Top 10 Games MISSING on the NES Classic

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Top 10 Games MISSING on the NES Classic
The NES is by far my most favorite video game console of all time, so of course the NES Classic Edition is my favorite mini retro console . Most of the games included are NES gold, but today I'm gonna give you my Top 10 missing games from the classic edition.
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OBOY 3 日 前
Just hack the fucking thing
Eugene Hicks
Eugene Hicks 4 日 前
Kung Fu and Spy Hunter!
Greg M
Greg M 4 日 前
I like Balloon Fight
TBgfys Fddtec.
TBgfys Fddtec. 5 日 前
You know your games.
Richard Minielly
Metal Gear
d wayne
d wayne 5 日 前
DuckTales Adventure Island 2 Metal Gear
Duyahn Walker
Duyahn Walker 6 日 前
I think double dribble should have been included.
Dan Currie
Dan Currie 6 日 前
Quite how Kung Fu didn’t make it onto the Classic, I’ll never know...
Brent Rusche
Brent Rusche 6 日 前
NES Pro Wrestling, Rad Racer, Contra, Rygar & RC Pro AM...couldn't agree more! More glaring omissions (IMO): Commando Bionic Commando Trojan Blades Of Steel NES Kung Fu
werehold 7 日 前
Contra wasn’t included due to a clerical error. Konami has a whole list they were planning to allow Nintendo to use on the classic mini, but someone missed some check boxes. It is seriously that simple, and very sad. Thank you Hakchi!!!
We can still get these games in the nes classic using hatchki I do not know how to pronounce it
Bill Williamson
Bill Williamson 8 日 前
Linux Overdose
Linux Overdose 8 日 前
How about Battletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team it's really fun to play. Blaster Master my all time favorite NES game. And I really enjoy Rolling Thunder as well. I would at least include these as well.
alex gutierrez
alex gutierrez 9 日 前
Not one sports game did you mention. The classic NES Baseball is missing and Double Dribble! SMH
Ozzy morrison
Ozzy morrison 10 日 前
Ballon fight is awesome.
mst3k54 10 日 前
How great would it have been if they let you pick which titles you got on your classic when you ordered it?!
Knut Hansen
Knut Hansen 10 日 前
codecaine 11 日 前
They should have just put every nes game on there. It does not take much space.
robhulson 11 日 前
Jackal. Three words for you: Hackchi + No-Intro NES. You’re welcome.
Shockz 4 日 前
That's 4, even with the hyphen. Still one of my fav NES games
Đorđe Topalović
Paperboy is shit you need to watch avgn
areloTET 13 日 前
How about Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels
Roel ter Haar
Roel ter Haar 14 日 前
You can add all the games you like to the console. Just google how to do it. It was very easy. 800+ games
adultmoshifan87 15 日 前
I would like to see a new version of the NES Classic Edition at a later date, with a different game lineup and the audio lag issue fixed!
Robert Martin
Robert Martin 16 日 前
9 out 10
Joshua Sherrer
Joshua Sherrer 16 日 前
I agree up until you get to Castlevania 2. Yes it was a weak game but it also introduced things that would be in later CV games. Different weapons, an open world, character interactions and the iconic Bloody Tears track would all show back up in the 'Metroidvania' style of games in some form. Like it or not CV 2 planted some seeds that would define the series in later years.
Justin Parkes
Justin Parkes 18 日 前
Me I really would have chosen River City Ransom why because it's the best baby woo hoo oh yeah sweetness of that game cannot be beat I would think so for sure that game got a future here wow what do you think how about that one for instance I mean that is to say that game is exactly what I would like to play on the NES Classic Edition for sure yes I am for real dudes and dudettes haha. 😀😍🤓😎
bluestang302 15 日 前
River City Ransom is a stone-cold classic. Its basically an RPG fighting game. Waaay ahead of its time.
Aaron Pangallo
Aaron Pangallo 20 日 前
Kung fu
Wolfy 23 日 前
Nipsey Eternal
Nipsey Eternal 24 日 前
Rc pro am Castlevania had multiple ending with one being black and white Rygar agreed.. Skate or die Track and field
Kevin Polus
Kevin Polus 25 日 前
Wizards and warriors! Countless hours lost playing that game. I don't agree with castlevania 2 being a bad game though. It seemed to be the gateway to sotn. I loved c2 when it came out all those years ago.
Joseph Ebert
Joseph Ebert ヶ月 前
Wow! I would have picked the same games. I loved wizards and warriors
Ali Cat
Ali Cat ヶ月 前
Thank you for including Wizards & Warriors! That was one of my favorite/frustrating games. 🎮
Matt Mccaslin
Matt Mccaslin ヶ月 前
Kung fu. Anyone?
Den Dore
Den Dore ヶ月 前
What about double dribble or ring king, this system is lacking in so many ways it’s sad. Even teenage mutant ninja turtles was fun as hell also. Blades of steel is missing also
yadro ヶ月 前
Ducktales should be on the list
Jeremy Letourneau
I agree with all except Dr. Mario. I love it
Igor Krajina
Igor Krajina ヶ月 前
it takes couple of minutes to dl 700 nes games so...
Rrmarcon ヶ月 前
Ducktales, Nemo Dreamaste,
Katam Karthik
Katam Karthik ヶ月 前
Tmnt 2 and 3 life force original contra Mega Man 3 should included on the nes classic
Inujosha ヶ月 前
Though I disagree with you about doctor Mario, am I the only one that though snow brothers should have been on there?
Inujosha ヶ月 前
Also, I know this isn't related to the list, but remember when the wimpiest kid in school that always got bullied would suddenly become the school hero the day he showed up to school with a printed list of all of the mortal kombat fatalities?
Inujosha ヶ月 前
Great list my friend. You keep keep on turning out great content after great content!
Derek Gabrys
Derek Gabrys ヶ月 前
I agree with most of these...30 games wasn't enough and there was too much redundancy for only including 30 games. I would have only included Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and added Millipede instead of Galaga for arcade games. Kung Fu would have been a great addition and I strongly agree with Paperboy and Pro Wrestling and at least one of the racing games mentioned. I think 50 games would have been more reasonable for a system that had upwards of a thousand title library. Or add an online store to buy additional games.
rumble fish
rumble fish ヶ月 前
you just don't get dr. mario
harry peli
harry peli ヶ月 前
I think we all have games that we loved and think are classics for whatever reason, sometimes just being the games we actually had access to.
Laurent Quintana
Laurent Quintana ヶ月 前
THE GOONIES 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laurent Quintana
Laurent Quintana ヶ月 前
Ok with you as far as RC pro am is concerned but don't you think that Iron Man super off road would have been even better? Is the first Megaman excluded too? and one of my faves was LIFE FORCE, such a shame it is not here!
Hugo van Harten
Hugo van Harten ヶ月 前
I just want ducktales and duck hunt. No joke. I just realized they are both about ducks. *ducks rule the NES*
Jack M
Jack M ヶ月 前
i was really expecting tetris to be #1. i also expected to see marble madness on the list.
Antonio R R Corrêa
Battletoads is so f... difficult, but one of the funniest released for NES.
Antonio R R Corrêa
Maybe these and other games were left off due to copyright issues.
Dr Jekyll & mr Hyde ;)
Tony Rodrigues
Tony Rodrigues ヶ月 前
Should've had strider on the nes classic
Tony Rodrigues
Tony Rodrigues ヶ月 前
Nothing wrong with dr mario
richard hare
richard hare ヶ月 前
I would like to try your list. My list to drop Dr Mario excite bike Mario Bros Castlevania II balloon fight. My list to put in Castlevania III Burger time Tetris Solomon's key RC Pro-Am. I loved how you could save on Castlevania III and the way you described it. What do you think about the list to put in?
Zero One
Zero One ヶ月 前
Nintendo Cartooner 2
Love your videos!! But I do disagree with most of these. Sports is just not my genre. Not that as a marketer I wouldn’t include them. But those first few you mentioned.. too many sports games. I’m down for Rad Racer though.. with 3D glasses!! Let’s replace Excite Bike with that! Contra should have definitely been on there. I was shocked it wasn’t. I’m in disagreement about the Arcade games-I’m glad they’re on there. Wizards and Warriors and Castlevania III would have been great additions-I wish. What’d I miss?? Anyway.. great video nonetheless =) None of this really matters tho, as I hack my Minis with not just the games I want, but hundreds of games! =) =)
jim raatz
jim raatz ヶ月 前
Njmbers 9,7 and als 5... you biffed it... but damn... rad racer? Super iconic enough said, contra? Yes for sure !!! How did they miss these 2?
oriondx72 ヶ月 前
Tag team wrestling love that game!
MrWillo79 ヶ月 前
Battletoads Bwahahahaha
Top 10 NES Games
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