Top 25 1980s Arcade Games

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The 1980s was the height of the arcade gaming industry and featured some amazing games including Outrun, Bubble Bobble, Rampage any many more. Why not tell me your favourite arcade games in the comments section below and please like and subscribe as there will be plenty more gaming countdowns on the way.










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fxleloup 10 分 前
no Street Fighter 2 ...
Just a speck in the universe
3:32 a Marlboro bilboard lol
SoundsOfSushi 7 時間 前
Bubble Bobble is still my favorite arcade game of all time. Close second would be Street Fighter 2.
yeyo1990 8 時間 前
No Cobra Command? fail.
Jobcompany Group
Jobcompany Group 10 時間 前
Sweet feeling of Nostalgia
Alinaki Selbes
anass mouradi
please help me to find the name of a game : a red car who was chased by helicopters and police and stuf.the game begin with a building explosion and it come out from it and you bigin to play.i remember the last boss was a big plane who throw bombs on an ice road.excuse my bad english
naseer iqbal
naseer iqbal 2 日 前
Why Time pilot moon petrol and relay x are not on the list??
Sebastian Morales
Que emulador abre estos juegos
Terry Switzer
Terry Switzer 2 日 前
Ms. Pac-man is way better than Pac-man and should have been number 1.
link curry
link curry 3 日 前
Wonder if someone can help me. I played a game in the 80's that I loved but can't remember the name of it. All I remember is that it had arrows being shot from left to right and I had to jump over them. I am pretty sure there were castles that I was climbing. For some reason, I think the word "Hunchback" is in the title but I could be completely wrong about that. I know it is not much to go on but if you know the name, I would be very happy. Thanks.
manadio 3 日 前
Snow bros? Tumblepop?
David Needle
David Needle 3 日 前
Or moon cresta
David Needle
David Needle 3 日 前
No rastan
WESKER 3 日 前
Puro juego feo
All games to fight and compete.🤮
neil walker
neil walker 3 日 前
Bubble bobble and outrun ♥️
indigo_blue 4 日 前
ikari warriors ???
ericthedread1 4 日 前
spent many an hour playing bubble bobble. Gauntlet only honourable mention?? No Mr Heli or Gun smoke
E85STI 4 日 前
19:20 thats a textbook body slam that form though with the body weight evenly distributed over the shoulders and the toes.
Arcangel Geminiani
Colin David
Colin David 4 日 前
great list, but I would rate Bubble Bobble as Number 1 here!
xxwhatevahxx 5 日 前
Jhonatan Flores
Jhonatan Flores 5 日 前
You forgot Devastators, Vanguard, Gorf etc ...
Coleen Farris
Coleen Farris 5 日 前
Double Dragon is number one in my opinion👍😎
Horst Schniederpelz
Thanx for the List, but from Point of view there arme a lot missing
MV_ 23
MV_ 23 5 日 前
What about Championship manager 2002/2003 ? That was a great game!
Nick Ricci
Nick Ricci 8 時間 前
Championship manager wasn’t an arcade game mv_23
Arek A
Arek A 5 日 前
this isnt ghost and goblins from 1988 its likely super nintendo remake...
Ass Burgers
Ass Burgers 6 日 前
20:28 They totally ripped that sound effect off from the film An American Werewolf In London.
Scott Reeve
Scott Reeve 6 日 前
Anybody remember playing Pitfall?
The Buddy Christ
That was never in arcades. That started on the 2600
Bryan M
Bryan M 6 日 前
Miss this as a kid. Going to the arcade with bucket do quarters. Those were the days
Toni Martin Chicharro
(Xain'd Sleena,Rygar,Green Beret)
Waltz Ng
Waltz Ng 6 日 前
What about Street Fighter?
Juanito Gaymer Xd
Where is Tetris
Thabo Mboneni
Thabo Mboneni 6 日 前
I think another aspect that made these arcade games great was the live social interaction aspect
Leroyrs 7 日 前
My all-time favorite is Out Run by Sega.
Kingdra321 6 日 前
Mine too. :D Thats the only reason why I clicked on this video because it was the thumbnail. LOL
Rogério Silva
Rogério Silva 7 日 前
Other titles that made lots of success among me and my friends in Lisbon: Pong, Phoenix, 1942, Tetris, Enduro Racer, Kung Fu Master, Pinball Action etc.
Sit 7 日 前
Great memory comes back with nostagy, thanks :)
Ник 116 rus
Ник 116 rus 7 日 前
Tango Charlie
Tango Charlie 8 日 前
Frver Fred
Frver Fred 8 日 前
6:02 Boss Cartman
Capt Jebus
Capt Jebus 8 日 前
Nearly half of these i used to play on the Commodore 64
The Buddy Christ
Same here, and for me, a good portion of them on the VIC-20 as well
Juvee UptownDC
Juvee UptownDC 8 日 前
I had majority of these games on nes...boy was those the good old days
Juvee UptownDC
Juvee UptownDC 8 日 前
How does double dribble or wrestlemania not make the list
진준수 8 日 前
paper airplane
paper airplane 9 日 前
David Herrera
David Herrera 9 日 前
Why is Mappy not in the list? In my opinion, Mappy should've been #1 in this list. Also, seriously? Pacman as #1? Out of all the 1980's Arcade games, Pacman is the least I enjoy. I mean Pacman is not a bad game, but it's not that great either. It's waaayyy overrated. Mappy is waaayyy better than Dig Dug and Pacman combined.
Dave S.
Dave S. 9 日 前
1 Ms Pacman 2. Space Invaders 3 Pole Position 4 Missile Command 5 Donkey Kong
David Herrera
David Herrera 9 日 前
@Dave S. Cool, after you play it one of these days, feel free to let me know what you think of it.
Dave S.
Dave S. 9 日 前
@David Herrera I'll keep an eye out for it
David Herrera
David Herrera 9 日 前
@Dave S. Then you should definitely try it out one of these days. It's a really great game. What the game is about is you're a police mouse(Named Mappy), and you have to get all the stolen items from the cat burglers name the Meowky gang. You jump on trampolines to go to any platform you want to get the stolen items. The cats chase you like the ghosts from Pacman, and you can attack them back with slamming them with doors. Think of Mappy kind of like a platforming version of Pacman but with lot of fun trampolines and variety of ways to attack at enemies. That's Mappy for you :) It's a really great game that didn't get the recognition it deserves. It's a hit in Japan, but somehow didn't get the popularity in U.S and Europe. Mappy has been ported to numerous consoles and handhelds like the Wii, Xbox 360, DS, PSP, PS 2 by numerous of Namco Museum collections.
Dave S.
Dave S. 9 日 前
@David Herrera I don't think I ever played that one
David Herrera
David Herrera 9 日 前
These games are pretty good, but Mappy by Namco is the best Arcade game ever.
Peter Judd
Peter Judd 9 日 前
I agree with and called some of those, outrun, turtles, r-type, bubble bobble, space harrier, pacman and a few others, but come on, the original Wonder Boy was far greater than some on the list and way better than wonder boy in monster world that was an honourable mention! Also Spy Hunter and Dragons Lair should have been in the top 25. I'd never even heard of some of those other games and I pretty much lived in the arcades in the 80's.
Claudio Lisco
Claudio Lisco 9 日 前
number 11 is shinobi
Frank Cacioppo
Frank Cacioppo 10 日 前
Don’t agree with this list, missing quite a few games -tapper, jungle hunt, spy hunter, asteroids etc..
The Buddy Christ
Asteroids came out in 1977. So it's NOT a 1980's game
The collector
The collector 7 日 前
Frank Cacioppo Asteroids was seventies I think.
victor gil usanos
great video!!!
Christofer Pendeggia
Ma sunset riders? Era bellissimo. Che ricordi con il mio sega master system 2 plus😎
Ikhmal Pratama
Ikhmal Pratama 10 日 前
Andy Leininger
Andy Leininger 11 日 前
Gotta say I think this was a bad list!
Randy Gray
Randy Gray 11 日 前
What was that old black screen lined arcade game with the Stupid basketball, that ALWAYS killed you as you fought men and/or robots!
Michael Geiser
Michael Geiser 7 日 前
Brian Elliott
Brian Elliott 12 日 前
I always like that game Commando. That was a fun game. Super Off Road, very addicting game. One quarter could last a long time
Hue Norton
Hue Norton 8 日 前
Commando! Oh God, yes. I played that so much I was afraid for a while that it had permanently crippled my right index finger. I was an Air Force weather observer at the time and lived about an hour from the station so I’d leave early [didn’t ever want to be late in AF] then I’d chill out in the terminal until it was time to get to work. Then one day this Commando game was set up there. I started playing it just to kill time before work. I soon got so good at it, though, that I began to arrive even earlier just to play Commando and always had to leave it with a bunch of extra lives, rush to the station and get to work. Wasn’t long and a bunch of the on-base kids caught on to my routine and would hang around in the terminal like vultures to finish off my game as soon as I left. It always made my day to leave them as many free games as I possibly could - then to come back the next day and beat the living hell out of any score they may have managed to get onto the scoreboard and crush their tender egos. Ahhh, yes, it was a wonderful win/win relationship we had. Lol.
João Luis Bugalho junior
Wow Fantasy Zone in 3:05 have a music similar as Doom 2 Plutonia.
Ok shadow dancer is my FAVORITE CHILD HOOD 😍😍😍😍😍 OMG I miss playing that every Saturday evening in my arcade days
Putu Weda Santika
I also remember NES game which gameplay is like Space Harrier, but the player is instead a girl and there are 6 stages.
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