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Here is our part 3 from our top upcoming action movies of 2018:
00:03 Robin Hood
02:26 Creed 2
04:22 Overlord
06:47 Hunter Killer
07:47 Aquaman
10:12 Bumblebee
12:28 Alita Battle Angel
14:56 Venom





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Milorad Jovanovic
Dickered Rides
Dickered Rides 6 日 前
jay gang
jay gang 6 日 前
So I'm guessing they destroyed the whole Damn movie of transformers
bongodrumzz 7 日 前
This trailer does not do Venom justice, it's a brilliant movie
Gaming death silent gamer
the first movie trailer shld be assasins creed, not robin hood
Martin Liang
Martin Liang 8 日 前
Annekire's Web
Annekire's Web 10 日 前
well sugar???? huh subtitles pls
Lets PRAY that they don't do to Bumble Bee & the Transformers like they did to Wolverine & the X men.
What TV
What TV 12 日 前
Nice Movie clips. We remember our death. Allah is almighty for this situation.
Sourav Mondal
Sourav Mondal 12 日 前
very nice I saw venom and hunter killer.
Ramiro Ramos
Ramiro Ramos 12 日 前
Is it just me? Or did it feel outright WRONG for them to use "New Divide" in the Alita trailer? Also why does the name feel so damn familiar but yet, I don't recognize anything else about it?
Mr Shadow
Mr Shadow 14 日 前
Robin Hood would be a sick game!!!!
Christopher Quan
Christopher Quan 14 日 前
Bumblebee. I can’t wait to watch it. It looks better than a transformer movie by Michael Bay. Aquaman looks good too. Alita looks interesting as well as it kind of looks like a live action anime.
Carlos Stephen
Carlos Stephen 14 日 前
I started screaming Call of duty zombies when they started playing the overlord trailer at the movie theater. I felt so stupid when they said overlord instead of call of duty zombies at the end of the preview. People were looking
OriginalNex 15 日 前
Since when was their black people in UK? when Robin Hood was supposed to be around?
Chris Rusch
Chris Rusch 16 日 前
Idk medieval version of the amazing spider-man
John wick
John wick 16 日 前
Thy really fuked up robin hood this time
Dayga 17 日 前
I wouldn't waste my time with Robin Hood even if they threw in a free jug of buttered popcorn and all the strawberry bon bons I could eat.
Dayga 17 日 前
Damn... steroids have not been kind to Stallone. He looks like a fucking mess.
Artistica36 17 日 前
Oh yeah the Russian defence minister, a midget short hunched over ugly 2nd rate Baltic actor from who gives a fuck country like Romania or Czech republic, obviously speaking a bad... definitely not Russian accent.
Artistica36 17 日 前
Oh wow a knock off russel Crowe, knock off hunt for red October, Stephen Baldwin lol?, whole lot of army propaganda, and Russia paranoia jammed into one clusterfuck not long after trump unsuccessfully tied to to Russian interference. The left is obviously not working and isn’t pushing an agenda here. Got y’all scared.
Artistica36 17 日 前
Oh yeah because the 450 000 total allied troops won the war strolling in France... Because “merica and fuck history. Oh yeah re-write history. All of Europe and that’s like what, 12 million strong German army, mhmm. As if for the last 4 years Soviet Union was just doing notthing until one squad of Yankees show up.
Artistica36 17 日 前
Didn’t bombers and transport planes specifically have an armour plate on the cabin floor to protect from shrapnel and stuff... they get massacred.
YoutubeOverTV 18 日 前
Why white wash Gunnm if you're going to make Alita digital anyway...
Jorge L Dejesus Sanchez
Robin Hood 2018 is more crap than the BBC show,...incredible CW's Arrow do this better since 2012
Eilrahc Charlie
Eilrahc Charlie 18 日 前
With all this Trailers. I still can't see John Cena!
Travos Ymir
Travos Ymir 19 日 前
Only watch venom if you want to see a comedy.
Darrell Gilpin
Darrell Gilpin 19 日 前
Why the fuck is it Bumblebee after what 6 movies, STILL doesn't talk? That is so damn stupid. He talks all the time in the cartoon and other media. Also that Alita movie- the chick with the freaky looking eyes.
Darrell Gilpin
Darrell Gilpin 19 日 前
Wait, WTf...that was supposed to be Robin Hood...??? With the futuristic clothing...what a terrible looking movie.
Mark X
Mark X 21 日 前
Ruined robin hood💩
Alexander Sciortino
if you love movies subscribe to pewdiepie if you don't subscribe then your cursed!
Max Tech
Max Tech 23 日 前
I'M waiting for G.I.Joe 3
tom stern
tom stern 23 日 前
well sugar
TheMrFunkytoes 25 日 前
In my opinion cast of Robin Hood it's an unfortunate one. The English colonial project only really gets going in the middle of the 17th century. Black people came to England through English trade with Africa; from southern Europe, where there were black (slave) populations in Spain and Portugal. The legend of Robin Hood came to life in the second half of the 15th century, so, black people were insignificant or none! Also, hair style! As I looked at more 15th century paintings, I could see that men in general seemed to have longish hair and clean-shaven faces back then. Later on in the 16th century, men cut their hair short and grew beards. No one had a clean shave head on that time, unless you were a slave or a prisoner.
Dan Doherty
Dan Doherty 26 日 前
Predictable and horrible
Bogdan RIVAL
Bogdan RIVAL 27 日 前
Name movie?
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 27 日 前
Cool but I have to see Alita Battle Angel.
dd329167 28 日 前
I want symbiote powers😥
Jan Carlo Gianan
Jan Carlo Gianan 28 日 前
is thar sorrento? haha
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 28 日 前
Aquaman, Creed 2 and Venom are def day one "must sees" for me(Aquaman and Venom in IMAX Please and Thank You!!!😂) The rest can wait.
W J 28 日 前
Funniest full of shit Americunt propaganda film with Butler is laughable at best. If anything the US would fund the coup, destabilize the world even further and invade and murder Russia and it's Russians. Just like they murdered the Iraqis. Just like they murdered the Libyans. Just like they murdered the Ukrainians. Just like they murdered the Syrians...total crap movie.
Malice Dewon
Malice Dewon 29 日 前
Dont see why overlord isnt called call of duty completely reminds of it
Gunner 249
Gunner 249 29 日 前
What the fuck kinda Robin Hood bullshit is this?
justin g
justin g ヶ月 前
Literally looks like they made a Thief movie and then realized there wasn't a market for it, so they renamed him Robin....
Steve C
Steve C ヶ月 前
enough of the girl power movies.
El-Bash commercials
james Deer
james Deer ヶ月 前
Fuck another Drago? "If he dies, (Like his father), he dies". Alito, a white person playing a Japanese character. Mm Hm. Bumble still can't talk, and his master is a female this time.
sam newman
sam newman ヶ月 前
They Shall Not Grow Old, looks like best thing coming out anytime soon. (not on list)
AvEryBadApPLe ヶ月 前
Great another goddamn Robin Hood movie. So while Drago Jr. heads to the corner, he’s gonna slip and break his neck on a stool? Monster nazis, lol! Ooo, an aquatic wakanda. Finally, a woody allen movie about his kinky sex life, set in a not so distant future. How the FUCK can a robot be a mute?! Thanks again hollyweird. #NoSale
Azim Blues
Azim Blues ヶ月 前
Brian Miller
Brian Miller ヶ月 前
That Robin Hood looks interesting
Joann Price
Joann Price ヶ月 前
Where's Rocky...5000?
Michael Leslie
Michael Leslie ヶ月 前
jaghdish jk
jaghdish jk ヶ月 前
Aquaman will blow up like a tornodo
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan ヶ月 前
I Cant Wait for Alita
Son Goku
Son Goku ヶ月 前
Creed 2 and Aquaman mostly creed 2
Akey Ob
Akey Ob ヶ月 前
holy shit aquman is gonna be liit.
darkchronos ヶ月 前
it was realy necesary to make a cover of "what i´ve done for alita" ? too soon broh, too soon
DimWinterss sss
DimWinterss sss ヶ月 前
The Venom movie was a action rom com that revealed who your monster fucker friends are It needed to be longer and rated R cause Eddie and Venom are a thing in the comics I don't why people are mad
DimWinterss sss
DimWinterss sss ヶ月 前
How come almost every new DC movie that came out is just a live action remake!? They made an animated version of this year's ago? It's not exactly the same but I already know what's going to happen? The same thing with Batman vs. superman, I didn't see the trailer, only heard about and I knew who was going too win, only change was that Martha scene and alternate enemy sigh. I have no energy too watch any DC movies but Shazame
Greg Norman
Greg Norman ヶ月 前
Not one original idea in the entire bunch. Hollywood is dead.
Splaticus Blah
Splaticus Blah ヶ月 前
Robin Hood looks dumb as shit. Rocky? Enough already. WTFis the 3rd one? Hunter killer...Gerard Butler stop now! Aquaman looks decent. Bumblebee looks decent. Alita loos ..interesting. Venom looks as though youare going to have to strain to understand wtf Venom is saying.
Larry Vandervault
No I stand corrected all of these films look fucking shite
Larry Vandervault
Robin Hood looks fucking shite
wudi wudi
wudi wudi ヶ月 前
1st alita 2nd overload 3rd hunter killer
jess jesse
jess jesse ヶ月 前
1: wrong video title ; upcoming true of pedo- hollywood cult ! Gay-actors + gaywritters+ gay camera- man + gay- make up visagist ! Gay - dressing manager ! Pedo- cult holllywood ! Upcoming true outcoming !
Venom communist???
Frank Franco
Frank Franco ヶ月 前
ima troll you
ima troll you ヶ月 前
That looks fuking brilliant
jay Pazare
jay Pazare ヶ月 前
The 3rd movie went from 0 to 100 *fast*
JohnnyBlanco Dreher
There's a new Rambo movie coming out so I hope and pray that a new Rocky movie comes out soon. He beat cancer so he can beat the current champ, hopefully Creed. Rock should retire champ and beat Creed's ungrateful wimpy candy ass. He doesn't want to learn from the greatest boxer so let him learn the hard way by Rocky beating the shit outta him. This Rocky part 7 or 9 or 10 I don't know would be a major hit, everyone would see it.
The Seperator
The Seperator ヶ月 前
fantastic beasts?
This Marvel Avenger Hero name Hawkei Acher..
MAX X ヶ月 前
All of this movie sucks
i want to watch ALITA
Jayna Marie Arsenault
Wow all those movies look amazing damn
Jayna Marie Arsenault
Damn Robin Hood looks like assassin's Creed but whit Terran whose perfect 4 role damn sick can't wait
Freddy.nofuma Muzikayise
I'm waiting for avengers 4
Matt Lacdao
Matt Lacdao ヶ月 前
Aquaman could be the freaking Man if he was “Lobo”
Marko San
Marko San ヶ月 前
kiLLjoy24CALI ヶ月 前
Really? So you're just gonna make a CoD zombies game and act like it's something new?
Heather Contois
Heather Contois ヶ月 前
Love AC/DC in the Overlord trailer
Iwan Shah
Iwan Shah ヶ月 前
Arrow the movie
Origami Chik3n
Origami Chik3n ヶ月 前
Just curious about "Overlord" trailer. Wasn't US Army segregated during WWII? And while we are on the subject of political correctness being the only indication of a good movie... Was there a gay woman on that plane? Because if there wasn't it's a very bad movie. EDIT: "Hunter killer" stars Gerard Butler so it's a guaranteed razzie. But i would love to see Russians flip over the Americans not just saving the world, but doing it by saving their president. With, as trailer leads us to believe, just FOUR guys on the ground. For comparison, it took Sly and 5 more guys to overthrow a mere insignificant dictator.
bobeagle007 ヶ月 前
You're an idiot..
Tuan Anh Nguyen
Tuan Anh Nguyen ヶ月 前
I hope Aquaman succeed , I Love D.C
dmed ヶ月 前
Too bad Thanos didn't snap his fingers on the DC garbage.
Martin Ibbertson
Martin Ibbertson ヶ月 前
NeoRipshaft ヶ月 前
Assassin's Hood: Origins.
Torrance Harris
Torrance Harris ヶ月 前
Kevin Hart in Aquaman movie at 9:41
DivergentTuber ヶ月 前
It's yahya abdulmanteen
DivergentTuber ヶ月 前
At least I'm sure it ain't
DivergentTuber ヶ月 前
That's not Kevin hart
Captain Elusive
Captain Elusive ヶ月 前
Hmm 4 soldiers, and a bunch of nazi zombies, sounds familiar?
cyber6sapien ヶ月 前
Alita ...
luo wen gan
luo wen gan ヶ月 前
the green arrow😂
john phillips
john phillips ヶ月 前
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Matrix Man
Matrix Man ヶ月 前
And now we have another anti white Nazi style movie from Jew Jew Abrams. What’s next on the list
Matrix Man
Matrix Man ヶ月 前
So now Robin Hood is trained by a black. Next decade Robin Hood will BE black. After that King Arthur etc. the jewwwww leftist scum never stop with their assault on white culture. I’m sorry but this is a joke.
IconicName ヶ月 前
aquaman? why not ocean man???
niklebusta ヶ月 前
0:14 Julie? Seriously? Like he would naturally just say Julie to a man, and then walk over to be shot by an arrow
escarsegat ヶ月 前
did i just see eddie murphy
escarsegat ヶ月 前
transformers has become a cash grab
escarsegat ヶ月 前