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Harper Krause
Harper Krause 49 分 前
Hello I love you Emma
Ella S
Ella S 2 日 前
Emma: lifts up armpit and says "DON'T LOOK AT MY ARMPIT" and puts it down Emma literally 2 seconds later: "LOOK AT MY ARMPIT'
kaylee Halifax
kaylee Halifax 4 日 前
How can she literally pull ANYTHING off l
Caitlin Edgar
Caitlin Edgar 6 日 前
pov : your looking for hate comments but you cant find any
Mackenzie ra
Mackenzie ra 6 日 前
this whole video is such a mood lmao
lexis nellis
lexis nellis 6 日 前
me sitting in my closet waiting or the tornado warning to pass and watch this video
meghana santhosh
am i the only one who felt she looked so much like madison beer???
Paige Greenhalgh
how does she drink 2 cups of coffee and then fell asleep???
Maali the star
Maali the star 7 日 前
it is ok. it depends on the person like I drank 4 cups of coffee then fell asleep it is because caffeine stopped affecting me because I had a lot of caffeine so that is why
Galia Mixon
Galia Mixon 7 日 前
i want to do thisss
Kitty Wright
Kitty Wright 8 日 前
Your armpit looks so clean tho
Caitlynn Pitts
Caitlynn Pitts 8 日 前
Caitlynn Pitts
Caitlynn Pitts 8 日 前
Pause at 12 sec lil
pranjallpahuja 8 日 前
She literally pulled off EVERY SINGLE UGLY ASS ITEM OF CLOTHING like what? i-
Marlie UwU
Marlie UwU 9 日 前
wait wtf i bite popsicles all the time.... O.o
Rayven Velez
Rayven Velez 9 日 前
Best thrift stores are in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan 😴😴 maybe queens, like three in the Bronx 😪
Jireh Mae Villaceran
ur dancing skills r killing it
Luna Doggy
Luna Doggy 11 日 前
Omg everyone in the comments saying she’s “rich& bored” u just jealous cuz u be sitting in ur bed at 2 am eating Oreos alone.
Hannah Castree
Hannah Castree 11 日 前
Lauren Weinberg
Lauren Weinberg 11 日 前
When ur at 7:36 and ur actually eating falafel while watching this video
Daniela Herrera
Daniela Herrera 13 日 前
i came back because she looks so PRETTY HERE
Alyssa Gathright
Alyssa Gathright 17 日 前
i literally love you so much and i want to be like u ahhh your my literal idol imagane if she saw this!!!! btw im subscribed and ive watched and liked all your vids sense day one and i know i cant spell lol
Camryn Lewis
Camryn Lewis 17 日 前
how does she eat and drink coffee all the time and still have a small stomach like I eat a apple and water and I am like pregnant lmao
Olivia Nicole
Olivia Nicole 19 日 前
love how she gets exited about coffee!! Love you queen!!!!
chill pill
chill pill 19 日 前
emma: "i havent shaved my armpits" *shows armpit* "wait don't look" emma a minute later: "okay but look at my armpits"
amelia andrew
amelia andrew 20 日 前
your are all just jealous that shes better than you lmfao
sophia 21 日 前
Sami Sharma
Sami Sharma 21 日 前
she is very real !
SpicyPaki 22 日 前
i don't think Emma is aware of how pretty she actually is
Can I get 2,100 with no vids??
Wait she shaves her armpits? Doesn't that make armpits darker? I need answers, and can someone tell me how to whiten armpits
Vanessa Tortoledo
I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing works
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble 24 日 前
She's just a baby, she needs to be spanked, not to hurt her! But to wake her up,to exist in reality with the rest of us, just the same of the rest of the lucky go happy people, with no worries, but death!
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble 24 日 前
Somebody tried to explain to me what a dildo was, I couldn't figure it out, But watching her I think she knows what it's all about,
hye jin lee
hye jin lee 24 日 前
emma: i love u, ur amazing, ur authentic, and ur genuine. u deserve all that u have earned over time. i’m proud of u and whoever tells u differently cannot see past their own jealousy. forever a fan of u
emma g
emma g 25 日 前
emma: yall should go to sleep earlier *me watching this at 3:30 am *
Yassmin Assaf
Yassmin Assaf 25 日 前
yesss falafel is the besttt my dad makes it aha
lotz 26 日 前
What happened to the comments? So many hates and this video doesn't deserve 'em I think.
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble 24 日 前
Apparently you've been reading all the hates that I don't get to get to read, I see no hates and I've seen hundreds of comments! (Read)(JPvid?)
June Rubin
June Rubin 27 日 前
The one thing I never anticipated I'd do in quarantine: Binge watch Emma The one thing I'll probably do after quarantine: Binge watch Emma
Max Hall
Max Hall 28 日 前
who the fuck is peter bread
Holly Hodges
Holly Hodges 29 日 前
refuses to use plastic straw... but doesn’t complain about plastic cup... ????
Madison Lawson
Madison Lawson 29 日 前
baily drabeck is right
Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson ヶ月 前
Samantha King
Samantha King ヶ月 前
use this as the emma should move to new york button
Bailey Drabeck
Bailey Drabeck ヶ月 前
thats what i thot bitch
Bailey Drabeck
Bailey Drabeck ヶ月 前
blossom official ceep talking crap and i will beet your ass
Madison Lawson
Madison Lawson ヶ月 前
Madison Lawson
Madison Lawson ヶ月 前
hi hey
Bailey Drabeck
Bailey Drabeck ヶ月 前
shut up bitch blossom official i wasnt talking to you
naz stories
naz stories ヶ月 前
the last thing i will do if i am in newyork is stay in the hotel room duuuh 😕😕😕
Blue Vlogs
Blue Vlogs ヶ月 前
Hate on successful people is a trend nowadays :(.
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble 24 日 前
To hate on a successful person, means that you have been hard working unlucky Destin to support God's children he loves more,,, success is just a path( given by God)to one individual to walk, every human being works hard to be comfortable in life, and it takes away from other people's comfort..(hate away so the sun stays hot to keep the human race from freezing to death!
dylan duncan
dylan duncan ヶ月 前
I love how Emma chamberlain and David Dobrik eat
Jennifer D
Jennifer D ヶ月 前
Her whole demeanor is just ughh not entertaining seems so be just a bad mood and attitude pretty dreadful couldn’t even finish the video too cringy
Jennifer D
Jennifer D ヶ月 前
Her whole demeanor is just ughh not entertaining seems so be just a bad mood and attitude pretty dreadful couldn’t even finish the video too cringy
Melisse ヶ月 前
Love ur outfit in this vlog!!!!
Julia Penha
Julia Penha ヶ月 前
which hotel are u staying there?
hxppy_rosess !
hxppy_rosess ! ヶ月 前
i was gonna order the glasses then realized they were $80...
Kathy Ladrillono
Kathy Ladrillono ヶ月 前
Hi Im here in 2020 and just wanted to say that this is one of my fav vlogs! Emma looked so good and tan here!!!
Anthi Sookie
Anthi Sookie ヶ月 前
When she says hey i havent shaved my armpits for like a week and im over here not shaving them for like three days and be looking lke king kong
Vivi Nicksic
Vivi Nicksic ヶ月 前
I mean Emma stays up late and New York doesn’t sleep, meaning, you could get food at 4 a.m. (THE FEELING IS AMAZING I HAVE TRIED IT BEFORE)
daniisui ヶ月 前
I see her more as a New York gal than a Cali girl but idk she can pull off both
E S ヶ月 前
is there anybody who knows where her pants and jewelry is from?? :(
josefina sanchez rivas rojnica
Noe Mi
Noe Mi ヶ月 前
what camera is she using guys?
Julie Chung
Julie Chung ヶ月 前
where did she get her bandeu top (in the beginning of the vid the white one)
Bailey Drabeck
Bailey Drabeck ヶ月 前
Blossom Official
Blossom Official ヶ月 前
@Bailey Drabeck umm ok 😂 sorry but if you don't want people to reply then don't comment something ( no hate tho... You do whatever you doing )
Bailey Drabeck
Bailey Drabeck ヶ月 前
@Blossom Official i was not talking to you bitch
Blossom Official
Blossom Official ヶ月 前
She said she's disgusted by the vsco trend now and it's old.. (but I do think she started the trend)
Arya Singh
Arya Singh ヶ月 前
emma do be lookin' kinda fresh doe with her outfit doe
jade & daniella
jade & daniella ヶ月 前
What if you like put hummus on salad though .
Espinosa Duarte Estrella Michelle
She's like oh I'm bored, I'm going to New York and I'm like I'm bored, let me take a nap or go ok the phone, is likeee... That's life Emma
MeeyaJudd ;-;
MeeyaJudd ;-; ヶ月 前
me looking for the comments saying she’s rich and bored 😷✌️
Lily Winters
Lily Winters ヶ月 前
Emma: go to bed early not to be your mom but just get a good nights sleep Me currently watching this at 3 AM: 👁👄👁
Paige Braaf
Paige Braaf ヶ月 前
she's still Emma...she just has more money. she's still Emma who thrifts and loves coffee. nothing changed except she makes bank
Elizabeth Larson
Elizabeth Larson 19 日 前
Paige Braaf preach ppl r just so jealous
Arien. and alli
Arien. and alli ヶ月 前
Emma the next time you come to New York you should go out of the city because the mountains are just so pretty to see and go hiking
EmmaLee Heisler
EmmaLee Heisler ヶ月 前
Her attitude is literally mine
G a c h a . a e s t h e t i c
Emma has taught me to not be ashamed to burp out load 🙃
Caroline Sønderskov Pedersen
Emma: shows her armpit up close Also Emma: “dOnT LoOk aT iT”
Caroline Sønderskov Pedersen
Emma looks amazing in this video like good for you
Jade Hook
Jade Hook ヶ月 前
Hmm I feel like some of the clothes are for ethan
Sarah Skelly
Sarah Skelly ヶ月 前
when she complains about the plastic straw yet all of her food came in plastic containers, she most likely threw the bags her clothes came in in the trash, and she used makeup wipes...
Umama Narejo
Umama Narejo ヶ月 前
Did you bring Declan?
Kayden Glascock
Kayden Glascock ヶ月 前
Emma: me and crap worked together... Me: hahaha das funny
Amylia Rocha
Amylia Rocha ヶ月 前
I love how this is my first time watching Emma chamberlain in all my 14 years of living and this is the video I click on💀
Jicel Ochoa
Jicel Ochoa ヶ月 前
Emma:Eat’s a whole mean/ stays fit. Emma:Drink’s 3-5 coffees a day/ still fit. Emma:Exercises/ loses 1-10 pounds. Me:Eat’s one bag of chips as drink’s 2 cups of soda/ gains 5-10 pounds. Also me:Plays sports and exercises/loses 2-6pounds. Point is she is in such good shape even though she eats like a queen.☕️☕️☕️
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