This Is It! Here's EVERYTHING You Need to Know About the 2023 Ford Super Duty 

The Fast Lane Truck
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0:00 Intro
0:50 Chassis
3:46 Style
6:44 Engines
12:02 Trim Levels
14:03 Tremor & Off-Road
17:06 Interior
22:14 Towing Tech
24:40 For Work
26:07 Verdict
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@TFLtruck 年 前
( 5startuning.com/ ) Thanks to 5 Star Tuning for sponsoring this video! Check out their website to find your tuning solution for your F-Series truck, Ford Bronco and more popular models!
Military applications.
Ford needs to retire the V8 and go to a straight six cylinder diesel. It is the best architecture for diesels. The original 6.9 V8 IDI diesel was a converted International gas engine.
@StrangeTimesNear 5 ヶ月 前
Does the new f350 have front locker
@objurgate1 年 前
Your commentary about this truck is better than what Ford gave us at their reveal show. Nice work.
@jnmaher1967 年 前
Awesome job Andre.
Andre cuts through the fluff
@razy7609 年 前
Legitimately, they need to just let me do the reveals
@IM-bp6uc 年 前
This is because these presentations are more advertisements than objective... everything is made to look like the best product in the world, but as there's not much new, they end up not going into too much detail to end up disappointing more than pleasing!!!
@TFLtruck 年 前
thank you for kind words!
I'm not a Ford guy, but nicely done. 1000% more information and detailed explanation than you would get from the dealership I would say. Well done 👍
Great job breaking down the trim levels and options on each of these. Really appreciate your observations and opinions. Keep on truckin, Andre!
@slmjake 年 前
Andre and team...we appreciate all the travel and work you guys do for us. Not easy on the family. But hope they smile when your fans come up and say hey!!
@TFLtruck 年 前
Thank you for the kind words. It makes it worthwhile.
I'm fascinated by the new base gas engine. I've been eyeballing the 7.3 gasser but truthfully I don't need it most of the time, if the 6.6 has some fuel economy gains when running lightly loaded that might be exactly what the dr. ordered.
@machfive916 年 前
Outstanding job by Andre on this presentation. Can't wait to see the numbers and see this truck in action once at the hands of the TFL testers. The features on these new trucks is nothing short of amazing.
Camera in the tailgate is a sweet idea hate having tailgate down when loaded and not having a useable backup camera. The center console in the STX is much better than the one in the limited user wise
Ford is really going all out not only for their customers that want a daily driver but also for the people who use their trucks for work. Going to be great for trucks moving forward!
This is bad for trucks going forward. The trucks were meant for the working class… I don’t think that class of people can afford these kind of trucks
That’s what you call a Great Heavy Duty Truck! It’s great when you can have heavy duty with style and comfort. One thing I wished they would offer is more of the two tone look on other models besides King Rancher. Thanks for the video guys.
These trucks have added so much in the way of options, convince, electronics, luxury interior and electronics upgrades and who knows what. About the only truck I can truly relate to is the entry level XL.
I agree. We're approaching $100,000 for a truck, if not more. I could care less about all the computer driven extras. Just more things to go wrong.
@mrh3085 年 前
@@davidgraham2673 Ford can’t even build a new truck that the oil pan doesn’t leak! 😳
@@mrh3085 , It's not just Ford that's overpriced, and underbuilt. I'm not a brand loyalty guy. I simply want the best truck at a reasonable price, and could not care less about the computerized garbage. Might be worth buying an old one, with intentions of rebuilding the engine and transmission. After that, A/C is my only concern.
Ford hasnt built a dependable pickup since 1979
@@brianjohnson6053 actually they haven’t since 2016 GM hasn’t since 2013.
The tailgate camera and upgraded base center console are awesome upgrades. Good work Ford.
Great engineering from the team at Ford. This is why I will buy another super duty.
I'm really interested in seeing how far Ford pushed the high output 6.7 From looking at the new engine the turbo is beefier and now has liquid cooling and looking at what their competition Cummins got from their HO 6.7 and then from what I've seen online with aftermarket tuners you can add quite a bit just from some minor shelf upgrades, I could see a decent increase especially in the torque department even though the normal 6.7 Powerstroke isn't low in torque but more is always better Of course other even more important question is how much more would it cost the diesel premium is already high wonder how much extra the higher output will cost ya
@Ratkill9000 年 前
Define by liquid cooling, because the 6.7L PowerStroke has had a air to water intercooler since inception back in 2011. Cummins is still rocking the air to air intercooler.
@jacobg5122 11 ヶ月 前
@@Ratkill9000 Liquid cooling means the turbo has coolant running through it, but the 6.7 PSD has also had that since 2011.
@ITrustInDog 年 前
I’m guessing a small power bump for the HO version and detuned regular diesel. Removing the CP4 and introducing an exhaust brake that performs like the Cummins version would have been game changing for those towing more than a travel trailer.
@TheMCD1989 年 前
I've been waiting to buy a 7.3 gas because I was assuming they were going to update it, looks like they did which is great but I'm not a huge fan of the new body styling. The 22 trucks look great.
Impressive truck, they just keep getting better. Great job on the commentary Andre, that was a lot of information to cover and you did it very well.
@weberjeff 年 前
Thanks Andre for the info. Great job as usual. I was waiting for this reveal since we chatted at Overland Mtn West to get the specs on the new truck. Interesting packages an options Ford. Can’t wait until pricing comes out and the configurator going live. Only disappointment would be not seeing a Powerboost hybrid option yet with generator like options. Maybe in 2024
looking forward to 6.8 figures... good move on the standard output/high output diesel IF the standard output is cheaper... 1075ft-lbs is catchy, but once you clear 800 ft-lbs, reliability becomes a main concern in my mind.
Damn, Ford is really killing it. Taking what GM and Ram are offering and going a step further. They sure take work trucks seriously which is nice.
@CoyoteFTW 年 前
45yr been best selling truck in USA allot of times it was by a big margin. That’s lifetime of people and generations.
@@CoyoteFTW only when counting gm seperate by seperating sales of gmc and chevrolet
@zimks 年 前
@@CoyoteFTW still parroting those marketing campaigns huh?
Yeah don't be fooled I have a new super duty its junk
@@vanwinkledan74 we had a 2021 f150 only 13k miles and the 3.5 Ecoboost blew up
Great review Andre. I always enjoy Nathan and your reviews. Very concise and no prejudice. KONG would be a great name for the new engine.
@TFLtruck 年 前
@jwright1776 年 前
I like the new super duty, but I’m partial to the 2022 specifically. I like the interior and exterior of it the best. We have a black out lariat tremor with the 7.3 and it’s my favorite vehicle on the road. I also like the old tremor decal better. Yellow badging doesn’t suit many colors well.
Aftermarket is developing cams for the 7.3 - w/ported heads and tune. Some guys are going with a harrop or whipple supercharger. So many options now. 👍
I've pushed people to 7.3L for 3 years now because the 6.2L was a travesty for heavy use. I FINALLY feel confident selling a Super Duty with the standard engine, which means that I won't try to push the F-350 over the F-250 because the price difference with the 7.3L was so minimal. Plus, getting the Dana rear axle with no ride difference for $1,070 was SUCH a great value! The 6.8L with the 10R100 and the Ford 10.5 (maybe bigger now) will be a great combination for the average & light duty truck owner! And they need to offer the 6.8L & 10R140 in an F-250 RegularCab with a 6.75' bed and
I absolutely love these new trucks. I love that they have added the side and rear bedsteps and they look absolutely amazing inside and out! I am really sceptical about water cooling on the turbo though i can see that being a big problem at some point, maybe not i don’t know.
Duramax has had a water cooled turbo from day 1
@@coolhandluke6459 All this Time and i haven’t known that? huh ok i guess the turbo should be fine then. I’m going to look into the duramax turbos.
@alsnow3582 年 前
Great job as always Andre. Interesting and informative.
@TFLtruck 年 前
Thank you for watching!
@machaf 年 前
it would sure be nice if Ford would step up to the airbag suspension. Its hand down the best mod I've done to my F350. If you tow heavy air bags make much a big difference.
@jebbush9614 年 前
Half the people people buying these are diving to their office job
The Work Surface is a pretty brilliant idea. But I wonder why they didn't apply it on other models.
Why didn’t Ford offer work surface on the console model w/bucket seats - like on the F150. There’s no console shifter in the way either.
@holdenc3082 年 前
Going to be interesting to see the horsepower and torque rating for the new 6.8. I will be surprised if it can beat the GM 6.6 L8T since it has direct injection.
Ford might beat it but have to look at the power curve. Peak numbers can be misleading. 6.6L can run on E85. I'm not sure if Ford will offer such.
Nice review.. Great info as always. So Ford FINALLY realized that pushrods work fine in low RPM Large displacement high torque engines. And got rid of the forever problematic overhead cams, phaser and timing chain issues.. makes for a much smaller engine dimensionally and so should be easier to work on.
The 6.2 are good motors tho
@51AB 年 前
The 7.3 has been out for several years.
@@51AB Yes.. it's just nice to see them realize that big displacement and pushrods work well. The 7.3 proved that to them. Now we have a smaller version for other trucks .
@51AB 年 前
@@kens97sto171 They have had the big V8's all along in the F250 and above because the Super duty is not bound by CAFE and EPA rules like light trucks and cars. The 5.8 was originally supposed to go in the F150 and Mustang, according to the Canadian union that builds them in Windsor.
@@51AB In the F-250 and above? Was it a big pushrod V8 or was it the overhead cam style. I didn't know for made a large displacement pushrod engine before the Godzilla came out a few years ago? The 5.4 Triton and it's derivatives were all overhead cam chain driven. Lots of problems with those. Cam phaser issues and timing chain problems.
Great work Andre, but one minor point. The diesels are turbocharged not supercharged as you said several times in your review of the high output Diesel engine.
@edog5768 年 前
Andre’s enthusiasm is next level and much appreciated
This may sway me to Ford as Im currently in the market for a 3/4 ton. The new body style looks so much better, I always thought the latest super duty bodies were ugly. The big question for me are the seats, currently RAM hast eh best seats with the lowest capability so I'd be interested to see how the seats are on the lariats. The current GM seats are pretty awful so unless they changed that in the 2024 they'll be off the list. Our traverse seats are awful for any drive over an hour.
@slmjake 年 前
What do you guys think about the 6.8 gas? Wouldn't it be neat to reach 18 to 19 mpgs empty in a gas HD and yet get about 10 to 14 laden? I still think there is a need for a light duty 3/4 and the f150 HDPP kind of occupies that space Curious what others think. Hybrid would be perfect. .
Seems like a waste to me (if it was some sort of hybrid system going for a noticeable bump in economy, sure). Numbers won’t be much different from the 7.3L.
@mikewest712 年 前
Mpg numbers will likely be achieved with cylinder deactivation. No thanks.
@cwisted5308 10 ヶ月 前
Quick question. If you had something tied down in the bed and you hit the brakes is there a chance the straps tied down to the tailgate points could cause it to fold up? If you had a heavy item in the back and it slid forward
My guess on the new High Output Diesel is 525hp/1,200 Ft. lbs. Torque! Awesome job FORD! Hit a home run again! Now just get the supply chain issues corrected for 2023!
Ram should update its low and high output diesels bc ford is way ahead of them
@Itsrang 年 前
@@supernova8715 Ram doesn't make the engines tho Cummins does
Indeed this one is for the Horsepower lovers
Nobody that actually uses trucks for work cares about the HP and TQ numbers war. Most fleets just want reliability and affordability
@Itsrang 年 前
@@platinumlawn4593 yes
@AK_Ray 年 前
It's pretty awesome that the full 2.4 KW is also available from inside the cab as well as in the bed
@63Imp283 年 前
I thought Andre misspoke when he said 20 amp in the dash!
2.0 k
@AK_Ray 年 前
@@gregbrooks3577 20 x 120
@@AK_Ray 2k propower onboard. Watch the video again.
@powellss 年 前
@@gregbrooks3577 Ford says 2.0KW, but the outlets say 120V 20A which is 2.4KW. So who the hell knows.
@mikebas7325 年 前
Way out of my pocket money range but I would take one of them Tremors just as it was shown. Maybe just a slightly wider tire but otherwise that thing is bad ass, color and all.
Yes, my boss just got a Tremor King Ranch and after he took me for a ride in it, I totally fell in love with that truck!!! That turbo diesel sounds amazing!!!
Great job on showcasing the different trim levels and packages. Will there be any new color options for '23? I hope so, Ford has gotten kinda bland in that department.
very precise and informative video Andre! So much information packed into this video 😃! Thank you Andre 😊!
I would order this truck from this page if I could. Andre is the best truck reviewer!
They literally did everything you can ask for in a truck with this one !
Very nice job in presenting the truck. You showed us everything needed to start a decision process for next year.
Good job.
@Lisa4Me2 年 前
Great informative vid on the new 2023 Super Duty Andre. Love it. Great job! I'll be keeping my eyes open for these to start landing on Ford dealership lots.
@TFLtruck 年 前
Thank you for the kind words!
@bat__bat 年 前
Thanks for getting the scoop on all the new Ford trucks. I'm sure assisted living homes across the country will be eagerly waiting the hidden specs.
Those tailgate parking cameras and sensors are an excellent idea!
It would be amazing an excursion with high output powerstroke and that interior of the heavy duty
Sadly, it would not be possible due to federal fuel regulations
@@derredhunter what regulations?
Those days are long gone
@mattbrew11 年 前
Federal fuel regulations outside diesel emissions do not govern HD trucks
@@mattbrew11 Not yet...
Best in the Business as usual. I didn't even watch Fords release. Came straight to you guys. Love the review as usual. Well done. Lots of information
Be interesting to hear the logic behind the 6.8. Some nice additions but not sure I would pick it over my 22
@jeff82z28 年 前
6.8 baby Godzilla replaces the underwhelming 6.2L. U can't use 6.4L for obvious reasons, or 6.5, 6.6 or 6.7 . Logical choice is 6.8 - Ford used it on the successful v10s and being the Godzilla architecture, it should be cost effective and make more power and get better mileage than the old 6.2.
@@jeff82z28 my thought was why need a 3rd engine, why not just use 7.3 as base. Seems like building a small godzilla is expensive with slow pay back.
@brewil3686 年 前
Thanks for the walk through. Really wish they would offer black out in platinum and limited. Long road trips, it’s sure hard to give up the seat massager. Maybe Lariat will get it.
@ryanrad96 年 前
Just give it to the working man! All trims get massage seats. Plz 😭
@brewil3686 年 前
@@ryanrad96 100% agree, seems like a basic necessity after a long labored day or 10hr drive...
@timmietz 年 前
It sure looks like forward to hurry up and do the review of this truck before they were actually prepared to be doing so due to the GM announcement earlier this week. it is a little weird that they did not specify the horsepower and torque ratings. The truck does look pretty good, though.
I hate chrome and brightwork on the wheels. Blacked out with a grey or dark green is just amazing. Outstanding presentation. These trucks are insane. They are more capable than the humans driving them.
I’m not sure if this is new, but it also looks like they added “treads” over the wheel wells in the bed for added traction when loading golf carts or four-wheelers, which is a great thought!
@-shadyG 10 ヶ月 前
Thank you for the overview. I noticed that the embossed super duty on the hood is going to make it difficult to apply PPF.
Nobody does better truck reviews than you you should definitely have Tomi and Nathan stick around so they can learn something from you
Ford has had 2 versions of the Diesel for a while. The commercial trucks had one version with a lot less HP. I had a 2018 F550 and F350 at the same time. The F550 had 370hp I believe and the F350 had 460 or 480hp. I don’t remember the exact numbers and I’m too tired to look.
@pineforest7528 8 ヶ月 前
Looks are less important to me than owning a solid, highly functional work truck, and this is it. Great job Ford.
@ril850 年 前
Exciting! Great new features. Some of the trims look good. Some not so much. Previous one looked better. Not a fan of the maverick front fascia being carried over. F150 and F250 took a lil step backwards on the exterior styling. They look good just not as good.
I agree, looks decent but is a definitely a step backwards. Reminds me of when they redesigned the 08 front end and how it was a step back.
I thought the 2020-2022 super duty looked so good! This new model may make me change my mind. Thanks for all the good info. Keep up the good content
Front on the 2023 Ugly
Nah bruh the front on the stx and xlt look good
@@vincentconte6973 Bruh ok
@jakefee9838 年 前
Super disappointed with the look of the front end on the 2023..... I think it looks hideous. They nailed the 2020-2022 but messed up big time here.
@superstar64 年 前
Something I want to say about the front end, it almost as if they are paying homage/returning to the style of front end used in the 70s and early to mid 80s, before the headlights wrapped around to the side of the truck. I know not everyone will like it, but I personally like that style.
@brada1997 年 前
I thought the same! I really like the new front end a lot. The grilles have been getting ridiculous in recent years
Wonderful video, Andre!!! Been waiting for more info and you definitely delivered.
@ledebuhr1 年 前
I have a feeling once the Hp-/Torque numbers are released on the Powerstroke H.O., it will be the more popular engine choice. Who will say, " no I would rather have 1050ft/lbs when I could have 1200ft/lbs".
@madweazl 年 前
I'd expect it to be more like 850 or 1100.
Awesome video thanks for doing it for us Ford guy’s 😊
Ford is truckin’ killing it! 🙌🏻
I just bought a 5star tune for my ecoboost. My only complaint is why I didn’t buy one sooner. Great product with great results.
@Steve-if6nq 年 前
Paid review.
@@Steve-if6nq I know it is. I’m just saying if you guys have an ecoboost and u want some more hp I recommend 5star. I put a K&N cai and a 93 octane tune and I got 90-100 hp to the wheels. All for $750. LOL I sound like a salesman 👨‍💼
Tuned my 7.3 Godzilla with them. 87 octane tune is only ~40hp but the trans tuning really opened her up. Highly recommend
@TFLtruck 年 前
Thank you for the feedback!
Had a 5 star tune on a 19 f150 3.5 ecoboost. Man that was fun I miss that truck
@kenwolf2431 年 前
This has to be the best front ends on a Truck period, not over done just a clean front end. I bet the new HO powerstroke will be the first 500+ horsepower Diesel in the market. I'am also glad they did not go overboard on screens in the interior. Just a nice-looking work truck. Reminds me of the older Ford trucks look, which I like better than the new ones.
Nice work on the video, my first F series super duty might either be a 2003 or older/newer but it has to be gasoline.
Thank you, Ford, for adding the tailgate-down camera. As an F-350 owner with all the rear cameras on his truck, it was a major oversight not to put a camera in that spot in 2017. Same with the proximity beepers. I see that GM and Ram are having a big effect on Ford's styling and features, though. GM's steps have been adopted, and a few subtle Ram queues are obvious in the styling. The most killer feature I would absolutely want my 2023 F-350 to have, though, is the payload sensing system. IMO an argument could even be made that for pickups, that system should be standard so that people stop overloading/towing. I already totally want one of these trucks (or GM's new 3500) but the prices are sure to be insane. I'm betting right now that an absolutely, completely loaded F-350/450 will top out at $112k.
@JordanTheMann 10 ヶ月 前
Your prediction on 500 HP was spot on!
@derekf85 年 前
Once again, Andre is proving he is the true king of the channel. Tommy is great too! Roman, time to step it up! ;P
@ril850 年 前
Roman is the worst, he should just stay behind the scenes. He should be in the mail room.
@DanBCooper 年 前
Well, looks pretty dang close to the current body style. But I’m a Super Duty fan so that’s not a bad thing. Nice truck.
I agree with most people. This truck looks older than the current truck.
Nice job giving us the new model... one question did they update tire monitoring so you can get trailer tire pressure right on 12" screen or dash screen? It would have been nice to add a turbo 7.3 gas ⛽️ engine... The Banks Family 👪
Do you guys know if the on board scales are optional or standard equipment on the xl trim?
Hey Andrey, did security check you on your way out for that work surface? Can't wait to see you run that HO power stroke in the Ike Gauntlet. Another channel reported 40,000 super duties sitting on a raceway in Kentucky wating for chips. I hope this mess gets resolved and we return to a consumer driven market, but somehow I doubt it will any time soon.
@dankruger2890 10 ヶ月 前
my wife likes the cubby's This looks way better than the 17' look. I am impressed, Got a 16' f250 and this truck looks just as good
@jakefee9838 年 前
Super disappointed with the look of the front end on the 2023..... I think it looks hideous. They nailed the 2020-2022 but messed up big time here. Thanks for the great reviews as always! Unfortunately they're probably gonna make it difficult to tune the ECM again like the 22.
@pineforest7528 8 ヶ月 前
Some love it, some hate. Typical human reactions . . .
If ford can implement their own kind of ram box. It would be a game changer. I like the Cummins and the ram boxes…. That’s about it
You guys are very professional! Best reviews
@cnetate 年 前
Yup, I'll be ordering a 23 Superduty and trading my 21 ram 3500 HO if ford hasn't gone price crazy like the ram. Be nice if the back seats could recline like the mega cab. Wonder if they updated the exhaust brake.
@thedude6810 年 前
i see on the website they will have a headup display and some other new tech, definitely interested in getting on now
@claytynnorson1981 7 ヶ月 前
King Kong engine sounds good to me! 🤷‍♂️ The Limited looks amazing. Thank you for showing it.
This was 100X better than the live stream - I wish they took everything from the F150 interior - I've been waiting 2 years for this update
It's nice as I'd expect from a SD, although none of these trucks are worth their current price tags. Good on anyone willing to fork over the bread though.
I just subscribed to your channel because this walkthrough is the best i have seen on the Super Duty. Super impressed!
I like the interior and the 2k watt plug. Would I upgrade my 2020? Probably not
I think it's a great looking truck with awesome features.✌️🇺🇲
@LWRC 年 前
This is still very preliminary but from what is shown in this video, Ford continues to innovate and push the design, styling and performance envelope. That said, here are a few key points which remains to be seen and was not shown in this video: • The digital instrumentation - will Ford keep the traditional analog Speedo & Tach with the round dials or did they go with the goofy F150 digital display that was shown in the 2022 F150 Raptor? Let's hope they didn't go the Raptor route!!! • The new 6.7 Powerstroke must be pushing 550HP and maybe even 1200 FT-LBS with that liquid cooled turbo!!! • Lastly, did Ford fix their transmission lockout problem that prevents the driver from using an open palm to push the shift lever from D into N in an emergency (disconnecting the engine from the drivetrain) without fear of engaging R?!!! All Ford's competitors do not have this issue and no do cars from BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Lexus just to name a few!!! Come on Ford - did you fix it or did you intentionally design in a bad safety feature?!!!
They also continue to be the industry leader in recalls. I've never been a fan of Ford's propensity for constant change. Their parts catalog is 3 times as thick as anyones after a decade. Really annoying since they also break quite frequently.
That Stx might just get me into a new f250. My 2006 tritonV10 has been a great work truck I’m looking forward to test driving a 23’ and taking on more jobs in style
Yeah the 2023's look nice, but I wont be able to get one till 2025 when the mark ups go away. Going to be paying 70k for a xl.
@stig120212 年 前
i love love that middle consule with the lap top desk and slider , but all i can think of is that its gonna rattle like insanity!!
This is more informative then ford itself. Good job TFL!
Love it, could never bring myself to pay $60k plus for a truck. Hopefully I ride the lightning before my truck does.
Very comprehensive Andre....nicely done!
@Rlnthndr 年 前
Really curious to see HO diesel numbers. After GM announced disappointing updated duramax numbers shouldn't be hard for ford to stay king. Might be time to swap my gmc for a ford.
Honestly, 99% of users won't even come close to using the capability of these engines including the Duramax.
GM numbers are what I expected. Was not sold on the claimed numbers. Ford needs to update their 10r140 trans. Until they do drive line will be the weak link for this HO engine.
@charlie9976 年 前
Seems to be more of a refresh, not enough styling changes to justify selling a current model for one but enough to choose this over the outgoing model if you are buying one
Like what I’m seeing. I think they missed the mark a bit with only 2000 watts of power. On a diesel with 2 batteries, they could easily have gone 3 or 4,000 watts
The on board power doesn't use the starting batteries under the hood. The on board power battery is under the backseat just like the F150s.
@jamesbondjh 年 前
I’m glad you can get the nicer headlights in the lower trims
@abc-jq4hi 9 ヶ月 前
As of 02/07/2023 when I go to do a build on the Ford website I cannot select the 6.8L in the XLT trim level, the only options are the 7.3L Godzilla or the diesel options. At first, I thought it was just in the Lariat trim level but it looks like it's across the board.
@rcdixon76 年 前
When will they announce 7.3 specs? Very interested!!
@lukeduke71 年 前
With so many units staged at large parking areas I am curious as to when these would actually be available. Seems as though the 22 units currently waiting on chips or blue ovals need to move before they roll these out.
Lol hopefully a blow out sale
There's only 40k sitting at the Kentucky Speedway. 😂
That's not how large manufacturing works. If you get orders you build said orders. You can't simply say to bad your order is going to be put on hold while we wait for parts on other orders.
I'm guessing the new F450 Limited, with all the options is gonna be pushing $120k, if not more.
The 6.8 will be the way to go