The Girl on the Train - Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Girl on the Train, starring Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Allison Janney, Edgar Ramirez, Lisa Kudrow, Laura Prepon. Directed by Tate Taylor.










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Yunior Gamboa
Yunior Gamboa 15 日 前
Emeli blunt is such a beautiful woman
The Clairsentient Empath
Just watched this movie last night. Pretend there's no book, and don't compare it with any other movie or the actor's previous roles. Just the movie by itself is a good thriller. If you're not too critical this movie is for you. I know narcissistic men like Tom in real life. To me this movie seemed very realistic. I know women who are like Megan, her character really pissed me off, because the women I know are exactly like her.
chanel henderson
chanel henderson 28 日 前
I liked it. The book is good too
Devin Harbert
Devin Harbert ヶ月 前
Review the girl next door
Lauren Weems
Lauren Weems 2 ヶ月 前
I strongly disagree, and if you didn’t understand the plot line then maybe read the book. It’s one thing to judge a movie off the performance etc, but the plot is based off the novel, so if you read it and didn’t like it, that’s another story. I personally really liked both the book and movie, but it had its flaws. Some plot holes and things not making sense. But it definitely didn’t deserve this drag through the mud from you, Chris 🤷🏼‍♀️
The Continuing Adventures of Lenny Wanser
It’s so aggravating for a movie goer when you get strung along by false marketing. Beyond annoying. Thanks for the review Chris. 😃✌🏽
chanel henderson
chanel henderson 4 ヶ月 前
I loved this movie & the book
konroth rec.
konroth rec. 6 ヶ月 前
good movie, liked it, very real.
Thomas O'Callaghan
Thomas O'Callaghan 7 ヶ月 前
From blackout drunk Girl on a Train to Mary fffing Poppins, only in Hollyweird,
Could you please explain the ending of the movie The Girl on the train (2013) ?
Derek Vuong
Derek Vuong 8 ヶ月 前
This is a spot on depiction of gaslighting. This movie and gone girl highlights domestic violence. Its not meant to be a movie for entertainment.
K. Teresa Harris Dark
Sorry Chris I completely disagree with you. I LOVED this movie and give it an A. Maybe it's a female thing, I can't speak for everyone, but I can completely relate to the emotional aspects of the psychological abuse going on in this story. And I would bet big money that there are many many other women out there like me, and other women I know, who can relate to this movie. Why is it than when a film is all about sex and violence men love it, but when it's about women enduring emotional abuse, it's considered not such a great movie? Hmmm......
Steph’s Vids
Steph’s Vids 9 ヶ月 前
I loved this film! I’m sorry you didn’t Chris x
Zach Boardman
Zach Boardman 10 ヶ月 前
I really liked this film, I thought Emily Blunt was absolutely amazing.
dolphinsflirty 11 ヶ月 前
This movie reminded me of What Lies Beneath. The fact it was her husband who did it and the ending when Rachel visits Megan’s gravestone.
Mottahead 11 ヶ月 前
Good movie - not that great yet pretty watchable.
Daiwei Qin
Daiwei Qin 11 ヶ月 前
It's funny if you search The Girl on the Train review and then you put the top two video's thumbnaills together and it's like they are doing that to each other hahahaha.
Smoking Beetles
Trailer makers, modern day snake oil salesmen
Zeiss 年 前
I hate Rachel so hard wtf, psycho bitch,
Shot in the Heart
In the books Rachel is supposed to be fat and ugly... Why did they cast Emily Blunt? She's gorgeous
Rikard Stromberg
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Mike Paul
Mike Paul 年 前
I thought this was way better than Gone Girl. GG was just overhyped, overpraised, and littered with plot holes.
janita 年 前
*[SPOILERS]* For some reason, all the men that review this movie completely ignore the part where the movie tries to trick us into thinking that the murderer is Rachel and try to make it see like she is jealous enough to kill her ex-husband's new wife. As if her ex-husband has nothing to do with the fact that he has a new wife. The movie purposely tries to feed us this same old 'girls hate girls because of a man' storyline _only_ to later let us see the two women he has abused to stick together and literally kill him. I fucking loved that twist.
wholetruthy 年 前
divulges ?
Chirantan Mahanti
once u have read the book u r just basically pointing out the similarities and dissimilarities
i liked the style of it..but the story was pretty weak
Alli Alhamoud
hate ur intro but love ur videos 😄
Lucifer Sam
Lucifer Sam 2 年 前
Honestly, this movie wasn't all that bad, I didn't even know it existed and caught it on TV one day and at least I thought it was alright to keep ya busy for a little while. Wouldn't watch it again though. Maybe I give it like a B.
Catherine Tong
Catherine Tong 2 年 前
Didnt see or remember the marketing...just saw it on demand and thought it was awesome!
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald 2 年 前
It seems like the marketing for this movie was trying to go the Roland Emmerich route, trying to sucker people in by making the trailer so vague you can't understand what the movie is even about, like what he did with Stargate. Look, being vague can be good, you should get people curious about your movie without showing too much but you should at least show some semblance of a plot, if not than most audience members probably won't want to see it cause they're like "what the hell is this?" So when it comes to marketing, you can be vague, but you shouldn't be too vague
T J 2 年 前
This movie ended up showing that the covert narcissist husband was a wolf in sheep clothing. His. Sexual source of supply with different women is why he was fire from his job. He gas lighted his ex wife during their marriage making her doubt her perception of her reality. When the mistress Mega called him out who he really was after telling him she was pregnant. The narcissist real self of evil she was expose too which kill her. Once he was exposed he even hinted to his wife of harming the baby if she did not say anything. He was going to kill the wife and child and blame it all on the Ex wife that's why he wanted her to drink alcohol. The Ex refused the drink so he threw it on her to proved she been drinking once he had killed them and police had a history on her ect. It goes to show things are never as it seems in the story line in the movie Girl on the 🚆.
Mike hawk
Mike hawk 2 年 前
I didn't enjoy this movie. I love Emily Blunt though. Shes always a win.
Bee Cee
Bee Cee 2 年 前
Starts interesting and ends up a load of codswollop.
atomic mama
atomic mama 2 年 前
awful movie
zombryn 2 年 前
I watched this film having ignored any marketing, hype or any of that nonsense and really enjoyed it. I find these days that I like more films if I ignore their trailers, reviews and hype as much as possible. Ain't nobody got time for hype culture.
thicc boii
thicc boii 2 年 前
Shut up! It's a solid A
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones 2 年 前
Everyone has the right to an opinion, but the plot for this film is just incredibly messy and the grand reveal was sensationally underwhelming. Blunt was great though.
Francisco M
Francisco M 2 年 前
I enjoyed this. Had no idea what was gonna happen
Allie Marie
Allie Marie 2 年 前
The book was absolutely amazing, the movie was astonishingly horrible
Angel Perez
Angel Perez 2 年 前
You're salty! Bye!!!
Horror Fan 4 Life
I enjoyed this film!!
Digio_Plays 2 年 前
ObscureNihlist 2 年 前
I loved this movie!!!
Madison Howard
Madison Howard 2 年 前
The book was sooooo much better
Drake 2 年 前
The soundtrack was ineffective if you've already seen utopia. And the movie is innefective if you've seen other, better, zombie movies. The first third is great, but the kid gang made me cringe and the ending was completely contradictory and lame. Granted, the idea of a zombie movie ending is nearly impossible to pull off in a fully satisfying way.
AJ 2 年 前
I agree it ends and as the cridits role you are still waiting for it to start and develop.
Lesly A
Lesly A 2 年 前
the book was actually way better than the movie. There were some scenes in the book that were amazing and the movie didn't do it justice
David Smith
David Smith 2 年 前
i thought the movie was good
Gabi Worcester
Gabi Worcester 2 年 前
lol its either i have horrible movie taste but a lot of the movies i loved this year you give all bad reviews like this one and the gods of Egypt
Kari 2 年 前
The book was awful so I can't imagine the movie being much better.
Mergingpoint 2 年 前
This guy sucks dick! No movies ever good enough!
bob dole
bob dole 2 年 前
movie sucks.
Mr Wilson
Mr Wilson 2 年 前
I figured out her ex husband was bagging Meagan in the first half of the movie. Emily Blunt wad awesome as usual.
meekee1 2 年 前
man i agree so much with this review, what a eyes rolling movie
Tanjim Tomal
Tanjim Tomal 2 年 前
actually I liked the movie man...deserved better grade I guess
Lara Haddad
Lara Haddad 3 年 前
It is a good film. I would give it a B-
rufiredup90 3 年 前
I enjoyed this film. It wasn't such an atrocious piece of crap that deserves this kind of hate from Chris. This film was predictable but it was enjoyable and entertaining. I think it deserves a B- at the very least.
Lola Carro
Lola Carro 3 年 前
oh god I totally agree, the direction was awful- the book was truly amazing but the film was just.. bad
John Smith
John Smith 3 年 前
Anyone who's life has been touched by infidelity or alcoholism will associate the real depth of this movie. This movie requires empathy and a brain capable of thinking outside of self. 10 out of 10 stars.
inboxnews 3 年 前
This is a good movie. B-. Slow paced but good twist at the end.
Seaton 3 年 前
I don't know I kinda enjoyed it, probably for the last 20 minutes where it picks up a bit. Is it good, not really, but I didn't want to shoot myself in the end. Okay flick at best.