The Roast of Dragon's Dogma (Netflix Anime)

Mother's Basement
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When Netflix announced its Dragon's Dogma anime, I got hyped. Here's why that was a huge mistake.

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00:00 Introduction (Wrath)
03:25 Worldbuilding and Production Values
09:05 Tutturu ad
10:45 Terrible Writing (Gluttony & Greed)
16:33 Unsatisfied Wives (Envy& Lust)
22:31 Drugs are bad, Mkay? (Sloth)
27:03 Why? (Pride)

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Mother's Basement
Note: The timestamp at 16:45 is wrong due to a last minute addition to the video. the real end of the segment in question is around 17:53
Firzen Mido
Firzen Mido 年 前
You think no one goes from 0 to 100 for no apparent reason? Let me break it to you, there are people like that
William Chico
@Cowpoke I highly recommended for Afro Samurai. Along with the greatest blaxploitation film Black Dynamite. Then, I need to watch the greatest Netflix anime of all The Great Pretenders. The Great Pretenders is one of my favorite Netflix anime, and it's much better than Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro. But, then, I need to watch Combatants will be Dispatched! Combatants will be Dispatched is the greatest KonoSuba anime of all time, and it's better than Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.
Cowpoke 年 前
@William Chico oh Afro samurai on a different level, I think they had so much potential with a cool character and then wtf
William Chico
@Cowpoke Afro Samurai and Samurai Pizza Cats were better than Yasuke, better than YashaHime.
Pe pi
Pe pi 年 前
I love the scene where the show goes: "Guys, I think the rich are systematically exploiting us to stay in power." "Idk, man, you sound kinda evil to me."
Dauth Eldrvaria
@Ozma_The_Ox okay good. Lol
Ozma_The_Ox 4 日 前
@Dauth Eldrvaria yes, supporting oligarchy, imperialism and class oppression is a bad thing
Dauth Eldrvaria
Dauth Eldrvaria 4 日 前
@Ozma_The_Ox you say that like being “anti-communist” is a bad thing? Russia and China definitely aren’t systems I wanna live in.
Ozma_The_Ox 9 日 前
So, the average anti-communist
General Alduin
General Alduin 2 年 前
Ethan: “we should give some of this gold to the families who will all starve to death, the Duke won’t notice a few coins missing.” Commander: “monster!”
TheLastBallad 19 日 前
@Matixmer except they weren't taking it for themselves, but to stop their fallen comrades families from starving to death due to no longer having the pay. You know, because the sole breadwinner of the family _died_ and they don't have a system set up to take care of the fallen's dependants in the case of death? Instead the lord keeps all the pay they would have gotten in the future, and the family is left to starve. Ethen even says "your men's families deserve their rightful compensation, if your duke is so greedy that he won't do that, take matters into your own hands." In modern day, we _do_ have systems to provide for the dependants of public service workers in case they die. To stop this exact situation of "the sole breadwinner worked a dangerous job and died, so now the rest of the family will too." So yeah, strangely enough when you remove the circumstances that make an action justifiable, it stops being justifiable.
Kris 4 ヶ月 前
@Matixmer I would. It's just going to be burned or given to the state. Why not help the actual victims instead of letting them die slowly and horribly? Issue with this either way is that in modern time there's social services that would help those families, members can get just as well or better paying jobs and those cops had pensions that go to the families when they die. They didn't have that in feudal periods. Guard/soldier was the best paying job a peasant could get(until the middle class finally formed but only in the cities) and if they died then there's family go nothing but taxes and death.
Chris Daughen
Chris Daughen 10 ヶ月 前
@Matixmer Yeah, but it's weird how in the scene he laments how the soldiers' families will go hungry now that they are dead. Then when Ethan suggests giving them some of the money, he rejects the idea without hesitation. It's a bit jarring.
Matixmer 11 ヶ月 前
I don’t think that is as weird as it is made out to be. If this was a contemporary setting and the soldiers were policeman who just took out a crime lord while loosing a few of their colleagues, nobody would say yeah the should dip their hands in his cash because they deserve it.
Bea Kind
Bea Kind 2 年 前
Half expected our heroes to come across an underwater city and for Ethan to chastise the citizens for not just selling their houses to mermaids
Richard Pulido
Richard Pulido 8 ヶ月 前
@Softest Shade I would actually like to see that happen in the sequel if we get to see new types of Saurians, as well as other kinds of monsters there
Timothy McLean
Timothy McLean 11 ヶ月 前
@uzumakikat13 Specifically, from hbomberguy's climate change video. Which I believe is also where he pointed out that horses don't exist.
uzumakikat13 年 前
MS-06 Borjarnon its a reference to a memetic clip making fun of ben shapiro for suggesting that people living in areas sinking underwater due to rising sea levels sell their homes to someone else and move further inland. Because its a totally braindead take. Like a lot of the ones the show has.
MS-06 Borjarnon
@Maroon Tiger Ethan IS a liberal.
blarg2429 年 前
Villager: Just one fucking problem! Sell their houses to who, Arisen? Fucking Aquaman?! Ethan: Yes. Fucking Aquaman: **kills all the villagers for having refused to sell their houses**
damn rapunzel
damn rapunzel 2 年 前
As a frequent weed smoker, I've lost count of the amount of times I've almost been killed by a hydra at this point
Gabby 5 ヶ月 前
I just hope these hydrae are staying informed as to the changing legality of cannabis in America.
myles mcnary
myles mcnary 8 ヶ月 前
I was just scrolling along, reading this comment, minding my own business, and then that last part hit me like a fucking train.
s d
s d 9 ヶ月 前
@damn rapunzel thats fucked up..
damn rapunzel
damn rapunzel 11 ヶ月 前
@White William well, Japan does blacklist people caught in possession of weed more than they do people caught with child porn
White William
White William 11 ヶ月 前
So, the show shoehorned in a anti drug psa because they can?
PowWow Ken
PowWow Ken 2 年 前
Wait? Ethan had a wife and kid killed by the dragon? How stupid and cliche... In the game the dragon steals your heart and basically says "HAHA! catch me if you can" then dips Most of the town actually survives, I mean, having your literal heart stolen for a reason you don't even understand seems like a pretty strong motivation to me, why did they need to make it so generic....
Kenan Guliyev
Kenan Guliyev 8 ヶ月 前
Actually, in the game, Cassardis populace gets REALLY lucky because someone (main character) quickly tries to stand against the dragon. If MC acted like the others and tried to run away, Cassardis would end up as a pile of ash by the end of the day. Dragon's job is to cause destruction and chaos until he stumbles into someone with enough balls (or stupidity, tbh) to take it on.
Dave Privacy
Dave Privacy 9 ヶ月 前
The dragon literally is motivated to attack the village and everywhere really to cause someone to stand up with the power to takeover. The dragon does indeed want to die but is more seeing itself as a test to find someone worthy to carry on and succeed where it failed. I don't like the game ending much either but cmon..
Sneedling 9 ヶ月 前
The dragon isn’t even that bad of a dude in the game lol
DBfan106 年 前
@unlucky one Exactly. they explain in a really good way that reasons don't matter in the scheme of the dragon and senechal, the eternal ring only needs or cares about one thing. WILL. do you have the WIILL to face the dragon and succeed? the WILL to open that portal and go to the senechal. THE WILL to succeed. why you do it is your own business. how you go about it is your own business. but do you have the WILL. nothing about revenge, or justice, or even just adventure. no moral quandaries no bullshit preaching, just asking, are YOU the one with the will to keep going?
Jemand Jemand
and hannah was his mothers name. if we cant get a good story.... we just use the one dead in the fridge for years
Berutoron 年 前
You had me at "an unbearably preachy reactionary evangelical screed that gets so high on its own neoliberal "bootstrap" bullshit it accidentally ends up endorsing feudalism." A hell of a sentence this is.
Enzo Mayo
Enzo Mayo 5 ヶ月 前
That was such a good sentence.
Arcane Traveller
Ethan is a terrible arisen, He only uses one pawn and doesn't even try throwing them of a cliff to see what would happen.
Gavin Scarborough
I only used one pawn in my play through…
Exile 1994
Exile 1994 ヶ月 前
Plus you don’t become a dragon immediately after you get your heart back you have to fight god and lose and THEN you become a dragon
Yin Yang
Yin Yang ヶ月 前
The best part is pawns learn from our example, I wonder how long it be until they start chucking NPC off cliffs on their own.
Brian Estrada
Brian Estrada 3 ヶ月 前
(Me sweating nervously) uh yeah... Yeah I totally did those things to.
Blixer 2 年 前
What I found funny is the show makes the Dragon Right. When the Dragon is giving his speech about how evil and vile and weak humans are there are flashbacks to the events of the past 5 episodes, but there aren't any flash backs when Ethan gives his speech about how humans actually aren't all evil bastards. The show just straight up forgot to redeem humanity in their plot about how humans aren't all evil bastards.
Sony Nakamura
Sony Nakamura 8 ヶ月 前
Cause drugs are bad .. mkay, and they did drugs so they bad ... mkay... cause drugs are bad!"
Death Follows
Death Follows 2 年 前
Seriously, if you haven't played the game, all of this isn't as nearly as stupid and maddening. It's extra hard to swallow for those who have. To explain some parts of the game's story that give a reason for the whole thing: There are 3 sources of time. The God (Seneschal), the Dragon and the Arisen. Everything else in the plane of existence is guided by fate, not will. And even theose 3 have to follow some basic rules. The Dragon's job is to open a window in this fate system by attacking a city or a village or whatever. By doing so, some idiot is bound to rise up against all odds instead of running away. The dragon stops the rampage, acknowledges the one who stood up by taking that idiot's heart and making them immortal (only to time and desease). After that, the Dragon stops killing people and goes back to their lair. Now the newly Arisen has a will of their own, they aren't guided by fate (to be more specific, they were acting on their own since the Dragon started attacking). Like the Dragon once said "time flows with your (the Arisen's) footsteps". The second part of the Dragon's job is to test the Arisen as a replacement for the Seneschal. To sum it up real quick: If the Arisen is killed then that Arisen is being reborn as a lesser dragon. These dragon's are way smaller and seem to have very little to no memory of their human life. They are driven by their instinct which is to hunt and kill. One dragon in the game actually had a brief mental breakdown just before fighting with the Arisen, saying things like "I... must... kill..." or something like that. The main Dragon does have their human memories and no, they don't kill just to kill. If the Arisen kills the Dragon, then they get to challenge the Seneschal in order to take their place. If the Arisen dies by the Seneschal, then they are being reborn as the main Dragon and take on the job of finding another Arisen. If the Arisen manages to kill the God as well, then that Arisen is now the new God and the recently slain Dragon is being reborn once again to continue their duties. As you cn see, the one who gets dicked out most in this case is the Dragon who lives for god knows how long, only to die and live again as an immortal for just as long for once more. There are no extra rules like the seven sins and the Dragon is in no position to make such rules. The Dragon offers to realize a wish of the Arisen's choice for a sacrifice: the Arisen's most beloved person (that can lead to very complicated situations, as the DLC showed us). If the Arisen refuses that offer, they have to fight the Dragon. And then, not even the God is in any position to make any extra rules. As the Seneschal themself state "such is the office I have served", basically saying that even being God is just a job. There's only one small window for the Seneschal to change how stuff works and that's by rage quitting. If the God kills themselves before resurrecting a Dragon, then the cycle is broken and fate stops controlling everyone. The fact that the Dragon serves a higher purpose is very important. If any Dragon could do as they please, then the Arisen would hardly stand any chance against them. The idea that the Dragon makes the fight almost fair is due to the fact that it's just a test for the Arisen. No point in this test if the Dragon just flies around throwing fireballs until one hits the Arisen. The same goes for God. If the Seneschal wanted to, they could just erase the Arisen from existence. But it's not how it works. The saddest part is that the game is actually pretty philosophical. Almost everything in the game symbolizes something.
LANDMIND's soul 2 日 前
I felt this. As a watcher who never had games a reference the world and story is interesting but that dosen't take away to the mistakes of writing. The whole reason it's interesting is to the game lore and reference is carrying the plot mistakes.
Commando Epsilon
Commando Epsilon 29 日 前
I think the worst part about me reading this post: When I finished Dragon's Dogma, I completely missed or failed to understand just about all the lore, apparently, so I just ended up freeing everyone from fate for no other reason then, I was a god with a god slaying blade and wanted to know what would happen if I pressed the use button... exactly what you'd expect.
Death Follows
Death Follows 4 ヶ月 前
@iamjg pineda Nope. The whole idea of "you killed the dragon according to X sin" is BS because the dragon is in no position to place such challenges. That's one of the main reasons this anime sucked. It's pure misinformation for potential players.
iamjg pineda
iamjg pineda 4 ヶ月 前
i mean like you said killing the dragon they get the challenge seneschal in videogame. but this anime ethan killed the dragon and becomed the dragon? or was it becuase he killed the dragon cause of his SIN OF PRIDE (Anger) thirst of revenge he become the dragon sintead of getting the challenge of seneschal? does athan need to defeat the dragon without (thirst of revenge) to challenge Seneschal?
iamjg pineda
iamjg pineda 4 ヶ月 前
endless cycle.... prison...
MrBowser 2 年 前
"Noo actually poor people having basic decency is baaaad, we need to exploit them" The Animation
samuel aguilar
When even an evil dragon turtle king knows more about being a good leader that's worrying Glad to know you're a leader we can trust, Lord Koopa
Moonman ND
Moonman ND 年 前
Yep Definitely the anime industry.
Amon Cornix
Amon Cornix 2 年 前
glad to know Bowser supports the working class
Dabtastic Charizard
Yes. Climb the ladder.
Blue Blank
Blue Blank 2 年 前
“...Which I guess makes sense, if you define ‘evil’ as ‘breaking any rule to make one’s life better, ever’.” This show was written by Jigsaw.
X.A.N.A 10 日 前
@whiteraven181 People Jigsaw and Co have captured: - Drug addicts - Smokers - Employees of asshole guy who have really done nothing - A dad who wasn't grieving properly. - A detective who was too obsessed with following him - Evil Insurance agent - A guy who lied about being in a trap.
Jordan Etherington
Jordan Etherington 6 ヶ月 前
@Silburific 17 He's a real boomer
Silburific 17
Silburific 17 6 ヶ月 前
@I Live To Fight No, he would put you in a razor wire maze, the thing he did in the first movie because he saw a guy self-harming and straight up said "what do you have to be depressed about?" Because mental illness isn't a thing- it's not like people can have fucked up brain chemistry or problems that you don't make public for the serial killers stalking you. As far as Jigsaw is concerned, only people dying of end stage cancer have any right to be upset about anything.
I Live To Fight
@Dragonfell jigsaw would see my clincally depressed ass and fuckin.. chain me to a rabid badger and tell me I need to have a positive outlook or smth
Doc Louis
Doc Louis 年 前
Wonder how this fairs in a Japanese cultural perspective? There's seems to be a reoccuring trope in some anime about misanthropy especially in Evangelion.
Bernardo S. Scaldaferri
"He names her Hannah, after his favorite singer, Hannah Montana"
Dave Privacy
Dave Privacy 9 ヶ月 前
@Bernardo Heusi IIRC the names in the show were based off the two most common pawn monikers.
Bernardo Heusi
Ethan is an ok name IMO, however.
Yuyari Cachimuel
I read this and I have to begrudgingly hear that Migos song playing in my head….
Under15 2 年 前
Already a better story with this one change.
unlucky one
unlucky one 2 年 前
The most disappointing thing about this show was Hanna never yelled "WOLVES HUNT IN PACKS"
typacsk ヶ月 前
"We must save my family!"
Sony Blank
Sony Blank 8 ヶ月 前
dmon 9 ヶ月 前
"this looks interesting" *grabs a rock*
Shaun 10 ヶ月 前
“Goblins fear fire”
Oaks of Bashan
Oaks of Bashan 2 年 前
Shakesperean Dragon quoting Nietzsche has got to be the worst thing I saw today
YareYareJose 2 ヶ月 前
@Loris the thing about it was that the dragon was operating on a different philosophy and viewpoint that was beyond the understanding of regular human beings. it should have been drenched in mysticism- gnosticism, both if they wanted to be cool and to fit the dragon as essentially the demiurge, this godlike being who keeps people tethered to the physical world, away from the spiritual.
Spectral Assassin
Spectral Assassin 8 ヶ月 前
@digitaljanus You just made me remember this from a t-shirt. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you." I can never think about that line without thinking of that shirt.
digitaljanus 9 ヶ月 前
It pains me to no end that Freddie N., the most quotable philosopher who ever crawled all the way up his own asshole, has a million killer one-liners and the abyss and the monsters diatribe is always the one trotted out. I don't even hear "that which does not kill you makes you stronger" much anymore!
Scryer 年 前
I miss Grigori. "The ramblings of an upjumped zealot make for tedious listening." Which, come to think of it, is a phrase that could probably be used against this anime. Pretty sure nihilism is close enough to be considered a cult.
Brainbot Jezebel
@Eragon log horizon has a support magic MC
Pig_catapult 2 年 前
You know, butchering Nietzsche's warnings about staring long into the abyss loses exactly all of its impact when the premise of the show is that the whole world is already in the abyss and everyone is fundamentally evil.
TheLastBallad 11 ヶ月 前
"the premise of the show is that the whole world is already in the abyss" "And not the fun kind, where children bleed from their eyes" -MothersBasment
Kent Hambrock
You know you're doing something wrong when a literal cult makes better and more subtle anime than you.
Sawyer Douglas
Sawyer Douglas 2 年 前
The game was so confusing about why the dragon did what it did until you reached the end and found that he was simply a tool of a much greater force. He was sent down to find a person with enough will to fight him. Hell, the game shows a physical change in the dragon during the cutscene where the character inflicts the tiniest wound as a way of showing the dragon has found what it wanted. It immediately fucks off and tells you to come after it when you're ready because it wants you to succeed.
All Life Is Travesty
Like, the idea of a corrupt system falling and being replaced by another one is a pretty interesting and, sadly, a very common consequence in the real world. And discussing that all people have darkness in them, that even those who have been victimized can become abusers or the righteous can fall into evil, is an old but still very relevant and compelling debate. *That being said...* this show literally frames it like, "Muah human rights bad". Like dude, you can discuss the deprivation of humanity without going full Mao.
Ozma_The_Ox 9 日 前
​@Felis Impurrator so you're saying that they should've left the cyclops alone from stealing their food along with the landlord because if they got rid of both then a horde of pestilence nobody expected might arrive to destroy even more food because it was scared off by the cyclops before?
Ozma_The_Ox 9 日 前
If it went full Mao then the second they killed the cyclops, a horde of smaller creatures that the cyclops had been keeping away would have come to completely destroy the crops while the landlord they teamed up with him would get executed.
Valentin 8 ヶ月 前
@Felis Impurrator That comment made my eyes bleed thank you
Felis Impurrator
Felis Impurrator 9 ヶ月 前
@LitRim1 ayy l'mao the dong, glorious chairman of starvation any% speedrunning. (Option B)
LitRim1 11 ヶ月 前
By “Mao”, do you mean, like Mao in “Code Geass” or Mao Zedong? Sorry, those are the only two Maos I know, so…
Phantomkrieger 2 年 前
The worst sin of this adaptation is that Ethan isn’t joined by a revolving cast of other rando pawns that never shut up about how wolves fear fire. One of these pawns is fat wizard named Jim who doesn’t have anything equipped and another is a pawn 49 levels higher than Ethan who is able to one shot the final boss.
Titan Jakob
Titan Jakob 7 ヶ月 前
I once had a pawn named wei ling who was a maxed sorcerer who kept spamming tornados and ice spires like it was an afterTaco Bell toilet trip lmao
Sony Blank
Sony Blank 8 ヶ月 前
There weren't even any loli casters in lingerie. 0/10 not realistic pawns.
Spooky John
Spooky John 年 前
Literally anything one shots the seneschal.
Special guest appearance by Tommy Wiseau carrying nothing in his inventory but a rotten fish.
Dragonking CC
Dragonking CC 2 年 前
@TwitchingJacob TIS WEAK TO FIRE!!!
Blixer 2 年 前
Can we stop and really break down just how poorly written Gluttony is? Setting aside the idiotic both sides "Feudalism is good actually" moral of the episode just like the whole plot of the episode makes no senses. Setting aside the fact that this extortion racket makes no sense because the cyclopes is clearly making it harder for the peasants to produce the crops and food that the peasants use to pay their taxes to the mayor. Let's ask the question that the writers never bothered to ask: what does the cyclopes get out of any of this? I mean look at that Cyclops it's fucking huge, human children are like sausagettes to it! A man cannot live by cocktail sausage alone! So what does the cyclopes get from all of this, why would it obey the Mayor just for the privilege of eating a single child once ever six months? The Cyclops does not appear to be coerced into doing what it does so what does it gain from waiting like once a month to eat a single child? Why is the cyclops going along with this plan? The Mayor has nothing that the Cyclops needs, and we are never shown how the mayor could coerce or control the cyclops. The extortion plan requires the mayor to be able to control the cyclops and restrict it's rampages to only against those he wants it to go after. But there's no reason for us to believe the mayor controls the Cyclops and nothing to suggest that the Cyclops benefits from this this arrangement.
Macro Mail
Macro Mail 2 ヶ月 前
The cyclops is just a stand up guy like that, the mayor asked nicely
Charlie Cowie
... OK I've played a lot of Dragon's Dogma, and in none of the caves have I found psychedelic moss. All I found were rats, snakes, and very angry lizards.
blarg2429 5 ヶ月 前
They were angry because they had to rush to hide their stash from you.
Pixel Sabre
Pixel Sabre 2 年 前
What disappointed me the most was the dark fantasy tone altogether. The very reason I fell in love with Dragon's Dogma was how it was this bombastic, guitar-riffing epic adventure in its style and presentation at first, before turning into more abstract and high-fantasy themed takes on existential themes and the meaning of struggle and choice. And then comes this show that asks, "Hey, you know what we don't have enough of? Navel-gazing contrived moralizing on the seven deadly sins! Dysfunctional and brutal sexuality! Angry revenge for a dead family! Misanthropes and greedy assholes! Father-figure raising surrogate daughter-figure in a terrible world!" They could have literally changed the IP for Dragon Age and not only would it have been more fitting, we wouldn't have had to waste the unique elements that made Dragon's Dogma stand out. It missed the point about as much as the Monster Hunter movie coming out.
Fred Fuchs
Fred Fuchs 年 前
What's really disappointing is that we never hear an armorer say "they're masterworks all, you can't go wrong!"
So many missed opportunities
Nicholas 2 年 前
"Her pupils visibly dilate. an indication of arousal, while she's watching Ethan turn goblins into blood piñatas" I mean... would that not turn YOU on?
[sorry if old comment]
18:07 Timestamp :)
typacsk 11 ヶ月 前
@sad rabbit it's from SAO abridged :)
sad rabbit
sad rabbit 11 ヶ月 前
@typacsk I dare not ask what that means
typacsk 年 前
Personally I'm more of a "meat toboggan" fan
Pirate fangirl
Me, an asexual lesbian snacking on chips: nah lol
Borderose 2 年 前
Also, dude, Kayaba totally had a strong reason for doing what he did: He went through 400 hours of uninterrupted consciousness because Bethesda wouldn't let him delay the game release. He wasn't exactly thinking straight when his buggy masterpiece ended up killing people.
Borderose 年 前
@StarVolt Nexus Abridged is my personal canon.
StarVolt Nexus
In the abridged series anyway But yeah lesson learned if you ever make a video game of your own you either team up with a Japanese game developing company or you go Indie
Xaius 2 年 前
@The Otaku Dragon Slayer Saying I forgot can work... if they do it right. Something like: I thought I wanted to do this thing, but I'm blinded by the weight of my actions and don't trust my own memory. Poor example, but a possibility.
Noukan42 2 年 前
@Maela 3st that is actually kinda close to his LN motivation.
uHasioorr 2 年 前
Yeah, even simple: "I just wanted for this world to be real and it never would have been without death." Would be better than "I don't remember."
UrielSeptim 年 前
“The rantings of an upjumped zealot make for tedious listening.” This adaptation bastardized the dragon along with the rest of the legit interesting and unique lore
PowWow Ken
PowWow Ken 2 年 前
Pawn - "Arisen! Wolves hunt in packs!" Pawn - "Arisen! A goblins weakness is fire!" Pawn - "Arisen!" Arisen - "Shut up Pawn! Have you been hired by another player recently?" Pawn - "Well no Arisen.... Everyone's Pawn seems to be a Strider so it's hard to..." Arisen - "Back into the thong armor with you!"
Whippetha creem
Whippetha creem 2 年 前
"Not the thong armor!"
KEN BEE 2 年 前
Rayna M
Rayna M 2 年 前
All the great girls in the game that the anime just completely forgets about. Madeline the quirky peddler whose love of money leads to shenanigans, Quina the childhood friend who knows healing magic, Mercedes the lady knight who leads the Enlistment Corps and battles the hydra alongside the Arisen, Selene the former Pawn living in the woods and working as an apothecary. Such a shame the anime was an adaptation in name only.
Wolf 101
Wolf 101 2 年 前
"Dragon's Dogma seems to hate all humans" I can get behind that "... but this hate isn't spread out equally..." God dammit
Michael K.
Michael K. 年 前
@welon17 this anime portrayed humans as wild,uncontrollable animals,driven by their desires. The guy who created this shit as hell adaptation looks at humans like this and believe perhaps,he should bring us his wierd mindset closer than let us have the adaptation we all wanted.
@welon17 I think Devilman Crybaby pulled it off well, because it sandwiched it's criticism of humanity between "despite all that, we are capable of love and that is what is truly wonderful about us short-lived, petty creatures."
Spirit teddy
Spirit teddy 年 前
That's probably my favorite quote from this channel now.
FelineElaj 2 年 前
Yeah, I'm also was disappointed when he started harping on my soggy knees.
welon17 2 年 前
It's not Dragon's Dogma. It's every anime trying to be critical to humans.
Spoonman 2 年 前
I made a healer mage pawn with 3000 health, gave him a stick that revives him after death (wakestone staff) and called him Jesus. He never dies, cures debuffs and heals the everyone who lacks a sliver of health. The only attack he has is fireball. I also made him 7ft tall, excessively hairy, brutishly built and gave him the deepest voice I could. His title is BA, so Jesus the Badass comes with me on every adventure.
Nell Turley
Nell Turley 2 年 前
as a current animation student: holy SHIT that facial animation is legitimately incredible. it’s amazing how much smooth expression they got out of these models. such a shame that amazing work was wasted on such a shitshow.
sad rabbit
sad rabbit 11 ヶ月 前
And the secondary actions of the face, like eyelids and muscles faintly relaxing after contorting into an extreme emotion, while maintaining that emotion/expression! (I explained that badly, but examples I saw were: 1. Surprise turning into fear. The character stays afraid after the initial shock, but their face slackens a bit. 2. Anger. The face contorts with rage, but the brow rises a bit and the corner of the mouth relaxes a little from a grimace. 3. Sadness. Eyelids continue to sink after the initial emotional transition into sadness.) I could never (in a timely manner) 😭 Why, oh why was such beautiful skill wasted on a bland and immorally 'moral' story...
syncopatedglory 2 年 前
the wry smile ethan gives hannah from over his shoulder when she calls humans troublesome is so natural i actually said "LOOK AT THAT SHIT" out loud.
Saud Bin talib
Saud Bin talib 2 年 前
@The sandwich and that kinda made him the worst according to the community
The sandwich
The sandwich 2 年 前
@Saud Bin talib ... the entire community? Mate, shade should be thrown liberally, but with care. Precision. The last thing you want is some human pointing out logical fallacies in your argument. Now, remember, there's always an edit button for you to re-phrase your insult. I suggest you utilise that feature.
Saud Bin talib
Saud Bin talib 2 年 前
@Mother's Basement how dare you make the entire anime community toxic
Hi thedragon
Hi thedragon 2 年 前
This show is one of the worst examples I've seen of one of my least favorite kinds of media, "edgy story that's trying too hard to be morally gray while either not being that at all or inadvertently making itself even more black and white in the process". It's almost impressive.
Freshly Memed
Freshly Memed 2 年 前
Anyone else wish they could have just animated Ashe and Olra's journey and how Bitter Black Isle came to be? The final nail to this coffin is the omission of the Seneschal and the cycle, the only good thing about this is I guess the humanisation of pawns because in the game they're basically emotionless but slowly learn what feeling is like until the day their master dies in which they are granted their masters life force and thus free will.
The story is basically just Ashe and grette but done badly.
Thedevilgoose 2 年 前
You know, I didn’t actually predict the fat guy/cyclops twist. Because I didn’t consider it a twist in the first place.
Sid Starkiller
Some people would argue that the twist is that you were expected to be surprised at all. At least I've seen some people say such things.
Yeah, same. I actually thought Geoff had mentioned it beforehand and thought there was a twist to "bad guy and monster cooperate to milk the populus".
The writer must’ve heard that DD was influenced by Berserk so he created the Great Value Berserk instead of learning squat about the games lore. So now Capcom has zero good anime lol
Maneymon 11 ヶ月 前
the devil may cry anime was alright
Drums of Liberation
@gabriel miranda Bruh RWBY looks better Berserk 2016.
gabriel miranda
Tbh, the animation in DD looks better than the recent Berserk anime. Still, it’s hard to compare DD to such a classic story like Berserk.
Kogu 2 年 前
honestly, the thing that dissapoints me the most about this adaptation is that they're probably going to think ''yeah nobody liked this, let's never try it again'' so we'll probably never have a good anime adaptation to the game we all love so much. this makes me very very sad, big corporations suck.
Kogu 年 前
@Yuyari Cachimuel honestly, they don't... It's sad like that
Yuyari Cachimuel
@Kogu they ought to have the fucking competence!
Kogu 年 前
@Yuyari Cachimuel money, as usual
Yuyari Cachimuel
What even gets them doing shit like this!?
ixtiander 2 年 前
Some stupid peasant worker: i wish i wasn't dying in poverty while the rich never struggle A flying skeleton: You wish to improve society, and yet you participate in it! Very curious!
wilder cerrate
wilder cerrate 2 年 前
@Doctor Danger lol u mean like corporate contras in south america? Those deathsquads that take down governments to install puppet leaders? Or like do u mean the united states killing a fuck ton of civilians for oil... Or do you mean the one that was the driving force behind slavery... Or do you mean the one that lets companies snatch water from poor villages to make soda
Sierra305 2 年 前
Ask the native americans how well capitalism works. Or anyone born before the epa existed. Capitalism is inherently selfish and rewards such things
Simon Digruber
Simon Digruber 2 年 前
Society Moment
Castean Preswyn
Castean Preswyn 2 年 前
@Benno GB yes, I do, because international review boards of scientists and doctors says its true. That dude is legit lying.
Benno GB
Benno GB 2 年 前
@Castean Preswyn You dont even beileve that do you? Have you read what the guy in the comments went trough there?
Medallion Valiance
Let me tell you something about how fucking unfair these incredibly classist tones are when compared to the original game’s themes. *SPOILER WARNING!!* In the game, Gransys is a duchy ruled by a mad duke whose court is so decadent as to ignore and exploit the plight of the common people. The duke’s madness originated from the time when he as an arisen sacrificed his beloved to the dragon in exchange for survival and power; he even murders his young wife out of grief, guilt, and utter madness unless you stop him. YOU, a hero from a poor fishing village whose parents were killed in your youth, have the choice to go out of your way to help the common people, buying houses for peasantry who then know you as a friend, saving your kinsmen from being framed and punished under an unjust legal system that favours corrupt nobles, and saving people from goblins just because. Your house is so barren that calling it “humble” is generous, your ambitions are implied to be quaint before the dragon changes everything, and you stay in touch with old friends who become church sisters and wanderers; humble, lower class, DECENT people. The show throws these themes out the window. Ethan starts out the show living in a nice house and is implied to earn a decent living, enough to not need to worry about taking on the responsibility of fathering two children while letting his wife stay at home to do domestic work, and goes morally downhill when he loses this comfortable life. I understand it’s traumatic, but it’s such a departure from the original game’s message; you are a salt of the earth “good fisher” who (compared to Ethan) holds onto your humanity, who sets out to avenge your village and countrymen while battling conspiracy and an upper class that sets out to make your life as difficult as possible. The lower class is not inherently decadent, cruel, or opportunistic, but this show is quick to demonize them and place them on the same level as the tyrannical class that takes advantage of them to fuel an unnecessarily luxurious lifestyle. I will acknowledge that I played a do-gooder character (a female arisen, which makes the “woman in the fridge” cliches so much more infuriating) and that my experience is biasing my take, but canonically the arisen gave all they were to save the world and people they loved. They came from near nothing, and they gave everything until they had nothing more to give. In conclusion, this show really botched what I feel in retrospect was such a vital theme in the game; those in power do not always have your best interest in mind, and those of lower status have more interest in throwing down tyrants than becoming tyrants themselves. Thank you for reading my incredibly Marxist and sleep deprived rant X)
RustyShackle 7 ヶ月 前
Dragon's Dogma is like a playable fantasy novel, and I meant hat in a very good way. You're not some chosen king, or lsot heir form some long lsot bloodline, born under a good omen to unite the rabble against a common threat. You're...no one. Just a fisherman. You had no great destiny, no birthright. You're a victim of chance, really. You were chosen as the Arisen because you had the courage to fight back. Something that struck me in my most recent playthrough is that in the opening cutscene of the village, the soldiers just...run away. They were talking about doing your service and fighting the Wyrm, but at the first sign of trouble, they leave these people to their fates. And you take up the sword, literally, to defend your home.
Felis Impurrator
Felis Impurrator 9 ヶ月 前
This paired with the comment explaining how the Arisen you play is literally supposed to canonically be the one to sacrifice themself to kill fate after recognizing that mindlessly following a predetermined hierarchy is the most existentially miserable state of affairs in the universe... Man, this really is a fucking good game. How based can you get?
Zenko Zenko
Zenko Zenko 年 前
@duskmare0000 With how the ledgers paint it, Fournival /does/ acquire rep+money through unsavory, but not entirely illegal means. Character references are usually skewed or in gray tones or are wishy-washy overall. While yes, he has engaged in shady ordeals so has everyone else in the court and the fact he's getting put on trial by other corrupt court members does say something. However, he does provide for Symone and is a loving father, he's also viewed favorably by Father Gefferey, and in "ancient medieval times" this was more than likely providing tithes to keep the church afloat (as a lot of churches did in ye olde tiemes.) He's also placed in a good light by a petition "from a different estate" which really relies on you to decide if that's for providing shady deals or offering services/goods to other capitals, as the Duke is often remarked to be rather frugal in dealings.
Spleen Eater
Spleen Eater 年 前
@duskmare0000 Yeah, Fournival is pretty chill. I still sent him to jail because he was annoying kinda, but oh well.
duskmare0000 年 前
​@Thomas Lareau I think Fournival was innocent... wasn't he? Or was it just that he had committed some crimes but for the greater good? I mean, he does try to kick a family out of a house they were renting but it's not out of maliciousness. It's because they can't pay for the house. You can offer to buy the house from Fournival and give it to the family and he's actually pretty happy with that option since he gets paid and the family can keep the house. Honestly, asking you to negotiate the eviction in the first place is pretty decent of him because he's basically hiring an impartial 3rd party to convince the family to move out. He could, presumably, call on the guards to enact the law and force the family out, but doesn't. Either way, Fournival seems to be a morally neutral or good character. I think the worst thing he does is spoil his daughter.
Plink the Necrobird
Damn they had solid lore and setting for them on a silver platter. The dragons motives are actually pretty interesting in the game. It actually IS against their will to maim and destroy. Would actually have loved to see the lore portrayed, makes it such a shame.
Terence Marvel
Terence Marvel 2 年 前
“ building expectations based on association” very Cyberpunk
hinata167 9 ヶ月 前
I like how the dragon's motivation is on par with a cat knocking your stuff down
EtherealDoom 2 年 前
Wow, this entire anime is just deep-throating the boot.
Karl Johann
Karl Johann 2 年 前
I think Mothers Basement missed one thing and that is that any fan of dragons dogma knows that the weird off-putting medieval fantasy voices are actually very true to the game and I quite enjoyed the Jank
Michael K.
Michael K. 年 前
the german version sounds at least better...
SugaBatzPizu 年 前
@Alice 😣 gawd am hearing it my head rn lol.
Yuyari Cachimuel
@Karl Johann but the dragon’s voice sucked here whereas in the game it was cool. Sucks they used the same actor
Pixel Sabre
Pixel Sabre 2 年 前
I disagree, in that the anime simply replaced one endearing form of jank for another. The game's voice acting was only off-putting for the quality of its actor's delivery, whereas the anime was exactly as MB described it: people faking British accents badly and whose only idea of fantasy dialogue is thees and thous here and there. The game's dialogue was written more competently, less faked and more archaic. It felt more authentic, like the game world had its own dialect using clauses and phrases that sound novel rather than pieced together using tropes and memes. You can even distinguish speech patterns between a villager from Cassardis, foreign nobles, Gran Soren commoners, and local aristocracy. Meanwhile everyone in this anime speaks the same, generic, fantasy British that doesn't sound at all natural. The actors and voice directors did a good job sounding like they're hitting the tempo of a conversation in ways the game never could (because everyone mostly spoke to you, the silent protag), but the dialogue itself just isn't written to be believable as a real discussion between friends.
Jack Hazardous
Jack Hazardous 2 年 前
@TJ Jean I will not be lectured on my favourite game by the likes of you. She's the default love interest,if you don't go for anyone else you get her by default because her affinity maxes out in like two passing chats. If you only talk to her the mandatory time on the first playthrough ,on the next playthrough your second mandatory passing chat she'll be maxed out
WolfOfWar 666
WolfOfWar 666 2 年 前
I almost died laughing at Mr Mackey followed by "OH SHT, ITS A HYDRA!"
D A H 2 年 前
Considering the dragon in the game was meant to serve as a method for finding a new guardian of the world, basically a God like character, this dragon is way out of the way of its original purpose
An unoriginal username
There is also the first episode being a gigantic red flag with Ethan's family. Background exposition, pregnant wife, everyone is happy, all the usual and generic red flags. They don't even try to hide it for the entire episode, and then somehow you have to pretend to be shocked when something you saw coming a mile away happens. My fault for being hyped due to how much I love DD and DD:DA but holy shit that was awful. Also gamewise, Hannah wasn't possible. Pawns can't be Magick Archers, but that's just nitpickkng.
Josephi Krakowski
I personally believe that Dragon's Dogma, the game, is a goddamn masterpiece. That being said, this show was a mistake and is an insult to the game.
NeoMicy 年 前
What bothers me was the MC woke up the snake and made it enter the city. And for some reason the Mc try to blame the addict that the wife is dead?
bryal 2 年 前
Selene is arguably one of the most important characters of the game because she confirms that pawns can have free will or agency. Amazing that they wrote her out of the plot. Also I'd love to see Geoff's revisit of this anime when he plays the game.
Jemand Jemand
they wrote almost everybody out of the story. whre is julien? and mercedes marten? and so on... its from hell. didnt know, something this horrible could come out of Everfall
Zeph 年 前
I'm so pissed off that they didn't just expand on the Bitterblack Isle lore. Daimon is such an interesting character and the little snippets we see of Ashe being an Arisen would make for a fantastic show concept. It'd also compliment the game itself more by giving more depth to existing content, but no, it completely throws any semblance of respect for the source material. Fuck me
syncopatedglory 2 年 前
having no idea the lore of this universe, even i was like "why did we only meet one fucking pawn?? why does everyone and their mom know what they are and _i_ still don't understand it??"
Straight White Male
@Dalek Master Blaster I both agree and disagree with you. Your reasoning is solid, hell flawless even. Problem is that at least under the name of Dragon's Dogma, that wasn't the point. I personally find the emotional journey you're describing great, and I think I would've loved to see it, just under a different name. I expected Dragon's Dogma, meaning a Dragon sent as a test to judge which human is powerful and willful enough to become the next Seneschal to keep the world flowing. This ended up being a cruel twist of fate of a wild beast that knew no better, and who because of his nature, caused the next in line of himself to be birthed out of spite. Not even a bad tale, just one that wasn't Dragon's Dogma and suffered from a short runtime.
Dalek Master Blaster
@Philomelle Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me. I didn't mean for the rest of my comments to seem like I was angry at others. I was fed up by others being angry online towards others that did enjoy it.
Caleb 2 年 前
To be fair, the "people die if they are killed" line was meant to say something along the lines of "dead people are supposed to stay dead".
Cherrie Getison
Cherrie Getison 2 年 前
I love how consistently Geoff despises neoliberalism. Same honestly 😂
nachoolo 9 ヶ月 前
I know that this is a small detail. But one of the things I loved from the original game is that it is based on Medieval *Southern* Europe (with the starting village being based on Spanish Mediterranean villages and the city on Italian cities) rather than the usual Medieval Northern Europe of generic fantasy. Same with the monsters, being based on Greek Mythology rather than Norse Myths. The Netflix show throws that through the window and makes it Northern European, changing even the starting village from Spanish-influenced to Generic Medieval Town Nº 372.
Insert Name
Insert Name 8 ヶ月 前
Don't know about you but I consider Spain and Greek as "generic fantasy" as a lot of fantasy based media uses them heavily.
Shroud The Wolf
Shroud The Wolf 2 年 前
In the Game: The quest to kill the dragon is to test how far will the Arisen go to reclaim their heart. A test of will power. Then ince they kill the dragon they have a choice to become LITERAL GOD and send the previous god down to the world as the next dragon to choose the next arisen to then continue the cycle. The pawns serve the Arisen as the one who will provide comfort and wisdom to the Arisen and also the reason pawns ezist at all is because they were each hand made by several arisen from several worlds. And gain their humanity from your character's sacrifice. Anime: Kill dragon become you just freaking hate it because it took your heart and the lives of your friends and family only to be consumed by your own rage and become the dragon. BUT WHAT THE HELL IS PURPOSE OF PAWNS IN THIS UNIVERSE IT MAKES NO SENSE AND WHY IS SHE A HYBRID CLASS AAAAAAH BY THE MAKER THIS SUCKS
KanaHyoshi 2 年 前
"Drugs are bad. Mmmkay?" And then confetti shoots out
NeoKingGhidorah 2 年 前
Taking out the lore of the dragon and the seneschal and replacing it with generic medieval proselytizing is such an insult. The game genuinely has a unique commentary on death and entropy and the idea of conquering both and the consequences that would have on the fundamental nature of humanity. It's the entire point of the last stretch of the game beyond the dragon boss, and there's SO MUCH room for expansion on that in an entire series.
comyuse 2 年 前
@Mauro Q what case? the world cannot be eternally looping because outside forces can interact with it freely, and elements can leave the world as well. assuming it actually is removed and being able to ng+ it is just a gameplay convenience at least.
Mauro Q
Mauro Q 2 年 前
@comyuse Yes, and he got massively screwed over by this- not exactly helping your case my man.
Mauro Q
Mauro Q 2 年 前
@comyuse Yes, and he got massively screwed over by this- not exactly helping your case my man.
comyuse 2 年 前
@Mauro Q i'd like to point out, that, even if the loop is endless and repeating, there are arisen that have broken out of it and interact with it while not participating in it. daimon and the entire bitterblack isle is implied to be totally removed from the world.
Ninakoru 2 年 前
Not that Dragon Dogma's lore is rich as, say, Dark Souls, but they stripped off 75% of it to make a dumb short re-interpreted version and run it poorly. The review is quite accurate in most points, if you knew about all the game plot you would be even more pissed off.
CJCroen1393 2 年 前
"This isn't about the gross goblins" "Gross goblins"? I had no idea Mineta Minoru was in this anime!
As someone who's played the game and loves it dearly, the anime infuriates me to no end. Especially because it had so much potential if it just adapted the actual story, but they shrugged all of it off in favor of this tripe. Not only that, but the little details too. Like the fact that a lot of the slightly more important women are physical rip-offs and re-names of actual better characters in game (Olivia is very obviously one of Quina. Fightslut of Madeline, ect.). The pawns you have in-game have at least a modicum of personality, and Hannah is treated like this oh so special and unique species when pawns are literally everywhere. And everything about the dragon and the final episode is just...wrong. Flagrantly, painfully, didn't-even-read-the-wiki-plot-synopsis-ally incorrect. I could probably keep going on, but that would involve giving this anime a lot more attention than it actually deserves. And I could use that time playing Dragon's Dogma.
The Watcher
The Watcher 2 年 前
OK....Hannah's personality is perfect. Just be thankful they didn't stay the night at a inn, and then her say, " wE sHoULd rESt hErE".
Eldon Hill
Eldon Hill 2 年 前
Dragon's Dogma is one of my favorite games of all time and both it and its DLC already had two amazing and unique stories set up and ready to go. The idea and reveal of the "endless chain" and the Seneschal is really cool and becomes cooler the more you think about it after beating the game, plus the complete originality in the way the story is told and the uncanny and strange way that the characters express themselves all make the world even more distinct. Even without one of the best action RPG combat systems of all time, the story could have easily stood on its own. Adapting it into something this generic and incompetent takes an almost Hollywood level of screenwriting condescension and transparent pandering. Hopefully this disappointment of a series doesn't damage our chances at finally getting the new game rumored to be in the works.
Metal Overlord
Metal Overlord 2 年 前
Let's be honest, the dragon was the most relatable and endearing character in the show. After seeing how terminally stupid everyone in this world acted I have nothing but sympathy for the beast.
Yuyari Cachimuel
Even he sucked in the show Nothing like the one in the game...
Biraptor 2 年 前
The legitimate reason as to why the dragon was killing people: no one was written in a entertaining way so he just decides to kill them for something that's actually fun
Pseudo Lemon
Pseudo Lemon 2 年 前
ok incel
Thomas Raines
Thomas Raines 2 年 前
@Joshua Layton he knew which is why he wanted to be put down.
Joshua Layton
Joshua Layton 2 年 前
But he also contracted the stupid
Ethan Wheeler
Ethan Wheeler 2 年 前
There go my dreams of becoming a fantasy protagonist.
Danyms 2 年 前
The Dragon in the game probably has one best voices in video games, the one in the anime sounds like a 14 year old trying to be Shakespearian villain
Yuyari Cachimuel
Sad thing is, both are the same voice actor..
OdaManjiro 年 前
So the Berserk knockoff cg-anime gets decent animation, but actual cg Berserk doesn't. What a reality to live in....
gabriel miranda
I KNOW RIGHT?! Berserk would look better in 2D with 3D supplements, but the anime would have been so much better with this studio! FUCK
Under15 2 年 前
The way the unfaithful woman moved before she finally died was kind of unintentionally hilarious? Like she says to her murderer she’s his like MB said, but then her head doesn’t sag in death like the strength left her body. It just kind of jerks to the side like an actor in a play who realized they took too long to say their line and needs to make up the time they took from the scene so they’re trying to “look dead” faster.
Alexander Leonardi
Alexander Leonardi 3 ヶ月 前
the "logical" statement by hannah isnt even logical. them being larger and needing more nourishment is *exactly* why it was the correct decision. it uses the same amount of resouerces to maximize the amount of survivors, which would require the same upkeep, and have the longest remaining lifespan.
riemaennchen 2 年 前
Why did they ruin this? Dragon's Dogma is such a great game. It deserved something better. Like a Dragon's Dogma 2 for example. PLEASE CAPCOM MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Dralak Ba-dusk
Dralak Ba-dusk 9 ヶ月 前
Noelle Sato
Noelle Sato 9 ヶ月 前
Here to raise the banner after remembering this godawful anime. Itsuno is back on the case and hopefully this wretched piece of trash Netflix miscreation can be left rotting eternally in the annals of history while we bask in the glory of *what should have been* made in the first place. We have DD2, we can have hope.
Knight Ariel of Astora
Poet Scotty no it isn’t. It’s DLC it’s literally “dark souls : prepare to die edition”
BeThomsen 2 年 前
Naquin Green are you stuck in 2005 or so? what are you even babbling there? you wrote to me 3 times and every one of those comments were laughably idiotic
TirOrah 2 年 前
As a huge fan of the game, it grinds my gears that they discarded all the interesting lore and replaced it with something this bad. If they'd at least made this story decent in its own right, I wouldn't be that salty. But this...geez. It makes the storytelling of the game look better by comparison, and that's saying something.
Lorekeeper Percival
I found it kind of funny when I saw Hannah's skillet - she's equipped like a Mystic Archer, which.. is impossible in the game; for some reason Pawns can't used mixed classes. I thought maybe there was an in-lore reason, hinting at how straight-forward and simple-minded Pawns can be.
Daniel Moloney
Daniel Moloney 2 年 前
fact: the dragon from the game and the anime are the same person; David lodge. they butchered his voice with filter in the anime.
Yuyari Cachimuel
FatKidWithFudge 2 年 前
The actual game's story/progression, is loose enough that they could've done just about anything with it. It's essentially a blank canvas and any actual story bits, could've easily been molded to fit whatever they needed. The gams has groundwork there to make something either generic and by the numbers. Or something a bit more complex. Yet despite having such prime real estate, they essentially tossed it all away. How do you muck something like that up.
Enrique Fuentebella
The entire time I was screaming in the back of my mind, "I KNOW WHAT THE DRAGONS PURPOSE IS!" I was so furious when I watched this anime and how much it missed the mark with the story.
eggguy20 2 年 前
What I found ironic about the anime was that polearms had a bigger role for characters that resembled the fighter class *despite the fact that fighters can't even have pollarms and spears even though it was a big part of the lore of being the reason that the first ancient arisen fought off the Dragon.*
Рашат Сарманаев
Shit, the most depressing part for me, a huge DD and esp DDON fan, is that success of this anime could've made the release of the DD2 closer/possible.
Ridikis 年 前
Dragon's Dogma is one of my top 5 favorite video games of all time, when I heard it was getting an anime, I almost shit my pants out of excitement. Seeing this show, taking a universe that I had spent literal months in, and just making it the one of the worst piles of garbage, was so heart breaking.
Itzel 8 ヶ月 前
36:25 my favorite scene, from the 2 episodes that I watched since a good chunk of people said the two knights were their fav characters I genuinely felt immersed when all you could hear was the breathing of two good friends (still not a good show but it was a good moment)
Lockz1111 8 ヶ月 前
The pawns don't age or die, so Hannah coming back is actually one of the other few things they kept from the game sooooo there's that I guess.
Femthing Evelyn
Femthing Evelyn 2 年 前
the dragon literally just said "its what my character would do" also the ending is bullshit because in the game, the reason the arisen becomes a dragon isnt because they killed the dragon for the wrong reason its because they didnt have the required will to take up the mantle of god. the dragon is just a scouting agent for heaven, theyre just looking for another arisen who has more will than them, and as the cycle continues eventually an arisen has more willpower than god and becomes god.
Gabriel Densing
They didn't even explain how the little dagger(which is godsbane blade) killed an enormous fire breathing dragon for those people who might have no knowledge about the game lore
Femthing Evelyn
@ziloe Heres the thing though, it doesnt fit the lore. Going by the lore, Ethan should have, if anything, become like Daimon, and it should have been a gradual transformation over a period of years. You dont become a dragon by falling to a sin, you become a dragon if you dont have the will to become seneschal, and since he hever has the option there, he didnt fail the test. He killed the dragon so he cant become like the duke, but he never found his way to that celestial plane so he couldnt become a dragon or the seneschal. The only path left for him is either Daimon's or Death's. And since he doesnt have any real motivations he cant take Death's path, so the only possible outcome is that Ethan becomes like Daimon.
ziloe 年 前
The ending of the game is religious allegory. The finale is literally called wrath, which Ethan succumbed to. It fits perfectly with the lore, especially if you've played Dark Arisen.
Delimon007 年 前
@Wilma Gregg True enough and it's a video game so it shouldn't be modeled after real life anyway.
Wilma Gregg
Wilma Gregg 年 前
@Delimon007 yeah but at least the each relgion normally agrees the reason why is if gods or god did everything for them then free will is invalidated. the dragons dogma dosent even mention why or give a reason it just says "ok your all powerfull so you can do literally nothing" cant even go into space and smash some rubble for fun
Blixer 2 年 前
I think what's so irritating about the use of the "Thou" is that it's so commonly misused to give a character a sense of archaic regality and formality. And I say misused is because "Thou" is singular, inmate, and informal; and "you" is plural, and formal. When the dragon is addressing someone in specific "Thou" makes some sense. But if the Dragon is characterized as seeing humans as lesser inferior creatures it should be using "you" because why would the Dragon care to distinguish any two humans?
Andrew Ollmann
While what you’re saying is true, “thou” is also used to address someone of lower social rank. This can make it a savage insult when applied to the wrong person. For example, King Lear’s fool refers to him using “thou,” and is probably obly able to do so because of his position as jester.
Alyssa 2 ヶ月 前
That whole bit about the protagonist being named Ethan gave real "Keith DARN IT CHANGE YOUR NAME" energy
777-T (WiteNoise)
from a game about how the relentless pursuit of power destroys the world you live in and alienates everything and everyone you love from you, to this... absolute dumpster fire. What happened?
merlin recon
merlin recon 年 前
Wait, the game is not about the relentless pursuit of power though, it’s about the strength of will. Like every story beats in game was about the arisen’s will and choice hell even the dragon and the senechal(god of dragon dogma) gave you choices on how to use your will, fight the dragon and possibly die or give up your loved ones for a chance at more time. When you met the senechal even he/she gave you choices wether to live your life freely and obviously or temper your will against the will that keep the entire world running
ShroudedWolf51 2 年 前
I genuinely struggle to understand how, with the number of good videogame adaptations being so few that you can count them on Qhorin Halfhand's hand (and, even then, that's IF you're being generous with the definition of "good"), that anyone could get excited about the prospect of a videogame being adapted to anything.
Death Follows
Death Follows 2 年 前
The Dragon's VA is the same as in the game. And you can ask anyone's who's played it, Grigori wasn't just one of the best characters, he also had the best sounding voice in the game. Needless to say he wasn't so heavily filtered, he sounded normaly, maybe with a bit of reverb.
Rainy Rouge
Rainy Rouge 2 年 前
I feel like this criticism gets thrown around a little too much, but here it fits way too well: This feels like something I wrote and thought was deep and smart when I was 13.
im sentinel prime
@Carly Crays hmmm
The Inquisitor is a Mage
@Darwin Xavier Man, I have no clue. I'm on a tablet (Samsung Galaxy), and my technological know-how is damn near non-exsistant - hell, it's a certifiable miracle that I'm able write on this. Sorry, but you'd have a better time asking someone else. If there's a video on JPvid with 50-million ads every 5 seconds, I usually skip to the end of the video and restart it - works every time. If there's one or two, I don't typically care, unless it's 10-15 mins or like that one bullshit ad that was an hour long - never ran into the latter, thank fuck.
Darwin Xavier
Darwin Xavier 2 年 前
@The Inquisitor is a Mage Ya know, I hear about people who deal with long unskippable ads, yet I've never had to deal with anything longer than 15secs that I couldn't skip. Is it a certain browser or hardware that won't let them? Genuinely curious so I can avoid it.
The Inquisitor is a Mage
@Darwin Xavier You ever had one of those ads pop up? 10-15 mins. Sometimes back to back. Thank Cthulhu for ad-block.
Rainy Rouge
Rainy Rouge 2 年 前
@Darwin Xavier I mean, yeah. Explain the way it treats women.
Funhow123 年 前
I can’t believe that the dragon has a personality and better goals and motivations In the game better then the Main Charater in the anime
Lee Bard
Lee Bard 2 年 前
In the game, the Arisen is the only person not bound by a typical fate, but they're locked into a larger cycle governing only the Arisen. If you have the drive and determination to reach the Dragon, it will offer to grant you rule over the world in exchange for the life of the one you love. The current Duke took this bargain in the past. If you instead slay the Dragon, the must now challenge the God of the world to take their place; the current God did this. If you fail to defeat God, you become a Dragon, a literal speed bump on another Arisen's path. If you do become God, you find it hollow, lacking any agency besides waiting for an Arisen to defeat you. You can instead make the only choice offered: suicide, breaking the cycle and freeing all other Arisen in the process.
matt sherlock
matt sherlock 5 ヶ月 前
Children actually need nutrients more than adults because their bodies are still growing and that takes a lot of energy. So it is actually more logical for the children to take priority at feeding time. This is something I notice a lot of lazy writers use, writing someone to sound smart without being smart. Like how Temperance Brenden on Bones constantly mentions how Logical something is, even if she said something completely contradictory the previous episode (I loved Bones, Still do to be honest, but rewatching it makes me realize how little she makes sense to people who actually know things and how often Booths folksy and slightly conservatives wisdom is framed as the right thing even if that is only because Bones is written to be wrong).
iamLI3 8 ヶ月 前
the part where you said the american voice actors were told to sound birtish had me laughing as hard as i could with a mouth full of food in a safe position so i didn't choke for a minute straight LOOOOOL X""DDDDDD
Harley 7 ヶ月 前
I didn't think my half-hearted guess would be correct when you asked us to figure out the twist😭
tobimisa 2 年 前
despite everything, the biggest shame here is the talent in the animation being so utterly Wasted on such bankrupt and empty product. beserk comparisons aside, the way the characters _move_ is Very human and emotional. I can definitely see the comparisons to the shading of the models, but as long as the movement itself is _believable_ and _expressive_ it can honestly work. and like you said, they took Full advantage of the 3d with the camera movements and effects. this kind of strength of animation belongs in the dragon prince or just, Anything Better. *_anything_* with something worthwhile to say
NoseBlunt666 2 年 前
@Phantomkrieger absolutely agreed. That shit was like 15 fps constantly.
Saud Bin talib
Saud Bin talib 2 年 前
@Joel Sasmad no it's because of him he's just the worst
Joel Sasmad
Joel Sasmad 2 年 前
@Saud Bin talib That is hilarious. The toxicity in the anime community comes from way more than just one guy who says you can skip jojo parts.
tobimisa But seriously man, I did not expect to see you here!
rjd1922 2 年 前
24:18 Honestly, that's the general Japanese attitude toward drugs.
Sorain1 2 年 前
I... actually want a copy of this show now. It's a perfect example of how technical skill and execution of a medium has nothing to do with quality. Also absolutely stupid beyond understanding self contradictory nihilistic storytelling, packed into 7 episodes.
Yuyari Cachimuel
@Sorain1 fair but that’s a bit of a pain to put yourself through
Sorain1 2 年 前
@Yuyari Cachimuel Sure, but that doesn't get me a copy to keep to use as an example. Suppose one must go sailing to find a copy to keep. Hell I'd pay $60 for a complete set on DVD as a learning tool.
Yuyari Cachimuel
It’s on Netflix
Mao Salgado
Mao Salgado 2 年 前
Dragon's Dogma the game is as you have really catched on from this anime, the most prototypical D&D campaing you could think of that also heavily pays omage to Berserk the manga. Sadly form what I can tell from your sinopsis here a lot of characters are missing from the game as well as the porpuse of the Dragon in this universe, yes he is an Arisen from the past in both medias that is "forced" to become this calamity of sorts in order to create more arisens for a deeper porpuse that even the dragon doesn't understand or completly knows about. The pawns are as simple as a human could get without wants and needs and the main pawn companion of the arisen is destined to learn and evolve into a copy of his arisen a literal clone down to aspect, gender, way of thinking and way of acting, like a PC would in an rpg if they were actually living persons an not fantasy characters. In the game there are more arisens, many have failed their respective quests or have choseen to abandon it like the Duke or the Dragonforged. The dragon offers this dilema to the player of giving up their beloved for a short time of peace or a chance to best the dragon itself in combat implicating that he is an esential force of the universe and that it's death will bring more calamity to the world than the one he is causing, and all of this is a test of sorts for the arisen to qualify to become the next Senechal "god" whose determination is the force that binds creation and life itself.
IceAssassin25 2 年 前
This anime forgot the most important moment in the game..... Accidentally becoming soul mates with a fat noblemen because you helped kick out a family and took care of his daughter when he had more important things to do
IRMaxi 2 ヶ月 前
Can we talk about how Hannah literally is a hybrid class as a pawn
Snark Knight
Snark Knight 2 年 前
Hannah makes me laugh so much. That line at 2:57 is basically "Why does Ross, the largest friend, not simply eat the other friends?," but we're supposed to take it seriously.
BecomingPark451 2 年 前
This is probably the most wholesome and brutal criticism of a Netflix show I have ever watched.... TILL THE END.
Lily Eturnal
Lily Eturnal 2 年 前
Just roasted this “anime” while watching with my guy. It sucked so bad. We laughed at how absurd and awkward it was. This review was soooo satisfying and made me laugh even more. Dragon’s Dogma is an “anime” I love to hate. 😁😁😁
TheVoidPlant 3 ヶ月 前
All I gotta say is that I didn't hear "SOAKED TO THE BONE!" once and I'm deeply upset about this.
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