Tom Brady on what’s next after giving 32 yrs to football, talks future as FOX analyst | THE HERD 

The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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Tom Brady, legendary NFL quarterback, joins Colin Cowherd just days after announcing his retirement to talk the future of his career. Brady tells Colin a little about his mindset on the day he filmed his retirement announcement, and whether there's even the slightest chance he may return to the NFL. He also looks back on some of his greatest achievements, and tells what fueled him to perform at the high level he has for so long. Plus, Brady is looking forward to switching gears, off the field and behind a Fox Sports desk, as he shares his excitement with Colin to be moving into an analyst role in the Fall of 2024.
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Tom Brady on what’s next after giving 32 yrs to football, talks future as Fox analyst | THE HERD
• Tom Brady on what’s ne...
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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Didn't you just call mahomes the goat like 3 days ago? Now Brady is the goat again? Weird....
@taz19741974 年 前
his house interior in the background is really boring. couldn't he hang up a Payton manning jersey? or Eli Manning jersey? some sort of sports memorabilia
Brady actually goes in this show? Yuck
@@taz19741974 zzz
@difleog6849 年 前
Colin does such a good job about asking the hard hitting questions in such a light hearted way. Killer interview 🔥
@Input1914 年 前
And Brady does a good job of NOT answering them
I think that’s his gift. A lot of his takes and picks are bad and off, and he flip flops but he’s a fantastic interviewer. If I start one of his I always finish it.
@@Input1914 *not answering them
I’ve grown to like Colin Cowherd. I enjoy his takes and he’s pleasant doing so.
@@michaellalli7693 there’s a reason he’s been there for so long.
@hugh-jasole 年 前
Skip Bayless is screaming into a pillow right now that he didnt get this interview 😂
Tom would never agree to an interview with Skip. He dislikes him
@heybro6105 年 前
Skip is an unhinged sociopath.
Skip’s not an interviewer. He’s a yeller.
@RonJP-pm7jp 年 前
It’s coming.
@CharlieBam 年 前
Is this the first time Brady was on a show like this? I've never seen him do this. Colin got the big scoop 💪
He was on Howard Stern after he left the Patriots.
@eile4219 年 前
i think he was another show similar to this very Monday with Larry fitzgerald
@@eile4219 yeah it’s his show. Tom, Larry and Grey each Monday
@rxtsec1 年 前
The show with Larry Fitzgerald is also technically his show
yes, but now that he's with fox can't wait to see him with skip and Shannon
He looks happy and healthy. Total opposite of the presser after the 11 day hiatus in training camp.
Definitely healthy and is eating
That divorce took it's toll.
He can't go through a whole new season without his number one supporter and emotional coach: Gisele. He called her his good witch because she could see things he couldn't. If only he hadnt broken so many promises. She was trying to save his life/retirement - if he got concussed badly or broken spine who knows what his future would be like. And he could also never be the father he should be.
@happyjemini 年 前
@@whitewindbluehand Lmfao go touch grass. Talking like you live in their house. If she cared about her family she wouldn't have divorced her husband and been on dates two weeks later. That's it. Marriage is meaningless nowadays. Crying because her 46 year old husband had a job. Welcome to the reality of a normal persons life. Some people never get to "retire". They die working. For pennies on the dollar.
@@whitewindbluehand He'll get past it.
Even in retirement, he's so incredibly humble. His drive & pursuit of greatness is like no one ever. He'll smash whatever he does because of his mindset.
Tom is just a great guy.....
@m42037 年 前
He didn't say 100% no I'm not coming back 🤨
@@m42037 lol
Nothing but respect for him
@adelkassem9226 11 ヶ月 前
TB is such a great genuine humble guy and Im A CHIEFS die hard fan
@cfin3897 年 前
Man was my favorite player for most of my life. I’ll miss you Tom Brady. Thanks for the memories.
@Alex-sf9bo 年 前
Doug Pederson > belichick
@@Alex-sf9bo so Brady carried ?
@C Fin I'm 23 yrs old. I was born 3 months before Brady was drafted. I don't know the NFL without Tom. It'll be weird watching it, I'm gonna miss my favorite player too.
@@terrancehowell7888 I spent 20 yrs cheering against Brady saying he was a system qb while thinking Bill was a genius...all the data is in. Yes, Brady carried Bill.
Idk why. Nothing special about him
@ttravis10 年 前
Colin has waited his whole life for this lmao.
It’s definitely an honor to interview 12 tbh
@Chiefqueef- 年 前
This is Colin’s Super Bowl
@Alex-sf9bo 年 前
Doug Pederson > belichick .
@edfa3706 年 前
@@GreenlightBze why? Tom goes on just about every major sports talk show. Lol
@@edfa3706 no he doesnt . Maybe some of his regular radio shows but not tv always
He could so easily mail-in working for FOX, yet as Brady always does he's gonna take his time to learn the craft & become great at it. So much respect for him.
And the analyst role isn't as easy as it seems. Yeah talking football is easy but there's much more research and stuff like that you have to do the night before.
@happyjemini 年 前
@@SamuelDuplessis12 Yea, Brady knows very little about prepping for upcoming games.
@@happyjemini Brady knows a shitton how to do it obviously but I mean he's not preparing to play against those teams, he'll be explaining it which means he's gotta declutter all the biases he has towards the Pats and Bucs. Which is why he's not starting immediately. And he's gotta get rid of the mindset of being an individual player cause he's going to be talking about not just specifically the QBs , he's gonna be talking about multiple players and storylines as a whole.
Half your comment is assuming too much as if the Buccaneers and Patriots would influence his analysis of a game.
@@SamuelDuplessis12 Football analyst doesn't seem easy at all lol. That's a tough gig.
Cowherd is a great interviewer. He has a way of putting the important questions across to without seeming like he’s attacking. If he doesn’t get the answer he’s looking forward he moves on. Fantastic interview.
True and he still goes there, just gives respect
@AD-im5to 年 前
Much respect to Colin . One of the best in the sports media
Holy cow! Tom Brady on the Herd! Epic.
@Alex-sf9bo 年 前
Doug Pederson > belichick .
@Supremucy 年 前
@@Alex-sf9bo 6 > 1
@@Supremucy as a Charger fan: 0 = 0… hope we get at least 1 before my time…
@clayne10 年 前
*contractual obligation 😆 🤣 😂
@@Shiba_Inu_Deskeep that QB and you will be contenders for years
Colin is such a good interviewer. Happy for Tom and cool to hear him sound relaxed
This is big time. This is why Colin is the best in the business
@OVOChatgpt 年 前
Relationships matter, colin preaches this
Facts man i was blown away by how great this was
@ouououou12 年 前
The best and most thoughtful interviewer, interviewing the best that ever played the game. What a treat.
@Alex-sf9bo 年 前
Doug Pederson > belichick
User: that you Doug?
@alex__2265 年 前
I have no doubt Brady will absolutely smash it for FOX solely because of his work ethic & willingness to learn. What a treat it'll be when he finally does step into the booth/studio.
Tom Brady is the reason I started watching football. I was inspired by his greatness. Not sure if I'll watch much anymore. He will be missed.
Same here! Only reason I'll watch is because he'll be commentating lol
Finally Brady on the Herd.
@Alex-sf9bo 年 前
Doug Pederson > belichick ..
@12gark 年 前
We got Mahomes on FTF and Brady on the Herd, blessed week
@@12gark Skip had mahomes but never Brady whom he prays too
Thank you, Thomas Brady. As a PatFan since the beginning, 1960, you gave me an incredible ride. Can't thank you enough. Best of luck in future endeavors.
@Lzarrow23 年 前
The herd gets Brady, First things first got Patrick. Undisputed punching the air rn.
Skip was right about hurts all along so I wouldn’t be surprised if # 2 comes on undisputed
@johngalt60 年 前
Colin had Mahomes on before he was drafted.
@@GreenlightBze hurts ain’t patrick or brady lol
Pat McAfee has Aaron Rodgers
Patrick has been on undisputed and I’m sure Tom will be on there very soon
Tom is so humble he chose to retire when it doesn't overshadow others. In my opinion that's his best quality and probably what made him into the greatest QB, he never was arrogant enough to not work harder.
I love Tom so much 🥹 no player has ever loved football more than this man. The game, the team, the meetings, everything. Congratulations on the greatest career in football history Tommy ❤️
@moheganson 年 前
The Ultimate Underdog Sports Story. Rags to Riches. King Brady. Unreal.
Watching Sunday night sport center won’t be the same without the Tom Brady highlights. Mans been playing for most of my life gonna miss him.
@Il_Dutur 年 前
When Colin asked if there's a 1% chance of coming back, he took some time before the answer... But, I have to admit, this time it's true for real. I'll miss you, Tom. Thank you for everything you've done.❤️
@pheynx7573 年 前
He didn't say no.
@ReneParada 年 前
It is the safest answer. He might be called upon and he can't or will not say no then.
@@pheynx7573 Romo stayed retired but he wouldn’t close door either
He will most likely be back, why do I say that we'll 1 there is a team in Cali that all they need is a qb to manage the game... If San Francisco don't resign Jimmy g. Then it's a sure bet Brady will be there! That is.the most complete team and Brady don't have to be great to win with that team just needs to be a game.manager, and he has someone that can carry a lot of the weight with Christian McCaffery. Just don't see him retiring with a loss in the 1st round of the playoffs... He shouldn't be throwing the ball 50× a game like Tampa was doing... Just it be one thing if he was a complete bum and the team didn't make the playoffs.. we will know the real answer soon enough.... it won't be in a month like he did last year, probably around late April early March, when Sf needs to decide on Jimmy and if he becomes a free agent I would almost guarantee Brady joins sf! He might join raiders also but less likely, he wanted to go there before joining the bucs and he still is just good enough to get that sf team back to the super bowl!
@Il_Dutur 年 前
@@zachhuff2228 I apologize for the late answer, Zach. I have to say, in a corner of my head I thought exactly the same. 49ers are a complete team, and Tom is far away from being washed up. Plus, he's from San Mateo. I'm cheering for this to happen.
Love you Tom!! Thanks for coming to Tampa and making it the greatest 3 seasons as a Bucs fan of my entire life! Grew up in Tampa and became a fan at about 12 and been a diehard ever since. 35 now but the last 3 seasons were epic!!
@Isaac-qe2in 年 前
Just heard some encouraging news- Biden promises to replace retiring qb Tom Brady with a trans-woman of color! Possibly even an illegal migrant🤞
@Alex-sf9bo 年 前
Doug Pederson > belichick
Bucs suck
You got a 1/7th sliver of what us Pats fans experienced, and it was epic, which makes his total career mind boggling.
@@scottstewart5784yup he took the patriots out of obscurity some people never live to see their team win the championship
Tom’s face looks better than the gaunt look during the season. I think he’s rested and healthy. I’m 72 and have lived in Boston since 1968. I can tell you until Tom, the Patriots were second fiddle to the Red Sox, even more attention was paid to the Celtics and Bruins. Tom single handedly make Boston (and New England) a football Town. Thanks for the memories, Tom!
Awesome Interview Uncle Colin!! Thank you Tommy for showing us that Heart and Passion can’t be measured!!
That's right 👍💯🙋‍♀️
@Adam-zy9fv 年 前
dang im gonna miss him. Football will never be the same. Thanks for all the memories, 12
Ratings for next year will slightly dip
Love Brady interviews, but loved him more on the football field :(
One minute in and we know why Fox paid TB12 for his analysis. Brady will be invaluable in describing the smallest thing to an ever hungry NFL audience. There is an honesty that just comes across. The young fans who are interested in learning and playing football will be getting it every Sunday from the GOATs mouth.
@pcol2915 年 前
I could listen to these two talk for hours.
So humble. Not to mention his smile and that face structure!
@DRAMz-re7oo 年 前
Dude literally says all the right things all the time. Guy is really genuine you can tell
@JoePro1243 年 前
Something tells me he might have a harder time in media than people assume
Love him or hate him, you always have to admire how well spoken Tom has been his whole career. Being a 23 year old lifelong pats fan Thankyou for everything Tom. The best ever
Didn't expect to see Brady on here. Absolutely legend. Goat. I'll miss seeing him in the Super Bowl.
He is such a good guy. His heart is set on broadcasting and family! 🎉
Such an amazing human being. Bless to have been alive to experience his greatnesses.
@jack7240 年 前
He is finally on the show … I can’t believe it. Love you Tom Nice Job Colin.
So many great comebacks brady I'm in RI and been a fan the hole time god thank you for everything you've done man it's been awesome
Total class act. Tom turned my hometown of Boston into a "winner" mentality. TY TB-12. For everything. Great memories.
Football won’t be the same without him! 🐐
Brady is such and inspiration. I don't know how people hate this man.
This is a nice catch for Cowherd.
@jenndavin 年 前
If he sticks with it, Brady will be a great broadcaster. Look out, Romo.
Goat !!!! Great interview Colin
it truly is amazing to listen to Tom talk. he really is extremely humble and definitely appreciates all of the people and teammates he had the ability to play with through the years. He definitely was the best ever and I look forward to watching him in media going forward. I also love the shout out to Kevin and Greg and the fox crew. You can definitely tell he has a lot of respect for them as well as Colin. Tom is truly a great person and will succeed. I also heard someone mention on another show that it would be amazing to see Tom interview Patrick and Jalen for this week. I would totally watch the interviews.
As someone that has watched you from Michigan, being from Michigan, a couple years younger and witnessing your whole NFL career though, I greatly appreciate you Tom Brady -thank you for your years of service, I look forward to your next chapter. Enjoy your time with your kids, you deserve it. .Sincerely, a truly grateful fan.
Service? The dude played sportsball, he wasn't a first responder or in the military lol
@@drugsmadilla right, did he provide a service in a different way in the N.F.L.? How many charity events has Tom Brady been involved with over the years? Do you have a clue? How many lives has Tom Brady helped through charity?
I think he's on the path he chose. He also looks recovered and more relaxed. It looks like he won't start at Fox until 2024. Enough time to work everything out. All the best Tom Brady.
@m42037 年 前
Enough time to comeback in April he didn't say 100% no I can't be talked into coming back 🤨
@@m42037 right but i think this time it's final. He experienced a lot last year in sporting and private life. But I never say never. It would be so crazy 😄👍🙋‍♀️
When Brady was talking about having anger in sports all I could think about was skip saying physcho Tom 😂😂😂😂😂
We need more Tom Brady interviews.🐐
@TooleySt720 年 前
Man this interview was really a master class by Colin.
@V3x0r 年 前
Really great interview. TB looks at peace and happy.
I think his most important value is his mindset. Everything what is on his mind, he makes it. I wish i had at least an inch of his courage to face the real world. Has off for this dude.
I could watch this a 100 more times thank you Tom 🤟🏽💪🏽🍻🐐🏈❤️
He is such a great guy and he will be amazing as a commentator.
We’ll see about that
The best sports tv personality in the business interviewing the greatest to ever throw the football. This is great. Anyways… Thank you Brady for all the years of awesome football memories and moments. You truly left everything on the field with no regrets. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your life. I’m sure you’ll be just as successful. 🙏👏👏👏🐐🐐
Mahomes is a better thrower than brady
@NeonKC 年 前
Charles Barkley exists
Jim Rome is better than cowherd
@Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT lol just stop.
Bunch of better throwers than Brady
@js8281 年 前
Tom seems like such a nice guy
@187mrsmith 年 前
The Goat Tom Brady #12 🏆🐐 We luv u ❤ I look forward 2 seeing Tom as a Media Personality!
What a gracious human being, as well as one of the greatest in the NFL. He’s a credit to his loving parents for sure. Thanks Tom👍🏈🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
@Alex-sf9bo 年 前
Doug Pederson > belichick
@MrPatspp 年 前
THE greatest in the NFL.
@micjam1986 年 前
Tom helped to bring so much joy to the people of New England.. I hope the next chapter of his life is filled with the same type of happiness and joy.
I don't think people realize how lucky we are to have watched what he did on the field for years!!!. It's insane, we will never see that much success again in our lifetime. Ty Tb12
Great interview - always a treat to hear Brady - truly humble and grateful.
Much success to Tom. I appreciate your greatness...
@SnoopDougg 年 前
Brady didn’t say “no” when Colin asked him if there’s a 1% chance to return… “So you’re telling me there’s a chance” -Lloyd Christmas
Romo left an opening too but never came back. Though... he probably didn’t expect broadcast career to take off how it did
Tom is such a class act. Love the guy. Excited to see where his new career takes him.
@EEDisputed 年 前
Let’s goooooooo so excited for TB12 on FS1
@Alex-sf9bo 年 前
Doug Pederson > belichick
@EEDisputed 年 前
@@Alex-sf9bo didn’t ask
How can anyone not like Tom Brady? He’s actually extremely relatable in the way he deals with pressure and how he’s never satisfied I feel like many people can relate to that feeling of never being content and always striving to improve. Joe Montana will always be my favorite but Brady is definitely the most accomplished to ever do it.
A very inspiring interview. Tom is really giving the secret to his mindset and to success in all areas of life.
@TheTeamOden 年 前
amazing interview, can’t wait to see Brady more on Fox!
For all he’s achieved, he seems like a pretty genuine, humble guy. Humble is a rare trait these days.
Kinda cute to see how star struck Colin is 😂😂
Who wouldn’t be
@Ace-vf2uf 年 前
😂😂😂😂 Indeed.
Colin would be even more star struck to interview the thick trunky coastal kid with a midwest ethos who is in his mogul stage
The BEST EVER! Tom Brady is an American ICON
@TrashBagB 年 前
Hate him or love him, he will go down as the greatest to ever do it!
He’s already the greatest lol
I hope he know Jesus being the greatest don’t mean anything if you lose your soul to the devil
Who? Colin?
@fatkat311 年 前
@@gracenmercy579 why? Why come on here with that.
Not he won't. He's the luckiest qb in history. Must be nice having a top defense on every team he's been on.
Tom looks a lot healthier and looks like he’s ate properly . All hail the Goat 12
@freaklore 年 前
Looking forward to seeing what kind of champion he becomes off the field as well. Thanks Tom for the memories, you are a once in a lifetime kind of player!
Great interview! What a classy man you are Tom Brady. Always humble. Tom was the reason I got to love American Football which I only saw for the first time on Dutch TV, by chance. It was a replay of SB LV. Since then I became a Tom Brady fan. I feel sad only seeing him play late in his career. Doubly sad that he retires but I wish him all the best on his next endeavors. Thank you Tom for the happiness you brought watching you play, even if sometimes I had to stay up late from 2 to 5 AM just to watch your game. Looking forward to see you on Fox in 2024!
Dam Colin finally did it, he got Tom on the show. Great interview.
@wjrs5 年 前
The GOAT speaks and we listen. We were so lucky to see this incredible footballer. How did Colin get this interview over Skip as he worships Brady (rightfully)? Never mind Skip will get his chance but Shannon will have to shut up. Brady speaks so well and it looks like he’ll have a good (maybe even great) commentating career. Ordinary males will always have to defer to this great human male. Thanks Tom. Have a great ‘rest of your life’ because you sure earned it. I’ll be watching you. PS what was Gisele thinking!
It’s hard to dislike this guy.
Tom is an amazing guy, great talker… He’s so deep and thoughtful
@ProfHoff 年 前
Somehow he still acknowledges he looks at his film and sees where he made mistakes verses where he succeeded. If that's not a good lesson for future generations of athletes to improve and learn I don't know what is.
Great intrrview. Tom really was himself. Bring him back again and again.
@pulliam318 年 前
Man I love Tom man. He really just a kool guy at the end of the day
So humble! I loved watching you play for the past 23 yrs TB12! You are the GOAT! 🙌🏼❤️🏈 2:15
@tomlee45 年 前
It's epic to see Brady on the show. But bittersweet, watching Brady for so many years. NFL will be different next year. 23+ years of Brady is not something that is easily replaceable. Looking forward to his post-NFL career.
@krv888 年 前
Inspiring to see someone achieve greatness with just all out effort and work ethic. Much respect to you Tom, wishing you the best for what is next 👍
And Talent along with intelligence ;) Yeah he’s inspiring no doubt
Thanks for all you gave to thw game TB12... through all the pleasures and pains of wat hing, rooting for or against brady... I have to say, way truly great to watch one of the greats when you know it's one's of rhe last times to see it.. ty, for all you gave the game.
@SaltyZera 年 前
It’s so great to see my two favorite people in their fields collab like this. Tom is the best NFL quarterback there’s ever been and Colin is the best sportscaster I’ve ever seen. They make a spectacular team and I know this will not be the last time Colin has him on. Good luck Tom. Take care of you, your family and everything else in between. I’m praying for you brother, and God bless!
@JDRants 年 前
I am 30 years old, have my own child, and career. When Tom Brady was in his first super bowl, I was 8 years old, and it was the first super bowl I can even comprehend. I remember Michael Jordan on the Wizards, vividly. My entire life watching sports, Tom Brady has been a star.. NFL Football without Tom Brady isn't comprehensible. Greatest of all time.
@Max2nice 年 前
This interview was spectacular. Definitely a bright future in media. This was authentic, intriguing , funny all in one. Good work Collin
@187mrsmith 年 前
Just think about this he was part of 2 of the greatest dynasties in New England then goes to Tampa wins his 1st year & gets them to the playoffs every year after that! If that's not amazing legendary & goat status I don't know what is
Buc was never and has never been a dynasty
@@TheDominiqueBallou Patriots won 3 out of 4 Super Bowls in the 2000's & 3 out of 5 Super Bowls in the 2010's.
@@TheDominiqueBallou he clearly said 2 patriot dynasty’s..he only said Bucs made playoffs every year he was in Tampa 🤦🏼‍♂️ and got another ring 💍
@@TheDominiqueBallou Reading comprehension: Failed
A spellbinding interview. Great insights into self-criticism, adversity, commitment, resilience, discipline, and more.
@ednihoka 年 前
Just wow on this man’s humility
We will miss Tom!!! Patriot for life!❤❤🎉🎉
This was your perfect segment Collin. Loved your questions and you having the GOAT on your show is testament of your greatness.
@MareZ777 年 前
There was a time I didn't care for Colin's perspective and delivery on sports, boy has that changed. The last year or two have been a real pleasure in listening to Colin interview and opine on all things sports. Keep up the good work.
@YerpDerp17 年 前
Shoutout to Colin. You can disagree with his opinions and takes ,but damn he is a fantastic interviewer. The questions he asked were genuine, thought provoking and veered from the typical copy and paste style questions. Kudos to Colin. Could have easily watched this go on much longer.
We need Al Michaels and Brady in the booth together make it happen fox
Great questions and overall energy of the interview. Thanks.
@MrPatspp 年 前
What a ride it was for most of the last 2 generations of fans. I started watching him at my 10 YO in SB 39 vs Philly and as a kid I was going to choose the team who won. So it was NE and from that day till the next SB win passed 10 years until I watched them win in 49 vs SEA. From there an on, all joy even in his Tampa journey. I'll forever be a Pats fan but if I enjoy football as I do today is because of that man right there who Idk if is aware that he's touched so many lives.