TikTok Optical Illusions That Make You See Things 

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We find the craziest optical illusions!
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コメント数 : 5 318   
GamingwithAid 9 ヶ月 前
1:35 i tried it and yea it hurt my eyes but it works and we need to appreciate the fact that ian works so hard on these videos for us and at 12:08 ians face when he saw his wall stretch and then saying "so if i look at sigils he'll grow" that made me bust up laughing so hard
Kate McCallion
Kate McCallion 7 ヶ月 前
Yeah me too lol
Phillip Lousdal
Phillip Lousdal 年 前
i have a hypotheses for how the black and white with the purpleish picture works. I think the reason why it looks like it has color, is because as you stare at the picture your cones become 'saturated'; creating a sort of afterimage . after seeing this illusion I opened a image editing program and removed one of the channels from a black and white image("green" in my case) stared at it long, and then it turned the channel on. It looked greenish. It is kinda cool
D-Mic 年 前
The bright colors leave an imprint or afterimage in your eyes that overlays with the black and white image, as long as you don't take your sight off the image. This afterimage overlay gives it the appearance of a real image.
Erin Moody
Erin Moody 5 ヶ月 前
That is exactly how it works
RaZor_YT 年 前
“Geography’s cool ain’t it?” Ssundee: Talking about Geometry
Catana 年 前
lol ye
HuskyMulti [PFP BY chanda#7532]
lol yeah also a bot stole ur comment
RaZor_YT 年 前
@HuskyMulti [PFP BY chanda#7532] ok thanks
Remphis 年 前
That's why he is a youtuber
nether king
nether king 年 前
you what's cooler then magic 'math
Nate Roberts
Nate Roberts 6 ヶ月 前
I also love how he doesn't know what it is, and he says," Oh, my wife loves me." BUt sometimes, he gets the bad one and says, "MY wife does not love me anymore!!!" It just makes it all the more worthwhile and entertaining. Love you Ian!!!
The Game Of WIldlife
The Game Of WIldlife 年 前
Dude this was fun, I love these videos! can't wait to see the next one! :)
Da Glyde
Da Glyde 4 ヶ月 前
The one looking up at the ceiling actually kind of worked for me
Sophie L
Sophie L 年 前
that square thing with the colors actually worked for me. Im shocked. keep up the amazing videos! love them
Yassin Shafik
Yassin Shafik 年 前
Yes they did
Santie Gonzales
Santie Gonzales 年 前
Yeah it work to me too
ElmoHitsTheGriddy 年 前
Amazing video Ian!! Keep up the great work!
Azoth 年 前
I'm pretty sure the Sydney opera House illusion is quite well known. It can be seen when viewing most things through a window. Since your range of vision is getting smaller, the building takes up a larger proportion of it, making it look as though it's getting bigger.
Zhou Julie
Zhou Julie 11 ヶ月 前
wait isnt that singapore
AnoXSM 8 ヶ月 前
@Zhou Julie noo its russia (its australia)
Ricky Rivera
Ricky Rivera 6 ヶ月 前
I’m confused 🫤
Cassandra Ware
Cassandra Ware ヶ月 前
@Ricky Rivera cailee
Yeoh En Qi Chloe (Evergreenps)
Yeoh En Qi Chloe (Evergreenps) 8 ヶ月 前
I don't understand how Changi Airport's artwork that is titled kinetic rain (the bronze raindrop thing in the video) is considered an illusion. I've seen it a bunch of times, being a Singaporean and having gone to Changi Airport quite a few times alr.
Mike Pernigotti
Mike Pernigotti 年 前
Not going to lie.. the black and white picture that turned to color, blew my mind.. I did it a few times and could feel the moments where my eyes started to focus! The colors started pulsing before he changed it to black and white! That was simply amazing!
Mike Pernigotti
Mike Pernigotti 年 前
Btw I do understand it’s a temp memory imprinted.. but it’s still really cool! 😄
anilemrac 11 ヶ月 前
The square thing worked on me. I always see strange figures everytime I blink.
Alissa Andry
Alissa Andry 10 ヶ月 前
the spuare worked on me 2
Gia Khang Đỗ
Gia Khang Đỗ 年 前
“Wait hold on, so if i do this and then look at sigils, he will grow” - a wise man 👨
Momoi Merchant
Momoi Merchant 年 前
@BEST JPvidR IN THE WORLD You have nft as a pfp you have no right to speak
@BEST JPvidR IN THE WORLD "20 subscribers" Lol
Misty 年 前
Really enjoying these videos man! keep it up!
ZoroOogway on valorant
Instagram User bruh
Happy Orange
Happy Orange 年 前
John pork    13 years ago.
Instagram User you barely have videos 🤣🤣
dark gamer
dark gamer 年 前
U got the whole chat laughing 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Stephanie Merrick
Stephanie Merrick 年 前
All of the ones that guy did was based on negative feedback! When our brain perceives excessive sensory information (colors, movement inward, etc.), when it is taken away, it will project/create the opposite. Pretty cool!!
madzvie 9 ヶ月 前
The colored squared actually worked for me and while I'm commenting this, I still see it but you kind of have to really focus and force your eyes to look at it
Pensivetrout 年 前
This was such a cool vid, I know why a lot of this stuff works so its funny to see their effects on other people!
Maggie Monshor
Maggie Monshor 3 ヶ月 前
The square trick got me even at night!
UnknownAssassin 年 前
Your videos will always bring someone's terrible day into a good one Ian
ExplicitChicken 年 前
So true
silly the mao
silly the mao 年 前
@BEST JPvidR IN THE WORLD you don't have content💀💀💀💀👽👽👽👽
Max Lee
Max Lee 年 前
Ssundee actually don’t read our comments
Rainbow Sparkle
Rainbow Sparkle 年 前
i wanna see more of this, your reactions to some of these were hilarious
Dominic Racco
Dominic Racco 6 ヶ月 前
You Are Correct 🙂
Dana Chong
Dana Chong 年 前
The Rubik's Cube color thing did work Army when I looked up on the ceiling! That's pretty cool.
SweetCandyDragon 年 前
Yeah, it is It’s funny how our brain goes like “That’s impossible!!!!” while our eyeballs are saying “It’s possible cause IM LOOKING AT IT”
The Rubik‘s cube thingy got me 😂
Therry Hendreyz
Therry Hendreyz 年 前
Yeah me too
SillyCraft 7 ヶ月 前
WeirdLogoMan 6 ヶ月 前
Eric Hung
Eric Hung 年 前
Keep up the good content :)
Julia Crow
Julia Crow 年 前
The reason the square ceiling one didn’t work is coz he didn’t blink a bunch of times
Gaminations 年 前
just got this after a long wet day! made me feel warm inside! keep it up Ian!
GokuGames 年 前
After the illusion with the black and white lines and the heart in the middle, I looked directally at the screen to see SSundee's reaction to that illusion, and I was thinking that it was one of those filters!😂😂
Jonah Erkan
Jonah Erkan 年 前
Congrats on 20 mil👍 keep up the amazing work
Aggressive Cod Tamers ACT
Aggressive Cod Tamers ACT 9 ヶ月 前
The Rubin cube and the one with the wall stretching got me
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer 年 前
I love your reaction videos, keep it going!
Dr. Football Watcher 22
Dr. Football Watcher 22 8 ヶ月 前
(3:16) It's simple. Your brain is seeing the opposite of what it saw before all the color was removed from the image, causing the image to look real. Basically, the purple the trees were is the exact opposite of the natural green you 'hallucinate' after he makes the image black and white.
INGIE32 年 前
4:28 This has nothing to do with hallucinations, it has everything to do with your eye's color receptors essentially becoming "exhausted". This means that if the image switches from inverted colors to grayscale, only the non-exhausted color receptors will pick up color form the white/gray light, meaning you see normal colors.
Stephen Kurtz
Stephen Kurtz 年 前
Idk what you mean but ok
The Inkling Mandolorian
I was about to comment that but you beat me XD
Stephen Kurtz
Stephen Kurtz 年 前
@The Inkling Mandolorian No hard feelings
INGIE32 年 前
@Stephen Kurtz Just imagine you shine a bright flashlight in your face. You can't see a thing. Same story, but with light receptors for specific colors
The Inkling Mandolorian
@Stephen Kurtz none whatsoever ;D
ExplicitChicken 年 前
I would have never gotten through quarantine without SSundee.
Rubz Agulan
Rubz Agulan 年 前
i agree with you
b1nz 年 前
@BEST JPvidR IN THE WORLD how is SSundee nothing without you when he doesn't even know you exist... in fact you probably don't cos you're a robot
romiel ross
romiel ross 年 前
@BEST JPvidR IN THE WORLD father less kid
Caleb Parr
Caleb Parr 年 前
Gotta love the unnecessary dig on Sigils' height lol 😆
Brandy Marries
Brandy Marries 年 前
I laughed so hard at 1:40 that I peed my pants, I kept replaying that part over and over again🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Crimson DreamZz
Crimson DreamZz 年 前
For the card guy one your brain processed the blue-ish image fo rlong enough to mix with the grey-ish black color for the building at the end Also keep up the work
Aaron Campbell
Aaron Campbell 27 日 前
the rubic cube ceiling thing worked on me.
duB 年 前
Hey! Fun fact. Half of these aren't optical illusions. It's the equivalent of looking at the sun and then looking away. You can still see where the sun was in your vision. That's what happens with half of these.
UWU cat
UWU cat 年 前
Congrats on reaching 20M subs we wish you a great day! ☺️
Kianna-Lee Philp
Kianna-Lee Philp 年 前
Loved the "So if I look at this and then I look a Sigils he will grow taller." hahaha
Eshaq Fidai
Eshaq Fidai 年 前
Ikr hahaha
Got the joke lol
BallerTopia 年 前
ClimbanDive Team
ClimbanDive Team 年 前
The Rubin cube ceiling one actually worked
Dhruv Jujare
Dhruv Jujare 年 前
Really enjoying your videos i've been watching for 3 years keep it up
Ad B
Ad B 2 ヶ月 前
The thing where you see a rubix cube thingy in the ceiling worked on me
Noah Ntzeremes
Noah Ntzeremes 年 前
I managed to see the colors on my ceiling however they were extremely faint to where you can bearly see it.
Doom Panda
Doom Panda 年 前
For the coloured square, you have to look at a white roof/wall. So if you dont have a white roof, look at any wall
Chromey 年 前
You already know its a good day is sundee uploads
Beta-2 Epsilon-11
Beta-2 Epsilon-11 10 ヶ月 前
The face distortion one made me see a mole that’s a dwarf.
Aadhar Chaturvedi
Aadhar Chaturvedi 年 前
The square thingy actually works because u will not see it embedded in the ceiling but when u blink u see it in ur eye particles for a split second
Jays days
Jays days 8 ヶ月 前
The cube one got me! I looked up of the ceiling and I saw the cube on my ceiling.
Tek 年 前
7:33 its probably because of the darkness because green is a darker color and the pink is more of a light color so the down circle is dark and the circle up is less darker making your brain think they switched spots just based on the darkenss because your eye catches the darkness of green and then as it turns gray but dark your brain thinks that green is down and pink is up. Its all based on darkness i think.
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner 年 前
I think I just had a stroke
E e e e e
E e e e e 年 前
It’s because the colors have negative values of each other. Same with the buildings and trees.
epic 年 前
9:00 dude it didn't work for you because he said at the beginning of it to not blink and when you paused it you blinked a bunch
Dominick Bushner
Dominick Bushner 年 前
@epic I didn’t blink and all I saw was the outline of the squares
Erica Phillips
Erica Phillips 年 前
The illusion that made it look like the place outside the window actually isn’t a green screen.It’s happened to me when ai was at a cabin.
Hawy11 Blast
Hawy11 Blast 年 前
The colored squares with the dot in the middle worked for me it’s so crazy cool!!!
ғᴀɪᴢ 𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐦
It do not work omg
Gus D
Gus D 6 ヶ月 前
10:39 - Was it a greenscreen? Maybe, but the boat in the bottom left corner was moving.
Yeetus 1053
Yeetus 1053 年 前
Congrats on 20 million subs you deserve it you really do
kittykaty1886 年 前
The coloured squares worked for me👍
MrMcYeety 年 前
for the pink and blue dots, when he made them grey he made the bottom one a darker grey than the top one and since we saw that the pink was the lighter colour, our brains put it on the top. (btw I'm just guessing by what I saw)
Caleb Hibbs
Caleb Hibbs 年 前
duB 年 前
True. The light rays "burn'' in ur vision. Light rays stuff.
TheThirdComing 年 前
copies you copied someone I know it
Trick Trade
Trick Trade 年 前
I GET HOW 4:26 WORKS! it's tiring out your color receptors, he's showing you the negative of the picture, that way when it turns black and white the color receptors that are strained to see that color get a break and it turns color
Brice Glenn
Brice Glenn 年 前
Exactly, like stop telling me that I'm hallucinating sir.
Ankur Maniar
Ankur Maniar 年 前
The square hallucination only works if you have a light colour ceiling.
Jack's Games
Jack's Games 5 ヶ月 前
The one where he changed the picture from like purple and blue worked for me
Smiley face
Smiley face 年 前
Congratulations on 20m!
M2 Channel
M2 Channel 年 前
It really worked on me. Like the Rubin cube one.
Andrea A
Andrea A 4 ヶ月 前
same. I saw the whole device screen though
EpicPlayz 年 前
Thanks for always bringing good content for us, SSundee, your the best💖
ICE Virtual Gaming
ICE Virtual Gaming 年 前
the clored cube on the celing worked for me and love the vids great job!
whyuheftobemadd 年 前
The square thing worked for me but still this was a awesome vid I think you are amazing keep on entertaining me 😁
UnicornPony 年 前
The stretching thing works too
Francis Miel Torralba
Francis Miel Torralba 年 前
I really love your videos! 😊
TheQueen 9 ヶ月 前
I saw the color on my seeling, I did that like 10 times and it worked.
dana fisher
dana fisher 年 前
The cube thing worked at me when I looked at the ceiling.
rio 年 前
all of those stare at the dot ones really messed my mind up really good, how do people make up with this in the past?
AveryLectro 年 前
I want to say this was a great video and congratulations on hitting 20 Million Subscribers!! 🎉🎉🥳🥳
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson 年 前
tame- dinosaur216
tame- dinosaur216 年 前
i love when he says the optical illusion can make sigils grow
CatGoatLordOfWisdom 年 前
the colored square one actually worked, and I'm one of the people who even saw it in color. I even see it minutes after as I write this. I think I am broken.
plushyguy 3,000
plushyguy 3,000 年 前
the ceiling one isn't an optical illusion this sort of thing happens when you stare at a lite, what I'm wondering is how its not changing colors like it usually does for me
Green bean
Green bean 年 前
Ssundee always uploads the best hilarious videos
Jack 年 前
This is how the hallucinations work in the Optical Illusions. They have vibrant colours. making blood conecentrate in a certain area making it as if the colours stay. when you blink that is removed bc the blood is moved aside. thats why they go from coloured. tro grey.
Geoffrey Wolf
Geoffrey Wolf 年 前
i saw my entire pc after doing the 4 color one lol
MasterHecto 年 前
The coloured squares one works but you just need to blink really fast
Nobody 3 ヶ月 前
the roof one worked on me lol
Qwertzy 年 前
it’s always good when Ian uploads
MissJesStar 年 前
Not a green screen. The Sydney Opera House video was accomplished by a combination of walking backwards and zooming in. This is called a dolly zoom which is traditionally accomplished with a dolly pan system
Einferno84 年 前
For the illusion at 3:47 you are not hallucinating but because you are staring at the dot, you brain fills in the colors around it
Amy Hodson
Amy Hodson 8 ヶ月 前
The colored squares with the White dot got me
qszw 年 前
The one you said that used a greenscreen was like actually real. Because at the condo balcony, everytime i get farther from it, the view gets bigger. When i go nearer from it, it gets smaller.
snowcrystal 年 前
The one for the wall stracting actually worked
Sam James
Sam James 年 前
4:20 It happens because your eyes have been staring at black so much that they don't want to see black anymore and it fills in the color with memory. ( I think)
Luis Manuel Bernardez
Luis Manuel Bernardez 年 前
Your a genius man!
The fact that he actually admits he got it wrong
Harry Mann
Harry Mann 年 前
Does anyone else think that in like 6 more of these Ian will have like 20 lives 🤔 love you tho man ❤️
Joanne Songer
Joanne Songer 8 ヶ月 前
The color squares actually work for me
Thunder Blitz
Thunder Blitz 年 前
9:30 as far as im aware thats not optical illusion, it is the same principle as us seeing a really bright light looking in a different direction, closing your eyes and "seeing" the light
Muriel Martin
Muriel Martin 年 前
Nice job sundee keep up the good work
Child 年 前
So if I do this and then go look at sigils he'll grow! *-Ssundee 2022*
Thijmen 年 前
he didn't say taller 12:15
Afiq Mansuri
Afiq Mansuri 年 前
The last is what how people know these
Ravenger1324 年 前
roast of the century
PersiusKane ( Phoenix Studio )
Week knees
Sapwolf 年 前
let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us..❤️🚀🚀😭
Poopy videos
Poopy videos 年 前
The color one looking at the roof works for me
The Architect
The Architect 年 前
The detail of calling sigils short is on point
William Rose
William Rose 8 ヶ月 前
Love your video keep up with the good work👍👍👍👍
xdyazan 年 前
the one with the sealing colour thing it actually works
Evangeline Cuenco
Evangeline Cuenco 年 前
Yeah it worked but it was different colors so it kinda doens't count I said kinda okay
xdyazan 年 前
Ya ur right
Hisham Abuzaid
Hisham Abuzaid 年 前
I was thinking if you’re gonna do this challenge AND YOU ACTUALLY DID IT! congrats on 20m
RedBull Man The RedBull Drinker
Amazing video keep up the good work!!!!
Jorge Tarango
Jorge Tarango 年 前
on the one you blink a bunch of times it worked for me
Jasperwastaken_ 年 前
And this guy bring a smile to everyone
Pikagirl 3 ヶ月 前
I saw the collored squares on my ceiling but there were different collors.
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