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Saturday Night Live
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A prince (Mikey Day) chooses between three princesses (Selena Gomez, Kate McKinnon, Ego Nwodim) to make one his bride.
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Jake Huang
Jake Huang 年 前
For some reason seeing Selena dressed as a princess just feels so...right.
Charik 年 前
ikr? so fitting
DeathnoteBB 年 前
Ego too… she looked so pretty
Andrew P. Stewart
She is Hollywood royalty
Deanna S
Deanna S 年 前
She just seems nice. She definitely has like Disney princess energy.
Freddy FirePipes
Ris Oday
Ris Oday 年 前
“you must make your choice before the clock strikes midnight!” “ooh what happens at midnight?” “nothing! it’s just late” 😭😭😭😭😭 KILLED ME
UberLummox 年 前
But can you prove that?
Regan wolf
Regan wolf 年 前
Thelema 年 前
can't even quote it right
blue bird
blue bird 年 前
"And now I'm getting kind of pissed off" I thought was hilarious
Milady 年 前
Knew Kate wouldn't disappoint, but never would've guessed a literal bubble butt. 🤣🤣🤣
monroe1814 年 前
Literally 🤣
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 年 前
Imagine Tik Tok being around back then lol
Rebecca McNutt
Really gotta give it to the prop dept on that one. Well done! 😂
Wesley Hempoli
@Dr Phot no thanks
Charles Co
Charles Co 年 前
But does she need to sit in a soap dish? Eat soap? Recieve a soap suppository? Or is it magical? Is it a curse but by a bad witch not very good at witchcraft with a speach impediment?
hg82met 年 前
If Kate is involved, she's bound to be the weird one. And that's a compliment.
Billy Lewis
Billy Lewis 年 前
Exactly! 😂
Thomas Spencer
"because there's three of them and the third one is her."
Linda Kutsubos
alex knapp
alex knapp 年 前
Yeah she’s very much the Kristen Wiig in that regard. Love Kate tho
Keith Smith
Keith Smith 年 前
I thought it was going to be like the “three alien abductees” sketches where the first two describe beautiful spiritual experiences and then the third, McKinnon, slouching and smoking a cigarette, describes something extravagantly weird and gross.
Andrew Johnson
Guessing by Mikey's reaction that Kate used a different bad laugh during rehearsals, she got him pretty good there.
Tom Nicholls
Tom Nicholls 年 前
The "REALLY??" look he gives her while trying not to laugh is so good, Kate is definitely that coworker who likes to spice things up for her coworkers 😂
Vincent Taliercio
She hit him with the Fat Albert
Michael Murphy
@Vincent Taliercio EXactly!!!! 😅
Girl in the Striped Sweater 🏳️‍🌈
I thought the same thing lol
The Bee
The Bee 年 前
Oh my god!!!! Awesome!!!
Vinny Corridoni
Selena laughing and breaking character was funnier than the sketch, the best part
Tamra Wai
Tamra Wai 年 前
When did she break character?
J S 年 前
@Tamra Wai 4:13
Cwn 41
Cwn 41 年 前
@Tamra Wai 4:09
Blake 年 前
Really? Cause nothing was funny when she broke character. 'Dragon-Dork' made her laugh? Cause that's some 3rd grade humor if I've ever heard it. Or was it Kate's joke that she wasn't finished telling? Either way, an important part of sketch comedy is staying in character. It's funny when people break sometimes, but when they force it for extra laughs, it's cheap and tacky
ears 年 前
@Blake she knew the joke was coming and she’s not the first person, talented or not, to fall prey to the character breaking prowess of Kate McKinnon. We should honestly just call her “Bane” from now on.
Jack 年 前
Kate walks into a room you know she’s gotta be the “weird one”
Jade Roberts
Jade Roberts 年 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-mpOkBNG6Elg.html Finally it’s here.
Jason Bertalotto
lcephoenix 年 前
absolutely, and I love her for it!
Helen Smith
Helen Smith 年 前
H is
Dazzling Gene
We love to see it 🤣🤭
Houston Ghost Hunters
"Ugly stupid or gay I don't know I'm very normal" I love Kate McKinnon so much.
Billy Lewis
Billy Lewis 年 前
Kate rocks! SNL is very lucky to have her.
Eileen Snow
Eileen Snow 年 前
It’s always weird to see her in current seasons, I feel like she’s a veteran already. Like when Amy Poehler or Will Ferrell do a guest cameo
suzanne klaus
Health and Horror
@Eileen Snow They are all afraid to leave now. SNL isn't a catalyst to movies like it used to be. So they are afraid to walk away from the money.
James C
James C 年 前
I just read today that Kate is leaving. Along with Pete D. and a few others .
Health and Horror
@James C About time! Pete has been carried by the others for too long. He really has no talent and for some reason just gets to float. People stay far too long these days.
Benzaiten 年 前
Selena's wig was far prettier than it had any right to be.
Erin B
Erin B 年 前
Right she looks so beautiful!!
Blake 年 前
Too bad pretty doesn't equal funny
Erin B
Erin B 年 前
@Blake what a worthless thing to say
Blake 年 前
@Erin B it's a comedy show. Why do looks matter?
Erin B
Erin B 年 前
@Blake why does it bother you that someone would say Selena looks pretty? No one said it means she's funny, no one said it had any baring on the skit. What kind of miserable person can be bothered by that?
Rohan J
Rohan J 年 前
Mikey Day's massively underrated in these kind of roles, where he has to slowly but steadily get more agitated
Fawn’s place 💗
fargoman22 年 前
Him almost breaking got me
Jade Roberts
Jade Roberts 年 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-mpOkBNG6Elg.html Finally it’s here.
Hoover72 年 前
@fargoman22 That was Kyle, not him.
Bella F
Bella F 年 前
Selena’s dance was like she was throwing invisible confetti 🤣
Behr Willsonn
Behr Willsonn 7 ヶ月 前
The funny is that your comment got 498 upvotes.
"Maybe it's a metaphor for being ugly or stupid or gay, I don't know I'm just guessing." 😂 This one got me.
And it got Selena too 🤣🤣
@Futuretense101 Lol, I didn't catch that when I first watched it. 🤣
SweetBlaq Coffey
@Futuretense101 Poor Selena, she was fading fast! 🤣🤣
TheTibetyak 年 前
And, the double entendre to "muffins".
Zero Shadow
Zero Shadow 年 前
There’s always a catch when it comes to these kind of sketch, may it be tiny doll hands, a forehead that so big it could be a moon, being a blob fish instead of a mermaid, or having giant cheeks that shot out bubbles.
RedDragonM1 年 前
it's pretty meta.
Jade Roberts
Jade Roberts 年 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-mpOkBNG6Elg.html Finally it’s here.
That last one isn't a catch.
Gregor Baby
Gregor Baby 年 前
You're right... With sketches like these it's always that the rest of the siblings are normal looking with saying stuff like "I like ice cream" with their smooth voices while one sibling is weird looking, saying weird stuff with their awkward voices & being inappropriate with other actors 😂
Trevor Allen
Trevor Allen 年 前
Thanks for pointing that out, zero. Its always funnier when you explain the joke.
au revoir
au revoir 年 前
The prince: What happens at midnight? The King: It's just so late.
J S 年 前
Haha yes, they did say that in the sketch, didn't they?
Jade Roberts
Jade Roberts 年 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-mpOkBNG6Elg.html Finally it’s here.
Eric Muccino
Eric Muccino 年 前
Omg that reminds me of the sketch I just watched
Sam Dee
Sam Dee 年 前
I thought that line was pretty funny XD
@Jade Roberts Begone, spammer.
Attack Five
Attack Five 年 前
“Good job killing our our dragon, though no one asked you to.” Good line.
Lower Centenary
Lol right on man
BUU 3 ヶ月 前
hm.., i know not what to say and yet i feel not frightened prince, even better line
L.î (Lynxy)
L.î (Lynxy) ヶ月 前
Nathan B
Nathan B 年 前
Ego was well in character, trying out a British accent. She is so talented.
SniffyPoo 年 前
she uses it in other sketches like the cooking ones
jane d
jane d 年 前
This was so much fun to watch last night, my family and I were in stitches because it's such a meta take on SNL's style. They have so many recurring sketches about one sister being the "weird one" that this was pretty refreshing, and I kind of wish it didn't end the way it did because it might've been funnier if they had just walked away without anything being different about Blondinia.
Amber NichOlle
Tom Nicholls
Tom Nicholls 年 前
Ugh, that would have been truly perfect, if maybe a little TOO meta; as it is, it's still funny in my opinion but it comes across a bit as "So the whole idea for this sketch up until now, screw it, we're actually just doing the same old joke"
jane d
jane d 年 前
@Tom Nicholls that's exactly how I interpreted it too, just ignoring the first five minutes of the sketch to go back to their old formula
Liberty Prime
Nice. But a little too subtle. (The audience would have been scratching their heads.)
SniffyPoo 年 前
that would've been a looong setup with no payoff
Helen Burke
Helen Burke 年 前
He’s right though, usually in fairytales one sibling is either cursed, or dumb, or can comb pearls out of her hair.
Chaf Bowen
Chaf Bowen 年 前
Yeah we know, that's why they wrote a sketch about it.
flannel pillowcase
i don't know any fairy tales that include 3 sisters with one being particularly weird
Sylph 年 前
It’s less making fun of fairy tales and more SNL skits
G GaffGaff
G GaffGaff 年 前
I think it’s more the fact that there’s been a ton of snow skits where one of the sisters are weird. And the dude gets stuck with the funny one. They’ve done a bunch of them
Smooth and Sassy Singleton
The fact the even when playing it straight, Selena can’t hold in her laughter at Kate. That’s a testament to Kate’s abilities
Zay _1k
Zay _1k 年 前
Kate makes it hers when it comes to weird and I love it brings the confidence in all of us to embrace our weirdness
libra42ful 年 前
She is just the best!...I love how she just HAD to laugh a little before the "reveal"...and then the wink and head movements at the end with that amazing SMILE... It's impossible not to love Kate
MrGriff305 年 前
Kenan is hilarious as always. Great show tonight!!!
Jade Roberts
Jade Roberts 年 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-mpOkBNG6Elg.html Finally it’s here.
Iotacox 年 前
"It's just so late." 😂😂 Keenan's deliveries are gold.
Kingman Brewski
They usually have such a hard time naturally ending the sketches but this was great
Brian Morton
Brian Morton 年 前
This is great, because… let’s be honest, when we see 3 women (and the first two are Ego and Selena Gomez) and the third is Kate McKinnon we all expect her to start Kating everywhere. This is honestly the one thing I couldn’t expect!
james adams
james adams 年 前
Lord Kate is just too funny! They’re all awesome but ya know it’s gonna be a hilarious humdinger when she comes on stage! Well done.
Elīna 年 前
3:15 "Hey, hey, hey!" Kate breaking the unbreakable castmates since forever 😄
UkeCan1 年 前
Kenan broke Mikey too 3:34. And Kate broke herself 4:54.
Aaron Digby
Aaron Digby 年 前
@UkeCan1 I believe she (Kate) did break herself she knew what was coming, the ass out.
christilb 年 前
Kenan has the absolute best line delivery ever! He’s always funny in any skit he does! Same with Kate - Love her and her sense of humor. This was a great skit 🤣🤣🤣
Denise M. Faraday
Mikey trying not to break at 3:20 is the funniest thing ever!
UkeCan1 年 前
Even funnier at 3:34.
Mariah 年 前
It’s funny that blondelias laugh is “Hey hey hey”, and her ‘dad’ Keenan was Fat Albert. Loved this sketch
Houston Ghost Hunters
Good catch lol
I was looking for this comment lol
You can see Mikey had to catch himself before moving on from that one.
Kristoff Seisler
Kristoff Seisler 11 ヶ月 前
was i the only one that thought it was a "Blurred Lines" reference?
Behr Willsonn
Behr Willsonn 7 ヶ月 前
No you didn't "love" the sketch. You just can't think for yourself. That's what love is.
friendly76 年 前
I normally love SNL, but this sketch was literally the only one for me the whole night that made me laugh!
batgurrl 年 前
Everyone excelled and made this dry humor work. Blondelia’s ‘secret’ had Kate ‘chewing the scenery’, but in an effective way
Ron 年 前
Selina isn't very good at acting
Esther Govea Perez
Prefers to be real.
batgurrl 年 前
@Esther Govea Perez she great in these sketches
Zeynab Hoseiny
Selena looks breathtaking and this was hilarious 😂
jessie flores
does one of you have a weird laugh? Selena: *inhales a starburst she had between commercials* Ego: *imitates Santa Claus* Kate:hey hey hey the reaction priceless mastercardd
SeanT Lewis
SeanT Lewis 年 前
I would definitely choose the third sister. She is totally chill, and would be easy to get along with on a daily basis.
Marc Alvarez
Marc Alvarez 年 前
Only half way through this skit and LOVING the premise. "Guy REALLY expects something negative and can't enjoy the presence of life" That feels way too familiar to me.
Megan Santos
Megan Santos 年 前
It makes my heart happy to see Selena thriving ❤️❤️❤️
ceres090 年 前
I love that they nailed the fairytale trope.
Yeeboye 年 前
Mikey Day almost cracked and he never cracks, Kate is hilarious😂
Health and Horror
When he does he bows his head to hide his face like he's taking a pause. He did it once with the military dog sketch.
UkeCan1 年 前
@Health and Horror He did it twice here.
A A 年 前
I noticed that I was dying 😂
Health and Horror
@A A You should see a doctor about that...😜
Zach L
Zach L 年 前
This was a really subversive sketch! Love it.
Personguy640 年 前
Absolutely hilarious sketch! Always love watching Mikey break
dabocker 年 前
I knew the 3rd one had to be weird because she was played by Kate McKinnon. If anyone's gonna play the weird character, it's her cuz she does such a good job with it.
God is Good
God is Good 年 前
Kate never disappoints.
Good Vibes
Good Vibes ヶ月 前
Selena laughing makes it more funnier 🤣🤣😂😂
taylor gazella
taylor gazella 9 ヶ月 前
The fathers face says it all. He knows why she’s weird, he knows what’s up And is trying not to laugh and give it away
Samwise Gamgee
Kate was pure gold in this sketch, I freaking love her so much.
J ferguson
J ferguson 年 前
When she said “one of the girls is weird on purpose. She’ll make a joke before anyone can judge her” I thought they were going to go into a whole ‘I’m not like other girls I make silly faces sometimes’ type of thing and I need one of those sketches.
Rose 年 前
I did not see that coming the ending had me laughing. It’s 3am I shouldn’t be laughing everyone’s sleeping lol LOVE! 💜
Genesis Cairo
I can't this was genius. ... McKinnon and the gang are just too good 😂
Jessica Anderson
lol its rare that Mikey breaks character but Kates just too funny
UkeCan1 年 前
Kenan broke him too.
LeilaLamb 年 前
I stayed up to midnight watching Eurovision. Kennan is right, it is indeed, ‘just so late’. That line cracked me up!
Gregor Baby
Gregor Baby 年 前
🇺🇦Slava Ukraini🇺🇦
Carlos Chambers
Mikey nailed it : As soon as Kate came out you could sense the impending-crazy.
Vermouth 6 ヶ月 前
The midnight joke made me laugh out loud, love it!
Mims 年 前
Can we take a second to admire how stunningly gorgeous Ego is
GoRilla Trucking
The simpery I have seen lately for Ego.... I like it...I also simp for her.... beauty, talent, personality. She's a certified 10!
GreenDaddy 10 ヶ月 前
This is one of those skits with a decent premise that you expect might not be as funny, but it was actually pretty hilarious. Nailed it. Huzzah!
Madeline 年 前
ok this one was so funny. seeing mikey almost break always kicks my butt, & i love anything where they do 'medieval court', but mostly i just loved the subtle break of the fourth wall as the center of the skit, too good
Carmen Mendez
Me encanta Selena Gómez ya extrañaba verla en programa de televisión
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 年 前
Speak english
The Bee
The Bee 年 前
@Jim Jones mind your own business
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett 4 ヶ月 前
Interesting. It seems like Spanish. I mostly got what you were saying.
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett 4 ヶ月 前
I loved Selena Gomez when she was on Disney channel.
Kevin Paulson
OMG. I so love Kate. You bring joy to my heart and laughter to my mouth
J R 年 前
This was a really good sketch, very funny!
vmm 年 前
Wow - Selena was almost unrecognizable but very pretty as a princess.💚
Adam Rivera
Adam Rivera 年 前
Kate is just to amazing she is the main reason I watch snl
Violet 10 ヶ月 前
I love how you can tell they’re just trying so hard not to laugh
Ceares 年 前
Honestly, my favorite line was "thanks for killing the dragon, though no one asked you to." He is a dragon dork and I figured the girls were crying when he was going to leave because they didn't want him to murder another innocent dragon just to get to marry into royalty and money.
Paige Bratton
Paige Bratton 11 ヶ月 前
Selena's weird laugh genuinely made me choke on my drink I was NOT expecting that
Boston Spartan
Wrapping up the sketch for good. A fitting ending.
Nameless 11 ヶ月 前
Ooh! Ooh! What happens at midnight?” “It’s just so late.” Best joke I’ve ever heard 😂🙌❤️
As soon as kaye said "hellio" i couldnt stop laughing cuz i knew something was coming 🤣
Mayank Bisht
Mayank Bisht 年 前
I really thought till the end how could kate be so normal and then boom ! 😂😂😂
Red Lupo
Red Lupo 年 前
I figured she was going to have a tail, but no.
Hank Moody
Hank Moody 年 前
@Red Lupo She had a tail all right :P
Teds HoldOver
Did Kate just rattle off a "hey hey hey?" And Kenan played Fat Albert. Damn it - what is the third part of this conspiracy??? 🤣🤣
Celeste 年 前
It sounded more like Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines
Alyssa J
Alyssa J 年 前
this is immediately what i thought lol
hogcaller 8 ヶ月 前
I like Selena's voice, she's a good actress.
Matthew Curlee
Watching Kate making Selena break at 4:14 was the best
4:14 *Selena breaking character is so golden imo😂😭*
LooseCo 5 ヶ月 前
Kate McKinnon almost got the prince to break with her laugh. You could see him trying hard to push it down
2000brickz 年 前
Kate is always funny.
kawya sudasinghe
No but Selena's lil dance is soo funny 🤣
Jonathan Kobles
The sketch was perfect until the end. The sisters should have just been normal (since that is the meta joke of the sketch), but Blondelias laugh one more time on the way out would have left me dead.
Whidden 4 ヶ月 前
Selena breaking character when she said, "Dragon dork" was better that the whole skit.
L W 年 前
3:18 Mikey breaking is hilarious.
J.M. Sturdivant
Right? Especially because he NEVER breaks.
Alexandria Virginia
The way he looks at her when trying to hold it back. Hahaha
UkeCan1 年 前
Kenan broke him too. 3:34
CaptainHamsterPants 2 ヶ月 前
I love how this sketch is basically "we did this for almost 3 seasons and it weird".
Cameron Robinson
Well I got to say I thought this was pretty clever. Mainly for the fact that when it started with the story of the night meeting Three Princesses my first thought was that I'm just like so many Saturday Night Live sketches there is going to be two normal girls and then one he was going to have baby hands or something. Them playing with their own Trope was actually pretty funny
Genesis 年 前
Selena is soo funny!!
Wolfe 年 前
it's not a kate character unless she throws in "gay." oh man this is why i love her LOL
Eris Strife
Eris Strife 年 前
Anna? Olaf? I'm gay?
Elena DeVour
Elena DeVour 年 前
selena cracking up at it makes it even sweeter
Hank Moody
Hank Moody 年 前
You uh... youre pretty easy to please, huh? lol
Wolfe 年 前
@Hank Moody yes yes i am
OMG I loved this!! I did actually expect something to be weird, so it made it funnier that it was just...normal, lol!
Jade Roberts
Jade Roberts 年 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-mpOkBNG6Elg.html Finally it’s here.
Geezer D Luffy
Good thing she's pretty she sure as hell isn't funny
@Geezer D Luffy #nailedit
Nota Fakename
Mikey Day is always a win!
Dave Smiling Coyote
Who wouldn’t choose Kate? She is funny, smart, and beautiful! And of course she’s into chicks.. Damn the luck.. 😂😆
Candace Salim
❤ Selena you rocked this!
blondie 年 前
kate’s laugh had me wheezing
Human Endeavor
Brilliant! Totally unexpected! But explains the search for the weird! I haven't been surprised by one of your sketch dialogues in decades.
Josshers Music
this is funny bc it’s like a spoof on their own sketch style of when they have three people in a row, like the alien abduction sketch with ryan gosling
J S 年 前
Good job. You got the joke
Mitzi McCoy
Mitzi McCoy 年 前
@JS. dang
T Shepherd
T Shepherd 年 前
And the mermaid sketches with Kate as Shud.
David 年 前
Well that and every fairy tale where there's 3 of something there's always some kind of a trick
D C 年 前
Ego has definite theater vibes. She has probably done a ton of plays.
dbzcupcake 11 ヶ月 前
I'm worried he never noticed his second two daughters are VERY different than his oldest 🤣
Maggy Nakimuli
The laughs😂🤣 and I didnt expect that ending 🤣😂
Matt Villines
One of the rare times they can get Mikey, the resident straight face of the cast, to break.
UkeCan1 年 前
Shazookee Moon
That sneaky grin at the end did me in. 😂 😂 😂
Kate made mikey almost break 😂 3:15
UkeCan1 年 前
Kenan broke Mikey too 3:34. And Kate broke herself 4:54.
edith ♡
edith ♡ 年 前
This skit was cute! I love Kenan Thompson and Selena Gomez!
Aaron C.
Aaron C. 4 ヶ月 前
I love the part at the end where bubbles are coming out of her butt. LMBO 🤣 Now I get what they mean by "bubble butt." LOL 😂😂😂
Ashesh Dubey
Ashesh Dubey 3 ヶ月 前
I was totally expecting her to have a tail or something but would never have imagined THAT 😂😂
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