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Ellie Hesford
Ellie Hesford 43 秒 前
Peeta bread?!! It’s pita pronounced like piter. In Manchester anyway.
The Francesca show
Have you ever had chocolate hummus
Ann 時間 前
Oh my god the way she removes eye makeup gives me anxiety.. wtf emma use some cleansing oils
Mia Aasvang Enholm
Mia Aasvang Enholm 3 時間 前
Inken Demuth
Inken Demuth 6 時間 前
Make a video about back acne!! Pls
saranya 11 時間 前
i love emma without makeup more than her with it. idk is it just me?
saranya 11 時間 前
i mean she looks great with or without but i just like the natural beauty more hahaha
Bailey Carroll
Bailey Carroll 12 時間 前
A good place to go is Connecticut
Shannon Watson
Shannon Watson 21 時間 前
u shouldve titled this emma spends way to much money in new york
Alan J.M
Alan J.M 日 前
I've been having fun for days/years!
JAVS♡ 日 前
LOL people here complaining she does nothing and gets paid for it She makes youtube vids for a living and yall are here watching them while she gets paid So gtfo build a bridge and get over it. Jealous twits
Alex e
Alex e 日 前
Girl u gonna recycle the plastic straw bc not using it doesn’t change where it ends up 🙄 you got so much money and free time it’s insane. Two things most of us will never have a day in our lives. Be fucking happy stop complaining about Everything. you lowkey suck in this video
Vega 2 日 前
Emma, I hope you read this and consider my unsolicited advice (I'm so sorry). Just because you have money, you're sorted etc. doesn't mean it's healthy to sit around, pointlessly shop, and so on. Why not do a course? Experiment with different hobbies and pay for random classes - who knows, you might discover a passion that completely transforms your channel. You seem sad and uninspired; I want better for you.
ATM Makassar
ATM Makassar 2 日 前
hi i'm from indonesia .. want to ask if your dynasty can do sex with anyone we just met
carlos martinez
carlos martinez 2 日 前
Most likely she will give 90% of what she bought to the homeless ☺️👍😎
Sumin Chen
Sumin Chen 2 日 前
Check out urban jungle in brookyln. Biggest thrift place
Callan Fry
Callan Fry 2 日 前
POV: I'm the Louis Vuitton bag in the background
florotic 2 日 前
ok but does anyone know what frozen yogurt place she ordered from that's just made of fruit and water dsfahjkla it looked so good
Faith Meeks
Faith Meeks 2 日 前
Emma tingle 😂😂
Stephanie Lynn
Stephanie Lynn 2 日 前
Knowing that the 90s are considered vintage. 😭
Weatphia Person
Weatphia Person 3 日 前
why is everyone hating on emma? she worked hard to get where she is, why y’all so salty omg!
Sarah Milner
Sarah Milner 3 日 前
Omg what a rubbish thrift vlog. Guys check out someone who knows thriftinfn for real like karenbritchick. Don't waste your life here like I did.. Can't get that time back like!
Marissa Hamilton
Stop hating on the queen I'm rich and bored too lol I live great ~sips tea~
sophie Monte
sophie Monte 3 日 前
the alarm woke me up when i was already awake
fastlane gamer
fastlane gamer 3 日 前
Is this video suppose to tell how poor I am?
Lexie Lombard
Lexie Lombard 3 日 前
I don't think you should crop that blue jacket
Angelina Jose
Angelina Jose 3 日 前
It’s just a money vlog now a days on Emma’s channel.... but I’m here for it ngl 🥵
جويرية حكيم
Serag_Elayouby jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-g4ftqg7moaE.html Egyptian living in New York incites the killing of peaceful demonstrators in Egypt CAR NUMBER : NEW YORK T640447C
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen 4 日 前
lol your hella funny :D!
Micaiah Tesfa
Micaiah Tesfa 4 日 前
but isnt she like 17? does she not have school?
nictwisp5 4 日 前
Why are you buying leather if you're vegan?
hyper._ . unicorn vlogz
i like the fact that emma doesn't show off her money like other youtubers thats why i lover her plus she is VERY funny 😂💖💞 if you see this hi
Naina Jain
Naina Jain 4 日 前
that's a lot of plastic.
Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero 4 日 前
this is a video of her ordering/drinking coffee all day
J James
J James 5 日 前
You remind me of marko a lil bit lol the guy that paint shoes and stuff
J James
J James 5 日 前
I dig your personality Ms. Emma i wish you much success.
go nature
go nature 5 日 前
Larra Kez
Larra Kez 5 日 前
Ya'll here throwing shades, but u love her vids lol. Just let the girl do her thing, uncultured swines.
word 5 日 前
Emma be the kind of girl to be wealthy and in NYC but just stay in the hotel room and order postmates. PS: we use Seamless in NYC, it’s so much better!! Also next time you’re in NYC get your coffee from places like LaColomb, Blue Bottle, Birch, etc. also like go out to brunch somewhere!
Zoe Kretzer
Zoe Kretzer 5 日 前
*freaks out about drinking with a plastic straw* *then eats with plastic utensils*🤣
elyse edelstein
elyse edelstein 5 日 前
am i the only one getting anxiety from her alarm clock noise when it shows *4 hours later*
Isabelle Sister Squad
Reading these comments make me sad because their like "she's so rich" She's worked for what she has and if you find it boring at least she's trying. She's trying to upload for us. People grow up and their not going to do what they used to 2 or 3 years ago. She's just being herself and that's what you signed up for. If you don't like it leave lol
Nigel Little
Nigel Little 5 日 前
Imagine being productive. Damn girl you bored. Find something to do.
Georgia Conklin
Georgia Conklin 5 日 前
you look so snatched in the intro, and i'm amusing in the whole video, but i'm commenting this during the intro
Joseph Ibrahim
Joseph Ibrahim 5 日 前
The plane she flew to New York on is more polluting than one straw
Yolohigirl 5 日 前
idk what she was talking about that shirt was AWESOME
Lexi Lee
Lexi Lee 5 日 前
Alexandra N
Alexandra N 6 日 前
This video basically shows how money doesn't necessarily bring happiness....I'm really really sorry that your straw was plastic 😕😑
Ayan Szn
Ayan Szn 6 日 前
sub to me
Johannes van der Stuyvebode
U lookz amazeballs honz
Hope Medrano
Hope Medrano 6 日 前
What I don’t get is how she can drink coffee and then take a nap?
O-juicy in the house!
Those purple and green shorts reminded me of beetle juice
Haley Plummer
Haley Plummer 6 日 前
Does anyone know what pants she’s wearing
flauhless edits
flauhless edits 6 日 前
i wish i had money to buy a shirt
flauhless edits
flauhless edits 6 日 前
she’s younger than me and more successful what am i doing
Dhdudkd Dfudj
Dhdudkd Dfudj 6 日 前
low key you look like courtney chipolone??
P e r f e c t i s h
Okay i hate this she no longer does anything what happeneddd i still love her tho
jessica chavez
jessica chavez 6 日 前
I counted like six or seven
jessica chavez
jessica chavez 6 日 前
Question of the day how many coffees does Emma drink a day
Why dont you not doing anything productive
hi idk if i gave up on this channel
hi, i know you wont read this just gotta vent and ya so basically im a freshman and i had the best time at my highschool for two weeks go on a school overnight trip it was a blast dad picks me up from school go home my mom tells me im going to the second best school in the state (i enterd for the lottery got in its a charter school) anyway i cried but no not of joy because i wanted to stay at my school she said i start monday and i cant say no because she already pulled me out of my other school so i go sadley and two monthes later i still hate it and my mom is a jerk who keeps trying to pull me away from my freinds from my old school and i hate it because i have no freinds at the new one and im sad i hate it so much and i had so many freinds and life was good at my olld school and i miss it so much and its closer to my house and better then the public school evryone else is at and i just loved it there and i hate my new school so freaking much and no one will let me go back and this is a true story
hi idk if i gave up on this channel
plus nvm my account name its old cause my sis and i wanted to make videos but no because shes always at riding and evryone only talks about her and how amazing at riding she is and i just want evrything to be okay for me for once and im sick and tired of it and im too wimpy to fricken kms and i just cant wait to leave this countrey and live on my own with a new fresh start
Plastic plastic PLASTIC
Why Japan's Geography Sucks
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