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Classroom of the Elite is an anime that I watched. That's not quite the nicest thing I can say about it, but it's close, so here's a new roast! Enjoy.
Crunchyroll v. SAG-AFTRA | Basement Life Podcast ep.4: • Crunchyroll vs SAG, Sp...
0:00 No, It's the Children Who Are Wrong
4:22 Judging a book by its terrible animation
9:26 Introducing our Protagonist, Suzune Horikita
19:48 Real Bad Bad Guys
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@FDSignifire 年 前
"Enjoy your trash while you can" is genuinely great advice to young people
@stga6255 年 前
Did not expect to see you here
@larsnyman2455 年 前
F.D. Jumpscare? This reminds me of when John Walsh showed up in your masculinity video
@Godspeace21 年 前
Oh man the world’s greatest crossover!
@renebismarck8265 年 前
You dare yourself to crawl out of your hole?
@bestnokuestion2150 年 前
MB, FD and Super Eyepatch being colleagues is so surreal to me.
@Superkirby982 年 前
I really do not understand why tf anyone would wanna BE Ayanokoji when in the series the dude literally doesn't even wanna be himself 💀💀
@alicewandermeer998 年 前
@soulstice33 年 前
@@alicewandermeer998 lol nice
@DBZHGWgamer 年 前
I think the idea is that Ayanokoji is just so on a different level compared to everyone around him that he doesn't fall for anything and is 5 steps ahead of everyone is something people aspire to be. Meanwhile people don't include the whole thing where he's pretty much a slave to how his father raised him and the only act of rebellion he can muster is to try to be a normal kid at highschool until his father takes him back and uses Ayanokoiji as a tool to fulfill his own dreams.
@Danz009 年 前
he can literally make anything happen through a combination of social engineering and insane planning / intellect. the odds are always so insanely stacked against him but he always finds a way to come out unscathed while meeting certain conditions that increase the difficulty. it seems impossible but he finds a way and thats kind of inspiring.
@holdingpattern245 年 前
these people probably don't want to be themselves either
@TheKarishi 年 前
The "they made a special school on a futuristic island they constructed in Tokyo Bay" is such a WEIRD specific detail to exist in like five very different anime.
@thedarklordx 年 前
It must be based on something in real life. Or all those authors watched each other's shows.
@Kromgar1337 年 前
@@thedarklordx I think there was some island in tokyo bay where a bunch of companies dumped tech they couldn't sell back when japans economy crashed
@andreaduarte3439 年 前
they've built offshore islands in like four different places across Japan to place airports, i think that's probably part of the irl context
@charliehe4542 年 前
@@thedarklordx There's a plan to construct a huge pyramid like structure to house the entire population of Tokyo, in the middle of the Tokyo Bay.
@timothymclean 9 ヶ月 前
Aside from artificial islands being a thing and Tokyo being a place where people would plausibly want more land,* building your own artificial island next to Tokyo is a convenient way to invent a setting not tied to inconvenient real-world geographic details while still being close to familiar places, in both tone and travel time. *I read somewhere that it has the highest land prices of any city on Earth? But even if land there is slightly cheaper than in Paris or NYC, that's still expensive enough for building your own land to be a plausibly economical decision.
@thetowerofdarkness 年 前
"Just make everyone else dumber than them and/or let them predict the future!" Ah, the BBC Sherlock method.
@Powered1Buttercup 年 前
Shit, time to watch Hbomberguy’s video on that show again
@stonks3507 7 ヶ月 前
@@Powered1ButtercupA ritual I preform whenever someone mentions BBC Sherlock
@metalvoiceguy1232 3 ヶ月 前
Great, thanks for taking 2 hours from my day by mentioning that video. now I have to watch it again. I could have got something done but nope it's Hbomb time
@oneeyed9579 3 ヶ月 前
That kind of story telling is maddening but kinda stupid fun sometime. But for me it did not work. In this case if it was satire it would have.
@jj947 3 ヶ月 前
@@Powered1Buttercupnow I’m just disappointed Classroom of the Elite doesn’t have a boomerang
@morgann2938 年 前
It's so cool when the protagonist is sociopath who emotionally manipulates everyone around him. And that when a girl is doing basically the same thing in the same series, she's the WORST.
@marcjerry6 年 前
You guys are disregarding the fact that the protagonist had to do what he did for survival. The white room demanded it. Even when he escaped, the teacher blackmailed him into being the same sociopath that he was in the white room so she can ascend to class A. He wants a normal life, thats why he scores average on everything. The girl chose to be this way. She feeds on being worshiped and admired. Shes the worst because nobody is forcing her to be this way. Later on, they do try to be friends with her, but she resists. Now that do not make either of them right or wrong, but to say what you guys said so casually is a disservice to the dynamic between the two, not to mention the novel.
@marcjerry6 年 前
@@hugofontes5708 Not to be confrontational here, but I don't think judging the protaganist or the media without first knowing anything about it is the best way to form an opinion. As it stands, you only have this video and my words to go on alone. But that aside, The teacher is indeed threatening him because she wants more prestige from climbling to class A. He doesnt care, he just want to experience the normal life that the white room took from him. He resorts to manipulatiom because that was what he learned and that was what allowed him to survive. That dont make him right but thats all he knows. Nobody, at least that I've heard, ever said he was a good guy. They do however, including me, think that his plans are pretty cool. How he is always one step ahead of his opponents. He's not a good guy, just the protagonist we are following. We are allowed to judge him and his actions, all I'm saying is that is unfair to do so without all the facts or context. Edit: also I dont really remember what the teacher is threatening him with. Expulsion or reporting him to his father, not sure tbh.
@marcjerry6 年 前
@@hugofontes5708 yeah you got it
@Leonson1 年 前
@@hugofontes5708 Expulsion iirc is what he's being threatened with. Being returned to his father. He finds out later that his teacher has no power over his enrollment and he tells her he's done and she can jog on.
@marcjerry6 年 前
@@Leonson1 i feel likr the novel does a better job of explaining him then the anime does, the ending of the second season could also have been better
Every generation has a anime that seems like the second coming of Christ as a teenager but when you decide to re-watch it as a adult you realize it was kind of cringe.
@hidetakamiyazaki1825 年 前
And this anime isn't it since even anime-only teenagers dont enjoy it. The reason its popular is because of the huge LN fanbase
@dimitrimcintosh8858 年 前
Definitely this anime This anime is Mediocre at best
@seblat1086 年 前
What would be the equivalent for your generation?
@Goldenkitten1 年 前
@@seblat1086 Gundam Wing, without a doubt. Wing became absurdly popular in the West as it aired alongside the first true wave of socially accepted anime. Everyone rushed home to watch DBZ, Sailor Moon among others and maybe if your parents were cool you were allowed to stay up to see an episode of Trigun and Cowboy Bebop along the way. Though America had seen the Gundam series prior to Wing it was Wing that joined this group in millions of kids rushing home to watch it and really propelled the series into the western mindset. Come back two decades later and you realize it's one of the worst Gundams out there with a roughly stitched together story and characters who were the epitome of late 90's-early 00's edge. That whole "you better not get to close to me or I might kill you even though we all know we're winding up together in the end" shtick. The animation is good but how often has Gundam animation ever been bad? And even then it pales in comparison to some of the better entries. There are of course far worse anime than Wing, thousands of them. But as a series that was lauded as what other anime should aim to become you revisit it and realize it was really barely legible trash featuring a group of edgelords with the likability of a brick thrown into a sewer that got by on its good art design and appealing to everything spikey a teenager of that era wanted from Hot Topic.
@seblat1086 年 前
@@Goldenkitten1 Good, comment, I really apreciate your perspective. Unfortunatly, I don't really have a lot to add, since I only recently started watching anime.
@gentlemandemon 年 前
when you described an opaque system where the kids are given autonomy with no structure, all I could think is that they're gonna end of with a lot of pregnant teens
@mothersbasement 年 前
Shinzo Abe voice: feature, not a bug
@cnlbenmc 年 前
Maybe they're all on birth control or something...
@Dell-ol6hb 年 前
@@mothersbasement 💀
@Bylov6812 年 前
@@mothersbasement Slick
@Shadow6OO 年 前
@@mothersbasement Congrats on roasting the corpse 👍
@morganqorishchi8181 年 前
"Never before in my life have I felt so thirty" is, in my mom's opinion, Geoff's best line, and she's been using it repeatedly the last few days. Watching these videos with her has given our family so many memes.
@waffle911 年 前
Damn, you can get your mom into watching this? My mother is all for funny things, but I get the impression she would find Geoff pushes things a bit far.
@fraglsnitz 年 前
You watch anime with your Mom? Or do you guys just watch trash anime reviews for lols?
@realperson69 年 前
22:24 You forget that Kiyotaka can't use the excuse of "tripping while being an anime protagonist" because then he has to admit to being an anime protagonist and thus his white-room dad wins.
@dvillines26 年 前
I also wanted to mention how funny it is seeing everyone treat Ayanokouji as a normal, cool guy, when he has this dead fish affect, and cold, disinterested eyes. He's not even really faking having feelings particularly well! He does the things he needs to do, but anyone who can read more subtle cues IRL would have alarm bells going off for someone like him. Even the other cool calculating schemers in the show have bursts of emotion, or at least passing expressions. It just strains credulity for me that he doesn't twig off at least a few of the more empathic girls.
@DoNBiChes 年 前
Ye, this novel definitely has lack of some students who genuinely scared of him because of his dead look. There's no way that much girls love him considering all of this
@thedarklordx 年 前
There's a very brief mention of some of the girls in ayanokoji's class not liking him and finding him creepy or weird later on in the LN.
@DoNBiChes 年 前
@@thedarklordx I haven't read volume 7 of second year yet, but I guess this one girl is Onodera considering the second sports festival arc
@thedarklordx 年 前
@@DoNBiChes oh yeah you're right about Onodera, that might be who I was thinking of. There might be another really minor girl mentioned in year 2 too.
@danielclough9544 年 前
​@@thedarklordx tbh that's established from the get go I thought, and because in the light novel he feels more human, he doesnt seem as suspicious and it comes across that he is just a normal guy who doesnt stand out
@doubleedgeplayer6681 年 前
It's such a shame that Ayanokoji turned out the way he did in the series when in the light novel you see him learn to appreciate and understand those around him as he questions who he really wants to be
@lightyagami4560 年 前
Yep that's why he expelled airi to look cool ofc the evil genius
He only started questioning how he sees the main girl by the end of season 2, which should have been done earlier honestly, but at least that means they may make a season. 3. Somehow I don't know what Saudi Arabian oil prince is going to give them the money but..m
@leonbakaa5387 年 前
but he's still into executing his shady plan read y2 volume 8
@shivashishwar9552 年 前
@@leonbakaa5387 volume 8? The site I read it on only goes up to year 2 volume 4. Mind telling me where you read it?
@leonbakaa5387 年 前
@@shivashishwar9552 sure, do u have discord? ill send u the link
@marielaberge8236 年 前
Class C's incompetence as villains is really...funny because all the issues you pointed out about how flimsy their schemes are end up being explained away with Ayanokouji's beatdown as: they are utterly no match for Ayanokouji, incapable of outwitting him because they ARE just THAT incompetent. Basically, the plot justified itself through its own poor writing, like a serpent devouring its own tail
@linkskywalker5417 8 ヶ月 前
As is Kushida's. Seriously, for a character who the story says is observant, she doesn't seem to demonstrate it. You'd think she'd know about Suzune's repulsive personality, use it against her, and convince Ayanokouji that Suzune's a liability, but apparently not.
@asnekboi7232 3 ヶ月 前
The term is ouroboros
@philip7922 ヶ月 前
I got bored of Class C as villains because there really isn't a mind game. All they ever do is just ... not follow the rules. So if you pay attention for like 5 seconds and listen to the rules you'll realize class C's plan will literally just be to not follow the rules and cheat in the most straightforward way possible. So lame.
@davidjachimiak 年 前
you pointed something out that I hated about the series. For a school that's about being the "best" and "preparing people for society" there's a serious lack of evidence or unused evidence that wouldn't slide at a remedial school run by corrupt toddlers.
@queltanis93 年 前
@@DigeeTheGenie +1
@DaniSenpai 年 前
THANK YOU. I had that thought the first season. The fact they used fake cameras, showcases the school is unsecured.
@akatsukigajou1639 年 前
David Jachimiak nah there are no toddlers only edgy warlords and the evidence remain in sekret so theres no lack and the students here are better since they are once who hide the evidence.
@MidgarMerc 年 前
@@DigeeTheGenie if anything the school grooming elites to be as corrupt as possible is extremely accurate
@akatsukigajou1639 年 前
@@DigeeTheGenie cause the *the 1 piece is real* *cue can we got much higher*
@OribaNS 年 前
For all the COTE fans who like the show, I can’t stress this enough. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO LIKE BAD ANIME. The books are probably great but the anime does have a lot of issues. I am personally willing to overlook them and just enjoy it, while some others are not. As long as it made you smile or get hyped or enjoy yourself, don’t feel bad about watching it. Funny roast and great video as always Geoff
@ttw-uu4gh 年 前
thank u sir
@ChupaLmfao 年 前
Literally makes no sense but ok U give an objective opinion while talking about it’s okay to have one… 😂
@OribaNS 年 前
@@ChupaLmfao AlI said was that you shouldn’t feel bad for liking something even if it’s objectively not great. What’s so confusing about that?
@ChupaLmfao 年 前
@@OribaNS cuz something like this isn’t objective There are dick riders of this anime and criticizers of it. So there is no objective opinion on *this*
@RGC_animation 年 前
Sometimes, you just want to see Ayanokoji solve every problem immediately and reveal to everyone his masterplan of "using an intended feature in a not-too-obvious way" and every girl falling for him even tho he makes fewer expressions than Frisk from Undertale.
@Scryllix 年 前
It's a shame because the light novel really does solve pretty much all the issues of the anime.
@nigellanjuat3294 年 前
Oh it's coping skills
@shivangaur9084 年 前
I gotta say he’s pretty much on the mark. Almost all the issues with the anime are explained or solved in the LN since it had way more room for details and scenes that got cut
@ttw-uu4gh 年 前
@xikarra no really. im going to quote one comment here as example to the shit the anime did to the LN ''Because the outsourced studio literally didn't have any damn budget to animate scenes properly. In the LN Class C didn't blatantly punch and kick Suduo, just some minor bumps and crashes, which worked on Sudou in a physiological way than physical. Not only these but they used some other little dirty tricks like Ryuuen using hair gel in that "get the flag from your opponents head riding a man made horse" (I don't remember the name). That made it impossible for class D and A to get the last "flag" since it was slippy. For Horikita's part, the class C girl was calling her name, which made Horikita look at her direction few times, before the accident happened. The hot teacher video-checked, and pointed out that it seems like Horikita intentionally bumped to her; Results being that Horikita was forced to go to the hospital. But of course anime didn't have the time even for that and Horikita followed Kushida like an idiot.
@AK-lv2xp 年 前
@xikarra no his character is more normal in ln he is made a edgy teen in anime
@fireball3366 年 前
This anime is S tier for me. I literally have zero problems. Every issue this JPvid said could be applied to every anime tbh. Naruto- Annoying typical kid has some INSANE power that let's him win every fight and he has a love intrest who doesn't love him back but instead he ends up with the second love intrest who has watched him for years
@Sakaki98 年 前
The anime’s greatest accomplishment is driving me to bond over how shitty it is with people who then convinced me to make my way over to the NOT offensively bad novels. Funnily enough, revisiting the anime adaptation with knowledge of the source material makes it so much more frustrating that it sucks because most of the bad things about it would be easily avoided by just being faithful. And thus I join the people that convince miffed anime watchers to read the novels, and the cycle continues.
@swampyclaw9119 年 前
@swampyclaw9119 年 前
The anime alone is pretty decent but when you compare it to the source it’s unwatchable.
Conspiracy theory: Bad anime are a subtle plot to make you read the manga for the superior writing.
@carolbaker2773 年 前
Really the anime needed to have his internal dialog spoken or at least have seens sprinkled in that shows him setting up the plans. But honestly I think one thing that isnt given enought credit by MB is that the plans are bad because they are like 15/16 years old. Does anyone remember their plans to sneak out of the house at that age? Guess what, your parents knew you were doing it. Hell when my little brother who is 5 years younger than me snuck out of the house my mom called me laughing cause the fool left with his phone so my mom could track him. The school allows it because it doesnt want to interfere with the students growth and lets them settle things between themselves. The schools wants them to be creative with problem solving that doesnt involve going directly to the teachers. Only later does it become unfair to the students when plot points happen and protag has to start trying.
@TheJL555 9 ヶ月 前
While the novel is probably good, the entire setting is just too funny and too convoluted for me to take it seriously. COTE Oversimplified is: 480 cringelords are stuck together in one school where they pretend it's some sort of a survival battle when they can pretty much live a normal life outside it.
@joshpineau405 年 前
"Technically an adult signing out from my own basement." mans went through more character development than anyone in this show.
@nyschoxuan5241 年 前
As a Light novel reader of the series, it was sad to see how badly they butchered the anime, a lot of source material was cut and a whole novel was cut, the anime is fine as a stand alone series but compared to the LN, its like apples and oranges. Though I hope the anime brings more people to read the Novels
@RGC_animation 年 前
It's more like Green Apples and Red Apples, they're both apples so you can compare them, they both still taste like apples, so similar, but one is clearly better than the other.
@newleafoverit 年 前
@@RGC_animation ikts more like a red apple and a spoiled apple. clearly one is trash and the other is good
@hiro_444 年 前
Does the light novel solve any of the issues that are mentioned in the video? If yes, which ones?
@Plz23 年 前
@@hiro_444 it solves almost all of them just by being more drawn out and better explained. I would recommend to experience it on ur own.
@jacobnorris8256 年 前
They didn't really butcher the anime that badly... They definitely fucked up some parts but people really exaggerate how much better the LNs are.
@Piromysl359 年 前
Sometimes I think I am Ayanokoji. I also like to not express any emotions, torment women by exposing them to bullying, torture and sexually assault them to test their loyalty and resolve. You know, like typically deep, morally gray and complex character would do.
@bobrat1594 年 前
@nokkuneinei6592 年 前
biggest ayanokoji problem is from volume 1 it is already said that he is not gray, he is Black character whom can't feel empathy, yet the audience "must" see and act like he is "gray", instead of treating him like Ainz as Villain Protagonist
@kingsleycy3450 年 前
You saying that you are clever is how I know you are clever.
@ilikethis3203 年 前
@@nokkuneinei6592 You're mistaken. The black character is Albert.
@imjustlikedenji5954 年 前
Ayanokohi is just like me
@binbix1 年 前
I think the thing that annoyed me the most about this anime isn’t that the schemes and plans are riddled with plot holes but that I didn’t even notice those plot holes until you pointed them out. I was just going through thinking I might have missed something important whenever something they did didn’t make sense. Man I feel like an idiot
@Ishigami_kyo 年 前
It's because they skip important details from the original source material.
@lillion9134 年 前
As a female 26yr old I feel like I may not be the target audience for this show, or at least the main demographic it appeals to, but I actually really enjoy it for reasons that I haven't actually seen anyone saying. The protagonist doesn't really interest me, what interests me is the effect he has on other people. Out of the other characters I feel like Kei might be the one I identify with most, or at least did as a teenager. Throughout season 2 and primarily the last few episodes it was genuinely chilling to see how she was manipulated by someone using her trauma against her. Someone who wasn't even pretending to be a nice guy, who fed her tiny crumbs of compassion. How in her state she placed such a huge value on those and how she thinks that she's had a breakthrough when she's actually falling into an abusive relationship in a way that I have seen people with awful self-esteem do irl far too many times. How Kiyotaka's edgy boy I feel no empathy monologues are juxtaposed with the emotions the swelling music and wholesome visuals (the Christmas date scenes in particular) tease from the viewer as we are pre-conditioned to associate them with boy-meets-girl romances, creating a truly uncomfortable viewing experience. Granted I haven't read the LNs and seem to have a different perception of events to most other people I've seen in the comments sections, so I do feel like I might be experiencing a different story to what's actually being told. Nonetheless I'm enjoying the psychological distress of wanting to shout through the screen at Kei telling her to get away from him whilst she is already justifying his behaviour to her.
@skyking4557 年 前
Atleast,Ayanokouji tried his best to make her as prioritas because he want to learn more about human emotion from her
@Malvium 年 前
@@skyking4557 Still doesn't justify the fact that he manipulated a emotionally scarred teenage by using her past trauma against her.
@offof 年 前
To me, the best anime are the ones that make you rethink life and every decision you’ve made. This made me think if there were any Ayanokojis in my life, and whatever effect they may have had on me. At times, I was genuinely disgusted about what I saw. Such horrible feelings can only be earned, not forced.
@DBZHGWgamer 年 前
@@Malvium You're right that it doesn't justify it. The point is that Ayanokoiji is a terrible person and he hates himself and his father for making him that kind of person. Ultimately it's a balance of how he's manipulative and values people only for what they can do to help him, but he also happens to be in a situation where the best course of action he sees is creating situations so that the people around him can overcome themselves and grow as people in order to be more useful to him. Even Karuizawa ends up a stronger person because of the terrible things he has done. And this is what makes me keep reading the books, it's very interesting the way the author balances this act of a bad person who does manipulative things that have a very positive effect on the people around him purely for his own benefit. And he himself being acutely aware of how bad the things he is doing are and hating himself for it, but he has to do it anyway both because it's the only way he knows how to live and also because he's in a situation where he is forced to act that way in order to have just a taste of a normal life before being dragged back under the control of his father.
@fredrickum5474 年 前
This is like the perfect blend of anime that I hate, the type that you couldn't pay me to watch - A high school setting with characters that act like no teenager that has ever existed (Check) - Student led organizations that act like crime families, where being part of that group or class is their entire identity (Check) - An edgy cool guy protagonist that is apparently the smartest guy ever, but also doesn't care about anything because he's so cool (Check) - Mind games that take 10 minutes to explain because telling and not showing is way easier than coming up with clever solutions to problems (Check) - A large cast that is stretched so thin that we never get to see characters interact or form real bonds with each other since any screen time they have will exist solely to move the plot forward (Check) - A harem of girls that somehow all look 11 & 30 at the same time, all with stupid hair colors (Check) - A plot that doesn't demand such a serious tone, yet the characters will take the whole thing deadly seriously 100% of the time until there's a "funny" fanservice moment, which will be the only humor in the show (Check) - Top it off with an anime art style that somehow looks generic and ugly at the same time, with a candy colored palette that makes my eyes bleed (Check) ugh.
@mudita4449 年 前
Omg you literally took words out of my mouth 👁👄👁
@lightyagami4560 年 前
Ahem ahem this is cringe I know but sir you dropped this. 👑. Ayankoji and cote cult in nutshell
@si-level 年 前
1. this is kinda subjective, you cannot prove that no teenager act like in the anime 2. well it is what makes anime with school genre interesting 3. this is not true, he care about his freedom and lot of stuff, but in anime the show only show he care about his freedom and living as normal kid 4. i'm pretty sure the protagonist and the anime show and tell the solution to problem, regarding it is clever or not its just bac to subjectivity 5. that just storywriting 101. wtf is real bond anyway. i think that problem will get slightly fixed the more you read/watch this series 6. problem with design choice. the design supposed to make you distinguish each character. with the way school has uniform to obey. it seems like you will hate every school anime then 7. the only humor in the show ? the fanservice is not even funny. at this point you didn't even try 8. this is sound like your only problem. also this is like the same as 6
@UnreasonableOpinions 年 前
@@si-level Identifying a problem as common to a genre doesn't stop it being bad, it just escalates the problem.
@si-level 年 前
@@UnreasonableOpinions yeah sure ofc whatever you said, it means you will hate 98% of the media to offer.
@In-The-Zone 年 前
I can't believe Jeff went out of his way to not say "Imposter", saying "Alien" instead, now thats SUS.
@timothymclean 8 ヶ月 前
It's possible that he's even more out of touch with the under-30's than he realized.
@lohthe1onethegreattchoute210 3 ヶ月 前
One of my biggest complaints of this anime is the fact that the mc essentially has a black hole where his personality should be despite the fact that he is very entertaining and "tries" to be sociable in the LN. The anime made his whole personality being a sociopath, meanwhile he was somewhat trying to combat those tendencies in the original work, wich made it soooo much more interesting than the bland, stoic plank of wood we got in the adaptation.
@tazreenrahman3587 3 ヶ月 前
I thought the main character was dead on the inside and hates his life.
@robbt.2386 年 前
"Using his superpower of being a sociopath" is probably my favorite Mother's Basement Quotable of 2022.
@Lianpe98 年 前
@tumarmaa2984 年 前
Pin this !!!
@bluespaceman7937 年 前
It's a good quote.
@Alonkis251 年 前
Good quote, but when you think about it, what you've to say for Joker and other villeins alike
@thatoldmess8955 年 前
Ye that part was funny af
@RayGainbows 年 前
Lost it at "fake ass bitches" 🤣😂 Kikyo adds spice to the whole anime 😅
@kylecyrus9457 年 前
I actually rather liked Kushida's backstory. There was no sad revelations or attempts to get you to sympathize with her (which is a rare commodity nowadays), it just showed how dangerous and kinda unhinged she is. It even works as a good explanation for why she's such a crap villain. She tore her class apart a year ago, it makes sense she thinks she's the goat, but it's evident by how she couldn't get attention any other way than being a pleasant doormat that she's not actually that skilled at most things. This isn't to say I disagree with your take on this show, or even that scene as a whole (her telling them was pretty contrived), just sharing something I liked about the show.
@Dell-ol6hb 年 前
I thought that being the whole big deal she was trying to keep secret was dumb as hell, it made no sense that she managed to "tear" apart the class whatever the hell that even means, she's not dangerous at all
@kylecyrus9457 年 前
@@Dell-ol6hb really? In respect to her hiding it, do note that her goal is simply to be loved and trusted by the class, her tearing the class apart is just a threat and not her goal. Just being known as someone who can't keep a secret would hamper her goal, much less the knowledge that she showed genuine malice. As for her being dangerous, as far as I know even the closest people tend to have things about each other they don't like. People learn what to not say to keep a friendship as they grow up, but humans are social, and all it takes is someone being absent for a day for their friends to shit talk them a little. Kushida collects all this info, she weaves herself seamlessly into every group while seeming innocent, and if she airs that all out people will naturally feel betrayed by those close to them and turn on each other. Kushida is dangerous not because of intelligence or strength, but because of how well she can hide her malice, and her lack of attachment to thise she spends time with. The ultimate ability of a spy is not the ability to get out of sticky situations, but rather the ability to make no one even think they're a spy in the first place. Well, that's how I saw it anyway. She's overestimating herself though, the moment she was outed she already lost this confrontation.
@Bandera51 年 前
It was straight up goofy 😂
@strawberryninja9859 年 前
Also for a born genius turned genius Ayanokoji really thought that scoring half in everything was a good idea.
@hidetakamiyazaki1825 年 前
Its mentioned in the LN he did that on purpose to get the attention of the higher ups. Since no one can see the scores except the higher ups. The reason for why he did that is also explain in the LN lol.
@hidetakamiyazaki1825 年 前
You read LN right? Why dont you know that?
@strawberryninja9859 年 前
@@hidetakamiyazaki1825 Ow ok didn't know that
@strawberryninja9859 年 前
@@hidetakamiyazaki1825 That makes a lot of sense now, how in the LN it was Chasibara or whatever her name was, was the one who informed Horikita, not the student council president
@lightyagami4560 年 前
@@strawberryninja9859 I thought he didn't wanted to get attention? He is lying ayankoji scoring 50 in everything is to make him look cool without thinking if it's even a good idea.. I still remember during ayankoji vs arisu they both tried their best to hide ayankoji 🙄so obviously he doesn't want attention
@Kick0a0cat 年 前
I feel the need to point out that I once won as an imposter in among us in an extremely stupid way: Someone saw me venting and I simply stated "sometimes you gotta let your friends vent" and somehow that worked :D
@scooterliar8830 年 前
Just read the LN. I initially watched the anime and I thought it was pretty mid. I didn’t really feel like I will enjoy reading light novels(in general) so I didn’t give it a try. But when I did it was amazing. There’s a reason why it’s one of the highest LN on MAL. Keep in mind that I know not everyone would love it, but I highly recommend it.
@hujimix 年 前
Being highly rated on a site that has been proven over and over being vote manipulated by bots means absolutely squat.
@swordyshield 年 前
@@hujimix that has no impact, the highest rated things are usually not botted votes
@LauraLovesHugs 6 ヶ月 前
@@swordyshield not true at all lol, most infamously any time anything approaches FMAB it gets immediately swarmed by vote manipulators rating the shows a 0 in order to keep FMAB on top. there's a really big amount of people willing to manipulate scores on MAL for some reason.
@swordyshield 6 ヶ月 前
@@LauraLovesHugs then those votes get removed since (at least mal) removes bot votes..
@LauraLovesHugs 6 ヶ月 前
@@swordyshield i mean they're not, they permanently affect the scores of those other shows, it's not all bots either, they're just mass rating the shows with 0s and 1s to make the score drop without even watching it
@carbodude5414 年 前
Truly the ultimate chuunibyou experience when being a sociopath is treated as a "superpower"
@Twadfire 年 前
The other superpowers being surrounded by morons, enablers and impotent/useless/corrupt "authorities" (assuming they arent the real villains.. but then they are evil morons with inexplicably endless budgets as usual)
@loturzelrestaurant 年 前
Mother's Basement never did a Film-Critique in he Style of "Our Popcorn Dystopia" by JPvidr Some More News, right?
@TheBluePhoenix008 年 前
It works sometimes, but most of the time it's just annoying
@majorblitz3846 年 前
I missed back when Chuunibyo are just JRPG intoxicated cringe, not a "four step ahead of you" edgelord
@otgonbileg. 年 前
uh no one has "superpower" people are just saying he has "superpower" because he is just smart
@twofinepfysche2002 年 前
I read the light novels after the first season because I enjoyed it alright and wanted to see where the story went. I remember reading a lot of them, well beyond what was officially translated, and tearing through them quickly. Five years later I don't remember much of what the light novels had, I like to imagine a lot of it was good, I like to imagine I have good taste. But now the only scene I remember from the light novels is one where all the guys have a dick measuring contest and Ayanokoji had the biggest.
@Marcusjnmc 年 前
to be fair , that's one of the funnier scenes , sometimes simple humor is best
@lightyagami4560 年 前
@@Marcusjnmc And that episode will get a lot of hate without a doubt since it's so uncomfortable ep,. Also that whole volume was based on boring exam I don't know what they were doing.. after the anime is adapted I know people will complain how bad it is when it's literally the same..
@flowflower2816 年 前
.... really?
@jacobnorris8256 年 前
I don't care what anyone says the CotE bath dick size competition chapter is objectively the best thing to have happened to fiction.
@skyking4557 年 前
Oh yeah,that is the worst volume on year one.
@leviadams8777 年 前
The kirito rick joke was worth the entire video. Very well done, Geoff. Keep up the great work!
@cootie911sm 年 前
"He just like me" LMAOOOO
@ovengatland4225 年 前
I was worried this would be a video about the light novels being horrible, not the anime. Glad this was not the case. After reading the novels, I can say that they were okay and in some parts great (I can’t say the same for the anime adaptation). Cutting Ayanokojis inner dialogue in the anime made his actions seem random as we never understood why he was doing things or how he knew what was going on.
@RenderingUser 年 前
funnily enough, as a LN reader, the sports festival arc had the most brilliant strategies used among all the stuff adapted into the anime so far i guess that goes to show how much they failed at the adaptation the conclusion of the sports festival arc was one that left me completely speechless in the LN that was simply a next level UNO reverse sad the anime couldn't do the same
@lightyagami4560 年 前
What was the strategy in LN ?
@skyking4557 年 前
@@lightyagami4560 more detailed version,less plothole,and actually really great plan by Class C.
@lightyagami4560 年 前
@@skyking4557 I asked what was the move/strategy ? ?????????
@lightyagami4560 年 前
@@skyking4557 the writer always seems to leave important thing to the readers to assume, For example: instead for showing what chess pieces ayanakoji and arusi are moving during their chess match, it shows side characters praising them, “Wow! they are in different level” “They are too good” Etc etc which goes to show writer himself doesn’t know how to play chess, But ayanakoji fans think he is the best chess player beating even Lelocuh
Wait, love interest boy is a sociopathic weirdo who deliberately performs mediocrely at things so that people won’t learn his dark secret? That’s just Yoshikage Kira.
@liammercado1235 年 前
Based on the anime at least, a dollar store version of Yoshikage Kira.
@bbd121 年 前
Sigh...it all comes back to Jojo.
@Ramsey276one 年 前
@o0ugi860 年 前
@@bbd121 just how the universe works i guess
@bbd121 年 前
@@o0ugi860 Then, will you too, at the end, become Jojo? As we gaze into the void, will the void also become Jojo? For I have seen the end. I have become Jojo, the Oraoraora of star finger. Quoted from Joan of Arc during the battle for Gettysburg near the pyramids; Art of war.
@aeso3555 9 ヶ月 前
Ayaknokoji is the type of character I would write during my edge 13 year old phase while trying to emulate Light Yagami and then look back on it as an adult and cringe at what I created. Also cracks me up that he's voiced by Justin Briner in the EN dub, the same guy who voiced Izuku Midoriya in the MHA dub and those two couldn't be any more different.
@ricochetbabalon257 8 ヶ月 前
all the young otaku just have to get it out of their system like we did once.... can only laugh at how embarrassed they'll feel when the same time comes for them to out grow it~
@aeso3555 8 ヶ月 前
@@ricochetbabalon257 I still remember the edgy oc my cousin created as a kid : Ricky the ultimate Beyblader 😁
@samlewis6487 ヶ月 前
I mean. Deku is also a selfish narcissist, but that author just hasn't realized it.
@LarvaTubaShow 年 前
I can’t even hate on Season 2’s plot since most of it got skipped.
@parasectx 年 前
Watching this review makes me want to watch Angel Beats again.
@alh1618 6 ヶ月 前
Your roasts are my new favorite thing on youtube.
It's such a shame to see how misunderstood this Light Novel was The anime was doomed to fail since the 1st season and i completely agree that it is utter garbage, it completely made parts of the series purposely cringy and edgy The novels portray Ayanokoji in a different maner, he has emotions, he seeks freedom and is interested in knowing more about the normal life that he never experienced Again, anime had parts of the plot had been cut down completely, thus making the majority of the plot, including things from small interactions to major twists completely senseless For example, the LN explained very well Karuizawa's intentions or Horikita Manabu's reasonings for indirectly asking her sister the join the StuCo in Episodes 11 and 13 respectively In the Novel those respective scenes are given meaning by past interactions and explanations that never existed in the Anime Once again, strategies and implications have been cut off, thus making the plot shitier Moving on, as COTE isn't even completely about that, but about a abnormal boy learning to he human through an abnormal school I was about to write like a 6K word comment about this, but i realised its pointless anyway, all COTE children stans talk about Sociopath solos ahaha, while ignoring what truly makes Classroom of the Elite one of Japan's best modern Light Novels Hating on the anime because of its quality is fine, hating the fanbase because of stupidity is also fine, hating the light novel before reading it and judging it truly, ignoring those 2 bad elements about the media, is something i highly disagree with I know I sound like a generic "read the LN" fanboy, but it's just the truth 😂
@sanfransiscon 年 前
A high school that rewards students with incredible prestige for stepping over their peers in any interaction that could possibly be conceived as a competition is definitely a healthy way for teens to find their identity and place in the world. Just look at how well Hope's Peak Academy turned out!
There are definitely a bunch of people who unironically think things like this unironically. I'm surprised no Objectivist has built this school in California, given the number of other utterly insane types of school actually allowed to exist. 'Schools' that have no curriculum and which just torture the mentally disabled with electric shocks *constantly* with the sole purpose being to inflict pain have won basically every challenge they've ever had in court.
@mookiestewart3776 年 前
@@iusethisnameformygoogleacc1013 a school like this in Cali would get burned to the ground lol
THIS oh my god, what is up with ""elite"" anime schools having some of the most quirky notlikeotherschools systems of education
@wdcain1 年 前
I have problems with the D3 anime but I like that it showed how despite how all the talent Izuru had, he didn't bother to save people because he wasn't design to care.
@sanfransiscon 年 前
@@wdcain1 I really appreciate that the danger of reducing a person to their worth in a specific identity or role is a theme the entire series revolves around from beginning to end. It's honestly impressive how casually disgusting the lucky student lottery is if its usual purpose is just to bring in a "control group" student to make the Ultimates look better in comparison.
@Fallenangel_85 3 ヶ月 前
One shouldn't forget that Eminence in the Shadow was also very popular, so this type of main protagonist really hits teens hard. (and people who refuse to growth out of being teens)
@samlewis6487 ヶ月 前
The difference is that Eminence in Shadow is actually good
@Fallenangel_85 ヶ月 前
@@samlewis6487 It's good, but it also has it's flaws. The MC drives me insane sometimes.
@fiorno111 年 前
I feel that classroom of the elite suffers the same problem rick and morty does, being “you’re missing the point by idolizing them.” I always saw ayanokoji as the bad guy when I binged though the entirety of the anime. Otherwise, everything about this video is correct. Still enjoyed it though, 7/10 nice to binge, light novel is probably better.
It’s certainly really sad that the whole world building, monologue, dialogue, side characters, classes in itself and exams got changed especially if u read the books and know that the strength of the story lies within those parameters. But It’s even more sad what they did to a great character like ayanokouji, a character that came of as your "typical badass edgy protagonist" has actually way more layers to him than u would’ve thought. It’s the same concept as eren Yeager from AOT, a standard protagonist u would find everywhere develops to one of the best in Anime. It’s really unfortunate that his character is contradicting himself so much in the anime, but one thing that’s even more unfortunate is for his character to be "unbelievable". Ayanokouji is in my opinion actually the most "believable" and genuine genius from what I have seen in "anime, manga. Light novel media" (death note, code geass, no game no life, kaguya sama, kaiji, zaregoto, monster etc) he gave me the most "wow, how didn’t I think of that" moments of them all. His plans are really deeply planted within the story and hints for every one of his moves are given ALSO THEY DONT JUST HAPPEN! It’s really frustrating to see things "just randomly HAPPEN“ The whole story is really lucky for the protagonist in the anime. Like how literally the most important plots just happen in front of his eyes randomly AND NO ONE! NO ONE EXCEPT FOR HIM SEEMS TO NOTICE IT OR BE THERE TO NOTICE. Classroom of the elite is one of those story’s you can’t really adapt into an anime, ayanokoujis narrating and monologue is way too important for the story to be left out, obviously the light novel isn’t perfect and has it’s flaws but it’s a shame to see a good story and characters get massacred like this. As a light novel reader the anime is a sweet extra where I can see some cool scenes animated but sadly it gives off a way too false image of the series.
@GunWraith 年 前
I watched season 1 and vaguely enjoyed it, but not enough to watch season 2. Watching this video has convinced me to read the light novel.
@hidetakamiyazaki1825 年 前
Nice you wont regret it
@ragashingo2105 3 ヶ月 前
Thank you! When this thing got a 3rd season I figured I needed to check it out. I think I made it through a full, complete two episodes before my brain turned to bored mush and oozed out my ears. I was expecting super clever machinations… What I got was “the smartest, most capable future leaders” goofing off and spending all their money without asking how the school’s economy works until they were broke. It felt like any and every anime set in a high school was more clever and intriguing than this. Nice seeing someone agrees!
Yes. I really wanted to watch this when I was in my teens. And decided to watch the 1st season last year (I'm 22 at that time) and ohhhh boy, I was utterly disappointed and felt like I wasted my time because I hold onto the mere fact that maybe it will get better and have a big reveal at the end. It left me speechless and thinking I should've watched other animes.
@KaiAfterKai 年 前
This is probably my favourite junk food anime to watch. The 1000 IQ plans, the fake deep philosophy, how seriously it takes itself despite how trashy it is, Ryuen's inexplicable Big Black Bodyguard - it's fucking peak comedy What's even more fun is that the glimpses of genuinely good character writing sometimes fool me into thinking I might actually unironically be liking this show, but then Albert shows up onscreen or there's another stupid ass shot or Kushida does another dumb thing she really doesn't need to, and all I can do is sit back, grab the popcorn and laugh.
@AndySG7 年 前
I really enjoyed the first season of CotE just because the MC was such a nice switch up from your usual anime MC. Then I read the LN and damn, it was _different_ in the best possible way. When season 2 was announced I was really hyped but when I watched it I enjoyed it a good chunk less than even the first season. Compared to the LN the characters lack all depth and nuance and so do the mind games. Every arc just felt super rushed and especially towards the end of season 2 Ayanokouji even made me cringe, and I _really_ tried my best not to, because of the little bit of internal monologue the anime does give him being terribly unnuanced and just making him feel like an edge lord. Back when the LNs for the arcs of season 2 were being translated, people complained about the official translation being inaccurate. At parts erasing some of the important sub-context in the MCs internal monologue, used to portray his character, just because of different wording. That should give you an idea of just how subtlety nuanced the writing in the LN is. In the end I can't even really blame the animators for the bad adaptation because such a story like CotE, in which the MC's thoughts on everyone and everything are most essential, providing the cornerstone to the actual events happening, seems almost impossible to adapt properly. Still, I had hoped for more.
@soulcleaner3578 8 ヶ月 前
I used to love playing the Danganronpa wrap up theme whenever the characters started explaining stuff.
@CoolDude5633554 6 ヶ月 前
Reading the Manga and coming to this review of the anime, I see why the comments on the manga was taking about how he’s too emotional or something; motherfucker shows emotions in the manga almost every chapter compared to being stone faced
@sandrosliske 年 前
Classroom of the Elite was a pivotal moment in my anime watching life. It was the very first show I realised that it was alright to drop an anime even if you've already sunk about 10 episodes into it. If it's not doing it for you and feels like a chore to even watch the next episode then it is perfectly fine to just stop. You don't need to finish everything, your time is precious and you don't have to force yourself to like what you are watching. So for that thank you Classroom of the Elite.
@angeluriel2725 年 前
This was me with Future Diary, before that I forced myself to finish every single anime I started (I accidentally started Another but I'm terrrified even by bad horror and I still finished it), and now I just drop anime left and right lol somehow I still stuck through Classroom of the Elite tho
@MrGksarathy 年 前
This was me with the original Evangelion. I just couldn't finish past Episode 17. Does that make me uncultured? Dunno.
@EnterNameToNoAvail 年 前
Yep, there’s nothing wrong with dropping a show you’re tired of. I myself dropped iron blooded orphans when I had 2 or 3 episodes left in the series since the plot armor the antagonists had was fucking stupid. Drop that shit like it’s hot; it’s a valuable skill to have.
@SpineShank7 年 前
@@MrGksarathy No it doesn't. Watching that show was a chore, even if the mech designs were awesome.
@denjidenji9162 年 前
@@MrGksarathy Personally i liked it, but not liking it does not make you uncultured. It's your opinion, and trying to finish something you know you don't enjoy just to "be cultured" or "have good taste" is not a good idea. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, their opinion isn't worth listening to.
@hakunamatata4975 年 前
The fact that this anime isn't even as wild as I thought it was going to be kills me I was SO READY for the anime to be like "yeah so MC was actually made in a lab" that when his DAD showed up, that was the biggest plot twist of my week also I just finished it and came to this video having remembered seeing the thumbnail but not the title and I genuinely thought I was about to be told how this anime is actually genius
@kingoffans ヶ月 前
I just caught up with the anime (I was the dude in your winter 2024 anime ranking stream who was asking if the anime was that bad) and pretty much agree with all your points. The anime is kind of a guilty pleasure because while I'm not as bored by it as you, even I could tell watching it that I am probably watching the cliff notes version of a far more interesting story. If nothing else I will definitely check out the LNs after I finish reading the Mushoku Tensei LNs. That fight in S2 episode 12 was pretty sick though, one of the best pop offs I've ever had watching an anime.
@themysticarcher3313 年 前
Honestly I have pretty low standards when watching anime, but the first season of classroom of the elite was really dumb. All of Ayanokoji’s “smart” moments never hit me as all that smart. Admittedly there were some things that you pointed out as dumb that I didn’t, which just makes my dissatisfaction with the mind games so much worse. Also: I’m a teenager. You know it’s bad when the targeted audience finds it bad. It wasn’t enough to stop me from watching the series, sure, but that really says something
@longtsun8286 年 前
The bullying automatically killed my interest in the series. As someone whom high school bullies almost turned into a MASS MURDERER because the teachers were TOO LAZY to do anything to stop such behavior, such scenes are too triggering.
@Kristanite 年 前
..... That reward system was literally implemented manually at my elementary school. We had "check books" and we had to keep track of our "scholar bucks" ourselves, and we could "buy" things at the "market" on Fridays.... When I was out of class for my "gifted and talented" program. Friday is also when we got our "pay checks" so I never got to do it. Anyway this school is Exactly a modern American school, just not a high school XD
@66Roses 年 前
"Never in my life have I felt this 30." After turning 30, a lot of things make you feel that way.
@SWProductions100 年 前
Me: 'Gladiator' is newish film, right? It was released in the year...oh...
@alyssinwilliams4570 年 前
Just wait till ya hit 45
@@alyssinwilliams4570 Pfft just wait til you reverse to 38.
@alyssinwilliams4570 年 前
@@sparklesparklesparkle6318 I would do.. things.. to make this happen
@@alyssinwilliams4570 gimme yo credit card i got you fam
@SwordSaint550 年 前
Meanwhile, I just rewatched School Rumble over the past week and continued to love it, even fourteen years later. what a good series (for the most part)!
@philo2189 年 前
I thought it was garbage
@kaelthunderhoof5619 年 前
I just watch Baka Test over this all over again.
@badtiming2208 年 前
Huh, I didn't even realize that people hated this anime. I unironically liked it. Interesting.
@Writer-Two 年 前
After hearing his criticism i am nicely surprised that this series easily entertained me and kept me coming back to see more
@dantio3195 年 前
the "easy peasy/breasy" short insert of eizoken was sooo satisfying, thank you!! :D
@mowukamoon7024 6 ヶ月 前
That setup sounds disturbingly like Assassination Classroom, and that… disturbs me.
@GriffinPilgrim 年 前
All these mini-Machiavellis in high school anime puzzle me. Most of the people I went to school with wouldn't have bothered with a scheme more intricate than calling each other gay in a loud voice.
Well, yes, but that's why they're typically schools for the exceptional. Most people in highschool are roughly as smart as a bar of soap and half as motivated. Some of that comes down to teenagers being their own unique kind of stupid, some of it is just that it's what most people are like in real life but most things you can do outside of the public school system filter things to end up with more interesting and/or more capable people, for any definition of interesting or capable. Some jobs filter for a certain kind of smart, some filter for people who are likely to have interesting drug hookups, and some involve a type of shared interest that colours your interactions so they don't seem more boring than bottled water. But they typically don't make for particularly interesting narratives unless they go on to murder someone. Which is why no one writes books, movies, or tv shows about them.
@Axterix13 年 前
It is just the standard YA escapist drivel, except now it is, "You're secretly super smart, and all those guys that are like the people that make your life worse are dumb" rather than "You're crazy overpowered in another world and here's your complementary harem", "In this dystopian society, the kids know better than the adults and all of the future hangs on them, and here's your love triangle", or "You may be an insignificant farmboy, but you are the chosen one and not that guy over there that was actually trained to handle all the situations you're about to find yourself in. Also, have a princess and an old guy mentor, but don't get too attached, because he's definitely not making it to the end of the story."
@joyc.e.7511 年 前
Exactly. High schoolers are dumb as hell. Even the smart ones. Especially the smart ones, actually.
@SinHurr 年 前
Glory to me, the 69th like.
@gleipnirrr 年 前
that's what you get when adults write teens
classroom of the elite was one of those shows that i had to watch because there was nothing else to watch. I remember season 1 kinda going past my head because i watched the episodes feeling sleepy and didn't quite understand the scheming and stuff because the anime always does scenes as if it wants to run to the toilet (the LN describes it better apparently but i don't have the time nor the patience to read the LN) So when season 2 came out, i wasn't hyped but i thought might as well watch it cause why not...usually I'd save shows till it gets over but this time i knew i had to do one episode each week no saving I'm willing to waste 24 minutes not bloody 5 hours...also i know thet show isn't engaging enough to keep me watching for 5 hours straight hence it'd definitely take me more than 5 hours- time that i really don't have (again, the LN describes it better apparently but i don't have the time nor the patience to read the LN)
@misot90 年 前
I can easily say that I have an IRL friend that read the LN and refuses to watch the anime because the adaptation was so bad. The only time he actually watched was the last 2 episodes of the 2nd season because he loved the fight part and wants to see it animated.
@sassyNsarcastic 年 前
17:22 It wasn’t...her😅 Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if I remember correctly, wasn't Ayanokouji the one who acrually caused all the chaos?😅
@Ilsezwarts 18 日 前
"I've apparently been this 30 since I was 25" felt.
@lordtartaros3738 年 前
I've sat through and read almost every tome from the LN and I can guarantee that if it isn't the most mindblowing story of all time, it is still an enjoyable and worthwhile read nonetheless. Honestly I cant remember season 1 but season 2 was decent save from the subpar animation.
@ChristianNeihart 年 前
I am a simple man. I see a roast, I watch the roast.
@johnynoway9127 年 前
how fat are you?
@cydoyk 年 前
I am a simple man. I see a roast, I watch the roast and then I see a comment about the roast, while commenting that I see a reply about the roast.
@thevioletbee5879 年 前
I am a simple woman. This chain is already too complicated for my tiny brain to contribute.
@cam4636 年 前
I'm a complicated sentient slime mold running FireFox on a decomposing log in the forest. What's school? Who decides eliteness? Why are we here? What's the meaning of life?
@robbieaulia6462 年 前
I'm a a rocket powered motorcycle with highly advance pattern recognition AI. This chain is getting weirder and I see no hints to suggest as to why the pattern suddenly changes from simplicity to small brain to philosophy in an instant.
@JayMehKay 年 前
I’ve made it my goal to watch 100 full-length trash anime before I go, and I think it’s because you opened my eyes
@junojun722 年 前
How is your objective going?
@tiagobelo4965 年 前
God bless you you complete maniac, whoever reads your story at the pearly gates will let you right on through. Stay strong through the dumpster fire, and good luck.
@enomiellanidrac9137 年 前
As with a lots of LN adaptation a lot of internal monologue and narative description is lost in adaptation and while in something like Overlord it still leaves a pretty decent chunk for the world to see if just in action scenes alone its far more detrimental to a more psychological story such as classroom of the elite.
@theoneguyoverthere 年 前
The fuck, JPvid-kun, how am I only just now finding a new MB video has dropped? AND it’s another roast? Fucking algorithm is broken…
@DarkHopeAssassin 9 ヶ月 前
I have got to say a huge thank you to Geoff for this roast, because it was 1) Hilarious, especially in the part where he went into the details of Kiyotaka's background and his "showdown with Shmendo Shmikari" father, and his super power of being a sociopath; and 2) because his breakdown of what happens - and the outline about the fact that the insufferable Horikita is indeed NOT the main character and certainly NOT a love interest at all got my attention. Coupled with the decent development in the second part of the second season of the anime, I got me a new pastime for the last few months of reading the actual source material to this anime that got me sort of curious with its first season, then got me really curious about the prospect of Sociopath Supreme-kun getting to be more humanized through the power of romance and friendship. I am definitely pleasantly surprised by the amount of enjoyment the novels can bring. And actually seeing the story of the COTE unfold FROM Kiyotaka's perspective helps immensely in understanding his thought process, that he doesn't pull stuff out of thin air in a deus ex machina way, but rather that he thoroughly tests reality and is very observant at every single moment. All of this is to say: I had an awesome time with this video - thank you, Geoff, and I got myself a new series addiction as well - thanks, Geoff. :D
@krislikewoah 年 前
I did not realize this anime came out in 2017 so when I watching episode 12 of season 1 there was a comment that said "Cant wait for the second season, we should get it next year" and it was literally 5 years later
@Alice-oi3ew 年 前
Omg the "this text is a filler" that showed up first thing just immediately caught me off guard, that's amazing
@ExarchNZ 年 前
I stared at it for a good 10 seconds and was like, why does the Japanese and English text not match. Did MB forget to change the stock text? But the quote's attribution is correct in both. It was a good moment of WTF am I missing. Oh wait its a joke. lol
@Ellisepha 年 前
For some reason I couldn't decifer what the hell "tekisuto" was supposed to mean lol
@ExarchNZ 年 前
@@Ellisepha I had to say it aloud to get that one.
@bloomhug 年 前
I watched Classroom of the Elite a few years ago and liked it. I thought the reveal of the sociopathic nature was shocking, as I thought this was the "no emotion, minimal effort protag" like in Hyoka. However, I just re-watched it and I noticed one particular scene that really ticked me off. After Sakura almost got r*ped, she shows no sign of trauma, despite being clearly uncomfortable around thar same guy just an episode earlier. I liked when she stood up for herself, but there was no sign of trauma after that moment. It would make sense in the light novel, where our POV character sees no trauma signs, as he only thinks of humans as tools. But in the anime, at least show us the audience that bit of humanization. I'm going to be reading the light novels from now on Edit: I started reading the light novels and it is so much better! I've genuinely laughed out loud at several moments and I'm only in the 3rd chapter. (Not even the full first episode). I love it because Ayanokouji presents himself to the reader as that typical anime protagonist who just wants to make the most out of his high school life and make friends. He has some pretty funny inner dialog too. However, he talks about how he craves freedom and that he specifically chose the school because you can't contact the outside world. There are hints of something darker but not enough to throw the reader off. The anime gave him none of his personality that he portrays in the book, mainly because Ayanokouji can manipulate what is being presented to the reader, we can't see that in the anime
@nahsiongoetre6874 年 前
Not tryna be that Guy but yeah The Light Novel slaps
@bloomhug 年 前
@@nahsiongoetre6874 I have the first volume but haven't gotten around to reading it yet
@hidetakamiyazaki1825 年 前
@@bloomhug read it, it really does slap
@Pimpgamer101 年 前
Sitting through this roast was worth it for the Rick and Morty meme at the end, got me good man 😂
That use of the Eizouken opening was absolutely on point. That's some piquant editing there.
@ceeclod 年 前
Congratulations on your basment dude!!!
22:20 It’s also practically impossible to get a fingerprint off of fabric
@Cecil97 年 前
Yes and Ayanokoji knows that
@Cecil97 年 前
@Monkey D. Luffy he never plotted to get rid of the shirt. when he was ousting Kushida he straight up didn't care when she tried to pull that card on him.
@tamaraarcher855 年 前
Okay I'm glad someone commented I had to watch that part twice. I thought maybe I had misheard and her plan was that there would be DNA. Granted touch DNA transfers and there would be other plausible explanations but it makes more sense than getting a handprint off of fabric.
@adrit5847 年 前
That's not really the point is it? It could have just been a bluff to make sure he doesn't say anything, threat made on the spot since i doubt that 15 year old would just be able to think rationally there
@Cecil97 年 前
@@adrit5847 yeah and he got more info and mistakes out of her since she thought she had the advantage.
@merrychristmasreaper 年 前
I remember watching this and. It's honestly only now that I understand i haven't given a shit about anyone besides the mc. Just kind of desperate to get a look into the deeper inner world of their mind because I was fucking curious about what the hell their deal was. They offer me mysteries and make me want to know what's in the bones of the series story DNA. This doesn't make it less annoying and a not deeply creepy echi slide show. But it is amazing what you'll put up with to get answers lol.
@DrGandW 年 前
Oh lord this is comedy gold thank you for making this
@JL-dm6ke 年 前
Alternative title: This Is Why You Should Read The Light Novel
@jacobnorris8256 年 前
A lot of his criticisms apply to the LNs as well though. The LN is better, and in fact MUCH better when it comes to anything regarding Horikita, but the rest of the criticisms apply to the LNs as well (though sometimes to a lesser degree).
@SomeRandomJackAss 年 前
Susan A. Horikita? I love that you addressed the "predict the future" shortcut for writing "geniuses." That drives me insane!
@petrsevcik5044 年 前
I watch Classoom of the Elite primarily because the kind of anti-vilain (?) that Ayanokouji is, is very rare.
@dagingerbreadman70 年 前
19:55 This killed me 😂 “Boss’ orders” such an awful character. Black representation is always just bald bodybuilding thugs lol. I’d be more offended if it wasn’t so hilariously poorly written. I genuinely laughed at his lines despite myself haha
@MidgarMerc 年 前
Yeah definitely no racist undertones there. About as subtle as your typical interracial NTR doujin
@UniversalPvp 年 前
Albert is preety loved in the community more then Kushida atleast.
@razumikhim 年 前
well, do you want representation or not?
@cofeejamm 年 前
@@razumikhim it's not representation if it doesn't actually represent real normal humans
@riynu7774 年 前
@@razumikhim well, it depends if you represent them well or not so do better.
@aesirshero2490 年 前
I think one thing I love and hate about this series is that there is so much shit that goes on in the background and it does explain some of what is going on but I feel like it still leaves parts out.
@xoderota 年 前
I remember trying to get into this anime because I liked the artstyle back when it first came out, but I couldn't. I just used screenshots as drawing references
@LivingGuy484 年 前
The premise of this show, and MC design still make me think "This is like Baka and Test, but edgy" 4:13 He said it! Yes!
@iAstra 年 前
I actually just watched this anime yesterday and I enjoyed it. I would say that I agree with most of your critiques of it, though I personally enjoyed Horikita. I agree that the story writing leaves a lot to be desired, the animation was definitely suffering at times and I hated the oversexualization of the girls. I, for example, had a lot of issues with the stolen panties bit, especially because the camera in the changing rooms episode had happened just a few episodes before. It made it really hard to take the guys seriously when they said they'd never do such a thing. However, I really did enjoy most of the main cast of characters and how they developed. You can for example tell towards the end that Sakura had grown after joining Haruka, Yukimura, Akito and Ayanokouji's study group, though I wish more of that had been on screen. But also with Sudo and how he didn't fall for the provocation by class C towards the end, where he'd be ready to beat them up before the sports festival.
@natalielongmire2846 年 前
oooooooOOOO I've been WAITING for this one. TURN IT UP!
@sousukesagara193 年 前
The worst thing about Classroom of the elite is the edgy kids that keep spamming the word "tool" without trying to understand the MC's motives and personality and of course everyone sees himself as the MC, a genius but hiding his true talents (only without the genius part)
@Lianpe98 年 前
*T O O L*
@angelovargas938 年 前
I don't even think you can blame them, tbh. Most of what makes Koji so unique and complex in the novels just got straight up cut. His anime version really does seem to be just edgy and devoid of personality, when he's actually one of my favourite characters in the novels. It's a real shame what a piss poor adaptation they did
@HellOzzzGaming 年 前
Its a meme among the fanbase, u dont need to take it so srsly.
@cameron82489 年 前
@@angelovargas938 it kinda goes both ways when adapting COTE into an anime. on one hand, the anime adapts his exterior appearance and personality. on the other hand, I don't really see how the anime can adapt his self-perception. COTE just works better as a standalone light novel.
@monstergelo1072 年 前
just like me frfr
@enanebres6481 年 前
love this content 💞
@Chaosqueenngami 3 ヶ月 前
This is why I have so much respect for writers who can write smart mind games stories because it's hard and feels like you need to be a genius yourself to be able to do it. Or else you get this trash.
@tanitoz7627 3 ヶ月 前
NGL I picked up the first book of the light novel of this series ages ago. Didn't know anything about the anime, but the premise seemed really interesting (at the time, that is). Genuinely couldn't make it more than a chapter or two in. Dunno how well the anime/manga translated it, but EVERY character was absolutely insufferable. They were the same exact "better than thou since I'm smarter than anyone else ever" pompous mid-thirties asshole. Same manner of speech, same attitude. Didn't matter which one spoke. I only got to the point where they explained how the "merit money" worked before I dipped out. Like, author, you can tell me the person speaking is a "17 year old pretty girl" but it doesn't change the fact she's talking like Lex Luthor. Same with the guy she's arguing with over how "You should be polite to your elders!" Maybe unrelated to the video but man this series just holds a really bad taste in my mouth. Overly pretentious with every character feeling like the same guy wearing a different hat.
@bouboulroz 年 前
When season 2 was announced, I couldn't remember whether or not I had watched s1. So I watchef the first episode, and some scenes were familiar, so I thought I had watched the first 3 epusodes and dropped. I ended up rewatching every episode. Everytime I realized I had already watched it, but since I couldn't remember what happened next, I thought "Oh, I must've dropped at that point and not watched the rest for some reason." This feeling of déjà vu hold until the very last minute of season 1. I had completely watched it, then forgot about it so hard even re-watching it never reminded me of what happened next. Even the last reveal, who was supposedly a huge deal. I've watched a lot of forgettable animes, but none that I couldn't recollect at some point while rewatching it... until this one. Which is a shame, because a lot of the side characters feel really fleshed out, but have their entire screen time swallowed up by Horikita's quest for her 3rd dimension as a character.
@jeebay5188 年 前
Okay as an Anime fan in their 50’s I really feel old when one mentions their old in their 30’s. Okay back to my soft foods whilst listening to another great MB video. Good job as always.
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