This is why I trust NO ONE around my kids!!!

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コメント数 100
Yktv 3 日 前
Why would u wanna be more tannnnn😭
Carrie Halsey
Carrie Halsey 3 日 前
Javvv Hussein
Javvv Hussein 3 日 前
We call it NAZAR
Diana Alvarez
Diana Alvarez 5 日 前
Do you guys also believe in empacho
Mehnaz 6 日 前
Your right bram, we say evil eye in the Middle East
Nina Zk
Nina Zk 6 日 前
I'm from Poland and my grandmother always made sure that if there was a new baby they had something red near them at all times, because that red colour would like "scare away" the negative energy and the energy from people that would stay stuff like "such a good baby" or "such a beautiful baby" 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Fatima medina
Fatima medina 7 日 前
Now this was some juciey tea! Hope your plants are doing good💪😎👋
11:36 🤣🤣🤣
Chelsea Maye
Chelsea Maye 7 日 前
I love Luis, my good olo beats mal olo
Chelsea Maye
Chelsea Maye 7 日 前
Mónica Deana
Mónica Deana 8 日 前
I just moved from a weird bad vibe house and made sure I got my mal ojo made by a Hispanic lady!!
PHUKu Too 9 日 前
BLACKcom still can't talk????? Bratty must of taken too many drugs. She isn't aging well at all!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
jancycx 10 日 前
did any else see that at 7:13 ??????????
Chloe Aldave
Chloe Aldave 11 日 前
my grandma talks to my moms plants too lol
Karina Rodriguez
Karina Rodriguez 11 日 前
Bramty speaks to my soul 👀 Also me looking at her nails after 5 videos and extremely convinced to go get my nails done the same!! ❤️
Melisa Culaj
Melisa Culaj 11 日 前
he said non no no no haha
Miurel Zamora
Miurel Zamora 11 日 前
I don't believe in anything that is pseudoscience but all opinions are respected and if you believe in the mal ojo and do not cause harm to others, rather you have good intentions then you do you boo 🙌🏻
Jose 11 日 前
y'all really needa start posting more chisme Lmfaoo
tawny 12 日 前
bro why did levy just freak tf out like that 😭 all bc p was tryna help 😭😭
Madihah Mahmood
Madihah Mahmood 12 日 前
What you’re talking about is called ‘Nazr’. Nazr is an Arabic term which means the evil eye. It is very very real and does exist. We should seek refuge in God’s protection.
giacchettitt 12 日 前
Rebecca Spellen
Rebecca Spellen 13 日 前
It’s a latino thing. My mom also talks to her plants and i just look at her like wtf is this crazy woman doing 😂
Amanda A.
Amanda A. 13 日 前
🧿 love n light .... I so believe in the ojo.
Shamma The unicorn
girl that lady has a bad eye
I was born in bought up in middle east n then shifted to India..More than middle east,some people here are enviois with your life..N people agree or not,but it does effect your daily lives.Better to ignore such ppl,and not reveal your success with them. The basic rule,when people enquire more about you,and stop talking about their lives,thats when you should be careful with them.
Jessica Leiva
Jessica Leiva 14 日 前
omg the same thing happened to me as a new born i was around a week old and my mom told me i turned extremely red and was puking a lot
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 14 日 前
2:55 talking to your plants helps them grow & stimulates them... ✨science✨ Plants are living things 🥰
Haile H
Haile H 14 日 前
omggg i thought my mom was the only one who talked to plants 😭
damne brrenes
damne brrenes 14 日 前
My family does Santeria and we where taught not to use it for the bad and honestly some people do use it in ugly way but not always
brittney isida
brittney isida 14 日 前
I swear the things Luis says get worse and worse every year 😂😂😂 omggg he cracks me up 💀
Cynthia Lopez
Cynthia Lopez 15 日 前
I totally agree with you! I belive in it too
Tanya Arias
Tanya Arias 15 日 前
YYESSS!! It's so real! It happened to my aunt when she was super young. She was working at a hair salon and some lady came into the shop to work there and no one liked her vibe and she cut my aunt's hair took it and buried it somewhere and now she's bipolar and living hell. And because she buried it it cannot be reversed.
Madixxie Plays!
Madixxie Plays! 15 日 前
There are evil eyes-
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 16 日 前
mom lmao
Yessenia Sanchez
Yessenia Sanchez 16 日 前
Jawbreakers 16 日 前
I'm cringing so hard rn
Heather Loflin
Heather Loflin 16 日 前
Hahaha I love these videos
Sandra Henandez
Sandra Henandez 16 日 前
They say if you put a mirror in front of your door the negative energy goes back to whom ever walks in your home.
Linel Perez
Linel Perez 16 日 前
My mom says that having savila in your house is important because it dies when negative energy comes into your home
M Elle
M Elle 16 日 前
This is true!! About the plants and energy
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 16 日 前
i love bramty’s little talks where she always has a little motivational talk towards the end it makes me feel so comfy. i feel like her child and i’m living for it LMAO😌
Galilea Hernandez
I love Luis so much, he's so funny and litteraly a blonde without being a blonde
Marisela Vazquez
Marisela Vazquez 17 日 前
La envidia... Girl✋
Official Aeleen
Official Aeleen 17 日 前
About the bad energy thing something happened to my lil cousin in Mexico when she met someone new and after that day she has been in a bad mood doesn’t feel like doing anything she can barely eat, pukes everywhere and my grandma and aunt are gonna get people from a church to help take out the bad energy
Karen Shafer
Karen Shafer 17 日 前
My mom also talks to her plants lol It is a Peruvian thing lol
Karen Shafer
Karen Shafer 17 日 前
I belive in : Bad energy And Bad ojo
Dime 17 日 前
L0vely. Anime
L0vely. Anime 17 日 前
Get yourself the mal ojo bracelets.
Peter Amen
Peter Amen 17 日 前
Im spanish and Porta Rican and i believe in the evil eye i also belive in god .
Heiliken Maya Romulo
I do believe mal ojo I am Mexican
MrCreeper13714gg 17 日 前
C. C.
C. C. 17 日 前
You need Jesus in your life. Yes energy is real. But only God can help you. I am cuban. I've knew people in &out of family who get in contact with the dead/or curses. But I believe in Gods supernatural power. Over anything. So contact a good pastor to pray for your family. All Love and Peace fill your home and hearts Bramty💞
Samantha Arroyo
Samantha Arroyo 17 日 前
My grandma baby died from mal ojo
Jani Borrego
Jani Borrego 17 日 前
Luis sometimes doesn’t make sense 😂
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 17 日 前
I 100% believe bramty because when my mom’s cousins comes over he plants start to die as well and my mom always gets bad vibes from her cousins.
Kristy Kremes
Kristy Kremes 17 日 前
Balcom has such a deep voice for a little kid 😂
Camila Leon
Camila Leon 18 日 前
Take a shot every time Bramty says warehouse 😂
Ana Godinez
Ana Godinez 18 日 前
I agree with you girl and I believe in mal de ojo.. how there’s good there’s bad
Maricela Garcia
Maricela Garcia 18 日 前
I believe del mal de ojo, fear when I go cut my hair. Is long and black.
Noorah Siddiqui
Noorah Siddiqui 18 日 前
i love bramty’s little talks where she always has a little motivational talk towards the end it makes me feel so comfy. i feel like her child and i’m living for it LMAO😌
Cynthia Rascon
Cynthia Rascon 18 日 前
I believe it! That’s why I never have people over at my house
Alejandra Enciso16
My mom talks to her plants & they're beautiful. She stops talking to them & they dry out! Lol
Iliana O
Iliana O 18 日 前
You should buy some bamboo plants, those are good for the malas vibras
Strawberry ice cream Was alexandthedolls
I’m middle eastern. Yes we do believe in this. When I was little we have are family business and the lady who baby sit me works For us. But she’s always been sketchy! Because my parents didn’t feel anything wrong with at the time. My instinct was to always be around her! Even when she tried to put me to sleep. I never slept till I Hurd my parents come home! When my parents found out she can be sketchy! My older older sisters started to babysit me! We still have her work in are family business but she’s still pretty sketchy! we have tried to put help wanted signs and or people want to just come in and fill out an application! But know one did! so we are stuck with her! we have are trust worthy employees watch her! To make sure she doesn’t mess up anything! as A 20 Year old now when I see her. I still get bad vibes from her
It's Mya's Life
It's Mya's Life 18 日 前
I believe it . And it’s true what you said about keeping things to yourself because people will wish bad upon you in a heartbeat.
Elin Ehrarli
Elin Ehrarli 18 日 前
I love when bramty doesn’t wear too much make up in front of her kids but like over moms wear make up every day beside there kids who agrees
Amaya -08
Amaya -08 18 日 前
My mom actually told me that this one lady (when I was little) complimented my hair and was touching it then the next day my hair just was unmanageable and tangled. 😭😭😑
Stephanie Morales
My mom would either put garlic inside my baby brothers clothes since the day he was born to keep bad energy away or she would attach bins crossed to keep away any bad energy or mal ojo
Mikey The2nd
Mikey The2nd 18 日 前
Hi gamers.
Rana Zoa'bi
Rana Zoa'bi 18 日 前
Didn’t know that Hispanics and Arabs have so much in common 😅
GibGabs 18 日 前
Bramty you’re not crazy I’m in Florida too (although it doesn’t matter where you live) but I’ve been seeing and feeling a lot of bad energy in places I’ve been too where people that haven’t had good idealogies have been despite you not wanna to say it that way because of the social media criticism which I understand
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 18 日 前
10:20 when Penelope was making fun of how Balcom says yeah and then when Bramty asked if he was okay and he said no I was dying of laughter 😂 😂
R Music
R Music 19 日 前
Im half Mexican, half Salvadorian and i was born in California and no one in my family believes in the evil eye and i dont think its real.
Nicolee Martínezz
And because of mal ojo Bramty didnt say anything about her brand to her “friends” cause mal ojo is a thing people im telling you .
C O 19 日 前
Luz santana
Luz santana 19 日 前
Raises hands 🙌🏽
unavailable unfortunately Padilla espinoza
It's facts I believe in it all but I am gifted also so I do believe
unavailable unfortunately Padilla espinoza
Her and mother are so excited bless happy to watch and pray for facts
Claudia Gonzalez
Claudia Gonzalez 19 日 前
I 100% believe bramty because when my mom’s cousins comes over he plants start to die as well and my mom always gets bad vibes from her cousins.
Brissia Lopez
Brissia Lopez 19 日 前
Bramty’s face at the end had me dying 😂😂😂
Quetzalli Aguirre
Wait me and my brother have that spider man toy.
randoff32 19 日 前
Never trust atoms. They make up everything.
randoff32 19 日 前
What did the football player say to the flight attendant? "Put me in coach"
Alyssa Kingsley
Alyssa Kingsley 19 日 前
Penelope mocking Balcom is so funny hahahah
Valeria Torres
Valeria Torres 19 日 前
wen Louis really said I have good Hojo and bramty said what the f
Tom T
Tom T 19 日 前
O_o 19 日 前
julissa perez
julissa perez 19 日 前
where are you going? THE WEARHOUSE!!!!
Love my home
Love my home 19 日 前
Evil eye. People use black magic to hurt anyone. Happened to a family member who passed from a cruel evil eye
Melany Ramos
Melany Ramos 19 日 前
i thiught the name pinky bunnie was like pinky for p and bunnie for bramty but still so cute
Cassandra Cruz
Cassandra Cruz 19 日 前
Tell me you watch tik tok too much without telling me you watch tiktok too much
Xiadany Irigoyen
Xiadany Irigoyen 19 日 前
i LOVE how they put equal attention to all of their kids because some parents have another kid and just put all of their attention to the new one. penelope looks happy and loved glad they didnt just stop paying attention to her just because they have younger ones
Karl Campbell
Karl Campbell 19 日 前
Jessi Reyes
Jessi Reyes 19 日 前
Cubans have the most santeria ppl to
Ivet Leon
Ivet Leon 19 日 前
It’s crazy how people actually use brujería, it happened to my mom and I almost lost her, so I strongly believe in that. There’s so much bad energy in some people that they use these kind of stuff to hurt others.
Araceli Elias
Araceli Elias 16 日 前
Yes ! I believe in it too . I personally know someone who had it done to them so scary !!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 17 日 前
10:20 when Penelope was making fun of how Balcom says yeah and then when Bramty asked if he was okay and he said no I was dying of laughter 😂 😂
Yadi Hermosillo
Yadi Hermosillo 19 日 前
“Weby 🥺” - Balcolm
Camila Diaz
Camila Diaz 19 日 前
Hi, no hate what so ever, I rly love u guys, I wanted to let you know that Santeria and Brujería are two completely different things, pls do ur research ❤️ This is coming from a Cuban santera 😘
nawal ward
nawal ward 19 日 前
Evil eye sis watchhh who comes to your house
Stxupid Kxevon
Stxupid Kxevon 19 日 前
Love you guysss
Stxupid Kxevon
Stxupid Kxevon 19 日 前
He officially quit
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