrained genre expectations that every fantasy movie has to end with a big climactic battle. To me, it's also way smarter than just a big brawl would be (mind over matter!)
FischohneRad 6 日 前
My biggest, most hated example of this, and the first thing I actively decided to stop reading because of it, is the webcomic weregeek. In this world, being super geeky allows you to basically turn into a werecreature when you geek out. It starts with the protagonist guy turning into a weregeek for the first time and getting scooped up by a group of geeks who teach him the ropes and become his new friends. He has trouble accessing his geek form on command, but can still feel out if he goes too long between doing geeky stuff. There's a plot by a Mysterious Government Agency™ to create a super weregeek, which gets unleashed at a convention, and we get protagonist not unlocking his geek form on command but talking down the super geek so he doesn't kill everyone. Then his friends call scene, everyone claps, and protagonist is very confused to find out that the whole weregeek thing was just an extensive larp session. There were some hints to this, like some panels in between weregeek shenanigans showing the characters in their normal form doing geeky stuff. But needless to say, plot holes and several questions pop up once the larp is revealed. How did he geek out the first time if it's all fake? He hadn't met any of the geeks before and wasn't into geeky stuff, so how exactly did he get sucked into this? How did he never notice the larp? The other characters straight up ask him this in the middle of the first arc climax after the larp is revealed, and I don't remember getting an answer. You chucked a good concept and walked right into a big ass plothole while you're at it, and at minimum you now have a bit of concern about the main character's mental state. Like, what even was this. Also where the hell do you go from there. From what I saw of the rest (at the time I read it a few years ago) the next big plot beat involved the main dude and main girl playing lovers in vampire the masquerade and sending in character love letters to each other, which his girlfriend finds and she obviously assumes he's cheating on her, so she dumps him and starts planning revenge. That one just broke my brain. Like, just say it's for a larp. Or hell, if you're writing the letters in character, why aren't they signed with like, your character's names or something? Wouldn't some of them mention vampire shenanigans that would have clued her in to this being not a real life thing? Really? I just couldn't. It's been several years since I read it and I'm still mad about it
DragonGirl TheBoss
Inuyasha is my favorite anime!!
caitie 6 日 前
I was surprised simulations weren’t mentioned! That’s a really common way to do this, especially with twisty versions :)
John Lemon
John Lemon 6 日 前
I think Mr. Robot did this really well. Just sayin'.
KaedeLanyo 7 日 前
Honestly the frustration of how it's usually handled, does help the good example be that much more cathartic. Doesn't mean everyone should attempt it, however.
Matteo P
Matteo P 7 日 前
Shout out to you for those ABC Tom Strong panels
Cass&Crew 7 日 前
my favorite use of this trope is a slight aversion in Klonoa, where the protagonist literally travels to alternate realities whenever he falls asleep, with the dream part being him (usually but not always) believing he's from the world he wakes up in only to recieve a rude awakening at the end. Is that Version 3?
Ferdinand Borges
11:15 So Ash coma theory pretty much?
Ethan Coltrane
Ethan Coltrane 8 日 前
There's also the " Dream Within A Dream", where a character wakes up from an event and goes back to their normal life, only to realize they haven't woken up and are still in the dream. The only example I can think of off the top of my head is from Star Trek: Voyager, in the Season 4 episode "Waking Moments".
Blackvine Entertainment
One game that did this trope really well, was Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. SPOILER ALERT At the end of the game, you find out that the entire plot of the game was happening inside the main characters own mind. However all of it was very very real to the Senua despite that, and had real consequences for her and her mental state. It didnt invalidate anything that happened, and it did a great job showcasing how hard of a struggle it could be to deal with the trauma she had to endure.
CompletelyFerrous Chemist
One of the largest missed points of Inception is that the main character wasn't able to let go of his wife's death due to his use of the titular technique. The whole point of the movie wasn't whether or not he was dreaming, but rather if he could close the past and accept the reality he ends up in. There are multiple scenes where it's clear he doesn't know if he's in a dream or not, and the fact that throughout the film he uses his dead wife's totem -- not his own! -- should have been a large flag that the authenticity of his reality was irrelevant.
Benjamin Brewer
Benjamin Brewer 9 日 前
I’ve been reading “small gods” by Terry Pratchett. The great God Omm is incarnated as a turtle. At some point deep into the story, he says “ I am starting to believe I am just a turtle dreaming he is a God.”
Frozen Eevee
Frozen Eevee 10 日 前
This reminds me of that one theory that suggests that all the events in the pokemon anime are actually Ash dreaming and that he was put into a coma after being attacked by a group of Spearow and being shocked by Pikachu's electricity at the beginning of his adventure.
Suzanne Berry
Suzanne Berry 10 日 前
2:00 by the time Sherlock got to this point, I was no longer interested. ‘It’s all a dream’ is where I usually drop out.
Jacob Fauston
Jacob Fauston 11 日 前
I find Polar express did this pretty good
skygard49 11 日 前
I put off watching this for 2 weeks because of how sick I get of this trope. I'm sorry red *-_-
Kaitlyn Garner
Kaitlyn Garner 11 日 前
There's a Buffy episode in season 6 that can probably fall into this trope. "Normal Again" is such a heavy episode because the trio (the big bad for most of the season) unleash a demon on Buffy that has powers that mess with her head, creating this illusion that she's actually in a mental hospital because of an elaborate delusion that is basically the events of both the movie and the show up until this point. Now normally Buffy would shake this off and would probably figure out that it's not real but this is post resurrection Buffy who is still dealing with huge bouts of depression and apathy because she spent 3 months dead but at peace and then she's brought back into the world of vampires, demons and hellspawn. The real world is hell for her and this illusion, if it's real, can not only give her a normal life back but also give her mother back as she died in the previous season. She flips between the mental hospital and her world repeatedly and the Doctor in the hospital tells her how increasingly elaborate and nonsensical her delusion has become because she went from fighting sadistic vampire leaders, humans that become pure demon, a 2nd slayer and a hell god.. to her new enemies being 3 nerds that went to her high school and only one of them is truly a bad person. He tells her that in order to break out of the delusion, she has to destroy it. Buffy basically breaks and starts holding her friends and her sister hostage in her basement with the demon that messed with her head because the doctor told her to make it easier on herself so she wouldn't have to kill her friends herself. In the end she does choose the slayer reality and kills the demon... but the last shot of the episode is back in her room in the mental hospital with the doctor shining a light into her eyes and just says "She's gone". That ending just messes with me because it implies that the delusion could have actually been the slayer reality all along and Buffy is now forever stuck in that hell
Phoebe Darker
Phoebe Darker 11 日 前
Ah yes, the "harry was hallucinating under the staircase all along" trope
Heth Williams
Heth Williams 11 日 前
My favourite example of this is in the TV shows Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes where the main character is seemingly transported back in time to the 70s/80s. They settle in to a new life, but there's snippets from their old lives keep coming up, like the voice of a loved one coming over the radio. Viewers end up trying to work out what is going on - is it time travel? Is it a dream? Something else? I like what they did with it, and you do get answers at the end. :)
DarkFlame 11 日 前
You are in a dream. Wake Up
nicholas fowler
nicholas fowler 12 日 前
It'd be good to see how this trope intersects with unreliable narrators
Josh Mitt
Josh Mitt 12 日 前
TNG's "The Inner Light" Picard lives a whole lifetime in a dream over 25 minutes. Its not exactly relevant to the plot of the show as a whole, but that is a powerful story nonetheless.
Josh Mitt
Josh Mitt 9 日 前
@Paul Ingols-Staker it was a well written show that held up, it was better than we deserve... Although, they did pull that move when Riker was tricked by the lonely alien kid in "Future Imperfect." And how about when the hologram of professor Moriarty tricks them all into thinking they had left the holodeck? They weren't asleep, but they were in a sort of dream world... Not to mention they even touch on the dangers of depending on the dream too much, like Barkley did that time he made his own fantasy with Troi and the gang. The holodeck really allows for some fun story lines!
Paul Ingols-Staker
I always liked that while TNG did pull some variant of the "turns out it was all a dream/simulation" trope multiple times, every time they made it absolutely clear that "that particular thing was a dream, the reality we're used to is actually the real world, now we can move on"
Blue Cat
Blue Cat 12 日 前
It would be interesting to have a spin-off of the Trope Talk series where they take one specific trope and one outlier use of the trope and talk about how this does the trope different and how it works or doesn’t. ‘All A Dream’ probably has some pretty interesting variants, but all I can think of at the moment is ID:Invaded and I’m not sure how much that actually counts.
Stephanie T
Stephanie T 12 日 前
I think my favorite use of dreams is in the third pokemon movie. Dream Entei is brought into the world by the power of the unknown and Molly's loneliness. His story along with Molly's is very well written and the scene where he returns to the dream world is heartbreaking. There are hints throughout the movie that Dream Entei is not just a figment such as his confusion at Molly calling him "papa" at the start, showing that he existed before being summoned by the unknown. It also shows that the unknown can't create a fake version of Molly's father, and can only summon already existing beings from the dream world. There is lore about the dream world in pokemon being real, and I wish it was explored in more depth.
Envoy Roth
Envoy Roth 12 日 前
This reminds me of the Big Fish movie. It wasn't necessary a dream, but similar. In the end the protagonist learns that the outlandish things that didn't happen actually have some roots of reality.
Kabeer Bedi
Kabeer Bedi 13 日 前
Anyway, remember Backyardigans.
oilimE Noruega
oilimE Noruega 13 日 前
There's that one Futurama episode that used this trope. And I feel like it somehow used pretty much every variant mentioned here at once.
MegaAniLinkFan 13 日 前
Kim Possible is super guilty of this trope in "Rewriting History" where she had an ancestor that was painted as a villain when she goes on a field trip to museum and sees a picture of a 'bad guy' woman that looks awfully similar to herself. Nothing in that episode quantified they needed to turn the events into 'it was all a dream' in fact it was making a lot of development and impact. Even Draken in the episode finds his ancestor's device and says this is the whole reason he became a villain as well. BUT THEN KIM AND RON WAKE UP IN THE MUSEUM SOMEHOW HAVING THE SAME DREAM AND NEVER LEFT THE MUSEUM MAKING THEIR SUPER REALISTIC ADVENTURE ALL A DREAM!!! Uh....what? OH and then the curator brings in some gladiator findings that look super similar to Ron and Kim and they listen to the tale as the episode fades to credits... What was anyone supposed to take from this?
mahoustar 13 日 前
Then there’s the Inception variant: It Was Definitely All A Dream, And It Might Still Be A Dream…
GoPioneersLaser0 13 日 前
Repo Men. Fuck that one bummed me out.
Violet Smokes
Violet Smokes 14 日 前
In a fandom the line between fanon and Canon can easy be erased if the fandom does like how a story is going like how bnha fans continue to use the child hood friendship between Keigo and Touya.
Tatter Tot
Tatter Tot 14 日 前
Ha ha dreams don't become seagulls ! You are implying all the dreams on the island are some ?% alive .
PikaOMiau 14 日 前
DANGANRONPA SPOILER DOWN BELOW!!! I wonder if Danganronpa V3's ''It's all fiction!'' is the meta version of this trope. After all, not only does the game rub in your face that everything wasn't real, thus it doesn't matter, but that you should even feel ashamed for emotionally investing in the characters and their arcs and deaths since they were willingly putting themselves through a mere ''fictional reality gameshow'' with fake manufactured personalities. The saga already did this somewhat with the characters of DR2, when it was all a simulation BUT these characters were ''real'', in the sense their personalities weren't as altered (even though, they were past selves) and that their deaths did matter though they eventually get saved. The DRV3 ending divided the fan community a lot. I personally liked it, but I can see how a lot of this ties into the ''All a dream'' trope and all of the characteristics that let down a lot of people.
CC Daly
CC Daly 17 日 前
Trope number three is also what Twin Peaks uses a lot.
Esteban Ramirez
Esteban Ramirez 18 日 前
What about Deltarune’s current chapter 2 idea? WARNING: SPOILERS It is apparent that all of the Darkners are nothing more than mundane objects in the real world until they are brought into the darkness. Although, it’s very odd that Ralsei is self aware of the fact that he is in a world where other darkners are mundane objects in the real world. Depending on how you played the game, chapter 2’s ending can vary. If you did the pacifist ACT route, both of your school friends wake up and act as if everything was a dream. However, there’s something more sinister dependent on the level of violence you committed. If you took on a more aggressive path in the boss fight, Berdley sacrifices one of his arms to break control. When he wakes up, he recounts the events as a dream, but finds it odd that he has no feeling in his arm and unable to move it. Do the weird Snowgrave route by freezing Berdley in a block of ice and Berdley won’t even wake up, with everyone laughing it off that Berdley is still very much asleep.
Chowder Pickles
Chowder Pickles 20 日 前
The most tragin 'not all a dream' plot was the music video for the song Best Day Of My Life, cause at the end the guy assumes his awesome time and new friend whom you've seen grow close throughout the video was just a dream, as he wakes up holding a bottle in a bar, but a photo reel slips out of their pocket. We see that it was all real, but THEY never know.
Abdelrahman Wael
Abdelrahman Wael 20 日 前
I can't hear the words "wake up" anymore without saying joe biden after them. what have memes done to me
Meaningless Commenter
my favourite game ever, Ni No Kuni (its art is by studio ghibli, i highly recommend checking it out) hints towards the entire game being in the fantasy of the main character, specifically as a coping mechanism. i love this a lot! in the game you switch between reality and fantasy to solve a few puzzles, but most of the game is set in the fantasy world.
BlueJaguarRanger 21 日 前
There’s an interesting variant of this with DC’s Metal Men. In 1993 DC published a Metal Men mini that was objectively horrendous and not only retconned their origin to be needlessly tragic, but killed off several characters. Functionally it made the Metal Men untouchable, or at least undesirable, for almost a decade, until the 2006 maxi series 52. 52 retconned the mini as being the delusion of the Metal Men’s creator Dr Will Magnus after he had a psychotic breakdown due to events that happened with the team previously. As a result, in a sense, the mini was “all just a dream”
I'm trying to place the comic from 9:49 but can't seem to for the life of me
Sprinkles The Unicorn
I feel like over the garden wall managed to pull off this trope super well
Sparky McFly
Sparky McFly 25 日 前
The final episode of Newhart is probably the best way this trope was ever pulled off. Brilliant.
sminj4813 25 日 前
Yes, this trope can be so upsetting! [Spoiler for old video games I guess?] My first encounter with this trope was the SNES game The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse. Such a difficult game for my young self, only to realize upon finally completing it that all the events of the game were a dream and the characters just go on like nothing happened. Nearly broke me.
Aliza K
Aliza K 26 日 前
I think a lot about the ending in Inception where the director said that the reason the ending is ambiguous is because Cob no longer cares if he’s dreaming or not
Tereza Sotáková
I personally hate the "all a dream/fantasy/halucination/the character was in a coma theory because often the only thing behind it is: The character would like to escape reality (think "Harry Potter imagioned Hogwards while living with his family the whole time" theory) and there are unrealistic things happening in the story. Like, yeah, who says stories have to be 100% realistic? Like unless there are some real clues I don't buy that theory.
Azerty72200 26 日 前
In Ajin there's a dream section like that, in which everyone basically dies because the antagonist, as usual, subverted every expectation the hero's team had. Kei Nagai manages to escape thanks to a Deus Ex Machina like intervention from a friend of his. And then he pauses, and he's like "wait a minute, that doesn't make any sense. I *know* what just happened isn't possible." And so he accepts his "fate" and stops escaping, letting the antagonist kill him. As he wakes up, he realises the doubts and fears that were eating at him and lets go of them, so now he is ready to confront the bad guy more level-headed. I *loved* this dream sequence because it was incredibly consistent with Kei's character, was very jarring when it happened so the audience makes the same realisation as Kei and understands the meaning of it. It was an impact full moment and was adroitly integrated into the story.
Andy Hunjan
Andy Hunjan 27 日 前
I know Big Mouth isn't everyone's first choice for literary analysis, but we should talk about the superhero episode in which all the characters gained superpowers in order to visualise an otherwise normal fight between early teens. It wasn't until the end that the unfantastical world was revealed, but only in events after the whole argument had ended. That gives this episode rewatch value because the audience wants to imagine what is really going on, even if those events are more boring.
Andy Hunjan
Andy Hunjan 27 日 前
One time I wrote a story about a dream I had within a dream in which I dreamt I was being hunted by my doll and then I woke up and the doll was still there and it strangled me.
delcidkidv 27 日 前
What's the comic at 9:43?
CAP198462 28 日 前
This video could’ve been made just using examples from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and that’s not a bad thing.
Otham Neil
Otham Neil 28 日 前
Got spoiled. I hate this
Eclipsical Bluestocking
Link's Awakening is probably my favorite example of "waking up means killing everyone who lives in the dream world"
BJ Goodrich
BJ Goodrich 28 日 前
What about dreams that tell you the future? Like in the Gargoyles episode??
dkosy 29 日 前
There's also the Elder Scrolls 'It's all a dream' where everything in the setting is literally, a dream
Raj Modi
Raj Modi 29 日 前
Apollon 29 日 前
Red: "I assure you, this is all very real." Authors: Nothing is real, everything is permitted.
Russell Adler
Russell Adler 29 日 前
My mind immediately goes to the polar express
Ariane Rainsinger
damned, I just notices that my latest story might be a dying dream theory candidate with a lot of evidance for it . . .
Nigel Lewis
Nigel Lewis ヶ月 前
The first part brought back to that young justice episode..... That was awesome at the time
funa ヶ月 前
futurama did a good episode like this. with Obsoletely Fabulous
Buster04 ヶ月 前
I really want to know what red thinks of the view from halfway down from Bojack Horseman.
Zora ヶ月 前
That start genuinely shook me up
Miguel Paez Castillo
This makes me thing about "Mr. NOBODY". Good movie, full of this, and... it was great. Yeah, sure, most of the movie, well, never actually happened, but still, it's something not only meaningful for the MC, but also a source of hope, one that he really need at that moment.
Deedjre The Jester
[Spoilers for a very good underrated game] This trope was handled very well in Drawn to Life, I feel, until they ruined the franchise with the unofficial Wii version of The Next Chapter, Two Realms, and the censorship of how Mike got into his coma. Originally it's just a sweet fantasy world made by you, God, that got abandoned after Lucifer bit the apple. Everything is nice and fantastical, until you meet a single human named Mike. He is the only human in this world, and after you play through the games, you see him wake up. The only reason he woke up, was because you basically just defeated Lucifer. Though a really funny troll account created an alt end where Mike straight up dies. It doesn't feel like you did that for nothing, and you get closure that it might've been real when it shows plushies of the characters at the end. THEN TWO REALMS THREW THAT ALL OUT AND SAID "HAHA SIKE IT'S REAL ALSO WE REDEEMED THE VILLAIN YOU LOVED AS A VILLAIN SO NOW YOU CAN'T HEAR HIS SICK THEME ANYMORE" like that really sucked that ruined the impact of the story.
stv dagger
stv dagger ヶ月 前
One significant use of the "It was a dream" trope was the TV series Dallas (1978-1991). During the 8th season finale Major character Bobbie Ewing (played by Patrick Duffy) was killed. The 9th series had 30 episodes dealing with events after his death. In the 9th season finale, Bobbie's widow, Pamela wakes up and finds Bobbie taking a shower. Th 10th season explains that Pam was having a dream and everything that happened in the 9th season was a dream that Pamela was having.
PhoenixAngel429 ヶ月 前
11:38 Love your stab at those fan theories
skamnatron5000 ヶ月 前
H.P. Lovecraft’s “Dreamlands” are a world that can only be accessed via dreams. When a character enters the world through sleep, time passes differently and it feels like they’ve lived days in the dream only to wake up and one night has passed in real time. The next night they spend weeks in the dream, then the next night it’s months, and the next is years. By the time the story ends, the character no longer knows which world is the dream.
D20doodles Doodles
Freddy Kruger there was a bit where Nancy brought the items out of her dream then Freddy himself
bepis the science man
Concept:a very down to earth drama with zero fantastical elements but at the end it's revealed that it was all a orc chiefs dream
Jude Wakefield
Jude Wakefield ヶ月 前
Since no one is going to say it: Mulholland Drive. The first two acts are a dream that's given enough concreteness that we can follow along but every plot seems surreal, like it's pretending to be a Hollywood film but can't get the tone right. Finally the dream breaks and act three is snippets from the dreamer's life and subsequent end. The first two acts still have meaning because they give implied details to a "real" person's life. Rewatching the film works as a mystery where every strange happening is a clue to the tragedy of the third act.
SmileyJehn ヶ月 前
One of my favorite "It was all a dream" was Link's awakening. After spending the entire time in a unique world, with the villagers you interacted with, and the conclusion at the end, it really struck me as a kid.
RupertMDoc ヶ月 前
I would categorize Alice in Wonderland as something different. Not "it was all a dream," but "dreams as a setting." Inception would also fall into this "trope." Dreams are weird, but they have rules... or at least commonalities across people, and exploring them is something broadly appealing. Ever dream you could fly? Dream you were trapped in a tight space? Join the club! Dreams as a twist can be done well, though, with my favorite being that episode of Futurama. I won't spoil it further, but if you've seen it, you know.
Mattias Crowe
Mattias Crowe ヶ月 前
Wrote an "all a dream" story where the mc wakes up and the third person reveal is that he has crippling anxiety. After that its a dual worlds story where the victorys in his dreams lead to improvements in his life. This can be juxtaposed against terry gilliams Brazil, where he often dreams of glorious escapism and somewhat believes they are visions of prophecy to escape his claustrophobic, mundane life
Eniola Orunto
Eniola Orunto ヶ月 前
11:19 Cough KND Theory Cough
Dizzy Dude
Dizzy Dude ヶ月 前
There's a fairly well known film noir starring Edward G. Robinson that turns out to all be a dream. It was extremely frustrating and unsatisfying, but I've come to expect those out-of-left-field happy endings from film noir as a way that it negotiated its dark, cynical views of the world with the family-friendly demands of the Hollywood Production Code at the time.
Ty undris
Ty undris ヶ月 前
Donnie Darko!
InkMaster ヶ月 前
I'm honestly surprised that Sucker Punch wasn't mentioned.
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