The Huawei Ban: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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Huawei flagships without Google or Android? This is everything you
need to know.
Fingers crossed Huawei can resolve things. For the sake of competition.
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flying child
flying child 時間 前
Lmao I can imagine google is like your friend and the US is like their parent
Sonny Wolf
Sonny Wolf 6 時間 前
Did you notice M.B dare not to say anything negative about US. He afraid of being banned too:)
macroevolve 8 時間 前
I was leaning towards a Huawei for an android device, but went to Xiaomi to avoid any uncertainity about using google and it's apps.
Awais Ahmed
Awais Ahmed 9 時間 前
US bans Huwei Apple starts sweating Samsung starts smiling
Shazly El-sharif
Shazly El-sharif 14 時間 前
huawei is the best in the World >> I ike huawei
Pisac 21 時間 前
I do not use huawei, but also do not use any google services on android phone except google maps. No playstore, no gmail, no anyshit. So, what's the problem? Problem is that humans should be openminded and fuck off google because it became too big for world's health.
VAN月 21 時間 前
Euramerican: "welcome to the land of freedom and democracy, my friend." Chinese student: "thank you." Euramerican: "what are you doing here? Travel? To learn?" Chinese student: "I'm here to learn how to brainwash." Euramerican: "no, we only have freedom, democracy and human rights here, no brainwashing." "Yes! Yes! That's it!" "The Chinese students said excitedly.
Dane 日 前
but in the end... why don't we keep buying huawei products just for the sake of answering idiot trump's "smart" move? heck, ima buy one now.
Dane 日 前
trump and the whole usa politics is the worst thing that could have happened to humanity ever since the holocaust.
Dane 日 前
... and then they say "we can't go forward exploring the existence (the universe and multiverses) if there are weapons and money in this world" but then the idiots like trump make such stupid moves that keep not just most people but even themselves halted from going forward and discovering things.
J 日 前
I mean what did you expect. Trump promised American business success. Removing one more competition will help a lot of other companies.
Templer Way
Templer Way 日 前
And america from my heart make fucking nice cars i love the mustangs and chargers and the harley bikes but with phone.s apple think the are the best but everytime samsung screen is 1000 times much better brighter sharper be a real american and give it to samsung the are much better
Templer Way
Templer Way 日 前
Doesnt matter what you buy or see almost in everything are chinese chips inside the make everything from shoe.s to soccer balls the make everything chinese people are realy smart and if america doesnt trust them only show.s how insane those yankees are
Juuk 日 前
What's next? banning every chinese electronic as they might be spying? Isnt most of phone components built in China? But Trump sure loves his hotel made of 100% chinese steel, and his souvenir shop is filled with chinese made clothes, he loves china!
Ian Talker
Ian Talker 日 前
I'm slightly worried oneplus parent company will get hit with a ban. Wait I'm Canadian.
MrDarren5012 日 前
It’s COMMUNIST China people!! They control Huawei and the tech knowledge....they are not free to do what they like,,,don’t be so nieve
AssRamming FatPeople
I have a friend who owns a Huawei phone from 2 years ago. It’s a mid ranger, however, he did tell me that the phone is recording him all the time. Even when it’s closed (not shut down), it’s recording what it’s hearing, and using the data to show relevant ads online. Crazy.
hector garcia
Just got the p30 pro and I'm not going back to apple! Let's go Huawei!
jayrodathome 日 前
Much better video than the Vice report where baby driver went to their campus.
حسن الحارثي
So for 90 days the Huawei phones that came out will it have Google play or not?
Rafael 日 前
This "spying" reason is exactly the same as the "chemical weapons" reason before invading Libya...they just want to eliminate competition because Apple fall on the 2nd place in the smartphone market. This is the democracy that US want to promote? The corruption reaches new odds.
1000 Subs with no Videos?
Huawei: *Banned* Lenovo: *Sweating heavily* oh OK
J Liao
J Liao 日 前
It is lucky that the Chinese people do not need facebook, twitter, amazon and google.
Tee New Orleans YnG God
Smh....Well, Mr. Trump as an American I'm not buying any other phone besides Huawei, all of the other devices I have owned Samsung, iPhone etc. lags and overheats. So Huawei is the only way for me.
LastSkull616 日 前
J Lelouch
J Lelouch 日 前
There is thing you need to know ( Huawei is using android for phone but you can't you use any google services in mainland of China) Chrome, google map, and Gmail, etc...
Razor Hawk
Razor Hawk 日 前
Me watching with my samsung phone (*giggle*) This is why i will never get the chinese or apple phone
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 2 日 前
polymatters vid on this is light years ahead of this take. marques is super ignorant and barely did any research
Trump is hands down the worst thing that happened to the US , but the saddest part is they elected him themselves.
A Russian Beast
A Russian Beast 2 日 前
Making sure its 10 minutes huh, that's why I use adblocker
KingOvDeWorld 2 日 前
Huawei changes name to ‘Appla’
Wesley Laureano
Wesley Laureano 2 日 前
Blame Trump. Worst president ever.
The Grumpy Englishman
Could you side load Huawei phones with the playstore?
C Rogers
C Rogers 2 日 前
AOSP is NOT farther and farther from Google's version everyday. Google must comply with the GPL, which the Linux core demands. They MUST release the source code for each new version of the OS upon release. This is why the GPL is so important to software freedom. It doesn't let some huge tech company lock it down. Without Linux, Android would not exist. There is no way Google can restrict Huawei from using Android for this reason. They can just refuse to partner with them. It does not restrict their use of Android at all.
Maplenerd22 2 日 前
It is getting farther and farther because Google has been pulling out key services and features from ASOP and making it closed sourced. He never said they are restricted them to use Android. He said they are restricted from using Google services and their APIs
Discreet 786
Discreet 786 2 日 前
As a Samsung user, the P30, was the reason on why I was planning to switch to Huawei. Then this happens...
Discreet 786
Discreet 786 日 前
@dad Just a medium priced one... Not sure which one it is...
dad 日 前
What samsung do u have?
dad 日 前
Binil Rajan
Binil Rajan 2 日 前
one who spying everyone is ******* Edward Snowden shows as that ******* doing all the dirty work
Avery R
Avery R 2 日 前
If you own a Huawei phone, don't worry. Simply install a custom rom . First, unlock your bootloader. Then install a custom recovery such as TWRP. Download the SuperSU or Magisk package and flash it with the custom recovery. Wipe all data on your device. Then download a rom file and flash it with the custom recovery. :P
JaedenRed 2 日 前
Samsung: Laughs in Korean
Martins Danisevics
can huawei apologize to trump and move on?
Tekram Dhruw
Tekram Dhruw 2 日 前
Best company huawei smartphone but hi was banned very bad news
You Tube
You Tube 3 日 前
If you know communist party you would know why.
Sniper Sypher
Sniper Sypher 3 日 前
Huawei makes new company from billions of dollars in secret... Bam problem solved
Janer Sulce
Janer Sulce 3 日 前
I hope they don't get back to android and instead they make their own O.S. It be nice to know that if the US bans everyone there will still be alternatives
Nazli786 nazlijaffer
I'm watching this on a huawei. Like If you are too
Derrick Davis
Derrick Davis 4 日 前
I really really want Huawei to come up from this.
Toby mak
Toby mak 4 日 前
Let's make a cuppa of coffee .sit back & see what will happen in the near future. Should we.If they could make it to the space. This should be a piece of cake with our coffee. 😂😉
Toby mak
Toby mak 4 日 前
The Chinese were always friendly towards the whole world. When is west always behave like this. You could never win with no friends.
Karim El-Nahas
Karim El-Nahas 4 日 前
Wait what does that mean I'm using a Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 will it get destroyed or disappear oh no its me fav phone EVER BTW I don't like the way he spells Huawei
James Derek
James Derek 4 日 前
I'm on the Note 9! But today I got the Huawei Mate 20 X currently charging 😂
Karim El-Nahas
Karim El-Nahas 4 日 前
Huawei is the best my friend
TechMagnet 4 日 前
Just found this channel, pretty amazing!
Daniel Gamer
Daniel Gamer 4 日 前
its produced how -wa -wi
Most Likely
Most Likely 日 前
Daniel Gamer no
Chris 4 日 前
try to ice out a smartphone giant with their own silicone...either we go all in and sabotage their company via espionage or Huawei is completely fine.
Nollywood Full Movies Latest Nigerian Movie
sucks how most household consumer known brands come from the US only. this is modern day slavery. we all need to wake up and start doing our own shiit and stop depending on this guys. FACEBOOK,TWITTER,WHATSAAP,ANDROID,APPLE, all US...
Maplenerd22 3 日 前
This comment is funny because you're complaining on an American site. If you want to stop depending on the U.S, then do it already. Stop coming to U.S sites to bitch about it.
berin geo raj
berin geo raj 4 日 前
Oak os.. Yo.. We are with you.. Huawei app store.. Crush android
Jack Truitt
Jack Truitt 4 日 前
Fuck Donald Trump
Kevin Barron
Kevin Barron 4 日 前
The US will ultimately be seen to be a bad place to do business. Non US manufacturers will go their own way, the US will be in one bubble and everyone else will be in another.
Jen’s Life
Jen’s Life 23 時間 前
@MrDarren5012 the one who will suffer the greatest is the Chinese. You should thank trump. Cuz American companies can still import from other Asian countries. While Chinese can only copy and steal...
J 日 前
Hahaha in what world will that ever happen. As much as we will like to bash US for their unfair market power your scenario will never happen.
MrDarren5012 日 前
Kevin Barron that’s right...we don’t want your cheap crap...buy American...
Charting Uncharted
I am not sure, but i think that they could just create a new company ( which might be equally as hard) and sell their phones via it
Segundo April Joy
Can i still use my p20 pro in USA?
Jaisal KT
Jaisal KT 5 日 前
This is going to affect US companies as well in the long run, as manufacturers around the world will become cautious doing business with U.S Companies in future as they lose trust and fear the same can be happened with anyone anytime. So chances are there the world will now turn towards self dependence in all technologies.
Rouzbeh Teimouri
"spying" lol... just scared of losing the tech battle that's already been lost.
Gentleman4u1 5 日 前
im_paul 4 日 前
You're delusional if you think apple had something to do with this.
Budderguy 5 日 前
Trump: Huawei is spying on us. Facebook: **Sweating** yeah they shouldn’t do that. Google: heh...
Sairen Sui
Sairen Sui 5 日 前
China's rise of economy helps U.S. quick recovery since 2009's Wall Street meltdown; they bought a lot of U.S. goods and paid a lot of U.S. patents. Trump lied and slandered Chinese government as thief, just because a few lazy researchers copied U.S.'s just like any other nations does. HuaWei owns many U.S. patents, which are difficult to get, and several U.S. companies borrow these patents. Now HuaWei ask them to pay royalties.
Парк студия
россия т
zerkyz a.k
zerkyz a.k 6 日 前
Art Pc
Art Pc 6 日 前
Human : why we ban huawei Trump: because I said they spy us Human: .... emmm what about FB and goggle? Trump: I‘,M THE RULE SO I SAID HUAWEI SPY THEN IT TRUE !!!. 🤯🤯🤯
Why You Should
Why You Should 6 日 前
Lol USA spies , steals data . Cisco - 6 backdoors for NSA. Hauwei 0 Backdoors . Still bans Hauwei .
Toby mak
Toby mak 6 日 前
What's going to happen if no one buys Apple anymore in China?Is there any damages ?😉
Toby mak
Toby mak 6 日 前
I only can see there will be the other operating system beside Apple iOS & android. It only will make things better for China . The downfall in US. 😉😊
Toby mak
Toby mak 6 日 前
Just like a racing team with parts.All parts. Already there. All ready to go.
Toby mak
Toby mak 6 日 前
There is so much secert that China have .The backup is always there. Both technological & financially. 😁😉
nenoyt18 6 日 前
I waned to buy Huawei Y9.... and then I watched this video ... -_-
KanevenG CS:GO
KanevenG CS:GO 6 日 前
They why USA and China need to war in World War III
Arun Shanagonda
Arun Shanagonda 6 日 前
After August 19th, google services will work on them in INDIA.??
Samir Pérez
Samir Pérez 6 日 前
Spying? My ass! It’s all about the trade war and the 5g.
向华 6 日 前
Google service and Google store could be installed on the phone and still functions normally, I've tried this in China before.
Royce kelvin Paliza cruz
lol my father uses huawei and he dont know anything about this s**t
Royce kelvin Paliza cruz
@Monkey D. Ruffy yeah
Monkey D. Ruffy
Monkey D. Ruffy 5 日 前
I don’t think your father will care if there aren’t any new updates on his phone
It's IraHut!
It's IraHut! 6 日 前
9:50 me: *looks at zte phone* me: SO THAT'S WHY IT RUNS ANDROID NOUGAT STILL!
Robert Leon
Robert Leon 6 日 前
the best thing for them to do is innovate a new tech product that is nothing like phones or computers, something we can't imagine. Or maybe if they don't want to do that, just move to a new industry. I don't think Huawei will go bankrupt at all because they are a Chinese company and the Chinese are very smart imo. They most likely have a robust backup plan or they can come up with a great one now.
Antti Uusoksa
Antti Uusoksa 6 日 前
Can I use google apps on p20 pro
Randall Goguen
Randall Goguen 6 日 前
America is Jelly. There! Explained!
Lee Fengzhu
Lee Fengzhu 6 日 前
Huawei may be the only company that not only treated unfairly by the Chinese government, but also unfairly treated by the US government. The most funny thing is that, use opposite reason, one is because it is not a Chinese state-owned enterprise (a private enterprise in the market), and the other is because it is a Chinese enterprise ( state-owned enterprise or even a military enterprise or spy enterprise)..
Motheo Nkosi
Motheo Nkosi 6 日 前
Anyone else notice the bulge at 0:05 ? 😍
Achille Austin
Achille Austin 5 日 前
mmm U gay
DRXxUziixX95 6 日 前
The best way to stop military conflict is the increase trade. Think about that.
Pambos Antoniou
Pambos Antoniou 7 日 前
i am thinking of buying huawei mate 20 pro now after BAN what is your opinion ?
Dude how about in Philippines huawei is ban or in us only
Ben Angel
Ben Angel 4 日 前
Some countries are backning US ban others are not
juan eduardo barra carrasco
I think you need to see news of the world.. The world is not the US! :))) HUAWEI is leading in Europe with the 5G
juan eduardo barra carrasco
@Maplenerd22 Anyway! They are HUAWEI phones Spain implemented them yesterday! Now is the most modern technology in the world
Maplenerd22 7 日 前
He's not talking about 5G. He's talking about their mobile phones.
Joan Mayqueen
Joan Mayqueen 7 日 前
but US spy on us too, hmm bulu trump be careful of what you doing you are not smart at all
Hawkeyes VN
Hawkeyes VN 4 日 前
Joan Mayqueen Trump is the best president
Fikash 7 日 前
He just said Huawei spent $11 BILLION dollars on hardware to AMERICAN companies like Qualcomm and Intel last year alone. There's no fucking way the US imposes this ban for long, not when there's that many zeroes at stake.
Ash wee
Ash wee 7 日 前
Not difficult to built a new App Store. They already have some since long time ago.
Jim Kol
Jim Kol 7 日 前
Dammit I just got a Huawei phone!
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 7 日 前
This is everyone not looking at the reality of how powerful one admistration can be. What real threat is this company to the bottom line. This goes back to the 70s when americans were shunning american made cars for better made foreign cars. If the product is better and cheaper then why not buy it??? I dont care too much for the terms "american made" or "owned by this ethnic group so buy here only" wtf... I work hard for my money and I pay for what I want!!! I have a android phone and my wife th iphone. I prefer the android cause of the ease for my usage. Im not a fan boy but either phone I have been able to use. The Huawei phones are interesting and I have no knowlegde of how they work but this like you say takes it off the table as an option!!!
Fifa Dan
Fifa Dan 7 日 前
So are we completed screwed? I just ordered an honor view 20
Idee Vee
Idee Vee 6 日 前
Sideload whatsapp and instagram using APKs
Fanta O’Range
Fanta O’Range 7 日 前
I just hate that I may have to buy another phone, because of an old man with funny hair, that lives in a completely different country to me.
Chickhunter Hugo
Many World Developer will help them even US programs developer will help them coz as we know GNU (gnoo..) as the father of android has lost its principal namely "freedom's user"... Android nowadays not that legit anymore. Stop Domination Google... we will apreciate you if you help huawei too...
Alex Pandian
Alex Pandian 7 日 前
I am using VIVO smartphone from BBK group
Alex Pandian
Alex Pandian 7 日 前
Capitalism vs Communism... Not A Large Difference, Between USA and China... Both Arrogant States... 😠😠😠
Endelig Gnist
Endelig Gnist 5 日 前
China? Aggrogant? What has China done to the world? Been involved in over 90% of every single war fought, post the second world war? Construct and fund 800 military bases around the world? Fund, create and arm numerous rebel groups to overthrow foreign government entities, only to have said rebel groups turn into full-fledged terrorist organisations, hell-bent on the complete and utter annihilation of humanity? China is *NOTHING* like the US, and it would be inane to suggest otherwise.
Most Likely
Most Likely 8 日 前
Ban Chinese restaurants next too many dumplings made me fat thanks 🙏
Xuebin Wang
Xuebin Wang 7 日 前
Most Likely haha
apple.. samsung takes a bite huawei sliced it all
OneTrick Puppy
OneTrick Puppy 8 日 前
this is annoying, I wanted Huawei to be my next phone, tired of apple's bullshit!
Leafy 8 日 前
China could just ban iphones but it seems like they want to be the more responsible party here in the eyes of the international community until our orange haired crazy man steps down.
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