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コメント数 80
Blufishh 12 分 前
*sweats in 2020*
The Good Guy
The Good Guy 時間 前
This hasn’t aged well...
Jason Stickler
Jason Stickler 7 時間 前
people are like “i can’t believe youtube demonetized all of these!” and i’m like “yesssss no more annoying adsssss”
Lydia Smith
Lydia Smith 8 時間 前
The fact that they are like best friends now just warms my heart
Rana Sebak
Rana Sebak 17 時間 前
Shane: You wanna see if Jeffree is the monster everybody think he is? Me: If only you’d have seen all of that coming
Chicken 17 時間 前
Jeffre is literally playing gta irl
unsubscribe u fucking morons
Nina ooo
Nina ooo 9 時間 前
ᴅᴇᴛᴇʀᴍɪɴᴇᴅ ᴛʀᴀsʜ
It sucks that all of shane's shitty videos are his most popular, lol.
kakamimikaka 日 前
Haven’t seem Shane Dawgson and i came for all the hate and well what i can say i hace laugh so manny times watching this
Devin Chen
Devin Chen 日 前
this age didn’t well
「Moonlight Eclipse」
The security guy looks sounds like Rosa from tik tok
Sophia Goldblatt
He apologized so much 😳🥺😂
-Legoshiboi -
Jeffrey is ducking 57 almost 60? Her “boyfriend” is like 18-27 I smell a gold digger And I’m falling the cops
Wendy's Wonderful World
I miss these days...
Lord Of The World
Who gives a shit, he already got the money. Lol.
Sean Hanley
Sean Hanley 日 前
David dobrik sent me
Jonathen Rothbard
Was he joking when he said “we don’t have many friends?” That made me feel a bit sad
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 日 前
This 'man' is a nonce
Marianna Garzam
Marianna Garzam 2 日 前
This didnt age well
DaveyDukezZ 2 日 前
All these videos make me miss 2019.... FUCK 2020
Wonderwatts ML
Wonderwatts ML 2 日 前
This is how Shane ruined his career 😍
The Good Guy
The Good Guy 時間 前
Juan Grande
Juan Grande 2 日 前
why was shane up jeffree’s ass ab threesomes??😂😂
GodGamer 2 日 前
Are those dogs are those pom poms
jiaming yang
jiaming yang 2 日 前
this didn't age well
Jaylon Williams
Jaylon Williams 2 日 前
Shane: why is he so rich Me: HE HAS MAKEUP COMPANY!!!!!!!! DUMMY
desiiibee 3 日 前
Really wish Shane would’ve stuck with Garrett and Drew
Gothic mistake
Gothic mistake 2 日 前
@Koshiba lmao
Mr. Japperlingo
Mr. Japperlingo 3 日 前
This is my favorite series
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis 3 日 前
Who else wants to meet Shane and Jeffree?
Keels 06
Keels 06 3 日 前
shane - jeffree is so rich it’s unbelievable also shane - 22 mil subscribers 👁👄👁
scarlett O
scarlett O 3 日 前
lacey Pants
lacey Pants 3 日 前
It's so weird to see this after everything that's gone down. I'm still trying to decide where I stand
maxwell 3 時間 前
i mean, they're pretty clearly racists and just generally bad people. like shane wasn't some little boy who got corrupted by big bad jeffree, they both had hella hateful and shady things in their pasts long before they met each other. not a hard decision for me at all and this is coming from someone who really liked shane just last month
Nina ooo
Nina ooo 9 時間 前
xandxe I stand with Shane. He just got involved with the wrong people.
xandxe 3 日 前
same 😔
Tom Hallaert
Tom Hallaert 4 日 前
Becomng a beter person?! Forget it hè’s a mean person. Proud of his money, I prefer humble people. Hè is a hysteria gay man. It’s hard to watch. I’m gay, I dont hate in people and act so supperficial. Hè is just a stupid person.
Elaine Engel
Elaine Engel 4 日 前
Tom Hallaert I couldn’t help but read this including the accents
500 subs with no videos challenge
He’s actually bi not gay
Tom Hallaert
Tom Hallaert 4 日 前
Hè is rediculous
Chalespi 4 日 前
Why did I look at my dog and just said “I’m sorry you had to see this” poor doggo about to be depressed 😭😂
Jen Holster
Jen Holster 4 日 前
and now look what happened...
Ashira Altman
Ashira Altman 4 日 前
The best part of this entire video is Andrews laugh
Elaine Engel
Elaine Engel 4 日 前
Ashira Altman For me, it’s a little too much and bugs me. I wish I found it good, his videos would be easier to watch
danielle . edits
POV ~ your trying to find comments on the recent tea ~
lacey Pants
lacey Pants 3 日 前
Same Boo
Allana Garibay
Allana Garibay 5 日 前
Jeffree: never gains weigh Me: looks at a piece of cake and gains 10 pounds
Christie Allen
Christie Allen 5 日 前
Every tooth in my mouth is a veneer 2! ♡ Getting my teeth restored this summer again :) that's why this new mask thing is actually working for me :) wish I could come see how nice your house is so I could possibly figure out to live as nice! So amazing you share your life with viewers! Thank you!
bee 4 日 前
Boyle boy
Boyle boy 5 日 前
No lol
Sara Thomas
Sara Thomas 5 日 前
I’m sorry but the camera guys laugh is annoying
bee 4 日 前
That's your opinion
Mark Saber
Mark Saber 6 日 前
Hello I’m from the future but Am I the only one who thinks as soon as Shane Dawson met jeffree star he basically went on a downfall he just fell apart...weight gain. Breaks from youtube. Drama.
xandxe 3 日 前
i agree! if this series didn't start this might not have happened.. actually i dont think it would've
Tobykachu 4 日 前
Nah he was always a terrible person
Fine 6 日 前
i just want to go back in time and warn shane to never allow himself to be manipulated and used by jeffree.
xandxe 3 日 前
same 😞
Dan B YT official
anyone know the name of the song that plays from 35:57 to 38:02 WOULD REALLY APPRECHEATE IF SOMEONE COULD TELL ME THANKS !!!
Arlana Echols-Dobson
When he laughed/coughed/snorted in the beginning I literally smelt his breath through the screen and it was hot n nasty🤮🤮
Būßbŷ 6 日 前
Re-watching this and ngl it’s an amazing series
alyah 6 日 前
Both racists weirdos
8K Subs New NO Video Challange 2020
🖤love them too 🖤♡
xxDIEGOxx 7 日 前
this is the start of a mistake
Cloxdy Gamer
Cloxdy Gamer 7 日 前
Jacklyn Delk
Jacklyn Delk 6 日 前
@Cloxdy Gamer ummm okay
Cloxdy Gamer
Cloxdy Gamer 6 日 前
@Jacklyn Delk Just because I Clicked on it doesn't mean I watched it just saying
Cloxdy Gamer
Cloxdy Gamer 6 日 前
@Hello I'm already living one
alyah 6 日 前
@Jacklyn Delk 😐
alyah 6 日 前
@Jacklyn Delk You also said hes not gonna read it but he knows the things hes done so he doesn't need to read it
StudioCringe 7 日 前
oml- i thought Jeffree was like 20 Lmao
Jenna Vlogs
Jenna Vlogs 7 日 前
I wonder why Jeffree has named all his dogs with D
Gabryella Potlog
I don’t care about your past I love u guys
Gabryella Potlog
And I’m the immature stupid and ignorant one!!! Grow up and mind your own business !!!
Gabryella Potlog
@alyah I’m just asking my self why you all people don’t mind your own business ? U are so angry that I like them !!! Why??? If u hate somebody u block or ignore them !!!
Gabryella Potlog
@alyah I’m from Italy I star to watch there videos in 2017/2018 why I should be sorry for that I don’t know there past and I don’t care I just love the content!!! But do not call me ignorant or stupid !!! I can tell for sure that u all support Shane and Jeffree till yesterday maybe!!!
Gabryella Potlog
@alyah I don’t allowed people to call me stupid Shane and jeffree aren’t my friends I don’t know them personally but my mistake is that I love the documentary series that he made and jeffree’s make up I’m not sorry for that !!!
Gabryella Potlog
alyah ok but I’m 32 and maybe immature for my age fuck off u all
Wubqueen 7 日 前
Still watching. Still love. That's right. I said it.
alyah 6 日 前
girl bye
Wubqueen 6 日 前
@Alyz why you here then?
Alyz 7 日 前
Wubqueen no
Wubqueen 7 日 前
@ami xx of what? I know what's happening. Still love it.
ami xx
ami xx 7 日 前
static void
static void 7 日 前
Who’s here during all the Shane and Jeffree’s drama 💀
Sophia Walsh
Sophia Walsh 7 日 前
Kei 8 日 前
Even though Now i am so torn by everything and everything's so messed up Shane's comedic timing is still good, I got to admit
Kei 8 日 前
2:30 The series haven't ended yet xD we're watching the progression now
KS 8 日 前
Shane needs Actor of the Year award for always acting like he’s poor when his net worth is over 12 million...or should I say was...
Lily K
Lily K 2 時間 前
@Jessica Sperdute Listen sis we can keep this up forever but quite honestly I don't want to do so. You are correct that Shane does make a lot more money than he makes out to be, I just wanted to point out to the original commenters that net worth and in bank cash are not the same thing. I would like to say, in all fairness to both of us, around someone as disgustingly rich as Jeffree Star, Shane is technically poor. Jeffree is to Shane as Shane is to us average working people. At the end of the day that's it. No tea, no shade needed. So let's put aside this debate seeing as it won't change Shane's bank accounts anyway (no matter how much he's making). Oh and by the way, before I leave this comment thread for good, you should know you'd make a great lawyer.
Jessica Sperdute
Jessica Sperdute 8 時間 前
@Lily K I do know how monetization works, the recent changes to the platform, and this may come as a shock to you, but creators bringing in the views know how to circumvent demonetization so long as they're in JPvid's good graces. Le Le Pons is a perfect example of a top creator that can swear in her vids and still be JPvid's darling (as an added bonus, she's openly admitted that she makes content targeted towards children and still openly swears in her vids without facing demonetization). Just because Shane throws around the F bomb doesn't mean his videos aren't monetized. It just means that if he's a top creator and has good ties with JPvid, he can get away with it, especially if he's NOT making content for children. And saying he didn't have many sponsors may be true, but the fact is he did have at least one (Honey comes to mind) in his more recent content, and they're known to make more lucrative deals with top influencers and creators. There's also the whole brand deal with Target on his book as well as promoting Better Help as a sponsor in the past, but those are another matter. With Honey and similar sponsors, a JPvidr can also earn additional money with a sponsor if their fans purchase their content with a code (like beauty gurus) or by downloading/trying out their product through a link the creator posts in the description of the video. Again, just because he had a few ads on his videos or had limited sponsors doesn't mean he wasn't making money. You also assume I don't know why JPvid took down Shane's channel. I do. I knew they did it for damage control, just like Target did damage control by cutting ties with Shane and how Morphe did damage control by dropping Shane and Jeffrey Star. JPvid chose to do this now because they were waiting to see how people and other brands would react and how far this scandal would spread via the mainstream media. Because JPvid has done damage control in the past with Jake and Logan Paul, PewdiePie, James Charles, and so on. And like JPvid has done in the past with Logan Paul and other controversial JPvidrs, I'm sure after a slap on the wrist and a few months away from social media, Shane will be able to come back and keep making videos. His first video will most likely be a "docu-series" about himself and his past. And then everyone will move on. I'm not saying JPvid is in the moral compass we should all follow, because they've allowed some seriously shady shit onto their website. I'm saying that just because they finally demonetized his old videos doesn't mean he wasn't making money off of them FOR YEARS because all three of his channels WERE monetized. You clearly like Shane, and there's nothing wrong with that. My whole reason for replying to you originally was because you told OP to "sit down and be quiet until you take an accounting class before talking finance " ( love how you then claim you don't care to learn about monetization, btw. So by your logic, you should "sit down and be quiet," right?) when the original comment was just saying Shane acting poor around Jeffrey for the entire video was annoying. He was acting that way to be more relatable to his fans, when in reality he's got more money than his average subscriber. Just because he wears the same shirt with holes in it, has low self-esteem, and pees in a jug doesn't mean he's not rich. "I assumed people already knew this, but clearly some of us can't quite grasp that."
Zahab Lootfun
Lily K exactly, he also barely ever got brand deals or sponsors
Lily K
Lily K 日 前
@Jessica Sperdute You call me naive and yet someone such as yourself (who apparently knows the ins and outs of youtube) doesn't know how monetization works. I've been watching Shane for five years. I know, not as long as some people, but that's still a long enough amount of time to confirm that I have barely seen genuine youtube ads on his videos. Why? Because he's not a follower of youtubes petty monetization rules where if you cuss once you lose money. I will admit that I don't 100% know how youtubes payments work, because quite honestly I don't care. But I do know that content that isn't family friendly (like Shane's channel) will definitely not make as much money as the channels that do. The only reason youtube officially demonetized Shane's channels recently is because they didn't want to be attacked for not doing anything. They did something so cancel culture can feel better about themselves, when in reality nothing has changed except for it now being announced. I assumed people already knew this, but clearly some of us can't quite grasp that.
Jessica Sperdute
@Lily K You ought to study up yourself on how JPvid works. Even though his net worth isn't the same as his bank account, Shane still had money to spend. Before all this controversy, he was one of the top creators on JPvid, meaning he probably had some of the highest payouts for his videos. Most videos with 1 million views make an average of $2-4k, but top creators can have higher payout rates. Add in the fact that top creators can also be prioritized by the algorithm and you have a formula where being on the trending page for long periods of time = more exposure and views as well as growth in you subscriber count. This video alone got 48 MILLION views. And that's not even counting adsense, sponsors, or the merchandise on his store. So yes, even though he's been working most of his career to afford the things he has, to say he wasn't making a lot of money off his videos is plain wrong and a little naive to be honest. A lot of people can't make being a JPvidr into a full career, but the top creators are able to make more money and have more influence on this platform than they want you to know. And where did you hear he never got his videos monetized on JPvid? He had THREE channels that were all monetized until his past caught up with him.
Darkness Stolen
Darkness Stolen 8 日 前
Jeffrees dogs are all a mood Who’s watching in quarintine also?
alyah 6 日 前
@Diego how?
its bopseason
its bopseason 7 日 前
Diego no wonder u support Shane😂😂😂😂
Didlydoo 7 日 前
Lokesh Garg Calling me a racist? I think you might be deflecting bro.
Lokesh Garg
Lokesh Garg 7 日 前
@Didlydoo awww you're scared of a minority? ya racist
Didlydoo 7 日 前
Lokesh Garg This shows you’re intelligence, repeating the same thing :)
Amelie Atkinson
Amelie Atkinson 8 日 前
This was where it all started
JJ Estavillo
JJ Estavillo 8 日 前
I want to have a friend like shane Dawson
Amanda C Reiser
Amanda C Reiser 8 日 前
The start of a crumbling kingdom. Sad. And it is worse because this is his MOST.POPULAR.VIDEO.
Art Christianson
title should've been: *how to ruin my own careen an 8 part series.* 🐸👀
Italian Raat
Italian Raat 7 日 前
Davis Neyando
Davis Neyando 9 日 前
Shane: Rihanna is sick and disgusting.... She's... Andrew: no staahhpp. Jeffree: ok. Stop. 😂😂😂 Don't mess with Rihanna.
Jordann Grigg
Jordann Grigg 9 日 前
The moment shane wished he never met Jeffree!
Hayleigh Grace
Hayleigh Grace 9 日 前
Jeffree star is in the illuminate that's how he has to much money
khloe cain
khloe cain 8 日 前
We love theories here
twisted angel
twisted angel 9 日 前
aly is snazzy
aly is snazzy 9 日 前
fuck both of them lmaooo
alyah 6 日 前
@Lokesh Garg being white means? I'll wait
aly is snazzy
aly is snazzy 7 日 前
Lokesh Garg i’m a brown colombian but go off. you as a poc are giving US poc a bad rep trying to defend racists who have done nothing to change or atone for their actions. jeffree star called a black woman a gorilla and was known to continue to say the n word IN 2017 even after he ‘apologized’, so no he hasn’t changed and doesn’t give a fuck about black people or any poc for that matter. i’ll give a fuck about him and shane when they show legitimate change. next.
Alyz 7 日 前
Lokesh Garg we are the victim so we don’t need to play anything
Lokesh Garg
Lokesh Garg 7 日 前
@aly is snazzy seriously, get a life girl. Calling people out for shit they did years ago ain't gonna get you nowhere. Plus you're white so sit yo ass down. Y'all are the ones giving us POCs a bad image of people who can't forgive and always play the victim.
aly is snazzy
aly is snazzy 7 日 前
Syrian Raat what are you even talking about ?? LMAO
Tara Shukla
Tara Shukla 9 日 前
rewatching this during the drama is a hugeee trip lmao
isabella silvercase
I still have no idea what’s going on
a nice person
a nice person 9 日 前
the total time of jeffree's lies : 42:06
「 slxxpy._nr__ 」
a nice person total time of Shane Dawson believing him 42:06
Callie Ledbetter
Callie Ledbetter
Quest Rose Ok bitch
Quest Rose
Quest Rose 9 日 前
No we don't
Ahmed.A. Ramadan
And it all began from here
Ahmed.A. Ramadan
@yuliza my comment my opinion my thoughts not of ur business bitch .
yuliza 8 日 前
lol no it began way back tf u talkin bout
Quest Rose
Quest Rose 9 日 前
@a nice person grammar*
Lucy Bremridge
Lucy Bremridge 9 日 前
Ahmed.A. Ramadan *began
Ahmed.A. Ramadan
@a nice person omg lol i fixed it 😂😂
Lokesh Garg
Lokesh Garg 9 日 前
I don't care whats going on, they are two of the funniest youtubers on the planet. If you kept on nitpicking everyone's lives to cancel them, you're not gonna have anyone for entertainment.
Lokesh Garg
Lokesh Garg 9 日 前
@Quest Rose tell me one problematic thing that Shane has done in the last five years. I know you can't, Sweetie ☺️ Except the Tati James situation, let's not do the same thing again where we cancel someone after hearing the story from one person alone.
Quest Rose
Quest Rose 9 日 前
Instead of supporting racists, we can support actual unproblematic people. Not that hard
Hannah Meier
Hannah Meier 9 日 前
Of course you never drunk Jefree....
Black lives
Black lives 9 日 前
Jeffree Starr is basically calling me poor
Minimalist Vlogger
Dylan LaFerriere
Dylan LaFerriere 10 日 前
Whos here watching this after all thats happening with them?
Grace gph
Grace gph 9 日 前
what happened lol
mae beline
mae beline 10 日 前
His assistants need to write the tell-all like NOW
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