TRASH or PASS! NF ( Paid My Dues ) [REACTION!!!]

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LayedBakDFR 9 ヶ月 前
Make sure to follow me on social media @LayedBakDFR‼️ tag NF for that sit down‼️ #FireSquad
Edward Ramirez
Edward Ramirez ヶ月 前
LayedBakDFR just found your reaction man... love them! You got the passion. Love man!
Gl1tch38 2 ヶ月 前
Exactly what I was thinking man
Nick Olsthoorn
Nick Olsthoorn 2 ヶ月 前
Your intro dope..love that you are open to other genres..you n..... is spot on on your comments man ..the face "twitching"(I dunno) is always spot on. But no eminem is not human . He is goddam rap God. You dope homie... health is wealth .. much love --Dutch mutherfycker-_-_
Jacob Devine
Jacob Devine 4 ヶ月 前
Let's be honest though.LayedBakDFR, you respect NF and his intentions which is to connect with the people of the world on a more intimate and serious level. You keep respecting him and his fans will follow.
archie rowlings
archie rowlings 4 ヶ月 前
Lost possibly the new album! Especially!! After the album “THE SEARCH” so he is lost after the album trying to beat his burdens
Gamma Cephei_Ab
Can we get a "Wealth is health" t-shirt
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson 3 日 前
Peet Ti3
Peet Ti3 4 日 前
This dude's the best reactor youtuber. Great videos man.
Aoku 4 日 前
That intro is cringe but idc
Kroger purified drinking water
There is a reason layedbak is Laid back in the thumbnail
Alexandre Lisiecki
Awesome video!! Thanks
sularetal987 7 日 前
those balloons are his burdens
sularetal987 7 日 前
The Rolling Stones have a song titled “Pay Your Dues”. The Rolling Stone Magazine published an article bashing NF because his album beat out Chance The Rapper’s album. NF responded with “Paid My Dues”.
Erica Jordan
Erica Jordan 7 日 前
Love your reactions man I don’t watch any other reactors your real and it’s awesome!!! Keep it up LayedBakDFR!!🖤
Haji xd
Haji xd 7 日 前
Can Anyone Tell Me Why NF give A Balloons reference In Every Song What that's Relates to ?
4mula_1mpulse 7 日 前
Lost i have a strong feeling it is the name of the album he is currently making and nf has leaked a trim of one of his new songs like so layedbak can see this
Logan Crane
Logan Crane 8 日 前
React to JPvid cypher 3
Logan Crane
Logan Crane 8 日 前
My dad hates me
The real Jesus Christ
Logan Crane
Logan Crane 8 日 前
Tiki80 8 日 前
NF being sneaky here. The article he's talking about are from rolling stones. Rolling stones back in the day had a song called "Pay your dues" And now he's clapping back at them with "PAID MY dues"
Tiki80 8 日 前
Its 2020 and we still see lot of hypocrite sexism in western society. Critics trashed him saying he's depressed n too dark n its glorified through music. But when billie eillish does the same if not visually more graphic then its ART and lets give her 4 grammys. Had this talk w my sister and she said "well its bcuz he's a guy. He's not allowed to be too emotional and be expressive about it. But billie is a young teen girl.. n gurls are "supposed" to be sensitive n talk abt their feelings n thoughts so its ok but when a guy does then its easily considered 'too deppressing and too dark"
Dark 9 日 前
I wish I could see the face of whoever wrote that Rolling Stone article.
sote ful
sote ful 10 日 前
I find it funny how he keep resorting back to himself as if he is a famous person.
The real Jesus Christ
He’s not unknown. Some people would consider him famous, it depends on your own “standards”
My_Name_Is_ Jeff
My_Name_Is_ Jeff 11 日 前
2019- health is wealth 2020- get that outta here
Archimo 11 日 前
imagine if someone says that NF has a ghostwriter
Zoey Cerda
Zoey Cerda 11 日 前
NF is the top and if I’m not mistaken but correct me if I’m wrong, I heard he made the billboard 😁
Zoey Cerda
Zoey Cerda 11 日 前
No disrespect to JuiceWrld and X but they are fake and my “Friends” bullies me bc I didn’t listen to what they listen to and they told me NF is trash and fake but they never heard his music but they still said his was trash JuiceWLRD is fake and so is X and their 🗑
The real Jesus Christ
bruh I like nf, but you’re just coming off as annoying. x as real as nate, ofc you can like different artists than your friend, they’re in the wrong on that one. but still, people aren’t fake just because they aren’t lyrical(although x was lyrical)
Zackary Bowyer
Zackary Bowyer 12 日 前
Bruh I just started watching you I fuckinnng love energy! You’re great! Funnny and drop wisdom!
jessica 12 日 前
So rando comment on your video but idk if you know this. But there was a dude who wrote in Times Magazine that said “he’s a wannabe Eminem” and Nate dripped this song 3 days AFTER the article went out, and the writer deleted the column AND deleted his Twitter after this went out. He’s-I hope you continue to react to his music
The Last RedReaper
Lost was going to be one of his new albums but never but I thinks he canceled it all I know he is doing something with it.
Zaid K
Zaid K 13 日 前
Waiting for the ZTFO reaction...
Dorian Vrbančić
He cut every scene where nf showed cd of his album... so selfish!
KhanNan Banan
KhanNan Banan 13 日 前
See Morgenshtern
Andrea A.
Andrea A. 14 日 前
Like your shirt a lot, when I saw it I thought that one with “mental health is wealth” would be so dope as well
Aliabbas k ,1/2 mva
The fact that he threw his album to the toilet.... $|-|it
Jack Barnholdt
Jack Barnholdt 14 日 前
How can someone dislike a video with the slogan “health is wealth”
sammy Harbin
sammy Harbin 14 日 前
Hey! Don't worry about haters. Admit your not perfect. But don't loose your self respect.
KyleBriggsy 16 日 前
Listen to "How could you leave us" 🔥🔥
KyleBriggsy 16 日 前
LAD LAD 16 日 前
Just started watching all your NF reactions and you are doing an awesome job , keep it up y’all get my hype !
K1ll3r Monkey
K1ll3r Monkey 18 日 前
Have you ever reacted to juice wrld
Phoebe Adamxox
Phoebe Adamxox 18 日 前
You gotta think. The ppl who critique u badly. Or slate ur music are just advertising u. Ppl gonna wanna go see what their talking bout. And it's on them if they listen to the tabloids n shit. They missing out tho
Brendan 18 日 前
Im confused if Layedbak understands the image of the balloons or not.....the visual is bench pressing his negative thoughts and self hate cuz it weighs more then anything someone else can say
Bizmarkie Shelby
Bizmarkie Shelby 19 日 前
Ocean Wisdom High Street
Zackary Conner
Zackary Conner 21 日 前
Check out futuristic too easy
YO 22 日 前
i miss 2019
Henry NasWie
Henry NasWie 22 日 前
Dont feel that.much man... as a profissional.. have fun
Hindaichi Gaming
Hindaichi Gaming 23 日 前
I know the meaning of the balloons. But i think the smile is just a trademark. Not sure man
Sonny Cole
Sonny Cole 23 日 前
I’m watching the adds love NF but ima drop the like cuz I know this dude is gonna be real with it.
Aiden Sherrell
Aiden Sherrell 24 日 前
hey nate hows life
Elijah Oh
Elijah Oh 24 日 前
I have a theory. In The Search, NF talks about his burdens and points to the balloons on his cart. So if the balloons still represent his burdens in this video, and NF was bench pressing the balloons, that means he was bench pressing his burdens, when he's bench pressing his burdens his lifting them off his chest, that could mean that he's lifting some burdens off of his chest.
ACE Noctem
ACE Noctem 24 日 前
That makes sense, I knew the connection between the balloons and his burdens but I never maid that connection that he was lifting them off his chest.
Broken Yugioh
Broken Yugioh 25 日 前
Anyone know what headphones he uses?
StejoThePisto 26 日 前
"He can't be talking about me cuz he is undefeated over here" does that mean what I think it means?
Mohanish Lohakare
7:14 Wooh! Wooh! Wooh! 😅😅😅😅❤️
Soberano DD
Soberano DD 28 日 前
My homie
Glitching bError
Glitching bError 28 日 前
I absolutely love when you talk about nf I get that same energy you do when you listen to him LOVE IT!
Egg 28 日 前
JPvid: how many ads you want Laid back: no
Harismo 28 日 前
Bro when he shakes the screen, u know this guy likes this song 😂
Peterson Santos
Peterson Santos 29 日 前
What is The L?
Daniel Cabrera
Daniel Cabrera 29 日 前
I feel bad for literally every new white rapper that can rap fast because they always get compared to Eminem
Laze Pinc
Laze Pinc ヶ月 前
The word “lost” is the name of his new album
Gamaliel Cinto
Gamaliel Cinto ヶ月 前
i connect to nf
Gamaliel Cinto
Gamaliel Cinto ヶ月 前
NF is a god he is the best shut up
Joe ヶ月 前
Lol NF got to you. Welcome to the club. Stay up
Jamie Kueker
Jamie Kueker ヶ月 前
Bro I love your takes and and positive vibes man. I love your reviews of NFS music. I love and appreciate you brother
K E ヶ月 前
Lost is his new album.
Ricky ヶ月 前
I wanna see Eminem and NF make a song
Leo Mondragon
Leo Mondragon ヶ月 前
He puts that symbol in his face
Ryne Fultz
Ryne Fultz ヶ月 前
My jaw is dropping on all the beats I swear
Salim Özkaya
Salim Özkaya ヶ月 前
Turkhis translation pleaseeeeeeee 🙏🙏
International truck Enthusiast
LayedBakDFR : Whats poppin' me: BRAND NEW WHIP JUST HOPPED IN!
Josiah Townsend
Josiah Townsend ヶ月 前
SIMON De ヶ月 前
Most People who do criticism are the same who don’t listen
Baztha ヶ月 前
You're the one of the best reaction channels yet... I hope to produce something that'll have you moved, bet...
Baztha ヶ月 前
Most try to play dumb and would rather be numb... There's a lot in life to overcome and most people are afraid to move a thumb let alone get things done when it comes to reality because it isn't fun...
Baztha ヶ月 前
The more you feel the more shits real...
Bowen Albertson
Bowen Albertson ヶ月 前
so, when people draw in curvey lines like he did at the end is a doodle people make when theyre generally sad or depressed :/ if u wanted to know
Agabo Kingdom
Agabo Kingdom ヶ月 前
Damn he's so good 🔥
Austin Gossett
Austin Gossett ヶ月 前
“They rigged the lights so y’all could see the parts of mine that aren’t so bright” 🧐
Cheyenne Faulkner
React To Snow Tha Product
AJ ヶ月 前
"Drink healthy water and ignore that thing behind me"
Icee_OFFICIAL ヶ月 前
idiots: NF IS GARBO BRUH NF: I've had enef of your comments
Its Toast
Its Toast ヶ月 前
Quarantine throwing me everywhere on youtube
jesus jr. aguayo
jesus jr. aguayo ヶ月 前
Why do you have a bong next to you 🤔
ThaNamesDeadLy ヶ月 前
I have come to conclusion; I think nf has globe phobia
Hairy Legs
Hairy Legs ヶ月 前
Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one
Hairy Legs
Hairy Legs ヶ月 前
He levitating lol
SALT ヶ月 前
the first time i heard NF was in 2016 when he released “How could you leave us” and i liked it but i didn’t care too much for it but in 2019 when depression started becoming a big problem in my life his music became more appealing and i understood it more and now he’s my favorite artist NF is the type you might overlook at first but you’ll love him in the end.
NF is Eminem with zero curse words lit af
Micah Swenson
Micah Swenson ヶ月 前
Weezy Butt
Weezy Butt ヶ月 前
no one gonna be talkin how tht HELLO is just so random but adorable
James Trevino
James Trevino ヶ月 前
I fell more than you
I dont know Im a outcast
When nf bench press his ballons that means he is making him stronger with his depression
General Rage
General Rage ヶ月 前
Think he’ll ever diss New York Times for the crap they said about them
yaboiryan03 ヶ月 前
The smiley face is what his next album is going to look like
Francis Bishop
Francis Bishop ヶ月 前
That shirt is slick
James Mullins
James Mullins ヶ月 前
Its crazy to see you at this point so fast lol I know this an old video. But when a bar hits and you pause and then another bar slaps in. So cool to watch it happen.
Ingrid Guimarães Dantas
erfansvideos ヶ月 前
If anybody wanna sit and interview NF it be you LayedBaK. You truly love his music.
Spencer Matsen
Spencer Matsen ヶ月 前
hes talking about the rollinig stones article that called the search a depression ballet
Mike S
Mike S ヶ月 前
People who are mean to be are bitches
K Awesome
K Awesome ヶ月 前
Most under rated rapper
jakeusss ヶ月 前
3:16 when the teacher gets an answer wrong
Colin Ruch
Colin Ruch ヶ月 前
this is why NF is one if the best rappers.... unlike many, he just wants his music to be out there for the people that need it.. he doesn’t flex with cars, money, jewelry, etc and he speaks from the heart
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