Top 5 Worst Things To Get Bitten By ft. Coyote Peterson

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Can we guess which of his top 5 was the worst thing Coyote Peterson's been bitten by? GMMore #1419
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TheGamer9000 20 時間 前
I have 1 question how is coyote still alive after all of that sting and bite
GirlGamer 9000
Rhett and Link should try some puke fruit
Kitty Gacha Girl
How about a Hellgramite
unfolding slayer
Be brave... Stay wild... And we HOPE to see you on the next adventure! ;~)
PraVe 3 日 前
In Australia, We poke them with sticks, You guys in America run away.
PraVe 2 日 前
WarlordX7 but he lets wasps bite him
WarlordX7 2 日 前
he didnt run away did he now?
Kerrigan Zachry
Kerrigan Zachry 5 日 前
Coyote is so happy and adorable and he talks about five of the worst times he was attacked by potentially deadly creatures ❤️
derek mize
derek mize 5 日 前
The American gator is the most painful 😊
S. A.L.
S. A.L. 5 日 前
We stan a king
Travis Gladue
Travis Gladue 5 日 前
2:52 a glitch in coyote's eye lol
SuperSniffman 5 日 前
You guys should go on his show and do some wild things
RhettyforFun 6 日 前
Everyone should have done a fire ant sting!
Colin Vlach
Colin Vlach 6 日 前
Talking normal he sounds like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite
Cameron Bear
Cameron Bear 7 日 前
coyote is the best
Jon Tengesdal
Jon Tengesdal 7 日 前
9:16 he looks like he's about to kill someone!
Jon Tengesdal
Jon Tengesdal 7 日 前
3:22 Coyote wants nothing to do with it! his face just like🤢!
Young Dumb & Broke
I love all 3 of them 😀😀😀
Dr.B Mirza
Dr.B Mirza 7 日 前
Any URDU speakers here ? If so then that beginning bit might have been a little surprising 😂😂 Lunddd lunddd 🤣
The Satanist
The Satanist 8 日 前
5:40 As someone who works at a Panera, I'm done xD
Kitty Gamer
Kitty Gamer 8 日 前
I never thought an ant would be more painful than a freaking alligator...
Piggy Wiggy
Piggy Wiggy 9 日 前
You always should fall forward so you can do better than the rest just keep trying and thinking about it do more than you think because you will always be better than your knowledge and skills you have a challenge beat it.
Zachyboi Bennett
When two of your favorite JPvidrs are in one video Tiny muscle spasm
Deg Miller
Deg Miller 9 日 前
no warrior wasp?
your typical guinea pig fan :3
LOVE U COYOTE!!!💜❤💙💜❤💙💜❤💙💜❤💙💜❤💙💜❤💙💜💙❤
Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall 10 日 前
Coyote is like “FOR THE CHILDREN”
SnowGamingHD 11 日 前
you can handle Really much
Me,  Myself and I
Me, Myself and I 11 日 前
10:41 Just crushing my arm. Yeah its nothing serious
Helena Papaz
Helena Papaz 12 日 前
ahhhh Coyote!!!! Awesome episode!
Foggo The Clown
Foggo The Clown 12 日 前
Does any one know where I can send my potpourri to cause it negates the smell of the coyote urine. Like if you get the idubbbz reference
Crippled Kitty
Crippled Kitty 12 日 前
I wonder how Coyote would rate that Alligator Snapping Turtle bite he got compared to the Alligator.
Clash O f Clans
Clash O f Clans 12 日 前
Who here is watching after the Japenese Giant Hornet was uploaded??
Presidential Yoga
100 pounds. Lol.
bad kid
bad kid 13 日 前
That is water
The little Explorer Channel Nouran Mahmoud Ezzat
Coyte petorsen I love you
Irfan Fikri
Irfan Fikri 13 日 前
In Malaysia, the word "Gila" means crazy in english.
Caden Korzan
Caden Korzan 14 日 前
who else got the order all right
Da mamoot tacos
Da mamoot tacos 13 日 前
it was easy
Aven Duncan
Aven Duncan 14 日 前
I want to meet Coyote so badly! As a person with fibromialgia I was sympathizing with him about the pain only i have never been stung or bitten by any of these creatures
Komal Salve
Komal Salve 14 日 前
pincer is pronounced as pinser, never pincher. it's not tomato-tomaahto. one is wrong and one is right
Netflix Man
Netflix Man 15 日 前
If you put coyote urine in your yard not only will it keep animals out of your yard it will keep you out from your yard and the door to go into your yard either it’s through a gate or through a door of your house.
Dru Beardslee
Dru Beardslee 15 日 前
I love the empathy Link shows for Coyote 💚💚 You can tell he genuinely hurts for Coyote lol
Matt McDermott
Matt McDermott 15 日 前
Coyote is great
M.J.W wes
M.J.W wes 15 日 前
(Rhetts face) 14:11 when hes explaining 8hr of pain.... Then they hug
Eric Vasquez
Eric Vasquez 15 日 前
Why does coyote look so small?🤣
Kyle S.
Kyle S. 16 日 前
What happened to Link's right eye at 13:21?
Titus Mccarter
Titus Mccarter 16 日 前
Grrrr I’m a alligator
Titus Mccarter
Titus Mccarter 16 日 前
Grrrr if you are a fellow alligator
Jill Lee
Jill Lee 17 日 前
Pause at 7:10 and look at coyote
jjang jjang man boong boong
14:15 AWWWWWW😂💗💗💗
this was before the japanese giant and the executioner wasps......... LOL
Speedy Plays
Speedy Plays 17 日 前
My school got infested with tarantula hawk wasps, bad year.
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza 17 日 前
00:04 LUND? 😧
Jake 18 日 前
executioner wasp
seth de vleeschouwer
10:35 "Just crushing my arm" very normal...
Nick Gadsin
Nick Gadsin 18 日 前
Coyote: "I've got a squeamish stomach. I will throw up on the stage" Says the guy who handled multiples types of animal feces with his bare hands XD
MyBrotherIs ATwig
Coyote:sniffs coyote urine Me:wat Coyote: guys I will throw up on the stage Me:????? Me:lol wat????? 3:53
Gabby Metcalfe
Gabby Metcalfe 18 日 前
tarantula wasp? aw hell no
carol cats
carol cats 18 日 前
can coyote plz come back another time
Grace Sellars
Grace Sellars 19 日 前
Ling is so empathetic like I feel bad for him too 😖
Jamari Young
Jamari Young 19 日 前
It’s so funny when link always holds the trash can in front of him like if you do
John 19 日 前
Close your eyes...coyote sounds like a smart Charlie from its always sunny lol
Matthew Guerrero
Matthew Guerrero 19 日 前
some of us like to learn or like me just like to see ppl in pain
Hezha Argoshy
Hezha Argoshy 19 日 前
Its v it was correct
roblox noob
roblox noob 19 日 前
I think bullet ant:2 giant desert centipede:1 tarantula hawk:4 gila:3 american alligator:5
Crackerz GD
Crackerz GD 20 日 前
*I’ll drink it as well*
iSuckXD 20 日 前
I’m about to spill some coyote urine on my neighbors front porch now...
Janice Ford
Janice Ford 20 日 前
Oh sorry it was gila monster
It's JohnCena
It's JohnCena 20 日 前
D I D I T G E T Y O U ?
amanda veale
amanda veale 20 日 前
Mr Floop
Mr Floop 20 日 前
In my country Gila means Crazy Gila = Crazy
I See YOU 20 日 前
Lol link is still a perfectionist even with guests 😂😂😂😂
Attila Toth
Attila Toth 21 日 前
i can smell it from here and i live in taz
Reianna the cat lover
The middle Guyana the cowboy hat sounds like jacksepticeye
Victor The Pickle
"I'll sniff it as well" "ILL DRINK IT AS WELL"
Adyson Mitchell
Adyson Mitchell 21 日 前
It was so cute when Link was like *”Can I give you a hug?”*
corey rork
corey rork 22 日 前
what would happen if the centipede bit your nuts
VenomousPit 21
VenomousPit 21 22 日 前
...is it weird that I now feel the need to sniff coyote piss myself?
james bond
james bond 22 日 前
Coyote Peterson must go through to the doctors ALOT
Cat Lover
Cat Lover 22 日 前
10:33 "yea just crushing my arm, y'know" 😂😂
Makayla Mayes
Makayla Mayes 22 日 前
Oh geez
Clandestine Espionage
Michaela North
Michaela North 22 日 前
Lazlow Rave
Lazlow Rave 22 日 前
Link is having such a hard time.
Matrix Black
Matrix Black 22 日 前
Fools! Don't fall for his act! These injuries only make him stronger! He's an elite Saiyan warrior building up an immunity to both pain and venom! Soon he'll be nigh on invincible!
Moony 23 日 前
i got bit by the most dangerous animal ever, a dog.
ze crack Hole
ze crack Hole 23 日 前
And I thought my pee smelt bad
nikki mckenzie
nikki mckenzie 23 日 前
Who thought it was coyote Peterson’s yourine at first
Junior the God
Junior the God 23 日 前
Dont you ever feel like when You see a good comment with a lot of likes you wish you commented that
Anubis Awaits
Anubis Awaits 23 日 前
Guys-I-I just have to make this video right.... Make it the way it's supposed to be, it my OCD.
tou xiong
tou xiong 23 日 前
"Can I give you a hug?" Reit is like, What is going on here? lol
Fennec IsMe
Fennec IsMe 24 日 前
“I’ll drink it as well!” “Oh wait, no!” - Coyote Peterson November 9, 2018
Cecilia Bleyer
Cecilia Bleyer 24 日 前
"Can I give you a hug?"
Michael Buechner
Michael Buechner 24 日 前
Well that's why nobody invades a coyotes territory
Sky Sinclair
Sky Sinclair 24 日 前
Laney Wafer
Laney Wafer 24 日 前
Coyote reminds me of a boy in a grade lower than me and also my old band director
NJ Monster
NJ Monster 24 日 前
Am I the only one that realized the mountains on the bottom of the cards are lined up before he tells them the right answers 🤔🤔
team lycanroc
team lycanroc 25 日 前
Tecinaly if u think about it you only got one right
Tamerlan Belyalov
What about the giant water bug
And I thaught that my 7 toed cat was painfull...
Gila monster _above_ the first insect to make you cry and send you to the hospital??
Alex Bailey
Alex Bailey 25 日 前
I ship link and coyote
MEATING a Cheetah!
7 ヶ月 前
Friending a Fox!
5 ヶ月 前