The Most Beautiful Life Goes On: A Story of BTS (2021 Update!)

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Today, everyone knows the name... BTS. They’ve been invited onto late-night talk shows, they’ve shattered records, they’ve sold out stadiums, they’ve made it onto the big screen. These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t know who these guys were or haven’t heard at least one of their songs. The success of the Bangtan Boys is worldwide, but it wasn’t always like this. Follow the journey of the members of BTS when they started as unknowns in their pre-debut days, to the superstars they are today!

Edited by Matt Bacera

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BTS (방탄소년단) 'Blood Sweat & Tears' Orchestral Cover (Reimagined Ver.)

By Waylonian

BTS (방탄소년단) - Moon | Clean Instrumental Remake | No Vocals

BTS (방탄소년단) - Friends by V and Jimin | Clean Instrumental Remake | No Vocals

BTS (방탄소년단) - Filter | Clean Instrumental Remake | No Vocals


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BTS - MIC DROP (Remix) - Instrumental Remake

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BTS - CYPHER 4 - Instrumental Remake

By 릴라이언 Leelion

BTS(방탄소년단) - HOME Instrumental | FL Studio Remake

BTS(방탄소년단) - DNA Instrumental | FL Studio Remake | Free FLP

BTS(방탄소년단) - 작은 것들을 위한시(Boy With Luv) Instrumental | FL Studio Remake | Free FLP

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BTS (방탄소년단) - I NEED U - Guitar Cover (기타 커버)

BTS (방탄소년단) - Run - Guitar Cover

BTS (방탄소년단) - Butterfly - Guitar Cover

BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears guitar cover (instrumental)

BTS 방탄소년단 Spring Day - Guitar Cover

BTS (방탄소년단) - Euphoria - Guitar Cover

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BTS (방탄소년단) - Make It Right | FL Studio Remake

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BHARAT FF 3 時間 前
Nice video
Elvie Carroll
Elvie Carroll 15 時間 前
Love watching the start of BTS stardom. I think that is why they stay humble & why they are love by army because of what they went thru, hardship, struggle, racism & prove to people that try to pull them down or stopped them from being successful to never give up in your dream. Life lesson to all of us. ❤️❤️❤️
Shankramma Badiger
Shankramma Badiger 22 時間 前
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 日 前
Grammy's a f***en joke!!!
Andela Filipovic
lol i'm crying literally every time they get an award
Sind C
Sind C 日 前
They are damn hard working🔥💯 which inspires everyone and also enjoying their work 🔥🔥🔥🎉💯💯✨✨😘 That's the secret behind their success❤️❤️❤️❤️ No one can beat them🔥💯💥 BTS Fan forever 💜💜💜🙌🙌🙌
Elizabeth C
Elizabeth C 日 前
These guys are so talented. I've watched old videos when they were rappers. I've seen videos where they're putting out some major dance moves and now, their disco videos, which are amazing. It takes me back to the 70's when I was in high school, yet with a new flair. I'm crushing on you guys!
jorex 日 前
its amazing how almost all achievements of bts can fit in a video. im an army for 3years, and im so proud of them. for the moment when theyll win a grammy, ill definitely breath out “finally.”
Maymay Ayuban
Maymay Ayuban 2 日 前
Just ilove you Army you are hard work.
Katrine Mae Salvador
this video is absolutely GOLD! for a new fan like myself, it was nice to get to know their story right from the start
Chennacharan Tej
i love bts a lot
Clarissa Gafoor
Clarissa Gafoor 3 日 前
This is the boy band that you want the little girls in your family to follow.
Virginia Older
Virginia Older 3 日 前
This is my ultimate favorite introduction to BTS because of your decision to not only include facts but include humor. Bravo. 💜
You know who I am
"He wouldn't need to dance. He was lying." This part got me laughing so hard.😂
Alba Hernández
Alba Hernández 3 日 前
Little mochi 🙆‍♀️
37:14 ""MARS""" 🤣😂🤣
Ekaterini 4 日 前
learned so much, honestly the most organized presentation of BTS discography and their artistic evolution. Just cements for so many of us who have only found bts since the pandemic that this is something special, beyond the Beatles, beyond the Beach Boys -- every ARMY just hopes and prays that THIS band of brothers stays together because they are no longer just a financial arrangement put together by others but now they are showing that this group was picked by God himself to help so so many people all over the world to find some healing in the face of so much pain and adversity. we can ALL be brothers and sisters and BTS is leading the way.
Traveller Escapes
You missed the IPO of Big Hit. You missed the shares that Bang gave BTS. You missed the Butter achievements. It’s frustrating. Please fix.
Nora Iyeh
Nora Iyeh 4 日 前
Biggest flex in my life Is am an ARMY💜💜
Nora Iyeh
Nora Iyeh 4 日 前
The way this video will be unending Because bts success is going no way Waiting for a new update🤗
Pam Pareja
Pam Pareja 4 日 前
Joonie Dun Dance
and this ladies and gentlemen is ✨BANGTAN SONYEONDAN✨
Love them!!!
Yuvraj Gakhar
Yuvraj Gakhar 5 日 前
This is honestly such an amazing video about bts! My 7th time watching this and this is still interesting. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more updates on this in years to come!
Shane Albert Medina
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-48Tc_Y2U0Tg.html the most beautiful life goes on this is the best
Army was established when I was born 2009 wow now I am hella greatfull for that to God uwuuuu
Shamo Aldabbas
Shamo Aldabbas 6 日 前
proud as fuck
Alma Goh
Alma Goh 7 日 前
BTS is simply the best band ever.
Defender76 7 日 前
Punk ass boy bands suck! They take a bunch of pretty boys that have descent voices and teach them how to dance. Zero instrumental & writing skills.
Shireka Brown Teague
I am definitely a part of the Army...that NamJoon...💜💜
Marion faith Agbor
Please let’s applaud their management team they did a very good job I know nobody is gonna like
Jenielle Calimlim
New Army here, and even though I was not able to be with them from the start, I will definitely be keeping up with them now. Cannot be prouder of these guys 💜💜💜
I learned so much about the boys from this video! thanks!
Natasha Renee Gonzales
This is amazing!! Thank you for all of the information you provided.
MochiiMeloon 9 日 前
BTS will live on even after their disband, their so amazing and inspires people everyday. Keep them alive ARMY.
Queenohsocrafty 10 日 前
I love BTS 🤩💓🤩 I hope and pray the best for many many years!!
Kwihui Halliday
Kwihui Halliday 10 日 前
Loved it! Thank you.👍❤️☝️⭐️👏👌🍀 All of these emojis says it all!😊
Kwihui Halliday
Kwihui Halliday 10 日 前
Bahnhofstrasse-mahn -Tahn. Letter A sounds as “ah” not eh! Ok 👌?
Barbara Woods
Barbara Woods 10 日 前
I will never get tired of watching this video. Thanks for the update. Will be anxious to view any and all future updates!
Cartier Lee
Cartier Lee 11 日 前
I don’t understand why you skipped all Butter achievements and success. They broke many records. They got 112M in first 24h, you didn’t mention that but you mentioned Permission To Dance 72M top 10 of most watched views In first 24h ??? And about BE album, it was self-produced album by members themselves. I really want you to mention that. But you contain so many informations and thank you for creating this video. Sorry, my English is not the best.
Butter not only didn't disappointed us ARMYS but it reached 100,200 and 300M views the fastest by a kpop group also the fastest video in JPvid to reach this milestones, Butter was better. 👍👍
Theresa Little Tree's Treasures
I consider myself a Mama Army. My youngest is and Army. She showed me this amazing group. I am a Blockhead also and BTS reminds me a lot of NKOTB. In true Blockhead fashion I honestly respectfully request you all listen to NKOTB's song Boys In The Band, where my boi Donnie made sure to include a shout out to BTS. Even NKOTB recognizes BTS and this is just amazing 💚💚
Eileen JA
Eileen JA 11 日 前
Thank you! and you guessed it right! they not only conquered Mars. they conquered the universe.
Stita pragyan Singh
Thanku for this 💜👍
Katie Cave
Katie Cave 12 日 前
when i discovered them in early 2015 i never would imagined what they would become especially dominating the global chart. a couple months after i discovered them they came out with i need you and i listened to it on repeat and still do anytime it comes on. i watch the mv i see the boys in a different light almost like i’m meeting them all over again. love to see them succeed in ways no one expected and continue to dominate. everyone needs to know bts
fidela elopre
fidela elopre 12 日 前
Lovely Ramirez
Lovely Ramirez 12 日 前
I am 47 and I love BTS,.
Armita 12 日 前
I just love how he kept on saying and make us all stay throughout whole video
Devraj Shrivastava
And now a new single with Coldplay has launch my univers
천지우 13 日 前
BTS is the great diamond and then you have a great time to time and money 💰
천지우 13 日 前
Khim Harvey
Khim Harvey 13 日 前
Love them awesome team work 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 I am 71 years old they are like my adopted sons and loved their music 🥰
Toby Park
Toby Park 14 日 前
Would love a GOT7 origin video in this kind of style!
Pat Salmeron
Pat Salmeron 14 日 前
What I love the most of them is their lyrics, NO BAD WORDS!!!!
Melanie Garcia
Melanie Garcia 14 日 前
very nice group. Hopefully they can make more English songs. This band is so great. God bless you all
Dianne Joy Agusdan
I love the story of BTS, such a wonderful boy band group. It is never out of style. #BTSArmyforever #RM #Suga #JHope #Jin #Jungkook #V #Jimin #official big hit DYNAMITE, BUTTER, PERMISSION TO DANCE and to be officially aired the My Universe back to back with the Coldplay x BTS.
Marnie Bautista
Marnie Bautista 15 日 前
Goosebumps 💜
CelebIGLives 15 日 前
I'm subscribing because this was beautifully done! THANK YOU!
amanda 15 日 前
NJ San juan
NJ San juan 15 日 前
A very beautiful story... Thank you for sharing❤️
Nanda M
Nanda M 15 日 前
wow ...what a journey abd there hard work...love it all ..keep shining
Eevee the Introvert
BTS saved my life
My friends used to insult bts and called them gay and ugly and girly and stuff I sent this to them and their opinions changed They didn't become army but they stopped insulting bts Then one day, I found them listening to spring day Later, they told me that they were armys now I was so happy
Joonie Dun Dance
😭😭 wbk haters speak shit bout bts without knowing who bts really are and when they learn real facts they shut up and become fans-
Captain Landis
Captain Landis 16 日 前
SUGA=Shooting Guard that shit just blew my mind I didn’t know this 😱
Lori Grabon
Lori Grabon 16 日 前
their family 😊♥️ Thanks guys, continue loving what you do & keep it going!
blah blaah
blah blaah 16 日 前
this documentary is amazing!!
Maria Jesna
Maria Jesna 16 日 前
Very informative
Mary Stahl
Mary Stahl 16 日 前
This popped up in my feed today. Honestly. I have NEVER even heard of BTS. I’m I the only one? I asked my family and they hadn’t either.
Leader Kim
Leader Kim 17 日 前
Thank you pretty much, sir!
Neha Deol
Neha Deol 17 日 前
Think about it
Think about it 17 日 前
Great review of BTS journey, excellent reference for those who have the task of interviewing them ( cough, cough, americans) so they don’t embarrass themselves asking questions like: “How did you meet each other?”
Marvin Ice
Marvin Ice 17 日 前
Proud ARMY here !!!
Justinn Mahii
Justinn Mahii 18 日 前
respect for your research
Mavic Francia
Mavic Francia 18 日 前
Amazing team 💜💜💜🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Vio 18 日 前
Wow, the 360° shift in their style is very surprising. I am in complete awe with how they have evolved 😍
Brogana M
Brogana M 18 日 前
:) ARMYS be SO Proud !!
T H FATHIMA 19 日 前
love how you represented everything!!
kameelah Davis
kameelah Davis 19 日 前
They should have gotten that Grammy
The World of G & G
Cool video! But dude you miss the whole point of it- change your background relating to BTS. We don’t care about Wade 😎😂
Olivia Ashara
Olivia Ashara 19 日 前
They are sooo handsome and talented.GOOD LUCK
Mano Hassan
Mano Hassan 19 日 前
They do such a great job
Ritika Golder
Ritika Golder 19 日 前
If you have a passion for something no one can easily turn you on other side.... Like BTS they have passion for music... I am very happy and feeling proud to be a army or a fan of BTS.... 💜 BTS
some day
some day 20 日 前
another spice girls story
Revygin Viñas
Revygin Viñas 20 日 前
We never know what our future holds... So as them!♥️
noki 20 日 前
dude, I'm not particularly a fan of BTS but a fan of every Quality music (which BTS also produces). All I can say is that you deserve every subscription here. You've done a very commendable job by making this kind of video. This is a NETFLIX worthy type of video, you clearly delivered the story in here. I have no idea about BTS but in this 38mins video, I get to be proud of them. Keep it up, wish you all success!
Artur 94
Artur 94 20 日 前
Respect BTS 👍🔥🔥
Kampung Bhoi
Kampung Bhoi 20 日 前
All their songs sound the same as their lesbianic features all look the same
Donna foster
Donna foster 20 日 前
Loved your video, and I love BTS!! Another older American in love with their music! But, some of the videos on you tube show these young men worked to death on stage. Even collapsing at times. Hope their management team gets a grip on this right away.
Kampung Bhoi
Kampung Bhoi 20 日 前
A young bunch of lesbians who all heavily underwent surgery to look like boys and still puts on a ton of girl makeup. Their gender is so confusing.
Ton Something
Ton Something 20 日 前
Awesome video! All you need to know.. And more.
Angelica Starina
Angelica Starina 20 日 前
Coming back to BTS after being their fan in 2013-2016 just makes me sooooo proud of them😍😍😍 they’ve taught us how to really break barriers, work hard, stay disciplined with determination & trust it’ll work out💕
LiteraryAlias 20 日 前
I like how once they got US songs, they started sounding like they were from current times instead of boybands from the 90s leftovers.
jj jj
jj jj 20 日 前
And then there comes “My Universe” I thought I’ve seen everything but I didn’t expect this.
Carmel Stark
Carmel Stark 21 日 前
excuse meee you pretty😄
"what's next for them mars" Well they did meet some aliens
Indra Gunawan
Indra Gunawan 21 日 前
American singers and songwriters should learn from their success. You can have massively successful songs WITHOUT EVER mentioning a single word about sex, fvck, pvssy and all those which are so common with english song made in america. Their song can be listen by 4yo to 99yo without any worry of censorship
The Raaga Saaga
The Raaga Saaga 21 日 前
Top 10 reasons I love BTS jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-RtHg6RmP94M.html
빛속으로 21 日 前
7 angels X Coldplay = ♥♧♣☆♠ We are living at the cosmic era now.
💜 Army Girl 💜
That was very beautiful documentary ever ❤
Denise Domingo
Denise Domingo 21 日 前
First time I saw BTS was on America's Got Talent and i was amazed how talented these boys are. Im 57 years old and loving they're newest song with Coldplay, "My Universe ".
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