Tips on How to Start Your Own ASMR Channel

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Hey everyone, how are you all doing? So recently, I came up with this video idea and thought it'd be great. There are so many new asmr channel being made, and I wanted to give those who want to start their own channel some tips on starting their own channel!
In this video, I go through camera, microphone, video ideas, etc. in hopes of helping those who are interested. If you are not interested, you can still watch and listen to my voice, it's relaxing, I promise! The tips in this video is based on my personal opinion. You are welcome to agree and disagree, just be polite about it. If you have any questions, do leave it in the comment and let me know, I'l try to answer it! Leave a like if you liked it, and subscribe if you want!
Here is the time stamp on each topic I talked about:
Introduction 0:00 - 1:35
Camera 1:43 - 4:20
Microphone 4:21 - 7:40
Set Up 7:41 - 10:47
Starting Channel & Video 10:49 - End
Camera I used for this video: Canon EOS Rebel t7i
Microphone I used for this video: 3Dio Binaural Microphone
Microphones I recommend:
Blue Yeti Microphone: $120 (Amazon)
Zoom H4N: $200 (Amazon)
Zoom H1: $100 (Amazon)
Binaural Enthusiast: $$$ Varies binauralenthusiast.com/
3Dio: $500 and Up 3diosound.com/
Tripod & Microphone stand available on Amazon/Ebay/Etc.
Thank you all and I'll see you guys very soon!
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AlexAuAsmr 2 年 前
If you have any questions or need any help, let me know in comment section! Leave a like and subscribe if you want!
gacha lynna
gacha lynna 8 ヶ月 前
Ur so amazing
p l u t o ¿
p l u t o ¿ 10 ヶ月 前
Can u help me if u dont have a mike yet? Because i have to pay it with my money but doesnt have enough But i wanted to start already. Can u please give some tips how u can do an asmr video without a (Pro) mike
Tiara'sRandomVideos 11 ヶ月 前
So u have to have a mic to do asmr? I'm going to start an asmr channel hopefully ..ty
unX -Pected
unX -Pected 年 前
What programs that u use to record audio?
crim ヶ月 前
i’m too ugly for asmr
Avacadhoe ヶ月 前
Anyone got links to the mic stand for the blue yeti?
Sean and his girls Lamberts
Sean and his girls Lamberts ヶ月 前
Really good afternoon in chinese ummm ok hi
Panda ASMR
Panda ASMR ヶ月 前
I just used my earphone mic right now 😂😅 But I really do love asmr since last year, I always do tapping everywhere, in classroom, public HAHAHAH my friends thought I'm weird lol...and now I decided to record some even though my phone doesn't have enough storage and I'm broke rn to buy a mic and a sd card lol but I'll look up in the future❤
taeyeon is a dwarf
taeyeon is a dwarf 3 ヶ月 前
What if me or my friends don't have a mic
ASMR-Radio-RelaxingWithJoy 3 ヶ月 前
Nice video and so much to learn from. Thank you!
Opal 3 ヶ月 前
These tips were so helpful! Thank you so much! Your voice is super calming and you have the cutest chin, weird compliment maybe, but it's the truth!
Orangely ASMR
Orangely ASMR 3 ヶ月 前
I've just started making asmr videos as hobby and it is fun, although I haven't got sophisticated materials to make them high quality. ^_^
Nors ASMR 4 ヶ月 前
Hi how I can connect h1n to my cellphone. Plsss help
Mariana Jerez Emma
Mariana Jerez Emma 5 ヶ月 前
Even this is making me sleep zzzzzz im passing out 😴 I dont want a make asmr videos... your voice is so calming thats why im watching this video lol
Dania Sabbagh
Dania Sabbagh 6 ヶ月 前
I have a quetion why r u annoying
Not So ASMR 6 ヶ月 前
Please answer, how did you connect the blue yeti to your camera and put it together in your videos?
Lazy Visual ASMR
Lazy Visual ASMR 6 ヶ月 前
Heyy i just started doing Asmr but I don’t know how to grow my channel ☺️ if y’all can help me growing It would be very nice 😅
Orangely ASMR
Orangely ASMR 3 ヶ月 前
But u don't have any video in your channel.
Stumper's official
Stumper's official 7 ヶ月 前
This is what im lookin for.. i shoot asmr video using my front camera.. its not that clear..😭
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 7 ヶ月 前
He suks
xhe ta
xhe ta 9 ヶ月 前
but what if no one is noticing ur videos
Olivia Somerville
Olivia Somerville 9 ヶ月 前
I know this is a late comment but for the yeti mic how would you connect it to your phone so the sound is in the recording? And how would you connect the earphones too!
Gacha Me-Chan
Gacha Me-Chan 9 ヶ月 前
Everyone:focusing on the video Me: *Focusing on the candle in the background and thinking is that from beauty and the beast.*
Fast ASMRseekers
Fast ASMRseekers 9 ヶ月 前
Thank you for all this tips! I just started mine and struggling with the audio en editing, sync the audio and my video. So thanks! I hope i will make better video's from now on and hope to relax people and give them some tingles :-)
chariots8x 10 ヶ月 前
Can you please also list the software that you talked about in the description box?
Saleem El-Amin
Saleem El-Amin 10 ヶ月 前
What program do you use for audio?
Pamela Martinez
Pamela Martinez 10 ヶ月 前
How do you edit your asmr videos that’s my main question do you use iMovie?
Pamela Martinez
Pamela Martinez 10 ヶ月 前
AlexAuAsmr oh okay I was wondering if you could do a video showing us how you use iMovie to sync your audio.
AlexAuAsmr 10 ヶ月 前
I use to use Window Movie Maker, now I use IMovie, which is much better
Stick Shorts
Stick Shorts 10 ヶ月 前
i needed something else to do after making a short stick animation. that idea popped in my head.
This is The sweet life
This is The sweet life 10 ヶ月 前
Can u use a iPhone to film?
AlexAuAsmr 10 ヶ月 前
Yes you can, I've never done it. I think the lighting in my room makes it really bad, but a lot of people use it and it looks good
Moonlight 747475
Moonlight 747475 11 ヶ月 前
I don’t even have a mic 😂😂 so I’m using a app 😂
What app?
megie cerf
megie cerf 2 ヶ月 前
What app are you using if I may ask
I started doing ASMR Videos im trying to grow my channel. Thanks for all of your tips very helpful
Foxy Rose
Foxy Rose 11 ヶ月 前
Just started my asmr channel you guys should take a look! :)
Can u like start to make ASMR videos by using your phone to film?
Annie & kids vlog
Annie & kids vlog 年 前
I try my yeti to work with my Samsung galaxy s9 to do ASMR it is very hard to find the good apps with the front camera with ordio... If you have any recommendations I be very appreciate thank you..
AlexAuAsmr 10 ヶ月 前
If you have a computer or laptop, you can plug your yeti into it and download Audacity to record audio, the only thing is you'd have to sync the video with the audio.
Slav King
Slav King 年 前
VeeJay ASMR 年 前
This is such a coincidence. I was searching for tips on starting an ASMR channel and found your video. Then I noticed that your channel header is Pokémon themed and I found your Pokémon Go videos. I've just uploaded my first ASMR Pokémon Go video and I'm planning to make a whole series because that is the kind of content that interests me but there aren't enough of those type of videos out there. I hope you'll make more Pokémon related videos! ^_^
Renewed Hope ASMR
Renewed Hope ASMR 年 前
Thank you 😊
Yaritza Vidaurre
Yaritza Vidaurre 年 前
How do you make ASMR videos without showing your face?
Endo 21 日 前
Slav King 💀🤣
Slav King
Slav King 10 ヶ月 前
Just film the table
Man kwan Lam
Man kwan Lam 年 前
Alex!!現在2018尾聲我又再一次看你這段影片。因為我終於決定要起一個自己的asmr channel!還記得第一次看你的影片是那條關於cantonese lesson的影片,已經很久之前了。那時候我還沒有起一個youtube帳號,只是用遊客身分一直在看,想不到一看就看那麼久了。還記得一開始看你的影片時,我還是個在香港讀書的高中生,現在我在英國上大學了。經常覺得聽你的頻道,就比較不寂寞,還有一種親切感。(有時候還會想,要多久之後我的英文才有你這麼好)。謝謝你陪伴了我一段讀書生涯。我一直都覺得你的聲音很讓人放鬆,也很喜歡你roleplay的內容。你要一直加油,我也會一直默默的支持你的。
Man kwan Lam
Man kwan Lam 年 前
@AlexAuAsmr jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-E1xCHo5wRkc.html 我剛剛發佈了!是吃壽司的影片。而且我也買了你在這個影片中推介的microphone,但還在摸索,所以第一條影片是直接用相機收音的,但儘量去除了white noise。
AlexAuAsmr 年 前
Thank you so much! I wish you the best of luck with your asmr channel! I hope the tips in the video helped you as well. Keep me up to date, I would like to see your videos!
Study With Harrison
Study With Harrison 年 前
Is there a way to do it really cheaply
Bepis ASMR
Bepis ASMR 年 前
Great advices! 😍 Oh and l I’m very sorry for the self spam but... I’ve created my own ASMR channel for the ones who hardly get tingles from common triggers such as tapping. I always try to make the patterns as random and unique as possible, following certain rhythms and then breaking them. I hope I make my channel grow and make others see that maybe this type of ASMR is better than someone who just sits there, tapping unanimously for one hour. Well, I guess it’s a matter of different styles. Thank you very much for your attention ❤️
Katie Nguyen
Katie Nguyen 年 前
thank you so much for your video. its really helpful. I have a question.. I want to do food asmr video by using blue yeti. but the blue yeti is usb microphone but im filming with my iphone.. how do you get those 2 working together? thanks so much Alex
Krissy Fizzle
Krissy Fizzle 年 前
You could film on your iPhone and record the audio on your laptop. Then just clap at the start of the video so you can align the audio. Or you could be an otg cable for iPhone and use the app open camera to record through your phone
Brocoĺi dude
Brocoĺi dude 年 前
All other kid asmrtists get like 10k views and i only got a few i think its because my thumbnail didnt attract them
Pauline Goodwin
Pauline Goodwin 年 前
I have just come across your video. You have a very calming voice i could listening to you. All night to sooth my mind
Lety Salazar
Lety Salazar 年 前
Plz help me start
Misses Corso
Misses Corso 年 前
I just subscribed within two point five seconds of starting this video.
Dione Benagua
Dione Benagua 年 前
jp pickett
jp pickett 年 前
I have a PS4 webcam any Android phone and I do have a JPvid channel with those things work
Aaliyah Lovelyy
Aaliyah Lovelyy 年 前
Extremely helpful omg
Hot Tea
Hot Tea 年 前
Why do you wear earplugs
allyysxa 年 前
Asmr And Asethetics to here the sounds
Paolo De castro
Paolo De castro 年 前
Hi! I want to start also my channel, Mukbang ASMR. do you think Zoom H4N is enough for Mukbang? I think that's the mic i can afford for now. Thanks!
Ashlynd Isabel
Ashlynd Isabel 年 前
I really scared because I don’t know what to for my first asmr vid
Trini Dan Dan
Trini Dan Dan 年 前
Me too
SimoneLouisa ASMR
SimoneLouisa ASMR 年 前
I made my ASMR channel today and I'm really excited abt it. I hope it will work out
CelestialChills ASMR
CelestialChills ASMR 年 前
SimoneLouisa ASMR we can sub each other
Rafaela Sampaio
Rafaela Sampaio 年 前
I’m thinking about getting a Canon g7x and a Zoom H5 recorder to start my videos. What do you think?
ItsMegaShow 年 前
hi! i just starting out with my blue yeti and it seems like it doesn't make any difference with me only using the mic from the camera :( what software do you use to record the yeti? and whats the set up for it? thanks a lot!
ItsMegaShow 年 前
AlexAuAsmr i use audacity as well :| perhaps its just i don't know how to edit it in audacity.. it sounds perfectly fine and i can hear the crunch from my headphone when i'm filming. but once i edit and save the file from audacity, it sounds normal :| i'm confused
AlexAuAsmr 年 前
I use Audacity. I plug the microphone into my MacBook Pro and record from there. I record the audio and the visual separately.
Isabel 年 前
Thank you so much for this I was saving money and when I realized it was way way to much money and I also really really love asmr so I was thinking why don’t a make a asmr channel but I really don’t know what a need so thank you so much for the help❤️
Kaipulla In அமெரிக்கா
Hi, thanks for the useful video. how to eliminate background noise in blueyeti? is it mandatory to buy a camera bcuz i am using only my mac webcam .
TastewithTasha 年 前
Thank you
Kay Abad Manuel
Kay Abad Manuel 年 前
great tips! =) posted my first ASMR and I think I wanna explore into posting more! thanks for this video! =)
Your voice is very soothing! Thank you so much for making this video and sharing your knowledge. Could you share how to actually film the ASMR videos? Like, do you film the video separately from the audio? Do you connect your microphone to your laptop to record audio/sounds? And what softwares do you use to film on your smartphone etc..?
Oh and are you suppose to record sound and video separately?
Bec 303
Bec 303 年 前
Ur amazing thank you 😊
Connor’s Gaming Channel
You helped my videos improve. Thank you so much
Chaotic Nirvash
Chaotic Nirvash 年 前
Nice! I just started mine very recently hopefully I can make it grow with my content. I have a yeti microphone that I used for school projects and is the one I'll be using for some of my videos. The reason I'm starting ASMR is because I've been watching videos for the longest time maybe since 2011 or 2012 , and I've found that investing time in making these videos are actually very helpful if you have some problems with anxiety. It really helps me, makes me feel like I'm socializing even when I'm talking to no one :P
FoxyEats nTreats
FoxyEats nTreats 年 前
Thank you for the tips!! Much love! I just started my own channel and posted my first trial video! If you could give me feed back and tips it would be much appreciated! Thanks again! ☺️❤️👏
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