The Masked Singer: The Butterfly's FULL Performances (Season 2)

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The Masked Singer: The Butterfly's Performances on Season 2 of the American series.
Episode 1: "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
Episode 4: "Living On a Prayer" by Bon Jovi
Episode 6: "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones
Episode 9: "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato / "Believer" by Imagine Dragons










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Slaychelle 2 ヶ月 前
Michelle Williams' vocal range playlist: jpvid.net/group/PLuXJiF3VcHoyxVQuSphd_xqvsqJai0mhi
C Charles
C Charles 日 前
Michele u need to rerecord the norah jones track...
aya782002 23 日 前
Slaychelle is so cool
BlazenT7 Brown
BlazenT7 Brown ヶ月 前
Beautiful Rose I always felt Michelle is a better singer than Beyoncé! They have different tones... NO shade.
Massimo Sigismondi
@Beautiful Rose Absolutley not! They are both amazing singers! Too different.
DJ Pyro Teknikz
DJ Pyro Teknikz ヶ月 前
@Slaychelle - Since the show's second season has concluded. Can you please post ALL of The Fox's performances from this season?
Vera Howard
Vera Howard 19 時間 前
Dag, Michelle. You're awesome. God has plans for you.
Kindy Kindz
Kindy Kindz 22 時間 前
I literally love Michelle so happy she had the confidence to come and slay!! Her voice is very distinctive and amazing true talent. Destiny's child wouldn't of had the same success without you girl, keep being strong, you are an inspiration.
Angel Williams
Angel Williams 23 時間 前
From Beyoncé
Latesha Tindley
Wow never knew she had that voice powerful strong
Kim Code
Kim Code 日 前
Yasssss sis The chills and tears are real
Allan M. Hanson
Michelle wasn’t hold down in Destiny’s Child. This is the evolution of her voice, when she was in DC she was a straight bass, amazingly low tone, she had her deserved vocals, a lot of harmonies and solo songs. In the las album, Destiny Fulfilled she started to develop her higher tones, she has high as hell belts in that album. So she wasn’t miss treated it was you who only cared about Beyoncé 😂. Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle worked together in their own music, they weren’t a manufactured pop group manipulated by their label, they were musician free to do their own thing.
Tre’ Blaze
Tre’ Blaze 2 日 前
had to come back watch this after the White Tiger’s terrible performance
Pachot Javier
Pachot Javier 3 日 前
Talent sis different from charisma. If charisma is removed we will appreciate less of the artist of today if solely based on talent alone. the mask has the same logic. Nameless and just more talent. Just like any blind auditions.
Viper Romani
Viper Romani 3 日 前
main reason i don't waste my time on pretense bullspit like this. The fake rigged crap. someone wins over another who made a career singing. A lot I can point out but just going to say this show is just another fake falsehood of bullshit made by a narcissist + just to keep the stupid drama going around.
ivyt146 4 日 前
Can't believe she didn't at least make top 3. wow
Steven hollis
Steven hollis 4 日 前
She would've outshined beyonce... I never knew she could sing like this
Disney stuff
Disney stuff 5 日 前
If you love Michelle’s voice be sure to take some time to listen to her gospel music. Her song “heard the word” is so beautiful
Lewis1206 /Lewis
I really do think the masked singer need to put all the singers covers from the show on spotify or something like JPvid is annoying to watch in public
carlo gilbert zamora
What's the title of the intro song?
Adriaan Bish
Adriaan Bish 6 日 前
Michelle is an amazing singer no doubt but everybody saying “maybe her mic was turned down so she wouldn’t outshine the other artist in destiny child” is COMPLETELY wrong! Even still i personally prefer Beyonce AND kelly voice over Michelle’s! But like I said she’s an AMAZINGGGGG SINGER !!
Linsey Laville
Linsey Laville 7 日 前
So who won the whole thing ?
Mr Durva
Mr Durva 4 日 前
Season 1 the winner was T-Pain (the monster) with the runner up being Donny Osmond (the Peacock) Season 2 winner was Wayne Bradey (the Fox) with runner up being Chris Daughtry (the Rottweiler)
pbdairy 5 日 前
The Fox was the winner!
chadduff05 7 日 前
She has gotten so much better
EuRice Queen
EuRice Queen 7 日 前
She's always been my favorite among the girls. I was so happy when she released "We break the Dawn" then i lost track of her because life got a hold of me. But i never forgot her.
soulcandy24 8 日 前
Alicia Brown
Alicia Brown 8 日 前
This woman right here has the best vocals ever and she killed that Demi Lavata song Sorry Not Sorry. # SLAYMICHELLE
Happy Pineapple
Happy Pineapple 9 日 前
Oh my god and we now have a saying "do a Michelle to Beyonce" which means being a side kick/riding on someone's coattails. But Michelle is actually awesome!
Jamie Harris
Jamie Harris 9 日 前
The sorry not sorry song she sang reminds me of a pop version of Won't He do it by Koryn Hawethorne
christian gallo
christian gallo 9 日 前
At the end..... She can sing :O I'm impressed.
christian gallo
christian gallo 9 日 前
That little jumps it's Michelle Ahahah :)
Raquel C. Gary
Raquel C. Gary 9 日 前
Sooooooooo that’s why her mic was muted in DC3! I always knew Chelley could sing cause she comes from the church (yea I said it) but she can REALLY SSSSAAAANNNG! Kelly is an amazing singer and so is bey but I’m sorry Michelle slays both of them! And they Had the nerve to have my girl singing tenor in the group when she is clearly THE vocal beast!
D’ Gabriel Hopkins
She always could sing like this but people was so busy putting her down they didn't notice.
Lucerio Valerio Jr.
Michelle slay the stage...She's got the best vocal among Destiny's Child..Damn people who voted her out were out of their minds..
melvintata 10 日 前
Mel B? she doesnt have the range
ANGELA 10 日 前
Y'all really THOUGHT Michelle couldn't sing.
__jax_x 10 日 前
The wings flapping during “Believer” made me giggle
J'r Legend
J'r Legend 11 日 前
Yal never heard: Hello Heartbreak, We Break The Dawn, Stop This Car??? She's a crazii vocalist!!!
Ty Artis
Ty Artis 11 日 前
She killed it!!! I so Loved it!
Candice Richardson
Living on a Prayer was my fave!🎤❤
chantoya17 11 日 前
Child, all the ignorant and misinformed comments here 😒 Tenitra shined in her role in Destiny's Child (she was holding down the bridge in nearly every song) and she's been shining in her solo career since 2001. Now that she's shut all you idiotic "poor michellers" up, now you want to act like she was never given chances to show her talent or that Kelly and mainly Beyoncé mistreated her. Stop ✋ you are not real DC-3 fans. Her talent was always there and she was given plenty opportunity to shine AND Bey and Kelly were always bigging up her vocals. She even was the first in the group to put out a solo album. Y'all were just too busy trying to get a cheap laugh at her expense because she missed a dance step or just flat out ignored her because you didn't like her tone. I'm happy Michelle got to do this. It seems like she really enjoyed it and she's been through a lot lately.
Wil Lee
Wil Lee 12 日 前
Got damn woman!!! Sorry not sorry performance gave me chills
PREttyFACEBRi 12 日 前
Nooooooooo Kelly can really sing she was down played bad
Fran G
Fran G 12 日 前
So this what beyonce was scared of
Nefertiti 12 日 前
I love mel b but she could never
Bianca Abdalla
Bianca Abdalla 11 日 前
Nefertiti right?! I was like Mel B? Of all people....
Candice O
Candice O 12 日 前
It’s almost as if being in a costume allowed her to sign w/o that stigma of ppl thinking she can’t sing. I love Michelle she has an amazing unique voice.
Erica Shawnta
Erica Shawnta 12 日 前
I'm here the new season has started and I'm still mad that Michelle lost to the damn thingamajig... She murdered him in the battle and shouldn't have been at the bottom anyways 🙄
Allison Porter
Allison Porter 13 日 前
Michelle ALWAYS had vocals. Perioooodt.
S Os
S Os 13 日 前
She has to sing songs that suit her tone...like the third track. How weren't they able to recognise her tone?
The Beast
The Beast 13 日 前
Good question because I knew her singing voice.
Psst Hello
Psst Hello 13 日 前
Wow I’ve heard destiny’s child all my life and this is the first time I’ve heard her beautiful voice
Soul 13 日 前
I’m pissed when she lost in this she should have gone to the end. She song believer better than the originals did. That song was made for her voice
Soul 12 日 前
The Beast well cds can last a long time it depends on the person but yeah pros and cons for both of them. Yeah I want her to make an album with covering that one song she sung against whatchamacallit. That song was made for her voice. No one will sing it better than her
The Beast
The Beast 13 日 前
She got to show what she is made of when on her own. If she made a solo album I will buy it. Sure many download and burn to disks but those disks do not last as long.
Lone Wolf95
Lone Wolf95 13 日 前
Yeah the people who came up with this programme were definitely on drugs XD
Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones 13 日 前
Sounds so good should make a pop album she can really sing, Michelle can.
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris 13 日 前
Demi *Sorry* Showing B up like... Ouch.
smarts 14 日 前
I'm just finding out NOW that Michelle actually has a voice and personality. Michelle was ROBBED! Destiny's Child weren't my favourite but they were around when I was a kid. I didn't really start liking their songs until years after they broke up. I could take or leave Beyonce; she's talented and has some bops, but very overrated, and tends to try too hard on songs that don't require it. I actually feel drained after listening to certain songs. I like Kelly Rowland, I'm not a fan of hers, but she has a beautiful voice and I appreciate the songs I've heard from her. This is literally the first time I've heard Michelle. Her voice always sounded so bland to me in DC songs. I knew she was overshadowed and probably pushed to the back, but damn I didn't know they were hiding this?! Bravo Michelle! 👏👏👏👏
The Beast
The Beast 13 日 前
Despite being pushed in the back. Everytime they reformed she was with every reformation.
Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams 14 日 前
And the 🦊 won... Come on!!! 😠
kmallory100 14 日 前
For the record she sang plenty in DC she sang Alto in the group so she wasn't always showing off her range.
kmallory100 14 日 前
Illinois always got love for you sis! You sound amazing!
The Beast
The Beast 13 日 前
The Demon world got love for her as well. We have to take breaks too and this one enjoys good music.
I have to say her vocal is 100% better than Beyonce. Oops, sorry Beyonce. I guess that’s why she never had solo songs to showcase her voice but only 5 words parts. Sorry Michelle, if you had great management team separate to the other girls maybe you could of shine more. Been on the girl’s group put you on the platform but hurt you when it comes to your talent, your true potential. Look how long it takes you to show us your pipe. I love a great singer that makes my hairs up and girl you did that.
Rachel soulsings
Rachel soulsings 14 日 前
If u was fooled be fooled no more. Each destiny child member is a beast but everyone could only see Beyonce but in their own lane they are amazing. Michelle is still a hidden gem and only parts of her beauty has been revealed.. Keep watching...God ain't even got started with het yet. #Go Michelle
The Beast
The Beast 13 日 前
Be ready when she breaks the chain on her and shows what she is really made of.
El Del
El Del 15 日 前
I want her to release so new music... Wow.
A Ph
A Ph 15 日 前
U.S should a variety show for singers regularly/once a week TV show.
D.S. Hite
D.S. Hite 16 日 前
Her left arm and dance gave her away.
Həyat Hacıyeva
Həyat Hacıyeva 16 日 前
Andrew C. Brandon
Better than Beyonce or the other girl ❤️
SeanZia Star patrol
God. Bless you girl you deserve to be back... sing again while sharing our savior Jesus Christ...